The Amityville Curse (2023) Movie Script

(Gasping, chair thumping)

- Hello? Where is everybody?
Hey, guys, there's still a lot of stuff to move, OK?
So let's just stick to the plan.
- I'm coming!
- Thank you for your help, Abigail!
- (Billie): I want to be Abigail when I grow up!
- OK, so, what do you want me to do?
- All I can find so far are Marv's books.
- Watch it!
(Screaming, mirror shattering)
Oh my God! That was so close!
Are you OK? - Yeah.
I kind of wish you caught it, though.
I'm just...
- Or, "Thank you for saving my life,"
and then I would say, "It's OK, Debbie."
- No, I know, of course! Thank you. No, I know.
Now we have another mess to clean up.
And this is already so much.
And I need Billie and Lucy! OK? Let's go!
- (Lucy): We're unpacking in the kitchen!
- No, that is not the plan!
- (Billie): When we make plans, God laughs!
- And where's Frank and Marv?
I mean, it is like herding cats with you people!
- OK, take a break. - Ugh!
- Let me do it. Please. - Ugh!
Uh, kitchen. Thank you.
(Exhaling slowly)
- Eww, gross!
Who packs dirty dishes?
- (Both): Frank.
(Phone chiming)
- How's it going?
- Motherfucker!
Wendell super-sized the appetizers.
Now today's menu is shot to Hell.
- She wasn't asking about the restaurant, babe.
It's hard cramming four kitchens into one.
There's a lot to get through. - A lot of crap, she means.
- My mom gave me that one! - How's it going out there?
- Even money that Debbie kills one of us by the end of the day.
- Mmm! Speaking of murder,
did you know that on the night the entire family was killed--
- The son claimed that voices told him to kill,
that none of the neighbors heard any gunshots,
that the police couldn't understand
how the entire family slept through the murders?
- Ah, you do listen, babe! You do!
- I don't know how you listen to those podcasts.
They creep me out!
- What about the previous owner's death
and all the ghost stories?
They don't bother you?
- Actually, only one family ever reported
a paranormal experience here after the murders,
and that was decades ago.
So, no.
- And that was obviously a hoax, because ghosts do not exist.
When you die, you go to Heaven or Hell, and that is it.
- Well, I hope you're right.
It's bad enough the murders happened here.
If this house actually turns out to be haunted... Ugh!
- You're afraid of ghosts?
- The only thing that scares Abigail is being single.
- Ha ha ha... I'm not afraid of ghosts.
I'm afraid of reduced market value.
(Giggling, screaming)
- Babe! Are you OK? - I'm good.
- You need to be more careful!
- Yell at whoever plugged it in by the sink.
- Are you saying it's my fault?
- No, I didn't say it was your fault.
- No harm, no foul. I'm good!
- You sure? - Yes.
- Also, that should not have shorted the whole house.
(Exhaling sharply)
- Remind me again why we're doing this?
- Because we had to choose between our apartment
and your business.
- Our business.
And the crowds are coming back.
We'll be back in the black in no time.
- I know. I know!
(Chuckling, phone chiming)
And I'm glad we're doing this.
Is it weird that I've missed living with these guys?
- Yeah, totally.
- Hmm? - I'm here.
- Are you?
(Stairs creaking)
(Switches clicking)
- You're dead, bitch! - Aaah!
- Aaah! - Fuck you, Frank!
- OK! OK! - God!
You scared the shit out of me!
Asshole. What are you doing in here?
- I found the red room!
This is the infamous gateway to Hell from all Lucy's stories.
- Looks like a closet.
- Yeah, I'm thinking we use it as our panic room from now on
so we can get away from Hurricane Debbie,
because what the fuck?
- Hey. - Hey, baby.
- Uh, you're unpacking right now?
- Oh, I've got to.
I--I got papers I need to grade
and a lecture to prepare for Monday.
- No, no. I--I know.
I also have, like, so much work to do
but I'm still schlepping boxes,
'cause there's so many, so--
- A big difference between psych and spelling worksheets, baby.
That didn't sound the way I meant it to.
I'm sorry. - How did you mean it to sound?
- Uh, i-it was supposed to sound, like:
"You're doing a great job. And I'm lucky to have you."
- Well, that's better. Thank you.
You know, Marv,
I was very happy in Patchogue.
You know, my friends are there. My work is there.
And everything's there! - Our apartment was too small.
And the neighborhood was run down.
And the landlord, Mrs. Pachkowski...
- OK.
- ...was--was a monster from the lagoon
who made our lives a living nightmare!
- No, I think our apartment was cozy.
And I think that the neighborhood
at least had some character.
And, you know, even Mrs. Pachkowski, she was...
She was a nightmare.
- A nightmare. - You're right.
But she was our nightmare, you know?
- Whose brilliant idea was it to, uh, move back in together?
- (High pitched): "Oh my God!
"We should totally renovate a house
and turn it into condos!"
- First, my voice is not that high.
Second, you could have said no.
- Have you met Marv?
- Yeah, he was pretty determined,
wasn't he?
- Yeah, I wonder why.
- That's ancient history for the tenth time.
- I'm not the one you gotta convince.
- Debbie knows I would never do her like that.
- Uh-huh. - We're tight.
- Listen, I know you don't like change--
- No, no, I'm great with change. I love change.
But what I don't like is moving backward.
And nobody here has changed at all.
Like--like, Billie still complains about everything.
And Lucy doesn't know how to listen.
And I'm pretty sure that Frank's getting high
somewhere in the house right now.
And Abigail thinks
the whole world revolves around her.
- OK. OK. A-Abigail...
The world does not revolve around Abigail Blaine, OK?
I assure you. - Mmm? Mm-hmm.
Then what are we doing here, huh?
- Well, because living here while we renovate
saves us money.
I know it's hectic. I know, I know.
But please, just give it a chance.
Things are gonna get better. It will be like college.
- I don't-- - Better than college!
- Can you promise it will be a lot better?
- A lot better than college!
So much better you will lose your mind.
- OK.
- I gotta run and get more boxes.
I'll be right back.
- And, Marv, can--
(Sighing, grunting)
(Inhaling deeply)
- You regret how it ended?
