The Allnighter (2023) Movie Script

(solar wind)
[Professor Taylor] Gravity
is the force causing the star
to contract...
Nuclear fusion at the stars
core... causes expansion.
The life of a star is a constant struggle
between gravity and pressure.
What would happen if an object were out
of hydrostatic equilibrium?
(celestial music)
With as many as 10,000 galaxies
it's one of the most
iconic images from Hubble.
Subsequent ones are called
the Ultra Deep Field.
And visually we can see that our universe
is filled with galaxies and
they come in all shapes...
sizes... colors... and ages.
And the fascinating
thing about these fields
is that in one picture-
you can see these galaxies
and the ones that are farther away.
You are seeing them as they
were further back in time.
So essentially the deep
field is a snapshot
of galaxies at various distances
and therefore different eras
in our universe's history.
(phone pings)
And if you can compare their morphology,
their compositions, you can decipher which
of these galaxies are
closer to us and which
(phone pings)
in that image are farther away.
(phone pings)
You can discover how galaxies
have changed over time.
Scientist around the world write proposals
for why they want to use
the Hubble Space Telescope.
(phone pings)
and if you're selected... you too will
be given prized observation time.
Specialist will rank the
projects and written proposals
(phone rings)
will be selected after
an intensive peer review.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I just need you to give them something
so they'll back off.
I can't have them going
to your father's office.
You know how much stress he's under.
Who do you owe money to?
It's a private lender.
A private lender.
And I will give you his direct deposit.
You can just direct deposit the money.
Or just go to The Mint- or, or better yet
go to the pawnshop and they
will direct you to him.
[Bruce] (knocking on door)
Honey what are you doing?
- Dinner's here.
- Okay.
- Just a minute!
- Are you on the phone?
Okay I really need you to do this- Okay?
- Dinner's getting cold.
- Just a minute!
Okay. I have to go.
Okay. Thank you.
Thank you. Do it.
(tense celestial music)
(phone ringing)
- [Employee] Pawn shop. Good afternoon.
Are you looking for something?
Um. Yeah, I wanted to-
I want to see how much I can get for this.
Are you pawning or selling?
Well I'll be back in a week.
You know I woulda gone into astronomy
but, ooh, it required
too much math. (chuckles)
(Terence chuckles)
I can give you 50.
I mean- this sells for 500 online.
You know what the three balls mean...
Two to one you won't be back.
Uh, excuse me Belle.
You need a quote on that?
- Hell no!
- I was hoping for 500.
- 500?
- Yeah.
- Can I take a look?
- Yeah, yeah.
I don't see any marks.
Take that off for me.
Optics look okay.
How about 100?
100, uh...
Can I think on it?
Sure, take your time we'll be here.
Thank you.
You know if you don't trust me-
then what the hell am I doing here?
Talk to me first or you're
gonna end up just like him.
- I'm outta of here.
- Good.
Bitches always come back.
Oh, baby, baby baby
- I thought the city
passed a law.
- You know, you oughta be fined
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
for smellin' the way you smell man.
Hey- get your hands off me player.
What's your name player?
Get your hands off. I'm Frankie J.
- Frankie J.
- Yeah the fabulous Frankie J.
Frankie J you've gots
- to go Frankie.
- You've seen me on
- the TV show- I'm famous!
- You. Go on! Get out of here!
You gotta get out of here man.
- No, no, no, no- look!
- Hey get your hands off.
- I am the law.
- You gots to go.
- I am the law.
You gots to go
You ain't no player- bitch!
I'm a player!
Rock and roll. Rock and roll.
The beautiful Frankie J. Bitch!
- What?
- Ho. Fuck your shirt.
- My shirt?
- Fuck your shoes.
- My shoes?
- Bitch- fuck your birthday.
- Bitch!
- My- My birthday?
Man get your ass on outta here!
And Belle- you know you gotta go!
- Fuck you!
- Okay. Fuck me- right?
- Yeah!
- You know what man...
it's not even worth it.
I am not ripping people off
so that he can turn a
profit off of my ass.
No one returns...
and guess what if they
do. It cost too much.
Can you give me a ride somewhere?
My sponsor really wants me to see me
- and I don't have a car.
- No. I don't. I don't
have time for this. I
have to be somewhere.
I can't give you a ride.
- I can not give you a ride.
- Come on. I just saved
your ass in there.
I can't give you a ride.
(mellow music)
I mean you get a degree
and what do you get?
To work like a slave
for the rest your life.
That's what you get.
What do you think got me
working in that dump anyway?
Who needs it?
You know what school I went to?
The school of life.
That's right.
Guess what I got?
A masters!
Well good for me.
It's right here on the right!
It's on the right!
Meet Preston. He can teach you a lot.
More than any of your books.
Isn't your sponsor supposed to be a woman?
I had a friend in AA, they
said something like that.
Preston and I are beyond
that type of thinking
which is why I like him so much.
Just come in and meet him.
I have an exam.
