The Amaranth (2018) Movie Script

We like to believe
we know ourselves.
Our place in the world.
Our limits.
But boundaries are meaningless
in the face of love.
Love makes us heroes.
Love makes us monsters.
Mrs. Kendrick?
Lilly, it's time.
Mr. and Mrs.
Kendrick, welcome.
I'm your Amaranth butler.
I'm sorry, I didn't
catch your name.
- Arthur.
- Arthur.
- Yes.
- Lilly.
Nice to meet you.
Uh, the floors, they
are radiant heated.
Uh, the Lutron System
for the lights,
they are sensitive to time,
to motion and to season.
The remote, it operates
many different features
of the house.
The ic, oh, ma'am, please let
me take that for you, ma'am.
No, that's okay.
- You are sure?
- Yes.
It's okay.
Thermostats are set
at 71 this time of year,
but I can adjust that for
your comfort as you wish.
And these can be found
throughout the house
to summon me, or any
other member of the staff,
but most important for
emergency medical assistance.
May I show you the bedroom?
Patsy Howard, Director
of Resident Services
here at The Amaranth.
Ah, Lilly, wonderful to see
you again, Patsy Howard.
I brought you a
list of activities,
health and wellness
programs, social mixers,
everything you'll need to
get into the swing of things
here at The Amaranth.
So, who's ready for
new member orientation?
Count me out.
All right.
Well, looks like it's
just us girls then.
The horse stables are just off
in that direction and
then over this ridge,
we've got skeet shooting
and the rifle range.
Oh, and you know the
name Amaranth comes
from a mythical flower
that never fades.
Don't you just love that?
Ping pong, shuffleboard,
lots of clubs, lots of clubs,
bridge, mahjong, scrapbooking.
I don't get that one, but
anyway, swing dancing,
oh I love, this we
call our reading room.
We get daily delivery
of The Times.
Oh, and our chef, Albert,
oh, he is just divine.
We got him from a little
brasserie in the south of France.
Don't you tell anyone.
We stole him.
Top of the line equipment,
indoor-outdoor lap pool.
Daily classes of yoga, Pilates,
spin, you name it, we do it.
Oh, look,
it's round-robin Tuesday.
Oh, guys, keep it movin'.
Tim, you know better!
You're gonna have to
get used to that being
the youngest chicken
in the henhouse.
Oh, sorry, the cutoff age
for residency here
at Amaranth is 55,
which is, you know, standard
for retirement communities.
After his stroke, Richard
was looking for a place
where we could
live independently
and get the medical
support he needs.
And also make some new friends.
Now, no children?
Richard has two boys and
they're thrilled about this.
Removes the guilt.
Ah-ha, and you?
I guess I thought
after he retired
we'd have more time before we...
Before you landed
in an old folks' home.
Lilly, give it a chance.
There are endless
opportunities here for you.
You know, recapture old
interests, develop new interests,
make some really,
really good friendships.
We should probably head back.
Of course, but
first one more stop.
Our medical facility houses
both our state of
the art hospital
and a research lab devoted
entirely to anti-aging.
We need to reschedule
the oblation check Dr. G...
- Dr. Campbell?
Okay, Miss Howard.
You are, as always,
the picture of health.
Ah, thank you. Doctor,
I want to introduce you
to the newest member
of our Amaranth
family, Lilly Kendrick.
Lilly, Dr. Alan Campbell.
It's nice to meet you.
A pleasure, Mrs. Kendrick.
I'll have Mia get
you on the schedule
for a complete physical,
uh, blood work, chem panel.
Mm, but there's no need.
I just had my annual checkup.
Yes, I had your records
sent over for review.
You know your LDL is on
the high side of normal.
Dr. Campbell never
forgets a lab report.
Well, I'd, uh, I'd like
our own lab to run a sample.
And you can rest
assured your husband
will receive the very
best of care here.
Well, we're off.
Thank you.
So, he's great, right?
He seems very nice.
