The Annulment (2019) Movie Script


I thought Ive already
mapped out my life.
Focus on my studies.
Graduate with honors.
Work in a field where Im passionate about.
I forgot about planning my marriage.
I fell in love and
I got lost in the feeling.
It feels so good to be in love.
Annulment is a very
complicated process.
Here in the Philippines,
marriage is very sacred.
So its difficult to file for annulment.
You have to go through a lot of steps.
You need to consider a lot of things.
Are you ready for that, Gari?
You shouldnt only be financially ready.
You also need to be ready physically
and most especially, emotionally.
So what are the grounds for annulment?
There are several.
We need to take the best direction
so we can win your case.
Seven years of marriage
with Sherwin is a long time.
In those seven years,
did you really get to know your partner?
What did you like and hate about him?
And most importantly,
did you really love him?
Thank you so much!
Happy anniversary, mom and dad.
Thank you!
Thank you. That was a lovely song
from the lovely daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Salvador.
[people cheering]
Please call my sister, Gari.
So we have another singer.
Lets call on stage, Gari!
[people cheers]
- Go!, Gari!
- Count me out!
- Are you not ready?
- Go!, Gari!
- Oh my God.
- Go, Gari!
- Hi, baby.
- Hi, mom.
Hi, dad.
So Gari, youre going to do a rap song?
What song?
[people cheering]
Who wants to help
Gari sing the rap song?
Go, Gari!
This guy!
You can join her.
Go ahead.
Does he really sing?
Sir, I dont sing.
Sir I cant, Im a waiter.
Go, Gari!
Go, Gari!
[people cheering] [clapping]
- Lets give it up for Gari and Sherwin!
- Is he a good singer?
[people chatter]
Im sorry, my love, I wont stay long
I just want you to
hear what my heart says
Of this heart I offer to you
I hope you listen to what my
song is telling - You're so good!
I want to let you know that I love you
- Hes good. Who knew he could sing.
- Please listen to the beating of my heart
I want to let you know youre my dream
I want close the gap between our worlds
My heart is searching for your love
- Go, Gari!
- It never forgets the love and joy you bring
And I hope that you
can bring it all back
The way you look into
my heart that longs for you
My heart is searching for your love
Listen to me.
My heart never forgets
the love and joy you bring
I really do hope you
can bring it all back
The way you look into my heart that
longs for you. [people cheering]
You have a beautiful voice ma'am.
Really? [chuckles]
My gosh. [chuckles]
Thank you.
Thank you.
To be fair Gari, you have a good voice.
- That was embarassing.
- I didnt expect that.
Nice one, Gari!
To be fair also, the waiter was also good.
Youre so good!
I wasnt ready for that.
Even the waiter aced it.
We didnt know you have a good voice.
Why dont you sing next time?
Sure. I sing better than him.
Maam, I'm sorry about what happened.
That was so embarrassing.
- Your father pushed me to the stage.
- [chuckles]
Im sorry, he was a little drunk.
It was alright.
It was nice to know
that you were a good sport.
Most rich people are snobbish.
Not all the time.
Sorry, maam.
- No English. My nose bleeds.
- [chuckles]
Oh, theres no blood yet.
So how long have you been a caterer?
I study.
I do side gigs for Ryan.
Hes the son of the owner of the catering.
My big brother Enrico
is the one on the wheelchair.
Then theres Ben and Ruel, my classmates
at the auto mechanic school.
Nice course.
You can be a mechanical engineer.
How about you, maam?
Business management.
Thats so cool.
I have lots of female friends
who took up the same course.
You can get many job opportunities.
My friends are now
sales ladies at the mall.
Awesome jobs.
Gari, are you with me?
Sorry, where were we?
Im saying.
No, Im asking.
Are you a hundred percent
sure about this annulment?
This could take one and a half years.
Given that everything is smooth sailing.
If not,
it can reach up to three to five years.
The longer it takes,
the more it will cost you.
this is physically exhausting
and emotionally draining.
these are the papers I want you to sign
so we can proceed with the case.
You dont have to sign this right now.
I want you to think about this carefully.
Think really hard.

