The Amazing Adventures of the Living Corpse (2012) Movie Script

( thunder crashing )
( radio chatter)
(growling )
(all growling)
Taylor, honey?
I want you to keep close
to your sister.
Taylor, I wanna see.
Stay away
from the windows.
Girl: Mom, Taylor's
hogging the window.
Mom: I said stay away
from the windows.
( screams )
Come on, kids.
Get down to the basement.
The basement now!
(growling )
Get out of my house!
( growling continues )
(grunting )
Leave us alone!
( screams )
Sam, we've gotta go.
Go, go, go!
Sam: Mommy?
Is that you?
Leave her alone!
Just-- just leave us alone.
( Taylor thuds )
Taylor: Sam.
( Sam screams )
( groans )
Somebody help me!
Somebody, please!
Dad, help me!
Daddy, please don't
let them eat me.
You've got to remember
who you are.
Please, Dad.
It's me.
It's Taylor.
How can you not know?
( growls )
Get away from my son!
( sirens approaching )
( police radio chatter)
(machine gunfire)
is happening to me?
A conscience.
l have not seen one
with a conscience
in quite some time.
But you, my friend--
you have eyes that see.
How am | alive?
You're not.
But you are not
Certainly not like them.
Then what are you?
Other than no help to me?
I am in the shadows
and behind the light.
I am Asteroth,
Guide of the Wretched
and Prince of the Underdark.
Is this hell?
For some
I suppose that it could be.
mindless, flesh-eating half-wits.
You will find them all here.
Lord of Answers,
Worthless Murk,
your eternal servant,
grants you
welcome to the Wretched.
Murk, we have
a new arrival.
Yes, yes, goody-goody.
A new arrival
for the Wretched.
( chuckles )
You're gonna like it here.
Asteroth: Follow my
disgusting friend here.
He may lead you
to your answers.
Wait, Asteroth!
You must be Taylor.
My name is Bruce.
You can call me Bruce
or anything else you'd like.
I don't mind.
Man #2: Ahem.
I am Mr. Timmons.
You are expected to follow
our rules and guidelines,
a copy of which
will be in your room.
The first rule
is that you read them.
Breakfast is
at 8:00 AM. sharp.
Do not feed the rats.
Good evening
and welcome
to East Bend
Boarding School.
Don't let him
ruffle your feathers.
You're gonna do
just fine here, Taylor.
What happened to this one?
A prison train derailed
and then I guess the convicts
killed his family
and disappeared.
( imitates ghost)
Oh, yeah.
He was the only survivor.
What really happened?
I am the weakest
of souls, my friend.
| wish I could tell you
the answers you seek
but I am merely
a mass of tissue
hobbled together
from eons of rot.
But here--
here is where you will wait.
And here is where
the purpose, your purpose,
will become clear.
Well, I hope.
This can't be possible.
I died long ago.
Maybe I didn't die.
Am I even dead?
Is this a hospital somewhere?
Are these other patients?
Is this a coma?
Am I even dead?!
God damn it.
Wake up!
Woman: John?
John, please help me.
Help me, John.
Please, help me!
Help me!
( shouting )
(woman crying, screaming )
Watching this
actually bothers you.
Where is this place?
Somewhere in the world
where the living
are with the dead.
Won't anyone do anything?
Do what?
(woman continues
crying, screaming )
I said run!
( thunder crashing )
( rain pattering )
( pencil snaps )
That tunnel...
can it take me anywhere
I want to go?
Not that tunnel, no.
But there are an infinite
number of tunnels
here in the Wretched.
And you, friend--
you have
an infinite amount of time.
what's happening?
Why do | feel like this?
You're famished.
You need to feed.
I need to find my son.
You have such
a strange fascination
with the living.
Where's the tunnel
to my son?
It doesn't work like that.
The Keeper of Fact.
That's who
he should seek, Asteroth.
Marna Muerta,
the Keeper of Fact.
He is new to this place, Murk.
There are things
he should learn on his own.
Who is this...
( groans )
She might know.
If anyone might,
it would be her.
Just get him something to eat,
you little fool.
Yes, master.
You are correct.
Come with me.
Come on,
come with me.
(whispers )
That cemetery?