I'll buy you a drink.
I don't drink.
Coffee then.
And the dreams we share
Dreams to go nowhere
And I'm lost and found
Hi. Can I get a coffee
and a vodka cranberry?
I'm so in love with you
But should I run from you
This wasted love you gave me
Is it worth my energy or time
Make up your mind so I can make mine
Am I wasting love
Am I wasting love
I feel I know I've got to stay away
'Cause you said you want to be alone
Let's dance.
Come on.
You play this game
It drives me insane
You think that it's okay
But we both know our
story doesn't end that way
I'm so in love with you
Now I run from you
The wasted love I gave you
Just not worth my energy
Take my tears and
all your fears and go
Am I wasting love
Am I wasting love
(crowd cheering and applauding)
- Hey girl.
- Ooh, hey.
Terence this is Preston.
It's, uh, nice to meet you.
Bella. She's family.
Tell him.
Tell him what you told me
the first time that we met.
You play as hard as you work.
Terence thinks that he's gonna
get answers from his books.
You can't get no damn
answers from no book.
You have to get it from here.
Or here.
Shit- who the fuck is this guy?
Uh. I'm just no one.
I never wanna hear you
say that again- Never!
You hear me?
You think I started with all of this?
I built this motherfucker
from the ground up.
You think I asked for permission? Do you?
Uh, no. No. No. I don't.
You don't know shit.
Now look at my little Belle.
She ain't know her ass from her elbow
when she first got here.
(Belle chuckles)
Now look at her.
(Preston laughs)
Uh, excuse me. The bathroom?
I'll find it.
(bright hip hop music)
I think that he likes you.
Yeah. I did not get that.
I'll see you back at the table.
(Terence breathing)
(bright hip hop music continues)
(footsteps thudding)
- Stay down!
- Huh? Hey- what?
Hey- hey! Hey!
Get his keys!
[Thug] Got 'em. (key jingling)
(car engine roars)
(anxious music)
(coins rattling)
(anxious music continues)
Come on.
(train whooshing)
I'd like to report a stolen car.
I'm sorry.
Cool. You have until 10:30.
Please begin.
(Professors whispering)
Terence bring your exam.
And come to the front.
Your mother needs you to call home.
Talk to Xeing about rescheduling.
Preston knew the guys who borrowed it.
Stole. Stole would be
a better word for that.
(scoffs) We got it back you.
What are you doing hanging
out with criminals?
Preston helps people.
With what?
People in trouble.
You can't park here.
(scoffs) What, so you're
just gonna leave me here...
After we got your car back for you?
My computer. Fuck!
God damn it.
They were gonna strip and sell it.
Shouldn't you be at one of your meetings?
You know- it's not AA if
that's what you're thinking.
We're going to go for a little drive
and then I'll let you be.
(bright music)
Didn't you back it up?
That was in there.
Maybe we'll get it back.
Are we there yet?
I remember driving cross country...
my sister and I yelling that.
So there's two of you?
Just me really.
(somber music)
My sister's MIA.
20 years now.
Sometimes you have to make
your own family Terence.
Family doesn't always make things easier.
I knew we were gonna be friends.
(Belle snickers)
(somber music continues)
It's so nice.
Aren't you gonna come in?
Why not?
I don't care for the water.
Well, I'm sure that you have your reasons.
(somber music continues)
You want me to drop you here?
Yeah, I need my check.
Don't worry Terence... I'll be fine.
You should go study for your quiz.
I'll catch you later.
Not bad. Right?
(chuckles) Yup.
Have a good one.
(somber music)
(dishes clattering)
I can barely pay my own bills right now.
I'm not going down. I am
not going down there again.
I won't even look at their offers.
Don't bring it up on his birthday.
Take your dad's computer.
Borrow his while you figure it out.
Time to eat. Go wake him.
Dad you're snoring.
- Huh?
- You're snoring.
I don't snore.
[Terence] Dinner's ready.
Is Drake here?
Not yet.
Well, we can't eat until
you're brother's here.
That'd be rude.
Well, it's my brand. So.
Yes. I should be there.
Look we just got here. I gotta go.
But we'll talk later.
Talk details. All right?
[Vicky] Aah... Who's there?
Hey. Mamma mia!
[Bruce] Yo! There he is.
[Drake] This is my... this is Cinnamon
a very talented actress.
(group chattering)
- It's so nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
[Vicky] Can I get you anything to drink?
[Cinnamon] I brought this... for you guys.
[Bruce] Oh, that's nice. Let's sit down.
[Vicky] Yeah, 'cause dinner's ready. So...
[Cinnamon] Great.
[Drake] Well Mom, you've outdone yourself.
(group laughing)
I have never been a great cook.
- Oh.
- My boys know that...
But it's your dad's birthday.
Is that what we're doin' here?
[Bruce] Oh, now! Come on!
Is that the thing?
I thought it was Christmas.
(group laughing and chattering)
- Yeah.
- It's also a lie...
