The Arena (1974) Movie Script

That's a nice piece,
save it for the market.
Yes, females.
Each one a man's delight.
Young and not so young.
Strong and not so strong.
Some have talented heads.
Some have talented hands.
And some have hidden talents.
Hey Lucan, let's
see those hidden talents.
No no, for your
own sake I must protect you.
You would be struck
blind, turned to stone.
Time for bids on the Nubian.
Five gold pieces.
- Six!
- 40 pieces of Egyptian gold
for the lot of four.
For the lot?
Surely you don't...
Take it or leave it, you know women
are worthless nowadays.
It's better to sell them
and get on with the men.
They're yours.
Handle them gently.
I won't handle them at all.
Cornelia, Cornelia.
Take care of these creatures.
Priscium, we've enough kitchen help.
Alright girls.
What are your names?
Deidre of the Urs.
I'm Livia, daughter of Shipio.
Nobody cares who your father was.
If he were worth knowing
you wouldn't be here.
And you.
What's your name?
Answer me!
Do you understand me?
What's your name?
What's your name?
I am Bodicia from the Brittany.
And you?
Do you understand me?
I am Mamawi.
I see you do.
Now get out of those filthy rags!
You, draw water.
- No.
- I will not.
Hey Cornelia, can't you
control your silly geese?
Would you like to pluck them for me?
There you are.
Can we expect them for dinner tonight?
Don't be silly, we haven't
even cleaned them yet.
Douse them.
Your duties will chiefly be
serving the patrons in the arena.
And our patrons expect good service.
It was a miserable afternoon.
Your gladiators seemed bored to die.
I know, I know, but what can I do?
Find another Spartacus?
The gods forbid.
I lost a small fortune during that revolt.
I need something new,
something really exciting.
What are you staring at?
Oh yes, you'll get used to it.
It only happens once a week.
One of us had to die.
It's the rule.
- Whose rule?
- The rule of the arena.
We're gladiators.
That's what you are.
No one likes to fight to the death
but they scream for blood on the sand
and they pay.
Here we are.
Caesar's actions are emptying Rome.
All the best people are
coming here to Brundisium.
These are your best people?
Timarchus puts on a better show for dinner
than he does in the arena.
Don't keep telling me things
I've already told myself
a hundred times.
- Two of the new girls.
- Nice, nice!
The fair one is a priestess.
It's said Timarchus that
the black is a fine dancer.
I thought you'd like that.
Have her dance.
- May I help you?
- Uh huh.
Bird of paradise.
I'll teach the bitch.
No no here, I'll show you.
Watch me.
No no.
Good man, Quintus.
What do you think Priscium, would he do?
Well, he's a little small.
But a little goes a long way.
Good, good, good.
Septimus, call them to attention.
For the game this week,
I've planned a special.
Two men against one.
The only one I know who's a
match for two is Septimus.
And to face him we have selected Quintus,
and the victor of our last game, Marcus.
Well Lucinia, that
means a warm bed tonight.
Our master knows what a gladiator needs.
Those who are to fight have
their pick of companions
for the night.
Then they fight better.
Bodicia, which one do you want
warming your bed tonight?
That's enough, Mamawi.
Oh it's only Priscium.
But I bring news that
should interest you.
The gladiators apparently
are fond of fresh blood.
You are expected.
Oh gods.
Do you mean we have to
satisfy their animal heat?
Well not you, young lady.
You three, Deidre, Bodicia,
and Mamawi, come with me.
- What do you want with us?
- I?
I want nothing at all with you.
Quintus, Ursus, and Marcus
desire your company.
Well I don't desire theirs.
Do you, Mamawi?
- Do you, Deidre?
- Oh no, I guess not.
Oh by the gods Bodicia.
You know your desires count for nothing.
Besides, it's not the first time you...
- Forget it.
- She's a Roman noble lady.
Are you coming
or should I call Cornelia?
It's dark early tonight.
Go away.
I don't need you.
Well I'm here.
- If I can do anything.
- No.
I'm sure Septimus will take
care of everything tomorrow.
You might well win.
Get out of here, leave me alone!
- I will pray for you.
- Pray?
Are there gods who will
listen to the cattle
- in the butcher's stables?
- Don't say that!
Most of the young men I
grew up with have died
at the hands of the Romans.
At least if you die, you'll
die with a sword in your hand.
I'd still just be killing another slave.
The only way I can defy them is to deprive
the bloodthirsty vultures
of their pleasure.
- Not fight at all.
- There must be another way.
To escape?
What are you thinking of?
Is the wind in the trees
bringing the word from your gods?
What are they telling you, priestess?
