The Angel Tree (2020) Movie Script

There's a
place called Pine River
high up in the mountains
where Christmas is celebrated
with an incredible tradition.
Every holiday season,
the Angel Tree appears
overnight in the town square.
And then the magic begins.
People write down their wishes
and hang them on the tree
and a mysterious benefactor
known only as Angel
helps make those
wishes come true.
No one knows who this Angel is.
All they know is that
if they need help
putting Christmas
dinner on the table
or a new pair of skates
to join the hockey team,
the Angel Tree comes
through for them.
And I know the magic is
real because I saw it work
for my best friend, Matthew.
Hey, Matthew.
Matthew, come on.
It's up, come on.
I can't go right now, Rebecca.
It's the middle
of breakfast rush.
Dad'll kill me.
Come on, it'll only
take a couple minutes.
Besides, this is important.
Buck says I beat ya.
Five says you don't.
Pay up.
You really think
it'll work, McBride?
I know it will.
Besides, can you
think of any other way
to save your dad's business
or convince mine that
moving us all to Georgia
is the worst idea he's ever had.
But it's just a tree.
It's not just a tree.
It's the Angel Tree.
So, get wishing.
I wish I could stay
in Pine River forever.
When you're young, nothing
seems impossible at Christmas.
And the magic of the Angel Tree
is that it brings
people together
to make the impossible possible.
The Angel Tree and the whole
town came through for Matthew
and his family.
The diner was saved.
And to this day,
the Angel Tree goes up
in Pine River every Christmas,
just waiting to make
wishes come true.
I know what you're gonna say.
- You don't like sappy, but...
- I actually love it.
- You do?
- I do.
All of his Angel Tree
stuff, this really happens?
Yeah, every single Christmas.
And that year the Angel Tree
actually did save
Matthew's diner.
It was amazing.
So what happened with your wish
about your family
staying in Pine River?
I just, I didn't want to
end the article with the fact
that the Angel Tree actually
didn't grant me my wish.
We wound up moving
the next week.
Just thought it kind
of killed the vibe.
We're gonna launch our
new app on Christmas day.
I would like you to do a
follow-up piece on the Angel Tree.
You know, prodigal daughter
returns to small town
and confronts
mysterious wish granter
about Christmases past,
et cetera, et cetera.
You'll make it better
than what I just said.
No, no, no, I can't.
I can't go back there.
I haven't been back
in over 20 years.
Okay, look, if you can
find out who Angel is
and deliver this article,
not only will I feature it on
the main page and the new app,
I will also give you that column
that you've always
been asking for.
You're gonna give
me my own column?
I would.
Wait, hold on.
What's the catch?
No catch.
You'll get to write the stories
that you've always
wanted to write,
but only if you get the scoop
and you deliver on this
Angel Tree article.
What do you say?
Guess I'm going
back to Pine River.
I can't believe
how cold it is out there, Mom.
And are you seeing these trees?
Yeah well,
they don't call it
Pine River for nothing.
Ah, Cassie!
Come on in.
Oh, it's so cold out here.
Hi, Mimi.
Come on.
Can't believe it,
you're finally here.
Me too.
We get to stay here
for two whole weeks.
I'm so excited.
Oh, your house is so cute.
It's just like the
photos you posted.
Oh, I want to see the garden.
Maybe you can show me
those roses you planted.
I know it'll be all snowy, but.
Oh, we got you something.
Oh, my favorite.
You remembered.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Well, can't believe
you finally made it back
to Pine River to
visit your old auntie.
Oh, come on.
Got more energy than I do
and I've got four gallons
of coffee running through
my veins at all times,
plus didn't we just see
you two months ago in LA?
I know, but now
you're actually here.
So why don't we go
into the kitchen
and crack open
this amazing taffy?
Let's do it.
Well, I'm just impressed
you actually talked your mom
into coming back to Pine River.
It wasn't me, it was her boss.
She's here on assignment.
My editor asked me to
do a follow-up piece
on the Angel Tree.
Which I just loved, hon.
Thank you.
We're here to find
out who Angel is.
Well, good
luck with that one, kiddo.
Folks in this town have
been trying to figure out
who's behind the Angel
Tree for over 40 years,
but crafty old Angel always
manages to keep their secret.
You mean to tell me
no one knows who it is?
Oh, there have been
plenty of theories,
but none of them have
ever really stuck.
I'm just excited to
finally see the Angel Tree.
Oh, it used to be your mom's
favorite part of the holiday.
Emphasis on used to be.
You don't like the Angel Tree?
It's not like I don't like it.
It's just that, I don't know,
it's not all it's
cracked up to me.
Um, a magical tree
that grants wishes
isn't all it's cracked up to be?
You know what?
You got me, I'm being a Grinch.
I'm sorry.
Sorry, if you like it I like it.
Is the tree up yet?
Not yet, but it will be soon.
And then you're gonna get
a Pine River Christmas
you'll never forget.
Both of you will.
So it's really straightforward.
You just take the orders, write
the orders down on the pad,
stick it in the
window, ring the bell.
Got it?
Mm hm.
Y'know, taking orders
is going to require
you to actually speak
to other humans.
You think you can handle that?
Mm hm.
I guess that'll have to do.
Well, that new coffee
roaster's ready,
so I'm gonna go grind the beans.
You got the counter?
Mm hm.
Mm hm.
These are my friends.
Hi everyone.
Rebecca, Cassie, this
is Liz and John Miller
from over at the Ready Mart.
Aren't you just
as cute as can be?
And this very fine
gentlemen is Claude.
Hi, nice to meet you.
It is so nice to meet you guys.
Mimi has told me all
about your squad.
Oh, you hear that?
You're my squad now.
Squad, huh?
I like it.
I could use a refill.
You know what?
I could use some coffee to.
What can I get you?
Just a refill of coffee
for the table please.
What kind?
Let's see, I will take,
some of these names,
I will take cool beans.
Sure thing.
- Rebecca?
- Hm?
Oh, I'm sorry.
I am so sorry.
Are you okay?
I see your aim's as
good as ever, McBride.
Matthew Anderson.
What are you laughing at?
It literally just
bounced off your eyeball.
It's on the house, lady.
That was pure gold.
