The Amendment (2018) Movie Script

Senator Douglass,
do you recognize
and explain the provision
Senate Bill 456?
Senator Douglass?
Sorry. Thank you, Mr. President.
I would like to introduce
the Victims' Rights Act.
Ed Kelly is
on the phone for you.
A little later.
Thank you, I appreciate it.
Hey, Ed.
Brooks, while I've
got you on the line,
I want to ask you a favor.
In the gallery today was a
young reporter from California.
She just started working for
us here at the newspaper.
She came to see me the other day
and pitched a very
interesting idea on how
to tell your story
in a different way.
I was hoping you would give
her a few minutes of your time.
Yeah, absolutely.
Anything I can do
for you, let me know.
Brooks, there's something
I want to share with you.
I was looking through our
archive today and I saw a photo
of you and your dad from
a long, long time ago.
If your dad were alive, I'm
convinced he would be so very,
very proud of you and the
young man you've become.
And I want you to know how
proud I am of you as well.
Thank you, Ed.
I appreciate that.
We'll speak soon, all right?
Bye now.
Senator has invited you, the
juniors, for dinner tonight.
And these are people
who want to talk to you,
and these are people
who wanted to get paid.
And guess what, you're
overdrawn at the bank again.
Where's my paycheck?
Takes a little time to set
up new automatic deposits.
Yeah, a little time.
How am I supposed to eat?
Has Leslie called yet?
No, your sister won't
return my calls either.
When are you going to talk
to all those reporters?
Oh, please. I don't
want to talk any more reporters.
Hi. Nicole Clark, reporter.
Hi, Senator Douglass.
Well, you'll need to get in line
with all the other reporter.
Margaret. Ed Kelly sent you?
It's OK. She's been cleared
to the highest levels.
Please take a seat.
Ed has been a good friend
to me since I was a kid.
So, Ed tells me that
you are from California.
Aren't you heading
the wrong way?
I will be if I lose this job.
So then, you need to
write a good story.
And I need your help.
And what do you want to
say that's any different
from all those people out there?
I'm not.
I'm hoping you will.
I want to write about
your parents.
How they lived, what
they taught you,
when they did missionary work
in Brazil, how they affected you
in the past and today.
I'll get you some
background on them.
You should give me one minute.
Honey, he said everything
is going to be all right,
but he needs to see
us again on Friday.
OK? Bye-bye.
I'm going to need the bio.
How's Paul?
And when all this is over,
I don't ever want
to see this again.
Here you are. This
should be everything.
I'm guessing that you
heard Glen Ake is no longer
at the state mental hospital.
Yeah. He's in general prison
population at McAlester.
You're going to be
there tomorrow.
You might see him.
Yeah. Could you excuse me
for just one more minute?
Excuse me please.
Excuse me.
This is Senator Douglass.
I need to know if Glen Ake has
been moved back to McAlester.
Just a
minute, senator, let me see.
I never would've
that the US Supreme Court
would reverse your
death sentence
and that I would see
you back in my court,
but they did and here we are.
Today, Glen Burton Ake,
this jury has sentenced
you to life in prison.
I'm sorry.
No. Come on.
one more moment, senator,
we're still searching.
Yes, senator,
Glen Ake was transferred
to McAlester two weeks ago.
I called, I tried.
She's on her way
over to the house.
Oh my God.
I'm sorry but something
urgent has come up
and the senator had to leave.
Oh, I told my editor that I was
going to get this interview.
I'm so sick of
us staying at my mother's.
Babe, I asked you not
to go to the house.
Please, wait till I'm
finished, all right?
You said the
remodel is almost ready.
I want to see it for myself.
Are all these from constituents?
Well some of it.
Most of it is from
victims and their families.
She was murdered?
Look, there isn't
anything until next week.
I'll see what I can do.
Yeah. Hello?
You promised Ed Kelly
to give this reporter
that interview.
You're only free on the
way to prison tomorrow.
Margaret, I'll figure
something out, all right?
