The Angel (2018) Movie Script

The Summer of Love.
But can the idea of love
and peace really bring about change
to a world living on the edge of war?
In the Middle East, long-simmering
tensions are about to burst into flames.
Egypt's popular President,
Gamal Abdel Nasser,
gathers the entire Arab nations
to join him in war against Israel.
Nasser blocks Israel's shipping channels
through the Straits of Tiran.
War seems inevitable.
Israel responds
with a devastating surprise attack.
Within a matter of a few hours,
the entire Egyptian Air Force
is destroyed.
Despite Syria and Jordan coming
to Egypt's aid,
fighting on three fronts...
Israel goes on to win the war
in only six days.
The Sinai Peninsula,
Golan Heights, and the West Bank,
including East Jerusalem, fall to Israel.
As the Arab nations plot
to regain their lost territories,
certain Palestinian nationalist groups,
living under Israeli rule
in the occupied territories...
start to plan their retaliation.
What is your business in Rome, sir?
I'm here in an official capacity.
Please remind those two gentlemen
that's all diplomatic luggage.
Guys, leave those suitcases.
-He has a diplomatic passport.
-No problem.
-Enjoy your stay in Rome, Mr. Marwan.
-Thank you.
Glory to Allah.
Flight 136
to Tel Aviv is now boarding.
- This is where I say good luck.
- Stay until it's over.
Listen to me.
I'm an Egyptian consular official.
I cannot risk remaining here.
Please send our deepest respect
and thanks to President Sadat.
Tell him we will soon see
a free Palestine.
Good luck.
Hello ladies and gentlemen,
this is your Captain speaking:
Flight duration expected
is four hours and ten minutes.
It's taking off, get ready.
President Nasser...
Vice President Sadat, you are welcome.
They are ready for you.
I completely agree with you,
Mr. President.
Abdullah, let's keep it in English
for the benefit of our friends.
The only question of importance
is the regaining
of our lands seized by Israel.
The problem is not
just the Zionist entity.
The problem is who stands behind Israel.
The United States!
Perhaps, if Israel felt threatened,
by United Nations resolutions...
We all know that will never happen.
Perhaps the problem is not
who stands behind Israel but behind us.
As the Soviet Union?
You presume to enlighten
the men at this table, Ashraf?
I'm sorry for speaking up,
Mr. President, but in the long run,
the Soviet Union will collapse
as it adheres to a flawed concept--
The Soviet Union is the only power
holding America at bay.
And this is the power you say
is going to crumble?
I believe it will.
Their system does not reward a man's
individual initiative and accomplishments.
So we need is the support
of countries that will survive,
notably the United States.
We know they do not want Israel attacked.
What if the Arab states offered
to the US not to attack Israel
in return for their economic support,
much more than the Soviets now provide?
But what about your lands?
What's more important?
Our land or our people?
Let's contact the Americans,
shift away from the Soviets
and broker the deal
between us and the Israelis.
I suppose
I could appoint my son-in-law
as the new American Ambassador.
And head negotiator
of the Israeli peace process.
A real visionary.
Right, Sharaf?
You know, Mr. Eastwood, Egypt's vineyards
date back to the days of the Pharaohs.
What do you think of the wine?
I had no idea that Egypt
had produced such a gem.
A toast to friends.
May we all be healthy and victorious.
And to my beautiful daughter, Mona.
The joy of my heart.
I'm so happy to be here in London
with you.
- Cheers for Mona.
- Cheers for Mona.
I can't have him
around important guests.
- You're speaking about my husband.
- Your husband? Nonsense!
He's a millstone around your neck.
What kind of example
is this man for my grandson?
Your grandson, but my son,
and Ashraf is his father!
A deadbeat father.
Better no father at all than that.
I always knew he was an idiot.
And now he embarrasses me at my table.
I should never have approved
this marriage.
Are you OK?
I heard what he said to you.
It's nothing I haven't heard before.
So you approve
of the way he humiliates me?
-I didn't say that.
-Then, what is it?
I don't understand his issue with me.
He was upset you expressed
your thoughts at the table. Thst's all.
Mona, he's blinded by his hatred of me.
He shuts me out every time.
-He's a stubborn man.
-His stubbornness...
He sticks to an old philosophy
that obviously failed.
take my advice:
be gentler when you are with him.
Show him you respect him.
One day, he will accept you as I do
and see the great man that you are.
Trust me,
I will work on him until he does.
I don't look for my daddy
in every man I meet.
My father is my father,
and you are something else.
I love you, Ashraf, just believe that.
Most notably,
the actions of this man, Garbo.
A failed chicken-farmer...
who became the greatest
double agent in history.
