The Archies (2023) Movie Script

[Archie] Far away, tucked behind
the hills of North India
lies our little town, Riverdale.
It was founded in 1914
by Sir John Riverdale,
a British officer
whose first posting was at Bombay.
His head was occupied by his work,
but his heart was captivated
by the land and all of its bounties.
The sunshine, the Arabian Sea,
the jasmine flowers, the delicacies,
and a beautiful local girl named Sitara.
A wedding and four children later,
adventure called yet again.
Sir John went hunting
with the Prince of Sarna
and stumbled upon paradise.
He had found a place to call home
and to bear his name.
Sir John and his family
gathered up all their savings,
everything they owned
and leased the land
from the Prince of Sarno's father,
the Maharajah.
And a new city was built for the people
who, like Sir John's family,
were half British and half Indian.
The Anglo-Indian community.
Over time, India gained independence.
Some of the Anglo Indians left,
and some stayed.
Those who remained in Riverdale,
found their solace
in the heart of the town.
A grassy knoll called Green Park,
where every citizen
planted a tree of their own.
In other words,
this is where the community
literally planted their roots.
- [woman] So beautiful.
- [man] This is Green Park.
This is not just the heart,
but the history of Riverdale.
We have a tradition here
known as planting day.
When children from Riverdale
turn five,
their parents bring them all here
to plant a tree.
My tree is over there.
[woman] How lovely.
I wish every town had a park like this.
[Archie] Some things
are worth fighting for.
- [woman] Is that so?
- Yes.
Are there any musicians here?
[woman 2] Oh, yeah.
I just learned to play the sitar.
[Archie] This beautiful pergola
was a bandstand.
Music would be played there
and people would dance here.
This tradition lives on today.
Can you guess
who was the last to perform here?
- Uh, Elvis Presley?
- No.
Uh, Ray Charles?
- No.
- Then who?
- The Archies.
- Who are the Archies?
I'm sorry,
but I have never heard of the Archies.
Yeah, but had you heard
of the Beatles a few years ago?
- [all chuckling]
- No.
Mark my words,
the Archies will be everywhere.
At which point you can proudly say
that you met the lead singer.
- Me.
- You're a singer?
Yes, I am.
This special tour was designed for you
by Fred Andrews
of Andrews Tours and Travel.
- Thank you.
- Please enjoy Green Park.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
Stop it, Betty.
And would you tell
that jukebox to shut up?
No! I love it.
This is my story, listen up
In my words, listen up
The humming you hear
Is the tune of the youth
Listen up
This is my story, listen up
You can't ignore me, listen up
All my impossible dreams
Are right before me, you know
In ever-changing waves
This life flows, listen up
Aw, they're all here to welcome us.
Of course! You have to sing
for your supper.
- Miss Lodge.
-Are we all set for the party?
- Absolutely.
Thank you.
We can have anything we want
We can pluck the stars
If we want
We can grow flowers from rocks
If we want
Aha! Aha!
Listen up!
Listen up!
I feel like a new guy, my love
Sunny swingin' blue skies above
This is my story, you know
Hear my story, listen up
Why does life feel to us
As beautiful as it does?
Listen up!
Why is finding happiness
So easy for us?
Listen up!
In ever-changing waves
This life flows, listen up
It keeps telling us
To feel the rhythm, listen up
-Thank you.
- See you.
Listen up!
You say I'm young
And I've got nowhere to be
I say there's so much I can do
Tradin' my shoes in
For wheels under my feet
I'm rockin' and rollin' past you
Listen up!
Listen up!
Listen up!
[phone ringing]
[man] You've come back
at the right time, Mr. Lodge.
Riverdale truly needs you.
And the Council has passed
your proposal as well.
I told you it would work.
- [Hiram] That you did.
- They have no objection at all
to the plaza being built in the square.
Sir. These shops are private properties.
Although if they're willing to sell,
then it's fine.
Everything is for sale, Dawson.
Let's get to the point.
Have you moved on what we discussed?
The Council will give us permission
to construct a hotel?
Why wouldn't they?
Of course, they're gonna.
They just have to decide on the area.
My thought is
that this will be the best spot.
- No?
- [Hiram] Hmm.
Well done, old chap.
That could work nicely.
Mr. Dawson.
You don't want
to come to a new place
and land up in the outskirts now, do you?
You want to be where the life is.
The food, the shops
This would be better, wouldn't it?
But that's Green Park.
That's your spot, right in the heart.
Hotel Riverdale can't be far
from the town center, Hiram.
All my best business ideas,
My American gives me.
[Hiram laughs]
Green Park will definitely be
a controversial choice.
That's why, needless to say,
my name can't come up at all.
Once the Council permissions go through,
you can get a few companies
to submit offers.
- But naturally, you will select
- Lodge Industries.
Good man.
Getting permission requires five votes.
But I will try my best, Mr. Lodge.
- Try?
- Yes.
Trying will get you nowhere, Dawson.
Now go get the votes.
If I were the District Corporator,
you know, I'd get it done easily.
So, what's stopping you
from standing for election?
Elections are They're quite costly.
You understand me, right, Mr. Lodge?
Well done, Dawson.
You understand politics.
I'm impressed.
Now help me help you.
I want Green Park for the hotel. Hmm?
But first a plaza in the town square.
[bell dings]
Mango milkshake.
Who's the best doggie in the world?
- [dog whines]
- Hamburger.
Hot Dog, do you find Moosey handsome?
[Moose] Hot Dog can't talk.
Is that so, Hot Dog?
- [Hot Dog whining]
- [both chuckling]
Put that burger down, Jones!
My tips should handle it, Pops.
Your tips aren't enough to cover it, kid.
What about the rest?
It's okay. I don't mind sharing.
You should mind, Ethel.
He just cares about eating.
He's oblivious to your feelings.
What is "oblivious"?
[man] You don't know
what "oblivious" means, Moose?
[Moose] No.
I calculate you've already lived
about 25% of your life?
Tell me, what have you learned so far?
- [woman] Moose! [giggling]
- [Moose] What's so funny?
[gate creaks]
Aunty Hermione!
[Hermione] Look who's here!
Betty! Baby, how lovely to see you.
- Aw.
- These are for you.
- Will you put these in my bedroom, please?
- Sure.
- You all set for the party tonight?
- Mm-hmm.
Still haven't worked out
your evening wear?
[Veronica squealing]
[both squealing]
[Betty] "Darlings."
I can't believe you can stick
eyelashes on. This is so mod.
You keep it. My dad can always
get some more for me, later.
No, two gifts are plenty, Ronnie.
What happened to
"What's mine is yours," Betts?
We still share everything, I hope?
For always and ever.
Okay. Now, what do you think?
This dress? Or this one?
So, that's really cute,
and that's really short.
It's called a mini.
It's all the rage in London.
But remember, you're not in London,
you're in Riverdale.
Or Riverdale should
remember something, too.
That Veronica is back.
I've missed you.
So, tell me, Archie, how is he?
After I left town
has he seen anyone else?
He's dated everyone, but no one.
I thought you didn't care.
I I don't. I was just asking
about the latest.
The latest is that
most of us work part-time jobs now.
Jobs? I look cute?
You're so cute.
[sighs in exasperation]
But I'm not in the mood for cute.
- [Dilton] Look into the lens.
- [Reggie] Looking.
- [Archie] Hurry up, Doiley.
- Okay.
- [shutter clicks]
- Got it.
Look at all this stuff.
Yeah, Ronnie throws the best parties.
[sighs] You know, my dad was asking
if the party would have any adults.
I said, "Please, Dad. We're 17 now!"
My mom is the same with that.
"Say no to booze."
Aunty Jeanie should know,
that if her son's talking
to bottles, it's too late.
- That's so funny.
- Thank you, Dilly.
But Reggie's jokes got a cost.
Go on, I want a raspberry soda.
- Okay. Do you want anything?
- No.
Stop treating Dilly like your Man Friday.
- I'm talking to you.
- Va!
- [wolf whistling]
- Welcome back, Veronica!
You mean Va Va Voom?
[all cheering]
Hi! I missed
- Hello.
- You look lovely!
- Hello, Moosey.
- Hi, Ronnie.
Hello, Sughead.
My name is "Jughead."
What's the "S" for then?
- Sandwich.
- Why?
- Where are we going?
- "Why?"
You still terrify Jughead.
Hi, there.
Since when did you get so cute?
- Thank you.
- [chuckling]
- You look cute too, Arch.
- Thank you.
- I have something for you.
- Oh, yeah?
Ronnie! What?
Ta-da! [giggling]
Fresh off the press.
Happy birthday to me!
Do you know how to dance?
I learned after you left.
And before you left is when I learned.
Uno, dos
One, two, tres, quatro
Hey, wooly bully!
Watch it, watch it
Hey, y'all, hey, y'all
Watch it
Now he'll get ya
Matty told Hatty
About a thing she saw
Had two big horns
And a wooly jaw
Wooly bully
Wooly bully
Wooly bully
Wooly bully, wooly bully, wooly bully
Hatty told Matty
"Let's don't take no chance"
"Let's not be L-seven"
"Come and learn to dance"
Wooly bully
Wooly bully
Wooly bully, wooly bully, wooly bully
Watch it!
Matty told Hatty
"That's the thing to do"
"Get you someone really"
"To pull the wool with you"
Wooly bully
Wooly bully
Wooly bully, wooly bully, wooly bully
Watch it! Watch it!
Here he comes
- Good night! See you tomorrow.
- Bye. Drive safely.
[Jughead] Yes, Aunty Betty.