Are you okay?
- I'm fine.
- By the way,
I can pay for this.
No, it's fine.
I haven't seen Owen
laugh that much in weeks.
Absolutely worth it.
I can't that you are still here.
- Me?
- Yeah.
Where else would I be?
Family diner, remember?
Yeah, I know, but I just,
by the way, where's your dad?
Passed away a few years ago.
I took over the place.
- I'm sorry.
- Thanks.
What are you doing here?
I'm just here visiting
my aunt Mimi for Christmas.
You see that little blonde
headed girl right there?
She's mine.
Is Owen your son?
No, Owen, my nephew.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
I'm just taking care of
him for a little while.
He's my sister's kid.
How's Zoe?
She's good, she's good.
So can I get you something?
Do you want pancakes?
No, no, no, no, no,
I'm fine with the coffee.
By the way,
oh, I don't know
what you put in here,
but it smells so good.
Thank you very much.
And I agree.
Cool Beans was a good choice.
That's my new blend.
You blended this yourself?
Mm hm, well did
you want diner burnt?
'Cause I can go boil
it in the back for you.
For a while for one.
No, no, that's not what I meant.
I just,
no, I'm impressed.
So what have you been up to?
There you are, hon.
The squad's getting thirsty.
Oh, sorry.
Here you go.
Hi, Matthew.
She ask you about
the article yet?
No, what article?
Nothing, it's just I'm doing
an article on the Angel Tree.
You should ask him who Angel is.
- Why?
- Didn't I tell you?
Matthew here is
Angel's right-hand man.
Oh, so your Angel's
right-hand man, huh?
Your aunt likes to exaggerate.
I just help out.
I need a favor.
I need you to get me a meeting
with the Angel, please.
- Nope.
- Why?
Can't do it?
What do you mean?
Seriously, Angel wants
to remain anonymous.
Okay, you cannot tell me
that you don't have any idea
- who Angel is.
- No clue.
Nope, I just get instructions
and I do what I'm told.
Okay then, I'll
just talk to you.
Like, how do you grant
all these wishes?
Well, if you stick
around long enough,
maybe you'll see for yourself.
Come on, you're not
gonna give me any answer?
Oh, it is so on.
Hey, what are we doing?
Playing a little cards?
So, what's this about Angel.
Rebecca's writing an
article about our Angel Tree
and who's behind it.
Oh, we loved your first article.
Didn't we, John?
Yeah, and we never
agree on anything,
but we agreed on that.
Thank you.
No one knows who Angel is.
That's part of the fun.
But then how do the
wishes get granted?
Angel always finds a way
to leave word for people.
But if you get called
up to pitch in,
you do what you can to
help grant the wish.
It's pretty simple.
Well, I mean, I don't
know how simple it is.
Well, I mean think about it.
It's actually a pretty
big undertaking, you know?
You got the organization of
it, you've got the funding.
It's not like it just
happens with magic.
Sure about that?
I'm pretty sure.
Why did Angel ask you to help?
Matthew here is the man who
gets stuff done around town
the rest of the year.
Why not Christmas too?
Make sense that he
would reach out to him.
Now the diner's sort
sorta become wish central
over these past few years.
Well, magic tree saves
your family business
and you do what you can to help.
Nothin', I just remember a time
where you didn't believe it.
It's funny, I remember
a time when you did.
Mom, it's up, it's up!
What's up?
The Angel Tree.
Let's go, come on.
I can see people
heading to the square.
- We gotta go, come on.
- Okay, okay, okay, okay.
All right.
Hey, grab your jacket.
Look, Mom, you're
already hanging wishes.
This is so cool.
And I can't believe they
found such a big tree.
Like, it's so pretty.
- Morning, McBride.
- Oh!
Don't do that.
Morning, card shark.
Morning, diner man.
Oh, do you have
any paper in there?
I want to write a wish.
No, I don't,
but there's a whole table of
wish cards and pens there.
You should write one, too.
Apparently, this
tree thing is legit.
Um, is your daughter a wizard?
Because getting him to walk
over here with me this morning
was like pulling teeth and
now he's writing a wish.
Well, apparently so.
I mean, she pulled me out
of the bed this morning
at this hour to look at a tree.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
I hadn't noticed.
So you're really
gonna make me work hard
to find out who Angel is, right?
You're not gonna tell me?
- Mm hm.
- Why?
It's kinda fun.
Why can't Angel, whoever it is,
just do something nice for
the world, little magic,
without having to splash
her name all over it?
Okay, but the flip side of that
is why can't we just give
them a little recognition
for all the hard work
that they've done, right?
Okay, Well I hope you know
that I'm gonna do everything
humanly possible to
find out who Angel is.
Well then I'm gonna do
everything humanly possible
to stop you.
- Fine.
- Fine.
- Game on.
- Game on.
If we really want help,
that has to come from here.
You think he works here?
I think he was born here.
Hold on, wait a minute.
Actually. I think that's
Claude from the diner.
I should go talk to him.
Yeah, I'll go look for clues.
Okay, all right.
Hi, Claude.
Oh, Hey.
- Hey.
- Hey.
So is this your lot?
Sure is.
Wow, nice.
The Angel Tree come from here?
The Angel Tree comes
from the North Pole.
Just yankin' your chain.
Yeah, the Angel Tree
comes from our lot.
Every year, we
get an email order
for the biggest and best tree,
then Angel hires me and
the boys to put it up
and decorate it, but it's
all done anonymously.
Well then, what about payment?
I get paid in Christmas cookies.
- You're too easy.
- Ow.
They use one of those
prepaid credit cards.
No name.
I don't think Angel's
gonna be as easy to snag
as you might think.
I mean, they've had this thing
running for a good long time.
Now if you'll excuse me, I
have to load a Douglas fir.
Hey guys, watch
out for the paint.
- McBride.
- Oh!
Don't do that.
That was a good one.
What are you doing here?
I'm buying a Christmas tree.
Why else would someone be
in a Christmas tree lot?
I don't know.
Oh, you're doing the whole
like crack reporter thing,
you think I'm here
to try and stop you
from figuring out who Angel is.
Are you?
Yeah, definitely.
Also, I need a Christmas tree.
That's actually my truck
with that tree in it,
which is mine.