But I think where Richard's
health is concerned,
we might be happier with
someone with more experience.
Lilly, do not be fooled
by Dr. Campbell's modesty.
He has a long list of accolades
from the top universities and
think tanks in the country.
I meant no disrespect.
That's all right,
I'm just sayin',
if you love your husband,
you'll send him to Dr. Campbell.
Everything's perfect.
Oh, no, Arthur, I'll get that.
Uh, you are sure?
Yes, I think we can
handle things from here.
You heard the woman.
Uh, then I will wish
you both a good evening.
Good evening.
That's gonna take
some getting used to.
What, the butler?
No, yes.
Arthur's great.
It's just this whole
cocoon, it's a bit much.
Well, we agreed it
was the best option.
Everything we need is nearby
and you don't need to
become my, my nursemaid.
I'm not your
nursemaid, I'm your wife.
Huh, it's the first day.
Just give it a chance.
You're right.
As always.
Whoa, I am beat.
Why don't we just
leave all that.
The maid will get
it in the morning.
No, you go on ahead.
I think I'll stay
up and read awhile.
All right, all right.
I can never leave dirty
dishes overnight either.
I'll dry.
- Oh, Mrs. Kendrick,
let me take care of it for you.
No, let me help, please.
- You are sure?
- Yes.
Oh, Mrs. Kendrick,
you are very kind.
You're very kind.
It's so quiet here.
- I like that.
- Yeah?
You like the dinner?
Oh, it was delicious.
- Oh, was it?
- Yes.
Well, that makes me so happy.
Breathe in
and breathe out
Easy inhale
and exhale.
Come in.
Grab a mat.
I'm Holly.
Lilly, everybody
make a space for Lilly.
And core tightly engaged.
Maybe push up into a headstand.
Buy you lunch?
- Okay.
- Okay.
Hey, don't beat yourself up.
That was a level three class.
But all those students were...
Old ladies?
Holly, over here!
Hey, there, Greer.
We missed you in class today.
Had to skip, doctor's orders.
This is Lilly.
Lilly just moved in.
This is Greer Emmons
and this is Paula Marx.
So, hmm?
What do you think?
Her face, of course!
Our own Dr. Campbell.
Her third lift in ten years.
It really is the best one yet.
Oh, thank you, thank you.
It's very nice.
- Feel.
- What?
No scars.
Some new process he's invented.
Dr. Campbell is
a plastic surgeon?
He is an everything surgeon.
And you name it.
Anyway, he says two weeks
and I can be back at yoga.
- Mm.
- And did he
prescribe your painkillers
with an olive or a twist?
You know, Holly,
you might wanna talk
to Dr. Campbell about that
droop in your jaw line.
It makes you look so bitter.
Well, real
beauty is on the inside.
That's why I'm considering
vaginal rejuvenation.
I didn't know.
- Yes.
- Oh, that's fantastic.
This roasts low and
slow for a couple hours
which is time enough for a game.
Where did you learn this game?
My village.
You see, the old women
they were superstitious
with the dice.
They called them bone-sticks
and they believed
they had the power to
predict the future.
They would even hide a domino
in the home of a friend
or an enemy to bring that
person good or ill fortune.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm, yes.
It became hard to find a full
set to play a game.
Two is for friendship.
A double two means new friends.
Close friends.
Do you have someone special?
My sister and my mother.
It must be hard
to be so far apart.
What I will do,
it gives them a chance
at a better life.
To sacrifice for those
we love is
a tremendous gift.
I mean, you yourself,
Mrs. Kendrick,
you do not seem so
happy living here.
But you choose to do
it for Mr. Kendrick.
The one is for travel...
Oh, you two are playin' again.
Ah, Mr. Kendrick!
Mrs. Kendrick has once
again beat me soundly.
How was your appointment?
Well, the good doctor has said
I am well enough to take you
out to the dining room tonight.
But we already started dinner.
Will you excuse us?
Of course, sir.