Listen. You guys go.
Why? What is it?
I forgot my record.
But you guys should go.
- We can wait, Archie.
- No, no, I'll walk.
- Bye.
- Okay.
[car door closes]
[engine starts]
[Veronica] You forgot your record.
What an old trick!
The gift is dynamite.
What can I possibly get you in return?
- Dinner? The CC.
- CC?
Okay, great,
let me just sell my guitar then.
If that's a problem for you,
I'm sure Reggie can handle it.
Yeah. He pawned his guitar
before I came back.
Don't worry. Dad has membership.
No, I wanna cover it.
[Hiram] Andrews!
You get lost on the way out?
No, sir.
Then remove yourself
from my property this instant.
Daddy, stop being mean
to Archie all the time.
Everyone's entitled to a hobby.
Now, Andrews.
On second thought,
your dad can cover the bill.
Good night.
End of June, all the days
Blow past the moon
You can mark 'em
With a notch in the trees
It's clich, but I'll tell you anyway
I'm just hoping that you'll say
That you love me
[door opens]
[door shuts]
"Riverdale Town Council
greenlights redevelopment."
Take it easy, Fred.
I know it's the reason
that bugger Lodge returned.
Must be wanting to build
plazas everywhere.
So, good. We need more things.
We need air to breathe,
food to eat, and someone to love.
We don't need "things."
What will the difference
between Riverdale and anywhere else?
Grammar, Fred. "What 'will be.'"
Ah, trying to teach your father
how to suck eggs, huh?
Yes, I am.
- Archie!
- Yeah?
- What is this?
- Why are you going through my stuff?
Because I gave birth to you,
and you're still wet behind the ears.
You applied to a university,
over in England?
Uncle Ben said if I want to live there,
it's better if I study there as well.
You spoke to my brother first?
You really want to leave Riverdale?
London is the coolest city ever, Dad.
Yes! And I'm lucky
because I can go there easily,
since Grandpa was British.
And what will I do here?
It'll be your travel agency,
or work on the railways.
Imagine if Cliff Richard
had not left Lucknow.
Trust me. Everything is possible there.
I can make music that'll reach people.
Music that will really...
To make art you have to go in,
my son, not out.
- [bell tolling]
- "We know what we are,
but know not what we may be."
William Shakespeare said that.
Nothing changes if nothing changes.
- Dilly, I don't like riddles.
- But if you change
- the way you look at life
- Moose, it's a quote.
the life you look at will change. Hmm?
Wonderful, wonderful!
- Too good!
- [Weatherbee] Thank you.
What Mr. Weatherbee is trying to say
is that change is inevitable.
Excuse me, Miss Grundy.
Yes, Mantle.
If change is inevitable,
then how come I didn't get mine back
from Jughead yesterday?
[all laughing]
Sorry, I used it for lunch.
- [student] Jughead for Principal!
- Very clever!
Okay! You kids have a bright future ahead.
- Juggy, do you know about "UGAJ"?
- Hmm? What's that?
It's a group in school.
"United Girls Against Jughead."
What did I do?
I didn't join it.
- Please join.
- Ha-ha. Very funny.
How can they build a hotel here?
What? Green Park will be gone?
[chuckles softly]
Thank you.
This is not the time to get emotional.
I need you both.
Tell me.
Can I depend on you?
If you enter the Corporator election,
of course, you will have our vote.
- Yeah.
- Give.
When I win,
I'll make you Council Head
and nominate you
as Council Secretary. I promise.
But Gomes? Right now, he's your secretary.
True fact.
But he has shown loyalty
only to Riverdale.
He'll go straight
to the Gazette with this news.
[Reggie] Knock, knock.
Who's there?
- Who?
- Who, who?
Do you think your stupid jokes will help
you build a future, Reginald Mantle?
Comedy is an art, Dad.
I think there's
a real profession in comedy.
A profession is a doctor, a lawyer,
engineer, a journalist!
Your grandfather
didn't leave us this newspaper
so we could write a jokes column.
The British once ruled this country
and the newspapers could only print
their propaganda at that time.
No form of criticism was allowed.
And despite all that,
your grandfather printed messages here
about gaining support for freedom.
Did you know that?
And the same thing he did back then,
has become our job.
And we have a social responsibility.
Haven't I taught you that?
Then forget this comedy.
If you want to write,
then make it meaningful.
You can go.
"And as the Giraffe gazed at the stars,
she said, 'Drift me down into slumber.'"
"'For when I'm the tallest,
I'm hoping to forget them.'"
"'No matter how small-ish!'"
- Yay. Once more.
- Again.
- Yes, again.
- Once more, Uncle Hal!
- Thanks.
- Bye.
- Let's go.
- Bye.
Oh, Johnny, your timing's great.
- Tea?
- Oh, no, thanks.
I'm here to pick up Marge.
So I thought I'd have a word with you.
Everything okay?
So The shop received
an offer today.
It's a very good one, actually.
I thought as my best tenant,
I should ask you first
if you can match the price or not?
The offer is?
Uh [chuckles nervously]
I sell books, Johnny.
How can I come up with double?
Sorry, my friend.
All right. Well, I'll talk to Alice.
I'll ring you.
What are we going to do, Dad?
"You cannot swim for new horizons
until you have the courage
to lose sight of the shore."
William Faulkner.
Don't worry, Betts.
We'll come up with a solution.
But you tell me first
In eight hours, whose birthday is it?
And what are you kids planning?
Nothing. Think they forgot.
I remembered.
[both chuckling]
[Fred] Yes, Ben,
but I need a ballpark figure.
That's just tuition.
What about all the other stuff?
How do I look?
Just like you did an hour ago.
Don't be grumpy, Mary.
Shh. I'm trying to work out how
to fund your education.
Uncle Ben said he'd take care of it.
Your education is my problem.
I will take care of it.
But I don't want to be a problem.
Too late for that.
Go. Bye.
[Veronica] Really? I just got back
and you're going to London?
- [Archie] I've only just applied.
- [Veronica] You'll get in.
[concierge] Shoes are required
for dining.
Shoes are the shackles
of our civilization, sir.
And this is the protocol of our CC.
Only brogues or loafers.
- But I am a loafer.
- [Veronica chuckles]
May I use your phone, please?
Hello. Hi, Katy, can I speak to Daddy?
- Who's Katy?
- My father's PA.
You have to go through your dad's PA
to talk to him?
He's a busy man.
Hello. Hi, Daddy.
Can you speak to this chappy at the CC?
- He is not letting Archie in.
- [sighs]
Mr. Lodge for you.
[concierge] Please follow me.
[indistinct chatter]
[doorbell rings]
[Alice] Betty, would you get the door?
[upbeat music playing]
Hot Dog?
[all] Surprise!
- Surprise!
- [laughing]
- Happy birthday!
- Thank you.
- Happy birthday, Betts. This is Rita.
- Thank you.
- Hi, Rita.
- Happy birthday!
- Happy birthday!
- Thank you.
Where are Ronnie and Arch?
[Hal] Alice, come.
Um, I'll have the trout
with the glazed potatoes.
Very good, ma'am.
And for you, sir?
Does this lamb cure asthma?
I don't think so, sir.
Then why does it cost so much?
- Just get him the lamb. Thank you.
- Yes, ma'am.
So, Archiekins? How's life going?
I don't know where to start.
You can begin where our story ended,
two years ago.
Just been here, missing you.
Tell me about it in detail, Archiekins.
When you were gone
Everything remained the same
Yet life seemed so empty
I was happy where I was
But I kept missing you
Sometimes in a dream
I would see you
Dreams only show you
The people who live
Deep in your heart
Don't you know that
The flick in her eyes
Is to trick every guy in her queue
Don't you know that he's just a flirt
With a smile
Like dessert made for you?
How did the days
Go by without me?
I counted the days
That would pass me by
That's how the days
Went by without you
He's only playing
She's only playing with you
He's only playing
She's only playing with you
I was away for many a day
But came right back to stay
Now you are here and so am I
Shall we sail on the wind
And fly away?
Don't you know that
A touch on your arm
Is just part of the charm
That she'll use?
Don't you know that
Right from the start
It was all just a part of his ruse?
With you by my side
What woes could I have?
With you by my side
What could I lack?
Is this why the spring is back?
He's only playing
She's only playing with you
She's only playing with you
He's only playing
She's only playing with you
He's only playing with you
He's only playing
She's only playing with you
That was nice.
I always have fun with you.
Me too. I always have fun with me.
[both chuckle]
So, um, what next?
- Next?
- Yeah. You and me, like old times?
Or you and me like this? New times.
[Betty] "To my Elizabeth"
Oh, Mom.
[knocks on glass]
Do you have any idea what time it is?
- I'm hungry.
- Is that so?
You had dinner with Ronnie.
Have you eaten at the CC?
Everything is this "wee-wee."
Tomorrow I have an early start.
No, you don't. It's the weekend.
Tomorrow's Saturday.
"Betty bought some butter,
but the butter was bitter... "
Shut up!
No one makes scrambled eggs
as amazing as you.
And no one can
butter me up like you, Archie.
Oh, really?
So? Are you and Ronnie back together?
No. That's old times.
Um Take this up to my room.
I need to clean up.
- Quietly.
- Sorry. Thank you.
"Happy birthday, Betty.
Please return what you don't eat."
That's from Jughead.
I saved this for you.
I'm so sorry, Betty.
I forgot your birthday.
I have no excuse.
- It's okay.
- No, it's not!
Please get angry.
Throw this cake in my face.
I'd rather you eat it.
Me too.
