The Amityville Murders (2018) Movie Script

[telephone rings]
[woman] Testing.
Okay, so here we are.
My name's Dawn, Dawn DeFeo,
and this is where I live.
It's finally here,
my big day.
Eighteen and ready
to conquer the world.
Back here, my family's
throwing a party.
As if Italians need another
excuse to celebrate.
Say hello to my new camera,
Hello to my new camera,
[chuckles] Smartass.
Just my luck, right?
Born on the same day
as my big, dumb brother.
Bring it back!
Shaggy took my Weeble.
Fanabla, Jody!
You ruined my shot!
I'm telling!
Hey, cut it out, you pigs!
Marc, don't make me break
your other arm.
You rotten little shits!
Stop it! Mom!
And this is my mommy,
who makes the best cakes
and the best cannoli
in the whole entire world.
I spent all day long making
this cake. What're doing?
What are you doing?
You're turning my $1.19 a pound
ground round into charred ash!
Where's Butch? Better not be
smoking that shit again.
- Get out here!
- All right, I'm here.
Quit busting my chops.
Get out of my face.
[kisses loudly]
[gasps] Now look what
I've gone and done.
Ma, I'm not six years old
anymore, all right. Cut it out.
Hey, watch your mouth. Don't
get smark with your mother.
Been looking for you
for 20 minutes. Where you been?
I was with Donna Benedettio,
helping her fix the antennae
on her television.
I bet that wasn't all you were
doing. Donna Benedettio.
I don't want you hanging out
with that puttana.
She's from the gutter.
What plays in the gutter
stays in the gutter.
Don't forget that.
Right, we're from Brooklyn.
Makes us practically royalty.
I'm sorry, what'd you say?
Ronnie, please,
stop it, it's his day.
His day, every day's his day.
Hanging around my house
like a bum.
Huh, smoking pot
with his hippy friends,
not out in the real world
making something of himself,
fighting for his country
like a real man, huh?
Send him to that hell so he
can come back in a bodybag?
Besides, he's applied
to Syracuse for next semester,
didn't you, Butch?
He's gonna get in,
I know he will.
Come on, who you kidding?
He ain't got the brains
for college.
Now everyone be nice. Okay.
- Hello sweetheart.
- Hi Papa.
- Hi honey. [mumbling]
- Thank you for coming.
Oh, we wouldn't miss this
blessed occasion, Louise.
They grow up and they don't want
to visit Grandpa...
- Silenzio, Michael.
- the city.
- Good to see you.
- You too.
- Sweetheart.
- Hey, Pappa.
Look. You're going off
to college, I understand.
How you gonna get there?
You're not gonna walk.
There, buddy.
Don't be jealous.
- Doll, here.
- No way.
Pappa, no, it's all too much.
Family is everything,
you know that.
I own the dealership,
don't worry about it.
Thank you, Nona. Guys, look!
You're kidding me.
Oh my gosh.
These are some foxy wheels.
This is groovy.
Oh my god.
- How do I look.
- You look so good.
Give me those keys. If he wants
a car, he should earn it.
Like I did.
The last time I checked,
you were on my payroll.
Give those back to the kid.
He's my grandson.
I want him
to have those keys.
Now stop this shit. Go inside
that fancy house of yours.
Go get me a glass
of vino, please.
[groans] Maddon'.
You call this marinara?
That's how Ronnie likes it.
Well, it tastes like your
father's old socks.
- Ma, don't!
- What?
Ronnie don't like
his gravy so strong.
Is that man putting his hands
to you again?
No, Ma, everything's good.
In fact, we've been talking
about the future.
The future?
I didn't want to say anything
until we made our decision,
Ronnie got a job offer
in California.
It's good money, and chance
for him to forge his own path.
You know, and with Butch
and then Dawn going
to college next year,
we really don't need
all this room.
Are you selling my house?
I don't know, Ma, we...
Like I said,
we haven't made any decisions.
Hey Nona.
Hi sweetheart.
Love you, Mom.
I don't want you kids down the
cellar all day. We got company.
[music playing]
You know, they say if you play
this song backwards
you can hear the voice
of Satan.
It's the sound your mother made
when she gave birth to you.
Ha ha ha, real funny.
All right,
name your first crush.
Loretta Lynn.
Shut the fuck up, Beak.
I've got it.
Angie fucking Dickinson,
Police Woman.