You said you would make
an effort to socialize.
Is it such a bad
thing that I prefer
the company of my husband?
This woman wanted to make
$100,000 donation,
and in return,
she wanted to adopt a cat.
Must've been some cat.
Yeah, her demand was
that she be allowed
to have all shelter cats
tested to find a match
for her cat which was
dying of kidney disease.
She was basically
shopping for cat kidneys.
So the SPCA board,
including Ivar, had to vote
on whether to let this woman
use their cats for spare parts.
Most of those cats end up
euthanized anyway, right?
How did you vote?
Well, it's not
like it was a dog.
That's terrible.
Stop motherin' me.
Well, if you stopped
acting like a child.
Well, I just
had a couple of drinks.
You had more than
a couple of drinks.
Arthur, please!
Arthur, please!
Richard suffered a
severe myocardial infarction
which required an
emergency bypass.
It's still early but
all the indicators
are positive for
a swift recovery.
Can I see him?
He won't wake until tomorrow.
You should go home,
get some sleep.
You'll need your strength
for the recovery ahead.
Thank you.
Any discomfort or itching
from the healing incisions?
Problems sleeping
or loss of appetite?
Taking your medicine every
day, having some mild exercise?
Yes, I feel great!
I guess my work here is done.
So, that's it?
Six weeks since the surgery.
Now he's just wasting my time.
Aw, you know you'll miss me.
I'll see you out.
Was there something else?
Have you heard
anything about Arthur?
Where he might have gone?
When he might be back?
Look, you have your hands
full with your husband.
He needs more activity.
You make it too easy for
him to sit around all day.
You both should
get out of this house.
Thank you.
You heard the woman.
We need to get out of the house.
Richard, you look just great.
Doesn't he look great?
- Yes.
- Honestly,
I haven't felt
this good in ages.
Since well before
the heart attack.
And Dr. Campbell said
that the blockage
that he repaired
might well have been
what caused my stroke last time.
You know, Dr. Campbell
told me that there was a,
a moment when I was
on the table that
tested everything that
he knew about medicine.
He opened me up only to discover
that my heart wasn't there.
It turns out, it was
just exceptionally small.
Like this.
That looks like the
medication that Richard is on.
It's the, um, geriatric
supplement Dr. Campbell created.
It has antioxidants in it.
Does it work?
The proof is in the pudding.
- Honey,
do you want a, uh, coffee?
Decaf, dessert?
A decaf, please.
Oh, I'll have a decaf, too.
Um, any takers for
the ladies room?
Come on.
There goes my basset hound.
Hey, boy, you are
really fuckin' it up.
This is completely unacceptable!
What were you thinking?
You know the rules!
You can't just.
Oh, stop that!
Would you stop!
What's the matter with you?
Oh, for God's sakes,
get out of here.
Just get out of here.
I understand what you're saying,
but if, if it's more
than a little cough
then you have some
common sense, man.
You weren't there,
I'm telling you.
Patsy was abusive.
I thought you might like a fire.
That was very thoughtful of you.
Could I get you anything?
A nightcap, perhaps?
No, no, uh, thank you.
We're, we're done for the night.
Very well, good night then.
You're still not warming
to the, the new guy.
It's just weird.
I mean, we come back
from the hospital
and then it's, here's
your new butler.
Do you think we
got Arthur fired?
How could we have done that?
Maybe because he didn't answer
when I called the
night of your attack?
No, you're, you're
over thinkin' this thing.
Maybe he just didn't like us.
Hey, not like me, maybe.
But not like you?
That's impossible.
Let's go to bed.
Right on time for your three
month checkup, Mr. Kendrick.
You've been well
since the surgery?
Oh, I can't complain.
Right this way, Mr. Kendrick.
- Be right back.
- Okay.
And how are you
doing, Mrs. Kendrick?
Oh, I am so sorry,
Mrs. Kendrick.
- No, it's fine, really.
- I didn't, I didn't mean to...
I, I'm fine.