Okay, listen. Tomorrow evening,
it's just you and me.
At our favorite place, Green Park.
For a date?
Uh-huh. You and me. Good times.
It's so cute!
For always and ever.
Thank you. I love it.
About last night, I'm sorry.
You should be! You forgot me.
- No! Don't say that.
- Well, what am I supposed to say?
Just forgive me, please.
Okay. Fine.
She just gave you that expensive necklace,
because she forgot your birthday.
Don't be mean. Ronnie is not like that.
And Archie?
- He's taking me out.
- He takes every girl out, Betts.
But he can change.
Archie and a dog's tail
are never gonna be straight.
What did Ronnie say?
I guess I haven't told her yet.
[Pam] Ooh! Forget about Archie,
look at him!
Shammi Kapoor!
Pam ma'am, are you selling the shop?
Over my dead body.
You heard, right? A new salon's going in
across the road?
I know, I know!
Everybody is talking about it.
My friend Asha told me they have
all kinds of fancy equipment.
I don't need fancy equipment, darling.
I have Ethel.
- [mimics gunshot]
- [chuckles]
[Dawson] Pam's salon, Suzie's flower shop,
Hal's Book Shop.
Send all of their owners
the developer's offer.
Lodge Industries will build a plaza
in the town square.
Understood, Gomes? Okay.
Is that all for today?
[Dawson] Yes, Mrs. Otter.
That is all for the day.
Next session we vote
on the location of the hotel.
Here's an idea I had.
What if we build this grand hotel
in the center of the town?
- Center?
- Yes.
You mean the square?
No. I mean the park.
- Green Park?
- Yes!
Imagine, Mrs. Misquitta,
all the tourists we'll attract,
and how many new opportunities, huh?
- It could change everything.
- Yes!
Over my dead body, Roger.
Has that wig eaten your brain?
[all chuckling]
That is our community park, Mr. Dawson.
You've had a very bad idea.
[man muttering disdainfully]
Okay. Enjoy the biscuits.
Oh, I will.
[woman muttering disdainfully]
[Katy] That's Mrs. Misquitta.
Otter's minion.
And this is Mrs. Otter.
Oh, she's a widow?
Yes. She's her family's sole bread-winner.
Her son does nothing?
How wonderful!
[shuts file]
I always hoped
There'd be someone somewhere
Oh, my! Elizabeth Cooper.
[doorbell rings]
- That's Archie.
- I'll get it.
Elizabeth, you know that you and the Queen
share the same name?
Yes, Ma.
So, your behavior should reflect
that of hers, like royalty.
Yes, Ma.
[sighs] Listen to me now, Betty.
That tingling feeling you get
when you like someone?
That is common sense
leaving your body.
Do not follow that feeling!
- [giggling]
- No! Elizabeth!
- [gasps]
- Va Va Voom, Betts! Happy Birthday!
- This is for me?
- No.
Of course. Who else would it be for?
It was expensive, right?
Yeah, I saved my pocket money.
Come, let's go.
You look really nice, by the way.
Mid-July, I wished upon a firefly
I think my heart will burst
Through the seams
My, oh my!
Now I'm rolling with the guy
I've been picturing all night
In my dreams
Oh, I've been picturing all night
In my dreams
[Archie] I'll really miss this place.
I'm sure you'll find another tree,
monkey boy.
London will have parks also.
Yeah, but nothing
like Green Park, you know?
They won't have our trees there,
or my Betty Cooper there.
Some moments are so special that
you know when it's over
your heart will break.
Hearts don't break, Betts.
They just fracture.
Time heals everything.
You're thinking
what a great philosopher I am, right?
No, I'm thinking
what a big idiot you are.
Where you going?
Where do you think?
I had the best birthday.
You deserve it. You're the best girl.
- Good night.
- Good night.
[Jughead] You kissed Betty?
Like "kissed" kissed?
- With tongue?
- Shh. Jughead.
Yes, it was a French kiss.
[applause and cheering]
I thought Ronnie was the one
you were into.
- I was sure you liked her.
- I do.
Ronnie is amazing,
but Betty is also first-class.
[Jughead] And Cheryl,
Deena, Angie, Monica.
You forget them?
You've kissed them all in French?
Well, what would you do
if they all liked you?
[applause and cheering]
[Jughead] Arch,
Betty and Ronnie are best friends.
And sooner or later,
they're bound to talk about it.
What'll they do then, Andrews?
- Huh? You cannot two-time them.
- I'm not, though.
I really love both of them.
God! This is not gonna end well.
[fingers snapping rhythmically]
[light switch booms]
Bang, bang!
[upbeat music playing]
He dates one, then the other
He spins many a yarn
He cheats this one, then the other
Now we'll set him straight
He better watch his back all right
We'll rejoice in taking revenge
For every betrayal
He better watch his back all right
'Cause he's got the bark
But we've got the bite
Now he'll know his crimes
Now he'll toe the line
His flirting days are over
He'll be walking
The straight and narrow
Now he'll keep his promises
He better watch his back all right
Come what may, we won't spare him
He better watch his back all right
'Cause he's got the bark
But we've got the bite
He better watch his back all right
We'll rejoice in taking revenge
For every betrayal
He better watch his back all right
'Cause he's got the bark
But we've got the bite
He's got the bark
But we've got the bite!
[applause and cheering]
- Andrews!
- What?
Don't do this, please.
When they find out the truth,
they'll murder you, Arch.
- What do you want me to do?
- Just back off for now!
If you die, then Moose
will have to be my best friend.
I can't stop talking to them.
Then act like a friend.
Give another girl your focus, huh?
One with no complications.
Forget Betty and Ronnie, huh?
- Best.
- Best.
Whoo! Cheryl!
You were great, Cheryl.
- What?
- Why waste time? Whoo!
Three cheers for Cheryl!
Cherry Blossom.
[all] Cherry Blossom.
Cherry Blossom.
What the hell!
Cherry Blossom.
[cheers continue]
I told you. A dog's tail.
Cherry Blossom!
Cherry Blossom!
You're Ethel, right?
Do you want to come take a look?
Come on.
Oh, shoot!
Welcome to Cuts and Curls.
You know, everyone says
you're Riverdale's upcoming hairdresser.
I learned from the best.
How nice!
Having respect
for your teachers is quite noble.
Something to drink?
No, thank you.
Then let me get straight to the point.
Would you like to come work for me?
- I already have a job at Pam ma'am's...
- I know.
And I'm also aware of your salary there.
Come work for me
and I'll double it, Ethel.
You completely have the right
to get ahead in this world.
They're going modern across the globe.
Don't get left behind.
[indistinct chatter]
Guys, is it just me,
or has Reggie been looking great?
- It's you.
- It's you.
- It's you.
- [Archie] Hi.
For the Founders' Ball, who's your date?
Uh, well, I promised Lynn
that I would go with her.
Promises are meant to be broken, Mantle.
Poor Lynn.
- She asked Reggie?
- Good.
Give Cherry Blossom your focus now.
[boys cheering]
I told you girls have powers.
- She heard me.
- Shut up, Jug.
- Hi.
- Hello.
I thought I'd find you here.
You have quite a memory!
So then, Saturday? Founders' Ball?
Make some memories?
You got it.
[boys cheering]
She asked you out! Very good.
Va Va Voom!
[all cheering]
Guys, just shut up!
- What is wrong with you, Archie Andrews?
- Nothing, Ethel Muggs. I'm single.
No, you're just a philanderer!
- Wait, what?
- His name's "Phil Anderson"?
- Good morning, students.
- [all drone] Good morning, teacher.
[Veronica] Betty can't go alone.
She needs a date.
My mom is taking me though.
No. Aunty Jeanie will go with your dad,
and you'll go as Betty's date.
- Ronnie, don't bully him.
- I'm not.
Dilly, am I bullying you?
Don't you think Betty, Reggie, and me
are gonna be a lot more fun to go with?
Betty, I'd love to go with you.
Great. Well, that's done!
What's that?
Are you inventing something?
The invention was made years ago.
I'm simply trying to make one at home.
What is it? A fridge?
Ronnie, don't be ridiculous.
When was the last time
you were in a kitchen?
- That's a lovely picture of your grandma.
- I swear, you two, that's Hedy Lamarr.
She invented frequency hopping.
World War II was totally influenced
by her technology.
Hedy Lamarr?
Wasn't she an actress, though?
Why can't a person be both?
- You're so smart, Dilly.
- Thank you!
- Thank you!
- Thank you!
- Thank you!
- Thank you!
Thank you!
All right. Here you are, Jughead.
World's best biscuits, Uncle Benny.
I'll make a box for you.
You have been my best client.
Why "been"? I'm still here.
Well, the license renewal isn't happening
with the City Council.
They have new plans for the park.
- Where did you hear that?
- No one said it straight up.
But I have ears and eyes.
And I can see, as well.
They were at Pop's caf too.
- The elevation over there
- Yeah.
[Ricky] Redevelopment?
Of Green Park, huh?
Uncle Benny told me.
The Council
is not renewing his license.
Uncle Benny from the snack shop?
Is that your source?
I saw it with my own eyes, Dad.
Some city men were surveying the place.
- There's definitely a plan.
- What are you talking about, Reg?
The community has its roots in Green Park.
Come on.
The Council will never allow it.
They'll never pass it.
Find facts, son, not conspiracy theories.
Yeah, you're right, Ricky.
- [Ricky] Play on, Dennis.
- [Reggie sighs]
[Mrs. Otter] Weird.
Kevin never spoke about you.
That was one of the things I respected
most about your husband, Mrs. Otter.