I'll talk to you later.
I wanted all this
to be a surprise.
It's not. We can't
pay our electric bill.
The power has been turned off.
I'll have
it all fixed up.
I've just been so busy with
the press and the campaign.
Please stop.
I'm sorry.
Things are getting better.
In fact, they're already better.
No, they're not.
Well, you
saw the Capitol today,
there's my new office.
Didn't you look around?
Why don't
you look around?
Nothing is going to
change because you won't.
And I can understand
why you can't.
I mean, who could.
And I've been with you all
these years and I have tried
to help you fight these ghosts,
but I just can't do it anymore.
you know, let's get
through this.
how long do you have to stay
with someone out of commitment?
I'm ready to leave.
then let's leave.
that you want to have kids.
I do.
Come on, please, please,
please, please, please, please.
Hey, Margaret.
I was wondering who all is
going to be at Juniors tonight?
Do you want
to meet other senators or
do you just need to eat?
you did good today.
I'm so proud of you.
Welcome to the club.
Now, I appreciate that.
Great future in front of you.
- I'm going to cut out.
- All right.
Anything you want
tonight is on my tab.
Oh, I appreciate it.
Thank you so much.
Thank you so much.
Have a great night.
Thanks, senator.
- All right.
- See you tomorrow.
Hello, this is Leslie.
Please leave a message.
I tell you what, 30 seconds,
can you go help Brooks?
OK? All right.
Thank you.
are you going?
The Brodies are throwing us a
goodbye party before we leave
for Brazil.
Oh my gosh, you finished.
OK. Go. Go.
Bye baby.
Jab, jab, punch.
Protect your sister.
I will.
Oh no, where are the kids?
I don't believe they
went to bed so early.
Wow. Look at all
these snowflakes.
Brooks, where did
you get this paper?
That stack by the typewriter.
Don't you like your
snowflakes, daddy?
Come here.
I'm so proud of you
and your snowflakes.
I love it.
But next time, you need to ask
mommy and daddy for paper, OK?
All right.
But our God
is also a merciful
and loving and forgiving God.
The New Testament of Matthew
says love your enemies.
Steven Hatch
scheduled to be executed tonight
in McAlester for the '79 murders
of the Reverend Richard
Douglass and his wife.
Their children were also shot
in the incident, but survived.
You know,
I remember when that happened.
I remember it like
it was yesterday.
And that was the point at which
our family decided, that's it,
every door will be locked
every night and we made sure
to double check every
single night that they were.
you scared of this?
Are you scared of this?
You better check your
anger, check your anger.
You better check your anger.
I'm talking
about different degrees
of being guilty.
They're both guilty.
They should be both be executed.
I think Oklahoma law as far
as that's concerned
is absolutely insane.
They have some slick
lawyers but regardless,
I think it's a ruthless
miscarriage of justice.
I need you to
be there with me tonight.
I can't.
Ake has been moved
back to McAlester.
I will think about coming.
you've testified
against these guys nine times.
How you doing?
All right.
There you go.
I can't dig this up again.
Well, this is for mom and dad.
Yeah. And mom and dad would
want me to move on with my life.
It's like I told that
lady from The Oklahoman.
What woman from The Oklahoman?
I don't know.
Her name was Nicole something.
I told her I didn't have
anything else to say.
Les, come on.
Please what?
Please go tonight.
Promise me you'll go tonight.
Hey, can I ask you something?
Is Heather going to be there?
I don't know yet.
Just like I thought,
she wouldn't stick
by you through this.
So, what, you just want me there
to protect your little image?
It's about mom and dad.
This is about them.
Brooks, do you realize that
every time we go through this,
I have to relive
everything again?
And then, I don't know who's
going to show up in my dreams.
What happened was real.
And one of these days, you're
going to have to learn to accept
that whether you show
up tonight or not.
Les, I don't know.
The boy there, he
hit me with a rock.
Brooks, get over here!
I'm so tired of this.
He threw a rock at Leslie.