It was tough for awhile,
but these past few weeks
things have been much better.
It's just.
Look, I understand.
Really, I.
Where are you from, Mia?
You seem so familiar.
Um, nowhere special.
You wouldn't by
any chance, I mean,
I'm trying to find an
Amaranth employee who left.
He was really special...
- Mr. Kendrick,
how did it go?
Well, it turns out
that I have the heart
of a lovesick 15 year old.
We're done, would you
- Oh,
- take her?
- Thank you.
Lilly, what are you doing here?
I thought you said
you didn't ride?
I don't.
But I'm supposed to
be meeting Richard,
and he's been
riding all morning.
Richard's riding?
Is that safe?
I don't know.
What a difference
a few months make.
Tell me about it.
I can't keep up with him.
Oh, hey, I'm meeting a
few of the girls for lunch.
You wanna join us?
I'm sorry, I, I can't.
I have plans.
And it's not just the sex,
although that's
a big part of it.
He's reckless in a way
I haven't seen in years
and frankly I'm worried.
Hmm, I see.
Well, it's possible
these changes
in Richard's behavior could be
a side effect of
his medications.
To achieve the, uh,
the perfect dosage
can sometimes take
some tweaking.
Uh, I'll take a
look at his chart.
But this appointment is
supposed to be about you, Lilly.
I've been, uh,
reviewing your blood panel
and I have some thoughts.
Is something wrong?
No, no, no, no, you're fine.
But we try to do
better than just fine.
So you think this might be
caused by Richard's medication?
Because I was wondering,
those yellow pills?
Ah, yes.
The Formula.
Well, I'm, uh, I'm
happy to take credit
for their miraculous properties.
They're simply a
supplement tailored
to the needs of the
Amaranth population.
There's Veratrol, Metformin,
that sort of thing.
I wonder, would
you be interested
in seeing our research lab?
I don't generally bring
residents down here.
It's rare that anyone's
actually interested
in the, uh, tedious grunt work
behind our breakthroughs
in geriatric medicine.
Yeah, most
of the breakthroughs, uh,
including our Amaranth formula,
are in fact plant based.
We maintain our own,
uh, compound pharmacy
for quality control.
And take a look at this.
Well, what pretty flowers.
The source of the
pyridine in our own strain
of nicotinamide adenine
dinucleotide, NAD,
proving remarkably successful
at reversing
mitochondrial decay.
Old age kills a hundred
thousand people a day.
It's no different than,
uh, small pox or polio.
Just another disease
that needs another cure.
I never thought of it that way.
But isn't belladonna poisonous?
Oh, as is chemotherapy,
or any drug used in
excess for that matter.
We could use synthetic means
to procure the chemical,
but I believe the more
natural the better.
Of course, uh, the
alternative method used
in previous centuries
involved boiling animal bones.
What's he doing?
Bud grafting.
Surgically attaching the bud eye
of a fragile plant onto
that of a sturdier stock.
Your commitment to hiring
refuges is admirable.
Working with the devastated
communities in the camps
is a unique opportunity to
push my surgical boundaries.
Amaranth's population presents
the world's greatest
medical challenge.
How to not just extend
the human lifespan,
but the quality of that life.
Oh, and there you
have yams and soy,
a natural source of estrogen,
which, uh, reminds me.
Why don't you, uh, take
this over to the dispensary?
It's a prescription for
a bioidentical hormone.
Many of the ladies
here swear by it.
It's, uh, a little
boost to your libido.
It might, uh, help
you and Richard
meet somewhere in the middle.
I was in a camp when
I met Dr. Campbell.
That's how I got here.
You must've been terrified.
No, um, they have a
saying where I come from.
They say.
It means, sunken
fish move sideways.
No, whatever's happened happened
and you just keep moving.
What about you?
Where's your family?
My mother passed away years ago
and I lost track of my father.
It's just me and Richard.
So, you have no children?
Richard's boys were
grown when we met.
Our romance seemed like
it would be enough.