Convinced that he needed
to act for the good of humanity,
Garbo set about creating
an imaginary spy ring...
of 27 English agents.
Garbo is now recognized...
as one of the great heroes
of World War II.
A man who, incredibly enough,
was awarded the Iron Cross by Germany
and the Order of the British Empire
by the King.
Bag O' Nails.
Tonight, after the group study.
Are you in?
-Let me talk to my wife.
-It's going to be a wild night.
- Ashraf! You made it!
- Yes.
I'm so glad you came. Good man. Good man.
-You know Diana Ellis?
-Should I?
Yeah, you should.
-Why do you ask?
-Because she's right behind you.
Rory, darling.
Who's your handsome friend?
Ashraf Marwan, Diana Ellis.
- He's the one I told you about.
- Oh my, aren't you exotic?
Do you like parties?
-Parties? Yes, I like parties.
-Adult parties?
They're at my house. You should come.
Adult parties.
That sounds very... swinging.
- I might let you come for free.
- People pay to attend your parties?
That's where the action is
with cameras in the bedroom
so I don't miss a thing.
So, you film your guests?
I like to watch the movies later.
-Can I get anyone a drink?
Tequila! Coming up.
So, what's your story?
Rory says you're the son
of the Egyptian president?
-You're married?
-Yes, I am. Six years.
-I have a little boy.
Such a waste.
Here we are.
For you.
-To swinging.
-To swinging.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
I overslept.
Came back late last night.
Who were you with?
My friends at university.
What's this?
Your tuition bill.
I took care of it already.
No need to worry.
is something wrong?
What is it?
Sami Sharaf came by and dropped this off.
You're gambling again?
Dancing with that blonde actress
Diana Ellis?
I won't be made to look foolish.
This is wrong.
He sends Sami to spy on me?
On the money, Ashraf, not you.
That's not the reason, and you know it.
Oh, what's this? Hey, darling, come here.
Give Daddy a kiss.
Go play.
-Listen, Mona--
-English, Ashraf.
Can't you see what's happening?
Sami is trying to discredit me
in the eyes of your father.
You're doing that all by yourself.
-He's demanding that we return to Egypt.
-What about my education?
-Your education?
Your education in poker?
In drinking?
You know I would do everything
to protect you,
but my father controls our money.
he wants me to divorce you.
Is that what you want, Mona?
But this...
it needs to stop.
You know I love you,
but you can't lie to me.
I know.
Israeli Embassy,
how may I direct your call?
Michael Comay, Israeli Ambassador, please.
And to whom am I speaking?
I will identify myself to the Ambassador.
I'm afraid I am unable to connect you
without a name, sir.
Sir? Are you still there?
-My name is Ashraf Marwan.
-How can I help you, Mr. Marwan?
I have information of interest
to the Intelligence Services,
so I must speak with the Ambassador.
I'm afraid he is not available.
But if you'd like to leave a--
Now, in its purest form,
potassium is a highly reactive metal.
For those who don't know
how to spell potassium,
write it down, remember it.
When exposed to water,
potassium creates a purple flame.
Why purple?
Excuse me.
I'm looking for Ashraf Marwan.
Ashraf Marwan.
Is there an Ashraf Marwan here?
Ashraf Mar...
Sir, please come down here.
Ashraf Marwan?
Come with us.
I apologize.
President Nasser...
had a heart attack...
and died.
You and your family are requested
back to Cairo immediately.
He's dead?
Yes, Ashraf.
The President is dead.
Today, millions of Egyptians came
out on the streets...
to bid farewell
to President Gamal Abdel Nasser.
May he rest in peace.
And Vice President Anwar el Sadat
will be appointed
President of the Arab Republic of Egypt...
a few days
after the official period of mourning.
My condolences.
Mr. President...
I'll be right back.
Sami, Mrs. Nasser wants you urgently.
What is shameful
is denying reality.
The reality is that Israel captured
60,000 square kilometers
of Egyptian land
because of the Six-Day War.
Israel occupies this land today.
This administration's agenda
is to retake it,
so that our people can walk once again
with their heads held high.
Until then...
this map will remind us
of the task at hand.
Our country is not ready for another war.
That is why our only option
to recover the Sinai
is to approach the American
about a diplomatic solution.
Out of the question.
It would jeopardize
the support from the Soviets.
Not necessarily.
what do you suggest?
You will address me as "Mr. President",
Mr. Sami Sharaf.
Mr. President...
I categorically refuse
to endorse this plan!
It is for me to decide what is
in the best interest for Egypt!
Your job is to provide me
with the intelligence
that will enable me to make that decision.
Nothing more.
Am I clear?
Yes, sir.
Get out.
With the rise in criticism
of the diplomatic positions
of the government towards Israel,
three ministers resigned today.