He was about to do it again.
Did it hit her?
Yeah, and it hurt her.
What have I told
you about fighting?
Jab, jab, punch.
Exactly. What were you
thinking, the side of the head?
He covered.
So, I can only hit
him with a hook.
Come here.
What am I going to do with you?
It's good you protected
your sister.
Now, when we go back in there,
I need you to start crying
like you've got in a
lot of trouble, OK?
Otherwise, I'm going
to be in trouble, OK?
OK. I won't get you in trouble.
Don't worry.
Come here.
Don't overdo it.
The warden
has you scheduled
to take a walkthrough
before the execution.
OK. Did that reporter call you?
She's standing right here
ready for her interview.
But she wants to be sure
you're still OK with this.
Margaret said this is for lunch.
Is that right?
I had her cash a check for me.
I'm trying to find out where
they moved Ake, but I did hear
that the governor is
getting a lot of pressure
to commute Hatch's sentence.
All right, just wait here.
I'll be right out.
good morning.
Good morning, governor.
How are you doing?
Well, I've been better.
Come right this way.
Thank you.
Brooks, these are the most
difficult decisions I have
to make, to decide whether
somebody lives or dies,
literally by the
stroke of my pen.
I'm very, very hesitant
to go against the decision
and sentence of the
judge and jury.
The thing that makes
this case so tough is
that Ake was the shooter.
And it's hard to argue
that if Ake is not going
to die, Hatch should.
Because Ake faked insanity.
He got his death
sentence overturned now.
I don't see how that makes
Hatch any less responsible.
Do you mind
if I take some notes?
I'd like to
straighten something out first.
I heard you tried
to talk to Leslie.
Yeah. She didn't say much.
I don't want you
interviewing anyone else
without my permission.
Well, I can't let
anyone control my interviews.
You listen to me.
I lost my family,
my home, my car.
I lost my dog.
I lost my health, my bed,
even my freaking pillow.
Everything I had was
sold at auction to pay
for our medical bills.
Look, I'm sorry.
I want so much
to write this story
for you and your family, and
I want to get it right.
Look, I will get you
your interviews, OK?
But I just ask as a favor to me
that you would not
interview anyone else
without asking me first.
Can we do that?
What do you
miss most about your dad?
Just him.
You know, he was
always busy, gone a lot.
How did
your parents meet?
They met at a wedding.
My dad was the minister,
she was the singer.
Here, listen.
He said she had the
voice of an angel.
What was she like?
She was like spring.
How's your sister?
Her life has been
harder than mine.
And she hasn't realized
how much she has to offer.
What do you mean?
So she sang
this at my mom's concert.
She doesn't sing anymore.
I remember looking
into his eyes the night he died.
Just remember thinking
to myself, you know what,
maybe you're the lucky one.
You don't have to deal
with all this anymore.
Now, you can finally rest.
So earlier that day
before everything happened,
one of Leslie's cats died.
And my father came into my room
and he told me very
specifically, he said,
throw the cat over the fence.
I want you to take
it down by the creek
and I want you to bury it.
And so, what do I do?
my usual obedient
way, I took the cat,
threw it over the fence
and I went back in my room.
If I had just taken the time
and done what he told me to do,
I probably would've been outside
when those guys showed up.
I could've gone to a
neighbor's down the road.
I could've gotten a
shotgun from downstairs.
I mean, I have played
over and over again
in my mind how many
ways I could have tried
to stop what happened that day.
I'll meet
you out front.
Sorry I get mad at you
sometimes for being gone.
I guess these people
really need you.
I'm sorry.
I have to be gone so much.
My grandfather owned
a chain of pharmacies
and my father took them over
and then made a lot of money.
They wanted me to take over
the family business too.
But I knew when I was 16 that
I was meant to be a minister.
What happened?
They were really mad at me.
In fact, my grandfather
disowned me.
What's disowned?
He wanted nothing
more to do with me.
Did he ever get over it?
