The Appearance (2018) Movie Script

[door opens]
It looks like murder.
Our faith does not
make us incapable.
Suicide is unforgivable.
We know the answer.
It was her.
She's in a cage, Abbot.
She got out.
It will not happen again.
We will bind her in the cage
with the reliquaries.
We should sermon
the Inquisition.
[slams his cane] Enough.
Pestilence, field crops,
the town expects us
to pass judgment.
They demand her death.
We cannot do this
without the proper authority.
We will do what God demands.
This is not God's work.
She will be weakest
at dark moon.
Pray for strength.
[dramatic music]
[door squeaking]
[eerie music]
[door squeaking]
[door opens]
[woman screams]
Sorry, did I wake you?
No apologies needed.
The dream.
Did you go inside the room?
I never do.
Well, dreams
are harmless enough.
Wise words
from the great Johnny.
A good breakfast
will ease your mind.
[groans] No, thank you.
I'm not hungry.
I write to you
in haste and in secret.
A Brother of the
Hedgerow Abbey has died.
I request an Inquisitor
of the True Dawn immediately.
May God bless their journey
with speed and safety.
Our great Abbot is convinced the
death is a result of witchcraft.
He plans to execute
the accused woman
without the Inquisition's
I only wish God's will
to be done.
Best regards, Brother Felix.
May you bring us good fortune
and keep us in good health.
May you shine your grace
on those who serve
and those who do not.
Continue to believe in them
even though
they do not believe, Father.
[crow squeaks]
Hedgerow Abbey.
My stomach is in knots,
now I see it again.
God will give you strength.
You only have to ask.
Strength comes from resolve,
not God.
Even here the plague
is taking hold.
Shite inquisitor.
She must burn.
Burn her or we will.
[baby crying]
[dramatic music]
My God, we're too late.
No, she was branded a heretic.
They're acting without
the proper authority.
Is anyone here?
I am Mateho of the...
[door opens]
I am Mateho of the True Dawn.
I must insist
that you let us in at once.
- Watch your step.
- I received a letter from Brother Felix
- claiming that...
- We are humble monks here
devoting all our time to God.
We live a quiet life.
Burning heretics
without a proper trial
is punishable by law.
You're young for an inquisitor.
An apprentice?
I'm qualified, I assure you.
I had hoped the True Dawn would
have sent an experienced agent.
Do not let
my appearance fool you.
Nor mine.
The Abbot must be made
aware of your presence.
No, I wish to speak
to the girl first.
Procedure dictates our first...
Take me to the girl.
[speaking Spanish]
An inquisitor?
I'll begin
questioning the others.
We'll reconvene later.
Is something wrong?
He is not fond of small spaces.
Stay close.
The labyrinth of tunnels
down here can be confusing.
Yes, I remember.
Here we are.
This is the condition
you keep her in?
I am only a scribe, Inquisitor.
This is beyond my authority.
I see.
[chains clinking]
I'm here to help you.
Has she confessed?
Not yet.
But she will.
You must be the Abbot.
I find myself confused.
Why is there
an inquisitor in my dungeon?
I summoned him
to help solve the mystery
surrounding Francisco's death.
I wanted to come to you, but he
insisted on coming here first.
Forgive me, Abbot.
This girl is barely of age.
Black magic
is not limited by age.
What would she know
of magic, Abbot?
[chuckles] Skeptic.
No, she has a pact
with the Devil.
She will burn.
Not if she is innocent.
You think these
will protect you?
And the manacles?
We've known peace
since she's been secured.
You are allowing paranoia
to corrupt your mind.
Remove the manacles.
We are not barbarians.
And these,
these are not necessary.
Careful, boy. Ignorance will not
protect you from the Devil.
Ignorance has nothing
to do with it.
We'll give her a test.
The church directs
that we use tests
only as a last resort.
Give her a test.
You want a test?
Very well.
I need you to look at this.
I need you to look at me.
Your tests often harm
and kill the innocent victims.
The cross, please.
The cross, please.
The Devil cannot
look upon the Holy Cross.