My girlfriend has over
like- 50K in loans...
She's not even sure it was worth it.
I guess it sorta depends what
you're going to school for.
So, Drake. What's your next
film, a science fiction?
Yeah, I can't get into too many details...
it's about 100 pages of
NDA's on this sucker.
Ah. Who's gonna know?
- Come on now, I mean, really.
- Now now.
Well you gotta keep your word.
Yeah and people will know.
It's true.
It is..."Spaceballs"
(snickers) Remember?
(Drake laughing)
Derek Johnson used to
call him "Spaceballs"
and then smash his head into a locker.
And then I would come and
save the day... of course.
Oh man. That just, like- jumped in there.
It wasn't fun.
(chuckles) But no- it's,
uh, it's a serious film.
I get to play an astrophysicist...
- So
- Hmm.
Hmm. Hmm.
Ah. Ah.
So. Gonna have to...
get in there and pick your
brain a little bit- Cowboy.
Yeah, yeah. Just, uh-
send the paperwork over.
I will.
I will for sure. I'll for sure.
I'll have my lawyer fax it.
- Hmm.
- Um. No big deal.
Right. Well let's have a toast to that!
Congratulations on the movie!
[Drake] Thank you.
(glasses clinking)
[Vicky] Thank you boys for being here.
- "Spaceballs"
- [Bruce] Always good to have
the whole family.
Do you sell stolen items here?
(scoffs) Excuse me?
Do you sell stolen items here?
Why would we do that?
Items show up here stolen? Really?
Police recover it. We get no money.
That's bad for the business.
No. We don't sell stolen items here.
What if, um- if I give you a serial number
and something shows up. Could you call me?
Um, is, uh. Is Belle here?
Belle... is on leave now.
Well, do, uh. Do have her number?
- 'cause I was suppose to-
- Listen, listen.
I don't know where Belle is. All right?
Do yourself a favor...
Find a nice girl.
Wait a minute.
What's your name again?
I'm Tony. Big Tony.
- Nice to meet you Tony.
- You call me Big Tony.
Nice to meet you Big Tony.
Remember my face.
I'm gonna tell you where she
hangs out sometimes- all right?
The Mint. It's a bar down the street.
'Cause I remember yours.
Places and faces.
Thank you Tony.
Big Tony.
Thank you Big Tony.
(chuckling) This guy man.
"Hey do you, uh... Do you guys
sell, uh, stolen items here?"
(chuckles) What a jackass.
(soft celestial music)
(keyboard clacking)
Tonight. Sex god Drake Wright
"wows" with his passion for science.
He talks true love... Humble beginnings...
His fight to overcome
trauma... Bullied as a child.
(phone pings)
I really wanted to say thank
you for getting my car back.
(chuckles) They were gonna
tear that piece of shit apart
but I put a stop to it.
Stay around, relax. Listen to the music.
Let the good times roll.
He was looking for Belle.
What up? P. Diddy? (chuckles)
Was I talkin' to you?
I'm sorry. He has no social skills.
Look. I know that you
got, uh, my car back.
Um. I was wondering if maybe
you know where the rest
- of my things are?
- What are you calling me a thief?
No I didn't say that.
Maybe your people...
My people?
What the fuck do you mean? My people?
Don't come in here disrespectin' me
and my people in my
house where they work at.
Do you got that?
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
We're late for an engagement.
We don't have time for this blues shit.
I told you to shut your mouth!
Do you know who you're talkin' to?
This is Drake Wright's brother. (chuckles)
And Terence here, has a very
important event to attend
for cancer survivors.
(Preston grunting)
(Terence groans)
(Bouncer speaks faintly)
[Bouncer] Boss let him up.
Come on man
The bill's in the mail.
(Terence gasping)
- What the hell was that?
- My mom.
Programs up. Ready to go?
Twenty-four hours once
the data's released.
The code is ready to generate figures.
Now familiarize yourself
with the software at Keck.
It's 200,000 a night over there.
You don't wanna come up short.
Terence. You got this.
(soft music)
Why do you wanna drive for money?
I would like to think of
myself as a people person.
Do you hear me talkin' like that, huh?
Like, oh. Oh, look at Diego.
Look at Bruno.
Ooh, look at Drake Wright.
Look what he's packing.
No you don't.
Help me out.
Um, well, you know, those people...
they all have trainers.
I mean their personal trainers help
them out all the time and
What- what are you tryin' to say?
I'm not saying that you don't look good.
- Thank you.
- Because you do.
You look good.
- You hear that?
- You hittin' on my girl?
- Terence thinks I look good.
- That's not what I'm doin'
(upbeat music)
(passengers partying)
The most violent and
energetic of processes
results from the cataclysmic
collisions of black holes...
exploding supernovae and
colliding neutron stars.
Forces- when objects ram into
each other- are so strong,
so catastrophic they distort
space-time into waves
that are so fierce they
travel at powers greater
than all the observable universe combined.
