The Annihilators (1985) Movie Script

- Where to, Uncle Sarge?
- What's the bad news this time?
Popeye found us a nice little
ammo bunker to take out.
Where's Mystery Man
sending us this time?
Red zone, Sector 2.
Hell, that's fine by me.
I haven't been shot at in two days.
- I'm starting to feel a little edgy.
- I knew I smelled something!
How the hell does the army think
I'm gonna win the war
when they gave me four bozos like you
to hold me down?
Sarge, don't worry. We're gonna be
a comfort to you in your old age.
- Oh, I can hardly wait for that.
- When do we get to meet this Popeye?
What I wanna know is what the hell
kind of name is Popeye
for an intelligence officer?
Hey, now, wait a minute.
He sends you guys out there on shit jobs
because you happen to be
the best that there is.
We just wanna meet the man.
We're not gonna embarrass you.
Right. Let's go.
I told you we was a class bunch, Sarge.
We're almost on top of it now.
Ray, take the point.
Woody, Garrett, lead flanks.
I'll be the back door.
Joe, you hold out here.
Oh, come on, Sarge,
I want some of the fun.
Just keep your eyes open.
We get in trouble,
you'll get all the fun you can handle.
Woody, how long to set up that bunker?
Two maybe three minutes.
Ray, help pull the wire.
Garrett, cover the front.
I'll set the detonator.
Slick. Slick!
Hurry up, man.
Cong to the north!
Move out when I blow this.
One of those gangs went
after Rabinsky this morning.
Burned up a bunch of sofas and chairs.
All cos he didn't have the money.
The Rollers, them gone
and upped the ante again.
Yeah, they told me I gotta pay
$50 a week now instead of $25.
We're barely making it at the cafe now.
I know one thing, every dime I got
is tied up in my laundromat.
It's the same for all of us, Earl.
At least the punks never take everything.
They always leave us something.
It's not right what these gangs are doing.
A person needs just a little dignity.
What should we do?
We agree not to pay these gangs
any more money.
They can't beat up everybody.
But, Joe, when they come to collect
the money, what do we do then?
We're gonna drive the gangs
out of the neighbourhood?
With what? Our good intentions?
No, we're not soldiers, Joey.
Sounds to me like we need to do
some more thinking on this.
This is the address.
I've arranged the whole thing.
It's a Smith & Wesson.38.
You be sure and get
maybe three boxes of shells.
Are you sure this is right?
Go on, get outta here.
It'll do you good.
Have yourself a nice bus ride downtown.
I shouldn't be gone now
more than a couple of hours.
Ha! I love you, Pop.
You sit next to a pretty girl
on the bus for me, okay?
Hey there, Joe!
Oh, look, visitors!
Get outta here, lady.
Move, God damnit!
Hey, Roy Boy... look what I see.
Leave the woman alone, Roy Boy.
She's a customer.
Oh, my God.
The story is...
you've been trying to stir up trouble.
We can't have that.
See what can happen
to one of your customers...
...when you don't pay your insurance?
I think I'm in love.
You bastards!
I'll go first.
You hold her.
What's the matter, Jessie,
you can't handle the foreplay?
Oh, Jesus God.
That's right.
You better pray.
You dumb son-of-a-bitch!
Why'd you have to go waste
a good piece of ass?
She pissed me off.
Now, I'm gonna have
to teach you a lesson.
Your time's coming, Roy Boy.
You count on it.
The trouble is
with people like you,
you don't learn nothing,
unless it's pounded...
...into your thick stupid head!
Just pounded right
into your stinking skull!
Somebody talk to me!
I can't believe it.
Two people are butchered in there
in broad daylight,
and nobody saw anything.
Why would anybody talk to you?
When the punks are back on the street,
they're gonna come looking for us!
Where the hell were you
when Joe Nace needed you?
All right.
Let's get it wrapped up
and get outta here.
Oh, my God...
Thank you for coming, Mr Eckhart.
Well, Joe saved my life in Nam.
He saved the whole squad.
Listen, if there's anything
I can do, please...
If you knew what they did to Joe...
- Don't get caught up in it, Louie.
- People should know!
They took a meat hammer to him
and hit him again and again and again...
Mr Nace?
Sorry, sir, that the circumstances
of our meeting had to be like this.
You know, Joe talked about you.
So many times.
He, uh... He said that
you taught him how to fight.
You wanna really do something for Joe?
You teach us how to fight.
Police ain't gonna find
them punks that killed Joe.
Nothing's gonna change.
I don't even know
what one man can do for us.
I only know the stories
that Joe told about you in the war.
we got nowhere else to turn.