But I still loved him
and I really believe
he still loved me.
He just let his pride
get in the way.
Do you ever want me
to be a preacher?
Only if you want me to love you.
Oh, I think every father hopes
his son will follow in his work.
But I really want you
to do what you love,
what you're good at, like to do.
That's what I've tried to do.
I like to fight.
Except fight.
So, we could've been rich, huh?
Yeah, but I can't believe I get
to do what I do, to help people
and tell them about the love of
Christ and live with my family
in one of the most beautiful
places on earth, least touched
by man, where God's
handy work is most pure.
Oh good grief.
Go to sleep.
All right, are you ready?
All the excitement
at McAlester tonight is going on
for the Steven Hatch execution.
I'm going to let you
go back to your people.
Well, there's still
more that I want to talk
to you about, and
with Leslie too.
Yeah. You know, I'm not even
sure if Leslie is coming.
I don't even think they'll let
you stay with me past this point
because it's only for
family and friends, so.
I thought we were friends.
We are which is why I
hope you'll understand.
Look, if Leslie shows
up, I'll send for you.
Senator Douglass, Ron Ward.
Great to see you again.
I remember you, warden. Thanks.
How you doing?
Fine. Fine.
I appreciate you fitting
me in your schedule today.
No problem.
We always try to accommodate
legislators you're the one
who helps pay the bills.
It's what I've heard.
So, I see you all are having
the rodeo again this year.
The best
prison rodeo in Oklahoma.
It's the only prison
rodeo in Oklahoma.
Captain Larsen likes to keep
them busy so they stay out of
that outlaw scoundrel stuff.
Oh, is that right?
I've heard that they
moved Ake back here.
Yes, once his
conviction was overturned.
What do you know, he
starts getting better.
Yeah. It's a shame Ake won't
be sitting there right next
to Hatch tonight.
Brooks, I'm here
because you asked me to come in.
Now, it doesn't even seem
like you want me here.
Les, come on.
I'm obviously glad
that you're here.
I'm sorry.
Well, Heather isn't
here, but I am.
you and I'm sorry, OK?
I'm glad you're here.
Now, I'm
taking you all to death row.
During the execution,
will there be reporters
or anybody else in
the room with us?
You'll be in your own
private viewing area.
So, nobody will see you.
No problem.
You'll be OK.
Don't worry.
In just a few
hours, I'll make a phone call
to the governor requesting
to proceed with the execution.
I'll ask Hatch if he
has a statement to make.
And he'll have two minutes.
Once that's completed, the
execution process will begin.
the exercise yard.
Just ignore them.
Happy birthday.
Oh, it's beautiful.
Oh, it's lovely.
Thank you.
He tripped me.
You move on and you
get back in the game.
Why are you constantly fighting?
You taught me.
To protect yourself.
You have to learn when to
fight and when not to fight.
So, I just fight
the ones I can win?
Sometimes, the right fight
is one you know you're going
to lose.
And most fights,
you can away from.
It makes me feel better.
Do you know that is the
only shirt Palo owns?
So, what's the right
thing to do?
I like it here.
Honey, we have to go where
the mission board sends us.
What's wrong?
I'm not going to Oklahoma.
It's just for a year.
I promise, we will come back.
Good afternoon, Senator.
Thank you, sir.
Fifth group.
My sources
tell me you spent some time
in Bragg yourself.
Yeah, you've got
some good sources.
Yeah. Please, sit down.
Anything I can do for you?
Well, sir, as a matter
of fact, there is.
And I'd like for you to keep
this between us for now.
But I was wondering if
there is a quiet way
that I could take a look at Ake.
You probably just passed him
outside in the exercise yard.
He's going to be out there for
about another 15 minutes or so.
Oh, you want to see him.
Senator, are you ready to
head to the family room?
Yeah, that'd be great.
Hey, did Margaret tell you
I said it was all right
for you to talk to Nicole?
know, she means well,
you can be open with her.
OK. Do you want to
go grab her or?