I have a daughter.
She's, she's
the light of my world.
Is she with her father?
No, no, no, she's,
she's with friends.
But someday soon I
will send for her.
You've been
seeing a lot of that Mia.
I like her, she's nice.
Well, there are
plenty of nice people here.
I know.
Holly and the Rosenthals.
But you have to
admit there's a lot
of conspicuous consumption,
not to mention desperation.
Well, you have a chance
to redeem yourself.
We've been invited
to a party tonight
at the Clancys'.
Bill and Nan.
This is quite a party.
Yes, yes, it is.
Richard, Lilly, come over here.
We made it.
Lilly, I didn't know you ran
with the tennis crowd.
I don't.
That is, Richard and I are
just here for the party.
I don't play tennis.
Neither does most
of the tennis crowd.
Unless you count the
mixed doubles.
So, where is Richard?
Oh, he's, he's right over.
I'd keep a close
eye on him if I were you.
They say Nan Clancy put
the whore in hormone therapy.
What are you doing?
What does it look
like I'm doing?
Lilly, I didn't know
it was that kinda party.
It's not about that.
It's this place, it's, it's you.
You're right, look, I,
I know this is no excuse
but these, these changes in me,
sometimes I hardly
recognize myself.
Where does that leave me?
Is this what the rest
of my life looks like?
Maybe things would be
different if we'd had.
We'd had what?
If we what?
It doesn't matter.
Lilly, I'm, I'm beggin' you.
You're my world.
You're joking, right?
A key party.
- Mm.
What did you do?
I got the hell out of there
and you two could've warned me.
I had no idea.
Well, I've heard rumors.
Did you get some?
Don't you think about it.
Where's Lilly, anyway?
Oh, she's had a bit
of a stomach problem.
Maybe it's a touch of the flu.
Well, we miss her.
I, I just don't know.
Dr. Campbell
knows what he's doing.
Besides, if you
keep Richard happy
then he won't be so
angry when he finds out
you've reconciled
with your father.
He was furious when
I married Richard.
He calls him The Fascist.
I believe I mentioned thinking
about my father lately
but I never said anything
about reconciliation.
Oh, well, you must.
Family's everything, Lilly.
You know, if I didn't
have my daughter,
my life would've
been meaningless.
Well, I wouldn't know.
Oh, no, no, I
mean, I, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean that.
- It's okay.
I know what you meant.
It's this place.
It's just awful, empty.
You're talking as
if it's too late.
Like your choices
are behind you.
Lilly, you are still young.
You can have whatever
life you want.
You just need to choose.
Can I help you?
Is this Sunshine Manor?
It is.
I'm looking for someone.
John Woodhouse?
Yes, John is here.
Can, can I see him?
Sure, he's just
around the corner in room 146.
Okay, thank you.
Who's there?
Well, did she, did she say
she was going anywhere or did.
Hold on, I think she's here.
Where have you been?
I've been worried sick!
I went to see my father.
Your father?
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
I'm sorry I got upset.
You guys have got to
try the pu-pu platter.
Fabulous, just fabulous.
There you go.
- Thank you.
- Oh, you're not eating
- I'm feeling off.
She's internalizing
missing you know who.
It is so easy
for us to get
attached to the staff.
I cried for one month when we
lost our favorite masseuse.
- What?
- A man is called
a masseur, not a masseuse.
He had hands like a god.
It happens.
We're on our third
butler, do you know that?
You're all so kind.
We really, really appreciate...
- Oh!
- Oh, oh, honey!
I'm right here, honey.
It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be wonderful.
What happened?
Your appendix.
Uh, the surgery went well.
I expect a swift recovery.
But there was, however, um,
one unusual complication.
Brace yourself, hon.
Lilly, you're pregnant.
You're joking.
Apparently he isn't.
Have you been taking
the hormones I prescribed?
I know that this is
quite a shock, Lilly,
but it isn't unprecedented.