(tense music)
The processes that generate
gravitational waves
are extremely violent and destructive.
By the time they reach the earth
they're a thousand billion
times smaller than a nucleus...
(banging on window)
Yo. Check it out.
Five grand to the winner.
Yeah. This is great and all...
but I mean- when was the last time you
were near a ski slope?
You tell me. You tell
me what you want to do.
How's things with the cab company?
It's not really a cab company.
I just drive people with my car.
Isn't that dangerous?
Where's the television?
In for service.
Don't let them scam you the way they do-
hiding fees- raising rates.
I don't see how it's legal.
There's lasagna in the fridge.
Leftover lasagna.
Deb's sitter fell through.
- Mom!
- What?
What are you doing? You're
wearing your pajamas.
When are you back?
In a couple hours.
(Bruce sighs)
You want some lasagna?
I'm not hungry.
I just don't remember.
Sometimes I take a picture of it.
(phone pings)
I usually do.
Oh. Shit!
Have we been on this street before?
Yeah. We've been on this street
and a lot of other streets.
I don't like your attitude.
What- are you just gonna
leave me on the street?
(chuckles) Look at me.
I am asking for it!
I, I, I, I, I'm just outta battery here...
No way to catch another Uber.
Helpless. Alone. On the street! Female!
No one's gonna put up with you.
Are you kidding me?
You think someone's gonna
treat you better than me?
What is he-
- Get-
- Let's go! Let's go!
- [Barry] No one's gonna
treat you better than me!
- Go!
- [Barry] Look- Where you goin'?
- [Barry] Where you goin'?
- Beat it!
Your friend is after me!
Wait. Preston?
Yes! He is threatening my life.
Preston wouldn't hurt a fly.
You know, I don't know about
that Belle. I really don't.
He knocked me and my friend
a moment from our life.
Did you insult him?
- Did I ins-
- Preston is very sensitive
about certain topics!
I can talk to him, if you need me to.
It is the past seven years on there.
I would be willing to talk to him.
If you can do something for me.
What's that?
(feel-good music)
What are your parent's names?
My Dad's, Walter.
They were so excited to
hear that you're coming.
They're always telling
me to invite somebody.
Should I, uh... Should
I be bringing something?
I mean, if it's on the way,
but... it's no big deal.
Well don't you have your key... honey?
I didn't want to just barge in.
This is Terence.
Terence, how are ya?
It's nice to meet you, sir.
Drop the sir. We're family now.
Walter take their bags.
They're gonna be staying over.
Of course they're gonna be staying over...
They'd be driving around
in that holiday traffic.
Oh... look at that.
Oh my... that's beautiful.
Terence does enough driving as it is.
Tell them what you do Terence.
I drive people in my car.
It's kinda like a taxi.
Terence has a PhD.
- Oh.
- Oh.
Well. Currently I'm just a grad student.
Well you guys have gotta be exhausted
from all that driving. No?
Judy, get them some beers!
An eagle... bearing down on its prey.
Belle get over here!
Show 'em how it's done.
She used to beat every
boy in the neighborhood.
Take all their money.
Come on. Let's see what you got.
(horseshoe thuds)
Now look at me.
Judy more beer!
You have two legs!
Smart ass!
Make sure that screen door is closed!
I don't want all those God
damn flies getting in there!
Eagle eye... targeting the kill.
(horseshoe clanks)
(Terence chuckles)
And if you need extra blankets.
Take the blankets Terence. Take them.
My dad refuses to put
the thermostat above 62.
And it's freezing!
[Walter] Tell her I am not
adjusting the thermostat!
I'll be okay.
If you, uh, need a toothbrush...
I think we have extra.
I'll get you a towel.
Thank you.
(somber music)
Your dad wanted to know if
you'd been staying outta trouble.
I didn't know what to tell him-
since I don't even know your last name!
Don't be upset.
Can't you see how happy
you're making them?
They like company.
What are you gonna do when I'm not here?
I mean- did you even think about that?
My mom will wanna show
you her photographs.
I took these in Thailand.
The elephants were incredible.
You know and they're highly intelligent.
And they have a great
sense of humor, right?
They really do. Yes.
The way they would twirl their trunks
when they scored a goal.
Everybody loved them.
Are you doing laundry?
The washer's broken.
I know Mom. It's been like that for years.
Katy hit it when she was
learning how to drive.
It still works. Doesn't it?
Well it leaks from the bottom.
The soap's next to the washer.
I've been trying to get that woman
to buy a new one washer for years.
To get her to throw anything
out... is almost impossible.
My Mom. She's an accountant.
But, um, her company recently downsized...
so she's lookin' for a new job.
This reminds me of that war movie
that Clint Eastwood did.
- What-
- "Flags of Our Fathers"
- "Flags of Our Fathers"
Great movie. Did you
see that movie Terence?
- Uh-uh.
- Great movie.
This country is going downhill.
We are in grave danger
and I mean grave danger.
- Dad!
- What?