What I wouldn't do with those
two magnificent melons.
You're so gross.
Butch DeFeo.
Next one. A verb.
Great, now I'm busy
smoking it.
She said verb,
not herb, you putz.
One more time, Pelskie,
and I'll...
And you'll what, huh, Beak?
Hey, guys, mellow the fuck out,
I'll choose.
[people mutter]
Next one...
Current state of mind.
And last one...
favorite room in the house.
Any room
where I can do this.
- [breaks wind]
- [all groan]
You are disgusting,
you know that?
You're a pig, Pelskie.
Oh, get off me.
- Get her.
- Mess up my hair.
Well, mine would be
the red room.
What the hell is a red room?
Well, read it,
and I'll show you.
Butch DeFeo is going
to murder you
after going insane
in the red room.
This used to be
our secret hiding place.
Come on, follow me.
Get off me.
Hey, did you see that?
Watch your fuckin' hands,
you jerk!
That wasn't me.
That was a ghost.
Come on in, gather around.
Butch, aren't you coming?
[sighs] All right.
Right here.
Now that everyone's here,
we can begin.
Now, growing up on Long Island,
we've all heard the stories
about how this area was believed
to be a portal
of spirit energy,
a place where the living
could commune with the dead.
This book belonged
to our grandmother.
In order for a summoning
to take place,
there must always
be an offering.
She taught us that if we focused
our thoughts hard enough
we could harness that energy
and invite it in.
[both chant in foreign language]
Your mother sucks cocks
in hell.
Now that is seriously
some heavy shit.
[screaming and pounding]
[screaming and
pounding continues]
What in God's name
is going on down here?
Daddy, we were just
playing around, okay?
Get your ass upstairs if you
know what's good for you.
Hmm? Goes for the rest
of you.
Get the hell out of my house,
you goddamn losers.
All of you, get out!
Get out! Get out!
Daddy, listen to me.
Okay, it wasn't his fault.
I'm the one that told them
they could go in there.
Haven't I told you I don't allow
dopers and whores
or mulignans in my house,
didn't I tell you that?
- Huh?
- That's funny.
'Cause all I see is a sad,
pathetic old pig.
No! Butch! Are you okay?
- What'd you call me?
- Daddy, no!
No, not that, please!
No! No,
you're not doing that, Daddy!
Huh? Huh?
Who do you think you are?
Don't you ever...
ever talk to me
that way again.
That's enough!
Daddy, please.
Get upstairs, you little pansy.
Change your clothes.
Your mother wants to cut
the goddamn cake.
[sobbing] Butch, let me see.
Are you okay?
Oh my god.
It's okay.
It's looking better.
Gotta get out
of this house, Butch.
Just gotta drive somewhere,
far away,
as far as we can go.
I've tried.
- Right? He always finds me.
- Please.
It's never gonna end, until that
son of a bitch is gone for good.
It's either gonna be us or him,
you know that.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday
Butch and Dawn
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, Butch,
my favorite brother
in the whole wide world.
Thanks buddy.
Happy 23rd, son.
My baby's all grown up.
I'm so proud.
- Hey.
- [laughter]
See? My son.
[indistinct chatter]
[no audio]
[clock ticking]
[creaking wood]
[thudding sound]
[thudding continues]
[distant thud]
[creaking sound]
[Ronnie] Okay.
[ghostly voices]
- [hard rock music playing]
- [thunderclap]
[both moaning]
This song gets me so hot.
It's the best.
The best!
What's wrong?
Can I get your attention?
Take me inside
and fuck me.
You know I can't do that.
Why not? Are you afraid big bad
Ronnie'll catch you in the act?
Give you another beating?
Hey, shut your trap!
Hey, did you bring
that acid tab for me?
Really? We've been going
together six months.
- That's all I'm good for?
- No.
[man on radio]
You're listening to WAGL 1340,
the smooth sounds
of Long Island.
But you brought it?
Oh shut up already.
All right.
Last train to nirvana,
ready for departure.
[ghostly voices]
Donna? Donna, someone's inside.
They've got a gun.
Stop! Stop!
Get off! Get off! Get...!
Donna, get off!
Donna... Dawn?!
[Donna screams]
[Donna grunts] Needle dick,
piece of shit!
Son of a fucking bitch!
Have you lost
your goddamn mind?!
Damn you, Ronnie,
let me back in this goddamn car!
