The Alternate (2000) Movie Script

All clear.
ETA back in room 15 seconds.
How are we looking?
We're looking real good.
We have cameras monitoringthe entire building.
All the windows in the mainballroom are bulletproof.
First team is now in route.
They use the back staircase.
And as an added
security measure,
proceed through the kitchen.
WOMAN: All right
everyone, stand back.
All things appear
normal just like clockwork.
We have a breach on Sector 8.
heading west.
Give me eight.
Pull up eight, Will.
We have assertion
on eight, room 812.
He's rappelling to the seventh.
Son of a bitch!
Copy that.
Call the code now.
Code Red, red confirmed.
Initiating security
sequence on one.
Get down!
Get down!
One full activation.
Lasers, nice touch.
You're dead.
AGENT WILLIAMS: Why the fuck up?
I couldn't make it
to the escape exit, OK?
God, I'm getting
tired of being killed.
Somebody else can
play the president.
You play the president.
This is not funny.
President Fallbrook will bearriving here in three hours.
It'll be nice if we
could keep him alive.
This team was brought in hereto improve your training,
to make the president's
Secret Service the best,
to make you the best.
During that last exercise,that window was left open.
Unfucking acceptable!
I know it's been a
long week, gentlemen,
but bulletproof
glass cannot protect
the president if thefucking window's left open.
People, we will do thisexercise until we get it right.
Prepare for our surprises.
Assassination is not
my goddamn vocabulary.
Good job, everyone.
Keep them on their toes.
How many kills today?
All right.
Let's do it again.
Let's go, move.
MAN: All right, this time,you cover this side over here,
because I didn't see him coming.
OK, your guys
are doing better.
Who's that prick?
Oh, that prick's classified.
You know that.
All my pricks are.
I wish he was Secret Service.
REPORTER: We are live in LosAngeles at the Park Plaza Hotel
where President Fallbrook,along with First
Lady Mrs. Stephanie Fallbrookwill be arriving shortly.
Our polls show the
president two percentage
points behind in his
bid for reelection.
A recent popularity poll
taken just last night
confirms the president'spopularity is at an all time
Polls my ass.
Our polls show your popularityhas never been higher.
Look, Liz, the peopleforgave me my indiscretions.
The media needs ratings.
I need visibility.
I say screw the media unless,of course, we need them,
which we do.
I'll handle the press.
And I'll get youreelected, Mr. President.
That's part of my job.
You sent for me?
What's up?
You impressed me during thisweek's exercises at the hotel.
Isn't the assignment complete?
Not quite.
Still one more exercise.
You want to be a little
more specific maybe?
Let me tell you what we'regoing to do in two hours.
Is it him?
Affirmative, sir.
Put it on the speaker.
This is President Fallbrook.
This is Achmed.
the rest
of the world in order
to form a more perfectunion establishing justice
and punishes common
do now ordain the death of thePresident of the United States.
Your time has come,
Mr. President.
How worried should I be?
You shouldn't be,
sir, that's my job.
Yes, sir, will do.
Connect me to Operations.
Trace the limo number.
Activated and tested
all security nets.
What's your ETA?
15 minutes?
Get back to me with that trace.
The bulletproof glass you'reinstalling what's the limit?
What, strength wise?
Stop anything up to
a 50 caliber round.
You're sure?
Hell, yes.
Test it if you don't believe me.
I believe you.
President Fallbrook
and the Secret Service
have received repeated threatsby the Unified Terrorist
Coalition led by Mr. Achmed.
Yeah, I read the papers.
But why me?
I'm not part of your group.
I'm just a replacement.
I know.
Are you
Could you put it
on the table, please?
I recently lost amember of my regular crew.
I need a replacement.
You qualify.
Glock 10, nice.
You came highly recommended.
Welcome home.
We're all CIA.
You know it's illegal
for any of you to-- us
to operate in this country.
Well, that's why no
one knows we're here.
I don't kill Americans.
Killing Americans
is not an option.
Thanks, but no thanks.
I prefer you stay.
I don't do requests.
Please shoot her.
Shoot her.
- Join us.
It's as simple as that.
You're saying we'd beworking for the President?
Who else could sanction this?
How much?
650k You can, uh,
lower your weapon.
It's empty.
I know.
It's light.
So you have no bullets.
Oh, I've still got one.