- Do I regret how it ended?
Do I wish that I had handled things better?
- Um... you.
Too many books.
(Book thudding)
- (Voice whispering): Second best.
- Abigail?
- (Voice whispering): Rebound.
- Are you still attracted to him?
- It's been six years.
- That's not an answer.
- This is why people hate lawyers.
(Debbie screaming)
- Hey, hey, hey, baby! You all right?
- Debbie! - Ooh, my foot!
This house is gonna be the death of me.
- Let me help you. - My foot.
- Careful, careful!
- See if you can put any weight on it.
- What happened? - She's all right.
She was distracted while walking, right?
- No, somebody left a box at the bottom of the stairs.
Thank you. - What the fuck is this?
- Yeah, that I found in our room.
And I was hoping it was yours. - This fucking thing?
No, I've never seen this.
This is pure you. - Mm-mmm.
We would not own anything like that.
- But it is kind of cute.
- Maybe the previous owners left it.
- It's just something else I have to deal with.
- Whoa, no. We don't do the voodoo thing.
Why don't you take a break?
- Babe, there's so much to do, honestly.
- Doctor's orders. - You're a PhD.
- I will get some ice for the swelling.
- Thank you.
- And I have a ginger tea that can help with inflammation.
- Delightful.
No, Butch.
No, Butch.
Don't shoot!
Butch, no!
(Exhaling sharply)
(Door banging, opening)
(Door opening)
(Laughing, talking indistinctly)
- Can I get some applause, though, please?
- Yeah! - Thank you. Thank you.
OK, so, whenever my dad would start a new project,
he would buy a sledgehammer and he would inscribe
the client's names onto it
because he said it brought him good luck.
(Indistinct chatter)
- Why am I last? - You're always last, Frank.
To a new adventure. - (All): To new adventure!
- All right.
- Whoa! OK!
(Cheering, Abigail grunting)
- Please? - Oh, yes, babe.
- There you go.
- Oh, you look so cute! - Thank you, darling.
- Hit it! - No, it's OK.
- One...
...two, three!
(Cheering, indistinct chatter)
- I'm gonna go. OK.
- All the way through the wall.
- (All): Whoo!

New home owners!
- Sort of like one of the-- - It doesn't!
- You know, outside a rental car place?
- This is the move. I'm just trying to, like...
- Like... - It doesn't!
- My grandmother always said:
"You could live for a nickel, but..."
- You gonna die by the dime. - Exactly. Exactly.
- How's your ankle?
- Oh, it's much better.
I mean, ask me tomorrow after I chase a herd
of first graders.
- Right.
- So, how long do you think
these renovations are gonna take?
- If we don't have any surprises,
I'm hoping six months.
- Well, knowing you,
they will be done in four and look fabulous.
- Don't jinx it.
- (Both): Knock on wood.
- OK, shut up. I want to say something.
Quiet, quiet, quiet.
And it's gonna be sentimental,
so you guys better not laugh at me!
The last few years have been pretty tough on all of us.
But, uh, hey, we got through it.
- Mm-hmm. - And I know how.
- The couches!
- The pizza? - He means the coffee table.
- He's means the champagne we shared.
- An invisible circle saved us.
- No, our friendship, you fucking jerks!
What the f...
Come on, I--I didn't know wh--when I moved
into that spare room on Mercer
that I'd be best friends with my roommates.
And then you got Billie and Lucy.
These two could not cook a meal to save their lives.
- Couldn't or wouldn't?
- (Lucy): Couldn't. - Could not.
- Babe... couldn't. - But it got better!
Now running Montenouvo's,
the most popular restaurant in Amityville. Come on!
- Cheers! - Whoo!
- Uh, correction!
Long Island's most popular restaurant,
thank you very much.
- Mm-hmm!
- You got Marv, Debbie... - Mm-hmm.
- ...den mother, class clown. - Mm-hmm.
- I don't understand how,
'cause you're not a very bright guy,
but now you're teaching!
- That's right. - Yeah!
- I'm a--I'm a professor.
- Uh, you're a sessional instructor, but close.
- Thank you, baby. - You're welcome.
- And it should not come as a surprise to anybody
that I am absolutely killing it
in the Nassau County DA's Office.
But, uh, now we got Abigail.
I can't forget Abigail, our little home-wrecker.
- Hey!
- No, the wall you smashed!
You're a home-wrecker, like, with the sledgehammer.
- Uh-huh.
- No, sincerely,
in a time when owning a house is a pipedream for many,
you managed to make it a reality.
So thank you so much. I love you.
- I love you.
- And I cannot imagine a better group of people
to embark on this insane adventure with
than the fucking morons who covered my share of the rent.
I love you guys, seriously.
- (All): Ah! Cheers!
- Look! The house agrees.
- You can fix that, right?
- Yeah, I'm a contractor, not a ghostbuster.
- You know there's no actual evidence
that proves this place was ever haunted?
- Mm-hmm.
But there's no evidence
to prove that it isn't haunted, either.
- It's faulty wiring. - Mm-hmm.
Let's see.
Hey, ghost, can you, uh,
flicker your lights again, please?
- Now, hang on.
Ghost, flicker your lights again.
Go ahead. We'll wait.
- Faulty wiring, you see? It's a coincidence.
- It's 'cause they don't like you.
- Well, then good. - Hey, ghost--
- Don't tease them.
- Ah, it's just a house, babe.
- Uh, you know, I--I got a really early morning.
I think I'm gonna... I'm so tired.
I'm just gonna call it, guys.
- Yes, us too? - Yeah! Yeah!
- Guys, come on! What time is it?
It's--it's 10:30 p.m.! Frank, come on!
One--one more! Bro!
- I got court in the morning.
- Just 'cause the light flickers?
(Indistinct chatter)
I'll do a nightcap.
Let's do a nightcap.
- No, maybe I should just go to bed.
- One drink is not gonna hurt anybody.
- OK.
- Come on, play some music.
(Grunting, moaning)
- I wonder what Debbie's gonna think.
- She already knows.
(Gun cocking, Abigail screaming)
- Debbie, no!
(Gasping repeatedly)
(Door banging, opening)
- You've gotta be kidding me.
Fuck, Frank!