[horn honking]
[engine failing]
[engine trying to start]
[horn honking]
Maam Gari!
Sherwin, the caterer.
Remember me? I rapped with you.
Oh, yeah. Hi!
Im sorry, but...
do you know anything about cars?
My car broke down.
And I really need to go. Im in a hurry.
- I need help.
- Look, my nose is bleeding. [giggles]
I'm sorry.
I need help.
My car broke down.
I remember you told me
youre a mechanic or something?
You remember that?
Dont call me maam.
Just Gari.
Were the same age.
Okay, Gari. Ill open the hood.
Thank you.
[car door closes]
Hi, Trish.
Yeah, yeah.
No, my car broke down.
But theres this guy whos helping me.
His name is Sherwin.
The one who rapped with me at the party.
[busy street]
I dont know what happened to the car.
I just hope I can make it on time.
Yeah, okay.
Hopefully my car will get fixed.
I dont know what happened.
What time is it?
Its good to go.
The battery was just a little loose.
Thank you, thank you!
My car is already fixed.
This Sherwin guy is really good.

In fairness, its not that bad in here.
Thank you.
Good to know things are doing well.
So Sherwin,
how many girlfriends have you had?
Serious ones?
I hope so.
Just one.
No kidding?
- They would always leave him because broke.
- [chuckles]
How about the less serious ones?
Ive changed.
My brother aims so high.
But he still smells like grease.
Its a bit embarrassing to Gari.
His brother just spilled the beans.
Gari, congratulations on your new job.
But please, lets celebrate.
Just us girls.
This is fine.
Sorry about our place.
Whats the problem? I like it here.
And if not for you,
I wouldnt have made it
on my interview on time.
There you go!
You actually saved me.
Its nothing.
This is my plan.
Ill make sure to do
my performance well
so I can be assigned in Singapore.
[people cheers]
Singapore? Big time!
Youre going abroad?
Thats the plan.
How about you?
Whats your plan?
Ill work at the car repair shop.
I need a steady income.
My brother was a soldier.
He was shot in Mindanao.
Thats why he is in a wheelchair.
Youre so kind and hardworking.
My friend here is
really kind and hardworking.
Thats right.
They said it.
Since youre kind and hardworking,
maybe I should be your
English tutor.
You now have a tutor, bro.

Lets grab something to eat.
Im hungry.
You go ahead. I have to finish this.
So Mr. Santos doesnt
need to keep coming back.
And I brought lunch.
I need to save up.
Whats all this change for?
For Gari.
It seems youre taking her seriously.
But remember this.
Shes way out of your league.
Were just auto mechanic.
Were poor.
While maam Gari
comes from a rich family.
Im sure shes looking
for a rich boyfriend.
Shes not like that.
Im sure shes going
to give me a chance.
I wont waste it.
And I promised myself
to reach my goals
so I wont be an
embarrassment to her family.
We wont be auto mechanics for
the rest of our lives, right?
She really has you under her spell.
[metal clanks]
Ill go ahead.
Bro, I need to ask a favor.
I thought of something to do for Gari.
Well talk later.
Go, have your lunch.
Ill just grab something to eat.

[metal clanks]
What are we doing here?
Youll see.


Whats this? [chuckles]
I love you, Gari.
I already missed
a lot of opportunities.
And I dont you to be
a missed opportunity too.
I know you have fears.
And I will understand
if youre not ready yet.

Yes, Ill take a chance with you. [giggles]
- Kiss!
- Yeah!
[people cheers]
Group hug!
Whats the matter?
Is there something
you want to say?
Is it okay for you
to marry someone poor?
Talking about marriage already?
Were already
heading there anyway.
But seriously, is it okay with you?
To be honest
But if a person has dreams
and ambitions, why not.

Even if it's just a simple dream?
Simple is better, right?
But you should finish your studies first.
Of course.
So you can be proud of me.
Especially to your family.
Sherwin, dont do it for me.
Do it for yourself.
So you can have a good life.
Your life and our lives together.
Youre such a chatterbox.

[vehicle approaching]
[car door closes]
Thank you so much, Paulo.
- Sorry for the trouble.
- Dont mention it.
Did the car break down again?
Just an ignition problem.
It wouldnt start.
Why didnt you call me?
I was at work.
And my phone ran out of battery.
How were you able to contact him?
It was just good timing.
I was in the area.
Is that so?
Thanks, man, for
bringing my wife home.
Paulo, Ill fix you something to eat.
We dont have any food.
I havent gone to the grocery.
Im still full anyway.
Maybe next time, Gari.
Okay. Thanks again.
Thank you.