He never name-dropped.
He would personally
make my drink every evening,
and with that whisky, we would also
share one cigarette between the two of us.
- It was our ritual.
- But Kevin didn't smoke.
Uh, he knew how much you hated it,
and didn't want to bother you.
Well, he did die of cancer,
and that has been a bit of a bother.
I know.
And that is precisely
why I've called you here.
Kevin was more than just a bartender here,
he was a friend.
And I feel it is my responsibility
to make sure that his son is well settled.
Mm. Oh. My son.
He's failed out twice.
That Laurie is a duffer.
Don't worry about that, Mrs. Otter.
Because I've heard that the Town Council
is considering giving approval for a hotel
to be built in Green Park.
Can you believe that?
- I'm not so sure...
- If that happens,
I'm going to be investing in it.
And maybe I could offer Laurie
a managerial position.
He could work with me.
I mean, if he has half of Kevin's looks,
and a quarter of your charm,
he would be perfect
in the service industry.
The Council will vote after
the Founders' Ball. So, fingers crossed.
We have to get a picture.
Ronnie, I think
we need a photo together.
Absolutely not.
What? Why not?
Because then everyone will know
I came with you.
[Reggie] You did come with me.
[Veronica] Yes.
But there's no need for proof.
[photographer] Smile!
Lonely July
The skies are gray
Afraid there's no hope.
Take some pity, come back
These are some days
I could erase from my mind
But then my life plays
Funny games all the time
Can we stop inviting him?
You're not like May
Hey, guys! No one told me
it's a fancy-dress competition.
The first prize goes
to the chicken, right?
Reggie. Reggie!
- Hey, pipsqueak. Move.
- Don't push.
Hey, man. Anybody home?
Easy. It was just a joke.
You make Dilly your joke, I'll pop you
like a champagne bottle, right now.
Boys. Boys! The party hasn't even started
and you little pissers
are at each other's throats.
You can dress how you want.
Okay? Come on.
Very nice.
Should we dance?
Not to this.
Look into the camera.
I'll be right back.
What the hell?
Wait, Betts!
What? Miss Blossom ditched you already?
This could be my last Founders' Ball.
I want us all to enjoy it together.
Last? What do you mean?
You aren't coming back from England?
Listen, I wrote you a song.
Gonna play it tonight.
I don't know what to say.
Then don't say. Just dance.
[both chuckle]
If you're desperate to chase Betty Cooper,
then why did you bring me here?
You invited me, Cheryl.
How rude!
And I'll have you know
I was just trying to get Daryl jealous.
Daryl is a lucky guy.
- Go find your friends.
- I will.
- Nice.
Nice dress.
Can't say the same for your drapery.
Ronnie, can I talk to you?
What for? Cherries are out of season?
That's funny!
Personally, I think
every season is Ronnie season.
Flattery will get you nowhere.
But keep trying, because I like it.
All right then,
I wrote you a song.
Will you forgive me now?
First you gotta sing it to me
and then we'll see.
But then my life plays funny games
All the time
Lonely July
- [woman] You're the best! You're amazing!
- [woman 2] Beautiful, Michael!
Love you. And you.
[woman 3] And me!
The next number is...
"Va Va Voom."
- I didn't write that.
- I know.
[all chuckling]
[Archie] Good evening, everyone.
On a night dedicated
to Sir John Riverdale,
I'm going to perform a song
I wrote for a really special girl
in my life.
[both giggle]
So let's hear it for our Founders
and give it up for the Archies!
[all cheering]
Can we clear the stage, please?
On your mark, get set!
One, two, three, go!
[upbeat music playing]
Va Va Voom!
Va Va Va Voom!
When I see her my heart flies away
Va Va Voom!
Va Va Va Voom!
Get what I'm trying to say?
When my eyes fell on her lovely face
No one in this world has her grace
Why? Why do I feel this way?
It beats me till today
How cross she gets, how she smiles
Her every mood is unique
She loses her cool like a short fuse
Her smiles light up the world
Her looking up, her looking down
Is like the rising and setting sun
This heart of mine
This breath of mine
They all belong to her
Va Va Voom!
Va Va Va Voom!
There isn't another like her
Va Va Voom!
Va Va Va Voom!
Guess what? She's right here
Do I call her a friend
Or a girlfriend?
Or do I just follow the going trend?
Should I tell her or seal my lips?
It beats me till today
Haven't seen a girl like her
She has such a cool style
I tell her everything
She's the love of my life
Telling her what's in my heart
Makes me lost for words
All that comes to my lips is
You're just so Va Va Voom!
You're just simply Va Va Voom!
- You are just so
- You are just so
Va Va Voom!
We went through our books, Johnny.
Double rent's impossible.
[Johnny] Suzie has the same problem.
She's giving up her flower shop.
Why are you feeling guilty, you bugger?
You do what you need to.
Even Marge said the same thing.
I feel like we should sell it all
and let's move to Sydney.
Her brother's there, now.
Wait, sell?
- You're selling the shops?
- Hiram Lodge.
They changed the offer
from double to buying.
Uncle Hiram is gonna buy it all?
He wants to buy every building.
He's gonna bulldoze the block
and build a huge plaza.
Please don't sell it.
Can you vacate by the end of the week?
Fifth September
And I'd rather not remember
I can feel myself beginning to shrink
Yesterday feels a million miles away
You go on ahead.
I'm gonna be here a while.
- You are?
- I work here till dinnertime.
Did you talk to Ronnie?
- Your client's waiting, Missy.
- I'm coming.
- [mocking] "Client's waiting, Missy."
- [chuckles]
Andrews. It's from England.
These are tough times.
God knows
how long this caf will even last!
Well, I won't go anywhere, Pops.
I'll stay no matter
how much anyone else offers.
Excuse me?
We have the right to try
to get ahead in this world.
Morning, gang.
Guess who got into Batterton College.
- What?
- Hey! Congratulations!
Nice work!
- Congrats, Archie.
- Thank you. Thank you.
- Hi. Hi! Congratulations!
- Hello. Thank you.
Oh. Betty, you can't be looking so upset.
This is a great thing for Archie.
Ronnie, I'm not upset 'cause of that.
They closed my dad's bookstore.
What? Why?
Because your dad decided to buy
all of the shops in the town square,
bulldoze them, and put in a plaza.
- That's not Ronnie's fault, though.
- Archie, I wasn't saying that.
Betty, I had no idea.
I'm so sorry you're so upset, truly.
He's going to lose his job
because of your father.
[Archie] Hey, that's not fair.
Come on, Betts.
What? It's true.
Betty, my father
was also just doing his job.
And he always says,
when you're doing business,
you have to set aside your feelings,
because it's not personal.
Your father doesn't know
what's personal.
- Of course that's what he said!
- Excuse me?
Ronnie, my father's more than
a book salesman, okay?
He helps to shape the ideas
and personalities of children.
He actually cares about them.
Meanwhile, you still have to contact
your own father's secretary
if you want to speak to him, I mean
[Dilton] What just happened?
I don't know.
Why is she behaving like this?
She's upset, and why wouldn't she be?
You can't let profits rule everything.
For some people there's more to life.
Go get stuffed, Jughead!
My father is a businessman,
and I'm not gonna feel guilty about that.
And I'm not gonna be apologetic
for my ambition.
[Archie] Easy, guys. Relax.
It's all okay.
Really? It's all okay?
Okay, how come
you are leaving Riverdale, then?
Welcome to adulthood.
Is Daddy in a meeting?
He'll be free by 8:00 this evening.
[phone ringing]
Mr. Lodge's office.
[Hermione] Ah, finally, Frenny,
you've given me a card.
Oh, hi.
Are you free to talk, or do I need
an appointment for you as well?
- I always have time for melodrama.
- [woman chuckles]
Excuse me, ladies.
I'll just be a moment.
- Yes, sure.
- Sure.
Stop looking at my cards, Frenny.
Ronnie, honey. What's going on?
Betty's father was evicted
from his bookshop.
I like the Coopers.
The landlord is going to sell
and Daddy's buying it.
Darling, in all fairness,
it's the landlord's decision.
But Uncle Hal has lost his livelihood.
Cooper is a good man.
He'll find a job again, soon.
- How do you know?
- Because I'll make sure of it.
Now we commence the voting for permission
to build a grand hotel
on the land which is now Green Park.
I vote yea.
I say yea.
I say nay.
I'm also a nay.
I say yea.
[Dawson] Mrs. Misquitta?
It's up to you now.
Um, I, sir, vote yea.
You can't do this to Green Park!
[Dawson] It's five votes
in favor of the hotel.
Gomes, inform the Gazette
that we're accepting offers now.
The hotel goes through!
[music playing on radio]
What's going on?
Tell her, Hal.
Well, the new bookstore going in?
I've been offered
the assistant manager's post.
I start tomorrow!
- Can you believe it?
- [Alice] Tell her what your new salary is.
Don't show off, Alice.
Bless that Hiram Lodge.
He personally recommended me, Betts.
[Alice] What's wrong, baby?
Have you come bearing gifts?
Chocolate fudge! Your favorite.
- What's the best thing about cake?
- What?
Any time of day, it's delicious.
You should've seen my dad's face.
He was so relieved.
After the way I behaved,
what you did for my dad,
I really don't know how to thank you.
Do keep trying.
Now tell me,
- have you missed me like crazy?
- Of course.
[school bell tolling]
And let's not forget our school's motto.
"There is no excellence without labor."
And now to conclude this assembly,
we have an announcement.
As of next month, Pop Tate's
will no longer run our cafeteria.