Yeah. I'll just bring
her right back here.
You know that symbol in
Captain Larsen's office?
What branch is he in?
Special Forces, Green Berets.
He's a bad dude.
Hey. Are you ready
to go talk to Leslie?
She's right over here.
Why don't you all visit?
- Hi.
- Hi.
So, I spoke to Brooks earlier
he knew that your
parents were in love.
Oh, yeah.
I've read love letters
between my parents
and they were very much
in love until they died.
And me and Brooks knew
that they really loved us too.
like Brazil for me.
Who doesn't have
their napkins in their laps?
So, who did you play with today?
Nobody. Everybody
likes to play football.
Nobody knows how to
play futchi ball.
And they think I'm a hippie.
You have hippie hair.
Well, he does.
Let me show you.
All right.
Put your fingers on the
laces right like that
so you control it, all right?
And you throw it like that.
It's not so bad.
Like that.
All right.
Give it a shot.
Not bad.
You're a natural.
I'd rather play futchi ball.
You can still play futchi ball.
But did you know there's
also kicking in football?
Come on. Let me show
you something.
Here we go.
All right.
You think you can
kick it over there?
- Yeah.
- All right.
All right.
Kick it over my head.
Great job.
Now, go long.
You almost
let that one get by you.
Oh yeah, you think so?
You pick your arm
up off the ground?
All right.
But we have to
get Leslie that dress.
I know, but
we can't right now.
We can put it on
layaway for her, OK?
The pageant
is this month.
She just
really wants it.
I know, I know.
Come here.
You know, we didn't
have money problems
when we lived in Brazil.
I want us to go back
someday, and I think we will.
But for now, this
is where we belong.
What are you doing?
No, no, no, no, no.
Turn it down.
I don't want Mom to hear it.
Who is this?
The Who.
They're called The Who.
Baby, I don't want to
sound critical, but I don't know
if this is the best
choice for the pageant.
Say hi to Les.
You know that song that you
and I like, mom hates it.
I just went in there and I sang
it for her because I wanted
to sing it for the pageant.
Then she says that she's not
going to be around forever
to help me make my choices.
How are you going to
play that song for mom?
It's the reason I
use headphones.
Do you want me to talk to her?
Nothing, you're funny.
Yeah, I'll talk to her.
Hey, go play with Les.
Come on.
Oh, it's cold out.
Hey, Storm is here.
Hey, hey, hey.
You'll need another jacket on.
Are you crazy?
I just ran
away out of the house.
Yeah, you know what,
you know what,
you need to start making
the right choices, OK?
Hey. Storm, come here, boy.
Come here, boy. Come here.
Where's your ball?
Where's your ball?
God's judgment
is precious.
Almost never will
you meet a person
who doesn't believe there ought
to be judgment in this world.
And we should be held
accountable for our actions.
But our God is also a merciful
and loving and forgiving God.
The New Testament in Matthew
says love your enemies.
Bless those who curse you,
do good to those who hate you
and pray for those who
mistreat and persecute you
that you may be the children
of your father who is in heaven
for he makes the sun to rise
on the evil and the good
and sends rain on the
just and the unjust,
meaning it falls
with God's grace.
It's twice blessed.
It blesseth him that
gives and him that takes.
So when we forgive
someone else, we're blessed
with forgiveness ourselves.
See, the joy of life is poisoned
by the resentment
of past grudges.
We have to get rid
of the bad blood
because we grow by getting the
skeletons out of our closet
and opening the door to life
with forgiveness
and mercy and love.
Senator, senator.
Come on. We got to hurry.
I was so
young, you know.
So, it's like I was
just starting to get
to know them as people.
And I try to remember
things about them.
I try so hard, but I can't.
But I'll never forget the
things that happened that night.
All right.
Let's go somewhere
private where we can talk.
And it's weird
because it comes back
at really weird times, you know.
It's like I'll be walking
through the mall or something
and I'll see a guy with a beard
and then I'll think of Ake.
