The Apostle Peter: Redemption (2016) Movie Script

Forgive me, Lord,
for I am weak.
What did you say?
Are you willing to admit
your part?
I have failed my Lord.
Well, I will not fail mine.
Processus, stop!
- What are you doing?
- Getting a confession.
Look at him.
- From a dead man.
- You'll get no confession
Water, now.
- -Unchain him.
- -But we were given strict...
Unchain him!
He's bleeding.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Listen to me, old man.
Look around you.
Where you are?
Have you forgotten
This is Mamertine,
- in the world,
- the most secure prison
And you are alone.
One word from Nero
- and the entire might
- of the Roman Empire
Could be brought to bear
on you.
So why not cooperate?
Tell us.
Tell me.
Why did you start the fires?
I cannot confess
to that which I did not do.
Be with me, Lord.
Be with me.
These fires have turned
the city on its end.
All the more reason
to find these criminals.
- But finding them
- will not ease the suffering
Of those who've been
burned out.
Or perhaps they'll find
distraction in the games.
The games.
Yes, Honor,
the games of your festival.
- Never mind the games.
- Where are your priorities?
I would hear from Theodus.
- Honor, we have been working
- day and night
But there are still hundreds
of families on the street.
We simply do not have the
resources to help everybody.
That's enough.
I cannot allow my people to be
treated this way anymore.
Redirect funds from
the aqueduct project,
and take care of my people
- But, Honor, respectfully, - we
need to keep - The water project...
I have made my decision.
If you'd like to debate it,
you can do so
from the streets,
where you will be personally
- side by side.
- Working with these people,
Ah! Martinian.
- What progress have we made?
- Forgive me.
The inquisitors were
overly zealous
with the old man,
the Christian, Peter.
- He is quite weak.
Honor, he may die.
Excuse me?
He may die.
I seem to recall
giving the specific order
that he may be beaten,
burned, tortured, torn,
twisted in whatever way
that you deemed necessary,
but I clearly remember
that I did not want him
to be killed!
In fact, did I not forbid it?
Yes, Honor.
What am I to do
with a dead man?
It is my fault, Honor.
He is their leader,
and I do not want him dead.
What we have now
is houses burned,
businesses lost,
people in the streets,
so what I demand is
that every name
- in starting these fires
- of every Christian involved
Be given to me.
He knows who they are.
And you will give that to me.
Yes, Honor.
One of my servants
is an excellent healer.
You can send her
to minister to this Peter.
Bring her.
- Come where
- I can see you.
What is your name?
And why is it I have not
seen you before, Susanna?
She is one of my
personal servants.
She has no reason
to attend at court.
Perhaps in the future,
- to rectify that.
- I should do something
Honor, we have them.
Come on!
Forward. Go!
Martinian, stay for this.
Who am I?
- Do you have a tongue?
Yes, Emperor.
Yes, I am your Emperor,
and you are an arsonist,
a man who likes to set fire
to buildings.
No, Honor.
I do not know who would make
these charges or why.
I have not started any fires.
- Calling me a liar?
- No, Honor.
I understand that you have
spent some time
with the criminal, Peter.
The Christian.
Yes, Honor.
Well, since it's
commonly known
- that Christians
- are responsible
For setting fire to my city,
then you just admitted
to being one of them.
- -But...
- Liar!
I despise you,
you people of faith.
Now, tell me about
these fires.
Please, Honor.
I've never burned anything,
except a fire to heat my home,
perhaps to cook.
Do you have any idea
how many people you've killed?
Do you realize
what you've done?
You Christians,
you're all one,
together like brothers
and sisters, yes?
Yes, Honor.
Well, as I said,
- since we know that
- the Christians are responsible
For burning down the city,
then you just admitted
to being an accessory.
Please, Honor,
I do not understand.
We are a non-violent people.
- We just wish to raise
- our families,
Worship in peace.
Don't say that word,
If there is one thing
I cannot tolerate,
it's a liar.
And the rest of them?
Perhaps some time in Mamertine
will get them thinking
- about their response
- in the future.
Yes, Honor.
- Move along.
- Move. Move yourself!
Keep going.
This is
- longer to the prison
But more peaceful
than city streets.
- Would you care to
- sit for a moment?
Yes, thank you.
I am sorry
you had to witness that.
There's a fine line
between the civility of Rome
and the violence of the men
who would drag her to ruin.
It doesn't bother you?