[Judy] I'm ready for you Walter.
Oh, you know, I got to, um... (hand taps)
I gotta call my parents real quick.
Yes, Terence. Give them our regards.
[Vicky] You've reached
the Wright residence.
Please leave a message
and we'll get back to you.
Thanks and have a great day.
[Voicemail] This mailbox is full.
Join hands.
Bless us oh Lord for these
gifts we are about to receive
from thy bounty through Christ our Lord.
And thank you Lord for this beautiful meal
that my wonderful wife, Judy prepared.
Thank you for bringing
Terence and Belle together.
And please dear Lord
make us a family again
and bring our Katy home.
(hands clap) Let's eat!
Wow. This looks great.
You know Belle is a good cook.
You remember that time you
made me spaghetti crepes
(chuckles) for Mother's Day?
Actually, they were pancakes
you rolled the spaghetti in.
With potatoes.
I don't cook anymore.
[Judy] No?
She's doing you a favor.
I know that she is a talented negotiator.
That's how we met...
at the, uh, pawn shop.
- Hmm.
- I didn't know you worked
in a pawn shop.
I told you Mom.
Crown Pawn.
She really impressed me with her integrity
and definitely had, uh, compassion
for those less fortunate than her.
You think you'll hold on
to this job this time?
You obviously have never worked
in any sort of service position before.
Hey- I worked at my father's bar,
picking up cigarette butts off the floor
and he raised seven kids outta that bar.
So what are you studying again Terence?
And what does one do with
an astrophysics degree?
Research... Academia. Teach.
Well. Hallelujah. Somebody
is gonna be making money.
God only knows you better hold on to a job
because Belle here sure as hell can't.
Oh, Walter!
(Belle sighs)
All I'm sayin' is, um...
I'm glad that she found you.
I don't think you need to worry about her.
Belle seems like she's always
gonna land on her feet.
This is delicious.
Oh, have some more.
There are gonna be lots of leftovers.
I could come home a Nobel Prize winner-
Three kids! A billionaire!
Give it all up...
live a life of asceticism, exist
on a piece of rice a day...
become a nun or monk somewhere...
and he would still have
something to say about it!
He loves to push my buttons!
All parents worry.
All of a sudden, it's
family, family, family.
Did you notice that?
Well. Family wasn't that
important 20 years ago!
Is that what happened with your sister?
I don't know. You'd have to ask her.
My brother and I don't have
the greatest relationship.
And the worst part is,
is that... he's famous.
For what?
Oh, as an actor.
You know the reason why
Preston beat the shit out
of my friend and me is because, uh,
he told him my brother was a celebrity
and we were going to a charity event.
Yeah. Preston doesn't like celebrities.
(Terence chuckles)
(groans) I'm goin' to bed.
(Walter groans)
So you two will be comin'
to mass tomorrow, right?
[Terence] Goodnight.
Can I get anybody more pie?
No. Thank you.
I'm good. Thank you.
(soft music)
(singer chanting)
If you need anything, just let me know.
Thank you.
Oof, I'm freezing.
I can't sleep when I'm cold.
I don't want your parents coming in here.
So what made you go into astrophysics?
It'll help me sleep.
(soft music)
I don't know, it's the...
rare chance I might see something...
discover something that no one else has.
And what are you working on?
I'll get out before morning, I promise.
We're... (sighs)
We're trying to capture stars and galaxies
as they turn on for the first time.
We wanna know more about these objects.
You know, how they
lived... how they died...
how they affected their surroundings.
And we don't just wanna
find these objects...
it turns out it's quite
crucial to understand
the nature of their systems...
their masses, their metallicities.
to understand early galaxy formation.
It's, it's a missing chapter
we're trying to fill in
and observationally characterize.
(hands clapping) Let's go!
Up and at 'em! Gonna be late!
Yeah. I'll be there right away.
(jubilant music)
- Really?
- Yeah, it's like
- a full house.
- Full house.
- Yeah, I still got my
daughter and her kids
and then my son and his two boys.
- How old are the boys?
- 13 and 14.
- Oh, sounds lovely.
- Yeah.
- It sounds wonderful.
- Yeah.
Oh, you know my daughter.
Of course, I remember Katy.
It's nice to see you.
Ah, oh, bye, Katy.
We have to let them know back east.
They've got to make their travel plans.
Your parents aren't gonna object to having
the wedding in a Catholic
church? Are they?
I don't think so.
My parents aren't super religious.
My Dad's technically Jewish.
My Mom's kind of an atheist.
Which means you aren't sure?
That's an agnostic.
What about Terence?
To be honest...
I'm not sure.
[Judy and Walter] That's an agnostic.
What the hell is that?
It's coming from the washer.
Did you put something funny in there?
No. Just clothes.
Just clothes!
I did not break your washing machine!
I did not break the washer-
She's had it for years!
Look. This is getting pretty weird.
There are people buying plane tickets.
No, I'm not so sure about that.
I don't- I don't think
they're super enamored
with your existential crisis.
