The Animal Kingdom (2023) Movie Script

Take it, Albert.
Good boy, Albert.
- This is shit, isn't it?
- Yeah, it's shit.
Don't give him that.
It's just salt and nitrite.
You shouldn't eat them either.
Eating is like talking.
It defines you as a person.
Furthermore, it defines
your existence in the world.
Do I not exist if I eat chips?
You are passive and swallow everything
in front of you. Like Albert.
Disobedience is real courage nowadays.
Then why should I obey you?
It's different.
I'm not the system.
Good boy.
- Here. Put it on.
- No way, Dad. It smells like squid.
At least make an effort when you come.
- Besides, we're late.
- I told you I had plans.
Playing games with your silly friends?
You said I didn't have to come.
- Without me, you would have arrived on time.
- You are kidding.
You knew we had an important
appointment at the hospital and then...
Wait, mile. What the hell?
Damn it! mile!
Get in the car!
- Stop!
- God damn!
We have an appointment.
Enough. I don't want to argue...
- Calm down!
- Don't touch me!
Come back!
Let's go, mile.
- Strange times.
- Strange times indeed.
- Stop it. Don't bother the others.
- It's okay.
Mr. Marindaze.
Hello Francois. Hello Emile.
Good to see you again.
So... Lana is getting better.
Significantly better.
It has been three weeks since her last seizure.
I don't want to celebrate to soon,
but the treatment seems to be working.
We are confident that we
can stabilize her condition.
This is the first good news.
The others are...
The Reception Center South
opens earlier than planned.
Your wife will be moved in May
along with our other patients.
May of this year?
- Are you moving with her?
- Yes. Of course.
I contacted a colleague
who found a school for mile.
We are working on it and
everything is taking care off.
You said we should talk about it first.
mile, the south is great.
The move will do us good.
I always say that man is not sedentary.
That lifestyle will be our death.
The center is an option.
With the best treatment,
she can eventually come home.
- That's the important thing.
- Will she be normal again?
These mutations...'s a new phenomenon.
It's complicated.
I admit, we are still trying to figure
things out, but we are getting closer.
In two years we have made lots of
progress in understanding the disease.
So don't lose hope.
You say all doctors are quacks
and now you agree with them.
I haven't said that.
At least not in those words.
The doctor is right.
It's a matter of time.
We'll find out eventually.
- Rabies, plague, measles.
- And Ebola? Diabetes?
- Flu? Nothing for that.
- You heard what she said.
- The treatment works. They are making progress.
- Very much so. Your mother is calm.
It doesn't compare to before
your father brought her here.
Before you brought her here.
By force. I didn't bring anyone in.
Franois, for the 117th time,
keeping her was not an option.
Why are you so condescending?
He's actually studying it.
I'm not condescending.
The situation became dangerous.
"Born not to trouble,
lose respect or patience."
Ren Char summed it up.
Want to see your mother?
They have thinned out.
It's much better now.
You can see the outer part.
Do you still go for walks?
You need fresh air.
I'll be right back.
We're not going anywhere.
What are you waiting for?
Talk to her.
She still doesn't understand anything.
She's your mother.
Look, there it is.
It's great! Cupboards
and an entire bathroom.
Absolutely gorgeous cottage!
- Do you smell the fresh air?
- I smell you need a shower.
Don't be so grumpy.
It's only temporary.
- It's a cool temporary home.
- Let me go!
Albert, bang!
We have a new student
for the rest of the year.
I want you to welcome him.
Want to say something?
Yes, my name is mile.
Nice to meet you.
I've only been here for two months,
but I'm looking forward to getting to know you.
Your name is mile?
Do your parents hate you?
Thanks, Victor, for the constructive comment.
- Were you expelled?
- Nina!
It's strange you're showing up now.
Did you cause trouble?
- No, my father moved for his job.
- What do your parents do?
- My father is a chef.
- And your mother?
My mother is dead.
There, Nina.
mile, you can sit down.
Good job, Nina. Pretty embarrassing.
Last week we read Phaedra.
Did you reach...
Nina, I hope this is relevant.
mile... Don't be offended.
You are new and I was curious.
My ADHD makes me say things bluntly.
My thoughts race and then I feel guilty.
- Okay, that's alright.
