The Answer (2015) Movie Script

I see you all the time at school.
Yeah well, I kinda just
want it to be me and you.
You're different, I like that.
I'm sure you tell all the girls that.
So um, how you feel about me?
We kinda need to go 'cause
I have school tomorrow.
So, what's the rush?
Um, cool.
Yo, Bridd.
Charlotte's showing
some sweet side boob.
It's all you.
Believe me, I've tried.
You know anything about transverses?
Not much.
Yeah I'm never gettin' that promotion.
Screw it, coffee time.
You really need that promotion, huh?
It doesn't matter.
You know, maybe I will try
a new line on Charlotte.
Hey, Mr. Benson.
Trent, smart trades.
You just earned your own portfolio.
I can't believe I got it.
It's like the best thing ever.
We should go to Vegas.
Let's got to Mexico, spring break, dude.
Um, I'll pay for that.
I can afford it.
I know you had something
to do with my promotion.
I don't know how cause
those trades were impossible.
You don't show anybody.
I've seen you do some
pretty amazing things
when no one's looking.
That's creepy.
Alright, you don't wanna talk about it.
You never do.
I like staying below the radar.
You're delivering mail,
that's practically underground.
Well, you start making waves
and people come looking...
See, that doesn't make any sense.
You're 35, you live with your folks.
No, for the last time
they're in Barbados, okay?
All I'm saying is I don't get it.
I'm like your best friend
and I barely know you.
Just drop it.
Bridd Cole?
Couldn't make me the last stop?
If you will sign here.
This says Joseyln Cole.
That's my mom.
She's been dead 20 years.
They really have you in
the dungeon, don't they?
So, this is where all the magic happens.
You've worked here for a while right?
I've been here like three months
and it already feels like a year.
My boss needs a letter opener
and other stuff.
Oh, what about that?
Ah, go ahead.
See me, ah.
You've got kind eyes.
I can tell.
I moved around a lot.
I hang around until I get bored
or someone chases me away.
So no connections?
I'm agile.
I can tell.
Let's talk about you.
I think you talk enough
for the both of us.
Uh uh, I have already kissed you.
What about your family?
Not much to tell.
Out of touch?
My dad took off when I was a toddler.
And my mom died a few
years later after that.
It's okay.
Here, I made this for you.
It's much easier.
Little early in
our relationship for rings.
I guess I will just put it on.
Door to door service.
That's very chivalrous.
Oh, you like it pretty.
Oh, God!
Is that our boss?
Wait a sec.
Take what you want.
Go! Go!
Who the hell is that?
I don't know!
I don't know!
Oh my God, he was so fast!
Oh, God.
That is the last time I kiss a guy
before a background check.
Who's after us?
After you.
Our boss is dead.
I better still have a job.
That's your priority?
Maybe. I don't know.
I'm freaking out!
Okay, we gotta go.
What's up?
Hey, we've been attacked!
Are you okay?
Get over here.
Come on, let's go.
Alright, alright.
Oh, my God.
No, no, no.
Time to go, let's go.
Hi, hi.
My name is Bridd Cole.
I'd like to report an emer...
Are you crazy?
What? Trent's dead!
Yeah, Officer, I know
what this looks like,
but I promise I didn't kill
my boss and my best friend.
I'll explain everything.
I'm innocent.
Fingerprints on the letter
opener totally coincidental.
Okay, wait.
And the phone call you made to Trent
just before you killed him,
just bad timing.
No wait, wait, well,
you can go to the cops
and you can explain everything.
No, thanks.
Like, just, just tell them
that I was with you.
Look, there's a reason I'm a temp.
Well, I have an alibi!
Like, if I go into a police station
they're locking me up.
Okay? Long story.
What? What?
This is my life here!
No way!
One K 26 DC 911,
be advised one of these vehicles
is probably involved right now.
5953 are you responding?
Alright homicide,
two officers down, Bridd Cole,
male, Caucasian and
Charlotte Parker, three priors,
female Caucasian,
consider armed and dangerous,
apprehend by deadly force if necessary.
Dead cops.
Thank you.
You still wanna go to the police?
I spent, I spend my whole life
not being a criminal!
I believe in the system!
Yeah well, the system's
gonna shoot first.
I want my life back!
Good luck!
I'm not gonna run forever!
Trust me, it'll grow on you.
And besides, in case
you haven't noticed,
someone is trying to kill us.
Who? Who's, who's
trying to wreck my life?
Better question,
why are you so important?
I'm not.
Well, those men wanted something.