This fuels speculations that they may be
preparing to launch a political challenge
against newly sworn-in President Sadat.
Come with me, Mr. Marwan.
Wait here, please.
Mr. President,
Ashraf Marwan is here to see you.
He says it's urgent.
Let him in.
-Turn it off.
What is it that could not wait
until Monday, Ashraf?
Mr. President, I have records for you
of the upmost importance.
Records? What records?
Records containing information
about Sami Sharaf, Gomaa and Sabri.
Records detailing bribery
and corruption at the highest levels.
With respect, they prove one should
not always keep one's enemies closer.
But at least
they are in your possession...
for you to do with as you see fit,
Mr. President.
How did you get them?
-I was looking for something else.
-And what was that?
I won't lie, sir, money has been tight.
I was looking
for financial paperwork for Mona.
To see if there were
any funds we could get.
It's good that you came to me, Ashraf.
This is a matter of the utmost importance.
I want to keep these.
Please, Mr. President,
that's why I am here.
When will you return to London?
It is important for Mona to be close
to her family at this difficult time.
I see.
Take your hands off!
I am telling you to take your hands off!
Answer me, who are you?
We are going to be late. Let him sleep.
Samira, take care of him!
To come back to London
with our son... look at us!
There are better ways to spend our time
than by attending a boring reception
at the embassy.
Ashraf, you have responsibilities,
and we have to go.
What will they do?
I'm part of the government now.
You know, you working in a government
was the last thing I wanted.
But to look at you now,
I couldn't be more proud of my husband.
- Ashraf Marwan?
- Yes, this is he.
Ashraf Marwan, Director General
of President Sadat's office?
How may I help you?
Israeli Embassy,
how may I direct your call?
Michael Comay,
Israeli Ambassador, please.
My name is Ashraf Marwan.
How can I help you, Mr. Marwan?
I have information of interest
to the Intelligence Services,
so I must speak with the ambassador.
We are delighted
to accept your offer, Mr. Marwan.
We apologize for our delay in responding.
Tomorrow at 10 a.m., you'll be
at the lobby of the Balmoral Hotel,
a short walk from your Embassy.
Worry not, Mr. Marwan.
Someone will approach you.
-Have a good day, Secretary General.
What's the score?
Still 1:1.
Tough game.
-With God's help, we will win.
-With God's will.
Mr. Marwan? My name is Alex.
Pleasure to meet you.
-Call me Ashraf, please.
-Sure. Come with me, please.
-Where are we going?
-Somewhere safe.
Mr. Marwan...
what are you doing here?
-What do you mean?
-Why are you here? Why are you doing this?
May I have one, please?
Why are you doing this, Ashraf?
-Am I being recorded?
You didn't answer my question.
-May we talk outside?
-We're staying here.
It's warm in here.
I'll open a window.
If you want to talk...
we'll talk outside.
You're not in a position to negotiate,
my friend.
If you walk away, a recording will be
with the Egyptian press in minutes,
and you don't want that, do you?
Father of Gamal.
Do you understand me?
Do you understand?
I do.
I apologize, but I prefer to talk outside.
You want to talk?
It's your choice.
No one's going to pressure you
or threaten you.
You want to talk on the patio...
that's where we talk.
This will establish my bona fides.
On the table. We'll take it when we leave.
I just hope we see something
that convinces us to see you again.
You understand what I'm saying,
-Were you able to follow us?
-Of course.
You got both of them on camera?
If there's one thing I know about,
it's getting people on camera.
Perfect. May I?
You'll have to do better than that.
What exactly do you want me to do?
Who are they?
It's work.
-Nothing interesting.
-Well, interesting enough to photograph.
I didn't just step off the bus.
It's a corporate poker game.
I need to offer them something
to win their trust.
Well, if that's true...
I want a kiss.
Are you serious?
Can you blame me?
Espionage. It's just so exciting.
Thank you. I owe you.
Damn right you do.
Where are you going?
-Back to the hotel.
-I'll take you.
That's not a good idea.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- This is outstanding information.
- Granted.
But there's something about him
I don't trust, Zvi.
But the information he provided is solid,
and that's what we're all about.
The pressure is on him.
He doesn't provide
verifiable intelligence,
we know he isn't for real.
But you're right.
Why did he make the phone call?
Why come to us in the first place?
It's personal. A pride issue.
He's greedy and needs the money.
But, Zvi...
I know when I'm being lied to.
And Ashraf Marwan is not lying.
If... if... Marwan is
who he says he is...
letting a rookie foreign agent
handle this asset is irresponsible!
You don't even trust him.
We don't want to start conceding power.
He wants to talk,
I can reel him in and run him properly.
-No offense, I have more experience.