[engine starting]
Sherwin, can you show
some respect to my visitors?
He helped me out.
Did I say anything wrong?
Youre so good at denying things.
Let me carry that.
I can handle it.
Give it to me.
[breathes heavily]

You really want an annulment?
[metal loudly clanks]
What should I do for
you to forgive me, Gari?
Tell me so we can fix this.
please talk to me.
Dont you want to fix our relationship?
Theres nothing to talk about.
Is it because of that guy?
What are you talking about?
Can you please not drag Paulo into this?
- You already disrespected him.
- Stop talking to me in English!
I feel like youre getting even on purpose.
Is he my replacement now?
Im not like you.
I wasnt the one who started all of this.
So lets end this issue.
Gari, please, lets start all over again.
I cant.
I cant.
Please let me go?

Damn love!
You have been a couple for two years
and you didnt even tell me?
Whose idea is this?
Mom, its actually my idea.
Im sorry I had to
hide it from you guys first,
because the plan was...
for him to finish his studies first.
And then...
when his career becomes stable,
thats when we tell you.
Im disappointed because
you chose not to tell me.
Im sorry, mom.
You underestimated your mother.
Dont take this the wrong way,
but what can you do for my daughter?
I love your daughter very much.
And I promise to respect her.
To tell you the truth, Gari has plans.
And I am willing to support her.
I wont do anything to get in her way.

Is this all true?
I feel like I won the lottery.
I am so lucky to have you, Gari.
I am lucky to have you, too.
Im just a little scared.
It seems to be going a little too fast.
Dont be scared
because we made
the right decision.
And I will do everything
to achieve our dreams.

[water running]
Good morning, hon. I made breakfast.
[cellphone ringing]
Youre almost here?
Okay, Im on my way out.
Arent you going to have breakfast?
I need to go. Sorry.
My client is waiting for these items.
[engine stops]
[car door closes]
[metal creaks]
Okay, thank you.
[car door closes]
[car door opens]
[car door closes] [engine starts]
[metal clanks]
[alarm rings]
Hey, hon.
Come on.
Wake up.
Five more minutes.
What five more minutes?
Youre going to be late.
Ill pick up Tricia.
Do you want me to take you?
Ill just take the MRso I can get there faster.
By the way
Hon, my cellphone is still working.
Its speaker is busted, remember?
So how can we hear each other
when theres an emergency?
How much is this? I dont have-
-Forget about it.
Its on me, okay?
Dont stress over your interview.
Just remember everything I taught you.
I know that already.
If only the car repair shop
wasnt closing down.
Youll find another job.
Just trust yourself, okay?
Good morning.
Good morning.
Get up!
I still have something on the stove.
[door opens]
Good luck.
[door closes]

Dont you have any plans to have children?
Were not yet ready.
Gari, youve been
together for five years.
And youre still not ready?
Oh, my God!
Are you hiding something from us?
Are you infertile?
Tricia, dont curse me.
Knock on wood.
Its just our choice, okay?
Or are you adjusting
for your husbands sake?
When is Sherwin going to be ready?
Okay, so were doing
this according to size.
So what comes first?
This one.
This one?
Oh, theres a bigger one. Okay.
This one.
Do you mind doing this?
- Do you mind doing this?
- Gari.
please finish this. Ill be back.
I was able to collect payments.
Theres a bazaar at Centris.
Four weekends.
Lets reserve a spot
while its still early.
Lets do it?
Of course.
Oh, wow. Almost done.
Mr. Gallardo,
Ill forward your application
to the managing director.
Then Ill just contact you once
youre chosen for the final interview.
Thank you.
By the way, regards to Gari.
You know my wife?
Didnt she mention that we know each other?
She actually referred you to me
for the interview today.