Claude, there should be
some rope in the back.
You don't actually think
Claude is Angel, do you?
I mean he's got the whole
early year Santa thing going on.
Could be.
It's because of
the red nose thing,
the twinkle in his eye,
is that what it is?
Oh, it's the.
Oh hush.
You know, Claude's only
been in town like 11 years
and the Angel Tree
thing's been going on
way longer than that.
So, sorry McBride,
but I think you're
barkin' up the wrong tree.
I see you don't just
limit your puns to coffee.
No, I got puns
for all occasions.
Mom, I found something.
- Come on.
- You found something?
Yeah, come on, come on.
Let's go, I saw someone
else eyeing it, too.
This is the perfect
tree for Mimi.
That is pretty.
We got to get it
home and decorate it.
Do you and Owen want
to come and help us?
- Sure.
- Yeah.
That'd be great.
So is your dad
coming out for Christmas, Owen?
No, he's not really around much.
Oh, I'm sorry.
That sucks.
It's okay.
How about your dad?
Is he coming up for Christmas?
No, my dad passed
away when I was a baby.
Oh, I'm sorry.
It's okay.
It was a long time ago.
I'm sorry too.
It's okay.
We're doing all
right, huh kiddo?
- We sure are.
- Yeah.
Speaking of which,
look what I found.
Dad's bell.
Wanna hang it?
This was his favorite.
We always hang it up.
Merry Christmas, Dad.
So, how about your mom?
She coming?
Yeah, Owen's mom is in the Army
and she's deployed right now.
So that's why he's
staying with me.
And it doesn't look like
she's gonna make it home
for Christmas.
Oh, I'm sorry.
That's gotta be tough.
It's fine.
Ooh, yay.
There ya go.
Oh, that looks so lovely.
So I am off the play bridge,
but I will catch you all later.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Tons of energy, that woman,
like someone else I know.
By the way, I want to
put that energy to use.
Start investigating.
My mom's writing an
article about the Angel Tree
and who's behind it.
And if we can figure it out,
she gets her own
column at The Spire.
It's a big deal, you
should be impressed.
Oh, I didn't know
that was why you wanted
to find out who Angel was.
Well, I mean, that's
part of the reason,
but you know, I kind of just
want to know, right?
Yeah. Me too.
Yeah. I mean, I kind of do too.
- Really?
- Excuse me.
Can I join the investigation?
The more, the merrier.
Yeah, of course you can.
Can you not join
the investigation?
My own nephew?
Sorry, Uncle Matthew.
It's just I think
there's enough secrecy
surrounding the Angel Tree.
People should know
who the Angel is.
He's got a point.
- Huh.
- What,
did you hear that?
Smart kid.
You should listen to him.
I have to take this.
Can you please untangle those?
Thank you.
One sec.
Mom. Where are you going?
Following a hunch.
I think Matthew knows
more about Angel
than what he lets on.
I'll be back.
Can I call you back?
Oh hey.
Didn't see you out here,
I was just hanging the
last ornament here.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
Yeah, fine.
What are you doing out here?
I was just talking on the phone.
So you weren't following me?
Following you?
Why would I be following you?
Trying to see if I
was talkin' to Angel.
No, I, were are you
talkin' to Angel?
I don't know, was I?
I don't know, were you?
Wouldn't you like to know?
- Are you done decorating?
- Yeah, I'm,
that was the last.
Looks really good.
Hey guys.
Just let me finish
this one thought and
Angel investigation.
All right, so I've been
thinking about this
and I think what
we need to do first
is just contact some people
that have had their wishes
granted in the past
and talk to them
and you know, maybe
they know who Angel is
or at least have some clues.
We hung out at the diner
yesterday and got a whole list
of people who've been
helped by the Angel Tree.
- That's my girl.
- Here you go.
- Hey Matthew.
- Hey.
Maybe Matthew would know places
where we should start digging.
We're commencing Operation
Angel Investigation.
I'm not giving you anything.
Except for this amazing coffee,
which dare I ask
what you named it?
- No, please.
- Oh, this one,
this is Espresso Yourself.
It's so bad.
It's almost good,
but it's, it's not.
Oh, why don't you talk
to him about his puns?
I tried, he's,
he's impossible.
I'm impossible.
It's good though, right?
Can I see the list?
Mm hm, yep.
Okay, so I am gonna
talk to the Clark family,
Alice Cramer, and the Bishops.
That's good because they've
all had gala wishes.
What's a gala wish?
Gala wishes are
big wishes, right?
Remember I told you Matthew's
wish to save the diner?
- Mm hm.
- That was a gala wish.
That sounds like a
good place to start.
One of these families is
bound to know who Angel is.
We had an electrical fire
the day after Thanksgiving.
Well, the whole
rental was destroyed.
We'd been saving up to break
ground on our first real house.
But now we had to
eat into our savings
to replace everything
that we lost.
That was the year I
slipped and broke my hip,
so I was already in a wheelchair
when the snow came early.
I was having such a hard time
making out the house at all.
Last winter I found these
big bumps on Biscuit's neck.
Dad said it was lymphoma.
And without intervention,
Biscuit only had a month.
The treatment was,
well I had just lost
my job, you know,
and money was really tight.
That had to be awful.
Well, it was.
But that's when Mark
here had his great idea.
Tell her, buddy.
Well, I figured if
anything could help us,
the Angel Tree could.
So I made a wish.
And what did you wish for?
This place.
Things got a little tough.
So I decided to make a
wish in the Angel Tree.
I wished for some
light and warmth
to come back into my life.
Then what happened?
So I made an Angel Tree wish.
Then at the Christmas Eve gala,
they told us that her
wish had been granted.
Angel figured out
the whole thing.
All Biscuit's
chemo, his medicine.
He's feeling so much better now.
And we're back to doing
everything we were before.
I've thrown the word
miracle around lately.
That's what it was, a miracle.
They told us at the gala
Angel had organized it
and the whole town pitched in.
There was a construction
crew lined up
ready to break ground
right after the new year.
Best Christmas present ever.
The Angel Tree
came through for me.
Angel arranged for a meal train.
And someone was over
at my place with dinner
every night for months.
And each time they came,
they'd help with
something around the house
or just sit in with me,
just talking like this.