- Where does the scar come from?
- What's your favorite music?
- That's enough. Can we move on?
So, Phaedra. Last week we
discussed the definition of catharsis.
Can someone tell me what this means?
Jordan wants to perform the
monologue but he's too shy to ask.
That would have been a pleasure.
Cut it out, Victor.
- You're not cooking?
- Cooking, serving...
In a place like this you
have several jobs.
- Nama, this is my son, mile.
- Hello, mile.
- Smells delicious.
- Thanks.
The small one is here!
My name is Jacques.
Your father says you're a good cook.
- If it's well paid.
- Very pragmatic.
- You like it here?
- Yes, the city and all that cool stuff.
It has its charm, except for
that new concrete center.
- Yes, for the monsters.
- That's right. Anyway...
Franois, can you take care of the canoes?
Sure. Be right back.
No one serving?
Are you afraid of the creatures?
There is nothing to fear.
The weather is absolutely fantastic!
Can you see the clouds?
Damn it!
Fucking cottage!
Did I wake you up?
Go to bed. It's late.
Damn it!
One two three...
Come on, at the same time.
A little more.
Hello? Yes, it's me.
How? Wait.
I don't understand. What happened? When?
Keep driving.
Dad, what are you doing?
- Hello!
- Dad, what the hell?
- Stop!
- Dad! Let me go!
- Let go of me!
- You shouldn't be here!
Let go of me!
Where is my wife?
- Leave us! Let go of me!
- Calm down!
What is this about?
A civilian and his son.
They are looking for his wife.
- She's a creep. I mean a creature.
- A victim.
Police Assistant Julia Izquierdo.
You are in good hands.
- Did you hear me?
- Dad!
- What happened?
- The bus ran off the road.
The storm knocked over a tree.
- What is your wife's name?
- Marindaze, Lana.
We haven't found her yet. There's more than
40 missing. We're only just getting started.
- Izquierdo!
- I'm coming.
My colleague will take your information.
- What information?
- Those needed to find her.
- We're working on it.
- Thank you, police assistant.
- Your T-shirt.
- My T-shirt?
Her sense of smell is heightened.
She will be able to smell it.
- And find us.
- Mom isn't coming back.
I get it, but you are wrong.
- Give me your shirt.
- No, I won't give you my shirt.
Okay, then go to bed. Good night.
Damn it!
What the hell are you doing, Dad?
There's probably gonna be a state
of emergency because of the creeps.
Any more curfews and I'll kill myself.
I heard they caught one in town.
There was police everywhere.
- I would like to see one.
- Oh really?
Did it work?
- Are you tired?
- Yes, I didn't sleep well.
Yeah, droopy eyelids. Up with them!
You don't get it?
Droopy eyelids! Up with them!
Sportswear is mandatory, yet Marindaze
is wearing a jersey. Find the mistake.
Bigger steps. Knees higher.
- You don't toss a discus.
- I do my best.
Everyone has an activity, Marindaze
takes root. Find the mistake.
The mistake is Marindaze.
Marindaze, tug of war with the weaker team.
Wake up and show some enthusiasm.
Get out of the way. People run there.
Pull! Harder! Come on, girls!
- Move it, Nina!
- Harder!
Weak. Flex your muscles!
Come on, don't give up!
Now what?
- He is alone. Pull!
- Come on girls, move!
Guys, help your friend out.
- Pull! What are you doing?
- What do you think?
There! Excellent!
- You suck.
- Idiot.
Good job Marindaze.
Come to the party on Friday.
It's at my place.
And Mokhtari will be happy.
Right, Mokhtari?
I have to go.
- What's wrong with him?
- Are you okay?
What the hell is that?
mile, it's Dad. I'm working
tonight but I made lasagna.
You just have to heat it up.
Not in the microwave. Love you.
Are you going to war?
And you're opening a steakhouse?
Did you get my messages?
I called 15 times.
- Hasn't anyone updated you?
- No.
I'm sorry, but we're
not looking anymore.
- Why not?
- I asked the same thing.
I expected to work around the clock,
but they're sending in the military.
We have to give them shelter
and food, as you can see.
I'm a good team player, but that
pisses me off after training all year.
I'm strong enough to compete in the
Olympics and they send me out to buy hot dogs.