Stop doing that!
- OK.
Why was the door open?
- I don't know why it keeps opening!
I locked it before bed.
- Yeah, you sure you weren't distracted by something?
- I'm going to bed. - Yep.
- (Voice whispering): Fraud.
- You hear that?
- What?
- (Voice whispering): Fraud.
- What?
- I think there is someone in the house.
I heard something.
I--I could have sworn I heard something.
- I don't know.
(Rattling, Abigail gasping)
- Marv?
- Lucy?
- Deb?
(Knocking on door)
You heard that, right?
- I heard something. - Yeah.
- Hey, come on, guys.
You know it's 3:00 a.m.?
Go back to bed.
(Exhaling slowly)
- Here.
(Birds calling)
- Heads up!
I thought you guys were going to the fish market.
- Yeah, we're running late.
Stupid phones didn't charge last night.
- And we both had a terrible night's sleep.
- Yeah, I've been having weird dreams all week.
I'm in bed, I hear a noise.
I look up, and someone's pointing a gun at me.
- And they've got a crazy grin on their face
right before they shoot?
- Yes!
- What are the odds
of two people having the same nightmare?
- Pretty good, actually.
Especially if you live in the same house,
hear the same ghost stories.
- And you're kept awake by the same unruly roommates
partying downstairs all night.
- Similar sensory input, similar dreams.
All right, I gotta leave for work.
- OK.
- Hey, Frank, you're gonna make me late, I'm out!
- Well, you have been inundating us
with a lot of murder trivia, babe.
- Just a little bit. - Not constantly.
- Maybe a little bit. - OK.
- Come on. - OK.
- Marv's theory does make sense, you know.
- It's not a theory.
- I wish the house was haunted.
It would make things more interesting.
- Interesting? That's not the word I'd use.
(Gasping, glass shattering)
- Oh shit!
- Oh! Frank! - Oh, God!
- Oh my God! - Oh, God! Frank!
(Breathing heavily)
- My God!
- It's OK. It's OK.
- This doesn't make sense.
We saw him last night.
Frank was happy. - Mm-hmm.
- A lot of people contemplating self-harm pretend
to be happy so they don't upset their family and friends.
- You don't think it was the house, do you?
- No, Lucy, I don't think the house killed Frank.
- She's entitled to her opinion.
And given the alternative,
I would rather believe that it was ghosts too.
- I meant financially, because the house is expensive,
and we're all a little overextended
because of the renovations.
But yeah, ghosts are a theory too.
- He asked me to recommend a therapist.
- That could have been for one of his cases.
- Maybe. - You kept that from me?
- He told me not to say anything.
- No, if something was wrong,
he would have told me.
- Maybe he did.
That's the thing with cries for help.
Sometimes, we don't recognize them.
- Abigail... - Mmm! Frank?
- Abigail...
You want to know why?
I'll tell you why!
(Bowls clinging)
- Couldn't sleep?
- This is witchcraft.
- It's not witchcraft.
It's a good luck charm.
- You said it yourself, this "all-run" is possessed.
- Yes, with a benevolent spirit
that protects the house from malignant ones.
And it's: "el-ron."
- That will only protect you
in exchange for a sacrifice.
- It's a bowl of milk and honey.
- Any time you perform magic,
you invite the Devil into your home.
- You're just blowing it out of proportion.
- Hey, I just came down to get some water.
- You need to destroy that now.
- Well, last I checked,
you don't make the rules, Billie.
- God, you're so selfish. You are so selfish.
- Says the one who's cramming their beliefs down my throat.
- You realize you're fighting over
whose imaginary friend is stronger?
- It's a good luck charm.
- Mine is. And he's not imaginary.
- OK, can you at least keep it in your room?
- I'm going to.
- I'm gonna pray for you.
- Hello?
- Hi!
- Hi, uh, I knocked.
The door was open.
- Yeah, it does that.
You're early! Come in.
Did Pat bring you up to speed?
- Mmm, no.
- OK, so, the plan is to split the place up
into 3 condo units, one on each floor.
I'm gonna run extra power throughout the whole house.
The new kitchens need a complete rewire.
And you're not the electrician.
- Oh, uh, Ben Holloway.
Host of Haunted Holloway.
- Haunted Hallway? - Haunted Holloway.
No. 1 paranormal podcast in the tri-state area.
For each episode,
I spend the night in a house and determine once and for all
if it's actually haunted or not.
- Yeah, that sounds like a podcast.
- Your house is my holy grail.
I tried to interview the previous owner.
She told me to: "Leave the house alone."
Talked about the place like it was alive.
- Yeah, I know about the previous owners,
all of them.
- And you still bought the place,
even after what happened to them?
And your roommate?
- What happened to my roommate is none of your business.
And this isn't an Airbnb. Thank you.
- Ugh! Come on!
Ever since your house was back in the news,
my fans have been begging me to do an episode here!
- This is an old house with a sad history.
Please leave.
- Are you trying to convince me or yourself?
- Oh, you got me.
This house is haunted.
It's full of ghosts.
And they force me to do their bidding.
- Oh, come on.
- Oh, what's that?
Shut the door in his face?
I'm sorry. I gotta obey the ghosts.
- OK, but--
- No, I'm sorry, but I am not going back in again.
- No.
- Marv and I are fighting all the time.
I want to sell and get out,
but he, for some reason, refuses.
- Sweetie, I'm sorry. - Mm-hmm.
Well, you kind of should be sorry.
It's your fault.
- Oh yeah? How do you figure?
- "We have to let Abigail finish the renovation.
Otherwise, what's the point investing all this money?"
- Well, maybe if everybody pitched in,
we'd get it done faster.
After all, that was the plan.
- Can't you just hire some help and finish the fucking house?
- Who's gonna pay for this extra help, Debbie?
Do you want to pay for it? - Well...
- We're trending. - What?
- The house... is trending.
- Yeah, you got me. The house is haunted.
It's full of ghosts,
and they force me to do their bidding.
- OK.
- I was being sarcastic!
- Why did you let him film you?
- I didn't.
He must have been wearing some type of hidden body cam.
- All right, well, nobody speaks to this guy again.
- We can't sell now.