It was like the town
opened its heart to me.
It was magical.
Do you guys have
any idea who Angel is?
No, I'm sorry, I don't.
But even if I did, well,
Matthew asked us not to
talk to you about that.
He called earlier,
said you might drop by
to ask some questions.
I don't know who Angel is
and that's the way
I'd like it to stay.
Matthew said that Angel has
chosen to remain anonymous
all this time for a reason
and we should respect that.
I have to say I agree.
You and everyone else
in this town.
All right, well.
I think I might
know who Angel is.
You do?
I'm pretty sure Angel
is Santa.
Never thought of that.
Thank you so much.
Keep that up here.
Pine River Diner.
How did you know who
I was goin' to talk to?
You don't want me interfering,
then I suggest you discuss
your top secret plans
in someone else's diner.
Okay, well you know
I'm gonna find out
who Angel is regardless, right?
Well, you can try,
but the Angel Tree is a very
beloved tradition around here
and I think you'll find that
people will go out of their way
to protect an Angel's identity.
All right, well
we'll see about that.
I guess we will.
I gotta run.
Good luck out there.
Mom, I think I find
out who Angel is.
- What?
- Yeah, come on,
we gotta go right now.
- Okay.
- Come on, they might leave.
I was hanging out at the
diner and I heard the Millers
talking about a wish
they had to grant.
Do you think one of
them could be Angel?
I don't know, could be.
What did you hear?
They wanted Matthew's help
with something out back.
So what do you think?
What's the story?
Well, could be mild-mannered
grocers making a delivery.
Or mysterious benefactors
granting wishes.
- What are we looking at?
- Oh!
Oh, you gotta stop doing that.
You could just say hi.
- You don't have to lurk around.
- No, 'cause we were leaving.
Yeah, we were going.
- Hi.
- I think that Rebecca thinks
that your Angels, let's just
get this out on the table.
No, I didn't say that.
Are you the masterminds
behind Pine River's greatest
Christmas traditions?
Oh honey,
we can't even agree
if the sky is blue.
You think we can manage
something like that?
We got a note from
Angel asking for help.
And Liz, sky really is
more of a gray color today.
So Angel says several
families are in need
of help with
groceries this year.
Please donate anything you can.
Yeah, Ready Mart's
donating supplies.
Uh huh,
and Pine River Diner's
chippin' in the rest.
Can't have Christmas
dinner without.
And you can't have pie without.
Your coffee.
Mystery solved.
Okay, yes, we were
lurking a little bit.
A little bit.
Can we help with anything?
The more the merrier.
Yeah, why don't you come
help me with supplies?
What was that about?
You threw me under the bus bus.
What bus?
Oh hey, how did
your interviews go?
I think you
know how my interviews went.
I was just tryin' to
keep the mystery alive.
Well, if you keep it up,
I'm gonna start to think
that you don't want me
hangin' around here.
Whoa, I never said that.
No, I think you should, you
should keep investigating.
But my money's on Pine River
keeping their cards
very close to the chest.
Yeah, okay, okay.
Hey, you remember
when we were kids,
we used to bet all the time?
How many of those did you win?
Got the rest of
these boxes, right?
- Yeah.
- Thanks.
I don't know if
it was zero, though.
Might've been closer to one.
I'll just get the
rest of the pies.
Whoa, look at this place.
I was thinking about expanding
the coffee side of things,
but I'm not gonna do it.
Why not?
Just not the right time.
Hey, Mom.
I'm so sorry, sweetie.
I really wanted to make
it back for Christmas,
but it's looking like...
It's fine, Mom.
I know what you're
doing is important.
Oh, sorry Owen.
We'll just.
No, it's fine.
I should probably get
back to the diner anyway.
Gotta run, Mom.
- Bye.
- I love you, sweetie.
Love you too.
Hey, Zoe.
Ugh, this is the worst.
I requested a leave for
Christmas, but my CO,
I don't think I'm gonna
be able to make it back.
I know.
How are things going with Owen?
It's fine.
Anderson men, I swear
anytime I ask you guys
how something's going,
you're both like I'm fine.
Maybe that's because
things are fine.
Oh please.
It means you are avoiding
any feelings talk
before it gets too personal.
At least Owen has the excuse
of being a hormonal teenager.
But you, I thought you
already went through puberty.
I talk, I talk all the time.
I'm talking right now.
We are talking.
I talk.
Yeah, unimportant stuff.
You're all chatty
until anything gets
within a spitting distance
of a real emotion,
then you shut down when
you should be opening up.
Sorry, I think your
video broke up there.
I missed that, that last bit.
Way to deflect.
Technical issues.
Look hey, it's not your fault.
It's the way we were raised.
Dad was the exact same way.
So how'd you turn out so normal?
I don't know, pure
luck, perfect genes.
Don't be jealous.
Sorry, Matt.
I gotta go.
I love you, and
seriously, thank you.
Bye, Zoe.
Owen, you okay?
I'm fine.
You headin' out?
seeing the tree.
I want to go to the Angel Tree.
Want some company?
Uh, you know what, I
think we all should go.
I wouldn't mind another look.
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
So little Zoe's
in the army, huh?
Well, you remember
when we were little,
she used to chase us around.
How's she like it?
She likes it.
You know, she always
liked a challenge,
but I think being
away it's tough.
You know, I did this article
one time from an army base
called A Day in the Life Of,
so I don't know, I
got an easy life.
Yeah, I read that,
it was really good.
I read all your stuff.
You do?
I really like the,
you know, when you
write about real people.
You mean you didn't
like my article
on eight ways flaxseeds
can change your life.
I did not say that.
I loved that article.
In fact, flaxseed
has changed my life.
But no, I,
no, I get it.
That's why you want to
write a column, right?
Less flaxseed,
more real stories.
Yeah, I guess
you could say that.
You know, here's the thing,
I've just only ever wanted
to do simple articles,
normal people, you know?
I get it.
You want to share something
that's yours with the world.
It's kind of like you
and your coffee, you know?
Break away from the old family
and do something that's all you.
Uh huh, uh huh.
So you're figuring me out?
I'm trying to.
Merry Christmas.
Well, when you do, will
you let me know what you find
because I really
would like to know.