-We had a good first meeting.
You want to blow it?
We have a really big fish on the line.
You have to trust me.
these are stormy waters,
I don't want to rock the boat.
-Danny will handle the asset.
-Thank you, sir.
But at the first problem,
I'll remove you from the picture.
As you should.
I want his every move watched in London.
Until we know he's genuine,
I won't take any chances.
-Thank you.
There's Ashraf.
Great, he went inside.
Go tell Danny.
-Anything to drink, sir?
-Scotch on the rocks, please.
This is how you develop trust.
I thought you'd appreciate the irony.
They don't allow Arabs or Jews in here.
So, what do you have for me?
It's in my coat pocket.
I thought we could swap tokens
and carry each other's coats.
It won't work.
Because I like my coat.
Listen, why don't you give me
your ticket and...
hope the weather takes a warm turn?
Thank you.
Have your associates
come up with a proposal?
I have 20,000 right here.
-How does it feel?
-It's not as thick as I was expecting.
The more you tell us, the thicker it gets.
Thank you.
Just one more thing.
We need to arrange contingency
in case of emergency.
When contact cannot be so...
so convivial.
You're talking about war?
In the event of such a threat...
there will be a call.
-I'll talk about a delivery of chemicals.
-And if the threat is imminent?
I will use the word "potassium".
Does that suit?
Sahetak, habibi!
You have ten minutes.
You look good.
How are you?
-No, thank you.
These men in London
are loyal to me.
If you need more assistance,
the Syrian operatives will help us.
Thank you.
Stop here.
From now on...
you're known as "The Angel".
It's the name I got approved.
"The Angel."
I like it.
What's this?
Happy birthday, Alex.
Or do you prefer Danny?
Ali Hassan Salameh. He coordinated
the attacks at the Munich Olympics.
I know who he is.
And we all know Israel's looking for him.
-Here he is.
-Where did you get this?
Same people that gave me
your real name. Verify it.
-You and I, we have nothing without trust.
And trust is a two-way street, Danny.
Stop using that name.
How can I trust you
with information like this
if you won't you trust me
without a babysitter?
-So, this is a test?
I'm betting on you.
All in.
''There was once...
There was once a young shepherd boy...
who tended his sheep...
at the foot of a mountain...
near a dark forest.
At one time...
the boy rushed down the hill
towards the village...
'Wolf!' 'Wolf!'
Until all of the villagers
rushed out to meet him.
And on the third day...
the boy looked and saw...
guess what?
A wolf!
But this time,
when he cried 'Wolf!'...
the villagers,
who had been fooled twice before...
did not believe him
and did not come to his aid.
And the boy...
And the boy...
Our men will cross the Suez Canal here...
and here.
We created two-meter trenches
to conceal our operation
from the Israeli soldiers.
Inside are the anti-aircraft missiles
that arrived last month from Russia.
The Israelis have no idea.
How can you be sure, General Shazly?
Because from the air,
they look
like normal Russian anti-tank defenses.
We'll attack the Israelis
with all of our mighty renewed forces.
The Israeli line of defense
will not expect such an attack,
nor will they be prepared for it.
What will the H-Hour be?
We will attack a week from today,
with the sun behind us
and directly in their eyes.
They won't even see us coming.
Thank you, General Shazly.
Let's continue this briefing
same time tomorrow morning.
That will be all, gentlemen.
I beg you, Mr. President,
please don't do this. Not now.
I've exhausted all diplomatic solutions,
Ashraf, you know that.
Recovering the land taken from us
is essential if I am to remain in office.
If we fail, there will be a coup.
Can you imagine
how terrible a coup would be?
Sometimes, peace must be fought for.
In four days, Egypt will cross
the Suez Canal into the Sinai at sunset.
Are you sure?
I travel back to Cairo
on Saturday morning.
If there's any change,
I'll be here at 7 p.m. on Friday.
And if there isn't?
Then it's war, my friend.
The Angel sent an invoice
for imminent shipment of chemicals.
Urgent consideration required.
Once again,
tensions are mounting in the Middle East,
with an escalation of troop activity
on the Israeli-Egyptian border.
Israel has placed the country
on high alert and called up the reserves.
Meanwhile, across the border,
Egypt's response has been to mobilize
its military on the banks of the Suez.
With thousands of soldiers
from both armies amassing,
the fear remains
that war could break out at any time.
Deal gentlemen.
Raise by 1...
Here's your whiskey.
All in.
Are you okay?
-We have a flight to catch.
-I am very tired.
You have a fever, darling.
Where are you going?
I'll be back.
Come on, Ashraf, showtime.
Take these.
You'll feel better.
Thank you.
I love you.
I'll report.
That was Golda.