The school will introduce pre-packed
lunchboxes from Chaplin and Company.
[all booing]
- No.
- Thank you.
In London, we had pre-packed meals.
Ronnie said that
it's normal in London.
- So? It's okay 'cause it's normal there?
- That's not what I meant.
Mr. Chaplin doesn't have the power
to decide that.
- We don't know that.
- But it's Pop Tate's, Archie!
Pop makes my burgers with extra cheese.
No tomatoes for Betty,
no mustard for Moose.
He makes it for us.
Well, Pop Tate's caf
is, unfortunately, closing, Jughead.
The school is growing.
The funds used,
and the how and the when,
the board has to make
some hard decisions.
At the cost of what, Miss Grundy?
Let's discuss that today.
[sighs] My dad wrote an article.
Saying, all this redevelopment
is in the interest
of a few large corporations.
What does that mean?
[Jughead] Don't take it personally.
This discussion is about
public interest v. corporate interest.
What are your thoughts, Archie?
To be honest, Miss Grundy,
I don't really think much
about that stuff.
Wait. So, you don't think about your life?
I get a huge kick out of life.
But I just don't think about politics.
What's it got to do with my life?
[Grundy] Who's going to tell Archie
what politics has to do with his life?
[rhythmic clapping]
[music starts]
In every fold of life
There's politics
Dawn to dusk, day to night
There's politics
The teachers in your class
The lessons they impart
No, Reggie!
Tell me who decides
What those should be
Should co-ed schools be allowed?
Can girls wear miniskirts
And gad-about?
What's loose? What's tight?
What's wrong? What's right?
Tell me who do you think decides?
Archie! Archie!
You can't just
Live your life for kicks
Archie! Archie!
Everything is politics
Are sports important?
Or unimportant?
By any chance is music and dance
As important as physics or chemistry?
Why can I get a driving license
Only when I'm 18?
Why am I caged in childhood
Till I'm 17?
All this discipline
Is without rhyme or reason
Tell me who do you think decides?
Archie! Archie!
You can't just live
Your life for kicks
Archie! Archie!
Everything is politics
Now I realize
Now I understand
Everything has a hidden meaning
I get the history of this mystery
Archie! Archie!
I can't just live my life for kicks
Archie! Archie!
Everything is politics
Archie! Archie!
I can't just live my life for kicks
Archie! Archie!
- Everything, everything
- Everything, everything
Everything is politics!
Hey! Hey!
[boy] Sam said this book's really good.
- Yeah, looks good.
- It's a detective story.
- I don't know.
- So, should we get it?
- Hardy Boys fans, huh?
- [both] Yeah.
Then read this too.
Anglo chap. Remember his name.
Ruskin Bond.
Ruskin Bond. Cool.
- Excuse me?
- Yeah?
- Can I have a word with you?
- Sure.
Well, in the town square,
the bookstore there was mine.
- Oh, really?
- Hal's.
And every week, I had
a story hour for children.
It's actually a great idea.
How much do you charge for it?
Nada! All free. Just to instill
a love for books, that's all.
See, Hal. We want to attract the kind of
customers here who'll actually buy things.
If it's just to entertain the kids,
it's not profitable to the bookstore.
We've got monthly targets
to achieve, right?
Yeah? Let me know
if there's anything else though.
- Mary.
- How lovely, Alice.
- Thank you.
- That looks excellent.
- See you later.
- Sorry to keep you waiting.
Hi, Ethel.
I hope you're coming tonight.
Of course, aunty.
As soon as I'm done with my shift.
Oh, dear. I forgot to bring my wallet.
- No credit.
- I'm so sorry.
- I was in such a rush...
- Don't worry.
You can bring it anytime tomorrow.
Thank you. Thank you.
Next time I'm dealing
with my clients, don't interfere, got it?
Interfere? That's Aunty Mary.
I don't care.
The rules are very clear.
I'm paying you double your salary.
Now go get the money from her.
What are you looking at, stupid?
- Do you not understand my words?
- Please don't talk to me like that!
And no amount of money will get me
to be mean to my friend's mother.
Excuse me?
Yes? Can I help you?
Can I please have my job back?
I made a mistake.
Can you forgive me?
Twenty years!
And I still carry her picture.
You always were a tight ass, Fred.
[all laughing]
In my wallet.
[Alice] All right, Fred. We believe you.
[Fred] And when times get rough,
I take it out
and I remind myself
that I can survive anything,
if I've survived being married to Mary!
- Very funny, Fred.
- [all laughing]
- Cheers!
- [Alice] Give her a kiss!
The kids always get in the way.
Since Archie's leaving,
shouldn't we plan a farewell?
Daddy could let us
use the lake house.
Oh, yeah!
Well, look who's first in line.
He loves strawberry shortcake.
- You make him so nervous.
- [Veronica] Good.
I quit the salon
and went back to Pam ma'am.
Good girl.
I'm not your dog, Juggy.
[playing jaunty tune on piano]
My heart beats boom-boom for you
- Come on. Come!
- Not me. You go.
You make me feel like
Sunday on a Saturday
My heart's bell rings
Ding-dong for you
You make me smile like
I am on a holiday
My blue guitar goes ting-ting
For you, my love
I may not be Sinatra
I'll sing it anyway
O Ruby, if life were plum pudding
You'd be the sugar and spice
O Michael, if life were plum pudding
You'd be the sweetest surprise
Yeah, you play it, boy!
I tom-tom my love for you
You can ring my phone tring-tring
I'm just a call away
Darling, stop playing ping-pong
With my heart
I may not be Sinatra
I'll sing it anyway
O Ruby, if life were plum pudding
I wish I had two hearts.
You'd be the sugar and spice
O Michael, if life were plum pudding
I wish you had one brain.
It's true. I really don't get
how anyone can love just one person.
Archie, it's your parents'
20th anniversary.
What a great topic, huh?
I'm serious, Juggy.
One should not have to control
how much love they have to give.
And besides, how can you find
everything in one person?
Imagine if you had to choose between
Paul McCartney and John Lennon.
Like choosing between rock and roll.
That's the very same feeling
cakes and shakes put me on.
Shut up!
Where you going?
- O Ruby, you are my plum pudding
- Plum, plum pudding
No one is sweeter, my love
- O Michael, you are my plum pudding
- Plum, plum pudding
Sweeter than sugar, my love
Sweeter than sugar, my love
Sweeter than sugar
My love
[all cheering]
Happy anniversary!
- Thank you, Juggy.
- Hello!
- Hey, hey, hey!
- You stay away from my wife!
- You stay away from me!
- Hal!
You stay away from my wife!
- Hal!
- Come on
- I'm fine. I'm...
- [man] Michael, shut up.
[Mary] What?
Green Park will be converted into a hotel?
[Ricky] Yes.
The Gazette has to put out
a call for offers.
And how will they do that?
They're saying they'll reserve
a section for residents.
Riverdale's residents, or the hotel's?
You were right, Reg.
[Jones] Let's look at the bright side.
If the tourists are there,
the jobs are also there.
The jobs "will" also there.
Well, that's also wrong.
Bloody hell, I never get it right.
More tourists mean more business
for you, Fred.
Dad, Green Park...
I'm sorry, but not everything
is about profit, Jones.
- Can't you all do something together?
- What can we do, Reg?
Some big people must be behind this.
People like us don't matter.
Uncle Ricky, how about if you speak
to the Council?
I tried.
Only Esther and Gomes
are against it.
Money makes the world go around, Mantle.
It's a really sad reality.
They also closed down
our bookstore.
Maybe we should see
what we can get in return.
- In return for Green Park?
- Baby.
That's where we were the day
Independence was declared.
These kids had just been born.
Their first steps in free India
were taken in Green Park.
How can you put a price on that, Alice?
I know. It is what it is, Fred.
Hey, Dad.
I want to interview the Council Head.
Go ahead. Do it.
I'm coming with you.
[Dawson] London, Paris, New York,
I have heard all these places
offer a grand hotel
in the heart of town.
And I've heard,
they also offer parks that are central.
You have a number in your eye, or what?
Listen, why do you need this park?
Everywhere you look, there is greenery.
Green Park is our history.
Those are our trees.
That's where we've grown up.
Come on, the hotel will keep a portion
for their private gardens.
Everything won't be ripped out. I promise.
- What?
- [Archie] Ripped out?
They plan to cut the trees?
See, the Town Council has passed it.
And Riverdale's citizens are the ones
who elected the Council.
It was all democratic.
But what if
the people don't agree with them?
Who are these people?
[Gomes] The Council's decision
can be reversed.
- Really?
- Yes.
If served a petition signed by more
than 50% of Riverdale's population.
- What are you talking, Gomes?
- And how many people would that be?
4500 should be enough.
Our current population is 8876.
How much time
do we have for this petition?
Forty-five days
since Council passed it.
- Forty-five days?
- The whole school will sign it, right?
The petition can only be signed
by those 18 and above.
Because children don't count.
[bell dings]
Thank you.
Wait. So our parents don't count,
we don't count.
Then who does count in this town?
I don't know.
If we actually let them take this park,
they won't stop there.
Trust me. They won't save
a single tree.
Hey, don't lose hope.
A petition might work.
[Betty] How so?
[Archie] If at least
half of Riverdale's residents sign it,
they can't do anything.
[Reggie] That's the law.
I'm going to write an article
to inform the whole town.
Can we reach
4000 people through your paper, Reg?
The Gazette goes to everyone.
But how will we collect the signatures?
The paper can only print the article.
Okay, so at the end of the article,
put instructions, you know.