But then, I'll hear a song and
that will remind
her singing voice so pretty.
And happy times,
but that's rare.
I was so scared, you know.
who is going to want me now.
And I don't sleep
good anymore at all.
I have really bad
I don't know, sometimes,
I even have to take stuff
so I can just sleep, you know.
The night that it all
happened, I just kept thinking
that I have to remember
all this.
I can't forget any of
this because I knew,
I knew I was going to survive.
So, I had to erase
everything else in my mind
so I could not forget one thing
and it breaks my
unfortunately, I
forgot everything
about my friends and my family.
So after the murders, you
and Brooks were separated?
Well, nobody wanted
us, you know.
Nobody wanted to deal
with us, you know.
I mean, that's how it felt.
So, you lost your
parents and your brother.
my parents didn't have a
choice, but Brooks did.
kind of ran away.
you know, he looked after
me and we got along great
and we had fun in Brazil, but
everything has just changed.
It's hard to explain, but
it's just like we're just not
as connected, you know.
It's just like ever since
both of our lives
changed forever.
Well, I'm sure that
your brother loves you.
Oh, I know.
Of course he loves me
and I love him too.
But he just kind of went
to a really bad place
and I think he needed
to be alone.
Plus, he went to college and
he didn't have any money.
So, he had to pay for it and
work really hard all the time.
You know, I noticed a Special
Forces insignia at his office.
He showed that to you?
I saw it.
Oh, yeah because he doesn't
show that to anybody.
So, he can take care of himself.
Oh yeah.
He's awesome.
So, you know, I was
shot twice, right?
And my hands were tied up.
So, one went through
my arm through my back
and out my stomach,
and then the other one
in my back and out my chest.
And my body looks
like a roadmap leading
to nowhere in particular.
But I have scars from my babies,
and I don't mind them at all,
and I actually kind
of like them.
Anyway, yeah.
So, I was bleeding and blacking
out when I untied Brooks.
he carried me all by
himself out to the car
and he drove us himself
to the hospital.
And I think he was going like
100 miles an hour, it felt like.
But as we were driving, like I
I'm sorry, I realized that
we had left our parents back
at the house.
And so, I asked Brooks
if he thought mom
and dad were dead
and he said yeah.
And that's really all
that I remember of that part.
I need you
to tell me exactly
what you have in mind.
I'd like to talk to him.
You want a fellowship with Ake?
Yeah, alone.
Senator, I know you know
how to handle yourself.
But when Ake was here before,
he was one of my most
dangerous inmates.
In an out of the way type place.
Look, I've seen the man
snap handcuffs in front
of a man behind his back.
Captain, captain, I just
want to talk to him.
So, how difficult would that be?
It's going to be very difficult.
The only way that's going to
happen is if the warden agrees
to it and he won't do it.
OK. So then you tell the warden
that I'd like to talk to him.
Look, if you're uncomfortable
with this, I understand,
but you got to let me know.
I remember the way
that Ake was staring at me.
He wanted money.
So, he wanted me to show him
where all the little
hiding places were.
I tried to tell him that we
didn't have any hiding places
for money.
So, I led him all
around the house and
then he led me into my room.
And he told me to
take my clothes off.
And I begged him, you
know, I said please, please,
please don't do this
to me right now.
He said if I didn't, he
would blow me up right then.
But, you know, in a way he did.
And I just asked him.
Just please tell me that you're
not going to do this to my mom.
After Ake, then Hatch.
And then Ake again.
I asked if I could
go to the bathroom and just,
you know, clean myself off
because I had a lot
of blood on me.
And I just wanted a second
to myself, I remember.
let me close the door.
And he just stood
there and watched me.
I hear you're a great singer.
Yeah, maybe when I was little,
but my mom gave me
singing lessons.
She made all my pageant dresses.
She could make patterns and sew.
And she was really crafty.
She was a good cook.
She was really quiet but
I was so pretty back then.
You still are.
Not the way I was back then.
Back then, it was like being
pretty was like magic, you know,
and a curse.