She has been tortured
in the name of God.
I would not look at it, either.
Are you a witch, Inquisitor?
She will not
be tortured further.
Is that understood, Abbot?
What do you intend
to accomplish here?
I intend to save
an innocent life.
Did you realize what would
happen if she was set free?
Yes, a girl would go home.
No, no, no. She has no home.
No. Family run out of town.
If the town people see her free
they will seek justice
on their own terms.
We are doing God's work.
God will not torture and murder
innocent victims,
nor will the church.
You, you do not belong here.
I beg you.
I beg you, leave at once.
I am not going anywhere.
Take me to the scene
of the transgression.
He laid here in a pool
of his own blood.
This dagger was found
in his hand.
Was it in his hand
like this or like this?
Like that?
[church music]
Were there
any signs of struggle?
The candles knocked over?
Things broken?
Footprints in the blood?
And the body?
This way.
[door opens]
I will do this alone.
Thank you.
[door closes]
[somber music]
[door opens]
Did you ask for me specifically?
[dramatic music]
What is it?
I cannot discuss the details
of my investigation with you.
I am the one who summoned you.
That does not exonerates
you or give you privilege.
You are all suspects until I
discover the truth behind this.
[church music]
Why do they chant?
They pray for our lost Brother.
Tomorrow, we will retrace
the steps of Francisco's life.
If there are any clues
to his death, we will find them.
Of course.
If there's any way I can assist?
What were his daily
activities, his interests?
Brother Francisco was...
Was what?
Part of the inner circle.
It's rare to see
Brothers of such status.
They will spend hours
in the sanctum.
[church music]
We will need access
to the sanctum.
That is a sacred room.
Only members of
the inner circle allowed.
This is your room.
[church music]
Thank you.
Hey, get some sleep.
You too.
For the sake of the abbey,
I hope you know
what you're doing.
Thank you.
I'll pray for you.
[speaking Spanish]
[speaking Spanish]
[speaking Spanish]
[church music]
[heavy breathing]
[dramatic music]
[woman screams]
[dramatic music]
[door opens]
[water dripping]
You scared me.
What is your name?
There is no reason to fear me.
I see they removed
your manacles.
Do you know what this is?
Have you seen it before?
You have?
What is it?
Tell me.
I'm not the evil
that torments this place.
What is?
I need answers.
Do you know who accused you?
How did you get down here?
Where is your family?
Moved on?
Moved on.
Do you know the monks here?
Did you know the monk who died?
I know the inner circle.
Do you know why
you have been accused?
Have you made a pact
with the Devil?
[eerie voices]
Help me.
Help me.
[knocking] Johnny.
Mateho. You nearly run me over.
Johnny, I found the door.
- From the dream?
- Yes.
Where did it lead?
It was locked.
Come, let's get a meal.
Inquisitor, come.
You'll need it.
The food is rotten.
[plate drops]
She spoiled the food
before our eyes.
She must be executed at once.
Calm down, Brothers.
Her powers are growing.
We must unite against the witch.
You must allow the Inquisitor
to proceed
with this investigation.
Where is the grain
this is made from?
The grain is over there.
Food does not
just spoil suddenly.
Moments ago it was not rotten.
As I thought.
I offer encounter similar
situations on every case.
You're allowing fear
to feed your paranoia.
You see what you want to see.
Come and see the truth
for yourselves.
The source is spoiled.
This is very common when food
is not stored properly.
Two bottles of...
One bottle of anise.
[child chuckles]
Is someone there?
[child chuckles]
This is no place for a child.
[child chuckles]
We need to know what takes place
in the sanctum.
Of course.
Good morning, Teton.
[door opens, then closes]
I will start by asking him.
Find you later.
- For your family.
- God bless you.
Stay in line.
We have enough for everyone.
Stay in line.
Did you see a little girl?
[child chuckles]
Here are your rations.
God bless.
Have you seen Teton?
Yes, he went that way.
[dramatic music]
I'm not going to hurt you.
[child chuckles]
Have you noticed
something strange recently?
What do you mean?
[Peiter] I've
been seeing things.