Look at that smile.
Of course, its payday.
This is my payment
for the blouses I ordered.
And this is the list
of perfumes I will order.
I will give them to you tomorrow.
Hold on. Heres my share
for the money-lending system.
Can we switch places for now?
I need money for next month.
Thats fine so I wont
be tempted to spend my money.
As you know,
I need to save up for something.
I should be first in line
to see your jewelries, okay?
Can I have some of your salad?
They say...
youll earn a lot from selling jewelries.
But I need to save up for the capital.
In fairness,
I admire your hard work.
You act poor,
but your family is so rich.
Youre right.
my parents are rich, not me.
I just dont want to depend on them.
Hows Sherwin?
[door opens]
[door closes]
Sorry, I didnt meet you outside.
I was changing clothes.
Did you leave anything inside the car?
Where are you going?
Its Ryan's birthday. Were drinking.
Youre going to drink?
Youve already had alcohol.
I can go alone.
Wait, hon.
How was your interview?
You didnt tell me
you knew the interviewer.
What did she tell you?
I told you I dont want it.
Im sorry, I thought I could help.
So thats why I had to-
Ill go ahead.
[door opens, closes]
Sound tripping and chilling,
looking good along EDSA. [upbeat music]
Good thing you made it.
I thought you were going to bail on us.
No way.
Wheres your wife?
You know how she is.
Nice, we have no chaperone!
Youre crazy.
All right.
Happy birthday.
Thank you, bro.
Why are you late?
And why do you look like that?
I was in a hurry.
I know that.
Hold on, my boyfriends here.
Just grab some drinks. Ill come back.
Happy birthday!

Im Samantha.
Thanks. Sherwin.
[indistinct chatter]

[door opens]
[chuckles] I cant zip it up.
[chuckles] The zippers stuck.
Let me do it.

I need to go home.
My wife is waiting for me.
Just stay here.
Lets get some rest.


[knocking on the door]
[knocking on the door]
Just a sec!
Im sorry. Did I wake you up?
Stay here. Ill boil some water.
- Im fine.
- Just sit on the couch.
- Im okay.
- Just sit here.
sit down.

I want to sell Gari some sleep.
Look, shes so sleepy.
She was up all night
waiting for her husband.
Gari, you always lack sleep
while your husband is
either asleep or drunk.
- Oh, my God.
- Whats happening to Sherwin?
Those are signs of depression.
- Stop making a big deal out of it.
- [giggles]
Sherwin was out all day looking for work.
The car repair shop
hes working for is closing down.
And he was at Ryans birthday.
So please dont overreact.
I dont understand.
You always defend your husband.
You keep tolerating him.
Because thats how marriage works, Tricia.
Thats how marriage works.
What you have to learn,
try not to be so bitter about men
simply because of your ex.
- Your Honor, all men are the same.
- [giggles]
I object. Because ladies,
I have with me Paulo.
Do you remember him?
[clock ticking]
[breathes heavily]
- Sorry, bro. No slot available.

No vacancy.
[cellphone dings]
Hi, This is Sam. How are you?
Which class were you classmates with Gari?
How come Ive never seen you in campus?
Well, I kept a low profile then.
I studied abroad.
Then took up Master's in Columbia.
Actually, he was doing so well
in Wall Street when we met.
So, why did you come back
here in the Philippines?
Well, its a long story.
But to cut the story short,
Im here to oversee my familys businesses.
And he wants to do business with us.
Especially with you, Gari.
[vehicle approaching]
[car door closes]
Thanks for bringing me home, Pau.
I hope it wasnt any trouble.
Its fine. My condo is
just around the corner.
Its nice seeing you again.
And hope to see you soon?
For your business proposal.
Oh. Thanks again. [chuckles]
Youre welcome.
[metal creaks]
[door opens, closes]
Who was that?
Hon, that was Paulo Custodio.
He was my batchmate.
My soon-to-be business partner.
Where did you two go?
Was it just the two of you?
I havent seen him in a long time.
It was just a business meeting.
I was with the girls earlier.
I have a new business venture.
Jewelries. The capitals a little huge.
But I saved up enough.
Lets talk about it tomorrow.
Theres food on the table.
Im going to bed.

Good morning, hon.
Im glad youre up.
I ironed your clothes and made breakfast.
Sit down. Ill prepare the food.

Are you feeling sick?
Since Im still out of work,
I can watch over the house.
But Im sure I can find work.
So I can make it up to you.

I will support your new business venture.
Thank you.
I love you.
I love you.

Bite me.
[crickets chirping]
[cellphone ringing]
Hello, Sherwin.
Hold on.
Why did you call at this hour?
My wife might wake up.
Nothing I just miss you.
[indistinct coversation]
[cellphone rings]
Hello, this is Mayi from
Pinoy bank collections.
I would like to remind you
that your account is already due.
Okay, okay.
I will pay it within the day.
But I just have a
few errands to run though.
But Ill pay it within the day.
Alright, Ill make a note
that you will pay today.
To avoid penalties.
All right, thank you.
Bro, wait up for me.
have you paid my credit card bill?
Sorry, I wasnt able to take care of it.
I came from an interview.
Okay, Ill handle it.
Hows your interview?
Ill just call you back.
Its noisy out here.
Okay. Bye.
I told you to work here at the shop
while youre still looking for a job.
Im sure Ryan will understand.
I just dont want to let Gari down.
I wont be earning as much here.
She had to take up another job.
Thats why you shouldnt leave the shop
while its not yet closed down.
Get your job back for the meantime.