With this bad publicity, we would lose our investment.
- Perfect. - Perfect.
- (Woman): Hey, there he is!
(Crowd talking, indistinct)
(Crowd talking, indistinct)
- Whoa, whoa, whoa. It's just a fucking house.
Fucking house. Fucking house.

- And there's more videos like that every day.
- People come to the restaurant to see the "crazy ladies"
who live in the murder house.
- That's gotta be good for business, though.
- Not if they don't order.
- I caught some asshole lying in our driveway
pretending he was Frank. - What?
- I don't know what else we can do except...
wait for interest to die out.
- And if it doesn't?
- There is something that we can do.
But I don't think you're gonna like it.
- Hey, you work with Dr. Harrison Cole
at the college, don't you?
- Different departments, very different, but yes.
- I had him on the show a couple times.
Next time you see him, tell him I said hi.
- Definitely!
- OK, let's get started!
- I will record the intro later.
So, uh...
...let's dig in.
Why would you buy this house knowing its history?
- Well, the word history implies
that an event actually took place.
The stories about this house are just that,
they're stories.
- Wait, wait.
So you're saying that poor family wasn't
actually murdered here by their oldest son?
- What happened to that family was a tragedy.
- But the house had nothing to do with that.
- Or any of the other deaths that happened here
over the years,
including Mrs. Moriarty's suicide.
- Ghosts don't roam the halls. - Boo!
- There's no gateway to Hell down in the basement.
The house wasn't built on ancient burial grounds.
And bigfoot doesn't live in the backyard.
- And only one family ever reported
a paranormal event here, so--
- That family was accused of fraud.
So, isn't it possible that other owners kept quiet
to avoid a similar fate?
- It's more likely that nothing was ever reported
because there was nothing to report.
- So, it would be really great if people could just...
leave us alone.
- Huh...
So, you're saying you haven't seen a single ghost?
- Not a one. - Mm-mmm.
- No poltergeist activity?
- Nope.
- How about disembodied voices? - Nada.
- Uh, yes.
I'm sorry.
Um, the day that-- that we moved in,
I--I heard voices.
They were, like, whispers. They were really cruel.
- I've seen poltergeist activity, we all have.
- Babe! - Babe, the flickering lights.
- The flic-- We've talked about this.
It was just bad wiring!
Abigail, tell the man. It was just bad wiring.
- I don't know...
what it is.
- OK, good. This is going well.
- This will be your room for the night.
- Ah, sweet!
Has there been any paranormal activity in here?
- The other rooms and the basement are off limits.
Everyone leaves at around 7:30 a.m. for work.
So plan to leave with them.
- Uh, wait!
Don't you want to know what you're dealing with?
I'm betting the previous owner wishes she could.
(Inhaling deeply)
- To be honest, I feel like we're poking a hornet's nest.
(Footsteps retreating, door closing)
- I will record the intro later. So, uh...
...let's dig in.
Why would you buy this house knowing its history?
Come on.
How about disembodied voices?
- Nada .
- Uh, yes.
I'm sorry .
- No. No.
(Feedback, Ben groaning)
Why would you buy this house knowing its history?
- Well, the word history im --
- (Voice echoing): Misfit.
- EVP.
I've got some EVP!
- (Voice echoing): Misfit. Freak.
(Voice whispering): Freak. Freak. Freak.
(Door opening)
- What did you see up there?
- It does not want me here. So I'm leaving.
I'm leaving and I'm never coming back!
I promise! You need to leave as well.
- Can you calm down? - Hey, it's your funeral.
You're in the belly of the beast, and it's always hungry!
(Grunting, screaming)
(Gasping, groaning)
(Breathing heavily)
- Holloway! Holloway!
(Breathing heavily)
(Engine idling, door closing)
- They're finally leaving.
- At least that interview will never see the light of day.
- Is that all you care about?
- It would be bad for the restaurant.
- Oh my God! - It's true!
- Can we maybe not obsess about wine pairings for,
like, five minutes? Jeez!
(Exhaling sharply)
- I'm gonna go take a bath.
I have to be up for work in, like, an hour anyway.
- You don't think we should discuss what's happening?
- I love you,
but I don't have the energy
for yet another fight about the restaurant.
- Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
(Exhaling sharply)
- (Voice echoing): Selfish.
- Lucy?
(Water dripping)
- Hello?
(Chuckling, tapping phone)
- (Voice echoing): Selfish.
- No, I'm not.
- (Voice whispering): Narcissist. Selfish. Bitch.
You're a bitch, Billie!
You're evil! You're evil!
Evil and selfish! Selfish!
(Voice echoing): Selfish.
(Voice whispering): Selfish! Selfish!
- If you can understand me, flash the light once for yes.
Are you a member of the family that was murdered here?
(Gasping, chuckling)
(Light switch rattling, clicking)
- Power's out again. - Yeah, I got it.
- Hey, Billie,
Abigail's gone to fix the power.
Hang tight.
(Door knob rattling)
Billie, answer me!
- Billie?
- Answer me. - Billie?
- Billie?
Billie, open the door!
- Billie, we're coming in! - Billie?
Open the door Billie!
Billie, open the door! - What's going on?
- Marv, open the door! - OK, OK!
- Open the door, Billie! We're coming in!
Billie, we're coming in.
(Water rushing)
Oh my God!
- Don't touch the water!
Do not! Don't touch the water!
- Call an ambulance! - Is she OK?
- Call a fucking ambulance! - OK! OK! I am, I am, I am!
- No! Billie, we're gonna get you out!
Billie? Be careful!
- Come on. Come on.
(Sobbing, talking indistinctly)
- How is... Why is this happening?
- I say we burn the place to the ground
and salt the Earth.
(Abigail chuckling)
- All right.
Any... reasonable suggestions?
- Well, you're the one who refuses to sell, so...
- He's right. We can't sell.
We'd only be passing this nightmare onto somebody else.
We need to figure out what we're dealing with.
- We know what we're dealing with, OK?
The house is haunted. - No, it's not!
- Of course it is!
And all of the souls trapped there,
Billie, Frank, all of them,
are mad at us for disrespecting them...
(Bottle clanging)
...with our arrogance and our ignorance and our fear.