Women older than
yourself have conceived
under similar circumstances.
Oh, believe me Doctor,
this is wonderful news.
Isn't it, honey?
Well, this is an
extremely high-risk pregnancy.
Lilly will need to
be monitored closely,
and I would like
to keep you here
for a couple more days to ensure
no complications result
from the appendectomy.
- Of course.
- Okay.
And it's important
to immediately begin
a regimen of
prenatal supplements.
- But those are...
- Those are chock full
of precisely what you need.
It's been two weeks
since we've seen her at yoga.
The poor thing needs
time to recuperate.
Did I forget to mention?
I stopped by their place.
Just to check in.
That was so good of you.
- So?
- Hmm?
How is Lilly?
Well, all I can say is
having an appendectomy
agrees with her.
Oh, yes, she was
positively glowing.
Well, that doesn't surprise me.
Are those all schnauzers?
What can I say?
Every dog we've had.
Ivar loves them.
No, thank you.
Will there be
anything else, Mr. Kendrick?
No, that'll do it.
Thank you.
I could ask them to give
us a different butler?
He's fine.
Well, you've got
something on your mind.
Come on, out with it.
You promise you won't be mad?
I won't be mad.
Well, with this baby,
lately I've been
thinking about my father.
I thought maybe he deserved
to know he has a
grandchild coming.
I understand the impulse,
but we both know how
he feels about me.
So I say let's just
let sleeping dogs lie.
You look, you look
like your mother.
How are they treating you here?
How are you feeling?
You know there are other places?
Nicer ones.
I could have you
moved to The Amaranth,
where Richard and I are staying.
Why would I do that?
Throwin' money away.
I have something to tell you.
Oh, that old Richard
wouldn't agree with me.
People like him wasting
the world's resources.
Pointless vanity.
It's disgusting.
- Hi, there.
- So.
Me and John are friends.
Ain't that right, John?
I heard you say
that you've livin'
over there at The Amaranth.
Yes, my husband and I
moved there a few months ago.
I knew a woman who lived there.
I, I wonder if
she's still around.
Name was Patsy.
Patsy Howard.
Oh, I know Patsy.
You tell her hi from me.
- From Shirley.
- Well, from her daughter.
Oh, she's your daughter?
No, silly.
I'm her daughter.
That's impossible.
Sure it is.
Sure it is.
Thank you.
Okay, let's see
what, uh, twelve weeks
looks like here on the monitor.
I'm surprised Richard
isn't here for this.
I didn't tell him.
If it's not good news,
I didn't wanna see
the look on his face.
Well, I think he will be sorry
he missed it.
- You mean?
- I mean it looks like
you have successfully completed
your first trimester, Lilly.
So, should we tell people?
Yes, but I would keep
it close to the vest.
Um, this pregnancy will come
as a shock to most people,
and you don't wanna
open yourselves up
to unnecessary scrutiny.
Have you been taking
the supplements?
Yes, but a bottle
seems to be missing.
I, I'm sure I misplaced
it somewhere in the house.
You misplaced it
somewhere in the house.
Well, just stop at the, uh,
front desk on your way
out and let Dora know.
Have you heard
anything from Mia?
I'll let you
know if I hear from her.
I just left the doctor's office
and everything's looking good.
Oh, honey, that's wonderful.
What's wrong?
You're scaring me.
Come sit down.
I have some terrible news.
Your father's nursing home
called when you were out.
He passed away this morning.
This morning?
They said he went
peacefully in his sleep.
I am sorry I kept the
two of you apart so long.
I never even told him.
There's a
little paperwork to go over.
And we've left his personal
effects in his room
in case there's
anything you might want
before we call the
donation center.
What about his body?
I thought you knew.
John stipulated that his
body be donated to science.
The university picked
him up about an hour ago.
I'm so sorry.
You doin' okay?
I don't know.
You have a resident
here named Shirley.
I, uh, I thought
I'd check up on her.
She was friends with my father.
Did she tell you that?