THE LEADER: In the chamber.
Prove it.
$650,000 to fake a kidnapping?
I can do that.
They're relaying throughthe satellite system, sir.
I'm sorry, I can't trace it.
I'm worried about Stephanie.
You are both safe, sir.
You sent flowers, a bouquet.
Thank you.
Now smile for the cameras.
And just ignore the hecklers.
REPORTER: President Fallbrook.
President Fallbrook,
a moment, please.
Other White House
sources informed us
that a man speaking on behalfof the Unified Terrorist
Coalition, a right-wingfundamentalist extremist group,
has been threatening you withan assassination attempt.
Well, the only
attempt I'm aware of
is our attempt to
end world hunger.
But Mr. President,
are you denying
that there have been repeatedthreats to the Secret Service?
I just think you're a littlebit better informed than I am.
With only one week until theelection, are you confident?
I'm confident in the
American people I'm
confident they know a winner.
Let them pick him.
Thank you.
REPORTER: Thank you.
Thank you.
Great sound byte,
Mr. President.
Don't tell me I'm
in the Penthouse.
Copy that.
We seem extremely
high, Harris.
My apologies, Mr. President.
I know you're
adverse to heights,
but due to security, we
had no other options.
The ground floor wastotally out of the question.
Probably a great view, huh?
It's nice to see you.
You, too.
Listen, satellite or nosatellite, it's imperative
we get a trace on that
call posthaste, OK?
Got it.
Thank you.
Mr. President, you mayfind this very interesting.
A TV remote?
Not quite.
Right there.
That activates our eye in thesky and sound alarm system.
I'll see and hear what
you want me to, sir.
All you need do is
push this button.
No matter what
happens, President
Fallbrook remains unharmed, evenat the cost of your own lives.
Our top priority will behis safety, remember that.
We won't get a second
chance, people.
This is a black op.
If we're caught,
President Fallbrook
would disavow any knowledgeof this operation.
We are on our own guys.
Today, the first lady
continues with her tour of localcharities in the Southland.
She made several stops alongher way to her final destination
a gala luncheon to raise
money for the campaign
against world hunger,
which she will preside
over with the President.
Here she's seen with one
of the local children
at a community center herein the City of Angels.
Since the First
Lady's miscarriage
last year, the President
and the First Lady
have been unable to conceivea child of their own.
Oh, shut up.
They are relentless.
Hi, baby.
The flowers were
a nice surprise.
She did it again.
That was a nice piece, honey.
Thank you.
I know it's been a
difficult time for you.
What's wrong?
Oh, gosh, I've got a headache.
Come on, let's get
you some fresh air.
Come here.
What if we don't win?
What if we do win?
Four more years of--
Steph, whether we
win or lose, thanks.
Uh, Mr. President, howlong do we have before lunch?
Well, who cares, baby?
It's only $10,000 a plate.
Let's let them wait.
This will take
care of your prints.
If something doesn't
fit, you let me know.
Five units each.
Are you familiar with
the DX5 nerve toxin?
I know of it.
How fast?
- Immediate.
Six and one-half hours.
Side effects?
Just don't miss.
I just want to
get off this roof.
I'll rescue you, OK?
OK, folks, let's go.
All exits are covered, sir.
In case of an
unforeseeable emergency,
a helicopter has been
stationed on the roof.
Mr. President, as usual, we'llbe taking the service route.
Gentleman, on the move.
Yes, sir.
Here we go.
Are you OK, honey?
Mary Brook,
Fallbrook Enterprises.
Thank you.
Step right over here.
GUEST: Yes, ma'am.
CHECK-IN PERSON: And you, sir.
Next up to the table, please.
Thank you.
Thank you.
MAN: Step forward, please.
Anything metal, sir?
GUEST: Hey, good security, huh?
Yeah, I read about
this terrorist group.
Ooh, nasty bunch of animals.
So what line of work you all in?
Well, now, we kind of dabblein straws and toothpaste.
Straws and toothpicks.
You all make any real
money doing that?
Hell, yes.
People just have a naturaltendency to pick and suck.
Pick and suck?
I like that.
Why don't you show our
new friend our product?
Well, I'm sure Garth hasseen straws and toothpicks.
Well, I'm sure he has, butnot marketed it so cleverly.
Show him.
Step up, please.
Sir, what is the
purpose of this?