She wanted to remind us
of the gravity of the situation.
We are talking about tens
of thousands of men mobilized
on information from our source.
- Sir--
- Not to mention the 8% reserves.
Shopkeepers, lawyers and doctors
that cost the Israeli economy
millions of dollars at every false alarm.
Sir, you didn't see him. He was certain.
Maybe it's an internal problem.
Maybe Sadat got cold feet.
You need to learn to handle your asset
before he becomes a liability.
Sir, he has always given us incredible--
A good agent is only ever in the moment.
If you have stars in your eyes,
you are of no use to me, clear?
Yes, sir.
Good morning.
Good morning.
These are for the safe.
Are you good, Ashraf?
I haven't seen you around lately...
You look like
you haven't slept in a decade.
I'm fine, Mr. President.
Good, I have a matter of my own
to discuss with you.
-In private, please.
-Excuse me, sir.
Since you are very well acquainted
with high-ranking diplomats in Libya...
I want you to meet with Colonel Gaddafi.
Gaddafi is unstable,
but you're good
at managing unstable personalities.
Charm and convince him
to let us tap his oil reserves.
What does one offer
to charm a man like that?
I'm sure you can find something.
Bring this home for us,
and I'll make you
Liaison for Special Affairs.
You will act as my personal emissary
to all the leaders of the Arab World.
How does that sound, Ashraf?
Like a great plan, Mr. President.
It's amazing what you've built.
For the son of a Bedouin goat herder?
I intended no offense.
And none was taken.
This will surprise you...
I'm writing a book.
The Green Book.
The Green Book?
It is a guide to the emancipation
of men, a new gospel.
The Western Bible states:
"In the beginning was the Word
and the Word was God."
The Green Book will be
the new word for a new era.
My word.
It will help you govern?
Along with power and fear.
Without those,
the Arab people will go to the streets
and destroy themselves.
You mark my words.
Civil war will rage
across the Middle East,
chaos and destruction will reign.
I'm a realist.
My enemies are not going anywhere.
There will always be a threat to my life.
You speak of enemies?
Perhaps I can help with that.
A gesture, from a friend.
You see?
Divine intervention!
You can tell Sadat I agree to his request.
if he makes a deal
with the American devil and the Zionists,
I will charge him double on the oil.
Only double?
You are right, triple!
I think it's time
for me to leave, Colonel.
We must break bread together.
And you must spend some time
with our Libyan girls.
What do you think?
I appreciate that, I really do...
but I'm a married man.
All the more reason why you deserve it.
You are a good man, a loyal man.
But if you don't want
to taste the goat's milk,
the least you can do is stay
and watch the farmer in action.
I insist.
I have something for you and Gamal.
Quiet, Gamal is sleeping.
I love you, Mona.
Thank you.
What's wrong?
Where were you, today?
You flew in early.
Your office said you were unreachable.
I had a meeting.
With Diana Ellis?
If I were a man,
I'd be happy to have her as a mistress.
She's no threat to you or to us.
Then who is?
No one is.
You are always disappearing
at odd moments.
Emergency trips to Rome or Paris.
Do you think I'm blind, Ashraf?
-Well, I am.
-I must be.
There is no other woman,
there never has been and never will be.
Please let's not do this. Please.
Then what aren't you telling me?
It's a matter of state security.
I'm sorry, I can't say more.
The life you have now,
that was your wish, Ashraf, not mine.
I'm a strong woman, Ashraf,
but I have my limits.
I picked him up
as he left the Israeli Embassy.
He's known as Alex.
he is a simple clerk.
No, he's Mossad.
He was waiting for Ashraf, I know it.
The son-in-law of the great Nasser...
working for the Israelis?
That's a wild assumption, Babak.
We need proof of this.
I have your men watching
every move he makes.
Where is Ashraf now?
He is back in London.
Taxi, please.
Corner grove, north London.
Faster, please, faster!
Thank you, keep the change.
- Danny, stop it, please!
- You lied!
-I didn't realize--
-There was no war, it was a false alarm!
It's a cigarette.
Remember what I've said.
This all falls apart without trust.
Trust? You are fucking kidding me.
You played us, you know you did.
I didn't see it, that's on me.
This is what you were doing
when you first called the Israeli Embassy.
-Is this your goal? To fuck with Israel?
Then why? Why do you do it?
You want another war, Alex?
Tell me.
Because I don't.
Everything I told you,
I told you in good faith.
Getting moral on me? That's not like you.
Give me that.
Why, because I sold out
my country for money?
No, because you're a fucking liar.
What is this?
Detailed battle plans
for Egypt's invasion into the Sinai.
- Again, Ashraf!
- Alex, please.
I was given these plans
by General Shazly himself,
after our last meeting
with President Sadat.