Do you know that Ake and Hatch
had robbed people earlier
that day and they
didn't hurt them?
So, you know that they just had
And you think that if
you hadn't been there.
I don't think it would've
happened to be honest.
Do you want to take a break?
Yeah, I would love
to take a break.
I'll be right back.
All right.
Senator this is a very bad idea.
This guy Ake is a manipulator.
He could say some very horrible
things about your mother,
your father, your sister, you,
things that could be
with you for years.
There's nothing that he's
going to do to me that's worse
than what he's done, alright?
He can't say anything
else that's not been said.
I just want to talk to him.
I'm asking you, Ron,
make it happen.
Steven Hatch
by his own admission was there
at the house that
night with a shotgun.
Despite that, he's claimed
his life should be spared
because he was not "the
triggerman" Ake was.
I spoke with my editor.
I am on the list to
witness the execution.
All right, what are
you going to do?
I don't know.
I don't know if it's right.
You've got to be kidding me.
Hatch had no problems taking
That's not what I meant.
my mom and me to shut up
and then go and taking
his turn with Leslie.
Now he wants to say
this is all Ake's doing?
Hatch's own actions is the
only reason he's dying tonight.
That's not what I
was trying to say.
I don't even know if I
should be here tonight.
This is something that's way
too personal for you and Leslie.
I must
warn you, these photos
of the crime scene are graphic.
That's the crime scene
How can
they show these?
of October 15th, 1979.
Oh my God.
Ake sentenced to life in prison.
And again, Hatch
scheduled to be sentenced
to death later tonight.
He moved.
When I left her, he was
further away, he moved next
to her before he died.
We were having dinner.
Dad was going to talk to us
about going back to Brazil.
Hatch again scheduled
We got approved to
go back that day
and dad was going
to surprise you.
You never told me that.
How could you forget
to tell me that?
I'm sorry.
Hey, Leslie,
thank you so much.
So I found out why Ake
was moved back here.
Excuse me, Ake?
Ake is here.
They moved him back and
I'm dealing with it.
Brooks, Ake is here?
Les, I'm dealing with it, OK?
Cuff up.
Let's go.
Hi, how you doing?
I'm looking for
a fellow that lives
around here named Mike Mitchell.
You mind if I use your phone?
Sure, right this way.
That's kind
of you, thanks.
All right now, you
know what this is all about.
- Mom.
- All right, let's move it.
Come on, get up.
Get up!
I want you to tell me
where all the telephones are
and all them little
secret hiding places.
We don't have any hiding places.
Oh you're going
to show me anyhow.
Come on. Come on.
Mom, it's all going to be fine.
Start the car.
Wait for the sound.
Now I don't want
to have to shoot you all.
I was hoping for this.
You know, I don't even
know what to say to you.
All these years I've
wanted nothing more
than to see you dead.
They told me you wanted to talk
to me, and I wanted to see you.
I just want to give
you the chance
to say whatever it is
you want to say to me.
I didn't come here
to explain myself.
Do what you got to
do because you're
in the right and
I'm in the wrong.
I want you to know
I am so, so sorry for what I
did to you and your family.
You know, my father
always taught me I should
always forgive
but it just isn't
in me to do that.
I understand.
You know, all this because
of what you and Hatch did.
It's a decision that you made.
You didn't even know us.
If there is anything
that I could do
to bring your parents back
so they were still
alive, I would do it.
I wish you were dead.
Sometimes, I do.
We thought you needed help.
Our door was always
open to anyone.
I want you to tell me why.
You want the truth?
Well, the truth is
there was no reason.
I mean me and Hatch, we
were on speed and drinking
but that wasn't the reason.
It was just,
it was just senseless.
Yeah. You know, for a long
time, I was real messed
you'd have to be, I guess,
a little to do what I did.
When they took me off drugs,
then I realized what I did.
It made me sick.
That's when I really
wished I was dead.
After my head started
clearing up,
to be a better person.