Why couldn't you just play along?
What are you gonna do
when I don't come back?
Don't worry about it.
I'll figure it out. Like I figured out
everything in my life so far.
I don't expect your help.
And I don't need your help.
Where's Belle?
I think she went for a walk.
Very spirited girl.
I commend you.
Yep, she was always that way.
Tried my best.
I know you did, sir.
Too much in common.
They look hungry.
Just spread it around.
They'll come get it.
That's good that you're
focused on your schoolwork.
We thought Belle would make it.
Her whole life... always tryin' to keep up
with her big sister.
She even made it to Brown
which shocked everybody.
Yeah... Katy was always the scholar.
That's Fatty and Patty.
(phone pings)
(tense music)
(phone pings)
Everything okay?
Uh, some confusion.
Can I get you boys anything to drink?
- Who is this?
- [Victor] You need to make a payment
or somebody's gonna get hurt.
Your mother's writing bad checks.
What the hell are you talking about?
[Victor] Pay up or we're
gonna burn your house down.
(tense music continues)
Are you sure you talked to Preston?
(scoffs) I don't know.
Why don't you call him and find out?
(fire whooshing)
(horseshoe thuds)
If you need to get back.
I keep my word.
(horseshoe clanks)
This holiday weekend.
Stars head for the slopes.
We caught up with Drake Wright who said,
"No holiday is complete
without a trip to the slopes."
No holiday is complete without a trip
- to the slopes. You know?
- I agree.
Can I get you something to drink?
I'm good.
- Reporting live.
- [Announcer] And, boom! Asher Varga
Julie Harris. Lake Tahoe. California.
[Announcer] goes down!
That was a hard hit.
I would love a coffee.
Thank you.
(soft music)
(Belle sighs)
Made a lot of plans up here.
What happened?
What do you care?
It doesn't matter anyway.
My dad didn't like my life choices
so he threatened to disown me.
I guess it really scared my sister too
'cause no one's seen her since.
The worst part about it is
that I feel bad for them...
(phone ping)
'cause I know how much they miss her.
Somehow it all fell apart and nobody
is willing to take
responsibility to fix it.
I need to get back.
We can go whenever you want.
We can go whenever you want.
(soft music continues)
(moves to gentle music)
Belle! They have some great
deals on wedding gowns.
Mom. We have to leave tomorrow.
I have a project due Monday.
Well, just take a look... you
might see something you like.
I found a washer set on sale at Costco.
(phone ringing)
- Hey.
- What's up?
What's up? Why don't
you tell me- what's up-
Mom owes people money?
Dude. Mom's gambling again.
They don't wanna stress you out.
Stress me out!
What do you mean stress me out-
Nobody is stressing me out!
Uh. If you knew she was gambling-
why didn't you do something about it?
I did. I changed my number.
Look, man. I can't talk right now. Okay-
I'm in Tahoe.
I'm in Anza!
Good. Then try the Gold Mine. Okay?
That's her favorite spot.
- [Receptionist] Gold Mine.
- This is an emergency,
could you page somebody for me?
- [Receptionist] Could
you give me their name?
Vicky. Vicky Wright.
Tell her to call Terence immediately.
You know Terence.
I think you're having a real
positive affect on Belle.
Thank you, sir.
You never know what you're
gonna get when she shows up.
Anyway, look. I just want you to know...
that I'm here for you.
Thank you.
(phone ringing)
I gotta take this. It's my mom.
Family comes first.
(phone pings) Mom?
(phone ringing)
Are you okay?
[Vicky] Of course I'm okay.
Is everything all right?
We took a trip 'cause neither
of you could make Thanksgiving.
- [Bruce] Now, now. She is not okay!
- There are people
looking for her.
- [Bruce] She won't stop!
We've lost everything.
We need to get her help.
I know how to get her outta there.
200 to call.
200 to call.
What's going on
Player folds.
I know it's not gonna
bring your man home
Cards up.
Hey. Mom. It's time to leave.
I've got the cards worked out.
Honey! It's time to call it a day.
[Terence] Come on. I
want you to meet Belle.
[Bruce] Meet Belle.
[Bruce] Come on.
- Okay.
- Full house. Aces over 5.
Oh! Yes! Hi!
(chuckles) You bring luck!
- Pleased to meet you.
- You're gonna need to leave.
- Yeah. We're leaving.
- You're gonna need to leave.
- We're leaving.
- That's my chair!
- It's time to go.
- No! I'm sitting there!
- Let's get outta here.
- You have this
blank expression on your face!
- Mom! Mom!
- You're pretending
- not to hear me!
- Mom! Mom! Hey!
- That is my chair!
- Hey! Hey!
- Get my money!
- No!
Get my- Get the fuck
off of me! God damn it!
- Come on.
- All right. Hey!
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
Easy- Guy!
- Everybody out!
- We're leaving!
You can not come back here.
That's fine! You know why?
Because there are better payouts
down the street! Asshole.