- So do you have a suggestion?
- After she caught Abigail dabbling in witchcraft,
Billie wanted to have the house blessed.
I talked with Reverend Marion after the service.
He's coming tomorrow.
- It's worth a try. - If it makes you happy.
- I wasn't asking for permission.
I'm meeting the reverend tomorrow at 3:00 p.m.
(Exhaling sharply)
Reverend Marion.
- So, this is the house?
- This is the house.
- OK.
OK, le--let's get started.
Oh, OK.
According to the Catholic church,
this house was built on land
where satanic rituals were once performed.
They say the very soil itself is infected with evil.
- So, will a blessing even work?
- Well, a blessing is not a magic cure-all.
It's an expression of God's love
and a reminder to keep him present.
I get my water bottles confused.
If you were thinking that a blessing would solve
all of the issues that you're experiencing here--
- No, this isn't for me.
It's for Billie.
I'm afraid that her soul is trapped here.
- Well, uh, well,
God would never let that happen to any of his flock.
You know, I wondered why God compelled me
to bring this here today, and now I know.
Take it.
Keep it with you at all times.
- For protection?
- Well, for whatever need may rise.
There is no greater symbol of God's love
than the sacrifice he made for us.
- Thank you.
- OK. Now, we can start with my favorite part:
the "Holy graffiti."
Do you have a step ladder?
- Uh, yes, in the kitchen.
If it's you, flash the light once again.
- Lucy, do you need a hand?
- No, all good.
(Door opening)
- Reverend Marion's here.
So I'm gonna knock off for the day.
- OK, I'm gonna stay out of the way...
of all this superstitious nonsense.
- Have you considered for one second that you might be wrong?
- Not for a second.
Not when everyone else thinks we're dealing with... a ghost.
- There have been three deaths in one month,
two on the same night.
That can't be a coincidence. - It absolutely can.
- Mar-- Shut up.
- Wow! Talk about hating to be wrong.
You're the one-- - Just sh--shut up! Listen!
(Rattling, scraping)
Did you hear that?
- I heard something.
(Lucy sighing)
- The initials stand for, "Christus Mansionem Benedicat,"
which is Latin for: "Christ, bless this house."
- Hmm.
How can you be so sure
that the souls of the people who died here aren't trapped?
- Because I know God.
In death, as in life, God has a plan for all of us.
He wouldn't just leave us hanging.
- What do you think they were saying?
- That didn't sound like human voices.
- You heard that whispering!
Right? - We--we heard a sound.
Our brain is interpreting it as whispering.
It's called temporal induction.
- Why--why are you so fucking arrogant?
- Explain to me how a plausible explanation is arrogant.
(Rattling, scraping)
Oh my God!
- What?
What, Marv?
- It's--it's over here.
I-it's a...
...tree branch! - Fuck!
- Sent from Hell to terrorize this house.
- Maybe this house is able to trap souls,
like a spider's web.
- Well, that would make this house stronger than God,
and that's impossible.
- You're a condescending prick!
- I was kidding. It was a joke!
- Yeah, it was hilarious!
Excuse me, Reverend.
- What did you do?
- I--I... Nothing.
(Door closing)
But we did find the source of those sounds
we've been hearing.
It was this branch scrapping against the window
in your bedroom, so...
no disembodied voices.
- Maybe not, but the Devil is very real.
And he is the Prince of Lies.
Everything happening here, every theory you're developing,
that's his handy work.
He's toying with you, like a cat with a mouse.
- Reverend, my man, you're not helping.
Why would you write this on our walls?
- Whoa, whoa!
- (Marv and Lucy): Reverend! - Oh, oh, God!
- Aaah! - Reverend, are you OK?
- Is it your leg?
(Groaning, screaming)
Good, you're here.
- Meh, not for long.
Lucy told me what happened with the Reverend.
I'm done with this place.
- Well, we can't just leave.
- Watch me.
- Well, what about the-- the investment in this house?
- You know...
two of our friends are dead.
And I, for one, am terrified that I'm gonna be next.
I don't know, why aren't you?
- Because this house isn't haunted.
- OK, you just saw the message change?
- No, I didn't, and neither did you.
- OK, so--so what? Then Lucy's just lying now?
Why--why would she be lying?
- Be--be--because Lu--Lucy,
sh--she's desperate t-to believe in the afterlife.
She's a bit of a nut, God love her.
- It is so obvious to me that there is something
compelling you to stay, so just stay.
- OK, why don't we just take a fifteen-minute timeout
before one of us says something that we're both gonna regret.
- Um, in fifteen minutes, I'm gonna be gone.
- OK, then give me five.
Give me--give me 5 minutes, all right?
(Zipper closing)
- I need you to help me convince my girlfriend
not to move out.
- If Debbie wants to leave, that's her decision.
- You know...
...the more you humor this paranormal bullshit,
the more you empower it.
- Uh, seriously, were you always this narrow-minded in college?
(Breathing heavily)
You're the one who ended things.
- Are we forgetting I asked you to marry me?
- I refused the proposal.
We didn't have to break up! - Of course we did!
- (Voice whispering): Doormat.
- We'd been drifting apart.
I knew it, you knew it.
I thought we deserved one last ditch effort.
So I bought you a ring. And what did you do?
- You proposed because you knew I'd say no.
- I proposed because I loved you and I wanted to marry you.
When you refused, yeah,
that gave me the strength I needed to walk away.
(Breathing heavily)
- (Voice): Second best.
(Whispering): Second best.
(Normal voice): Doormat!
(Whispering): Rebound.
- I'm not gonna convince Debbie that she has to stay.
But I will let her know
that there is nothing going on between us.
- Thank you. Hey.
- Hi, I was just coming to find you.
- This is sweet.
You guys, um, having a laugh at my expense?
- What? No.
- "Stupid Debbie."
"Ignorant Debbie."
- What? - Mmm.
- What are you talking about?
It was--it's nothing like that. Where are you getting that from?
(Knife scraping block)
Whoa, baby, what are you doing with the knife?
- This knife? - Yes, that knife!
Put it back, please.
Can you please put it back?
Put that knife-- - Stop telling me what to do!
- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. OK.
- Hey...
he chose me.