Well, it's for picking
crud out of your teeth.
You got your
toothpick right there,
and then you got
your straw there,
you know, for sucking things up.
Clever, huh?
Mr. President, Mrs. Fallbrook,can I have your attention,
This is your escape exit.
It's the only one that
is manually sealed.
Now once you pass through itautomatically locks you out
and everybody else
in, you understand?
Yes, thank you, Harris.
Mrs. Fallbrook, Mrs.Fallbrook, this just came in.
It's very important.
Honey, what is it?
30 seconds, sir.
Ladies and gentlemen,
the President
of the United States
and Mrs. Fallbrook.
Thank you, honey.
Good afternoon,
ladies and gentlemen.
I know what you're
thinking for $10,000,
this had better be
a really good lunch.
More importantly, each
and every one of you
here today has
achieved the divine.
You have changed a child's lifeand future forever by this act
of charity and kindness.
This confirms that thepower belongs to the people
and not to the government.
Good job, honey.
And I want you to know thattomorrow world delegates will
meet to pass new legislationthat will forever allow us
to declare that not onemore person on this planet
will die because they don'thave enough food to live.
This new legislation
will forever
stop hunger on this planet.
So I want you to allenjoy your luncheon today
and have a wonderful afternoon.
Thank you.
Are you--
We're pregnant.
I love you.
We have code red,gentlemen, code red confirmed.
This is not a drill.
bring in the chopper.
Get out of the way!
Thank you.
No, no!
Stay still, you
won't get hurt.
Shut up!
I say shut up.
interrupt your program
for a live news breakfrom the Park Plaza Hotel
in downtown LA.
It seems President
Fallbrook has been
taken hostage by an unknowngroup of terrorists.
Hey, darlin'.
Come on in here.
Bring me another beer.
These pictures are live.
Repeat.They are live broadcast--
President what's his
name is up shit's creek.
NEWSCASTER : We'llcontinue to broadcast
as long as possible.
Well, I like him.
TV]: --or anything.
We'll give this informationto you as soon as we get it.
We'll just continue--
I am Achmed, and you areall guests of the Unified
Terrorist Coalition.
If any of you attempt toleave this room, you will die.
Yeah, yeah, come.
Come closer.
If you attempt to deactivatethe security measures,
I will kill your President dead.
Briggs, we have a
hostage situation.
They've taken the
President hostage.
TV]: We don't seem
to have any information
on this gentleman
you see on your screen.
It says his name is Achmed.
Who won the game?
Why don't you shut
your trap, honey.
I'm trying to watch this.
I am well aware of allcounter-terrorist tactics,
therefore, do not
cut my electricity.
Do not land on my roof.
Do not move closer than300 feet to my ..
And do not bring in
your pathetic military.
For each mistake you make,10 hostages will die.
- Please.
- Shut up!
I'm the one you want.
Tell me, what is it
you want me to do?
Oh, god.
Are they going to hurt him?
I'd like to have
one of those guns.
Maybe for Christmas, honey.
Where are you taking him?
Come back!
Where are you taking him?
Where are you taking him?
No, wait.
Briggs, they're moving westalong the escape corridor.
The ball's in your court now.
All units are at your disposal.
What can we do to assist?
Just leave it alone.
It's my problem.
Wait for my command.
RADIO DISPATCHER: Sir, Ihave Command Control on two.
Listen to me.
I'll be there in a few seconds.
Everyone needs to
stay where they are.
Do not approach the building.
Do not approach the building.
This is Falcon 1.
All units standing by
outside the perimeter.
OK, I'm down.
Hold your position.
What have I got
available to me?
Everything, sir, you
name it, you got it.
This is Williams.
Yes, I'll hold.
Briggs, they're moving westalong the escape corridor.
and gentlemen,
please can you come closer.
Please come forward.
Everyone needs to remain calm.
I was just on the phonewith the security outside.
There's more help
on the way, and
the situation is under control.
So now, let's all worktogether and remain calm.
I'm frightened, too, but
we're going to be fine.
I was in charge of thesecurity in that installation.
I need to find a way
to breach that net.
It can't be done.
Elevators lock off
at ground level.
We can't reach the
electronic pulse phasers
or the bulletproof glass.
You can't gain access
to the stairwell
from the ground floor.
Listen, it's my job to keepPresident Fallbrook alive.