Come on, Louie.
Let me take you in.
Popeye? Bill Eckhart.
Yeah. Well, yeah,
it has been a long time.
No, no, no. I'm in Atlanta.
Listen, you got a minute?
I wanna call in a couple of favours.
you know I gotta do this, don't you?
We have a son now.
Joe Nace, he saved my life.
I wouldn't even be here
if it wasn't for him.
What about little Garrett's life?
I'll be back.
I love you.
I love you too, baby.
Here he is.
Here they go.
Come here.
Great to see you, man.
Great to see you.
- Sarge.
- Yeah.
I really feel bad. I didn't think
you were gonna give up your job for this.
Well, now,
who wouldn't wanna give up
the many life-threatening hazards
of the accountancy business
for the security
that you guys are offering?
Uh, look, I do have
just this one last case to get rid of.
It will only take a second,
and then I'm all yours.
- Are you sure this is the place?
- This is the place.
This is what they told me.
How's it going, brother?
Hey, Ray.
Flash-man Garrett.
What's up?
Hello, Lieutenant Hawkins.
What's a hotshot from Metro
doing down here?
I've been assigned
to that double homicide
that happened
down on Auburn Street last week.
Well, we're always glad for the help,
but between you and me,
what the hell does Downtown care
about a couple more killings
in South Point?
A couple more makes it,
what, 16 in the last two years?
Well, it's those gangs down there.
The courts have our hands tied.
- Nothing we do sticks.
- Oh, I know how that goes.
Anyway, count on me
to do what I can.
Well, you can use
that desk in the corner.
- Good luck.
- Thanks.
Do you like it? It's okay?
It's okay, Louie. This is gonna make
a perfect home base. You did real good.
Okay, the next few days
we're gonna need
to just check things out.
I'd like to get the people
in the neighbourhood together
so they can talk to us, meet us.
Can that be arranged?
You bet.
I'll get started right away.
Come on, Louie.
- Oh, Bill.
- Yeah?
- I'm gonna unload the van.
- I'll come with you.
- Are you gonna help?
- No, I'm gonna supervise.
Ray-Ray, you haven't changed a bit.
Neither have you, man.
Still ugly after all these years.
When I got back from Nam...
...wasn't much left.
My girl, job.
Old gang, all gone.
Even put a freeway
through the old neighbourhood.
You don't owe me an explanation.
If a man can't fit,
with somebody,
ain't got much.
You were the best, one of us.
You're here now.
That's good enough for me.
Won't let you down, Sarge.
I know you won't.
Well, good day, Mr Walker.
Now, how many times
do I have to tell you?
You don't make your loan payments,
you gonna get hurt.
He ain't got nothing in there
but this TV.
Well, we'll take it.
I got someone
who's gonna feed us information.
I already got the rundown
on these street gangs.
These are the Scorpions.
They're into strong-arm stuff
and deal weapons.
The Turks run most of the gambling
and prostitution.
Roy Boy Jagger and the Rollers.
These guys call
most of the shots down here.
He's king of the hill.
So, how many gangs
are we talking about altogether?
Well, three that control
90% of the action.
This is the signal.
Three sharp raps in a row.
It's a call for help.
It's also a sign of our unity.
We're all in this together.
Whenever you hear this... all join in, okay?
- Give me some.
- Shit.
Couldn't pick up nothing.
We went to Stone's Garage,
all these dudes started
picking up wrenches and pipes
and started tapping on the floor.
And the next thing, about four guys
came over from the bakery
and they started doing it.
That's the same thing
that happened to me and CC.
I mean, what the hell is going on?
They wanna fuck with us...
...we'll fuck with them.
Name's Lieutenant Hawkins.
How'd you do?
I'm told you fellas are new
to the neighbourhood.
Yeah, on vacation.
You're a long way from the beach.
Look, Lieutenant,
we're just here visiting an old friend.
Not looking for any trouble.
Well, the fact of the matter is,
that's my job.
Looking for trouble.
You see, somebody does something
they're not supposed to be doing,
no matter how right
they think they are...
...that's trouble.
You know, I hate people thinking
they know the law
better than the police.
I know you from somewhere.
Do you follow
the pro shuffleboard tour?
Anybody here know these men?
Then y'all have never seen them before?
Lieutenant Hawkins,
Captain wants to see you.
Oh, Hawkins.
Come on in.
Close it.
Take some advice.
Don't go trying to win a medal
so they'll kiss your ass Downtown.
It doesn't work that way.
I guess you're talking about my idea
that you got vigilantes
operating in South Point.
You know as well as I do
how the press loves
to jump on even a hint
of that kind of talk.
