The Alien Report (2024) Movie Script

- But it seems--
- Look at that thing.
There's a whole fleet
of them, look--
My gosh.
Ever since I was a kid,
things have been
happening to me.
Strange, strange things
have been happening to me.
...I just
never really figured out
how to talk about it.
I'm filming a documentary.
I'm using GoPros, iPhones,
and tiny medical cameras.
My bigger plan... to post it all on YouTube.
Let everybody see
what's been going on.
This will explain everything.
So I'm out here
at the county junkyard
doing a couple tests.
I got my hat cam.
I've got this cam,
and I got this new tool
that is supposed
to bust out a window
in the first try.
And, uh, I'm gonna find out
who's been behind
those tinted windows
in my neighborhood.
Here we go.
Okay, three tries.
There's one around the corner.
At the end of the alley.
Oh, come on, come on,
I hope it's still there.
To the guy...
...whose window
I busted out today.
I did you wrong.
I'm sorry.
...your car just so happened
to look like one of the cars
I've been looking for.
Today I was wrong.
Next time...
...I'm not gonna be wrong.
Come out! Come out!
What the fuck, bro,
you fucking broke
my window, man!
My car!
Get him!
Diesel, don't kill him!
Yo, yo--
I need someone to come.
Get him! No!
Get him! No, no!
I know you're not
gonna believe this.
I've been abducted
by aliens my whole life.
My car! What's up, man?
Guess what?
I found a way to record it.
I hid a tiny micro camera
inside of my hearing implant.
And no one knows
that it's there.
And I've been recording
these abductions
in high definition,
with color and sound.
...fuck out of here!
The stuff I got,
it's all messed up.
But when you see it,
you're gonna see what I've
been seeing my whole life.
And I've got it.
I've already got it.
This is the kind of place
I go to in my mind when,
when I need to keep them out.
And when they dig deep
into my mind,
I just focus on the sound
of the board smacking the rail.
The noises. The rush.
They don't know
what to do with it.
Kind of just messes them up.
Hey, hey. What you doing, man?
You doing a video over here?
Oh, shit, my boy
doing a video, bro.
- Hell yeah!
Let's make some videos, man.
What you say?
What's your thing, bro?
Huh? I wanna be
in a video too, bro.
Bro. Hold on,
bro. Hold on, hold on.
Hey, can I be in your video?
Can I be in your video?
Eh, he got-- Hey, he's got
real serious real quick.
Hey listen, hey,
you out here live with Polo,
you already know me.
It's a beautiful Friday night.
Got a little weed in my system--
but listen,
I think he--
I think I pissed him off.
Hey, listen,
can I be in your video?
You know I'm just playing
with you, right?
You know I'm just paying
with you, right?
You ain't mad at me, are you?
I think he's mad at me.
I think he's mad,
I think I pissed him off.
Hey listen,
how about we make a deal?
Us four right here.
We're gonna make
a little sweet deal, all right?
Hey, give h-- give him the bag,
give him the bag.
So, I need that work done
by Monday. All right?
So get me that work
done by Monday
and you get your phone back.
What you think? We got a deal?
Give me my phone back.
- I need that work done
by Monday.
And you get
your phone back. Deal?
-Can I get my phone back?
-We got a deal?
Dude, I'm just
playing with you-- hey,
you know I'm just messing
with you, right?
You know I'm just playing
with you, right?
You're my guy, bro,
you're my go to guy.
Just get the phone--
just get t-- get the phones
done by Monday
and we'll be all good.
Good? phone back.
-It's all yours, bro.
Thanks a lot. Monday, okay?
Sorry, Polo.
Monday's too soon.
Why did I wait so long?
The footage!
I don't even know--
I thought I was ahead!
- I'm so stupid, I'm so stupid!
Stupid, stupid, stupid!
I don't even know what's real!
I don't even know
what's going on!
There are
these unusual vehicles.
Sporty modified cars with dark,
blacked out tinted windows.
And strange numbered
license plates.
Sort of, like, foreign plates
or government plates.