There must be some contingency.
that I'm aware of.
What if the terroristsare in control of the net?
You people said fullproof.
We made it fullproof.
As you might imagine, it'sthe best system known to man.
You wanted unbreachable,
that's what you got.
All right, let's
go over this again.
We can't take the elevators,because they're shut off.
We've got all the bulletproofglass all over the place,
so the snipers
can't do their job.
Can't land the
chopper on the roof.
We've enhanced the hotel'ssurveillance capabilities.
We can't do anything withoutthem knowing about it.
We can't even fart.
JAKE: Yes, sir.
I want to look at
some hotel schematics.
I know this looks
bad, Mr. President.
I can explain everything, sir.
John, I want you to
listen very carefully.
These ladies and
gentlemen are CIA.
They're Black Ops from Langley.
They work for you.
You're in no danger.
You deserve to bereelected, and I needed to get
you some serious coverage.
You set this whole thing up?
For you, sir.
To win.
To win?
Elizabeth, I thought youknew me better than that.
I can't win by pretending
to be some kind of a--
It's a good word, sir.
I'm the President
of the United States.
I'm not going to pretend
to be something I'm not.
This ends now.
John, please just
watch the news coverage.
What you do now
means everything.
The press will run with it.
What's going on?
Aw, this piece of shit.
Sorry Mr. President.
PRESIDENT: This is ridiculous.
It's a chance for the publicto recognize your value.
I mean--
I would never leavewith those hostages there.
And wait, what
about those things?
Are the people dead?
No, no, sir.
They just put people to sleep.
Well, thank god for that.
Don't you people realize
what you've done?
They are scared.
They're terrified
they're going to die.
And my wife is down
there for god's sake.
She just found out
she's pregnant.
You, my dear, are fired.
John, I did this for you.
You know I wouldn't do
anything to hurt you.
And as for you, my friend--
I'm taking over this
fiasco right now.
You're dismissed.
You can't fire
me Mr. President.
I can fire anybody
I want to fire.
LIZ: No!
Nobody was supposed to be hurt.
We discussed this.
We talked.
We agreed.
Please do something, please.
Oh, my god, what
have you done?
He's changed the
plan, Mr. President.
He's changed the plan.
Oh, gees.
You're not CIA.
Of course I am, sir.
What the hell are
you doing here, huh?
You're supposed to be
in security control
watching the enemy.
- I was.
I'm not the enemy.
You said the President
sanctioned this.
You said killing Americanswas not an option.
Mr. President, you arenot aware of this operation
because it was highly
classified, sir.
These two operatives,
they're traitors.
They're part of a conspiracyto assassinate you on the roof
during your escape.
My real assignment
was to discover
who was part of this
conspiracy, sir,
and permanently
remove those threats.
This man is ex-CIA.
He was dismissed in
1997 after an assignment
went bad in New York City.
We believe that he
murdered his own family.
We believe this man is Achmed.
We believe this is
the real Achmed,
terrorist, assassin, mercenary.
I'm making out of
here with the President.
And I'm making you stop.
Mr. President, Elizabeth
Donaldson recommended
the replacement join my team.
She recommended aprofessional assassin to me.
His job, in case she
and the others failed,
is to execute me.
I won't allow that to happen.
You're making a mistake.
Behind the bed.
Behind the bed.
THE LEADER: Listen to me.
You let the President go, Ican offer you $30 million.
I'm willing to
work with you here.
It's a one-time offer.
Are you a killer?
Aren't we all, Mr. President?
THE LEADER: Tell him he'llget the money, Mr. President.
Give me the President.
I'm holding a full auto-machinepistol with hundreds of rounds.
I don't know who to trust.
THE LEADER: You have aGlock 17 with 17 rounds max.
All right, they're not goingto kill you, but I got to go.
Give the President to me.
I got one man up there.
Nobody fires until
I know who he is.
Hold your fire!
Are you OK, sir?
Our boy flies like a rock.
Go to Security Control andsee what our friends are up
to outside.
Are you hurt?
Are you OK, sir?
Is it him?
Is he working for ?
What do you think?
PRESIDENT: I don't know
what the hell to think.
Why would he want me dead?
He's a professional.
He kills people.
He doesn't need a reason.
Mr. President, look,
we're professionals.
We get paid.
Personally, I'm in
it for the money.
Please, sit.
Sit down.