I need my fucking shoe!
- [screams]
- [starts engine]
Fuck you!
Whoo. [shivers]
Who's there?
[dramatic music playing]
[ghostly voices]
[man on TV] Some people have
a deep, abiding respect
for the natural beauty
that was once this country.
And some people don't.
People start pollution,
people can stop it.
[people cheering on TV]
Oh my God.
[deep creaking sound]
[door closes]
I'm home.
- [crash]
- [screams]
[pigeon cooing]
[man on TV] And now,
for a morsel
- of mind-melting madness.
- [doorbell rings]
[man on TV continues talking]
Trick or treat!
Oh, look
what the cat dragged in.
[child laughs]
Hey, leave some
for the rest of the block.
Why do I have
to be Cinderella again?
Woolworths don't have Howdy
Doody in your size. Hold still.
What's with these flimsy five
and dime costumes these days?
In my day, Halloween
was a serious business.
In the old country we called it
La Notte delle Streghe.
The Night of the Witches.
Witches? Real witches?
Ma, enough. I don't want you
scaring the kids.
Yes, Bella, witches,
real witches.
See, in ancient times,
it was the night
the dead
returned to their homes,
when dark spirits ran amok
across the countryside,
and when offerings were made
for the coming
of the winter solstice.
Offerings like giving candy?
[chuckles] No.
I'm talking
about real offerings.
Ma, give it a rest.
- [toy gunfire]
- Bang bang!
- Oh no!
- You're dead!
Jody, no shooting
in this house.
You can't kill the undead.
- [laughter]
- Who are you supposed to be?
She was a V-A-M-P vamp
Why don't you get your big,
fat vamp off my piano, huh?
You let her go out
dressed like this?
Daddy, get with the times.
I'll get with the times when you
go upstairs and put on a coat.
- No, but Dad...
- But nothing.
You listen to your father.
Butch, what are you doing
out of bed?
I thought I heard something
in my room.
[Ronnie] Come here, you.
Shoot up all of Dodge City.
Who are you, Wyatt Earp?
Bang bang bang!
What did you hear, son?
It sounded like voices.
Butch, we've all
been downstairs.
No, not your voices.
Voices coming from my wall.
All right, let's get
this show on the road.
I don't wanna be out
all night, all right?
All right. Will you drop me off
at the train station?
- Bring me my pocketbook.
- Oh, my gloves.
Yes, we'll take you to the
train station, Ma. Let's go.
Now Butch, I want you
to go upstairs
and get in bed, subito.
And if you get hungry, there's
minestrone in the ice box.
[ghostly voices]
[Louise] Ronnie!
[dog barks]
If I see you, you're dead.
[child crying]
Come on, where are ya?
Show your face, I kill ya.
It'll be okay, Jody.
[Jody mumbles]
It's gonna be okay.
Broke into
the wrong house, guys.
Why would they do this?
They didn't even steal anything.
I don't know.
It'll be okay.
[Ronnie] Where are ya?!
You're a dead man!
[Louise] Ronnie!
[Louise gasps]
Son of a bitch!
Goddamn it.
Where is he?
No! No! No, Ronnie! Please!
Get off me.
Where the fuck is he?
Fucker. Where is it?
Where is it?
I'm asking where it is!
Tell me, you son of a bitch.
- Don't! Stop it!
- Where is it?
[overlapping shouting]
Did you steal from me?!
Did you fucking steal from me?!
Did you fucking steal from me?!
Did you fucking steal from me?!
Stop, Daddy!
[muted] If you fucking did
I'll kill you.
You son a bitch!
Let go of him!
Let go of him! Let go...
- [doorbell rings]
- [knocking]
That would be the cops.
I called them.
[Jody] Don't do it.
Don't do it, Daddy.
No broken windows,
no signs of forced entry,
and you're not away
of anything that was stolen?
Well, my husband's
personal safe...
Nothing was taken, officer.
- I put the kids down.
- Where's Butch?
Who's Butch, ma'am?
Oh, he's my eldest son.
He's the only one
who's been home tonight.
And is Butch
in the house now?
Well yes,
but he's been quite ill.
Doctors say he's got the bug
that's been going around.
I'd still like to speak with
him, if it's all the same.
You know, it's Halloween.
It's probably some neighborhood
bums playing pranks.
But they didn't take nothing
so let's just call it a night.
- What do you say?
