The Annunciation (2018) Movie Script

The plan was delayed
The Messiah did not not come in the first century
And the world went on without a savior
For another two thousand years
Yes, Lord. Here am I.
He himself is to come...
as a human?
Hey, Mary I'm just around the corner. I'll be there soon.
Are you literally around the corner or is it one of your customary expressions again?
Uh, it certainly feels like it's just around the corner...
Just give me five minutes. The neighborhood their looks safe, right?
Yeah, I actually know this area pretty well.
Take your time. I'll be in the bookstore,
It's been a while.-
Wow, there's a bookstore?
Has the child returned from exile?
To help rebuild the house of these... books?
You know, please don't call me that anymore
I'd rather prefer uncle or even papa.
How have you been?
You should know. Never too good to run a bookstore these days.
What brings you here?
Oh, uh, I'm just meeting my friend Joseph.
Oh, good. Just friends?
He better be a good man.
I'll introduce him to you when he gets
Alright. I'll probably approve of him if he's a reader.
I miss the times listening to your teachings when I was little.
Teachings about the Lord.
It gave me comfort. And a sense of hope.
Mm-hmm, old times.
Do you still wait for the coming hope?
But I'm truly glad my words helped you.
I was often very worried how you survived your childhood.
It must have been hard on a little girl.
But look at you now.
What is your hope for now?
I don't know. I want to live a simple life.
Finish my degree, get a fine job, marry a good husband...
Sorry if that sounds shallow.
No, no. Not at all.
Sounds very realistic.
Damn it. Again?
Now stay inside.
But I'm supposed to meet...
No no no. It's not safe now.
Come on man, let me in.
We're closed.
No, you just leave now.
Come on, let me in!
No, just leave!
I'll buy books!
Rabbi, I really need to go.
Use the back door.
I'll come see you again soon.
What do we do "J"?
We come back. When it's dark.
I wanted today to be special but this is a bit outside my expectations.
Let's go
oh, hey
What is this?
It's pepper spray. I got myself one too.
You just aim it at the bad guys face and press
Not at my face!
Should help keep you safe. Especially in a world like this.
Thank you. But I hope I won't be needing to use it.
It's actually not the only gift of the day.
You have something else for me?
This isn't really the ideal surrounding but...
You two! Get over here.
Oh dear.
What are you doing here?
Uh, we uh...
We were just coming from the bookstore.
Can I see your IDs
Your name?
Mar... Miriam is my legal name. Miriam of Nazareth.
Are you affiliated with the demonstrators in
any way?
Have you interacted with any of them?
Your name?
I'm Joseph of Bethlehem.
I'm an artist.
Your records show that you're a carpenter
I'm that too. I like to think of myself as a "carpentist"
It wouldn't let me register as that...
Can I ask what that is you're holding in your hand?
It's a ring.
A ring?
yes it's a ring
I need to check it for security purposes. Open it, slowly.
I was about to propose today.
I didn't plan for it to happen like this, but it looks like it's happening now.
will you marry me?
Praise be to the Lord.
The plan has been revealed as you must have heard.
Feel free to show your reactions.
It's pretty crazy but Hallelujah. I'm excited!
Certainly shocking. It may be the most unexpected message since the creation.
I mean, I got used to being surprised a long time ago when a plan was revealed.
But this one...
The son is to do it himself? The Creator becomes creation?
To stand in their place, and to do that he's gonna be born from a human?
Yes, I know
Ttruly nothing is impossible for him.
Yeah, I know nothing's impossible for him.
It's just... it's just not...
No, of course it's right. It's his decision!
It's just not...
You know the Son.
He's magnificent, holy, glorious.
No being in this entire creation deserves him.
To come down to be one of them?
Oh yeah, I know, totally.
I hear you. It's quite difficult for us to picture this.
But you don't need us to convince you why you should trust and obey Him in all circumstances.
Yeah, that'd actually be pretty funny because
you're the one who preaches that to us all the time.
It's always an honor to deliver the word of the Lord.
What about her?
She's from a God fearing family.
We were assigned to them once
She has been through a lot.
This is going to be mind-blowing.
It already is.
I'll meet you later.
Pray for me.
Does he mean that?
When? Where?
Today. It happened to be a demonstration site in front of a public officer.
You're probably the first one who got propsed that way.
Yeah, I actually thought it was sweet.
So did you way yes?
Will you marry me?