"Dear reader, if you wish to save
Green Park, write a note, sign it,
and then send it via mail
to the posted address." Simple!
Doiley, you're a genius, huh?
Thank you.
- [Betty] Thank you.
- [Jughead] Thank you!
[Jughead] Good thing Dilly's
not going to London with Archie,
or else we would lose the park.
- [Archie] Shut up, Jughead.
- [Betty] It's true.
[Ben] So, Archie, all set?
Yes, Uncle Ben, all set.
Okay. I'm going to be at the airport
to pick you up.
Yeah, that'd be great. Thank you.
And your aunt,
she's redone the room for you.
Can I get you anything from here?
Yes, please, some Kul-kuls.
Kul-kuls. Okay.
Oh, and some spicy salt fish pickles.
Spicy salt fish pickles.
Okay, I'll tell Mom.
You're excited?
Yeah, I am excited.
Well, I am glad to hear that.
There's nothing left for you
in Riverdale, Archie.
You'll love it here.
Your life is about to start.
Reginald Mantle.
- This is very, very good.
- So you'll print it?
- Dennis.
- Yes.
Shift all the articles around.
- Monday morning front page.
- Okay.
- My son has come of age.
- [Reggie] Oh, my God! Andrews!
It's done!
For a moment I thought
he was giving me a jokes column.
[Archie] You wouldn't use it.
He's not very funny.
[Reggie] One day you'll realize
the value of a comedian.
When will it be printed, uncle?
[Ricky] Come back from your holiday,
and it'll be in the paper.
[Veronica] Welcome to
the "I Love Archie" farewell weekend.
We have T-shirts.
And some shades.
Dilly, please remember,
camera on my left profile only,
uh, and this height.
So we'll just have to find a way
for you to shoot yourself then.
I have.
Oh, you have a film camera
and you still don't know
that, "Cinema is truth
24 times a second."
The French director Godard
was who said that.
How you look is not what's important,
it's how you feel, guys, you know.
That's what's important.
Thank you.
[all together] Thank you!
[all laughing]
I heard you had news.
This better be good, Dennis.
[Archie] Hey, Reg, I jumped in first.
- The water looks a bit cold.
- You can tell by looking? Wow.
Just push him in, Betts.
- What?
- Best idea since sliced bread.
- Why are you all on my case?
- Because you're a scaredy cat.
What? No.
Just come in, Reggie. It's lovely.
[Ethel] Truth or dare?
Say you're a scaredy cat or jump in!
[all] Scaredy-cat. Scaredy-cat.
Scaredy-cat. Scaredy-cat.
Scaredy-cat. Scaredy-cat.
Scaredy-cat. Scaredy-cat.
- [all cheering]
- [exhales]
[Jughead] I choose dare.
I dare you to give me a beat right now,
- or kiss one of the girls.
- Excuse me?
That's not funny.
I don't have my drumsticks here.
[Reggie] Exactly!
Are you making that sound
with your mouth?
- He's a musical genius.
- He's a weirdo.
[Betty] Good save, Juggy.
Now, Dilly, your turn.
Tell us a secret you have
that nobody would know.
[Reggie] Or dare?
- Do 50 push-ups.
- Please. I don't wanna see that.
Dilly, for your dare,
you will have to throw
your camera in this direction
and the girl who catches it, keeps it.
Come on, Dilly. Truth or dare?
Truth. No, dare!
I want that camera. Dare.
No, Dilly, you love that camera.
Tell us a secret and the camera's yours.
Why are you thinking so much?
All of us have secrets. It's all right.
[Veronica] Come on, Dilly.
[Archie] What happened?
What happened, Dilly? Are you okay?
[Veronica] It's all right, Dilly.
It's just a stupid game.
You don't have to answer it.
[crying] I really didn't want to ruin
everybody's mood. I am sorry.
[Betty] I promise, it's okay, Dilly.
We're all friends here.
[Dilton] I know. I know.
[Veronica] It's your party,
you can cry if you want to.
[Dilton sobbing]
[Reggie sighs]
Are you awake?
My eyes are open, Reggie.
[chuckles softly]
I wanted to say something.
You're not a scaredy-cat like me.
You are the bravest guy I know.
And I know how you feel about me.
And I also know
for you, it's gotta be so hard,
'cause, um, I don't feel that way.
I just want to say that,
that I'm here for you.
And I always will be.
And don't worry,
I'm not gonna tell anyone else.
It's your story to tell.
Good night.
Good night.
"Records seem to have nearly survived"
[phone ringing]
[Hiram] Where is Ricky Mantle?
Good morning.
It's a bit early to look this foxy.
I thought Reggie would be
the one up first.
He is losing his touch.
Reggie isn't the one
you're waiting on.
Oh, yeah? Then tell me.
Who was I waiting on?
Was I right?
- Good morning, Betts.
- What so good about this morning?
Betty just bit my head off.
What? Betty doesn't bite.
You must've done something wrong
to upset her.
[Smithers] All aboard, please. All aboard!
Yes, Smithers.
We're sailing away soon.
[Reggie] Anchors aweigh, old chap.
Burning ochre is
The color of October
And I think I finally understand
Maybe now my heart will hush
I can let go of my crush
Because you will never take
My hand
[Ricky] The Town Council
does not want a dispute.
What dispute?
We're only informing the people
that they have a choice.
I know, Reg, but
It was you that said,
"If you wanna write, then make it count."
- You said it was good, Dad.
- And it is.
So then?
Hiram Lodge is the one who's building it.
The Gazette's main source
of advertising revenue
is Lodge Industries and Hiram.
And if I print this article,
the money will stop,
he'll shut us down.
The publication is finished.
- He said that?
- Yes, he did.
I have to look at the bigger picture, son.
And what about the free press
Grandpa fought for?
Did you forget about that?
What about the social responsibility
you were saying I should take?
See you, Uncle Ricky.
- I wanna talk to you.
- Not now.
Is everything okay, Betts?
[car horn honks]
She's here.
[car door shuts]
- Your dad's building the hotel?
- What are you talking about?
- He's gonna destroy Green Park.
- No, he's not.
He wouldn't let us run the article.
- He threatened my father.
- What?
Did you tell him
about the article, Ronnie?
No, why would I even mention that?
How dare he accuse me!
Your dad couldn't have heard
from anyone else.
He's on a call, Ronnie.
[Hiram] No, no, that sounds perfect.
In fact, I was thinking
we could announce it at Christmas.
I'm busy, darling.
Look, I'm going to have to call you back.
- No school today?
- You threatened Uncle Ricky?
I did no such thing.
Why did the article not go to print?
I merely expressed my point of view,
and Uncle Ricky did what was right.
The park will get destroyed
and an ugly hotel will go in, is that it?
Yes, because it'll help a lot of people.
It'll help you.
This is Green Park, Dad.
I can't believe you don't care
about anything besides money?
Excuse me, missy. Mind your step.
You get to travel the world
with that money,
go shopping, and your partying.
Do you have any idea how much
that watch of your costs?
Where do you think
the money for that comes from?
For God's sake, Ronnie, grow up.
At some point, you will inherit this all.
Besides, this is business,
it's not personal.
My friends hate me because of you.
So I'm sorry, but it is personal.
Then get new friends.
- [scoffs]
- [door slams]
Thank you for coming.
What can I do for you?
I want to say sorry.
- Why is that?
- I made you upset.
Why are you angry, Betts?
I'm not angry, I'm just sad.
Can you please tell me why?
You're my oldest friend, Betts.
It feels really strange
when you won't even talk to me like this.
Can you please tell me what's wrong?
Is this about me and Ronnie?
The connection you have with
Ronnie is clearly special.
I really shouldn't have
tried to get involved.
Ronnie can't have
a special connection with anyone.
- That's not true.
- I'm serious.
She only cares about herself.
Hey, enough!
I know she may be spoiled,
but she has a big heart.
Reggie can think whatever he wants.
I don't believe it.
It's impossible that she had any idea.
- Really?
- Yes.
Green Park is as important to her
as the rest of us, Archie.
Don't you remember,
her tenth birthday party happened here?
How could I forget? It's the first time
we went on that giant wheel.
And her favorite teacher?
Mrs. Pearson.
And how much fun her class was.
- Oh, really?
- Don't you remember?
Here is your passport.
Please be responsible with your money.
Yes, Dad. I'll find a part-time job.
Don't worry.
Pass exams first, okay?
Hey, have you ever wanted
to leave Riverdale?
I always wanted to stay.
How are you and Uncle Ben
as different as you are?
Your grandfather used to ask
the same question.
- "The" Richard Andrews?
- Yes.
"The" Richie.
Oh, how he loved this country.
He used to say,
"Every Englishman owes India."
And he meant it.
And when it was time to return,
he stayed back, to give back.
- The travel agency did that?
- Yes.
He made his money off of those
who wanted to return,
to give to those who had nothing.
Juggy's mom said that Grandpa opened up
a school for the kids in her village.
In fact, we still donate to that school.
Really? I didn't know that.
I was hoping
maybe you would do the same thing.
But you think a bit more like
your Uncle Ben, huh? Huh?
The grass is always greener
on the other side. [chuckles]
Are you happy you stayed?
This place is our home, Archie.
We're a minority here.
But this is our homeland.
And if we all left this place
the Anglo-Indians,
who would even know about us?
It would be like we never existed.
[kids] Old MacDonald had a farm
Ee I ee I o
[crowd clapping]
[Mary] Pat the mud down, Archie.
Well done!
[announcer] Get two ice cream shakes
for the price of one!