- Your son, Mr. DeFeo?
- Are you Butch DeFeo?
- Yes sir.
Mind telling us what happened
while your family was out?
I don't know. I was asleep
upstairs, like my mother said.
I didn't hear nothing.
Butch, sweetheart, you don't
look so good. Go upstairs.
Hold on, hold on.
You expect us to believe that
someone ransacked this house,
except for the one you were in,
and you didn't hear a thing?
If my boy says he didn't see
nothing or hear nothing,
he didn't hear nothing,
that's all.
All right, Mr. DeFeo,
thank you for your time.
If you or your wife think
of anything else,
or you find out
that something was stolen,
please, give us a call.
Oh, thank you very much,
appreciate it, guys.
Incidently, sir, shouldn't have
your firearm out like that.
Yeah, you're right.
Have a good night, guys.
Keep your family safe.
Let's get out of here.
[Dawn] Did you do it, Butch?
Did you take the money
from the safe?
[Butch] You'd be the first
to know if I did.
You've been acting weird
ever since...
Since the moment you decided we
should play the game
with them again.
Remember when we used
to talk to them?
And they would
keep us safe
whenever Daddy was drinking
or in one of his moods?
Well, something different
happened there the other day.
Okay, I don't know what it was
or how to explain it, but...
it was almost
like we made them angry.
What did they used
to tell us?
How we would always live here.
We've been talking
about moving out.
Mom and Dad have been talking
about moving out.
Come on, Butch.
We were kids, playing a game.
It was all
in our imagination.
if we did wake them up...
then maybe there's a way
we can put them back to sleep.
[Dawn chants
in foreign language]
[both chant in foreign language]
[chanting continues]
- [Louise] Talk to me.
- [Ronnie sobbing] Where is it?!
- [sobbing] Where is it?!
- I don't understand!
Where is it? Where is it?
What's happening?
- Where is it? Fucking money!
- What?! What?!
[continue chanting]
I'm gonna die, Louise.
- Ronnie!
- I'm gonna die!
[ghostly voices]
[man on TV] And here's the star
of Name That Song,
Jack Atwater.
[static noise on TV]
[TV turns off]
[faint ghostly voices]
[ghostly voices get louder]
[faint, ghostly screams]
Quick, shut the door
What's going on?
There's someone parked
across the street.
Butch, they've been watching
the house.
Yeah, they're still there.
Butch, go look.
They're right there.
Butch, don't let 'em
see you.
I wonder if it's the people
who broke into the house.
Do you think they're casing
the neighborhood?
Should I call the cops again?
Looks like they're gone now.
Butch, I don't know.
I have a strange feeling
that something really bad's
about to happen.
Butch, why ain't you
talking to me?
[muttering faintly]
You okay?
Stop playing around, okay?
You're really scaring me.
Butch, stop,
what are you doing?
Don't blame her.
It's not her fault.
- Yes.
- [gasps]
Let go.
I can't do that.
Not now.
I promise.
What are you doing
in here?
- Butch?
- [pounding sound]
[ghostly voices]
[pounding continues]
Daddy, what is going on?
- Stay right here, don't move.
- No.
- [pounding continues]
- [dog barks]
Knock it off, Shaggy!
- [gasps]
- It's just me.
- Good boy.
- [wind howling]
[loud crash]
- [pounding]
- [Dawn] Daddy!
Son of a bitch.
Come to my house
in the middle of the night!
Show your face, you coward!
Come on, I'm waiting!
Come on!
It's okay.
[Louise] For the last time,
I wanna know what's going on.
I know.
[Ronnie] There's nothing
going on. go back to bed.
But I can't.
[Dawn] I'm scared. I saw a man
in a car outside my window.
I don't want to.
[Louise] Would you
listen to her?
Your family's lives
are in danger.
You can't make me...
[Ronnie] You're insane? This
goddamn family's gone insane!
...kill them.
[lively music on TV]
[children shouting]
I can't talk about it right now,
Ma, I've got too much going on.
Yes, I'm gonna make the lasagne.
I'm making your favorite recipe.
I'm gonna kill both of you
if you don't knock it off.
I've got finals
to study for.
These kids are driving me
up the wall.
No, Ma, not this weekend.
I've got too much going on.
Tell Dad thank you
for the card.
Of course we're coming
for Thanksgiving.
Oh shoot! I don't remember, is
it two cups of polenta or three?