Bigger circle.
Find your partner.
Spread out.

[indistinct chatter]
Isnt that Sherwin?
Wheres Gari?
Look at this.
Whos that girl?
Isnt it beautiful?

[camera clicks]
- Lets go.
- [camera clicks]
We have to send this to Gari.
I knew it.
I was right all along.
Your husband is cheating on you.
Its obvious in this picture
Lorie and Mayi sent us.
What now?
Youre still skeptical?
You mentioned you
smelled womens perfume on him.
You also read some text messages.
And now this picture.
What evidence do you
need to confront your husband?
Maybe Sherwin takes you for a fool.
Gari, youre a smart woman.
But wake up.

Excuse me, I have to go.
Gari, are you okay?
I can meet this very lucky woman.
She might not be headed home yet.
Sam, Ill just get a glass of water.

We already talked about this.
Were just friends, remember?
[metal creaking]
[exhales deeply]

Im Gari.
Sherwins wife.
Im not talking to you.
Who are you?
Aside from mistress,
what else do they call you?
Get the hell out of my house.
You left your bag.
Your bag looks cheap.
But youre cheaper.
You can go now.
[metal creaking]
Lock the door when you leave.
Dont touch me.
Gari, can we talk?
Please let me explain.
lets talk about it.
How many times did you
do it inside this house?
In our bedroom?
On my bed?
How many times?
How many times did you
do it in the motel?
Do you two shower together?
Do you also rub her back?
Tell me Sherwin,
do we smell the same?
Do we smell the same?
Get out.
She doesnt know
shes two months pregnant.
She needs to rest and take her medicine.
And she should avoid any stress.
Excuse me.
[door opens]
[door closes]

[door opens]
[door closes]
Eat your breakfast.
I dont want to eat.
Hon, please.
I told you, I dont want to eat.
Gari, I know...
that you cant forgive me just yet.
But I will do everything
to make it up to you.
Dont bother.
This is not about my love for you.
This is about betrayal of trust.
I can no longer keep this relationship.
I lost my trust in you.
Gari, please.
Gari, you know I would love to take
this case and file the petition for you.
But the thing is,
you have to be one hundred percent sure.
Gari, are you sure?
Yeah, yeah. Im sorry.
Ive already forgiven him.
But its the end of the road for us.
Once the petition has been filed,
who will leave the house?
It is you or him?
No one needs to leave.
As long as the court doesnt find out that
you guys are still living in
the same house, it's okay.
I just have to remind you
that you cant be too harsh.
You still have to undergo
a very complicated process.
Sherwin will leave once
everything is final.
I mean, we are both amicable.
If thats the case, then why dont you-
No, no. Im not going
to change my mind.
Lories going to be my lawyer.
Shes going to help me file the case.
All right.
If we are doing this,
we have to figure out
the grounds of your annulment.
Here in the Philippines,
we have a lot of reasons.
One, lack of parental concern.
Which obviously did not happen.
Two, fraud.
party is incapable of
consummating the marriage.
Again, with you did not happen.
Four, you married
out of force, intimidation,
undue influence.
Which needs to be filed
within the first five
years of your marriage.
Five, STD.
Six, mental illness. Again,
within the period of marriage.
Now, you just really have
to decide which one among those.
[breathes heavily]
[metal clanking]
Lets grab something to eat.
Lets finish this later.
Thank you,
I earned a few extra bucks
even for just a couple of days.
Do you want me to tell
Gari it was all my fault?
That I gave your number to Samantha
in exchange for her friends number.
Youre an idiot.
Its not your fault. Its all on me.
I let myself be tempted.
I dragged her into my own mess.
This is not the life
I promised her and her family.
While the case hasnt been filed yet,
try to win her back.
She might change her mind.
You have to win back
her familys trust, too.
[people laughing cheering]
Thank you!
What did you get?
Lets see.
Its so cute.
From your adopted daughter.
Happy birthday.
Youre going to watch your videos?
Give grandpa a kiss.
[clears throat]
Of course,
Ive saved the best for last.
To the most beautiful woman Ive met.
Thats so pretty.
- I love you very much.
- Happy birthday!
Happy birthday, Mom.
Good evening.
Im sorry, Im late.
Mommy, happy birthday.
- Oh, wow.
- Im sorry, Im late.
This is beautiful.
Grab some food.
It seems I already missed dinner.
I saved a plate for you.
Come on, come on.
Thank you, Im excited.
Excuse me for a second.
Lets talk outside.
Sorry, Im late.
Why did you come here?
Why not?
Things are all right
between your mom and I.
You didnt even bother
to change your shirt.
There are clean shirts inside the car.
You can go change.