Believe me or don't use it or don't...
It's your call, I don't care,
but you don't have much time.
Mr. President...
I don't understand
why you changed your mind.
General, my mind has not changed,
it's simply not the right timing.
-I had a gut feeling that we should wait.
-Why, Mr. President? The army is ready.
We should move forward
with the original plan.
That'll be all, General.
-Get Ashraf back to Cairo.
-Yes, Mr. President.
That was the weather news
and now the latest news.
Israel has increased
the readiness of its reserve army.
The act of aggression was condemned
by the United Arab League
considering that...
General Shazly
has announced the completion
of the largest army exercise
in recent Egyptian history.
Israel has pulled back its forces...
How's the family, Ashraf?
They are well, Mr. President.
Apologies for interrupting
but there is something urgent.
- Go on.
- Someone called twice.
Asking for you, Mr. Marwan.
Who was it?
He didn't say. Something
about chemicals that weren't delivered.
What exactly did he say?
That it was imperative you contact him
but didn't leave a number.
I have no idea what that's about.
Thank you.
Excuse me, sir.
What business do you have
with the delivery of chemicals?
I don't know, Your Excellency.
Maybe they have the wrong number.
-OK, here you go.
-Thank you, Mr. President.
-I'm sorry.
From Alex.
Thank you.
Mr. Marwan, we need a moment of your time.
-What for?
-In the car, please.
Let's go.
Please! Please!
- Tell Judah we are coming.
- OK, Gideon.
Start. Start. Start.
- Where is he?
- In the trunk.
Good morning, father of Gamal.
Take him out.
Get out.
Where am I?
You remember me?
Yes, I remember you.
What do you want?
Let's start again. Call me Elliot.
Where is Alex?
Forget about Alex.
We've paid you well for information
that has twice turned out to be false.
We wasted a lot of energy
and money acting on that information.
The attack plans were not false.
I can't help it
that Sadat keeps changing his mind.
The man is unpredictable.
Do you understand that?
You have a beautiful family, Ashraf.
They must be a great comfort to you.
Where is Alex? Does he know about this?
No one can protect you if you lie to us.
What do you want?
Is Egypt going to launch
a war against Israel?
Of course, there's going to be a war.
Of course, Sadat is going to attack.
He's backed in a corner!
He kicks out the Soviets
and the US backs out of the deal,
he's left with no choice except war!
You want...
You want to save Israel?
You want to save the lives
of your soldiers?
Enter into talks to give back the Sinai!
You want to shoot?
I don't care, shoot.
Leave him.
Let him get back alone.
Come to Mommy.
Don't make a sound!
- Take the kid away.
- Gamal!
-Gamal! Gamal!
-Mama, mama!
-Did you find anything?
-You searched well?
Where is the safe?
We don't have a safe.
We don't have a lot of time to waste.
I asked where is the safe?
I said we don't have a safe.
Where is the safe?
I swear to you! We don't have a safe.
You'll talk! I will make you talk.
-Where is my son?
-Sit down. Your son is fine. Sit down!
I said sit down!
Sit down!
If you report what happened here...
we will be back,
and we will kill you, one by one.
One by one.
Count to 100.
- Let's go.
- ...four...
nine... Gamal!
Mrs. Mona...
-My love...
Don't be afraid.
I'm sorry...
Mona, Mona, Mona, hey...
Smile to me.
-Danny, smile!
-I'm smiling.
Are you laughing at me angel?
She's beautiful.
- Thank you.
- Hey!
-What are you doing here?
- Who is it, honey?
- An old friend.
-She must be a great comfort to you.
-She is.
-Nice to meet you.
-And you.
-Bye, sweetheart.
- Bye-bye.
- Bye-bye.
-What are you doing here?
-I was threatened.
Where were you?
Never ever approach me
when I'm with my family.
Oh, but my family is fair game?
You think Mossad is one big happy family?
There are factions within factions,
and they all have their own opinion.
I can't control you, Ashraf.
I can't control your lies
or their outcome, so I'm out.
You fucked up, Ashraf.
You fuck up. I can't protect you
from people who get mad at you.
-You can speak to them.
-It doesn't work that way.
You have to do something bigger
to win back their trust.
Their trust? Or yours?
It's all the same.
It's good to see you.
Gamal, take care
of your mother for me.
OK, my love?
Are you sure you will be safe?
I'll be okay, but I can't protect you two
from my enemies when I'm not at home.
Talk to me, Ashraf. Who are these enemies?
You will be safe
with people I trust in Geneva.
-That's not a clear answer.
Listen to me.
In a day or two, this will all blow over.
I give you my word.
I promise you.
Come on, you'll miss your flight.