So... "Honor and Fatherland!"
Are you going to war?
Got it.
We're in place with Izquierdo.
The task force. What happened?
There was a creep over there.
Evacuate slowly and calmly.
Secure the entrance and clear the store.
Guys, we...
- What are you doing?
- Lana!
- Lana!
- Stop. Did you hear?
I have her!
We wish to inform you of
an ongoing police operation.
Please proceed to checkout. Thank you.
Don't be scared.
Please evacuate.
We'll take care of it.
The commander says thanks
you for your efforts.
What is this really for?
You know not to move
around in the forest.
Police Assistant!
Bonnell, in the car.
Wake up.
It stinks in here.
- Didn't you hear the alarm?
- Don't, Dad!
- You didn't hear it?
- Out!
- Get out!
- Damn, it stinks!
- Hurry up. I want to talk.
- I'm coming.
You didn't eat the lasagna.
Are you sick?
No, I wasn't hungry.
What's all this?
Sit down.
- Are you hanging clothes in the bushes again?
- There are survivors. I saw one.
- We start searching on the weekend.
- You saw a survivor?
We triangulate from here and
search west, away from the river.
Trust me. We'll find her.
I'm going to a party on Friday.
I'll be late.
It's not a negotiation. You come
along. The party can wait.
I got it.
Okay, but don't be late.
You need seven hours of sleep.
Cool, right?
We often have parties here.
Jordan's parents are
rich and never home. Here.
Circular movements are difficult.
You can't move freely in the armor.
- Why don't you try a real sport?
- It is a real sport.
- This one's cool!
- For St. John's Day...
- Should I fight a duel.
- Really cool.
Careful. It's delicate.
- What's the midsummer festival about?
- A traditional party with sausages.
- Are you coming?
- I'm standing at the bar, I miss the show.
Not a show, a duel.
One must not hit the joints.
It'll get canceled because
of the creatures anyway.
- Are you okay, Malle?
- Where are you going?
It's not certain that
it will get cancelled.
- It's not that...
- What is it then?
I saw one yesterday.
After school, not far from city hall.
It was a woman with a terrible face.
Things came out of her
mouth, like an insect.
- Jordan's mother.
- She looked at me.
I swear. Her eyes were full of hatred.
Wait, City Hall?
You have no classes nearby.
You don't believe me?
You're not on my side.
I believe you but I want facts.
- Okay, mile?
- Is everything alright?
- He's just stiff.
- He's not feeling well.
- I'll be fine.
- Here. Put it under your tongue.
- Unbelievable!
- What a horny fuck!
- So unsanitary.
- We have lost mile.
Hey, you okay, mile?
What was that?
- Put it down.
- Who wants to hack a creep?
- Shut up. They're living beings like us.
- Stop preaching. I'll impale you.
What is that?
What the hell is that?
- Dad, no.
- Come on, I'm your father.
I'm ready to go.
I was waiting for you.
- Did you get home late?
- No. I just have to take a shower.
Hurry up.
We're leaving in ten minutes.
Find her, Albert.
I told you to turn it off.
The police are here.
Come on.
Dad, how did you feel when
Mom started to change?
You know the quote by Ren Char?
"Born not to trouble,
lose respect or patience."
Weren't you disgusted?
No, it was just different.
We confronted it together.
- "Confronted"?
- It's a figure of speech.
She was still herself.
Nothing changed.
- Did you kiss her?
- Yes, I did.
- Did you think it could continue like this?
- Can we focus on the present?
Are you mad at me because
they took her after she hit me?
I'm angry because you butcher
verbs and eat mass-produced salami.
You bought it.
Super discreet with the police here.
Damn it!
Check the glove compartment.
CD 2000 and something.
- 2003.
- The first track is your mother's and my song.
I invited her to the town party.
She said it was ridiculous,
but it's her favorite song.
- Wild.
- Open the window. Let her hear it.
Damn it!
Get away!
Come on.
Dad, stop! Watch out where you drive!
I don't fucking get it. Damn creeps!
- Where are you going?
- To the hospital.
Forget it. It's just
a scratch. Stop the car.
- You're crazy.
- Dad!
- What are you doing?
- Stop!
- Idiot. What will we say at the emergency room?
- Don't insult me. Get in.