Do you know
what happens there?
That's where they come from.
The dark things.
(girl giggles)
Your assignment is to read
any of the aforementioned journals
by next week, Tuesday.
I expect a six-page,
12-point Helvetica summary
from each of you.
He doesn't show
any signs, does he?
Nothing visible.
We should check his pulse,
get his blood type.
Do you know
your blood type?
He doesn't know
his blood type.
Yes, I heard him.
It could be in his file
along with why he's here.
My guess is vampire
or possibly mummy.
That's a good guess.
Taylor, do you have a file?
( scoffs )
I don't know.
That's a yes.
The Spectral
Protection Society
will find you
when it needs you.
What's the Spectra!
Protection Society?
( together)
Those who stay in shadow
must someday come to light.
This is where we'll wait.
This is where we'll fight.
This is where we'll win.
What are you drawing,
dork breath?
What are you drawing,
( chuckles )
give me back my book.
Can't anybody draw a car or a plane
like a normal kid?
Here, I'll help.
( spits )
Now it's a masterpiece.
( laughs )
All right, numbskulls,
let's go jack
a 4th grader's lunch money.
Man over intercom:
I'm going to get dinner.
Do you want some pizza?
do you want some pizza?
I'm all right,
thank you.
I'll just have
a slice of yours.
Okay, but you still owe me
five bucks from last time.
How long was the subject
Not long enough.
I've got to stop
wasting time
with rats and bunnies.
I know, Brainchild.
We're looking for him.
And we're watching the house.
If he shows up,
we'll spot him.
You just have to be patient.
Never tell me
my business, Markys.
There's no way
he could've survived for this long.
We're probably chasing
a ghost by now.
I need the son here
to do more tests,
find out what's unique
about his genetic code.
Yes, Doctor.
I'll start making the arrangements
first thing in the morning.
Get started now.
- ( water bubbling )
- ( Rorque laughing )
( Rorque imitating gurgling )
Whoa, you're totally
getting swirlied right now.
-( laughing )
- Come on, you guys.
Let's leave this turd
in the toilet.
Bruce: Looks like you
could use a towel, huh?
Did you see
who it was this time?
Oh, good.
You're home.
I don't have
a home anymore.
( sniffs )
What is this?
I brought you some food.
This is-- it's delicious.
Where did it come from?
Murk knows some...
people? Heh.
My wife.
My daughter.
I killed them there.
I didn't do a damn thing
to stop it.
They were meat on a plate.
Are they below...
or are they like me?
If you killed them,
they are dead
in the truest sense.
Your curse
appears to be yours alone.
The woman?
What did you call her?
The Keeper of Facts?
Marna Muerta.
She's the one
that might know.
She can
point you
in the right direction.
What a day.
(wind blowing )
he's come back.
Girl's voice:
No, I don't want to go.
I want to stay here.
What about my friends?
I got stuff here.
Well, can I at least
say good-bye to Joe and Vinnie?
Timmons: Everyone,
Mika will be leaving us tonight.
Mika: You guys don't even
give a damn about us here.
I'm sure she has made
many friends among you.
No, l wan to stay here.
And I'm sure she will miss
each of you equally.
You can keep your school.
She is going
to a better place.
We should all be so lucky.
And that new kid?
Yeah, he's gonna be
totally screwed without me!
He's going to find outjust how much
this place really sucks!
Storage room.
Taylor, what are you
doing here?
Come on,
we're all tired.
| -- l'm-- I'm sorry,
Go back to your room.
There's a package for you
on your bed.
ln here.
This is where Marna Muerta is.
When all is lost, she's the one
that can point you
in the right direction.
Why must you do this?
It's for my son.
And do you expect him
to still consider you
his father?
Think about that
while he's running in terror
from the skeletal fiend
that killed his mother
and his sister.
Oh, and do watch out
for the Crypt Eaters.
It can get a bit
complicated in there.
Marna Muerta.
Marna Muerta!
Marna Muerta!
Marna Muerta!
Are you Marna Muerta?
l was told
you could answer
my questions.
I need to find my son.
He's somewhere
in the world above.
Is this a joke?
Is this a joke?!
Where do I look?
Where do I look?!
Where do I look?!