- That's exactly what I was--
- There is nothing going on between us, Debbie. Nothing!
- I see how you look at him...
like you want to fuck him.
- No. Hey, hey, stop.
- This.
This is what you want, isn't it?
- That's an airplane, Debbie. - Are we on the plane?
Is that why you're mad?
- Uh, no...
You did this, didn't you? You changed it somehow!
I know you did! - Baby, baby, talk to me.
Hey, hey! Stop that! - Debbie!
- Debbie, stop! - Put the knife down. Don't.
- Stop joking around.
- Debbie! - Stop!
- Aaah! - No! No!
(Gasping, shrieking)
- Oh my God!
- Marv... are you coming with me?
- No! Oh my God!
- There's somebody at the college
who might be able to figure out
what's going on with that fucking house.
His name is Harrison Cole.
He's the head of the parapsychology department.
He's a ghostbuster.
He's considered a leader in his field.
- Are you sure about this?
- Absolutely not.
- How soon can you talk to him?
- It's probably a better idea if one of you guys calls him.
If I call, he'll tell me to fuck off.
- Uh--uh, not interested.
Whatever it is, thank you, please just--
- Uh--uh, I'm not a salesperson.
I'm Abigail Blaine. I've been trying to reach you.
- Oh, you're the one that bought the house with Marv Sharpe.
That was a mistake... - It sure was.
- ...buying a home with that asshole.
- Well, that's why I'm here.
Not because Marv's an asshole, but because of the house.
- Yeah, well, I can't help you with either.
Thank you.
- Uh, can I please just explain to you why I'm here
before you blow me off?
- You're here because Sharpe called me a ghostbuster.
- Are you not?
- Parapsychology is a serious field of study.
Psychologists like your boyfriend--
- Oh, no, he's-- he's not my boyfriend.
We dated in college, but I--I...
You don't care.
- Psychologists like your friend, who is a boy,
they're afraid to look past the pages of their DSM-5.
If it's not already quantified for them,
they don't want to know about it.
Parapsychologists, however,
we understand there are ways the brain operates
that we have yet to comprehend.
We live for the unknown. We're adventurous.
- That's what we need!
We need someone who can think outside the box.
- It's not a leaky faucet.
I might not even be able to provide the solutions
you're looking for.
In fact, knowing what I know, I might make it worse.
- Three of my friends are dead.
I can't lose any more, not even Marv.
Please, Dr. Cole!
A seance?
- Well, it beats sacrificing a goat.
- OK, well, let's hope it doesn't come to that.
- I was joking.
- I wasn't.
There's a reason that a sacrifice
is a powerful focal point for psychic energy.
Anyways, have any of you heard of the Philip Experiment?
Psychologists asked a group of test subjects
to contact the spirit of Philip Aylesford.
He had killed himself in 1654 after his lover had been, uh,
executed for witchcraft.
- Poor woman.
- The seance was successful, which was very odd,
because Philip Aylesford never actually existed.
The whole experiment was designed
to disprove the supernatural.
But instead, they manifested a tulpa:
a creature created by psychic energy.
- Oh, yeah, no, a--a tulpa.
- Marv...
- I'm sorry, I'm trying.
I'm trying to buy into this, I really am.
You guys gotta help me out.
Have either of you heard of one of these things?
- Well, there is another common term for them, Sharpe.
Children create them all the time.
- Imaginary friends. - Exactly.
People have claimed this house has been haunted since 1975.
I mean, there has been books and movies and websites...
- And maybe satanic rituals.
- ...and something has to happen
to all that psychic energy focused on one location.
- So--so you're saying our collective imagination
is manifesting into something tangible?
- But once manifested, a tulpa is very, very real.
But... since a collective belief created it,
I'm betting a collective belief can destroy it.
- You wouldn't happen to be free tonight, would you?
- Everybody join hands.
And just focus on the candles, clear your mind.
And just let all thoughts and preconceived notions drift away.
Just watch the candles dance.
I'm talking to the presence in this house.
Are you there? Can you hear me?
(Objects clattering)
Uh, if you're willing to speak to us,
I'm offering myself up as a conduit.
- You're inviting yourself to be possessed by a demon?
Are you out of your mind? - It's not a demon.
And I know what I'm doing.
If you're willing to speak to us, use me.
(Wind whistling)
- The temperature just dropped.
- I felt it too.
Shh! Quiet.
Let's focus.
please speak to us.
- I take it that's a no.
(Grunting, groaning)
(Speaking foreign language)
- Uh, does Sharpe speak another language?
- Not that I know of, no!
- Don't demons speak Latin?
- It's not a demon.
- What do you want from us?
(Grunting, speaking foreign language)
(Grunting, gasping)
- Marv! No, Marv!
No! No, Marv!
Get off! Get off! Lucy!
(Shouting, indistinct)
(Screaming, grunting)
(Coughing, gasping)
- OK.
- It was like I was a prisoner in my own body.
I could see everything that was going on,
but I couldn't do anything to stop it.
And then there were all of his memories.
- Would a tulpa have memories?
- I don't think this was a tulpa.
I saw him live. I saw him die.
I saw him enter the afterlife.
I think...
I think I saw Hell.
(Marv groaning, speaking foreign language)
- Dutch?
- Do you have any idea what just happened?
- That, I do know.
Sharpe displayed classic signs of possession.
He displayed superhuman strength.
He spoke a language that he didn't know.
He recoiled from the crucifix.
That was--it was amazing!
- It was terrifying!
- Right, I guess it would be for you.
- Marv could have died. You could have died.
- Uh, that was the first time that ever worked.
- Is it at least gone? - I don't know.
- What exactly do you know?
- Look, parapsychology, it is a study of the unknown.
This is as unknown as it gets.
- Marv, lie down. - No, no, there's no time.
There's no time! - Marv!
- I can get you answers for your very loud questions!
But I need to go now.
(Door opening)
(Grunting, groaning)
- Marv! What?
- We need a shovel!
- Uh, th--there's one in the garage!
(Exhaling sharply)
- Here.
- There's--there's something in there.
I'm telling you. - Ugh!
- OK.
- OK? - Yeah, yeah.