- Okay, we're not going there.
- You promise?
- Get in!
- When you calm down.
Satisfied? Get in.
I thought I recognized that car.
Is your son ok?
mile, was it?
- A little accident.
- My dog bit me.
What happened here?
The creatures attacked the riding school.
Total massacre.
A horse massacre rather.
- At least you get some action.
- A lot. We are directing traffic today.
Come back!
- Make sure to have that wound examined.
- We're going to the hospital.
No, no hospitals.
I refuse to go there.
Park further away.
It's bleeding again.
It's a serious wound.
- How did you get it?
- My dog bit me, as I said.
He really got you.
If he tries again...
...we will put him down.
The dog, not the child.
Hurry up, Laborde.
You need some air?
Do you live in the area?
Rub yourself, Laborde.
- Your barbecue is popular.
- I think so.
- Lieutenant.
- Izquierdo. You have a visitor?
You soundproofed the room?
The mood is going downhill.
- I probably need a change.
- Like what?
A relocation.
Let me know if you need any help.
Help with what?
Everything is fine.
Breathe from your stomach
when you're feeling stressed.
Ok. Let's go.
See you.
Dirty flesh.
You're alive. How nice.
I called you. We were worried.
Not that you care.
- What is that?
- Let go! Ask before you touch someone!
Mokhtari and friend!
Now don't let me down.
The grades are at stake.
- This cathode is hydrogen, right?
- Yeah.
Help me. I have to do
the damn thing myself.
What does voltage measure? That one?
Shut up!
- It works better if you use the pedals.
- Stop it.
I behaved the same way before
I was diagnosed with ADHD.
I had a major breakdown
when I was seven.
I would have liked for someone
to take care of me then.
Sorry for running away the other day.
And for licking your arm.
You want to come home with me?
- You recognize it?
- Yes, it is...
Let me think. It reminds
me of so many songs.
It's different without silencer.
The music school wanted
it back three years ago.
- You're really talented.
- Very funny.
I used to be really into in it. But
there's too many things I want to do.
There's the choice of school next year.
It stresses me out.
I can't decide. I want it all.
- Can I have something to drink?
- Help yourself.
What is that?
It was outside my door after the party.
It's a jay. The feather came from it.
I'm vegetarian. Dead birds aren't my thing.
I didn't ask for it.
I don't encourage animal cruelty.
What will you do with it?
They collect food for the creatures.
I might donate it.
You smell good.
Really? I haven't had a shower.
Maybe that's why.
- I stink.
- I like it.
Were you involved in the accident?
My mother was there, too.
My name is mile.
And you?
- Fix.
- Like in "to fix"?
- That's your name?
- I don't remember.
I don't know your mother and I don't
care, either. You can leave now.
Only the strong survive out here.
Thanks for the food.
- Why do you stay with her?
- It's different.
She follows me. Get lost!
- You'll die.
- And what if I do?
I can't fly?
What do birds do that can't fly?
Do they live or die?
I know a safer place.
It's not far.
Great. A swamp.
Should I impale myself?
It's just some branches.
I can remove them.
You see? It's easy.
That must hurt, right?
Your back.
You were lucky.
It didn't start with your face.
Does it hurt you?
Look ahead. There is lots to do.
Almost done.
Well, I think it might work.
We said 8.30pm and now it's 9.
Call me.
Another reservation canceled. People
are scared. Fear is the disease of today.
But it's almost Midsummer.
It won't save the season, but...
- Can I leave you to it?
- Absolutely.
That's the Chamber of Commerce's idea.
I designed it. And we have this.
Originally it's for wild dogs.
Nice, right?
What does it mean?
"Qu'aimi las bestias, mes de luenh."
"I like animals, from a distance."
It's from Gascon.
- Excuse me.
- I'll be right back.
- Nama, drink with us?
- I don't have time.
Who's there?
That's enough.
Calm down and listen.
Look at me.
Let us be peaceful and reasonable.
Come now...
Excuse me. I'll be right back.
I should have tried something else.
A song, maybe.
My little sister calms down if you sing.
Where is she?
Far away. Hiding.
Well, should we clean up?
Francois? Are you okay?
- I saw her. It was her.
- Are you sure?
Sorry I'm late. My bike was stolen.
What happened?