They follow me
and they're watching me,
monitoring me from a distance.
It's been going on...
...maybe my whole life.
Often, I catch one
out of the corner of my eye
for just a moment before
it speeds around the corner
and disappears out of sight.
Who's in those cars?
What's behind
those blacked out windows?
Who's watching me?
And is it one of them?
Or is it one of us?
My first footage ever
was from a tiny medical camera.
But the image quality
just wasn't good enough.
When I got it,
though, I immediately
posted it on YouTube,
thinking it would
go viral right away.
Check out
some of these comments.
"Nice job
with the photoshop, dickweed."
"Seriously creepy, but fake."
"Ha, ugly dog.
Not convincing at all."
"Stop posting,
loser, aliens are real,
this is the shit
that ruins the internet
and the cause
we all believe in."
"I'm not sure what I'm supposed
to be seeing here.
Really? Do you think
we're all that dumb, you POS?"
So I rebuilt my implant.
The one I got now
is a modified micro camera
with cell phone optics.
I also programmed it
so it records in random bursts.
That way, if I don't know
it's recording,
they don't know it's recording.
So I work with electronics.
The thing about electronics is
they disable them.
Any electronics,
anything mechanical
is always disabled
when they take you.
That's what they do.
But interbody components,
like pacemakers
and bioelectronics,
I don't think
they power those down.
Because one night,
I fell asleep with my implant on
and they didn't power it down.
That's a huge deal
because my implant
has a power supply
that stays on.
And with that power supply,
I started thinking
I could reorganize
the components
and squeeze a micro camera
right in there.
See that?
This is my nighttime implant.
This is the one
with the camera in it.
And they still
don't know it's there.
When they have you,
you can't move,
you can't speak,
you can't do anything
they don't want you to do.
And if you're lucky,
you won't remember any of it.
Did you say something?
I just wanna go home!
What's the matter with you?
What's the matter with you?
How do we get out of here?
When I look up
at the sky at night,
I see more than just the stars
and the moon and the planets.
I see a giant open door.
You know, a huge open window
that can't be shut.
That's the sky that I see.
You know, people obsess
over locking their doors
and locking
their windows every night
before they go to bed, right?
That's what we do.
But our sky,
we can't close that.
When we send
these satellites into space
with these messages
on NASA's golden records...
- ...spiting
in 55 different languages,
broadcasting to things
we've never even met.
Over and over and over again...
...deeper and deeper into space.
"We are from Earth.
We are exactly right here.
Whoever you are,
please come to us.
Come and see what we have.
We have plenty for all.
And if you arrive
late in the night
when everyone is asleep,
the sky is wide open.
The sky is always wide open.
We are the children.
And it's a pleasure
to receive you."
When I was a kid...
I heard
these voices in my head.
I was visited
by these light beings.
And I thought they were angels.
And I thought all kids
were visited by these angels.
When I told the other kids
about them, though,
it just caused problems.
Apparently, other kids weren't
being visited by these angels.
It was just me.
I was brought up in the system
through Child Services.
It labeled me as sort of being
fucked right from the start.
And with my messed up face
and all that,
most people thought
I was just some schizoid.
So doctors pumped me
with all that schizoid med shit,
and most families
didn't want me,
except for the crazy ones,
which made it even worse.
And so I was brought up
to be this little psycho
right from the start.
And turns out I had
a grandma, though.
She found me when I was,
like, six or seven maybe.
She came in
and snatched me right out.
In a blink of an eye,
it all changed.
She got my hearing right.
She got me speaking right.
Got me out of that system.
And we began this sort of...
run around the country.
You know? Town to town to town.
City to city to city.
I was always the new kid.
Always the deaf kid.
Kid with the face.
Problem kid.
We're always moving.
My grandma,
she was,
she was tough.
She was sort of eccentric.
She was a good person.
She passed away
not too long ago, though.
Now that it's just me--
I guess that's why
I'm making these videos.
I got footage of this one.
She's a mix. She's female.
Half us and half them.