I spent my career
on the battlefields.
The Gauls to the north,
savages to the east.
They live like beasts,
slaughtering each other,
sometimes even devouring
their enemies.
And you relished in that life?
The Roman army is a line,
the only line between
all of this and savagery.
But that man wasn't a savage.
He was a Roman citizen.
Worse than a savage,
a citizen who turned against
his country.
- And how can you
- It is not mine to question.
- Be so certain?
I leave that to the Emperor.
- Are you feeling well enough
- to walk?
We should go.
I apologize.
These people are like animals.
What have you
- done to him?
How could you?
You are the animals.
- Go. Fetch me clean water.
Are you deaf?
Go and fetch me clean water.
Go on.
Are you all right?
Get out.
- Haven't you done
- enough damage?
Now you wish to stay
and gloat?
I don't want you anywhere
near him.
- Put down the lantern
- and leave.
My name is Susanna.
I'm a servant
to the wife of the Emperor.
- I have been sent
- to tend to your wounds.
Thank you.
Thank you.
This rabbi you follow,
what was he like?
My children.
- I shall only be with you
- a little while longer,
For where I am going,
you cannot follow.
But afterwards,
you will follow me again.
All of you will be made
to stumble this night
because of me.
For it is written,
"I shall strike the shepherd,
shall be scattered."
and his sheep
But when I have risen,
I will go before you
to Galilee.
Even if all others are made
to stumble because of you,
I will never be made
to stumble.
My Peter, I say this to you,
that today, even this night,
before the rooster crows,
you will deny me three times.
If I have to die with you,
I will not deny you.
You also were with
Jesus of Galilee.
- I don't know
- what you're talking about.
What could you
- have done?
You were all alone.
I could've done better.
I should've done better.
I do not understand.
This Peter is a criminal.
You are wrong.
He is a good man,
a holy man who carries
the message of the teacher,
Jesus of Nazareth.
He has committed no crime.
- You should not
- treat him that way.
I am a soldier of Rome
on orders from the Emperor.
And besides,
what of those who died
or were burned out?
These Christians
are criminals,
and it is my duty
to bring them to justice.
What about the Christians
who died in the fires?
Why would Peter do that?
Why was he arrested?
Have you even asked yourself
that question?
"A soldier of Rome."
- You should be ashamed
- of yourself.
Husband, here's the girl
to make her report.
Ah! Susanna.
Do you like the harp?
Yes, you play beautifully,
- Perhaps I can
- give you some lessons.
Husband, Susanna must leave
for the prison
to tend to Peter.
Yes, she's tending
to my instructions.
But right now,
I need to deal with Theodus,
- who has been waiting
- very patiently.
So what of the Council?
Honor, there...
There is much talk
at the Council.
Isn't that what councils do?
Talk about what?
Perhaps it would be better
in private.
To discuss these matters
Perhaps it would be
- not to keep me waiting.
- Better for you
Of course.
Carcinian hints
that the fires were not set
by the Christians.
Yes, he entertains
another theory?
He circulates the idea
that the fires were ordered
by yourself.
By myself?
Now, you see the ability
of these Christians
even to twist the minds
of our good councilors?
Oh, these Christians,
- of the Empire.
- They could be the downfall
But I will not allow this
to continue!
They say they represent a god,
and that god has
attacked my city
and killed my people!
So now, I will become
the chief enemy of that god.
I alone will be
the protector of Rome.
I've had enough
of this hypocrisy.
As for you, young lady,
what have you about Peter?
Your Honor, he is very weak.
I fear another beating
will kill him.
I blame these Christians
for all of this evil
that has befallen upon Rome.
I hereby decree
that from this day forward,
anyone calling themselves
a Christian
will be under arrest.
And you, Captain Martinian,
will be in charge
of their inquisition.
And Peter?
I want him kept alive.
I still have some use for him.
- Perhaps his tongue will loosen
- when he sees
What befalls upon his flock.
You will be sure, Susanna,
that he returns
to good health, yes?
- Yes, Honor.
I want his full confession
before the festival begins.
So that the dies imperil
can mark the renewal of Rome.
You're accused of being
- in the city of Rome
- a Christian
And are hereby under arrest.
You realize this is for you.
Please, I will do anything
you say.
Will you confess?
Anything! Anything you say!
Lord, put compassion
in the hearts
of our tormentors.
Let them see light
from thy wisdom, thy light.