I've gotta go, Ma. Ronnie's
almost home. Talk to you later.
Love you, bye.
[Jody] That's not fair.
I want some.
Marc, what did I tell you?
No fluffernutter before supper.
Goddamnit, Ma, these are
the best things going!
You watch that filthy mouth
or I will wash it out with soap!
[Marc] Oh, Ma.
Allison, do not even think about
drinking out of that bottle.
Oh, damn it, Allison!
Sorry. It was an accident.
- Clean it up.
- I'm cleaning it.
- Hey, Mrs. D.
- Is Butch around?
- Hi boys. He's up in his room.
- Scram.
He's still feeling
under the weather.
What's wrong with him? Haven't
seen his ugly mug for weeks.
- I wish I knew.
- Give me that!
- It's almost time to eat.
- Is there pasta?
- Do you mind?
- I don't mind at all.
- Doesn't your mother feed you?
- Sure.
There's no comparison between
her rump roast and yours.
Stop. Cut it out. Stop.
Come on, guys. Last one upstairs
is a rotten egg.
Stop. It's my dad.
Well, I guess I'm late
to the party, huh?
Ronnie, they were
just horsing around.
Yeah, I can see that.
Having a big party?
Butch should be down soon,
if you wanna stay for supper.
Yeah, sure. Why not?
I shall resign the presidency
effective at noon tomorrow.
[Ronnie sighs]
It's been three months,
they're still playing
this bullshit.
Leave it to the bleeding heart
liberal media to stick it
to the last great leader.
What do you say, fellas?
Can I offer you a cold one?
Uh... Sure, Mr. DeFeo.
There you go.
Daddy, I'm just trying
to study here.
You know, back in my day, when
we paid our neighbors a visit
we showed our elders
the proper respect.
We didn't put our lazy
unshowered, good-for-nothing
keisters on
their fine furniture.
We didn't sit inappropriately
next to their teenage daughters.
Daddy, please stop.
And we especially
didn't make lewd sexual remarks
in front
of our own mothers.
Hey, Mom, I'll help you.
Back in my day...
- we showed 'em who was boss.
- Daddy...
- In my day, that's what we did!
- Daddy!
We showed 'em who was boss!
We showed 'em who was boss!
- We showed 'em who was boss!
- No!
You see that?!
Is that what you want?!
You fuckin' mutt!
Leave her alone!
Let's show the boys a little
party. Is that what you want?
You little whore!
Is that what you are?!
You want these fucking mutts
all over you?!
[Dawn sobs]
Is that what you like? You want
these animals all over you?!
You want these fucking mutts
all over you?!
You want these fucking animals'
hands all over you?!
I'll fucking kill you!
- [clicks]
- [Nixon] I hope
that I will have hastened
the start
of that process of healing
which is so
desperately needed.
I regred deeply any injuries
that may have been done
in the course of the events
that led to this decision.
[drops gun]
those shared ideas...
Let me see, Mom.
This has been going on
for years.
It has to stop now
before it's too late.
Did I ever tell you
I used to have
the most vivid dreams when I was
a girl growing up in this house.
I dreamed of having
my own family,
the children I would bring
into this world.
Your grandmother told me
they were premonitions.
And she was right.
But lately...
my dreams
have been different.
I see the end coming.
A terrible...
I see rain...
and blood.
And when it's all over...
[exhales deeply]
...I feel...
at peace.
we're all together
when it happens...
in our safe place.
In our home.
High Hopes.
[Ronnie] Yeah, it don't take
much to point a gun at somebody.
But it does take some serious
balls to pull that trigger.
You made me proud
today, son.
But remember this,
next time it might be you
looking down the barrel
of that rifle.
What the hell?
[Dawn] I'm fed up, Ronnie!
I don't wanna hear it no more!
Louise, I've had that rifle
20 years.
Never once did it misfire,
not once, okay?
I checked the chamber.
There were two rounds in there.
Should've blown my fucking head
off but it didn't.
I know why now.
I was spared, Louise.
[Louise] That's just great,
Now it's a sign from God
of your redemption?
You think locking us up
in these bars
and putting statues all over
the house of the virgin Mary
is gonna make up
for all your sins?
You said yourself there's
something wrong with this house.
You've always said that.
Maybe you're right.
You really don't get it,
do you?
It's not about
the goddamn house.
It's about you.