So I can't believe
this whole time
you've been following
my career from afar.
Well, it had to be from afar
'cause you never came back.
I missed you.
You missed me?
I mean, I just said
that, but I don't know.
- I missed you a little.
- I missed you too.
I did.
You know, it's my dad was
obviously very good at his job
because his company just moved
us around place to place,
all these projects.
And then I went to college
and then I got married
and had Cassie.
after my husband Greg died,
It was really hard there for
a little while, you know?
It was touch and go.
Thank you.
And I guess it just never was
the right time to come back.
I always felt like I'd
been gone too long.
I don't know, what's
that old saying?
Once you leave home,
you can never come back.
Is that the old saying?
I don't buy that, I
think it's the opposite.
I think home
is a place that's always
there waiting for you.
Mom, hurry up.
Hey, how many wishes does
Angel usually grant every year?
I don't know,
it's usually about 50, why?
Well there's more than
50 on the tree right now
and it's only been up a day.
Why are there so many
more wishes this year?
Oh no.
My article.
A lot more people know
about the Angel Tree.
And there is no way
that one person is ever
gonna be able to grant
all these wishes.
Brought you some Java the Hutt.
I know things are bad if
you're not even gonna make fun
of my coffee puns.
Still worried about the tree?
Yeah, something like that.
It's not your fault.
Yeah, of course it's my fault.
I wrote the article.
I brought all these people here.
And now because of
me and my article,
they're gonna feel
exactly like I did.
I didn't get my wish that year.
It's just not the way I want
people to feel at Christmas.
That really stuck with you, huh?
It did stick with me.
And you know why
it stuck with me?
It's because I think
that people in general
just want to believe in
something good at Christmas,
you know?
And if you want to call
that magic, then yeah,
they want to believe in magic.
And now because of me,
it's just gonna be a
big disappointment.
And there's just nothing
I can do about it.
I need a favor.
Here we go.
Mm hm.
I need you to get
a hold of Angel for me.
Are you messing with me?
I'm not messing with you.
Pinky swear?
Pinky swear.
All right.
- Okay.
- Yeah?
Okay, I will help you.
- Okay.
- I'll reach out to Angel.
I'll reach out to a bunch
of other people in town.
I think a lot of people
would want to help.
You think?
Even though it's right
here at Christmas
and everybody's really busy?
I think you are underestimating
what the Angel Tree
means to this town.
If I put out the word
that Angel needs help,
people will come.
Thank you.
Told you.
I can't believe all these
people came out to help.
Well, you wrote a
very popular article,
and that's the power
of the Angel Tree.
So I got a bunch of wishes
we can get started on here.
Oh, that's a lot of wishes.
- It's not even half.
- Are you serious?
Can we grant all these wishes?
I think we can.
We can?
We will.
Yeah of course we can.
Okay yeah, make
the announcement.
Uh no, this is all you, McBride.
What do you mean, I'm not
making the announcement.
I don't live here.
I don't care if
you don't live here,
you started this so you
gotta follow through.
- No.
- Yeah.
Buck says you chicken out.
Buck says I don't.
Hi everybody.
First of all, thank you so
much for coming out to help.
For those of you who
don't know who I am,
I am Rebecca McBride, better
known as Mimi's niece.
So we're all here tonight
because Angel needs help.
There are a ton
of wishes in here
and we've only got one
week until Christmas.
So we're gonna pick
up the slack, okay?
So myself and Matthew, we
will be organizing everything
and Owen, and that's
my daughter Cassie,
they're gonna be here at the
diner to field any questions
that you guys might have.
Wish central right here.
Wish central.
Okay, so without further ado,
hey, do you want to pick a wish?
Yeah, sure.
All right.
I wish someone to
bring joy to everyone
at Cedar Lodge Community Center.
I know how to do that.
Yeah, I know how to do that.
But I'm gonna need your kitchen
here in the diner, please.
I can talk to the manager,
see if I can work something out.
Thank you.
Okay everybody,
let's get started.
Comin' through.
You did.
Okay, just make it like
a thousand more times.
- Star for you.
- Thank you.
What is this?
That's a gingerbread man.
Great, you need the tree.
Let's go.
Merry Christmas.
Hi guys, come on over.
Here you go.
Take some cookies, take two.
Those are the good ones.
I would have to say,
I think wish one is officially
a success, Mr. Anderson.
You know what?
I think we sleighed it.
- Sleighed?
- Drop it.
- No?
- No more.
- 'Cause Santa goes.
- Got it, got it.
Then you got it.
- I'm just glad that.
- Stop, please stop.
It didn't rein here.
- That was a good one, right?
- So bad.
That was a good one.
Okay, I have the next wish.
I wish all of the animals at
the Pine River animal shelter
could find a home
for the holidays.
We could host adoption day here.
Let's do it.
- We have a problem.
- What?
We've still got a ton of
wishes and not a lot of time.
Well, most of
these are just kids
fishing for some present
we should be able to buy.
Yeah I know, it's
not about that.
And we can buy the gifts,
but it's just getting the
gifts to the kids on time.
You're right, Mom,
this is a ton of wishes.
I don't know how
we're gonna get them
to all these kids in time.
It's dumb, never mind.
No, no, what do ya got?
Well, I was just
thinking that maybe
instead of bringing
the gifts to the kids,
we could bring the
kids to the gifts.
Yeah, like maybe
we could host a day
at the Angel Tree
where everyone comes
and opens their presents
at the same time.
Maybe call it Wish Gift Day.
That's actually
a really good idea.
Yeah, I think that's
probably one of the best ideas
I've ever heard in my life.
So let's do it.
Good job, guys.
I think this almost does it,
takes care of all the gifts.
This is probably
the best Christmas ever.
- What?
- Congratulations, you did it.
Good job, McBride.
Stop it.
- I mean it.
- You mean that?
All right, I gotcha.
Hey mom, when's the
caroling gonna start?
That is a good question.
When is the caroling
gonna start?
I'm in charge of the caroling?
Yes you are.
I had no idea.
- Uncle Matthew?
- Yeah.
You're up.
Have you been hiding
something from me?
Do you have hidden musical
depths that I don't know about?
I do.