Strengthen us in our weakness.
Deliver us from evil,
for thine is the kingdom
for now and forever.
Oh, this is so wrong.
There's nothing
- to be done.
The Emperor has decreed
that all Christians
are to be arrested.
- No, another cell.
- You.
We have four confessions.
Hmm. Show me a man
who will not confess
when faced with our methods.
Something is wrong?
I did not join the army
to persecute Roman citizens.
I joined to protect them.
Brother, we joined the army
to protect Rome.
We've both bled for her.
I almost died for her.
And these people?
They're the enemies of Rome.
Processus, look at them.
Fathers, mothers,
even children.
Tell me how they qualify
as enemies.
You know as well as I,
orders are determined
by the Emperor.
It is our job to follow them.
There may be another way.
I need a moment.
Do you hear that, old man?
God hears that.
Well, he may.
You can stop it, all of it.
- You can put an end
- to their misery.
What do you want me to do?
Today is a beautiful day,
isn't it?
I know this must all seem
but the truth is,
- we must get to the root
- of this evil.
You're living in the palace.
- You've not been
- exposed to the...
How would you know
what I've been exposed to?
I was only suggesting that...
Please do not presume
to know what I do
and do not understand.
All I was trying to say was,
I have a plan,
- one that may save
- many Romans...
A plan based on a lie.
- A lie that may
- save many lives.
At what cost?
I do not understand you.
We are both servants of Rome.
Peter walked with Jesus.
He was the leader
of his Apostles.
Have you not heard a word
he has said?
Why would I even listen?
Perhaps if you did,
you would understand.
Since you know me so well,
you also know
I am quite capable
of finding my own way back.
Where's Susanna?
Honor, perhaps she's gone
to attend to your wife.
I see.
Honor, what if
I were to convince
Peter to confess to the fires?
Would that end the persecution
of the Christians?
Your heart has moved
towards their direction.
Do you disagree
with my current methodology?
No, Honor.
There is much work to be done,
and this is a distraction
to my men.
Your advice is wise.
- Achieve it,
- and I will spare them.
But only if
the old man confesses.
I relish the idea of him
begging for mercy.
One more thing.
All of them must deny
this cult of Jesus
as an abomination
against the gods of Rome.
Only then will I spare them.
And if he does not do it,
have him flogged.
Forgive me, Honor,
- but you said
- you did not want him to die.
Well, use your imagination.
Come up with something.
- Susanna.
- Yes, mistress.
- Put down that broom.
- Come here.
You are an excellent servant
and very beautiful as well.
This is a man's world.
We women,
we must stick together
no matter
our position in life.
Do you understand?
Yes, mistress.
As you know, my husband,
the Emperor,
he is subject
to various moods.
In the past,
from time to time,
he has been known
to bother the women servants.
Has anything like this
befallen you?
No, mistress.
Are you certain?
You can tell me if it has.
No, mistress, never.
But you must promise
- if anything happens.
- To let me know
Yes, mistress.
Very well. Back to work.
The Emperor commands that
- to the fires,
- in addition to confessing
You must also deny the Christ.
I will not deny my Lord.
Deny him, and you
will all be spared.
Thank you.
Susanna, what are you doing?
Just preparing bandages
for the old man.
And the food?
In case I am not able
to return for lunch.
You spend entirely
too much time at that prison.
I do not know that I like it.
- If you wish, I will ask
- the Emperor to...
No! No.
Continue as ordered,
but return here as quickly
as you can.
- I ask not for myself,
- Lord,
But that you give me
the boldness and the words
to preach thy word.
Let thy will be done, O Lord.
Good morning.
Good morning.
- Are feeling better.
- I see you
- You are improving.
- I am. I am.
Why are you not...
How do you deal with this?
I remember him.
Alms for the poor.
Alms for the poor.
Alms for the poor.
Sir, can you help the poor?
- I do not have any silver
- or gold for you.
Please, sir, take pity.
My brother is crippled,
and he cannot walk.
I'll give you what I have.
In the name of Jesus Christ
the Nazarene, get up and walk.
That is incredible.
That was not me.
That was the Holy Spirit
working through me.
You are so blessed
to have spent time with him.
Yes, I was,
and I am blessed
by your visits as well.
You better go now.
You must rest.
Rest will make you
strong again.
Rest and the healing power
of the word.
Bless you.
Divide it equally.
Why is it that you hate me?
I do not hate you.