I suggest you keep
your theories to yourself
and stick to collaring the punks
responsible for that double homicide.
Now, get out of here.
Get a hold of them,
tell them we're ready.
Hey, dudes!
Hey, what's happening?
So, who are these new cats
pissing up my neighbourhood?
Never seen 'em before now.
They just blew in,
started pushing and shoving.
You make 'em out
for any kind of heat?
Nah, they ain't no cops.
They're something else, though.
They're like...
like the Four Musketeers.
Hey, that's good.
You know,
I've been looking out for you guys
cos in a couple of years
you're gonna be Rollers.
- Alright!
- So next time these Mouseketeers pop up,
I want you to let me know, okay?
Just remember that I'm the guy
that's looking out for your future.
Hey, you got it, man.
All right.
Tell 'em where you got it, now.
I'll catch you all later.
Come on in.
Everything's clear.
We're all set to pick you up.
Well, I'd say all in all
we gained a lot of ground but...
we're still not one red curly hair closer
to whoever wasted Joe
than the day we got here.
Look, I know we all wanna
even the score for what they did to Joe,
but I think cleaning out the gangs,
which is what he wanted,
what he died for,
is more important right now.
Well, they're pretty well dug-in here.
Yeah, well, the gangs are here
because it's profitable.
Now, somebody's making big bucks.
Sounds like...
like you've come up with something.
Well, I don't have the whole picture yet,
but there's a big operator in Columbia
making drug runs through here.
You know, I mean, these gangs
may be some nasty little turds
but I really don't think
they're into big-league drugs.
Yeah, well, you're partially right, Ray.
They're not on the inside.
South Point is only a warehouse
for this combine out of Bogota.
The gangs, they're paid
for protection and cover.
That way the people
from the combine aren't here.
What do you think would happen
if one of their shipments got lost?
Let's kick 'em in the pocketbook.
Where do we start?
We start with the Rollers,
the Turks and the Scorpions.
'We eyeball 'em, day and night,
'find out exactly how they do it,
everything. We go from there.'
I was in the neighbourhood,
thought I'd drop in for a cup of coffee.
Tell me the truth.
You come here for the atmosphere.
Actually, you're right.
I don't understand.
You've always got a bottle.
I'm sorry.
- If it bothers you...
- Why should you care if it bothers me?
I just don't like to see you
with that stuff all the time.
- Hey, look what I got.
- Oh, not my book.
No, not my book. No!
Please. Oh, leave me alone.
Let go!
Leave her alone.
Yeah, beat it, punks!
You all right, ma'am?
Yes, thank you.
You see that?
Elizabeth Barrett Browning.
It's poetry.
"How do I love thee?
Let me count the ways"
"I love thee to the depth
and breadth and height"
"My soul..."
- I know who did it.
- Who did what?
I know who killed your friend.
I saw him do it.
Let's tail him.
Let's get in and out fast.
Be waiting for us
around the back side, Doc.
All those pus balls are in there together.
No reason
not to take 'em out right now.
- What about Sarge?
- We'll never get a better shot at them.
Let's do it, brothers.
I'll go high.
- Front or back?
- Cover your back side.
Well, this is as good a place
to start as any.
Okay, guys, you know what to do.
Come on, gas it down.
Give me a couple of them.
Say, man, the dude
that owns this place,
how much is he paying us?
Five big ones.
Yeah? Well, let's burn this fucker good.
That's Doc. Out to the van.
You okay, man?
We're flyin'!
You guys okay?
Where the hell were you, big boy?
Sorry, I got pinned down by a shotgun.
Couldn't have been too bad
if someone stopped off for a martini.
Come on.
But Gertie ID'd 'em.
These are the guys that hit Joey.
That's right. Same bunch
we saw on that dope run.
God dammit,
we shoulda had 'em.
We would have, if Slick didn't have
to stop off for the happy hour.
That's enough, damn it.
Now, I may have some problems,
but when it comes to you guys,
I don't fuck around.
All right, knock it off, the both of you.
I don't believe this.
You guys ride into town
like a bunch of cowboys
about to shoot up Main Street
and you wonder why it all fell apart.
Okay, look,
I'm glad we got a fix
on who hit Joey,
but he died trying to get
this neighbourhood back on its feet.
Now, if we don't have a plan
to finish what he started,
we're not helping him at all.
We shouldn't have gone in there.
We fucked up.
Okay, we have got to make a plan
and follow it through.
- Like Nam?
- Just like Nam.
Next time these guys make a run,
we're gonna be all over 'em.
Ray, I want you to make a programme
to get that truck.