Murk's voice:
She's the one that can point you
in the right direction.
( alarm blaring )
( TV chatter)
( door opens, closes )
Taylor: Hello?
Have a seat.
Wh-- why are you
meeting in a closet?
We'll ask the questions.
And it's a storage room,
not a closet.
It's okay, Joe.
He's on our side.
Tell us, Taylor,
what happened
to your parents?
( sighs )
What do you mean?
Don't play dumb.
Why do you think
you're at East Bend?
I had nowhere else to go.
I don't have
any other family.
It wouldn't really matter
if you did.
You'd still end up right here.
It's where they put us.
You know.
Kids with histories.
Mika used to live
right in town.
She said her mom
got really sick
and went to the hospital
one night
and didn't come home.
Next day, her dad brought
a strange man to the house.
A scientist.
He said he was gonna make
everything better.
A couple hours later,
her mom was back.
And that's when
she started killing.
Yeah, yeah.
There were a bunch of times
that Mika said her mom
was, like, calling to her,
you know?
Like, inside her brain.
She said that...
she was supposed to go
to the cemetery, you know?
That's why they
took her away.
Taylor: So that's what
you guys are going to do?
You want to go to the cemetery
and look for her?
Not to look for her.
To kill her.
So, I'll ask you again, Taylor.
What happened
to your parents?
Well, my dad...
- ( footsteps approaching )
- um...
Joe: Shh.
We can't stay here.
We'll come by to get you
around midnight.
If you're in, you're in.
But if you're out...
don't come looking for us
when all hell breaks loose.
( creatures growling )
( hissing )
Not now.
( roars )
( screeches )
( neck snaps )
( squealing )
( screeching )
( growls )
( keys clacking )
( crickets chirping )
Vinnie? Joe?
I think I'm gonna stay in.
So why don't you guys
just go without me?
Let me go.
Let me go!
What are you,
some sort of science geek?
I'm gonna see what he's got.
What a dump.
Credit, this place smells
worse than your room.
( shatters, clatters )
( thuds )
( shatters )
Just as I thought.
Nothing good except for these.
You got any more
of those, man?
l'm hurtin' real bad.
I took 'em all.
Can we have some?
Uh, no.
Dude, that is not fair, man.
Life's not fair.
(whines, groans )
Oh, man.
Oh, my gumballs.
I'm going down.
Get that scrawny weasel!
(groaning )
Oh, it hurts so...
Asteroth !
( roars )
( hissing )
Find him!
Have you seen this?
I'm looking
for Sweeney Cemetery.
Have you ever seen
Sweeney Cemetery?
Sweeney Cemetery?
Have you-- have you seen
Sweeney Cemetery?
( growls )
Look at this.
Look hard.
Have you seen it?
Over here, you!
Have you seen
Sweeney Cemetery?
You, look!
Look at the pages.
Look at this one.
Look at this one, concentrate.
Sweeney Cemetery,
have you seen it?
How do | get here?
How do | get to this place?
How do | get
to this place?
Asteroth! Asteroth!
You don't have to shout.
Sweeney Cemetery,
where is it?
Going back up there
right now
will only make things worse
for you and your son.
Damn it, Asteroth.
Where is the cemetery?
That hallway.
The 13th left.
Then the third right.
Then the 24th tunnel
past the cauldron.
Credit, stop whining
and get over here.
| get him first, man.
| get him first.
Where the hell is he?
- ( snaps )
- Sparks: Over there.
I totally heard something.
Dude, maybe he's hiding
( hissing )
I warned you.
Come out, Taylor!
( Rorque laughs )
You little punching bag.
You've got nowhere to run.
( laughs )
( groans )
I'll wait all night long for you,
you little punk.
The longer you hide,
the more you'll pay.
19, 20,
22, 23,
There's no way that little bug
could've gotten out of here, man.
Dude, this guy
is totally, like,
hidden in the shadows.
Ninja style.
( imitates ninja )
I got him!
Who's the ninja now,
ninja boy?
( imitating ninja)
Ugh, I hate nerds.
Sparks: So, what do we do
with him now?
( laughs )
Why don't we take him down
to the river and see if he floats?
( laughs )
Shut up, you idiots.
Did you guys feel something?