I don't know.
Like, what's different?
So, your mom sent you that?
I doubt it.
I, I thought it was a joke.
Yeah, hilarious.
I think this might hold some answers,
but I, I can't turn it on.
Oh, a game.
Well, what are you waiting for?
I'm a natural.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Oh, damn!
That's a new twist.
Ah, you might wanna use that.
What are you doing?
You just wasted an entire chance!
How on Earth...
What just happened?
Feel like a road trip?
That was amazing.
How did you do that?
I just watched it.
This is the place.
Get in, get out.
Ah, I thought we'd hang.
Have a scone.
I think it's locked.
Not anymore.
Well, you are full of surprises.
This isn't creepy.
I don't get it.
What, what are we looking for?
The history of Virginia Ham.
Wait a sec.
Huh, dewey decimal.
I never thought that
would be useful again.
It should be here someplace.
The numbers run out.
I don't know if I'm ready for this.
Wait, wait.
What if it's a bomb?
It doesn't sound like one.
It's not a Christmas present.
It is a Christmas present.
My folks never gave
me anything this cool.
Wait! Wait!
Just take it.
This is what you're looking for!
Please, just leave me alone!
Hey, what the...
Hold, hold it right there!
Come on!
He dodged a bullet.
Hey, how did you catch that guy's punch?
You were moving as fast as he did.
I was trying not to die.
Guess what.
You snore.
Wait, where's the, the ah, the...
Um, I was a bad girl.
I couldn't wait.
But, it wouldn't let me in.
It's a video.
Awesome, right?
It's great.
I don't, how should I know?
I don't even know who's asking.
Try it.
Somebody's messing with me.
Well, what's the answer?
No, there's no way anyone
could ever know that.
I am...
I don't know how to start.
I, I didn't even know if you'd remember
that last birthday we spent together.
I wish I could see you right now.
Wonder if you look more like Jos or me.
Look, I wanna explain everything
but I don't have a lot of time
and neither do you.
Now, there's something you need to know.
You and I are not normal.
You're a hybrid.
Our mission was to blend in,
to test for colonization.
Without success.
And then, I met Joselyn.
When you were born, somehow, amazingly,
you survived, a miracle.
I had to leave to make
sure that you were safe.
I'm so sorry that you had
to grow up without a family.
I know what that's like.
But they know about you now.
This video's a warning,
I just hope it reaches you in time.
No, don't!
Are you happy?
Just leave me alone.
If it is true, it's amazing news.
Yeah, made my day.
He reached out.
After all this time.
It's a perfect family reunion.
Except for the part where
the dad tells his son
he's a fucking alien.
I spent 20 years trying
to create a normal life.
Your normal life was not that great.
No, I know how it looks, Officer.
It's okay.
I'm a good alien.
This could be an opportunity.
I didn't ask for it.
I'd love to be special.
Be grateful that...
Piss off.
I didn't know which one I'd need to use.
Wait, my purse is in there.
Yeah the maid'll be thrilled.
Come on.
We've maybe had the shittiest day ever.
I've got an idea.
Hiking, yay!
Shut up.
I'm sorry.
It's just that, well,
messages from my parents, people dying.
Being framed.
Finding out you're an alien.
You know I've been fighting it.
It actually makes sense.
It explains a lot of things about me.
Ever since I was 10,
I tried to be invisible.
You know, fit in, not make waves.
I pay my taxes early,
I drive the speed limit.
I grew up in an orphanage.
No, it's alright,
the nuns were totally cool.
All the kids were dying to be adopted.
Yeah, we all wanted last names.
Well, I hit the jackpot when I was 10.
This beautiful family adopted me.
My last name was Morgan.
That first week I was playing
ping pong with my brother
and, um...
turns out I was, I was pretty good.
Was great actually.
He couldn't score a point.
Then my adopted dad took over and, um,
but he grew competitive and he,
he started really getting into it.
I still remember the score, 11 to two.
So I started like jumping up and down
with my hands, all excited.
I thought everyone was gonna
jump up and down with me
but they just stood there,
stone quiet.
A week later, they took
me back to the orphanage.
Breakfast for dinner.
Poached eggs, spinach and cheese omelet,
smoked salmon scramble,
eggs benedict, gross.
Chicken fried steak sounds good, though.
Maybe I'll have the waffles.
You saw that menu on that board
for what, like five seconds?
Tell me about the waffles.
Strawberry, boysenberry, maple.
How much?
Well two cost 3.99, four only cost 5.25.
It's clever pricing.