It's not just in France.
It's an international network.
Check the numbers.
The number of creatures increases.
More and more, without end.
It's no use locking them up.
We must live together.
Are you done eating?
Leave the forest to them.
Like a big park.
Coexistence. We have to.
But there's no political will.
So what do you do besides printing T-Shirts?
- We should start training.
- Train for what?
Combat technique, so you're
ready when you run into one.
Yeah, right. I'm easy prey.
Maybe I'll catch one
and we'll be friends.
Then pitbulls are nothing
if I have a Godzilla.
No, Godzilla will tear you to pieces.
Imagine if one of
them shows up here.
- Malle, you're stressing me out.
- Have you stopped donating?
The police shut down donations
after the incident at the restaurant.
- Damn! Disgusting!
- I wasn't hungry anyway.
- No, it's just a baby tooth.
- Sure.
Another sign of the
school's low standard.
You are a low standard.
What did you say?
Never mind.
You're okay?
Come on, Fix!
- It went better this time.
- What do you mean?
- I'm almost there.
- Yeah.
Are you ready?
Those bastards sent me
for corrective surgery.
It was a massacre.
Do you hear my voice?
How it changes?
It gets blocked and it hurts.
For me it's the backbone.
I feel the bones change.
The worst part is the fur.
Wolf fur is rough and itchy.
Dachshund you mean. Or poodle.
- No, wolf.
- In any case, it's pathetic.
- You're one to speak.
- I will be magnificent.
I will be magnificent!
The frog!
She's not a frog.
A lizard, maybe. Or a chameleon.
I like it... The frog.
The forest is huge.
Calm down, Franois.
It's just trees.
This silence isn't normal.
Pesticides and monocultures.
- Empty, lifeless...
- Turn off the light.
Okay, come on.
Hey, you okay?
I don't know if
I'm scared of losing her...
...or finding her.
Okay? Can you get up?
- Shall we go back?
- No.
You are really strong.
Was it the police training?
I took a combat course last year.
It was a simple technique.
Grab the wrist and then...
Damn it.
Had a nice evening?
Not as nice as yours, it seems.
- Yours?
- No.
What is it? You're being weird.
- Show me your hands.
- That's silly.
So the plan is you drink
and we stay out here?
I found it in the woods.
- And?
- Try it. See if it works.
- Cool. Thank you, Dad.
- Not like that. Ride on it.
Ride the bike, mile.
Then you can go to bed.
Let go of me!
I'm here.
How far has it gone?
- I don't know.
- No, not "I don't know".
Tell me and we'll get somewhere.
I hear sounds much easier.
My nails, my back, fur.
- That's it.
- Does anyone else know?
- No.
- Your girlfriend?
- She's not my...
- Does she know?
- No.
- What are you doing in that forest?
If you take chances like that,
they will separate us.
They'll put you in the center
and I won't be able to help you.
Watch your routines.
Go to school.
The holidays start in
two weeks, so be careful.
- Don't arouse suspicion, okay?
- Okay, no suspicion.
What's in that milkshake? Ew.
A natural stress reliever.
It will help you.
Mom's medicine?
- You'll be tired at first.
- And what happens then?
Will you tie me to the bed, too?
What can we do?
I'm thinking. I'm thinking.
The way they just dump patients
in the hospitals is bullshit.
They don't understand it.
I read how they do it in Norway.
They're really smart!
Everything is based on coexistence.
The shepherd and the wolf in coexistence.
It's not about chasing and being chased.
Or to create divisions.
No. We must cooperate.
That for example. Don't do that.
I promise.
- Fortunately, your teeth are deep inside.
- Fangs you mean.
Good. Cut them every day.
As for the ears...
Let the hair cover the ears.
It suits you.
- Does it work? Can you hear me?
- Every word, but not so loud.
- Take off your pants.
- No way.
- Do you want help or not?
- I do.
Just show me how and I'll fix it.
Like this. Wait five
minutes then scrape it off.
And then... roll-on!
The more you take,
the longer it takes to grow back.
So you no longer boycott aluminum?
This is different.
Damn it!
- You're not ready?
- Just a minute.
- You have a nice home.
- Yes, it's great.
Hey Emile.
- Are you okay? Is the arm healing?
- Yes, it's is much better.