A chocolate milkshake, Pop.
Double scoop of vanilla.
A cherry on top?
Try our new exciting flavors.
[Fred] Hmm?
I need to talk to you.
I don't want to go to London.
Why? What has happened?
There could be a way to save Green Park,
and I can't leave knowing
I could've done something.
Okay, but all arrangements have been made.
Can we rearrange it?
Please, Fred.
I learned today
the grass isn't greener on the other side.
The grass is greener where you water it.
Isn't that what you meant?
My home is here.
I can't leave.
This is my story, listen up
In my words, listen up
The humming you hear
Is the tune of the youth, listen up
This is my story, listen up
You can't ignore me, listen up
All my impossible dreams
Not interested. Please leave. Out.
Are right before me, you know
In ever-changing waves
This life flows, listen up
This life
It keeps telling us
To feel the rhythm
Listen up
Listen up
So it wasn't Ronnie?
It was Dennis,
he's a reporter at the Gazette.
Dad found out
he's on Uncle Hiram's payroll.
You guys accused her for nothing.
[doorbell rings]
[Archie] Can we see Veronica?
[Smithers] Miss Lodge is out
on a trip with her mother.
[Betty] Oh.
Please tell her we came to see her.
[door shuts]
Did you talk to Veronica, son?
Here come the bells jingling
What do you mean?
You are not going to sign?
Hiram Lodge got me the job.
It wouldn't be gracious
to go against him, baby.
This is my story, listen up
They say I'm young
And I've got nowhere to be
I say there's so much I can do
Trading my grease
For grass under my feet
Making a greener world for you
Listen up
- [bells jingling]
- [all cheering]
- Merry Christmas, Nanny.
- Merry Christmas, Veronica baby.
I hope you like your gift.
- God bless you.
- Thank you.
- Merry Christmas, Miss Lodge.
- Merry Christmas, Smithers.
Where's Mama?
Your parents left early this morning
to make it in time
for the Governor's lunch in Missouri.
Mrs. Lodge asked you not to wait for them,
and to go ahead and open your gifts.
They'll be back soon.
Would you like to invite
your friends over for lunch?
We could cook up a storm.
[clears throat]
Looks delicious.
You've started making trifles, Betts?
- [Betty] No, my mom made it.
- [Mary] Yummy. Thank you.
[Betty] Thank you.
[both sobbing]
[Christmas songs playing]
Your house looks so lovely.
Merry Christmas, Ronnie.
Merry Christmas, Uncle Hal.
Ronnie's having lunch with us.
[Hal] How wonderful!
But first your Christmas gift.
- Welcome home.
- Thank you.
[Betty] Daddy, where's Ronnie's gift?
I can't find it.
How blessed we are to have you, Veronica.
Merry Christmas.
My love.
Some milk and cookies
till the table is set?
We are 17 years old, Dad.
You are so lucky, Betts.
So are you.
We all get good and bad in our lunchbox.
The boys are really ashamed
they doubted you.
You could really help save the park.
Thank you for believing me.
For always and ever.
Ronnie, I've got something to tell you.
I kissed Archie.
You did what?
I'm sorry, Ron. I didn't think
you still had feelings for him.
- When?
- My birthday night.
I really thought, while you were gone
that things had changed.
And you said that
you weren't interested, so
Your birthday?
Why didn't you tell me, Betts?
I felt guilty.
I'm sorry, it was just wrong.
At the lake house,
when I saw you together,
it was obvious you two are in love.
Archie doesn't know the meaning of love.
I'm sorry.
I should've told you earlier.
Yeah, I mean, if you would have told me,
then I wouldn't have kissed Archie.
I wouldn't have come in the way.
I always felt
like you had a crush on him.
And sometimes I used to worry
that I'd lose him to you.
- To me?
- You're the only girl I've ever envied.
You're kind and generous and friendly.
And everyone loves you, Betty Cooper.
And you're as cute as a button. [chuckles]
I've never felt that way.
You should!
Instead of focusing on
what a boy thinks of you.
How dare he play us both!
You think he's playing us both,
or is he actually just confused?
There's only one weirdo
who can answer that.
Archie? Two-time?
Why would I know that?
Because you know him
better than anyone else.
Who told you that?
I did. Now spit it out.
What's his game here?
I I have to go collect petitions.
- I'm getting late, I have to go.
- Sit down!
- And put your hands behind your back.
- Why?
What the hell?
Are you guys policewomen or something?
- Those are my mother's.
- [handcuffs click]
Are you going to murder me?
[door unlocks]
Wait, what's going on?
What's on the menu, Smithers?
Goat trotters with bread.
Boar curry and rice.
Chicken liver pie.
Roast quail.
Meat and potatoes.
And Master Jughead's favorite,
pork vindaloo.
Thank you, Smithers.
Now tell Betty and me the truth
or watch us eat dinner.
Archie loves you both.
He's really confused and can't decide.
Who is he to decide?
No, no, you're absolutely right.
He messed with us, Juggy.
I warned Archie when you'll find out,
it'll be bad.
But he wouldn't listen.
You girls are scary.
- Scary?
- Yeah.
- Poor guy.
- Poor guy?
Huh? It's a real problem.
He can't help himself.
He can't live without either of you.
That's why he wrote
both of you that Founders' Ball song.
- What?
- What?
Can I join you for dinner now?
[door creaks open]
You're having a dream.
And here is your nightmare.
The last time I checked, yes.
- I owe you a big apology.
- Yes, you do.
I should've known
you were telling the truth.
And we should've known
you're a world-class liar.
Betty, what's going on?
You tell us.
And why are you creating problems
between us, Archiekins?
I know what this looks like,
but I've never lied.
I've always been honest.
Like the time that you
wrote me that song?
"Va Va Voom" was for Betty,
or maybe me?
Jughead told you?
[both chuckle]
- True friend.
- What?
- Why would you do that?
- I don't know, I really like both of you.
That's so sweet.
I'm really sorry.
I don't want to hurt either of you.
Great. 'Cause we don't want to hurt
each other either.
Betts and I won't let
anyone split us up.
It's just not worth it.
You saying I'm not worth it?
Sort of.
We're one big gang, Arch.
And you're the most perfect
best friend, too.
We should keep it at that.
Don't you think?
Better for everyone.
- Don't look so heartbroken.
- He'll be fine.
"Hearts don't break," right?
"They just fracture."
And "Time heals everything"?
Use different lines, Archiekins!
Oh, and don't try this again.
Or else we'll kill you.
[Betty] See you
at the park meeting tomorrow.
You just got popped, Andrews.
Here you go. Here.
- Hi, Ronnie.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- [Ethel] Welcome back.
I'm sorry.
And I'm Ronnie.
Nice to meet you.
[Reggie] We came to visit.
Thanks for sparing his life.
Don't be weird, Juggy.
You have done more than enough, Jughead.
[laughs] True friend!
Come, sit.
So, how's it going?
Final count, 1200 signatures.
We're still 3300 short.
- That's it. We're out of time.
- [Veronica] She's right.
My mother told me that
on Monday, at the park,
the work will start.
[Jughead] That means
we only have 4 days left.
[Ethel] That's not even half
the number we needed.
[Reggie] We should go door to door.
Get every adult signature we can.
[Dilton] I mean, we have to do something.
We can't give up.
I I may have an idea.
There are two types of adults.
Young adults
and the ones trying to be young.
- I think we can draw them in.
- [Dilton reading]
- Meaning?
- Meaning we should
invite all the adults to one place.
You know what? We can have a fest.
- I love fests.
- Yes!
Should we do it at the park?
How do we invite everyone?
We'll have the same problem
of not reaching enough people.
[Dilton] Edison once said,
"The successful person is one who
even after 1000 failures,
he still gives it a try, once more."
And did Edison also say how we can get
thousands of people to hear our message?
Yeah, he did. The radio.
- Edison invented the radio.
- No, that was Marconi. But who cares!
Let's use the radio.
- Moose, you're a genius!
- Thanks.
Where are you going?
But who's going to let us on Akashvani?
Who said anything about Akashvani?
We can try Dilton-vani.
- What is "Dilton-vani"?
- Let's go.
[Dilton] Now we just have to see
if it actually works.
You made a radio?
[Ethel] Is this for real?
Oh, it's a radio.
You only told Moose about it?
This is legal, right?
Come on, Hedy Lamarr.
Show us your stuff.
- [electricity crackling]
- [exclaims]
[radio static]
Godrej Cinthol Soap.
India's only deodorant soap.
[radio interference]
Good morning, Riverdale!
I am here as your Secret Santa.
I'm aware I'm a little late,
but you know what they say,
"Better to be Mr. Late
than a late mister."
No, but seriously, folks.
I am sure that by now
you're all aware
that Green Park's future
is in jeopardy.
But some kids just won't have it.
With us here now is 17-year-old
Archie Andrews of Riverdale High.
Archie, what did you wish to say?
Hello, everybody.
I'm Class of 1964.
And what I'd like to say is
just talking about it isn't going to help.
The time has come for us
to come together as one and take action.
[Jughead] So, Archie, as you said,
everyone must unite and take action.
Tell us where do we meet up?
Green Park.
"You're officially invited
to the jammiest of jam sessions
on the sunniest of Sundays on the 30th."
[all chuckling]
"Music, food, games, love,
and most importantly, free entry!"
"But all kids must each be
accompanied by an adult."
We only have four days left. And then,
construction begins in the park.
These trees are the story
of our past generations.
If we forget our story,
then who are we?
You need to protect our park,
for yours and your children's futures.