- [Felix] God bless.
- Things that are untrue.
Have you had issues sleeping?
But ever since
the Inquisitor arrived, yes.
[loud noise]
Stay back.
I slipped.
- [whispers]
- Back.
She still lives.
How many must die
before you burn her?
This is nothing more
than an accident.
Accident? The Inquisitor
thinks it was an accident.
I think it's time we take
this into our own hands.
[crowd] Yeah!
We need to go inside.
This will all be settled
in good time.
Enough time.
Get them. Kill the inquisitor.
Go, go!
Stay where you are.
We take the giant as one.
Teton's body.
- Peiter.
- No.
[fighting sounds]
Leave the body.
[fighting sounds]
The town is in revolt.
The town is in revolt.
We barely escaped
with our lives.
Were they provoked?
[door closes]
What is it?
It's Teton, he's dead.
He fell from the tower.
We all saw it.
She's killing us all one by one.
There is no proof of that.
Francisco, now Teton.
- Yes.
- Stop!
Each suspicion will mount
into a greater threat.
Do not give into paranoia.
Paranoia did not kill
another of my Brothers.
Your words are
dangerous, Inquisitor.
Choose your next very carefully.
The rain has made
the tower wet and dangerous.
While examining the top,
I found a loose board.
Now, if you go up there you will
also find a piece of cloth,
stuck to the nail
holding the board down.
- What are you saying?
- I am saying that he slipped.
And his robes got tangled
and he unfortunately fell.
Why was he up there?
Brother Francisco was found with
a dagger in his hand like this.
Self-inflicted wounds
are achieved this way.
He had multiple stab wounds.
The human body is resilient.
Why would he do that?
He was unhappy
with the inner circle.
There will be
no further discussion.
Francisco was killed
by the witch.
Brother Francisco
is responsible
for his own death.
I will not wait any longer.
She dies at dawn.
We need to do the test.
Are you certain?
This superstition ends now.
You saw the hate
in the townspeople's eyes.
If the monks do not
kill her by morning,
they will burn
this entire abbey to the ground,
and all of us inside it.
What if they're right?
Johnny, I need you
with me on this.
I am, and God is, but this,
this is a godless test.
No, this is an infallible test.
Promise me you'll get
some sleep tonight.
A mind without rest
is an open door
for the Devil's persuasions.
[bells tolling]
[door opens]
[bells tolling]
[door closing]
- Peiter?
- I must come in.
What are you doing here
at this hour?
You and your friend
must leave tonight.
Tomorrow, I will demonstrate
what is really going on here.
Please do not let this
talk of witches shake you.
I overheard the Abbot and Prior.
They intend to cause you harm.
[sighs] I see.
Once I have settled this mob,
I'll be able to get a letter out
to the True Dawn.
You do not understand.
The Abbot is a very dangerous
and very powerful man.
I know.
Thank you for the warning.
[bell ringing]
You understand
what you have to do?
Get on with it.
Please not again.
This girl must lift
her eyes to the cross
and breathe from
either of these holes.
In doing so,
she will be accepting
God's grace
and be proven innocent.
Now, you will all see
what I've been trying
to tell you.
All she has to do,
is look at the cross
and breathe.
[dramatic music]
Stick your head
through the hole and breathe.
Johnny the keys.
Lift that lid and you cheat God.
Johnny, the keys.
[water splashing]
No, breathe.
God's will has been done.
Please, take one breath.
Take one breath.
Come on, breathe.
One breath, breathe.
I must thank you, Inquisitor,
you have saved us the trouble.
She was not a witch.
I think your test
confirms otherwise.
This was her way out.
She chose death over suffering.
She's gone, Inquisitor.
She's gone.
We must burn the body.
You will not touch her.
She's gone.
She's gone.
You must leave at once,
And you as well.
Yes, yes, you have betrayed me
by summoning him.
[distant voice]
No, somebody help.
It's not real.
It's not real.
They're not real.
[groans] Finally, I
no longer see them.
My God.
The last act of the witch.
We must pray for his soul.