The Romans have taught you
to live like an animal!
Have they also taught
you to forget your past?
Come on Septimus!
What about serpents?
Wouldn't huge serpents excite them?
- Huh?
- Snakes are snakes.
Once in Libya I saw
half a dozen men stomped
by stampeding elephants.
What about elephants?
The men will be done with their baths.
They can't bear waiting.
Men, I haven't seen any men.
She means those
pot-gutted old clowns
we served last night.
Those are Roman citizens.
They own the world.
And they'll teach you respect soon enough.
Romans are pigs.
How did you
new ones like the arena?
Oh it was very exciting.
The crowd, the fight, the killing!
Bloodthirsty vultures.
The gladiators
wouldn't like that.
I meant the spectators.
Of course it wasn't an equal fight.
After all, the first one
Septimus killed was only a black.
Let her be, she's one of us!
The women,
the women are ruining us!
Not you Priscium.
Surely the women haven't...
They're trying to kill each other!
I'm going to make an
example out of everyone!
- Well?
- They could kill me!
- Where's Septimus?
- You gave him a holiday
for his victory.
Septimus, you've come back.
I come for Lucinia.
For all I know Lucinia's dead.
- Yeah.
- Where is she?
I kill!
Lucinia, Lucinia!
Where is she, where?
I'll smash all you
worthless women to pieces!
I was afraid.
Don't be silly, you're never afraid.
Oh ruined, everything is ruined!
Apollonius, come here boy.
If they could put on
such a show in the arena...
What are you blathering about?
Apollonius, Apollonius!
It would be something new.
Return of the Amazon.
- Master?
- Go away boy,
can't you see we're talking?
These barbarian women.
Mad for blood, pitted against each other
in the ultimate test of the arena.
Could it succeed?
Could it?
Why not?
Think of it!
I did.
Nice work, keep at it.
- Yes Master.
- Why aren't you
supervising the women?
You know I want to
feature a couple of them
at next week's game.
Do as I ordered you.
Yes Master.
Don't pose with the sword, slash with it.
Mamawi, what sort of conduct is this?
Hail, we who
are about to die salute you.
Hail yourselves.
Good fighting and good
rest for the losers.
We've seen that before!
We've seen these fights for years!
We want the women!
Yeah, give us the women!
Give us the women!
You've come to see the women fight.
Prepare yourselves, here they are.
Name yourselves.
I am Bodicia of the Brittany.
Deidre of the Urs.
Are you prepared for combat?
We stand ready
before you for combat.
We're ready for combat.
Whoever heard of taking
money after a fight?
How much?
Come on, Brittany.
Your success in the arena
has won us all a reward, Bodicia.
- How do I look?
- Like a Roman.
Good, then I shall certainly overcome
my provincial opponents.
She thinks she's different,
but she's a slave too.
She smiles when Timarchus says smile
and she'll die when Timarchus says die.
You know it's true, don't you Mamawi?
I can't talk with this thing on.
It makes my head ring like a bell.
What's wrong?
I was just suggesting
to Mamawi that one of us
may die in the next fight.
- Yes but who can help us?
- We'll have to help
- each other.
- We have to help ourselves.
Hail Bodicia,
conqueror from Brittany.
No I think Deidre fell a
victim to Bacchus, not to me.
Septimus, call them to attention.
Men, gladiators.
there will be another game.
Another one?
Septimus, this is the
list of male gladiators,
and Cornelia, these will
be our special attractions.
And Livia.
Septimus, Septimus!
- Septimus!
- Oh, what's wrong woman?
- I don't wanna fight!
- Tomorrow?
Tomorrow Mamawi and Livia
are fighting, not you.
I'm scared.
I had a dream.
Sort of nightmare.
I had to fight.
I tried to call you but
I didn't have my voice.
Septimus, please, talk to Timarchus.
- Tell him this will end badly.
- You're mad, woman.
He'd have me whipped if I gave him advice.
This is wrong, why
should women have to fight?
What kind of men put women into the arena?
Stop it
Lucinia, it could be worse.
Believe me.
But some of the women could be killed.
That's for the gods to decide.
The gods?
- What's got them up today?
- Who knows.
You credit them with brains?
Name yourselves.
I am Mamawi of Nubia.
I am Livia.
Child of Shipio.
- And a daughter of Rome.
- Is this true Timarchus?
- Is she a citizen?
- Would you murder
- our children before us?
- Shipio is an honored name!
She was sold into slavery!
Has she committed a capital crime?
- If not why bring her here?
- Wait!
Get another!
Get another one, quickly!
- Which one, Timarchus?
- Any one of them!
All of them are working.
Except Lucinia.