Dude, check that out, man.
There's some dirt
over there that's, like...
- dude, what is that?
- Uh, uh, uh...
weird, weird, weird.
All right, now that is
some seriously weird-looking...
(yelling )
( yells )
Oh, my God!
What is that?
Where's Taylor?
(whimpering )
Rorque took
his candy bars, man.
Where's Taylor?
| -- I don't know.
(woman singing )
( gasps )
Who's there?
Come to me.
l'm-- I'm not Mika.
I can help you.
Stop it!
Stop it, I'm not Mika.
I'm not Mika!
I can make
it all
Oh, thank you.
Thank you.
( sighs )
You smell like pizza.
Bruce: Taylor!
Are you out there?
Rorque? Credit?
Boys, where are you?
It's me, Mr. Timmons!
No one's gonna
get in trouble!
(woman singing )
Lady, you gotta
get out of here.
There's something
in the cemetery and I think...
- Come to me.
- No!
I can help you!
( giggles )
No frickin' way!
I can make
it all
I'm over here!
My son
is safe.
you are an impossible
little boy.
Until further notice,
you have
a 5:00 PM. curfew.
- No games, no books, no so--
- ( chains rattle )
What-- Bruce,
what is that noise?
I don't know.
( screams )
This was a gift!
( hissing )
( growls )
Taylor, stay behind me.
( hissing )
We've got to go, Taylor.
I knew it was you.
Come on, we--
we've gotta go.
Go! Now!
( growls )
Dredge, get ready
to open the door!
Open it now!
They're coming!
Open the door now!
Open it, you coward!
( muttering )
Monsters, monsters...
there's actually monsters.
Oh, my God,
there's monsters.
( hissing )
( screeches )
Monsters, how can--
Help me.
Get out of here.
Get out of here.
Stay in your rooms.
Lock the doors.
Don't come out
until I say so!
- Dredge: Children! Children!
- ( screeches )
There-- there
are monsters here!
( laughing )
Fresh meat.
Joe, you idiot,
get out of my way!
My leg.
Better you than me.
Don't go that way.
Yeah, don't go that way, either.
Rorque, I need your help!
So do | !
I'm sorry!
- Come to me!
- No, what are you doing?
No, stop!
( screams )
( crunches )
Please, no!
That was for Mika.
Are you okay?
Yeah, you're gonna
be all right.
You just stay in here
and I'll be back in a little bit.
Stale meat...
is still good meat.
( roars )
( Sparks sobbing )
( blowing )
Not yet.
Yes, East Bend
Boarding School.
Please hurry.
(growling )
No monsters
allowed in the hallway.
You'll have to leave
You have to leave now.
Dredge, no!
Get away from them!
What are you doing?
This is a boarding school
for orphaned children,
not for orphaned monsters.
Your assignment
for next week
is to prepare a 10-page--
no, no, no, no,
make it a 100-page,
12-point Helvetica apology,
in bold,
mind you, in bold,
for trespassing
on our property.
Do you understand?
Do you?
Do you understand,
you stupid,
foul, skunky,
stinky, ugly,
slobbering monster?
( roaring )
( screaming )
You're not going
to hurt these kids.
You're not going to hurt
these kids.
I said, you're not going
to hurt these kids!
(growling )
( together)
Those who stay in shadow
must someday
come to light.
This is where we'll wait.
This is where we'll fight.
This is where we'll win.
( doors close )
( chittering )
( roars )
( gunshots )
( radio chatter)
I miss my...
( electricity crackling )
I know how much
you like them.
The quality of his work
is superb.
( squeaks )
He's got the skull
precisely correct.
All right, Taylor.
Time to go.
Bruce, I don't wanna go
anywhere else.
Bruce: These men
are gonna help you out.
They're gonna make you
a rich, rich man someday.
It's true, Taylor.
We will.
Bruce: You can come visit
whenever you want.
Old man Bruce
will be here for ya.
I'm going back there.
I saw him
with my own eyes.
Not some vision in the mist
or an old book!
He was right there
in front of me!
And what else did you see?
| -- I saw a ghost woman.
these things, these--
these monsters...
has it always been this way?
There is as much fact
in the universe
as there is fiction.