You want a Hogan's Alley?
The whole shot?
The whole shot.
Woody, give me a hand
mapping this thing out.
Right behind you, Ray.
I try not to say anything.
You think we can pull this thing off?
- Hey...
- I mean, with a wino in our squad?
- He's coming along.
- Really?
He was a hell of a soldier in Nam.
And from what I see around here,
we can use every brother we got.
Come on, let's go to work.
To pull this off
we need to stop the chase cars.
Now, I figure this is perfect
for Hogan's Alley. What do you think?
We could make
a good Hogan's Alley out of this.
- Any trouble setting up traps, Ray?
- No.
I foresee no problems whatsoever.
Garrett and I will take the back.
You guys take the front. Draw.
Ray's down.
Woody, cover us.
We're coming up.
Come on, this is getting tiresome!
Oh, thank God.
Uncle Sarge.
Bastard broke cover to save the kid.
...ass hero.
Come on, guys. Give me that.
Let's go. Let's go.
- Will you hide these for us, please?
- Of course.
Go ahead, Boon. I copy.
I didn't think Roy Boy
was gonna shoot anybody.
Yeah, well...
They pissed him off.
That's the way it goes, right?
Lieutenant. Boon says he's got
bodies shot up all over the alley.
They're local gang members.
Time to kick a little ass.
And I think I know
whose ass to start with.
Come on, move it.
Come on, let's go.
Get in there.
- Nice job, Hawkins.
- Thanks.
I don't know.
Maybe I was wrong.
Losing Ray that way.
Maybe I pushed this thing too far.
They pushed it too far
when they killed Joe.
That's right.
Gotta see this whole thing through.
For both of them.
You guys sure?
Hey, Neil, how did it go?
Everything squared away.
You're free to go.
I don't think you're gonna have
any more problems.
They're gonna have
a hell of a false arrest suit
if anything happens like this again.
Do us all a favour.
Next time have some evidence
before you book somebody.
I couldn't get a peep
out of anyone on the street.
So, what else is new?
And Lieutenant,
if you are going to make a bad bust,
try to make sure they're not represented
by the Governor's law firm.
Okay, one more time.
Crossing gate.
Guard car.
Driver out.
Truck out.
Hogan's Alley.
Back here, regroup.
You know, Ray set it up real good.
Oughta work.
Yeah, I'm still worried
about not having anybody up high.
That would have been Ray.
Hey, Sarge?
You're right.
Working it out, going in slow.
That's how we used to do it.
- We used to do it great.
- The best.
Yeah, we sure as hell did, didn't we?
Is that my chicken?
I just talked to the candyman.
He wants us to ride shotgun
for a load of dopies running through.
Man, what is his problem?
He's all set up for tomorrow.
This load is bigger than usual.
Oh, yeah? How big?
Five times what we usually get.
We're gonna do it
a little differently this time.
I want you to get us
another set of wheels
and make sure Doc brings the van.
- You OK?
- Yeah.
- Who's driving the catering truck?
- You got me. How's Bill?
Come on, man. We better haul ass
to Hogan's Alley. Come on!
Back up, back up back up!
That's it. There they go.
Who the hell grabbed
the catering truck?
- Hold-out Harry.
- Hold-out Harry?
I didn't know we had a hold-out Harry
backing us up on this gig.
Holy shit.
- What is it?
- Heroin.
There's gotta be
millions of dollars' worth here.
No way this is a normal dope job.
That's why they had that other car.
There's gonna be
a lot of mad punks around here.
Mad as bees,
and we're sitting on their honey.
Woody, you and I are gonna go back
to Auburn Street and check things out.
Garrett, stay here and make sure
nobody tailed us looking for the truck.
Let's go.
I just came past Sycamore Street.
Something's going on.
There's a couple of dozen punks
gathered down there.
Mr Eckhart here
was just explaining it all to us.
Seems our heroes here
have gotten a hold of some property
that belongs to somebody else.
Some property?
Don't make it sound so dignified.
- It's drugs.
- Heroin to be exact.
Lots of it.
These gangs have been protecting
big shipments
coming through South Point.
And for this you want me to fight?
No, to protect yourself.
There's an easier way out of all this.
You just give 'em back what you took.
And just give up?
We'd be worse off
than when we started.
Come on, folks. This is no kinda life
we've been living here,
full of terror and fear.
There's one thing clear to me now.
If we're gonna change things round here,
we're gonna have to do it ourselves.
Somebody has got a truck...
that's mine.
I want it back.
What do you make?
Hard to tell.
The longer you people wait,
the hotter it's gonna get.
I'm going up on the roof.