Open your eyes.
Butch is in trouble,
serious trouble.
What are you gonna do about it?
I've told you
a hundred times, Louise,
I've got the goddamn devil on
my back with that fucking kid!
Butch is not the devil.
He's our son. And he needs us,
now more than ever.
Six months in basic training
with the corp,
that's what that kid needs,
they'll make a man out of him.
He's hooked on drugs.
He needs professional help,
not a goddamn drill sargeant.
No son of mine is going
to some methadone clinic.
I'll commit him to Bellevue
before a place like that.
I am done
with this conversation.
Louise, I'm talking to you.
What are you doing?
Where are you going?
I am going to my mother and
fathers' and bringing the kids.
No you're not.
I need time away from this
house, and time away from you.
You're not gonna leave me now.
I'm under so much pressure.
Okay, listen to me, I'm begging
you. Just listen to me, Louise.
If I don't come up with that
money I don't know what I'll do.
I'm sorry, okay?
Just stay and talk to me.
Be with me now, okay?
Please, I'm begging you.
I'm begging you,
don't go over there.
- [sobbing]
- Don't go away now.
[Dawn continues sobbing]
Stay with me.
stay with me now.
[gasps] Jesus.
Come with me.
[door opens]
Look at this.
[gasps] Holy shit.
Found it this morning.
How much is there?
$50 thousand, maybe more.
Butch, you said
you didn't take it.
I... I didn't.
I mean, my mind
is all twisted up.
I can't eat,
I can't sleep.
I just spend night
after night
after night...
Watching what?
Watching you.
Did you know that the natives
on this part of Long Island
have a ritual
for burying their dead?
Every winter...
they would banish
all the most savage criminals,
all the outcasts,
all the enemies
of the tribe.
They would tie them to trees,
leaving them to die slowly
from the exposure,
And then,
when they were dead...
they would bury them,
face down.
Butch, look, I don't know
what's going on with you,
but you have
to get out of here.
Did you know that everyone
in this house
sleeps face down?
Every single night.
No one stirs.
Not even a sound.
It's as if everyone
goes to the same place...
shares the same dream...
All tucked warmly
in their beds.
So quiet...
a calm...
so at peace.
[chants in foreign language]
[chants in foreign language]
Butch... Butch, look.
Butch, we have to get
out of here.
Come on, let's go.
What the fuck?!
What have we done?
We awakened them.
Hey, Butch,
I overheard Daddy earlier.
He was saying he wants to have
you locked up, committed.
All right, we have to get you
someplace where he...
I'll be okay.
But I think you should go.
- What?
- Tonight.
Okay, what are you
talking about?
I'm not going anywhere
without you.
What do you think is gonna
happen to the kids if I'm gone?
Don't you think he's gonna
go after them next?
There is no way out.
Not for any of us.
Except you.
[national anthem plays]
[loud thunderclap]
[anthem continues playing]
[anthem finishes]
[electronic tone]
[ghostly voices]
[voices get louder]
[faint voices]
[voice] He's dangerous.
[distant thunderclap]
- [howling sound]
- Go away!
[low growling sound]
- [howling sound continues]
- Go away!
Leave me alone!
- [ghostly sounds]
- [screams]
Leave me alone!
Go away!
- [gasps]
- [ghostly voices]
[gunfire and explosions
on TV]
[distant thunderclap]
[Dawn] What if he refuses
to go?
- He's not gonna cooperate.
- [Ronnie] He's lost his mind.
[Dawn] We'll have
to restrain him.
[Ronnie] I'm telling you,
it's either us or him.
[Dawn] I already mixed in
a sedative.
[Ronnie speaks indistinctly]
I'm getting him
out of this house.
[Dawn] What if
he refuses to go?
[Ronnie speaks indistinctly]
[Dawn speaks indistinctly]
[Ronnie] I've got
the devil on my back.
[Dawn] We might have
to restrain him.
[Ronnie] Does everybody
know what to do?
Do not let him know
what we're planning.
[Dawn] I think
I hear him coming.
We were getting worried
about you, son.
You've been sleeping
all day.
Huh? You must
be hungry, son.
Come on, join us for some
supper, what do you say?
Got my cast off today.
Looks like I can
beat you up, again.
Says someone
who fell down the stairs.
You pushed me.
- I did not.
- Yes you did.
Go ahead, take your coat off,
son, have some dinner, come on.