I do have lots of hidden depths
that you don't know about.
Okay, hi everyone.
This is an impromptu
special Christmas song.
The song is a little bit
inspired by Rebecca McBride.
Everybody now.
That was awesome.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
I'm never moving
from here ever again.
Peppermint latte.
What happened to never
moving ever again?
Oh, I'll move for
a peppermint latte.
Although I know that's
not what you call it.
This is It's Beginning to
Look a Latte Like Christmas.
No, it's awful.
You're not awful, I love you.
Love you, too.
I mean the latte.
I was also talking to the latte.
All jokes aside though, I
do like your fancy coffee.
My dad used to tease me
about my fancy coffees.
- Yeah?
- Yeah,
he was more of a traditionalist.
Diner burnt.
Diner burnt all the way.
I wonder what he'd
think about all this.
He'd be really proud of you.
You're doing something you love.
What else do we
have on the wish list?
Actually, only a
couple of easy things.
And then there's the gala wish.
Do you know what that is?
Nope, Angel handles that one.
You know, I have to say
it's been really nice
here this last past week.
Some crazy way, I feel
like Cassie and I...
Belong here?
Yeah, that's what it feels like.
What is that?
It's from Angel.
Nah ah ah, no.
- What?
- Come on.
You don't trust me?
Let's see.
What is it?
It's a wish we
can't possibly grant.
Come on, nothing we can't grant.
I wish my mom could
come home for Christmas.
Owen Anderson.
It's impossible.
Zoe's stationed overseas.
Owen never asks for anything,
and now the one thing he
asked for, he's not gonna get,
he's never gonna open up again.
I try to talk to him,
he pushes me away.
Sounds like
somebody else I know.
- What?
- Nothin'
Wait, what are you saying?
It's just that, I
mean, it sounds like you.
Because I won't
tell you who Angel is?
No, no, not about Angel,
it's about your coffee.
You know, every time
I ask you about it,
you just brush it off,
like oh it's a hobby.
Yeah, it's just a hobby.
All that back there is a hobby?
It's not the right time.
Because of Owen, because
I'm trying to raise a kid,
because I can't run a
diner, start a business.
He has to be my priority.
And he will be your priority.
But that doesn't mean you
can't do what you love.
And by the way, have you
talked to Owen about this?
- No.
- Okay then.
Look, it sounds crazy but
kids have this weird ability
to tell when we're hiding
something from them.
Hey, trust me, I
know, I'm a mom.
I think if you just talk to
him about it, just open up,
then he'll open up to you.
Try it.
You're back for a week
and you think you know
how my life works?
I'm sorry, you're right.
You're right, I need
to stay in my lane.
I apologize.
I'm sorry.
Can we talk about
something else?
Yeah, yeah.
But just so you know, when
I find out who Angel is,
I'm gonna talk to
them about that.
You still haven't given up on
that finding out who Angel is?
Well, no, I mean
that's why I'm here.
Just kind of pushed
the pause button,
but I still have to
write the article.
I'm a reporter.
Even after you've seen
how the Angel Tree
brings people together, you
still want to pick it apart?
Pick it apart?
I'm not picking it apart, okay?
I'm doing my job.
I'm just trying
to get the truth.
Who this person is, write
the article, bam, done.
Is this really
about your article?
Is it about you still being mad
that your wish never got
granted when you were a kid?
You know what, Matthew,
with all due respect,
you don't know anything
about my world.
You don't understand.
And it's getting kind of
late, so I'm gonna head out.
But um, thanks for that latte.
So when are you
guys heading out?
The moving van comes today.
It's just not fair.
I'm so glad that
the diner was saved.
I know.
I really thought Angel was
gonna come through for me,
but you were right.
It's not magic, it's
just a stupid tree.
Rebecca, wait.
Hey guys.
Mom, you'll never
guess what happened.
Angel left a note
on our doorstep.
What's it say?
It's my wish.
It's your wish?
What'd you wish for?
I wished for a real Pine
River Christmas this year
and Angel said I hope
this holiday season
is everything you dreamed of.
The best is yet to
come, love Angel.
So is your wish
coming true so far?
It's been amazing, Mom,
baking all of those cookies,
caroling, Wish Gift Day.
There's something
about this town
that makes you never
want to leave, huh?
Yeah, I know I never did.
Hey, listen, it's getting late.
Come on, give me a hug.
I love you.
Love you too.
- Goodnight, Mom.
- 'Kay, goodnight.
So, how did your tournament go?
Oh, it's fine.
I won.
Course you did.
Mimi, what am I gonna do
about this article, huh?
I have nothing.
You got a lot.
You know what I always
love about your articles?
They're always about
people finding their place,
y'know fitting into their
communities like this,
this last perfect little
piece of a jigsaw puzzle.
And I always wondered if
deep down that was you
wanting to come back here.
It broke my heart to see you go.
But I'm so glad you
finally came back here.
You know, I wonder what my
life would have been like
had I stayed here.
I mean, don't get me wrong,
I love being a writer.
And I love that
little girl up there
with everything that
I have, you know that.
I wouldn't change my past,
but it would have been nice to
have this place to call home.
y'know the thing about
home is it's always there
when you're ready for it.
Matthew said that.
Mm, smart guy.
If you wanted,
you could make this your
place again, Rebecca.
You could fit into our
weird little Pine River
jigsaw puzzle perfectly.
It's never too late.
Maybe you could make a
wish on the Angel Tree.
I'm not a kid anymore.
I don't believe in magic trees.
I know that life has limits.
Unlike this poor kid,
who's gonna get
his heart broken.
Oh, is that Owen's wish?
That's tough.
It must be so hard
having your mom stationed
all the way out in South
Korea for the holidays.
Zoe's in South Korea?
Camp Humphreys?
Yeah, has been for a
couple of months now.
Where are you off to now?
I'm going to go make a little
Angel Tree magic of my own.
These pies for the
Christmas Eve gala tonight?
Mm hm.
Are you excited?
Mm hm.
I'm really sorry that your mom
can't make it back
for Christmas.
Mm hm.
Let me help.
Could you do this last one?
so you know how I'm always
trying to get you to talk to me
and mostly you just grunt
or tell me you're fine?
Mm hm.