Okay! Okay!
We're done! We're done!
Look. Belle and I... we had
some really exciting news
that we wanted to share with you.
My parents would love
to meet you Mrs. Wright.
They're not far from here.
That sounds fantastic.
Come on sweetie.
It would really mean a lot to me Mom.
Nice to meet you.
Hi! When I heard the
news... I said we have
- to get there right away.
- Yes.
- Hi, I'm Vicky.
- Hi, I'm Walter.
Hi, I'm Judy. Nice to meet you.
Bruce. How are ya?
Hi. Good, good.
Trouble finding it?
No, no. You know, just put it
in the GPS and here we are.
- Come on in. Come on in.
- Thank you.
Have a seat Vicky.
This room is filled with
people who love you.
Family and friends who
would do anything for you.
Family who feels like they have lost you
to your gambling addiction.
I came for my boy's engagement.
We know you're in trouble.
Just hear 'em out.
Listen. I'm only here
to make you an offer.
The people that you
really need to listen to
are your family and your friends.
I know what I am doing- okay!
They are threatening to
burn your house down.
You spent the entire retirement.
And you lied about it.
Dad... He doesn't have money for bills
because you blew it all at the casino!
And how I didn't see any of this...
is because I have loved and respected you
my entire life.
Honey. It's time to walk away.
There's a very nice retreat.
You can go there tonight.
You pack your bags and
you're off to a fresh start.
I'm not going anywhere! Okay-
Who's gonna take care
of the house? The bills?
I need you to handle this.
Tell her what's gonna happen
if she doesn't go Bruce.
(clears throat)
We've lost our savings.
Maybe the house.
If you don't get this help...
I can't do this any anymore... okay?
I might have to sell the house
and I might have to move out.
It hurts to say this...
But I can't...
I won't bail you out again Mom.
Yeah. But what about the wedding?
Okay. I will not miss the wedding.
We can postpone that.
Really. What the hell's a few days
for rearranging everyone's schedule.
No! No! I will not have it- No!
Come hell or high water- I'm
gonna be at that wedding.
Nothing! Or nobody will stop me
from seeing my little boy take his vows!
There's not gonna be
a wedding Mrs. Wright.
- No wedding.
- What?
She's just upset.
No wedding... No bride. No groom. Nothing.
Is this really the right time for that?
It's the perfect time for it!
It's time for the truth!
And the truth is that
I had to bribe Terence
to come here with me.
Why would you do that?
I thought that it would make you happy.
[Walter] Oh my God.
But if we're telling the truth.
Mrs. Wright should know.
You won't miss anything if you
go and take care of yourself.
Your other son has something to say.
[Drake] Yeah... You know what I like.
- Jesus Christ.
- Your mother is here.
Drake! Do you see your ma-
(Drake giggling)
As you can see- Everybody
here wants you to get better.
When do we leave?
Dad can pack your bags.
I'll take you.
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry. (sniffs)
And you need to get your heart checked.
(Terence sighs)
(soft music)
We're lucky they had a bed.
(Vicky sighs)
Not exactly the luck I was hoping for.
One game?
You're such a smart woman.
Why are you acting so dumb?
Not everything makes sense.
Okay. In that moment. That
one moment when I win...
I feel alive.
Look at what that cost you.
This won't work 'til midnight.
The pin is 3469.
Mom. What are you doing?
Give it to Dad.
You're giving him a heart attack.
Give it to him so he can
take care of the bills.
Put it toward what you see fit.
I'm not gonna need it for a month.
Don't come in. Okay. I,
I'd rather you didn't.
I got myself into this.
I need to get myself out.
Good luck in there.
(Vicky exhales sharply)
(soft music)
(soft music continues)
You're always welcome here son.
Thank you, sir.
Come back anytime.
Take care, huh?
(soft music continues)
Well. That went well.
(chuckles) Yeah right.
Why aren't you married?
I mean, you could be if you wanted to.
Obviously you've had boyfriends before.
(chuckles) Whatever.
You think my parents believed any of that?
Why not?
(soft music continues)
Someone like you would
never marry someone like me.
I don't know if you noticed but...
My family isn't exactly perfect either.
(soft music continues)
Long story short. I'm gonna
take a chance with your fam.
But it seems like your computer's
already exchanged hands.
You owe me $7,254 dollars.
You start Monday.
All right baby girl.
You want me to drive you
somewhere? On the house?
I'll see you around.
Don't ever let anybody tell you
that you're not good enough.
(celestial music)
(keyboard clacking)
(clock ticking)
(tense music)
(harrowing air droning)
(knocking on door)
That was some Carl Sagan kinda shit!
(air whooshing)
(tense music continues)
And you are?
Look. It's, it's- my computer.
It's my computer. I need my computer.
- No English.
- No. Look- it's $200.
Come on.
Your friend. Your friend
has something of mine.
And I'm just trying to get it back.
- No English. No English.
- No. $200.