Butch, come sit down, baby.
I made you
your favorite dish.
Hey Butch, any idea where
your sister might have gone?
- No sir.
- I'm sure she'll be back soon.
Why don't we just enjoy
our last meal together?
Jody, would you like to lead
the family in grace?
Thank you for our home so sweet;
Thank you for the food we eat;
Thank you for the birds
that sing;
Thank you God for everything.
[all] Amen.
That was lovely.
Shall we eat?
[loud thunderclap]
[electrical zapping]
Some storm
we have tonight, huh?
[Dawn] Want some?
No. No!
It's just a storm.
[ghostly voices]
- Go away.
- [Ronnie] Butch.
Go away!
Butch, calm down.
What's wrong with you?
Leave us alone!
[Ronnie] Come on.
Whoa. Put down the knife.
You're gonna...
Everybody stay back!
Whoa whoa whoa.
You're gonna hurt yourself.
[rattles door knob]
Crazy son of a...
[Butch] Leave me alone!
Go away!
Butch, don't be afraid.
Where do you think
you're going?
[ghostly voices]
[Dawn] Sorry to show up
so late, Nona.
Oh, the storm's
getting closer.
I had to get out
of there, Nona.
There's something really wrong
with that house.
You've always known
that the house is...
But what is it
about the house?
When I met your grandfather
he had big ideas
and big dreams
and he worked hard.
When your mother was born
he took me out to Long Island.
He was already working
two jobs.
he scrapped together
enough money
to buy a small parcel
in Amityville.
He felt a strong
connection there, we both did.
He bought the land
from a wealthy man
named Moynahan.
My Michael spent the next year
building our house,
your house.
It was everything
he ever wanted for his family.
And that's why we named it
High Hopes.
Over time, we attained a life
of certain means.
The house took care of us,
and we took care of it,
you see?
But Nona, the house,
whatever lives there,
it makes things happen,
bad things.
Were you reading
from the book?
Nona, we were just playing.
Just like you taught us
when we were small.
Conjoration isn't a game,
You know this.
Now come on,
tell Nona everything.
- [loud thunderclap]
- [electrical zapping]
I'm afraid, Nona.
It feels like we're being...
We're all haunted
by something,
by our past,
by our mistakes...
by our sins.
[loud thunderclap]
You'll be safe here
with Nona tonight.
[ghostly sound]
[Butch screams]
[cocks rifle]
- [gunfire]
- [cocks rifle]
[cocks rifle]
[both groan]
[ghostly voices]
[ghostly chanting]
- [gunfire]
- [gasps]
Where are you going, child?
I'm going home.
It's not safe for you
out there,
not tonight,
not with this storm outside.
What have you done to us, Nona?
They are angry.
Dawn, please don't go back
to that house!
[loud thunderclap]
Oh my God!
No! Allison!
Oh my God.
Oh my God! Butch.
What are you...?
What are you doing?
Please. Butch, don't.
You have to help me.
Butch, what are you doing?
Please, Butch, you have to.
Please stop!
Butch, don't.
Please, don't!
You don't have
to do it to me.
Butch! No!
Please, Butch,
you don't have to do this!
Stop! Butch, no!
[Butch] There's no way out,
- [Louise] I see rain...
- [Butch] ...not for any of us.
[Louise] ...and blood.
[Butch] There's no way out.
[Louise] And when
it's all over...
[Butch] There's no way out.
[Louise] ...I feel at peace.
[Butch] What did they used
to tell us?
[Dawn] How we would always
live here.
There's no way out, Dawn.
[Louise] We're all together
when it happens...
in our safe place.
[Butch] What did they used
to tell us?
[Dawn] That we would
always live here.
[Louise] our home.
High Hopes.
[rattling and banging]
[pounding continues]
Now I lay me down to sleep;
I pray the Lord
my soul to keep;
And if I die before I wake;
I pray the Lord
my soul to take
[sobs quietly]
Six members of a suburban
New York family
have been found shot to death
in their beds.
It appears that all of them
were murdered while asleep.
[man] The victims have been
identified as members
of the DeFeo family.
They were found by a 23
year old son Ronald DeFeo
who is believed to be the only
surviving member of the family.
[door lock clicks]
You're going
to love this one.
It's a real charmer,
perfect for a new family.
George and Kathy,
come on in.
Let me show you how the other
half of Amityville lives.