If I live to be 100 I'll
never forget her face.
She died for you, Livia!
Is it my fault the crowd
preferred a Hiberrian
to a Roman?
I didn't murder her.
She was armed!
She tried to kill me!
She wasn't armed when you killed her.
The archers were!
I didn't want to kill her.
I was afraid.
They were going to kill me!
We all fear, that's what they want!
Oh sit down, Mamawi.
You'll get used to it, believe me.
Things can go very well for
you if you please the master.
- By killing?
- Only a weakling
or a woman is sorry about killing.
I feel pity for you.
Killing to please your master.
You're a slave by your own choice!
Shut up!
Or I'll have you whipped.
Watch what you say, all of you.
Or you'll all be whipped.
Priscium wants to speak to you.
Timarchus is pleased,
his patrons are begging
for another show.
He plans another special for tomorrow.
But that's three this week!
You should thank the gods
that people come to see you.
Who will fight?
Mamawi and Bodicia.
The victors of our first two fights.
Priscium, wait.
I believe it's the custom for a gladiator
to choose a companion
the night before a fight.
Yes, that's so.
You claim that right?
Who is the lucky man?
- Or woman?
- I choose Septimus.
Septimus, eh?
I didn't think he made much
of an impression on you.
Priscium, I claim that right.
Oh alright, alright.
Oh women, women, you
can never please them.
Don't forget to ask him
about the reward for loyalty.
Lucinia was a faithful
servant and now she's dead.
Timarchus is a good master.
Timarchus is a swine!
Death to Timarchus!
You drunken slut!
You steal the master's wine, you bitch!
I'll teach you!
I'm sorry Septimus.
We're all sorry about Lucinia.
I know you loved her.
She gave you a child.
That men should fight
and die seems natural.
The world outside isn't much
different from the arena.
But that women, that Lucinia...
I'm only trying to show you
that you should help us.
Do you want your child
to grow up in this place?
And perhaps one day die in the arena?
Lucinia would want you
to think of the child.
To keep her safe, to
escape from this place.
You know the way through the catacombs.
We could escape to the sea.
We'll meet you at the wine
cellar after the lights are out.
Can you bring some weapons?
Do it for Lucinia.
One sound and you're
a dead Roman.
She's less dangerous if she's with us.
He's not here!
You sure he
understood where to meet us?
He understood.
Maybe he had some difficulty
getting the weapons.
Well, if he doesn't come
soon we can try it on our own.
One wrong turn in this maze
and we'd be lost forever.
We'll wait.
For a while.
I think that will be sufficient.
You have no loyalty!
I would have given you another woman!
There are no more women.
All women are dead to me!
You hear that, Rufinius?
He's mad!
You know the penalty, take him away!
- He has served you well.
- Crucify him!
Crucify him!
Crucify him.
Don't be a fool.
Timarchus is not going to free anyone.
Only the loser will be free.
You're right.
We're all going to die one
by one, just like the men.
Unless we fight.
Like last night?
I'm going to be free my way.
We who are
about to die salute you.
See to the preparations,
I will guard the man.
A man should die as he lived.
So be it.
Mamawi, listen.
You must listen to me.
What do you suggest then, that
we try to kill each other?
If it did come down to that,
could you really kill me?
It may be you who has
to decide whether or not
- you can kill me.
- Alright.
We'll do it your way.
Give the order!
Archers, shoot!
We fought
for our freedom, Master.
Now you fight for yours.
You heard her, Master!
Skewer them!
Stick him!
You know what happens
to a rebellious slave?
You'll die!
You'll crucify!
Don't, listen to me!
No, no please, please!
I am one of you!
I am a Roman like all of you!
Have mercy on an old man.
Help, soldiers!
No, please, please!
Here, take this, I want you
to have it, take it all!
Come on!
Don't touch
me you filthy creatures
or I'll scream.
The women are rebelling!
The women, hurry!
We can get there fast.
Seal off all the exits.
The catacombs, it's our only chance!
Sluts, they butchered everybody.
Do any of you know how
big the catacombs are?
During the Spartacus
servile war a group of slaves
hid down there for a couple of months.
Bring the hounds.
There are bodies in there!
The dead
won't harm us, let's go!
No wait.
- Are you coming?
- Assemble the men.
You have until sunset,
then I sound the horn
- for my men to return.
- You can't do that!
It's your duty to crucify the rebels!
My forces are expected in Rome.
They're in here!
We'll have to jump.
- Come on Deidre.
- Nn nnn.
Deidre, hurry!
Try, come on!
You've got to do it!
No, don't!
Look out!
Think you can handle them?
Come on, come on, hurry!