(Shovel clanking)
Did you hit something? - Guys.
- What is it?
- It's--it's a--it's a skull.
- There should be-- - Oh my God!
- There should be-- there should be a stab wound.
- Marv!
- Right here.
- Knowledge of events
he couldn't have possibly known about.
- Reverend Marion did say
that Satanists performed rituals here.
- It could be a sacrifice.
- We need to give this skull a proper burial.
We need to lie its spirit to rest.
- Jesus Christ! Marv!
- I'm sorry, I couldn't sleep.
(Exhaling sharply)
- It's OK. You don't need to apologize.
- Oh, yeah.
I owe you a big apology...
for being such a "sanctimonious prick"
ever since we broke up.
- I think I called you a condescending prick.
- They mean the same thing.
- And thank you for proving my point.
- Right. - Thank you for your apology.
- Come here.
- Good night.
- Good night.
- OK, good night.
This is a terrible idea.
- Yeah, no, we--we-- we're--we're trauma bonding.
Our bodies are still easing out of the state of fight or flight
that we've been in for...
well, how--how long has it even been now?
- Two months.
- It feels like forever.
- He's a welcome distraction right now.
He's comfortable. He's safe. He's available.
- Barely.
- I meant emotionally available.
He knows what I've been through
because he's gone through it too.
If--if you're not comfortable, can you just say so.
It's your house too.
And I don't want to do anything
that's gonna risk our friendship.
- You sure he knows it's casual?
- We're not putting labels on it.
(Exhaling sharply)
OK, well, I'll make sure that he knows it's casual.
- What you do with your grief is your business.
And we all deserve a happy ending, so...
I have to go do something.
I could use some back-up.
I know how much you loved Montenouvo's.
And I've tried to keep it going,
because that's what you'd want.
But it was your dream, not mine.
My heart's not in it,
and... I feel like I'm failing you.
I can't keep feeling that way anymore.
So I'm gonna sell it.
Please be OK with this.
Please give me some kind of a sign.
(Exhaling sharply)
- Hey, what do you say we go home,
we finish this renovation
and we get the hell out of Amityville?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
(Lucy sobbing)
- (Voice whispering): Liar.
(Normal voice): Liar.
- Liar!
- Liar!
- Liar!
(Breathing heavily)
- Fuck!
- I heard you scream.
Is everything all right? - Yeah, I just had a nightmare.
How long have you been standing there?
- Are you sure you're OK?
- Yeah, I'm OK.
I'm just gonna get some water and go to bed.
- Want some company?
- Not tonight.
- Don't read anything into it.
- It's college all over again.
- No, it's not.
- What did he say to you?
- "Don't read anything into it."
- Because even he sees how bad it looks.
You've been hooking up for a week.
He's picking out china patterns.
- He's not talking about the relationship--
- Oh, it's a relationship now?
- He's talking about the nightmare.
- What nightmare?
- No, no, it was more of a...
bad dream.
- It wasn't about the house, was it?
- Are you having nightmares about the house?
- I'm here.
I'm all alone.
But I know Billie's in the house somewhere,
and I'm looking for her.
I--I'm going from room to room.
And every time I think I'm about to find her...
she vanishes.
- Oh, sweetie.
- Please tell me you're not having the same dream.
- No, definitely not.
- Because the last time people were having the same dream--
- No, it's--it's-- it's not the same dream.
Last night...
Debbie came into my room and she called me a liar.
- That's kind of the same dream.
- No, at the very best,
I think it's us just processing our survivor's guilt.
- We're both dreaming about people that we've lost.
We're in the house that we lost them in.
- No, it's not starting again. It's not.
And if it was, I would like to believe...
that our friends on the other side
would at least have the decency to warn us.
- Looks like the leaves are winning.
And you should mulch them.
Just 'cause it's--it's better for, like, the Earth.
- What are you doing here?
- I wanted to schedule an official interview
to document your experience during the seance.
- Well, that's an email.
- It sure is.
But you haven't responded to any of the ones I've sent,
so... I'm here.
How are things around here?
- Things are good.
We're looking forward to selling the house and moving on.
- Um, that's not what I meant. - I know what you meant.
- Sharpe, has there been any other paranormal activity
since the seance?
- There wasn't any paranormal activity
before the seance.
- I mean, you... That's...
How could you say that given everything
you and your friends have gone through?
- That's the problem with your field.
You're so desperate to label anything as paranormal,
you overlook the obvious diagnosis.
In this case, mass hysteria.
- OK. OK, if that's your opinion,
then why send Abigail to me?
- Because Abigail believed our problem was supernatural.
Any solution had to appease her confirmation bias.
So it couldn't come from me.
It had to come from someone who believed in the paranormal
enough to memorize the signs of possession,
someone able to see past their
(Demonic voice): DSM-5.
- You're...
- I'm what?
- I--I--I, uh...
You're narrow-minded. You're just--you're--you're--
you're afraid of anything you can't comprehend.
- Is that your official diagnosis,
(Demonic voice): Doctor?
- Holy fuck.
Holy fuck! Fuck!
Fuck, fuck! Fuck!
(Engine starting)
- Well, fuck.
- Hey, hey, hey.
- Check this out.
- "The Moriarty Family?" - It's the previous owners.
- Well, this can't be a coincidence.
- "This house killed my husband.
"It's finally killed me.
It will kill you too."
Why can't we hear him?
- It's the house. It doesn't want us to!
- What? - We all need to leave.
Marv is still possessed! - Hey!
- Oh my God!
- Oh, I can explain.
- Call 911 now! - OK! OK!
- OK, I'll call.
- Abigail?
Let me in. We gotta call 911.
(Exhaling sharply)
- We're already on it! Any luck?
- I have full signal, but the call's not connecting.
- Keep trying! - OK! OK!
- Cole attacked me first.
- Why would he do that? - I don't know.
I don't know.
He--he was talking a lot of crazy shit,
contradicting himself,
saying that I was still possessed,
that you were possessed.
At one point, Lucy was possessed!
OK? I finally got away from him,
but then I saw him coming after you!
- M-maybe he's telling the truth.
- I am telling the truth!
- Well, do you want to take that chance?
- Shit! My phone is dead!
You try!