It will all be fine. Trust me.
-Bye-bye, my love.
We didn't find anything in his house.
He sent his family to Switzerland.
I want to know every move he makes.
I know he's onto something.
We only need him to make one mistake.
Libyan Arab Airlines
Flight 114 was en route to Cairo
when it's believed to have entered
a sand storm over the Sinai Peninsula.
Against a backdrop of escalating
tensions in the Middle East,
Israeli fighter jets are thought
to have mistakenly shot down
the Libyan commercial aircraft,
which was carrying
113 passengers and crew,
just five of whom have survived.
It's been shot by military aircraft.
Therefore, it is to be taken
as a premeditated mass murder.
The Israeli Foreign Minister
has expressed regret over the incident,
while on the Arab streets
there have been mass protests
against the Zionist aggressor.
Retaliation is needed!
A life for a life!
An eye for an eye!
I am Gaddafi!
Nobody messes with us!
Palestinian Black September fighters
will carry out Gaddafi's revenge attack
in Rome.
If you give Gaddafi your back,
Arab unity will fall apart.
So be it.
I won't write my name on a missile
that will kill innocent civilians.
The Israelis made a tragic mistake.
Our action would be premeditated murder.
That will not be our legacy.
Let me meet with Gaddafi.
To what end?
Ashraf, the man is a rabid dog.
You won't be able
to talk him out of revenge.
I don't want to.
We give Gaddafi exactly what he wants;
your implicit support
of an attack against Israel.
I will broker the deal and supply weapons
to the Black September fighters...
and with the help
of an Italian Intelligence contact...
...ensure that the mission fails.
Hit! Come on!
-It's not working.
-What do you mean? Try again!
Leave the plane, shoot the police!
-Try again!
-It's not working.
And this will keep Gaddafi
and the Arabs on our side.
- Hello?
- Hello.
Oh, hold on.
- Yes?
- Diana.
-Ashraf. Is that really you?
-I know it's out of the blue.
-How are you?
-I'm all right.
It's been a while.
Yes, I'm sorry I disappeared.
-Don't worry, I managed.
-Darling, I have a favor to ask.
Tell me more.
I'm all ears.
Make sure you're fasting.
In between meals.
You're funny.
It's your Angel.
I'm listening.
I hope you appreciate
I saved that plane in Rome.
There were 120 souls on it.
-What do you want?
-I don't have much time so listen.
There's a shipment of waste,
potassium waste, you hear me?
Lots of potassium.
-Yes. I will need the manager himself.
It's time we spoke face to face.
Now, I will be in London tomorrow.
-Can you swing it?
-Okay, yes, but where are you now?
Where are you right now?
This is happening, Alex,
you understand me?
-Look, we can talk about it.
-London, 10 p.m. tomorrow night.
-I have to go.
-No, wait. Wait!
Whoa! Again?
We can't listen to this man,
he's not living in the real world.
He wants to meet you,
give you the news in person.
Where is he?
With Arabic in the background,
I guess it's Cairo.
He said the word "potassium".
Yeah, he never used that before.
What he did in Rome was suicidal for him.
He saved a lot of Israelis on that plane.
I don't know.
What if he's right?
What if he's right?
Then we knew
about an imminent attack and did nothing.
And on Yom Kippur.
What do you want to do?
Cut him loose or get you to London?
Ashraf! Darling!
-So good to see you!
-Let me look at you.
-You look absolutely wonderful.
-So do you. Come on, darling.
Don't be shy. Show me your acting skills.
Oh, this is exciting.
Actually, don't film me, film them.
Come on, let's go. Let's go.
I think I know who she is.
She could be a cover for him.
Don't lose him.
I love these games of yours.
He's got a tail.
Got it, over.
So, he did come to London
for his lover.
Thank you.
You're a princess.
If you're going to play James Bond,
you need to go all the way.
James Bond never needed
his friends to save him.
They all run away eventually.
-Ignore me. You go, you have to.
Take the back door to Ashford Lane.
They won't see you leave.
Goodbye, my mysterious young man.
Thank you.
Why are you late?
I've been on the phone with Cairo,
trying to get the latest information.
-I apologize for being late.
-It's okay, I just got in myself.
May I have a glass of water?
Of course.
Thank you.
Sadat intends to go to war tomorrow
with the cooperation of the Syrians.
Who did you get this information from?
General Shazly, and Sadat himself.
When will it be?
I didn't know until last night
that it's set for tomorrow.
I need an exact time Ashraf.
They will attack,
tomorrow evening at six o'clock...
to take advantage of the sun
in the Israeli soldiers' eyes.
That's 18 hours away from now.
The Egyptian war plan calls
for passenger jets
to be re-routed to friendly states.