you should keep Sherwin company.
Excuse me.
How are you and Gari?
we are trying to fix our relationship.
You should.
Dad, Im really sorry.
Im really sorry.
theres no such thing as
a perfect relationship.
I myself also did some
terrible things to Garis mom.
But I owned up to my sins
because I love my family.
And I know they love me too.
I man up to my mistakes, Sherwin.
I heard about you and Gari
Do you want me to talk to her?

Do you feel better throwing me
under the bus in front of my parents?
I didnt throw you under the bus.
- They were just asking how we are.
- Its just the same thing.
You should have just
avoided the situation, you know.
My mom is already dealing
with a lot of things right now.
My mom caught my
dad cheating on her.
And other than that,
my sister and I have a half-sibling.
So why did you have to
burden them with our problem?
I dont get it.
I dont even understand
why my mom is just cool about it.
She wont leave your dad that easily.
Shes different. Im not like her.
I have no intention
of ruining your family.
I had no choice.
Am I a bitch?
Am I an evil person?
No, you were just in love.
Im doing the best I can.
But why do I always fall short?
I always feel so unlucky.
I know what youre feeling.
But youre lucky to
have someone like her.

If I can only take her place.

I love my wife, Samantha.

Ill go ahead.
Take care.
Take your meds.
I have something for you.
You dont have to.
Take it.
I dont want you
and Gari to fight over this.
Its fine.
Thanks, bro.
Bro, how do you make
it up to your wife?
Its simple.
Whatever she wants, Ill give her.
But Gari...
wants to leave me.
Dont give up so easily.
Until you run out of
bullets, keep fighting.
You might get a better shot.

Our relationship is on the rocks.
But I will fight for our love till the end.
I will give her the other things she wants.
Bro, just hang on.
Just hang on.
You can register as a late enrollee.
The registration ended last week.
Classes are starting this week.
Maybe I can still get a spot.
Im on the graduation
status before I went AWOL.
Try to register classes
with your professors.
Do you still have classes at night?
Yes, we do.
All right.
Thank you.

Congratulations, teacher Gari.
Why, maam?
Its official!
You have been promoted
to assistant principal.
Thank you so much, maam.
Ill work so hard to prove to you
that you made the right decision.
Thank you.
I trust you will.
Despite your busy schedule,
you were able to finish your Master's.
You deserve it.
Thank you so much, maam.
Congratulations again.
Thank you.
Im sorry for meeting you here.
Is there a problem?
I just needed to give this to you.
I got you a discount for the stall.
This is huge. 50%?
Thats nothing.
I want to be fair to you.
Even if my annulment has been finalized,
Im still not ready for
another relationship.
I dont want to lead you on.
Thank you.
[glass clanks]

[door opens]
[door closes]
Hon, youre home.
Have you had dinner?
Do you want me to buy you food?
I already had dinner.
Hon, I am going to try this time.
I told you...
Im going to bed.
Just this once, hon.
Just go to sleep.
Youre my wife.
You have an obligation.
- What are you doing?
- Give me what I want!
Sherwin, stop it!
I told you to stop!

Is this what you want?
Is this what you want?
Is this what you want?
Just tell me.

Does this feel good? You like this?