As I recall, your father
thought she was a pain.
But either way,
she's not here.
- Where is she?
- The hospital.
She got a hold of someone
else's medication.
Hmm, come to think of it,
she claimed she got
it from your dad.
I knew John's medications
and he wasn't taking
any immunosuppressants.
Any what?
They're for people with
MS or organ transplants.
They suppress the immune system.
Well, Sunshine
Manner would never
take on immuno-compromised
The slightest infection, mm.
Lord knows where
Shirley found 'em.
Craziest thing.
Her name is Patsy, Patsy Howard.
No, silly, I'm her daughter.
How old do you
think that people here are?
I don't know.
About my age I suppose.
Where is this coming from?
I don't know.
I guess I've been
thinking about it
since we left Dad's home.
I mean the people there
they seemed so old.
But if you think about it,
they're the same
age as our neighbors
who are out playing
golf every day.
Well, there's the
obvious difference
in their level of care.
How old would you say
someone like Patsy Howard is?
Oof, I don't know, uh,
she's had a lotta work.
I saw her birth
date on her file.
- How did you...
- It doesn't matter how.
The fact is that I saw
it and it makes no sense.
I'm sorry that your, your dad
ended up in that
miserable place.
But the fact is a lotta people
end their days in
a place like that.
And we are blessed.
It's just a file.
That you, my love, had
no business snooping in.
I am putting you
on total bed rest
- That's...
- It's great.
Whatever we need to do.
A minor placental
abruption isn't unexpected
given your age, but we still
need to take it seriously.
Have you been under
any unusual strain?
- Uh, uh...
- She just lost her father.
My condolences.
But you need to take
care of yourself now.
Honestly, I'm fine.
Don't you think maybe
all of this is overkill?
No, that is to make sure
you get all the nutrients,
all the medications you
need to avoid early labor.
Okay, you win.
How about I stay home?
I'll listen to the
game in the office
so that I can shout
at the refs all I want
without bothering you.
And then I'll, uh,
I'll come hang out
with you between periods.
help from Kopitar, now Williams.
Down to the blue line,
shot from there by McVeigh
gets blocked in front
by the Predators.
A long lead pass
comes all the way down
towards the Redden.
He sweeps it along
the right wing boards.
It's taken by the Kings.
Back into the crease in front.
It comes over to
the left side now.
And they still
can't clear it out.
He got it there
and then it comes bouncing out.
Oh, did you do something
different with your hair, Alice?
It is beautiful.
They're Hermes.
Well, if you don't wanna
say anything, I will.
Let's not just talk about...
Is there a problem?
Yeah, ah, it, it is
come to my attention
by a number of the residents
that this baby violates
the CC and R's of The
Amaranth community.
The bylaws state
very clearly that 55
is the minimum
age for residents,
so while we all applaud
this impending baby,
it is a, you know, complication.
A complication?
Yeah, I just, you know,
highly irregular.
These are issues that
need to be discussed.
I mean, what's
to prevent other couples
from having children?
What about adoption?
You let one in, and pretty soon
you're overrun with orphans
from Zimbabwe for Christ sake.
- Okay, all right,
let's just...
- We're here to celebrate
a miracle, and, and
you're bickering
like a pack of litigators.
- The noise.
And the germs.
If you cannot keep
your big yap shut,
and just be happy for
them, I suggest you leave.
Okay, so how does it feel?
I, I never believed,
I mean I never even dreamed
that this could happen to me.
So, no regrets despite
the, the physical discomfort
and all the complications
it's gonna add to your life?
'Cause Ivar and I have
been talking about it.
Talking about what?
I'm not that much
older than you, Lilly,
and, and Ivar is
younger than Richard.
I'm sorry.
I just, I mean you
caught me by surprise.
I, I had no idea
that you were...
So, what are you lookin' at?
Adoption, surrogacy?
Oh my God, you're serious.
Holly implied that there
was something unusual about
the conception of our baby.
Well, it, it was
a bit of a shock.