Blueberries, an extra 50 cents, though.
Think I feel like oatmeal.
What's that? That weird?
You have no idea.
We need to go underground for a while.
Get in, get in.
Vacation houses kick ass.
Mmm, I could get used to this.
We just need to clear your name.
Stop being a dick.
We lead the cops to the aliens.
We track them down.
You're back to crazy.
Just imagine, back to
the excitement of driving
the speed limit and paying
taxes and folding laundry.
How would we even find them?
I have a hunch that you don't
know everything you can do.
You snore too, FYI.
Time to get crackin'.
Mm mm.
Mm hmm.
I'll start you off with something
a little less dangerous.
Are you sure this is necessary?
My aim sucks.
Come on, be a sport.
Oh, no thanks.
I got it.
Smartie pants.
What, what're we doin'?
Relax, your vitals are safe.
I guess you're not that fast.
Okay, I'm not actually convinced
you haven't shot someone before.
I was just marking my territory.
The toll of kidnap victims in Virginia
have been rising. Victims are
between the ages of 16 and 30.
Several counties have instituted curfews
while the perpetrators
are still at large.
The Marine family went on air today
to ask the abductors to please
return their daughter Sara.
A cash reward is offered.
They're here.
We'll meet the cops there.
What's it like being you?
I could get used to boning an alien.
I guess I better hurry up
and clear my name then, huh?
I guess you better,
before I change my mind.
Keep it interesting
so I don't get bored.
Why would you say that?
Don't be such a pussy.
Come on.
We're having fun.
Embrace it.
Embrace it?
Like you've had to embrace anything.
You abandon everything
in your entire life.
Bouncing around from town to
town, job to job, guy to guy.
Yeah well, eventually the
tortured hero act gets boring.
Yeah well, I guess you'll
stick around 'til you get sick
of free lunches, or I get
myself killed then, huh?
I got another souvenir for you.
I need a taxi.
An hour, whatever, fine.
More coffee, sir?
Oh shoot, I'm so sorry.
It's my first day.
Hey, you're doing fine.
Yeah, I like to slurp my
coffee from the table anyways.
Just relax, it'll get better.
Just gotta give it a shot.
But you gotta give it a shot.
I knew you'd come back.
Okay, maybe I pushed you a bit too hard,
so I am willing to extend my month
to month lease just for you,
assuming you stop being an asshole.
911, what's your emergency?
Listen carefully, I've found
who you're looking for.
I can't run forever.
Sh, sh, sh.
I'm here to save you.
I guess.
Come and rape me!
Run, stay hidden, go!
My blood.
What is it, then?
You came for me.
Yeah, I like to make an entrance.
And then you got captured.
Look, I love you but I'm trying
to get us out of here, okay?
Can you help me?
Can you slide closer to me?
Alright, alright good.
Now, can you feel the
buttons on my cuffs?
Now I'm gonna tell you
which buttons to push, okay?
Push the first button.
Button three.
Okay, good.
Button three again.
Alright, we have to focus, okay?
There's no room for error.
I'm trying, I'm nervous.
Every time you press a wrong button
the cuffs clamp harder.
Wait, what?
No pressure.
Now, four, four, two.
Three, one, four.
Stay with me.
Just when I like a guy,
I try to kill him.
Two, one, wait, wait, wait.
That's not it.
We're gonna try again, okay?
No, no, just, sh,
don't, sh, don't think.
Just say it.
Three, one, two, four.
One, two, two, one.
One, two, four, three, four, three,
one, four, one, one, three, two, four.
Oh, shit.
Hey, wait wait wait, what're we doing?
I need to find the blood vial.
That's all they wanted from me.
Check the other side.
Find the vial, go!
Looking for this?
I get it.
The abductions, the sick tests,
the gas tanks,
you can't breath the air.
I can.
That's why you needed my blood.
You can extract my DNA and
genetically modify yourselves.
Bingo, colonization.
Oh God, he's getting away with the vial.
He's leaving.
Come on, short cut.
Not a chance.
Take the gun.
I don't need to have good aim if you do.
You aim, I shoot.
You're crazy.
Aim for that.
The mailbox?
Yeah, he's gonna drive right past it.
You're right.
We make a good team.
Go! Run!
I guess I am that fast.
I told you not to cry wolf.
I got something for ya.
Well, it catches the light.
I guess this makes me
your girlfriend, huh?
I guess so.
You've got your life back.
What's wrong?
I've got family out there somewhere.
Speaking of family.
There's something you should know.
Why are you smiling like that?