Did you enjoy that?
Of course.
Thank you.
Thats just sex.
We both need it.
Im going to sleep downstairs.
[door closes]
This wont take long.
Ill take you to work.
Dont worry, I got this.
Let me take you to work.
[vehicle approaching]
Pau, what are you doing here?
I thought you wanted my help to
bring your stuff to the bazaar?
I got this covered, man.
Lets just convoy?
My wife will ride with me.
Ill take her there.
I still have some stuff inside.
Let me help you.
No need. We can manage.
Youre going to ride with me.
- Hello.
- Hi, guys.
I had a hard time setting
this whole thing up.
Did you bring everything?
Yeah, of course.
Sherwin, its nice you came to help.
Actually, hes on his way home.
Thank you.
I can help around here.
You dont have to do that.
Okay, you can help with the merchandise.
Gari, let me help you with that.
Okay, please.
Let me do it.
Just go help Mayi.
Hi, maam.
Thats class A product.
Manufactured from Hong Kong.
So we assure you we have quality products.
So this is not authentic?
We also have authentic
products at a higher price.
Do you want to see them?
- Sure.
- Maam,
that will smell good on you
even if its not authentic.
That will smell good on you
even if its not authentic.
Try this out, maam.
This scent will smell good on you.
This one is better.
Sorry, sorry!
[glass breaks]
Maam, are you going
to buy the perfume?
Sorry, sorry!
Dont touch it!
- Can you just leave?
- Sherwin, favor
Can you please buy us drinks?
Sorry I didnt see it.

Damn you!
You know that Gari is my wife, right?
We are not doing anything wrong.
Stop it!
Stop it! Sherwin,
whats the matter with you?
Youre trying to make a move on Gari!
Stop it.
Im not like you!
I will not cheat on my wife!
What did you say?
Stop it, Sherwin!
Stay away!
You shouldnt have come.
So you can flirt with that guy?
Not all men are like you.
Paulo is different.
Hes a gentleman.
Youre going to rub
that on my face again?
Do you want to get back at me?
Fine, keep flirting with that guy.
Im not stupid like you.
Stupid. Illiterate. Hard-luck.
Get it off your chest,
whatever will make you feel better.
Do you really want to make me feel better?
Fine, tell me.
Tell me!
Our annulment.
Set me free! Im done!
Im done with this relationship!
[engine revving]
Youve got to slow down the car.
[tires screech] [car crash]
Hi, Dad.
How are you, baby?
Welcome home, Gari.
- Hi, dad.
- Are you okay?
Oh, baby.
Are you okay?
Yeah, Im okay. Im good.
Lets go.
Did you bring your things?
Yes, I have all my bags.
Ill just take this up to the room, okay?
Thanks, Dad.
What do you want?
Hi, mom.
Baby, how are you?
[door closes]
Im okay.
Sweetheart, are you sure?
Yes, yes.
- Say hi.
- Hi.
Whose baby is this?
Well, do you remember...
your dad had a mistress,
and they had a baby?
Well, she died.
And your dad brought this angel home.
Who else will take care
of him if not his dad?
how are you so forgiving?
Its hard.
I think its worth it.
I just choose to forgive
and accept, rather than...
lose the people who matter to me the most.
its choices.
And if you choose to
let go, baby, its okay.
Its valid.
Its very valid.

Come here.

Son of a bitch, Gari left me!
Im so stupid.
No wonder she left.
Just let it all out. Its okay.
Just let it all out.
Its okay.
I did everything to make things better.
But I failed.
I cant blame her
It was all my fault.
I wasnt a good husband to her.
dont blame yourself.
Youre not perfect.
Your relationship is not perfect.
Both of you have weaknesses.
Youre just human.
You make mistakes
and get hurt too.
I dont want to give up.
Your wife filed for annulment.
For the court to grant
her petition, shell do everything
to prove that youre
psychologically incapacitated.
Or that your mental capacity
is not enough to fulfill
your role as the husband.
That doesnt mean youre a nutcase.
She will just use that
as a reason to prove that
your relationship is not healthy.
They might spin
the truth to their advantage.
Do you understand what Im saying?
Mr. Gallardo,
you will hear a lot of
things that might shock you.
You should be prepared.
Because I am sure
that they will do everything in
their power to prove their point.
Mrs. Gallardo,
what is the educational
attainment of your husband?
Did he complete his bachelors degree
from a reputable school?
With Latin honors like yourself?
He took up a vocational course.
Two years,
but he didnt finish.
Two years.
So Mrs. Gallardo,
what jobs did your husband had?
He was an auto mechanic for eight years.
Last year he was removed from work.
He was jobless for a year.
In the period that your
husband was jobless,
if I may ask,
how did you manage your finances?
Does he come from a well-off family?
Did his family give you
financial assistance?
Does he have enough savings
to cover for utilities,
rent, food, schooling, etc?
I did everything on my own.
The house were living in
was a gift from my parents.
So theres no rent
that was needed to be paid.
Im also a pre-school teacher.
I have an online business.
I sell merchandise at bazaars.
You can call me an entrepreneur as well.
So let me recap this, Mrs. Gallardo.
At the time your husband was jobless,
it is safe to say that
youre the breadwinner. Correct?
And even while your
husband was working,
you earned more than he did.
And you gave more share
to cover for household expenses.
Is that correct, Mrs. Gallardo?
Mrs. Gallardo,
would you say your husband was...
deeply affected after losing his job?
His self-esteem went down.
His self-esteem went down.
Would you say he took up his past vices?
What are those?
What else?
Did he cheat on you?
Was he a womanizer?
Did you catch him red-handed?
I came home
and caught him kissing someone else.
Inside my own house.
Mrs. Gallardo,
this might be a difficult question for you.
But according to your
medical report last year,
you had a miscarriage.
Was it because of
your husband, Mrs. Gallardo?