You can verify it with Egypt Air,
but I suggest you do it quickly.
Russians came through
with anti-aircraft missiles.
This... is happening, General.
You told us war was coming
on two other occasions...
both of them false,
so why don't you tell me
why I should believe you this time.
Because if you don't...
too many innocent people
will die on both sides, that's why!
Excuse us.
Sit in the other room, Ashraf.
If that man is lying,
he's the best liar I've ever seen.
Call it, Zvi.
You understand, that if I send a warning
back to Jerusalem of immediate war
on Yom Kippur, no less,
and war never comes...
this will be the end of more
than just our relationship.
I understand, sir.
You can go.
Your money.
I don't know what I'm hoping for.
Another false alarm or a war?
I really believe him, Zvi.
I'll send a telegram to Jerusalem.
The company will sign the contract
today October 6th at 18:00 hours.
The meeting with The Angel
convinced me to send this message.
It is my sincere belief
he is speaking the truth.
Act accordingly.
I love you.
Believe that.
-This is all in your head.
-No! It's not.
You promised you'd never lie to me.
I beg you.
This life you think is so fulfilling,
leave it behind, come back to us.
Your life is with your family.
Just come with me, my love.
You don't understand, I can't.
What we need is to practice
war games out in the open.
Make it look like we are going to invade.
Please don't do this,
Mr. President. Not now.
Your only chance for a peace agreement
comes if Israel loses the war.
Not defeated entirely, but hurt.
And victory over Israel can
only be achieved with a surprise attack.
Which is impossible to achieve.
The Boy Who Cried Wolf.
I assume you know the story?
Go on...
Our army needs to prepare
for an attack in front of the Israelis...
and then do nothing.
A month later, more war games.
Soon, your opponent will grow tired
of looking so closely.
You have a major advantage.
The Israelis believe
you can never defeat them in war.
Bait them, fool them and let them think
they know what you are up to.
A bluff...
and another bluff.
And when they're lulled
into thinking you're all bluster...
and you have no cards left to play...
then you go all in.
And when will that be?
Yom Kippur.
This is the Israel news
from Jerusalem,
The time is 3 p.m. on Yom Kippur.
The Israeli Army reported
that shortly before 2 p.m.
Syrian and Egyptian armies
started a surprise attack
in the Sinai and Golan Heights.
...attacked at 1:55 p.m. Israeli time.
There are reports of panic in the streets
as news of the operation spread
across the country,
with Egyptian forces reported
to have pushed as far
as eight miles into the Sinai desert,
and remaining
beneath the protective umbrella
of their anti-aircraft batteries.
We need to weaken Israel,
not destroy it.
This way, we can force Israel
into negotiation,
and stop the heavy bloodshed.
So, we start a war on their holy day?
War is a dirty business, sir.
As dirty as it gets.
After weeks
of heavy losses on all sides,
the United States has today secured
a ceasefire.
There is no clear winner
in this bloody conflict
that has claimed 17,000 lives.
But what remains a certainty
is that in a war
in which there are only losers...
...lasting peace is the only victory.
I have come to Jerusalem,
the city of peace...
which will always remain
as a living embodiment
of coexistence among believers
of the three religions.
When the bells of peace ring...
there will be no hands
to beat the drums of war.
Even if they existed, they would be still.
I pledge myself
with true and sincere words...
woman and child in Israel.
You, sorrowing mother.
You, widowed wife.
You, the son
who lost a brother or a father.
All the victims of war...
fill the air and space
with recitals of peace.
Fill bosoms and hearts
with the aspirations of peace.
Make a reality that blossoms,
and lives.
Make hope a code of conduct and endeavor.
And I have come here to deliver a message.
I have delivered the message of peace.
May God be my witness.
Peace be upon you.
Peace be unto you.
How long has it been?
Nine, ten years?
It's been a while.
How are Mona and Gamal?
Gamal is fine.
Mona and I have agreed not to divorce.
We will just live separately.
Mona was sure I was meeting a lover,
Sami Sharaf helped dig that hole.
This is how liars are rewarded.
Even if you tell the truth,
no one believes you.
For you.
-What's this?
-Open it.
The Boy Who Cried Wolf.
I used to read it to Gamal.
Little shepherd boy
who cried "Wolf!" twice,
so the third time no one believed him.
You're good.
Thank you...
for the book.
It's great to see you again, Danny.
You too, Ashraf.
You know, Ashraf...
there was a big inquiry after the war.
About you...
our conduct.
I'm not surprised.
A lot of questions,
a lot of finger-pointing.
You know, if I had been there,
I would have asked them:
''Is Israel better off
now that there is peace with Egypt?''
Then, no matter what,
you and I have served our countries well.
All the best.
You take care.