I am angry at you
- to a great man like Peter.
- For what you have done
No, you are mistaken.
Nero is a great man.
This Peter, he's a foolish
old storyteller.
You have been gone from Rome
too long.
Our Emperor is a vicious man
who loves no one but himself.
At times, he acts as if
he is a god.
He climbed to power
on the murder of his mother
and his first wife.
He is the most dangerous man
in the civilized world.
How do you know this?
I am a servant of his wife.
I hear everything
that happens in the palace.
No, I don't believe you.
In fact,
I might suspect that you are
a Christian yourself.
- I could have you arrested.
- Go ahead.
I am a Christian.
But know this,
nothing about who I am
changes who Nero is.
your secret is safe with me.
Honor, Heronius has replied.
He looks forward to your games
and will bring five chariots
to compete in your races.
Ah! Theodus,
the festival is upon us.
I think I need to do something
- to increase the pressure
- on the Christians.
I'm sorry?
I think I'm going to start
executing some of them.
Not too many. Just a few,
as an example to the rest.
- But it's got to be
- something...
- What do you think
- of wild dogs?
- But, Honor, Rome has not done
- anything...
Theodus, I am Rome.
Rome will do as I wish.
These Christians,
- and dangerous cult.
- They are an extreme
They are a threat to Rome.
- Now, leave me
- while I think on this.
- Do you think the palace
- is too dark?
Too dark, Honor?
At night.
Do you think it's too dark?
Trying to find a way
in my gardens,
to create some light
so I can see the beauty
I've created.
I think...
- I think we should start
- burning
Some of the Christians,
so I can have some light
for my garden.
Burning Christians?
- But, Honor,
- Theodus.
- They are just people who...
Just a few.
At night.
For the light.
Theodus, go now
and make it so.
It's looking better.
Jesus said to me,
"Peter, you are the rock,
"a rock on which I shall
build my church."
And yet, what have I done
to his flock?
I failed them,
and I failed him.
That is not true.
You bring inspiration,
even while you're here.
You give hope
to me,
to others,
through your stories
and through your faith.
"And a little child
shall lead them."
Thank you.
Thank you.
You must go now.
And if you can, bring me
some parchment.
I need to write.
Of course.
How is Peter today?
He is sad
because of the pain
that he brings to the others.
I have never seen a faith
such as his.
He is old and weak,
yet somehow the stories
he tells, they give him...
- -Strength.
- -Yes.
I have seen no evidence
that he, nor any of them,
are any threat to Rome.
- In fact, I would say
- the opposite.
If all men were to speak
and act as he does,
- I believe Rome would be
- a better place.
Faith is a strange thing.
It inspires even
to open their eyes,
the most hardened
lift their hearts to do
the right thing,
even to love.
I must attend to my duties.
- -I brought you a new cloak.
- -Oh...
You must leave
before the guards return.
There is little time.
- To save yourself.
- This is your chance
all things are possible
for you.
Please take this cup from me.
And nevertheless,
not what I will,
but what you will.
I cannot.
What? But you are
too important to die.
What will become of us
if you are gone?
This is the road I must walk.
You were in prison once before
and escaped.
I have heard stories.
And the stories are true.
When I escaped
from Herod's imprisonment,
it was not an act of man
or of woman.
It was an act of God.
I was chained between
two guards,
and the Lord sent an angel
who freed me and opened
the gate and let me out.
It was not I that escaped.
It was God making manifest
His will.
Besides, I have seen
those looks
that you exchange
with Captain Martinian.
Now, if I were to escape
can you imagine
- to these poor jailers?
- What Nero would do
No, my child,
I will put my trust
in the Lord, as should you.
So, my dear,
nothing to report?
- Of my husband.
- No, mistress, nothing.
Things are not well
between us.
I'm afraid he's having
another affair.
I do not know
what I'm going to do.
I'm so sorry, mistress.
He has not spoken
or bothered you?
No, mistress.
Last night on the balcony
very emotional.
I noticed you were
Was that prompted
by the music,
or perhaps by the fate
of your fellow believers?
Come, come.
- You're one of them.
- We both know
Friends cannot keep secrets
from one another.
I used to see you praying
all the time.
- After all,
- it was never illegal
To be a Christian in Rome.
That is, until recently.
It is safe here, speak openly.
I do not know what to say.
Have you committed any crime?
No. No, mistress.
Then speak.
No harm will come to you.