Well, someone pointed out to
me that it's not really fair
for me to ask you to open up
if I don't open up to you.
So here goes,
do you know how I felt
when your mom asked me
if I could take care of
you while she was away?
Probably annoyed you'd
have to deal with me.
No, I was
scared stiff.
Kid, I have loved you since
the very first day I saw you
and I did not want
to mess this up.
Now. I know I'm not your
mom, I never could be,
if you let me,
I'll do everything in my
power to make your time here
as great as it
could possibly be.
But I'm ruining your life.
What are you talking about?
My life is like four
bajillion times better
since you've shown up here.
I mean it, I'm having a blast
doing these Angel Tree wishes
with you, and...
But you're not doing your
coffee thing because of me.
You knew about that?
Just because I don't say much
doesn't mean I don't see much.
And you've got a whole shrine
dedicated to coffee back there
and you're not expanding
because you're worried about me
and having enough
time for everything.
No, that's.
Open up, remember?
Yes, I put the expansion
on hold when you came
because it seemed like things
were crazy enough as it was.
I don't mind crazy.
But what if like,
what if it fails?
Like what if I try
to do my own thing
and it just doesn't work?
I don't know.
But at least you'll have tried.
So you really think
I should do this?
All right, if you are
on board, let's do this.
I mean, but I'm
gonna need some help.
Are you up for that?
Yeah, totally.
All right.
Oh, hi!
She asked for a princess doll
and I think that Santa is on it.
By the way, Cassie, that
Angel Tree Wish Gift Day
was such a great idea.
She just loves her
new teddy bear.
Aw, he's so cute.
I used to have one
just like that.
You did.
Well, Merry Christmas
to both of you
and we'll see you soon.
- Merry Christmas.
- Yeah, Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas, Mr. Bear.
Oh Rebecca, thank you
so much for dropping by
with that casserole.
I've been nibbling
at it all week.
You are more than welcome.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas to you.
You should come over and
play with Biscuit sometime.
She loves meeting new people.
Oh, that'd be awesome.
I love dogs, but mom
won't let me have one.
Hey, I should have wished
for that on the Angel Tree.
There's always next year.
See you later.
I don't know where
we'll be next year.
Maybe you two
will be here again.
You know, for someone who
isn't sure if they belong here,
the rest of the town sure
seems to think you do.
Oh, look at those earrings.
Your mom gave them to you, huh?
- Mm hm.
- Mm hm.
And I gave them to her.
You look amazing.
Thank you.
Both of you.
Thanks, diner man.
You got it.
Hey, I,
I brought this for you.
Wanna dance?
Who was that and what
has he done with my nephew?
I don't know but I think
you just got shown up
by a 13 year old.
What, what is that?
That is me asking you to dance.
I accept.
- Listen, I'm sorry.
- About what happened.
No, you, you go.
- Shall I start?
- You start.
You you were right about Owen.
I opened up to him and we
finally talked and it was good.
I'm gonna do it.
What are you gonna do?
I'm goin' into
the coffee business.
Are you serious?
Oh, that is so,
that's so great.
Matthew, I'm so happy for you.
And I'm not just saying that
because I want a lifetime
supply of coffee,
which I do.
Well, maybe we can
work something out
if you promise to
pick it up yourself.
I'm sorry that I give you
a hard time about Angel.
I know how much the story
and the column means to you.
No no, I,
don't apologize.
In fact, you know what, I
should be apologizing to you
because you were
- I was right?
- Yes,
yes you were right.
It was about more
than just the article.
It was about that Christmas.
And I wanted answers
because you know what?
It was that moment,
that Christmas,
that magic just
sort of died for me.
And I think that's really sad.
Well, you know, kids get
to have this magical world.
As adults, I think we have to
make a little magic of our own.
I guess so.
I mean isn't that what
the Angel Tree really is?
It's just a bunch of people
coming together to make life
a little more magical
for those around 'em.
Thank you for the dance.
You still want to
find out who Angel is,
write that article?
Well, I mean I,
if I found out tonight,
I could technically
still publish tomorrow.
Well, she's gotta be
around here somewhere.
And there's the big
gala wish to grant.
Oh yeah, do you
know what that is?
I have no idea.
Oh, Angel usually pulls
all those strings.
I don't know which
wish is being granted.
I think the wish just walked in.
I can't believe
you're really here.
The Angel Tree actually worked.
Oh, it is good to see you.
Okay, you need to stop growing.
You are not allowed
to be taller than me.
Sorry, Mom.
Are you hungry?
I'll get you some food.
We brought this awesome pie
and it is the best thing.
This is amazing.
- You're.
- Back for Christmas.
I can't believe
Angel pulled this off
without me realizing it.
Oh, this wasn't Angel.
This was a Rebecca McBride.
Yeah, I don't
know how she did it,
but she put some major
strings to get this to happen.
- Oh, hi.
- What are you doin'?
- You're gonna freeze.
- No, I'm okay.
- Please.
- Thank you.
Zoe said this was you.
Well I guess I made a little
grownup magic of my own.
I actually can't
believe I made it happen,
but do you remember I told
you I wrote that article
at the Army base?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Well that was Camp Humphreys.
Where Zoe's stationed.
Yeah, so I just happened
to get really chummy
with Colonel Reynolds
and I called her
and she was able to get a
release from the holidays.
I don't know what to say.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Hey there.
Come sit with me.
So what's the story?
Oh, just a failed writer
of awful top 10 lists
who can't figure out a
small town holiday secret
in time to write the
most important article
of my entire career.
Well, that's funny
because I see an awesome mom
who made this the
best Christmas ever
for a lot of people,
including me.
I like yours better.
Come here.
Oh, I love you.
Love you too.
I'm sorry we couldn't
figure out who Angel was
for the article.
Well, I mean we've still got
a few more hours to Christmas.
You know?
I'm still glad we came here.
Yeah, there's nothing like
a Pine River Christmas, huh?
Nothing in the world.
Goodnight, Mom.
Goodnight, baby.
- Love you.
- Love you too.
Merry Christmas, Rebecca.
What do you have for me?
Well, look, I think I've got
the makings of what could be,
I think a really good article.
I mean, the way this town
comes together at Christmas,
it's very compelling.