And I was watching this
TV preacher one day
and he said some
things that made sense.
And so I became a Christian.
And I got on my knees and
I asked God to forgive me.
My parents would've
wanted that for you.
I don't care.
I understand.
Do you mind if I ask you
how your sister is doing?
I mean, is she OK?
She's broken.
But she's
doing the best she can.
She's had a harder
time than I have.
I mean I've had a hard time too
but she's had it much worse.
Well, now I don't want to
stir anything up for her
but if there's ever a time
when you feel like she's ready
to hear it from you, will
you tell her I'm sorry?
And I know that sounds small but
I thought about writing her but
my penmanship is real bad.
You want to know about Leslie?
I could still hear my mother
sobbing, hogtied next to me,
and my father powerless
to protect his family,
all of us listening
to her crying upstairs
in her bedroom pleading with
you while you raped her.
I will never forget those
sounds as long as I live.
Leslie is going to be OK, mom.
It's all going to be all right.
And Hatch coming back
in saying he's going
to blow us up for talking.
And you coming back in
the room to shoot us.
I still feel your bullet hitting
me, ripping through my chest
and the blood rolling
down my side.
Mom, you're free.
Untie the ropes, you're free.
I was looking her in
the eye when she died.
Dad. Dad, mom is dead.
I love you, dad.
I didn't say it enough,
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
My father's will to
live died with her.
We didn't even get to go
to our parent's funeral
and we heard you came back
from Nevada to kill us
because you heard
we were still alive.
I wish you had a
family that loved you.
I wish my parents were here so
I can tell them I loved them.
And I could hear them
saying that they love me
and they're proud of me.
But that's not going to happen.
Now I just want this to
be over for you and Hatch.
And I'm tired of being here.
I'm tired of hating you,
myself for carrying
this around with me.
And this ends now.
My father always told me
that I should forgive.
I forgive you.
I forgive you.
Steven Hatch, do
you have any last words to say?
with the execution.
I failed them.
Your mom and dad?
That's it?
I mean it's like he just went to
sleep after everything he did.
And you
forgive Ake now?
I mean, you don't think that
he deserves to die as well
after everything
that's happened?
Of course, I do.
That's not my fight anymore.
It's over.
Well, you know, I just wish
he might have said sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry
that I couldn't stop them.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
It's all right.
I'm sorry too.
You have to forgive yourself.
We both have to forgive
ourselves, right?
Douglass, congratulations
on getting your first
bill to the floor.
Thank you.
I appreciate your
passion and your idealism,
but have you thought about how
these provisions will add time
and cost to a criminal
justice system
that already takes too
long and is too expensive?
Yes, sir, I have.
I'm not finished yet, senator.
You know, once you've been
here as long as I have,
you'll find that sometimes you
can't always get a good result
with good intentions.
Well, senator, I
am sorry to hear
that you've lost your
passion for good intentions.
See, I think of people
like Julie Mitchell.
Now Julie was a 17-year-old high
school student who was raped.
And her mother Kate who's with
us today was handed a bill
for $500 for her daughter's
emergency room exam.
Julie was courageous
enough to go and testify
against the man who raped her.
Only Julie was gunned
down in the parking lot.
That happened because there was
no one there to protect her.
The provisions of this
bill could have kept
that from happening.
Now, I want you to tell me, how
much does that cost her family
and her friends and
all of us who now have
to be afraid whenever
we speak the truth?
- I'm not finished, Senator.
I believe in the rights of the
accused, but I also believe
that victims and their
families should have a voice
in our system.
This is a system which
literally steps over the body
of the victim to then read
the criminal his rights.
This bill just seeks to balance
the scales, scales which have
for far too long weighed heavily
in favor of the criminals.
Thank you.
Those who wish to vote
or change their vote,
the chair is preparing to close.
Close the roll.
Senate Bill 456 having received
41 aye votes and 7 nay votes,
I declare the same
to have passed.
Welcome to the Senate,
Senator Douglass.