I said sit the fuck down!
I had the perfect plan.
My escape's guaranteed.
Mr. President, I
figured what the fuck?
How could I give up such
a perfect opportunity?
You killed your team
members for the money.
Every man for himself.
Well said.
You know, it was--
it was Kent State, 1970.
It was a peace rally, andI got to watch the cops.
They bashed my mom and dad'shead in all over the sidewalk.
I was five years old, andI got to watch them die.
Ever since then, it's beenthat little man for himself.
So why don't you considerthis my settlement?
Let's go.
Well, so much for the deposit.
Lucky you.
You know they may
demand to know you're
actually alive before
they pay me my money.
Mary, come in.
Things aren't working outso good for you, are they?
Nah, I think things
are going just fine.
Things are already looking up.
I need currency, a wiretransportation standing by.
The insertion team
is almost there.
Commandos in place.
Yeah, I saw the newscaster.
I heard what he said.
Nobody comes into the hotel.
But, uh, he's never
going to find out.
Try the hotel again.
Hold for Agent Briggs.
Tell me your name.
Agent Briggs, FBI.
Who in the hell is this?
Are you a negotiator?
Yes, I am.
I need you to confirm thatthe President is unharmed.
I need you to tell
me what I can do
to expedite his safe release.
What are your demands?
I demand to know your
first name Agent Briggs.
It's Jack.
My first name is Jack.
Jack Briggs, all right?
Jack, Jack, Frere Jacques,understand this, Jack Briggs.
I will hold you
responsible for the life
or death of your President.
The choices you make affect him.
I'm listening.
I will send you
some routing numbers.
It will be complicated.
I warn you not to test me.
JAKE: Yes, sir.
Gotta go.
MARY: No, stay.
Commandos are in
place at both target.
Get over there.
Look at me.
You like beating up girls?
Mary, don't play
with him, kill him.
Did you know that I loved Mary?
Then you shouldn't
have killed her.
Ah, and you shouldn't havesent your son and your wife
to New York.
But everybody dies, don't they?
So what's this all about?
Of course it's about money.
It's always about money.
We're professional killers,you and I. We kill people.
For what?
Let's take, for instance,your wife and son.
They're dead.
What's your point?
Well, my point is your price.
You were paid to leave
your post, right?
I was ordered away
from that hotel.
Somebody wanted
me out of the way.
Oh, right the invisible
Saudi prince that you're
supposed to be protecting.
He was the target.
My wife and son
just got in the way.
So you said at your hearing.
It didn't go over well
there either, did it?
I can offer you cash, a lot.
$40 million.
Not interested.
Well, then if
you're not my friend--
No, I'm your enemy.
Son of a bitch.
How about a light?
I'm listening, Achmed.
You drop the $10
million on the roof.
Bearer bonds, no ,,no invisible markings,
no exploding dyes.
For $10 million, I'm goingto need at least two hours.
Ah, of course.
Well, you have 45 minutes, eh.
BRIGGS: Listen,
I'm going to need
some sort of show of faith.
I like to kill people, Jacque.
BRIGGS: OK, tough guy.
From me you should know thatyou get nothing quid pro quo.
If you give, you get.
You have 45 minutes.
MAN: Is it a
terrorist situation?
Well, it's a hostage.
JAKE: Agent Briggs,
we're patching a call
through to your cell phone.
It's coming from inside.
All right.
Agent Briggs.
Briggs, I'm inside,
and the terrorists
are on the floor above me.
Don't do anything
stupid like shoot me.
Who is this?
I'm the guy in the tux.
The guy in the tux, huh?
Good news!
I like you.
Anyway, I need you
to stay right here,
because I'm going
to take my friends
for a little helicopter ride.
Up, here we go.
I'm sorry, Mary.
Have you seen my wife?
What's he doing?
Loading corpses
into a helicopter.
Why, why, would
he be doing that?
Are you the good guy?
It's a matter of perspective.
Agent Briggs, they're
leaving with the money.
Is the President on board?
Hard to tell.
Mr. President, this way.
POLICE: Hold your fire,
men, hold your fire.
The guy in the tux.
The guy in the tux.
You again, huh?
This is President Fallbrook.
I'm not on the helicopter.
How do I know I'mspeaking to the President?
Be nice if they'd take
that whirlybird out.
Take the chopper out now.