This is so wonderful. What a surprise. I, uh...
I think I need some time.
But thank you. Joseph...
I don't know what to say. I'm happy. Umm, I feel...
Mary, I was...
thinking of getting you a gold ring. I just thought, you know...
that maybe it would mean more if I made the ring myself...
you know, with what I know how to do best...
No no, it's not that. It's really not.
It's beautiful. I love it.
But it's a "no"...?
No, I mean, no, yes, I...
You got me so confused Mary.
You know me. I just need to process.
Could you give me some time?
Yeah, of course.
Is two days okay? Can we meet again in two days?
Absolutely. Take your time. No pressure.
I'll just hold on to this guy for now.
Unless you want to change your mind in like five minutes.
I'm sorry Joseph. Can we actually make
it three days?
Take all the time you need.
This will be sitting safely in my studio waiting for you .
Yeah I know.
You don't do that Mary. That's not the way it's done!
see I wanted to just say yes but it was so sudden
I feel like this kind of a decision needs a moment to be thought through.
Hello? Are you there?
Forgive me for the interruption it was time I speak with you.
where did you...
Do not be afraid.
And that won't be necessary.
I bring to you an important message
You are in fact the favorite one...
Now that wasn't necessary either.
I gotta tell you...
This whole thing is happening for the first time in history.
Now have a seat.
The Lord is with you, Mary. You have found favor with him.
The Lord?
You will conceive in your womb and bear a son.
What? What are you talking about?
Who are you?
Are you a prophet?
No, I'm not a prophet. I'm a messenger.
And I was about to say that...
Is that what you normally wear?
Well no. We messengers appear in what we feel that's appropriate.
What's your name?
And you're saying I'm gonna be pregnant?
Who... When...?
Soon after you accept the Lord's words,
The Holy Spirit will come upon you. The power of the most high will overshadow you.
Therefore the child to be born will be called holy, the Son of God.
Nothing will be impossible with God.
Indeed he can have a virgin bear a child.
Who said I was a virgin?
You almost got me there.
I just confirmed that you are the right one.
The child will be great. His kingdom will never end
He's gonna be a king?
He is.
Okay, uh...
I need some time.
You need some time?
I definitely think I do.
You are about to receive the word of a...
Are you...?
Are you setting a schedule?
Yes, because I'm really gonna have to work on this.
I can see this is overwhelming for you
But you have no idea what kind of grace it is
what kind of honor it is to have the Son of God come down to you.
To be born as your child. He does not have to do this
and surely he does not have to...
There's only so much that I can reveal to you now.
And the Lord tells me to be...
kind and patient with you.
But I can tell you this.
He will be the hope. The hope your ancestors have been waiting for.
The hope this world doesn't know it desperately needs
The only thing required is your agreement
Your submission to the Lord's will.
it is certainly pleasing to hear from the Lord. I mean if...
you're really from him I feel humbled to be visited but...
But where was he then?
Where was he when my mom and dad were being tortured because of him?
When I had to be separated from
And what am I supposed to do? All of a sudden I'm told I'm gonna be pregnant?
Even before I'm married?
What is this child going to mean for the rest of my life?
Why even me?
Any answer?
He understands how you feel
But he will not answer those questions
Even if he does deliver an answer you will not be able to comprehend
Can I at least try?
The Lord knew exactly what he was doing when he chose you
This is a great promise being given.
I didn't ask for this promise!
Sometimes the promise chooses you.
I still need some time
very well
This is insane. How am I gonna tell Joseph?
That I'm about to take care of.
Who are you? What do you want?
Allow me.
You came back so soon.
Yeah, I know. I felt like I had to.
Well I'm glad you look fine. Any trouble earlier?
Well, some.
What happened?
Actually a lot happened, but I'm okay. I think...
Well the store is opened for a few more minutes...
Well first umm...
Is it hurtful if a guy proposes to a girl and...
the girl says that she needs to think about it?
Why that's one of the most terrifying things a man can imagine.
There are much more terrifying things in life. He'll deal with it.
Okay, um...
What about if he hears that his...
his fiancee will be giving birth to a child who isn't exactly his child?
I should wake you up now.
Wake up.
What are you talking about? I'm not, I'm not sleeping.
Am I?
In fact I'm in your dream now
but you will want to wake up now
Mary's going to the bookstore. She'll be in trouble soon.
To the bookstore you shall go.