But no Angel.
But I still think that
there's an article there.
That wasn't the deal, Rebecca.
Look, if you want the
main page, I want Angel.
Look, I know that, but I just,
Nina, let me call
you right back.
Okay, clock's ticking.
That was beautiful tonight.
Hey, I'm sorry.
Sorry, I was just lookin' for,
It's silly.
Uh, sorry.
Merry Christmas.
Are you looking for Angel?
Yeah, I am.
How did you know that?
Are you Angel?
I am,
- kind of.
- Me too, kind of.
And me.
- And me.
- Whoa!
Stop doing that.
I'm really confused right now.
Hold on.
What do you mean you're
all kind of Angel?
Well, the four of us have
helped Angel for years.
If you want to meet
the original Angel,
the one who started it all,
well then.
You're Angel?
I sure am, hon.
You know, it started small
years ago before you were born.
It felt like town
was falling apart,
people were moving away,
businesses were closing.
It seemed no one really
helped each other anymore.
And it seemed like the
Angel Tree was the best way
to pull us all back
together again.
It's kind of
snowballed from there.
And then as more people
started hanging wishes,
I needed help.
So that's when she
reached out to us.
Your kid wasn't wrong when
she called us Mimi's squad.
Angel squad.
And then as we
started getting older,
I figured I'd better recruit
from the next generation
to keep the Angel Tree alive.
Oh Mimi, all those
years, all those wishes.
That was you?
Oh honey, it was never just me.
The Angel Tree has never
been just about Angel.
It's about the whole
town, all of us.
Why are you telling me this?
That little boy's wish
you granted tonight?
All the work you've
done this past week,
you've earned yourself a
spot on the Angel squad.
Honey, I am so sorry about
your wish all those years ago.
I tried so hard
to keep you here,
but some wishes are beyond
even Angel's power to grant.
It's okay, it's okay.
Thank you.
Now, I know how much
this article means to you
and we all want to keep
our identity a secret,
but I think you've
earned the right
to make that choice
for yourself.
I hope you'll keep our secret.
Even if you don't, just
know I'll always love you.
All right now, who wants
to end another successful.
Angel Tree season with
some really strong eggnog?
We got some at our place.
- See you there.
- I'll drink to that.
Merry Christmas.
- Love you.
- Love you too.
Merry Christmas, dear.
Merry Christmas.
I really wanted
to say something.
Wasn't my secret to tell.
I know.
I think a part of me just
wanted to keep the
magic alive for you.
So what are you gonna do?
I don't know.
You got an article to write.
Merry Christmas, McBride.
Merry Christmas.
Couldn't wait?
Hey, you know that
stockings are fair game
before everyone's down.
Who's so important that
you're taking their call
on Christmas morning?
That was the Miller's.
It's official.
We are renting the warehouse.
We are doing this coffee thing!
Oh my gosh!
Oh my gosh.
Oh, I'm so happy
for you, Matthew.
I'm so proud of you.
Thank you.
Speaking of coffee, I
saw these in the kitchen,
but none of them were labeled.
Dark roast, decaf,
breakfast blend.
And their real names?
Call Me Joe, Just Brew It and.
Grounded for Life.
I came up with that one.
Nicely done.
Hey hon, do you want to roast
up a batch of this bad boy?
I want to talk to
my big brother.
You're in trouble.
I'm not in, he thinks
you can get me in trouble.
Mm, he's a smart kid.
- He is.
- Mm hm.
So, what's going
on with Rebecca?
See, there you go
shutting down again.
Are you really not
gonna go after her?
Hey look, if there was
ever a time to just open up
and let it all out on
the table, Matthew.
She's not gonna stick around.
Well, she definitely won't
if you don't tell
her how you feel.
I think,
I think she's already
made her choice.
Because of the article in
The Spire this morning?
I really hoped she
wasn't gonna do that.
Do what?
Talk about how
wonderful our town is.
No, tell the whole
world who Angel is.
Angel's identity
isn't revealed in that.
I came back to Pine River
this Christmas to find answers.
Instead, I found magic.
Not the sort of magic
we believe in as kids
with flying reindeer
or jolly old men
with never-ending
presents in their sack,
but a more grownup magic,
the magic of people reaching
out to help people around them,
the magic of love.
I came back to Pine River
to learn who Angel is
and I was gonna rip
back the curtain,
tell the world all about it.
I did learn who's behind Pine
River's beloved tradition,
but I also learned some
other things along the way,
how an idea can change
people for the better,
how a community can come
together to help those in need,
and how a town can
welcome you home
even if you've been gone
for a very, very long time.
The truth is the magic of
the Angel Tree doesn't lie
in a single person and it's
not even in all the wishes
granted every year, the
Angel Tree's true magic
is its ability to bring people
together to help one another.
All of us are Angels.
Every time we are
there for a friend,
every time we help
a wish come true,
we are carrying on that
Pine River tradition
wherever we may be.
So on this wonderful
Christmas morning,
I'm urging all of
you, the Angels,
to create a little
Christmas magic of your own
and to do it with love.
Merry Christmas.
What are you still doing here?
Go after her.
Beat ya.
I didn't know that was a race.
I thought you might be here.
Yeah well,
just seemed like the right
place to be this morning.
I read your article.
It was.
It was not the scoop
my editor wanted.
It was perfect.
What about the column?
Well, I took your advice.
I opened up to my editor.
I told her exactly what
I wanted, and luckily,
this is what the readers think.
That is, that's a lot of likes.
Yeah, it's a lot.
So you got the job?
You're gonna do the column?
Yeah, got the column every week.
And the best part about it is
I get to do it from anywhere.
Well then I guess
my wish came true.
Your wish, what
did you wish for?
I just, I wished for you.
Say if the only magic that
we have left as adults
is the magic we
make for each other,
then it's up to us, right?
So I wished for you
I want
with me
'cause everything is,
it's just better with you.
Well, I gotta say, Mr. Anderson,
kind of like this
new version of you.
I think I might have to stay.
Well, I mean, it's only fair
that you get your wish too.
I didn't make a wish.
Yeah, you did.
What is this?
You kept that?
I wish I could stay
in Pine River forever.
It took a while,
but I think the Angel
Tree finally came through.