- Yes, mistress.
- Yes, what?
Yes, I was upset
at the burning.
Of course you were.
What a horrid affair.
I know not why
my husband's taken
- with such hatred
- towards you people.
Prison, torture.
- Do you think you could speak
- with him?
The Emperor, I mean.
Ask him to reconsider
about the old man?
About Peter.
Why, yes, my dear.
Let me find the right moment
to ply his ear.
Have you lost your mind?
What are you talking about?
With Peter, trying to aid
in his escape.
- Processus was just
- down the hall.
He heard everything.
- You're lucky
- he came to me first.
Why doesn't he turn me in?
Because he is my friend,
perhaps my only friend.
That is no reason.
Because he knows
how I feel towards you.
Martinian, please,
I cannot let him die in there.
I understand,
- to be done.
- But there is nothing
What is it?
I spoke to POPPAEA.
I believe I can trust her.
What if she turns you in?
I am sorry,
but I had to do something.
I must return.
Captain Martinian.
You care about
these prisoners.
You presume too much, old man.
Oh, I have lived
a long enough life
to recognize concern
when I see it.
And how do you know it is
and not for my duties?
For these prisoners
I was once a young man.
- You were with
- Jesus of Nazareth.
I do not know the man.
- I'm sure that I saw you
- with him.
I do not know him!
I have spent
- the rest of my life
Trying to rise above
that moment,
for what profit a man
that he gain the whole world,
yet lose his soul?
Something is troubling you.
She takes great risks
on your behalf.
I have seen the looks
- that pass between
- the two of you.
I'm concerned for her safety.
And nothing else?
She is enamored
with the rabbi you speak of.
And you are not? Hmm?
It is hard to walk together
- on different paths.
- When you travel
I would like you to look
at these words.
They were inspired by him.
You may find them useful.
Thank you.
God be with you, Captain.
My husband,
what troubles weigh on you?
The Jew.
You mean Peter?
And the Senate.
I am no closer
to an accordance
that these Christians
started these fires.
You know, there are those
- release them.
- Who would have you
Who are they?
No one specifically,
but I hear talk
- in the streets,
- in the marketplace,
Even here in the palace.
They say he is a wise
and honest man
who never speaks against Rome.
That he talks only about...
Another rabbi crucified
years ago.
They say he is a holy man
who would not harm anyone.
But I suggest otherwise.
I suggest you further increase
the pressure on him
and on all of the Christians.
And how do you suggest
I do that?
Kill them.
Kill them all.
Perhaps that will gain
his confession.
If not, you eliminate
the root of the problem,
eliminate it
in a very public way.
As they say, "History
is written by the victors."
Go on.
Your games are about to begin.
What better way
to open the festival
than to put all traces
of suspicion behind us?
"Though I speak with
and of angels,
the tongues of men
"have not love, I am nothing."
"And though I understand
and all knowledge,
all mysteries
"and though I have all faith
"so that I may
remove mountains,
"but have not love,
I am nothing."
How do you know these words?
They are the words of Paul.
"Love believes all things,
"hopes all things,
endures all things.
- -"Love never fails."
- -"Love never fails."
They are so beautiful.
But how do you know them?
Given to me by Peter
but clearly meant for you.
The morning finds you
- Honor.
- In good spirits.
You've grown fond of him.
I'm sorry, Your Honor?
You think I don't know
about your conversations?
I have ears everywhere,
even in Mamertine.
It's natural.
When you spend so much time
with someone, you grow close.
I understand.
And he's a very compelling
Oh, come on.
Peter, the rabbi, your friend.
I know you talk to him.
Perhaps we could find a way
that I might consider
clemency for your friend.
Honor, your wife...
Yes, she's at the market
with her staff.
Eyes up, girl.
That's better.
So do you want clemency
for your friend?
- I'd like to consider
- your wishes.
But, of course,
it would require
that you spend far more time
in my service,
so to speak.
Does the idea of that to you
sound appealing?
Such an innocent thing.
Go to the kitchen
and help the others.
Yes, mistress.
- I want to thank you
- for your words.
Oh, they were not my words.
- They were the words
- of a friend.
- -Paul.
- -Mmm-hmm.
How do you know? Huh?
How do you really know
that this Jesus
was who he said he was?
I know that Jesus Christ
is the son of God
and my redeemer
because I saw him
after he died.
They crucified him,
and he rose again.
And I sat with him.