- If I wanted to be in the house,
I'd already be in there, OK?
Can't you see I'm not a threat?
- Fuck!
Take the deadbolt! - OK!
- Come here! Hold it tight!
- OK. - OK?
- Go! - OK! OK!
Ah! Wait, where are you going?
- (Whispering): Debbie was right.
We need to burn this house to the fucking ground!
- You can't do that!
- Can't do what? What is she doing?
Abigail, what are you doing?
- It is our house, our responsibility.
- Lucy, you gotta let me in.
- Abigail, please! You can't!
Please, Abigail, you can't do that!
Billie could still be here! They all could be!
If you do that, what happens to them?
- We set them free! Keep talking to him.
You let him in, we're both dead.
- Fuck you, you fucking bitch!
Nobody ever listens to me!
- Lucy!
Lucy, listen to me.
Right now, you have a decision to make
between somebody who wants to destroy the house,
and somebody who wants to save it.
- Ah, fuck!
(Grunting, breathing heavily)
- How do you know what she's doing?
- Because I know how people think!
And right now, Abigail thinks that destroying the house
is her only choice, but she's wrong, OK?
But we can stop her, me and you.
We can stop her together.
But you gotta let me in the house, OK?
Let me in the house, Lucy.
Lucy, let me in the house.
Let me in the house, Lucy! Let me in!
- I--uh...
No, I can't.
I'm sorry, I can't do that.
I can't do that. No! No, I can't!
- Wrong answer.
- Oh my God!
No! Ah!
(Lucy screaming)
Marv! Marv! Marv! You don't need to do this!
You don't want to do this! Marv! Marv!
Get off me, Marv!
No! No!
Hey! Open the door, you motherfucker!
Come on! No, stop!
(Breathing heavily)
- Down here.
- Where are you?
- I'm in here.
- Billie? - I'm right here.
Just--just o-open the door.
- Abby!
Abby, don't-- don't be scared.
It's me, Marv.
- Please, let--let me out.
- Prove it's you. - Let me out, please!
- What did I tell you at the graveyard?
- Please, baby, I'm right here.
Just o-open the door.
- OK. - Yes, yes, please.
Set me free!
- I don't know what to do!
- Abigail...
I think we should discuss moving out of the house.
I think we may have, uh...
overstayed our welcome.
Why don't you come out,
and we can talk about it, all right?
It's time to go.
- What the fuck did you do with Lucy?
- Hey, hey, whoa, whoa! Lucy's downstairs.
She's in the basement grabbing a bunch of Billie's things...
you know, mementos.
We were talking. We're both afraid.
We're afraid you're gonna hurt somebody.
Look, I don't have anything on me.
No weapons. I don't want to hurt you.
Why would I want to hurt you?
(Breathing heavily)
This is the only way.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa! - I got this.
Whoa, whoa, I--I faked the seance, all right?
I faked the seance.
- No you didn't. I was there.
(Speaking foreign language)
- I learned Dutch online.
The skull I got from the biology building.
I was just borrowing it. I was gonna bring it back.
- Why would you do that?
- I did it for you.
- (Voice): Liar. Liar!
Liar. Liar. Liar! Liar!
- You're a fucking liar!
- You're not gonna burn down the house while we're inside.
- Watch me.
- Doing the same thing...
- Oh my God!
- ...and expecting a different result.
(Demonic voice): That's the definition of insanity.
(Grunting, groaning)
(Marv chuckling, Abigail groaning)
- Ah, God!
- You're prolonging the inevitable.
- You can have the house!
- Oh, I can have the house?
You can't give me what's already mine!
- No! No! Aaah!
(Grunting, groaning)
- Death is pure.
Death comes for us all.
- Ugh! No, no!
(Grunting, wood splitting)
- No. - This will all be over soon.
(Grunting, screaming)
Fucking bitch! God!
(Marv chuckling, Abigail whimpering)
(Marv): You're pathetic.
(Breathing heavily, groaning)
Fucking useless.
(Breathing heavily)
Quite frankly, unlovable!
- No!
- Unqualified!
And today...
you breathe your last breath.
(Normal voice): Abigail?
- Aaah!
Oh, no!
I'm sorry!
I'm sorry!
- (Lucy): Hello?
- Lucy!
- In here!
(Breathing heavily)
Thank God you're...
(Sobbing, breathing heavily)
- I'm sorry it has to be you.
(Tape ripping)
- Lucy...
- Don't fight it.
- No!
No! No! No!
(Grunting, gasping)
- (Paramedic): Let's get these gurneys over here.
- I came home...
found Dr. Cole outside on the steps...
and Abigail in the foyer.
- Mr. Sharpe was still in the house?
- Uh...
I heard a noise upstairs.
I thought...
(Doors closing)
...I thought Marv was injured too.
He--he was dousing the rooms in paint thinner.
He attacked me.
I ran downstairs and I found the sledgehammer.
Reverend... hello.
- Lucy.
I--I didn't mean to interrupt. I'll--I'll come back later.
- I was just leaving.
How's the leg?
- Oh, uh,
well... you know, it's about as good as it's gonna get.
That's not bad, right?
- You come to Billie's grave often?
- When circumstances bring me here,
I do the rounds, pay my respects.
How are you?
- Lonely.
- There's a cure for that.
You know you're welcome any time.
- I know. Thank you.
- If you're not doing anything now,
I would love to take you for a coffee.
My treat, of course.
- I have to get home.
- Uh, Lucy...
I have to ask.
After everything that happened...
why did you stay?
- 'Cause there's nothing wrong with the place.
That reminds me.
- Oh, no, no. Please, kee--keep it.
In fact, i-if you'd like,
I--I could come by and bless the house again.
- Reverend, it's just a fucking house.
Leave us alone.
(Crucifix falling)
- Any luck?
- No, she's determined to protect that house.
- Why?
It killed her partner, all her friends.
- Because the Devil is an excellent liar.
And he has told her exactly what she needs to hear.
We may need to rethink our plan.
- We can't.
That house needs to be destroyed.
- Who's gonna do it?
I mean, look at us.
We're lucky to be alive.
- We'll find a way.
Have a little faith.
(Door opening)
- Honey, I'm home.

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