[cathedral music]
[door opens]
She has killed Peiter.
The witch is dead.
Her powers extend beyond death?
No, this is not
the work of the witch.
How do you know?
These wounds,
are exactly
the same as Francisco's.
It can't be one of ours.
We wouldn't harm each other.
No, not one of us.
Who would do such a thing?
Someone who is intent on
bringing discord to our harmony.
It would seem
that there is
a murderer amongst us.
Murder is a serious
accusation, Inquisitor.
Indeed it is, Prior.
Felix, you spent time
with Peiter.
When did you see him last?
We prayed together here.
Has anyone seen Peiter
after sundown?
No one has seen
Peiter since sundown.
I did.
- Nearly dawn.
- Where?
He was with you.
He was with the Inquisitor?
Yes, Abbot.
Can anyone confirm this?
Ask the giant.
Johnny, is there
any truth in this?
- No.
- No, no.
Let him speak for himself.
Well, here it is then.
The truth.
I do not deny it.
Peiter came by my room.
You were the last one
to see Peiter?
He brought me information.
I heard arguing
and muffled voices.
There was no arguing.
He heard you were
in league with the witch.
And so you killed him for it.
Do not give in to this madness.
Who better? Who better
to re-create the crime than you?
You arrived and immediately
her powers increased, why?
And then...
Then we found these
taken from her cell.
Yes, with all the others.
What do you think about this?
Those were not necessary.
No, but you proved they were.
What is this, Inquisitor?
That is part
of my investigation.
That is from Francisco's body.
Do not forget
that I was summoned here
after the first murder.
[dramatic music]
It seems the Inquisitor
is familiar with this symbol.
Obsessed demon.
She summoned you here
and you have done her bidding
from the very beginning.
I trusted you.
Take this monster to the cage.
Your investigation
is over, Inquisitor.
Do not harm him.
He will stand trial before God.
And if he's found guilty,
then he will pay in blood.
Then who will administer
the punishment?
God or you?
[heavy breathing]
[dramatic music]
I must be dreaming.
Do you remember what happened?
You died.
And I held your lifeless body.
Do you remember what happened?
Help me.
How are you alive?
Remember what?
I do not know
what you want me to remember.
- You must.
- No.
I watched you die,
how is this possible?
Remember or you will
suffer as I have.
You will be helpless.
You are dead.
Am I?
Johnny, wake up.
Johnny, help me.
[dramatic music]
Johnny, help!
Look at me.
Look at me.
Please, no.
No, do not look at her.
I cannot look away.
Johnny, look at me.
Stop it.
Stop it. That's enough.
help me.
Help me.
Johnny, no.
I cannot.
I cannot remember.
[breathing heavily]
He's waiting for you.
You just have to ask.
Come find me.
[lock opens]
Find me.
[dramatic music]
[chains clanking]
Who goes there?
[door opens]
Who goes there?
Wake up.
What happened?
I cannot explain.
Where is she?
He was not in control.
Well, she controls the mind.
That's her power.
He did not want to live.
That's what she wants.
She preys on
the fearful, the weak.
And your ignorance has killed
several of my Brothers,
Now, huh,
now a servant of the Devil
roams my halls because of you.
I believenow.
You think you could change your
mind in just a few moments?
She rose from the dead...
And she killed my friend.
Revenge is not God's will.
Then she will
be brought to justice.
And God will decide.
Our belief in God
is all we have
to fight this evil.
What do you want?
The Prior.
[door opens]
Please, you must believe me.
I cannot, after what happened.
You do not agree with the Abbot?
No, so I think you
should have been let out.
You wish to leave me
in the dungeon.
Perhaps so, Inquisitor.
I told you I had nothing
to do with Peiter's death.
You had the symbol.
My boy.
Abbot, Abbot.
What shall we do?
No, listen.
- Felix.
- [screams]
What? What? What is it?
I saw Peiter.
Gregorio, he...
He, he what?
Look at me.
Look at me.
Did he take his own life?
We cannot trust our eyes.
Anything we see
can be turned against us.
She will kill us all.
We cannot stop her?