How do I know thisisn't some kind of trick?
The code name is
vertigo, for god's sake.
Look at the window.
Take that bird out.
Take the bird out.
Hold your fire.
He's coming back.
Wait till he clears thebuilding, then take the shot.
President Fallbrook hasbeen taken hostage by a group
of unknown terrorists.
Well, that ought to do it.
See what was in that chopper.
Be careful.
I think it's over.
Are you all right?
Baby, I am fine.
FIRST LADY: John, I don'tcare about a second term.
I just want you back alive.
I love you.
I'm coming down.
Just wait.
Fancy meeting you
here, Mr. President.
On your knees.
What part of that
don't you understand?
Look, let me help you.
I can get you
anything you want.
I have everything I want.
I can't have any
living witnesses.
I'm CIA for christ sakes.
I'm in the database.
It's not personal.
Just standard operatingprocedure right out of the,
well, guess what?
The mercenary's handbook.
You keep messing
up my plans, huh.
Well, I was going to blendin with the hostages.
Either way, I am
walking out of here.
And my insurance policy
is President Fullbrook.
He lives until you die.
Either way, you'll
take the blame.
Better yet, CIA operativeassassinates the President
and kills himself.
News at 11.
Tragic story, really.
It might help if you know thatyour wife died immediately.
Your son held on seven,
maybe eight minutes.
I was there.
I really tried to save him.Nothing I could do.
I'm sorry.
Did you kill them?
Well, that's not very nice.
I'm not a very nice guy.
I hate snipers.
Son of a bitch.
You lucky son of a bitch.
I was paid a lot
of money to do a job.
So I ordered you
out of the hotel.
And the tragic part
is that your wife
and son, they saw me
take out the target,
so really I had no choice.
You know, the code.
No living witnesses.
I can't go out there, please.
I'm terrified of heights.
Move, move, move,
move, move, move.
Sir, one of my
staffers has been shot.
Let me take him out.
We can't be sure who it is.
We don't even know
how many terrorists
are in there with hostages.
We wait for Achmed's call.
Move, son of a bitch.
No, please.
Shut up!
Listen, I want a
helicopter on the roof.
Not now, right now.
Tell them!
Tell them!
I want a helicopter on the roof.
Don't do it.
Get me a chopper ready.
JAKE: Let's go, let's
move on that chopper.
And you run a country.
The most powerful
man in the world.
Put him down.
Lose the gun or
lose the President.
The gun or the President.
Good choice.
Oh, no!
Oh, oh.
Let me see.
JAKE: Who is that?
Help, help, help!
Help me!
Mr. President, grab me.
Grab me.
I can't.
There you go.
Come on.
Help me.
I got it.
I have a full
auto-machine pistol
with a 30 round capacity.
You have nothing.
You do have one problem.
What's that?
Too close.
Come on.
Come on.
Semiautomatic 9
millimeter Glock.
It holds 15 rounds and
you still have nothing.
Well, you do have one problem.
Too close?
Too slow.
I invented that move.
I perfected it.
I never leave one
in the chamber.
You said you don't
kill Americans.
I am--
The exception.
That's the President.
I can see him clearly.
OK, that's it.
A man has just fallenfrom the roof to his death.
Thank you.
But I can't move.
It's vertigo.
Listen, if you can
run this country,
you can walk off
this goddamn roof.
All right, Mr. President.
I will carry you off this roof.
But you're on your
own in the elevator.
I owe you one.
I'll collect.
Now drop over my shoulderand close your eyes.
Here we go.
Oh, god, my leg is killing me.
Where's my husband?
Where is he?
think Oh, my god.
Oh, baby.
Thank god.
Are you OK?
You're not hurt?
Drop the bag and
step away from it.
Drop the bag now!
This is your last warning.
He's all right.
He's one of us.
Let him go.
Yes, sir.
You must be the
man in the tux.
Thanks for bringing
the money back.
Guess again.
He owes me one.
I'm collecting.
Wait a minute.
I don't even know your name.
What do I call you.
Mr. President, you can
call me the replacement.
WOMAN: Yeah.
bring me another beer.
That President what's his name,that son of a bitch made it.
Agent Briggs, shame on you.
They're leaving
with the money.
Thank you.
I know it's--
been a real tough time for you.
Just come back over here.
You know, we stay here
too much, you know that?
Maybe we should vote next time.