Mary, what kind of books have you been reading lately?
This is not from your imagination...?
I know. Never mind that question.
Have you ever in your life met a messenger? Like... one sent from God?
Interesting question
I would say we all have the potential to be messengers...
and in that sense I certainly have heard some messages in my time.
Have you had such an experience?
I don't know. I'm still trying to make sense of it all
What if this messenger comes and says something about the coming hope?
That the hope would come through a person?
And what if, what if the hope would be born soon?
It's been century since we had any thought of the hope coming soon.
What if I'm told that I will be the mother who gives birth to him?
I don't know what you're getting at here but...
I walked away a long time ago from any vain expectation of such a hope to arrive
if by any chance this really is the Lord appointing you to be a part of it...
then by all means... it would be something our world desperately needs.
Stand back.
Yo, J.
Yeah, I see him.
Any particular books you're looking for?
Yeah, are you the owner here?
Yes, is there something I can help you with?
Yeah, I heard you weren't so nice to our brother earlier so...
I just wanted to say hi.
Your brother?
He's one of our key demonstrators.
He was on the run earlier today.
See, cowards like you who just sit back and keep the silence are always the worst enemy.
Thanks to you, our brother is now taken to one of their corrupted facilities.
You see you earned yourself a major problem in two ways.
One, you did not comply with justice.
Two, you made one of us suffer.
So you know what? I was thinking, let's have a little judgment party.
It's time to pay the price.
I don't want any trouble.
Trouble is already here.
So this is what's gonna happen.
We are gonna burn this place down along with you and all of your books.
Which they don't sell anyway, right?
Keep it down lady.
You'll be out of here as soon as we're done with our business.
There's no need for you to get there earlier.
I have to.
She'll be okay. The Lord is with her.
I still have to.
Wait a minute...
You two related in any way?
No. Leave her alone.
Well this just got even better
Looks like we do get to punish eye-for-an-eye, huh.
Don't worry.
I just need you to suffer a little bit in front of the old man.
Uh-uh. Hands down. Bag on the ground.
Stay away from her!
I'll handle him.
This is for our brother.
Very well then.
Once you get there, there'll be a fire extinguisher by your right side.
Just letting you know.
You won't get away with this you will be the one who faces judgment.
Really? By who?
It's going to be okay.
This isn't about you.
Help us.
Help her. Please Lord.
Command from the Lord.
Yes, I heard.
Who the hell are you?
Where the hell did he come from?
Might be more accurate to ask, where the heaven did he come from.
What's wrong with me? I'm sorry man...
I don't know why I'm living the life that I'm living.
Are you okay?
Oh yes dear. I think I'll be fine.
Are you messengers?
The Lord sent us for you.
He cares about you Mary. Quite a lot.
Uh, you too. Actually.
Are you alright?
Do you need more time?
I somehow already knew.
I am his servant. So may it happen to me as you said.
All right.
You're not coming back here again.
Unless you're coming for books.
Now go.
Wait, remember that time when we stole that money, bro?
I gotta tell you man.
I stole your money after. Because he thought it was lost... hey
We will be going now, but we will meet again.
The Lord tells me...
He's about to give you something. A vision.
The Lord is watching over you, always.
My answer is "yes"
I don't know if your proposal is still available after hearing all that but...
You know, I was scared and honestly I still am.
I don't want to lose you.
But I would understand, you know, it's not fair to you...
So that dude Gabriel...
He showed up and...
tried to make sure that I wouldn't leave you no matter what happens.
He wasn't threatening me, Mary. He was telling me
And I said "amen"
So who is this person?
Umm, sorry
Rabbi, this is Joseph. Joseph...
Sir, it is an honor to meet you. I've heard so much from Mary.
So... do you read often?
Yes, as much as I can.
And I plan on doing a lot more.
So I know this is kind of early but...
what were you thinking you are gonna name the baby?
And His name shall be
Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace
Beautiful Savior. Worthy One
Whos come to set us free
Why would a King embrace the form of a child so small and lowly?
A fallen world will be his home
But one day everyone will see He is Holy
And His name shall be
Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace
Beautiful Savior. Worthy One
Whos come to set us free
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus - Ill sing your name
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus - Well praise your name
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus - No other name is the...
Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace
Beautiful Savior. Worthy One
Whos come to set us free
Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace
Beautiful Savior. Worthy One
Whos come to set us free
Whos come to set us free
Youve come to set us free