Be there if you care!
[all cheering]
Well done!
Dilly, you genius.
Thank you!
[all] Thank you!
[birds chirping]
[loud rumbling]
[man on megaphone] Unlock the park gates
now or you will be in trouble.
I said open up the gates.
Don't just stand there, come on.
You don't want to go to jail, do you?
If you all don't get up,
I'm going to put all of you in jail.
Let's go.
[Dawson] How did they know
we'd be here a day early?
Good call, Miss Lodge,
making us spend the night.
Evacuate the premises!
This is a Council order.
Let the games begin.
Save the green!
[all] Save the green!
Save the green! Save the green!
Save the green!
No, quiet down.
- Save the green!
- [Dawson] This needs to stop.
Save the green!
Hey, quiet down! Silence!
Save the green! Save the green!
Save the green! Save the green!
- This is public property!
- Save the green!
Open the gates now and evacuate
the premises, in five minutes.
This is a Council order.
Excuse me! Please!
Excuse me. Thank you.
- Save the green! Save the green!
- Excuse me.
Save the green! Save the green!
Save the green! Save the green!
For crying out loud!
You let her stay out here all night?
Have you ever tried to stop her, Hiram?
She's your daughter, after all.
Save the green! Save the green!
Mrs. Lodge.
Mr. Lodge.
Sorry for these nuisance kids.
I will order the police
to force them all out.
You will do no such thing.
But they will collect petitions,
Mrs. Lodge.
What will happen if they hit the target?
Then I will lose the land
and you your donation.
Back off, Dawson.
Nothing will happen.
They'll never collect enough signatures.
- Save the green! Save the green!
- Let them have their day.
Save the green! Save the green!
Save the green! Save the green!
[all cheering]
Anything in exchange for signatures!
Four signatures per burger.
Yeah, all you want is a soda?
That is just one signature.
Two signatures for that, sir.
Come on!
[overlapping chatter]
[bell dings]
Wonderful! Okay. Who's next?
Three tries for three signatures.
Come, light up the bulb!
Let's see how strong you are.
[woman] It's your lucky day.
Every item is marked.
That's five signatures, that's eight.
- And that's ten.
- Ten?
You want more style?
Get more signatures.
- Go, go!
- Mom!
[Ethel] Who wants a makeover?
Cut your hair. Or style your hair.
Spin the wheel and get a new look
for five signatures!
You look great!
- Looking good, Aunty Alice!
- Thank you, Ethel.
[Betty] One signature for a cookie,
two for a brownie,
and three signatures
for a slice of cake.
- How is it going, my Betts? Yeah?
- Good.
This is comfort food
in your comfort place.
Would you like some cake?
[all cheering]
Wow! So strong!
[Reggie] Sign the petition.
Ask a question.
Get a punchline.
[woman] Why are horses so strong?
Because they live in
a stable environment!
[all laughing]
Who's there?
Yam who?
Yeah, I am very, very sorry.
[crowd gushes]
Ladies and gentlemen,
please give this corny joke some love.
Mango orchard? Mary will show you.
This way to the mango orchid.
The mango orchard, everyone. Yeah?
- Mary is right there.
- The mango orchard.
[Mary] We have to get
as many petitions as possible.
I'm so proud of you guys.
How many times do I have to tell you
these books don't sell?
Put them in the back room.
You're an hour late.
Sorry about that.
We'll keep bringing you more
as they come in.
You have till 5:00 p.m.
Please count them carefully.
Not a single signature will be missed.
Thank you.
[Archie] Hello, everybody.
Thank you so much for coming here today.
You've seen the Archies perform before.
But today we have some new band members.
Friends who inspired the song,
we're gonna sing for you today.
So let's meet them.
We have Dilton Doiley.
[cheers and applause]
Reggie Mantle.
Veronica Lodge.
Betty Cooper.
Ethel Muggs.
Moose Mason.
And Midge Klump.
So, let's hear it for the Archies!
[applause continues]
My father once told me to make art
one has to go in, not out.
And so this song comes from our hearts.
[crowd clapping]
If, like us, you happen to want
this park to stay protected,
it's absolutely critical
the petition goes through.
Ladies and gentlemen,
I believe we can save this park.
- Yes, we can!
- Go on!
I believe we can save the green!
- Yes!
- Yes!
[soft music playing]
You come to me
I'll come to you
Let us all come together
You will sing
I will sing too
We will all sing together
And there
Everyone will hear us
And there
Our voices will echo
All our voices
Will turn into sunbeams
And those sunbeams
Will brighten the world with new light
My heart tells me
If trouble casts over you
Or sadness
They will be defeated
We will win
If we don't lose courage
And there
Everyone will hear us
And there
Our voices will echo
All our voices
Will turn into sunbeams
And those sunbeams
Will brighten the world with new light
All our voices
Will turn into sunbeams
And those sunbeams
Will brighten the world with new light
All our voices
Will turn into sunbeams
And those sunbeams
Will brighten the world with new light
If we all stand together
Our heads will never bow
You and I
Will fulfil all our dreams
No matter who tries to stop us
And there
Our voices will echo
All our voices
Will turn into sunbeams
And those sunbeams
Will brighten the world with new light
All our voices
Will turn into sunbeams
Will turn into sunbeams
And those sunbeams
Will brighten the world with new light
[Archie] Like I said,
some things are worth fighting for.
The next day was New Year's Eve.
It was a cold morning.
We were all waiting
for the results of the vote.
Mr. Gomes went personally to the Gazette
office to deliver the voting results.
The next stop
was Station Master Doiley's house.
Dilton's illegal radio had to be seized.
But he was allowed one final announcement.
We have received the total numbers
for Green Park's petition
Dilly flipped on the mic and everyone
raised the volume of their radios.
And Dilton-vani was heard
in every home in town.
The message was loud and clear,
just like the citizens of Riverdale.
The town has been louder and clearer
than we could've ever imagined.
[Archie] "Save the green"
got 5600 signatures!
And no one was gonna cut down our trees.
Our history would remain untouched.
The tradition
of Planters' Day would live on.
The permission to build the hotel
was revoked.
As they say,
you win some and you lose some.
[Archie] And guess what? Our class of '64
became Riverdale's most famous students.
- What is "revoke"?
- I'll tell you later.
Aunty Alice and Uncle Hal recognized
that what they should've done,
the children did instead.
You cheeky kids.
They did what we couldn't.
The park will be there to see another day.
Dad! Congrats!
You finally got it!
[Archie] Fred's Hindi
also improved miraculously.
And like every successful man,
Mr. Lodge rolled with the punches.
He saw himself in Veronica,
and found his victory in her success.
You have demonstrated that
no one is too young to change the world.
Well played, kiddos!
Thank you.
[Archie] Pop Tate announced
free meals for everyone that day.
Come, I'll tell you what "revoke" is.
And Mr. Dawson could hardly finish
his breakfast
before everyone except him
was out celebrating.
It was going to be a very happy new year,
because the Archies had done it!
[upbeat music playing]
A new color paints
Every passing moment
Life has this new zing
Come with me
Let's take this road together
A new color paints
Every passing moment
Life has this new zing
Come with me
Let's take this road together
The roads up ahead have no end
Spring is here, light on its feet
Spreading a song in the air
New hopes, new dreams
The sky and the earth belong to us
Come with me
Let's take this road together
A new season has come to stay
Nowhere is too far to go
Come with me
Let's take this road together
All the roads ahead
Unwind before us
Spring is here, light on its feet
Spreading a song in the air
Baby! Baby!
Baby! Baby!
The voice in my heart says
We must be together
Say it out loud, let everyone hear
The roads up ahead have no end
Spring is here, light on its feet
Spreading a song in the air
The roads up ahead have no end
Spring is here, light on its feet
Spreading a song in the air
- Baby!
- Baby!
- Baby!
- Baby!
[song ends]
[upbeat music playing]
Can't help it now, can I
I'm the king of wishful thinking
The world may say what it wants to say
I'm way past caring
I dance to my own tune
Lost to this world am I
A vast kingdom within my mind
I dwell in fantasy
Stop me if you think you can
I'm off to touch the sky
I choose my path, my journey
I'm my own company
With my desire
I chart the course of my own destiny
You'll have to admit
There's no one quite like me
Any challenge thrown my way
Is dispatched quite deftly
Stop me if you think you can
I'm off to touch the sky
My dreams are beyond
Your reckoning or control
My heart thunders like a train
My wheels are on a roll
Stop me if you think you can
I'm off to touch the sky
Stop me if you think you can
I'm off to touch the sky
Touch, touch the sky, yeah
Touch, touch the sky, yeah
Touch, touch the sky, yeah
Touch, touch the sky, yeah
Touch, touch the sky, yeah
Touch, touch the sky, yeah
Touch, touch the sky, yeah
Touch, touch the sky, yeah, yes!
[song ends]
[soft upbeat music playing]
My heart beats boom-boom for you
You make me feel like
Sunday on a Saturday
My heart's bell rings
Ding-dong for you
You make me smile
Like I am on a holiday
My blue guitar goes ting-ting
For you, my love
I may not be Sinatra
I'll sing it anyway
O Ruby, if life were plum pudding
You'd be the sugar and spice
O Michael, if life were plum pudding
You'd be the sweetest surprise
O Ruby, if life were plum pudding
You'd be the sugar and spice
- O Michael, you are my plum pudding
- Plum, plum pudding
Sweeter than sugar, my love
Sweeter than sugar, my love
Sweeter than sugar, my love
- Sweeter than sugar, my love
- My love
- [music ends]
- [applause]