It is doing much better.
- Are you Buddhists?
- Yes.
No. No, it's for the smell.
- I'll wait outside.
- I won't be long.
You look like her.
- Don't forget...
- Take it easy.
I'll take the medicine and go to bed.
As you said.
Keep an eye on him.
- Hello?
- It didn't even ring once.
- I was sitting with the phone. So what?
- Nothing. I just wanted to call.
What are you doing?
Nothing special. I read on Reddit
about a woman that was kidnapped.
A year later, a picture
was found in a parking lot.
She had glasses and the
photographer was reflected in them.
He's probably the kidnapper.
Are you there? I can hear
you breathing. Creepy.
I didn't know the night was so loud.
I love the sound of the night.
You think you can hear me if I scream?
Try it.
I didn't hear anything.
Let me try.
What's wrong?
Can you no longer speak?
Don't worry. We will find a solution.
Soon you will fly.
We're together. I'm here.
What are you doing?
Get down!
Get down, you idiot!
You're gonna kill yourself!
Thanks. Hope you'll enjoy.
Well done!
It stinks!
On the house...
- Ultrasound.
- Thanks.
Two pigs disappeared.
Keep an eye out for creeps.
- If it wasn't Roma.
- Change the channel, Jacques.
- Does the beer serve itself?
- I'm on a break.
Franois, your son is here.
He's getting changed. I didn't say anything.
Didn't want to spoil the mood.
But being three hours late
is not okay. His salary is deducted.
I called you 20 times.
Sorry, I was with some friends.
- Where were you?
- I just have to change.
Stop it. I'm okay.
Look at your hands.
What are you thinking?
We agreed. Why aren't you listening?
Why aren't you listening?
What are you doing?
Sit down.
If they find you, you'll be
all alone. Do you understand?
You'll be all alone.
- Don't even try.
- What are you gonna do?
I'm protecting you.
No, you're not protecting me!
Sit down.
Are you okay?
The others are at the bar.
I was going there. Join me if you want.
We won't miss much.
It ends with a fight and
a car accident on the way home.
For 120 euros, I regret coming.
In the past, they
burned cats for Midsummer.
They put them in sacks
and threw them on the fire.
The cats screamed and the fire burned.
People loved it.
I like your hair.
Take it off.
I knew it.
- Do you ever wash it?
- Not every time.
- Disgusting.
- No, you're disgusting.
- Ignore the talker.
- Nina!
- Four beers, please.
- Here.
- Your beer my dears.
- Thank you.
- On our youth!
- Thanks, friend.
Those jerks.
They bother us every year...
I have to pee. Take mine.
Wait. Guys pissing together.
Or what, mile?
Nina is cool.
- Don't you think so, mile?
- Yes.
I saw you earlier in the field.
You have too much free time?
Did you have a good time?
- What are you doing?
- Not so fun anymore?
- Stop.
- I don't hear anything.
It only disturbs creeps.
What will you turn into?
A rat? A monkey?
Listen to your breathing.
It's disgusting
Over here!
- A creep!
- Vincent, wait!
Where is mile?
Get in line!
Come on!
There! He's moving!
I found him!
I see him!
It's me.
No. Fix.
- The boy's father.
- Okay.
He will give his testimony
in the room on the right.
Luckily we found him first.
The creeps are dangerous.
Okay, we'll save time. You went crazy
and ended up there by accident.
You didn't obstruct any military operation.
- Do we agree?
- Yes, right.
Thank you.
Name, date and signature.
I print a new one.
Come on.
I saw her. We met.
Do you remember when we went skiing?
The weather was bad, so we walked
with those things on our feet.
The snowshoes. I remember
them. And the ski lift.
It was snowing at the top.
It was foggy and windy.
Mom and I tried to find
Mont Blanc, but visibility was zero.
Suddenly you said...
"It's majestic."
It's beautiful there.
The mountains and the snow.
But you meant the ski lift.
All the little bits, nuts
and bolts and the wheels.
- I didn't say that.
- Yeah.
I did?
What an idiot.
- What?
- Nothing.
You are beautiful.
They stink.
Will you visit me at the center?
You're not going there.
How fast is a fox or a wolf?
- I don't know.
- 50 km/h. 60 maybe, in some cases.
Run, mile!