But she's more like us. Human.
I feel like I've seen her
my whole life.
I know her. She has this name,
but it's not a name.
They don't use names.
They use, like,
abstract thoughts
or descriptions as names.
is something like
"the beginning of night"
or "the moment
night begins to form."
She's trapped like me.
I'm down here and she's up there
or wherever they are, with them.
W-- we're both a part
of whatever it is they're doing.
And I don't even know
what that is, but she does.
She can't tell me.
She won't tell me.
I can always tell when
they're hooking into my brain.
They see everything.
Everything I know,
everything I think,
everything I've ever known.
One time, they were all over me.
So I started thinking
about survival mode
in this video game, Driver.
The cops are chasing me.
I'm slamming into the walls.
Cars are flying everywhere.
Crashing, smashing, speeding.
I'm screaming as loud as I can.
It's weird, but I could tell
I was freaking them out.
They just stopped moving
and locked onto my thoughts.
I actually reached out
and pushed one of them.
Not hard,
but it took them by surprise.
When they're in my mind,
I don't let them know
about my hidden camera.
I don't let them know
about my hidden camera.
I don't let them know
about my hidden camera.
I don't let them know
about my hidden camera.
I block it out.
I think about Driver
or some crazy thoughts.
They feed off of strong emotions
cause they don't have any.
There was this lady
on this table.
she was laying right next to me.
She had her chest cut wide open.
They were doing
some sort of experiment on her.
I thought she was dead.
She was just laying there,
looked straight up,
eyes wide open.
But then she turned
and started talking to me.
Are you crying?
Don't cry.
Everything will be okay.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no!
They remind me
of a swarm of bees.
When they stare at you,
there's no eyeball,
it's just black.
They talk to you
with those things.
Sometimes, that's all I see,
it's those eyes.
Those big black eyes.
And it doesn't matter
which one's talking to you.
It's all in the same voice.
It's my voice, my own voice
telling me what to do.
They share a master brain
or thought process.
What one of them knows,
they all know.
What one of them thinks,
they all think.
You believe everything they say
because it's
your voice saying it.
You can't help it
because it's like a God voice
that speaks
to every bit of your being,
to every sense
and to every belief.
You do whatever they say.
They tried to soothe me,
but they have no clue
how to do it.
They're sort
of emotionless or robotic.
They say
that they're helping us,
making us better,
making us biologically better.
I hear them think that,
like they own us or something.
They share
these unusual thoughts.
"We are all one.
We all come from the same place.
We're helping you,
don't be afraid.
We're making you better."
Better how?
Better like what? Like them?
Stop taking me.
Because you terrify me.
You take me when you want
and you make me do things
I don't remember.
So I've got
these four cameras now.
I got my hat cam.
I got my chest cam.
Got the bike cam.
Got the hidden cam.
And they're all powered up
and they're all ready to go.
Whoever you are,
whatever you are,
I see your cars.
I can feel you
when you're around.
And I used to pretend not to,
but I'm not gonna
pretend anymore.
Who's watching me?
I wanna know.
I keep the cameras rolling.
I wanna put my face up
against one of their windows.
But they play by a whole
different set of rules.
They seem to know
when I get too close.
They speed away
before I get near
and just sort of vanish.
Catching one will be difficult,
but that's to be expected.
There's one right over there.
That's what
I've been talking about.
All right.
There's something in my leg.
Here, look.
Watch how this magnet
gets pushed away.
Can you see that?
You can't even see that.
There's, like,
some sort of magnetic field.
I don't know
what's in there, but...
...I'm gonna cut it out.
There it is.
It looks like a piece of glass.
Hang on.
I don't know
if you can see that.
There's, like,
thousands of little
light crystals in there.
The magnet's going crazy.
I wonder if that's
how they've been tracking me.
Not anymore.
Come out! Come out!
- No!
- Stop!
Stop, police!
I got one running.
I stopped chasing
after those cars...
...after one of them
tried to put me in its trunk.
But there's been this one parked
behind an abandoned building
for the past few nights.