I talked with him.
I even ate with him.
But I do not understand.
I am blessed
because I saw
the Christ risen.
But how much more blessed
are they who did not see
and yet believe?
Ah! Susanna.
Come, come.
A question.
Do you think me a fool?
I'm sorry, Honor?
In the realm of politics
and power,
and rulers and subjects,
deception and deceit,
I find it fascinating,
- how they all work together.
- Don't you?
Although history has taught us
that when a ruler
does not deal swiftly
with his subjects
about deception,
quite often,
he can find himself
on the wrong end
- of the delicate balance
- of his power,
And that's not good,
is it?
So I ask you again.
Do you think me a fool?
No, Honor.
Yet you treat me as one.
No, Honor.
Am I given to understand
that you are much more
than just good friends
with this Peter?
In fact,
you have become
one of these followers.
You have become
a Christian.
Yet when we last spoke,
- to me.
- You failed to mention this
Is that any way to respect
your Emperor?
Answer me!
I've done nothing wrong.
My heart belongs to another.
Look at me.
Are you a Christian?
What is it that you want
from me?
The truth.
- What are you doing?
- What is this?
She's admitted to being
a Christian.
Nero has ordered the execution
of all the Christians,
including Peter, tomorrow.
No, I will not hear it.
Release her immediately.
The orders come
straight from Nero.
It'll be my head
if I let her go.
- I will not allow...
- Martinian.
It is not his fault.
The Emperor asked me
if I was a Christian,
and I could not deny my faith.
There is nothing to be done.
No, we will see.
Lock her up.
- Martinian.
- Out of my way, Captain.
Forgive the intrusion, Honor.
Yes, Captain, perhaps you've
brought me a confession.
Honor, I have come to ask
About your servant girl,
Ah, yes, no doubt
she's in Mamertine.
Pretty little flower.
there's been some mistake, no?
I don't believe so.
Honor, she is a harmless
servant girl.
- How is it that
- she is in prison?
She's a Christian.
That makes her a criminal.
Ah, do I sense something more
- Captain?
- Than a dutiful question,
I only wish
that you would consider...
Of course,
- around these charges.
- I offered her a way
A way, shall we say,
shouldn't be discussed
amongst polite company
or open court.
She refused.
It is only now
- what she meant
- that I understand
When she said
her heart belonged to another.
I appeal to your compassion.
No, you cannot, Captain.
The law is the law.
Who am I to change
my own edicts?
You're a passionate man.
I like that.
May I counsel you
that you shouldn't throw away
your entire career
over some pretty little
Christian servant girl
who was pleasing to the eye.
she is your faithful servant.
- Surely, you would
- not let her die
For such a pointless offense.
You mistake
my wife's loyalty, Captain.
In fact, it was my wife
- servant's treachery.
- Who told me of this
My love, do you wish this girl
to be back in your service?
No, husband.
Ah, well,
it's decided then.
Now, Captain,
I have some orders for you.
Tomorrow, you will
personally be in charge
of the execution of Peter
and all the Christians
in prison.
Won't this be a wonderful way
- to start off the greatest
- banquet ever?
You are dismissed.
No, Honor,
I cannot carry out
those orders.
You realize,
- it is treason.
- If you disobey me,
I do.
Then you will obey.
Forgive me, Honor.
But I cannot carry out
your orders.
And I cannot have a traitor
in my army.
I warn you for the last time,
If you disobey me,
- you will die
- with the rest of them.
So be it.
Get this man out of my sight.
Perhaps this is not wise.
I mean, mixing him
in with the Christians.
How can you execute them
if Martinian,
one of your most trusted
officers, stands with them?
How will this look
to the Council, to the Senate?
Forget the Senate.
He will come back around.
She's right, Honor.
- This will not give
- the appearance of strength.
Martinian is a
professional soldier.
He has always been
a soldier of Rome.
He has been a personal soldier
for me in my army.
All he has ever known
is to be of service to me.
He simply got his
- by a pretty little girl.
- Head turned around
- He will be fine.
What if he is not?
You cannot execute him.
Or the girl, for that matter.
- In the palace.
- She lived here with you
How will it look
if your own staff rebel?
All I'm saying is,
we do not want to make martyrs
of these people.
He will not disobey me.
He cannot disobey me.
I am his Emperor.
The ruler of Rome.
Please, let's talk about this.
- You've been talking
- But you have not.
- All the way here.