People make things up
because they are
afraid to believe.
And then they
make things up
are afraid not to.
You are here.
I am here.
And those around us
are all here.
And when
we find ourselves
up there,
it is not supposed to be.
Brainchild: Taylor,
this will be your new home.
What do you do?
We're scientists, Taylor.
And we think
you can be one, too.
In time
and with your help,
we will perform miracles
that God himself
will envy.
( electricity pulsing )
( chattering )
( screeching )
Where's Taylor?
Where is he?
He's gone.
They took him.
And we don't know where.
(Murk humming)
J 'Cause the knee bone's
connected to the... J
Oh, sir.
Would you like to, um...
Leave him be, Murk.
Because there is no help
that you can offer
to ease his particular
I'm going to get dinner.
Do you want some pizza?
Thank you.
He's responding
to the process.
I think you've saved his life.
He did the fighting, Markys.
| just gave him the tools.
Markys on intercom:
Markys: Looks like he's
starting to come around.
Dr. Brainchild,
can you hear me?
This is Taylor,
can you hear me?
What happened?
Subject 885
bit through your skull
and corrupted
your frontal lobe.
I put you in stasis
and had to remove your skullcap
to make sure there wasn't any
residual saliva
swimming with your
brain matter.
And this?
Taylor optimized your cortex
with a synthetic array.
I thought that
was only theoretical.
So did I.
If the math works out,
your reflexes, memory,
and reaction time
should be 150%
greater than they were before.
If you feel anything weird,
let me know.
No, it feels fine.
In fact...
let's get back to work.
Asteroth: Hey, dead head.
Wake up.
(Asteroth laughs )
You know, you really
should have stayed
at that last cemetery.
This is...
( laughs )
(groaning )
Oh, come on,
you old bag of bones.
l have some work for you.
All right.
All right.
( groans )
What is it this time?
Bring me back the heart.
No promises.
An undead rhinoceros?
Hmm, yes.
lf infected hemoglobin
were to permeate
the stomach membrane
and travel to reach
the neurological system...
of course!
I knew it was possible.
we know exactly where it is.
Mika and Joe were able to track it
down and attach a beacon.
Our team is on the way.
Where's Mika now?
Taylor: Unfortunately,
she is the beacon.
( crunching )
I know someone
that wants your heart.
Damn it!
I didn't wanna have to
get dirty.
( growls )
( roars )
He's never taken
this long before.
Soldier on radio:
Baltic-nine to control.
Baltic-nine to control.
This is control.
Go for Baltic-nine.
We've got him.
Repeat, we've got him.
Do you want some more coffee?
Hey, Daddy.
- Honey?
- Love you.
Taylor: Dad?
- Dad!
(growling )
( electricity crackling )
( growling continues )
It looks like it's working.
I thought you'd want to know.
These calculations...
I can--
I can see them.
Yeah, they're all on the wall
in front of you.
No, I can.
I can see the numbers
and the results
like a photographic memory.
I'm seeing their results.
- What do you see?
- Brainchild: They work.
| see them working.
But there are a few issues
that need to be resolved.
Such as?
I'm using cadavers
that are dead for too long.
No-- no, the ones we're using
aren't dead
for more than a day.
Even that's too long.
Any serum we can synthesize
needs to be
injected into a fresh cadaver.
An hour or two dead at most.
the body should still be warm.
No-- no. No.
The morgue won't be able
to supply any that quickly.
And I doubt you'll have
any willing volunteers.
Are you all right?
Your connections
might be loose.
You should have Taylor
take a look at it.
I'm fine.
| just--
ljust have been thinking
a little more
about, you know,
our research.
"Our research"?
( scoffs )
It's good to hear you
call it our research
for a change.
( thuds )
( electronic beeping )
You've been a great help.
It's a pleasure
to finally meet you.
(groaning )
What are you doing?
Bringing the dead to life.
Well, actually,
you and I together are.
I've had moderate degrees
of success
over the last 15 years
keeping the viable corpses alive
for a few hours or days.
But now--
now that l have the Rosetta Stone
of the living dead,
the undying corpse
of legend,
you and I together,
we'll achieve immortality.
I don't...
( groans )
I don't understand.
How can you not understand?
It's simple.