Where are you going?
[loud sound]
What is it?
Just illusions.
We must leave.
We're not safe here.
Abandon the abbey?
With the abbot gone,
we are lost.
We'll go through
the dining room.
This way.
I'm not leaving.
We must go.
No, I have been called
here for a reason.
I have to deal with this.
I will find the others.
You will stand against her.
Despite what the abbot
made you believe,
I am not in league with her.
If you are staying, I will stay.
I will stay as well.
Very well, we keep together.
[dramatic music]
You are outmatched.
[loud noises]
No one move. Stay together.
You are all going to die.
[Eduardo] Why is he doing this?
It is not the Abbot.
- [Felix] What is that?
- [Inquisitor] Do not listen to it.
[Inquisitor] Stay together.
[Felix] There is
something here with us.
[Inquisitor] No.
There, you see?
I saw nothing.
I just heard voices.
There are many types
of illusion.
Felix, what happened?
They have attacked me.
He haunted me
to come to the dungeon.
The dungeon?
Why? There's nothing down there.
Felix, where did we first meet?
In the sanctum.
Release me.
Inquisitor, do not look at her.
I can't, I can't.
I thought...
Vicente, put the knife down.
[wind roaring]
[door closes]
Are you real?
Do not let
my appearance fool you.
Nor mine.
I had to make sure.
The others?
I have not seen him
since the tunnels.
- I heard screaming.
- Vicente...
He's gone.
God, have mercy.
What do we do?
We ask.
[choral music]
We need to go deeper.
In the dungeon?
The sanctum.
I never told you where that is.
You did not have to.
Grab her feet.
Open the door.
[Abbot] Let's tie her down.
Just tie her.
Let's put an end to this now.
First, we will bleed her
and then we'll burn her.
- Stop it. This is not...
- No.
It is the only way.
Take a torch each of you.
Purge the evil, purge the sins.
Purge the evil, purge the sins.
Purge the evil, purge the sins.
Purge the evil, purge the sins.
Purge the evil, purge the sins.
[continuous chanting]
Purge the evil, purge the sins.
Purge the evil, purge the sins.
Please, not again.
Purge the sins.
Purge the evil, purge the sins.
Purge the evil, purge the sins.
[continuous chanting]
Help me.
I remember.
Hear our prayers.
Shed your light
and expose this dark.
Our sins are now her sins.
Take this vile spirit
and cleanse our souls
and free us from temptation.
This carnal contract
ends tonight
with this holy weapon
to purge our wicked sins.
Scipio. Stay where you are.
Put the dagger down.
I said put it down.
The abbot has something
to confess to all of you.
Look at her and tell them what
you did, what you always do.
I bring purity into our hearts.
Tell them, you bastard
or I will.
Now you still do not understand.
I was there.
20 years ago, I was
here in this room.
I do what I must do.
To purify our souls, we must
purge our sins inside them.
You broke your vows to God.
He has committed
unspeakable acts.
Posed as a pillar of strength.
Now confess.
You made her what she is.
- Confess.
- No, no.
All the women are destined to
serve the Devil, they want it.
Release her.
How many?
How far have you gone
to keep your secret?
You killed Peiter.
You killed Peiter
to turn them against me.
Abbot, is this true?
I did it to protect you.
You! You deserve to die.
Killing you will leave me
no better
than the creature you are.
God will decide your punishment.
Kill him.
Kill him, I have led
you to this moment.
It is not my place
to take his life.
He took my life.
Just as you have taken life.
He destroyed my soul,
he damned an innocent girl.
I will not kill for you.
Stay back.
I will have my vengeance.
It is over, do not do this.
He will be mine.
He's not yours to take.
Get back!
You could have saved me.
[cock crows]
What will you do?
It will take some time
to sort out my place
in the world.
You will always be welcome here.
Will the Inquisition
close the abbey?
No, this place has
purpose once more.
Thanks to you.
God sent you to us.
You wrote the letter.
The abbey is in good hands.
Thank you, Inquisitor.
[children laughing]
Come away from there.
[girl moans]