I know were...
I know were both not
ready to have a child yet.
Because I wanted him to change.
I wanted him to be responsible.
when I lost my baby,
it was so painful to me.
Losing a child was more painful
than his reckless behavior.
Its very difficult to lose my baby.
I lost my child because he cheated on me.
Stop it, Gari!
Stop asking those questions!
Order in the court!
Not here.
Im sorry.
Gari, Im so sorry.
I know I have a lot of shortcomings
in our relationship.
Im sorry, too.
I had shortcomings too.
I thought I was helping you.
I thought I was
supporting you as your wife.
I didnt know you felt shackled.
Im sorry I didnt see that.
It was my fault.
Gari, Im sorry.
Hon, Im sorry.
The next hearing will be in two days.

My client has decided not to contest
your clients petition for annulment.
And furthermore, he would
like to help your client
be granted her petition the
soonest and without obstacle.
Please, please, extend our thanks.
My client will really be appreciative.
Thank you.
Thank you.

Ill just take my stuff in the car.
Can you help me out?
Thank you.
take care of yourselves.
Be careful on the ship.
You should man up from now on.
Are you sure about this?
This is the only way
to help me move on.
So I can also start fresh.
Take care.
You too.
Were always here for you.
[paper rustling]
[playing Di Lang Ikaw song]
This was your choice.
Why I am hurting?
Because its all over.
You needed an authority
to tell you youre free.
And now that its real,
youre starting to doubt
if all the happy memories
with Sherwin were a lie.
Baby, no.
Thats not true.
They were real
and they were precious.
But like all happy things
that come to an end,
theyll just be memories.
No more looking forward.
No more future with him.
So allow yourself
to grieve over the love you lost.
But you know,
you can also decide
to be happy, sweetheart.
You can make that choice
to be happy on your own.
If you believe that
you made the right choice,
stand by it.
I just want to be brave like you.
Im not brave.
I just love your Daddy so much.

[playing Di Lang Ikaw song]
Ive only dated a few men in my life.
- Im very picky.
- [chuckles]
I know what I like in a man.
I promise myself
that I will marry a doctor.
At least six feet tall.
Hopefully Caucasian.
Because I want to
have a child with blonde hair.
I prayed for my ideal man.
The heavens didnt answer my prayer,
but they gave you to me.
Look to your left.
you might not be the man I asked for-
-Did you see him?
But the heavens
know youre the man I need.
Your love is inspiring.

Your love pushes me
to become a better person.
Your love is true and selfless.
I can love you longer
than a day beyond forever.
[applause, cheers]
Do you want to go to the bathroom?
I think thats a good idea.
[applause, cheers]
How are you?
Im fine.
How about you?
Im fine.
You look prettier.
Thank you.
You know...
Im glad to see you again.
I missed you.
Me too.

I heard youre doing great now.
Im happy for you.

You were right.
Maybe this is the right thing for us.
And Im glad
to see you happy right now.
I hope youve forgiven me.
Of course.
Of course.
Of course.
[applause, cheers]

[playing Di Lang Ikaw song]
It will never be completely over.
We dont forget people we have loved.
We just dont make them part of our future.
I just need to go back to planning my life.
I was not broken by love.
I became stronger.
And when I think of Sherwin,
it will all be happy thoughts.
Those moments will always remain precious.
We both deserve that.
Love is always good
[playing Di Lang Ikaw song]