(Rosa speaking in foreign language)
(tense music continues)
(air droning)
We are pushing the cosmic frontier here.
On the floor- motherfucker!
We are finding out how and when
- the first stars were formed...
- On the ground- Now!
How they interacted with each other.
Interacted- Interacted- Interacted-
(Preston grunting)
This is my life!
(Terence gasps)
(phone ringing)
- Hello.
- Hello.
This Terence?
It's uh, Terence.
I'll give it to you for uh...
I don't
(Tony laughing)
Here man. Belle took care of it.
Is she here?
Thank you Big Tony.
- Thank you.
- Hey. Places and faces man.
You got your love by the throat
You hold too hard, won't let go
You better learn to forgive
You gotta let 'em be free
It takes you deep to the core
And holds you, won't let you go
Why do you always look back
What was the hold up?
Oh, it was a personal matter.
Next time come to me.
Good work.
Wild Ones do
Today we're excited to have Terence Wright
in the studio. A researcher
from Southern California
University of Tech
to talk about new frontiers and pushing
the boundaries of our
observational limits.
[Terence] The primary goal
or one of the main goals
of observational cosmology
is to put together
a picture of the universe from
its origins to present day.
Now there's several
important missing chapters
and these chapters contain
some of the most important
events in cosmic history.
There's the formation
of the first stars...
the galaxies... black holes...
And what we're trying to
do is peer back deep enough
in space that we can
capture these first stars
and galaxies as they turn
on for the first time.
It's a, it's a quest for
the origins of the stars...
I mean, we wanna know
what these objects are...
how they live... how they die...
[Vicky] He lost millions on the internet.
How's your job?
There are nice people sometimes.
Don't let it interfere
with your studies, okay?
And Belle?
I haven't really seen
her since that weekend.
That's too bad. I'm sorry to hear that.
- (Loudspeaker) Join us for the
pressure relief group - Oh there
in five minutes... five minutes...
All right sweetie.
Pressure relief group.
- All right, baby.
- Thanks for comin'.
I'll be home soon.
Yes. You get well.
- I'll see you soon. Okay?
- Yeah.
- I love you Mom.
- Love you too.
- You take care of yourself.
- Mm-hmm.
Take care.
Off I go. (chuckles)
Thanks for comin' up.
Do you...
Ever think it would've been
easier... just to be alone?
I don't sleep very well
without your mother beside me.
It's not you I'm worried about Terence.
It's your brother.
So all this space... that's yours, huh?
All of it.
(Bruce laughing)
(celestial music)
(door clicks)
Terence? Terence Wright?
Are you ready?
Yes, I am.
Buried in this unexplored
era... are the keys
to understanding how the
first stars and galaxies
came to be. And what eventually
led to the reionization
of intergalactic hydrogen.
Okay. I got about maybe 3% of that-
that registered in my brain.
But that's, that sounds very cool man.
And if some woman tells
you she needs space...
tell her you're studying astrophysics.
Today we fly high,
tomorrow we may not be
So the universe is
creating space-time itself
and in the future this means
a couple of different things.
It depends on what the
universe is made up of...
what the density of matter is.
If density is greater
than critical mass...
the universe could collapse back on itself
and shrink back down.
If the density is less
than critical mass...
then gravity is not strong enough to keep
the universe from expanding exponentially
and eventually ripping apart.
Now if dark matter plays a part
and is in fact a driving force...
Then you have the universe
expanding forever...
(soft music)
Did you bring another guy out here?
Only you Terence.
Only you.
I mean... I was gonna be offended.
I took the bus.
But then I realized
that the only person that I wanted to see
before I leave is... you.
You're leaving?
Believe it or not, I got a job.
Advocating for chemical
free food and products
in San Francisco.
Will you come back?
Hm. See where the day takes me.
I might even apply to Berkeley.
What do you say? For old times' sake?
You know I hate the water.
Come on.
Come on!
(soft music)
(moves to gentle music)
Keep up the hard work Terence.
I'm sure that it will pay off.
You know where to find me.
I do.
You know. We do long distance calls too.
Oh, really?
No. Only for special people.
You are special.
Don't ever forget that.
(gentle music continues)
All I have is yours
That's including you
All I wanted was wanting of
All those times we fought
They always knew
That what I needed was the truth
And a piece of you
(bright music)
Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo
Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo
I put my hand in your fire
I know I'm gonna get burned
So, I will burn with desire
Desire to learn
You say "Protect your potential,
Be true to your shine"
They say that we're lunatics
Two stars collide
Your love is magical
A little impractical
Hyper reactional
I'm falling, falling, falling
I'm falling...
Your love is powerful
In love with the stars
I feel you when you shine on me
I fear you when you call my name
I know one day that there will be
A galaxy for you and me
I love you, I love you,
I love you, I love you
Your love is powerful
A little reactional
Dark matter or factual
I'm falling, falling, falling
I'm falling
I'm falling, falling, falling.
I'm falling...
in love with the stars
In love with the stars