You think about
what you're doing.
You think about your career.
- I believe this has gone beyond
- career, my friend.
No, it hasn't.
We spent our lives
defending the Empire.
Why throw that away?
Over what?
Over what?
Over truth, over honesty,
over freedom.
The whims of one man
will not dictate
the course of this world.
No, he is wrong. I know it.
And somewhere in there,
you know it as well.
What is going on here?
Martinian's disobeyed
the Emperor.
He's been ordered
- you lot in the morning.
- To be executed with
No. No, that can't be true.
I was ordered to execute you,
all of you, but I refused.
I will not be a part
- you harm.
- Of something that brings
There must be some way.
I'm afraid not, miss.
- Not unless
- you're willing to recant.
Do not ask that of her.
Then I'm sorry.
There is no other choice.
If Susanna and Peter
are criminals, then so am I.
It is their last night,
I would spend it with them.
Unlock the doors and leave us.
I give you my word,
I will not aid in an escape.
Leave them.
I am so sorry that you are
involved in all of this.
No, it is not your fault.
- I never expected...
- No. No, you were right.
The Emperor is a madman.
I cannot believe Rome
has fallen to this.
None of it.
None of this was necessary.
How can you have such faith
- when surrounded
- by all of this?
Because I believe.
And you are certain?
I put my trust
in the Lord Jesus Christ.
I baptize you
in the name of Jesus Christ.
Please, I cannot do this.
I deny him. I deny my faith.
I'm sorry. I deny.
- Anyone else?
- I recant. Please.
- Please, I'm sorry.
- -Just let me go.
- -Free them.
You take this and go.
Why are you doing this?
Because, like you,
I believe his words.
Go now, and live in Christ.
And bear witness.
- No... Peter!
- -Go.
- Arrest him.
- Peter!
Good Heronius,
five chariots.
- You spared no expense.
- Hmm.
So happy you could join me
for the pre-festivities.
Truly my very great pleasure,
Who is this Peter
I'm hearing about?
One of the leaders
of this cult.
I understand this movement
is growing.
Do you really intend
to execute him?
Not if he recants the errors
of his ways.
And if he fails to do so?
He will not.
Stop them!
Stop them! Stop them!
- Name of the Emperor!
- Stop in the
How did they escape?
- I let them go.
- You what?
- To Rome, to you.
- Martinian was faithful
He did nothing wrong.
Nothing, except...
You're with courage now.
You will be with the Lord
in heaven tonight.
Get him up.
Old man,
it seems as though your way
has spread like a poison
amongst your people.
What do you say?
I bring no poison.
I bring a message of faith.
- Well, then your faith
- has led your people
To become enemies of Rome.
You know that is not true.
Do you dare presume...
Sir, those are Roman citizens
that you persecute.
They have committed no crimes,
and yet you arrest them
and torture...
and imprison them
I say they're criminals,
and therefore
they are criminals,
so mind your tongue,
and answer my charge.
I came to Rome
of Jesus Christ.
To preach the Gospel
It is a message of love
and forgiveness
and redemption.
It is for all men
and all women.
Even for you.
Did you all hear that?
Even for me.
You have the audacity
to suggest
that I need forgiveness.
For what? And from whom?
A dead carpenter?
He is not dead. He is risen.
Christ is risen,
- and he sits at the right hand
- of God!
There is no name above Nero.
This is my empire.
I am the god of Rome.
You are the Emperor of Rome,
but you are no god.
You are a man.
Today is my feast,
and even you, a heretic,
could receive a pardon.
All you have to do
is confess your crimes,
admit to your heresy,
and renounce your faith.
Then, I will set you free.
The truth has set me free.
Let it set you free.
I offer you
the gift of salvation.
Even your Jesus
- not here, not today.
- Could not save you,
If you want to find freedom,
you will have to find it
through me.
All flesh is as grass.
All glory is as a flower.
Grass withers.
A flower falls away.
But the word of the Lord
will endure forever.
You realize
like that dog.
You will not die quickly
You will be crucified.
I will not fail you
this time, Lord.
If I am to be crucified,
I beg a favor.
That I may be crucified
upside down,
for I am not worthy
to die in the same manner
as my Lord.
I will grant your request,
as I am a merciful man.
Always good to have
a little variety.
"Our Father who art in heaven
"Hallowed be thy name
"Thy kingdom come...
"Thy will be done
"On Earth as it is in heaven"