Earlier, I decided
to call the cops on it.
And I got
the whole thing on video.
This is the fourth time
I've called. Is anyone coming?
Sir, stay on the cell phone,
all right? We're on our way.
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
What happened?
There was a light...
...the black car was gone!
Where am I? Where am I?
Where am I? Where am I?
I've seen things!
Horrifying, terrifying,
incredible things.
Things in tubes,
genetic experiments,
where people are screaming
right in front of me
and I can't help them.
All things done to us
that just aren't right.
We live to be 80 years old
if we're lucky.
And that's just
a season to them.
Just a tiny blink of time.
And I don't know how we're
gonna do anything about it.
Last night I got this footage.
They were working on me.
And I didn't like it.
And in the back--
In the back, there was
the biggest man I've ever seen.
It was like a Frankenstein.
He was all slumped over,
hooked up to these tubes.
But then he stood up.
Broke free, swinging his fists.
Started coming at us.
Step by step.
Swinging and swinging.
While I was watching it,
all I could think of was,
"Get them, Frankenstein.
Get them, Frankenstein!
Get them, Frankenstein."
Look what's happening
to my face.
I got these things
all over my body.
They hurt.
People are looking at me.
They're doing this to me.
I know they're doing this to me.
They've been taking me a lot.
I think they know
I'm up to something.
But they don't know what it is.
But they've been--
but they've been probing me...
...and taking me...
...all the time.
Trying to figure it all out.
But I'm not letting them in.
I don't know how much longer
I can keep this up.
I, I only sleep
during the day... crowded places.
I've been falling asleep in... theaters,
libraries, coffee shops,
wherever there's people.
And then I stay up all night.
I go to a club
or whatever's open.
As long as there's people,
and I don't fall asleep...
...they can't get me.
No, lay down.
Relax. Relax.
Stay down.
That's a lot of blood!
What's your name?
Where you going?
I don't eat.
I don't sleep.
I'm not sure
what's going on.
They're making me sick.
They're scrambling my brain.
I-- I've been gushing blood.
Not just a little, a lot.
Out of my nose.
Out of my ears.
Out of everywhere.
I hope I'm not dying.
You know?
As if anyone would even care.
Make it stop.
Make it go away.
I think I'm done.
I took all of my footage,
copied it on
to these flash drives,
and hid them all
throughout this giant warehouse.
In the next couple of days,
I'm either going to upload them
or take it to somebody
that can do something with it.
I don't know.
But I'm done.
Why did I wait so long?!
- The footage,
it's gone!
Gone, gone, gone!
They erased it,
they erased it all!
I don't even know--
I thought I was ahead!
I thought I had them,
but they knew the whole time!
- I'm so stupid, I'm so stupid!
Stupid, stupid, stupid!
I don't even know what's real!
I don't even know
what's going on!
Mystery man.
It's me, Polo.
Hey, I got this green
little flash drive,
and it's yours.
It was in the bag of phones.
And I watched all the footage.
Start to finish.
What the fuck is this?
Man, this is gonna be trouble.
We can help you.
Call me.
Is he alive? Is he alive?
Look at his face. Do something.
Save him, please!
Division 616,
United States Air Force Elite.
I am flight commander 13516.
Test pilot for highly advanced
acquired alien craft.
Anti-gravitational lift,
propulsion integration.
Security clearance alpha,
tango, Mike, bravo.
You can't take him!
That's my flesh and blood.
He doesn't belong to you. No!
No, don't send me back!
I'm not leaving without him!
Little baby,
I'm gonna hijack
one of their ships
and hide you in another place,
- in another time.
- -I wish you could understand me.
But I don't wanna leave you.
You're not alone in this world.
I am your father!
I'll find you.
I'm coming back for you.
I swear.
See, Darwin says that this gap
between apes and humans... the missing link.
There's something missing,
they say.
Yeah, well,
it ain't missing.
Darwin just couldn't find it.
See, he was too busy
digging in the ground
when he should've been
looking up at the sky.