10, nine,
eight, seven,
six, five, four,
three, two, one!
Dr. Markys.
You've just survived
longer than
any other test subject,
and you seem to be
getting better instead of worse.
Which, of course,
I knew would happen,
but, I must say,
I'm nevertheless thrilled about it.
My dome is off to you.
( laughs )
You son of a bitch.
You killed Mom and Samantha.
Man on intercom:
Baltic-nine. Go for Baltic-nine.
- Baltic-nine: Yes, sir?
The party's over.
What the hell was that?
Probably nothing.
What the...
( screeching )
( soldier groans )
( screeching )
Eat, my friend, eat.
We miss you in the Wretched.
Worthless Murk misses you.
Robotic voice:
Publish my work.
It's mine.
You won't.
Data transfer.
One, two, three, five.
l'm immortal.
l'm forever.
Brainchild on intercom:
Taylor, we've got a situation.
Meet me in the security room
I can't...
I can't move my legs.
Just keep eating.
Murk will make sure you get
all that you need.
- ( machine gunfire)
- ( squeaking )
Very good, Markys.
If any more soldiers enter,
shoot them, too.
- ( gunfire ricochets )
- What happened?
No, Markys,
he's not a soldier.
What are you doing?
Making my army,
of course.
An army of soldiers.
An army of unstoppable,
unkillable soldiers.
Don't you see?
I've done it.
I've won
and you were right.
We don't need
that thing anymore.
Look at Markys.
Everything is fine.
It's great, in fact.
Where is the corpse?
You mean your father, right?
They were supposed
to kill him.
Where is he?
Oh, I think he's escaping,
most likely.
The regular soldiers
couldn't handle him,
but now I have
my zombie soldiers.
They're going to find him.
They are going to kill him.
It all works out!
( laughing )
you have gone mad.
Kill the living corpse!
I said it's hard.
It's hard.
It's hard to--
to-- to move.
Is-- is there any more?
just a little more.
Then-- then I need--
then I need to find my son.
Worthless Murk
is your friend, right?
Wh -what?
I'm your friend, right?
Yes, Worthless Murk.
You are my...
Then I shall get you food.
No-- no, Murk!
What are you doing?
( slices )
But that does look delicious.
( crunching )
We need to get that fire out.
Let it burn.
We'll get another mansion.
Ah, there he is.
Brainchild on intercom:
The corpse is in the north wing,
second floor!
Find him, kill him,
eat him up!
Taylor! Taylor!
(groaning )
(groaning )
( clicks )
Oh, it hurts.
It hurts!
( groans )
( gasps )
You furry little bastard.
( thuds )
We need
to get out of here now.
Whatever for?
I said we'll get another mansion.
We are going to burn alive.
This room is secured
with a fireproof door.
Burning is not a possibility.
if we're about to die,
I'll just inject us both
and we'll live forever.
Sounds like fun, doesn't it?
- You're not going anywhere...
- ( gunshot )
unless I say so, Taylor.
Haven't I made that
abundantly clear?
I'd be a wreck if anything
happened to you.
( metal grinds )
A family reunion.
How touching.
Taylor, all this time
I've been looking...
trying to find you.
You are not my father!
My father was not a thing!
Don't insult me
by telling me otherwise.
I'm here, Taylor.
I'm here
because of you.
You're here because,
for 15 years,
all I have wanted to do
is break your goddamn neck.
( cracking )
(coughing )
( coughing )
Are you okay?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry
for everything.
Get out of here
before this place
burns to the ground!
Let it cook.
( crashing )
( electricity crackling )
I won't die until you're dead!
I was gonna say
the same thing to you.
( electricity crackling )
You are an anomaly!
A twisted creature
out of time and place.
I take pleasure knowing
that I'm the one
destroying you
for all time.
But from your essence,
I will build an army.
Brigades of soldiers
and creatures
doing my bidding
without so much as asking
for one penny in return.
Decades in the making,
this has been.
- And now, today...
- ( electricity crackling )
I claim all that's mine!
( gunshot)
I can't live with myself
knowing that he's in the world.
But I can't live with myself
knowing that you are, either.
( clicks )
( gunshot)
(wind blowing )
(growling )
( music playing )