Get Garrett to get back here
as quick as you can, cover the road.
Right, Sarge.
Listen, try to keep
everybody inside, okay?
No matter what, count on us.
All right.
Hey, man, where are you going?
I'm gonna go out there
and I'm gonna talk to him.
- It's never too late to make a deal.
- You crazy fool, you can't go out there.
We'll see who the fool is.
Come on, let's hold it now.
Where the hell's my truck?
I don't think that any of this
is gonna be necessary.
- I want my goddamn dope.
- I need just a little time.
I want my truck.
I-I-I'm not sure where it is.
But I-I can get it for you.
You dumb mother!
What am I talking to you for?
He almost burned me
with that thing.
Some mother's on the roof.
You stupid mothers!
You're gonna pay for this.
Bring out the gasoline.
- I can't see my father.
- He pulled Warren off the street.
I'm sure he's all right.
What are you doing?
They're gonna know we're here.
- Are you all right?
- Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I'm OK.
But you ought to see it.
They're all fighting.
I mean, everybody.
See that school bus?
Grab that fucker
and bring it right here.
Now! Move pronto!
Shut up!
All right, you assholes!
I got a busload of your kids.
I want my goods.
And I'm not gonna tell you again.
You bring my truck out here
or I'm gonna start
throwing out dead kids.
He'll do it.
Yeah, he will.
Yeah. He's gonna be taking care
of our future!
get that truck over here.
- Quick.
- Coming right up.
Hey, you're a real cutie, aren't you?
Huh? Yeah.
- We're bringing the truck now.
- Then get it out here.
Why don't you let the kids go first?
I ain't bargaining with you,
you motherfucker.
Just get it out here.
What the hell's going on down there?
Right, anybody comes after her,
she gets it.
Leave me alone.
Not until we're out of here, bitch.
Anybody goes shooting at me,
you're gonna take the bullet.
Hold it right there.
Put your gun down or she gets it.
Don't do it.
Stupid motherfucker.
You're gonna be put away
for what you did to Joey Nace.
All this for a shitty little cripple?
Oh, you stupid bastard!
Get this whole area closed off.
Is this hot? Let me have it.
Bill's in there.
Let's go, Slick.
I guess you boys
haven't been properly introduced.
Garrett, Woody, meet Hold-out Harry.
- Howdy, fellas?
- What the hell?
You're the one
that took the dope truck?
Well, that's not much of a welcome.
I thought you guys always wanted
to meet Popeye.
- Popeye from Nam?
- You got it.
You the son-of-a-bitch used to send us
all over hell to do your dirty work!
And here we are, doing it again.
Well, sometimes even a cop gets fed up
when the system falls apart.
Yeah, we cleaned out
some bad apples for you.
Not for me, for those people down there,
for this neighbourhood.
Yeah, it all works out.
I mean, he gave us a lot of protection
so we could get the guy that killed Joey.
Listen, guys, I'm afraid
we got to get out of here, you know.
- Showtime?
- Right.
Jesus Christ, Captain. That's got to be
the biggest load of heroin I've ever seen.
Must be worth five, ten million
on the street.
It's got to be
what this street war was all about.
We just made the Police Commissioner
a very happy man.
Lieutenant, what the hell are you doing?
These are the men behind all this.
Hawkins, I don't think you understand
what's going on here.
Just ask some
of your witnesses, Captain.
I'll tell you.
I'll tell you what's going on.
These gangs are finally
killing one another off,
something you police
should have been doing all along.
The punks have another shootout
and you're trying to arrest
innocent citizens.
You know, Officer, you fellas should
be glad that nobody was badly hurt
while these punks are down here
having their fight.
Hawkins, let 'em go.
- Let 'em go?
- You heard me.
- But Captain...
- Turn 'em loose.
What we got here is one big drug bust.
And with this gang war,
there's a lot fewer punks down here
to cause any more trouble.
Don't complicate things
with any more of your vigilantes talk.
We were able to solve this one
without you.
Maybe it's time
you went back to Metro.
Well, it looks like you got
what you were after, Captain.
Looks like everybody did.
Thanks, Bill.
- Is everyone all right?
- Yeah, I think we're OK.
- How are you?
- Fine.
I really don't know what to say.
I guess, uh... thank you.
You know,
this could be
a nice, quiet neighbourhood again.
I was thinking about sticking around
and helping to keep it that way.
I think I'd like that.
- Can I buy you a cup of coffee?
- Yeah.
- Give me a minute, okay?
- Okay.
Thank you, guys.
Thanks for turning me around.
Hey, man, war's finally over.
The battle maybe.
Not the war.