Even to us.
But I can see her being
maybe a little jealous.
I suppose.
Well, she'll get over it.
What's that?
I'm flyin' down to Houston
to meet with the
board of directors.
I'll be back tonight.
Late, so don't wait up.
- What are you talking about?
I'm takin' my company back.
Those boys of mine are
runnin' it into the ground.
W, When were you
planning on telling me?
Do you have any idea
how much this place costs?
Somebody's gotta
protect our assets.
We'll be moving out of
this place soon enough.
Oh, you mean the the
women at the shower?
They cannot make us leave.
Of course we're gonna
leave after the baby's born.
We can't raise a child here.
Why not?
A child needs a
neighborhood with schools
and families and friends.
Honey, we have plenty of time.
We will discuss this
when I get back.
Hello, Lilly?
Oh, Andrew.
Your father's not home.
I don't expect him until late.
I know.
Look, I don't wanna get in
the middle of whatever it is...
You had nothing to do
with Dad screwing me out of
the company and my inheritance.
Your what?
I, I, I don't know what
you're talking about.
Yeah, and changing his will
so that your little
science project
can be his new heir, huh?
Excellent job keeping
that a secret.
Well, we wanted to be
sure before we told anyone.
Well, Dad was pretty sure of it
last March when he
changed his will.
But why?
I wasn't pregnant until April.
Come on, don't pretend
you weren't planning
this from the beginning.
To sacrifice for those we love
is a tremendous gift.
- Knocked up by Dad.
- This is wonderful news.
Isn't it, honey?
You must've been confident.
You and Dad really are
a match made in heaven.
You just need to choose.
Mrs. Kendrick, remember
what Dr. Campbell said.
Please don't
tell Mr. Kendrick.
He'd be so upset with me.
Maybe a bath would
help me relax.
But not too hot.
Of course.
What are you doing?
Open the door!
Open the door!
Okay, let them in.
I need to know.
All right.
We'll go in.
- Richard.
- Doctor.
What is this place?
You see Lilly, the problem
with traditional medicine
is you can place a young
organ in an old body,
but without support from
the other systems well,
it's a stopgap measure at best.
But if you add transplantation
from endocrine systems
and heterochronic parabiosis,
if you get down to
a cellular level,
you can extend life,
healthy life, indefinitely.
Does everybody know about this?
Everybody except me?
No, although every member,
when faced with
saving their own life
or the life of their partner.
Richard's heart surgery.
Last year Arthur's
mother and sister
were among a group of women
who were kidnapped
from his village.
Arthur knew about our work
here and he came to me.
We negotiated a price.
Your husband paid that price.
The yellow pills.
An immunosuppressant.
We still have to
prevent organ rejection
the old-fashioned way, but
we are making progress.
I found that transplants
from a living host
reduce the need for maintenance
medication enormously.
You're stealing organs.
This man willingly volunteered
and he was richly compensated.
Come with me.
The child you carry
is your own, Lilly.
With that hormone boost I was
able to harvest a single egg
and fertilize it
with Richard's sperm,
but for an embryo to thrive in
a womb of such advanced age,
um, well you should know,
in case it does ever
give you trouble,
you still have your appendix.
This is monstrous.
I'll give you two a moment.
I wanted to make you happy.
I wanted to give you the same
second chance I'd been given.
It was a simple surgery.
But there were complications.
How could you?
Mia knew the risks.
She chose this.
No, no.
No, no, no.
Who's ready for an adventure?
This is where Daddy lives.
This must be little Mia.
We'll be right back.
Follow me.
Even with the bone
marrow transplant,
the best her doctors
could offer was a year.
Of course
there's no way of knowing
whether this unfortunate outcome
is a result of our process.
Can you help?
I believe so.
But this kind of
procedure would be
something new and unorthodox.
And Mia would need to live here,
at least for the
foreseeable future.
Given Lilly's objections
to our methodologies
in the past, well.
That won't be a problem.