The Ark (2015) Movie Script

- We should go back.
- Why?
We were sent to do the fencing.
We've done it.
- There's still half a day left.
- You're such an old woman, Jaff.
Dad'll just find something
else for us to do.
Yeah, we could use our initiative.
Find things to do ourselves.
But that would mean
I'd have to break a solemn promise,
a promise I made as soon as I could talk.
- What's that?
- Never volunteer for anything.
What, he doesn't listen to me
any more than he does you.
Hey, look at that.
- What?
- That.
Hey, is this what you call a day's work?
I told you.
Oh, we should just get out.
(Rising cry)...
So the fence must have been a bigger job
than we thought?
If it took all day.
And your father had to help
for most of the afternoon.
Still. At least you all worked hard.
You should be so proud of them.
They all came home dripping wet.
I can only imagine it was sweat
from working so hard in this heat.
God, we thank you for the food...
...that you put on our table
and the gift of family.
Thank you.
OTHERS: Thank you.
(Overlapping voices)...
So you couldn't just watch,
you had to join in?
It's a boy thing.
Climbing trees, jumping into water.
We can't help ourselves.
Don't you think you're a bit old?
I can still out-jump,
out-climb and out-swim every one of them.
Maybe they just let you think you can.
When they were children,
you used to play games with them,
you'd let them win to build
their confidence. - So?
So now they're grown,
maybe they're doing the same to you.
- You...
- Ow.
- Do they want grandchildren or not?
- Yeah, course they do.
Then they'll understand.
I know. It's just...
'Just' what?
You know what Dad's like about the family
staying together, and I'm the eldest, so...
We've Jaffy and Aris
on the other side of that wall.
Ham and Nahlab that side,
your parents behind us...
...and Kenan above.
We could be quiet.
(Laughs) Quiet?
There are other places.
The barn?
- You want us to have sex in the barn?
- Ssh.
- With the goats?
- Somewhere else then.
On the roof?
Up a tree?
Either we get our own house
or they don't get grandchildren.
All right. I'll talk to them tomorrow.
You said that yesterday.
And the day before.
And the day before that.
I'm just waiting for the right time.
Well, until you find it, it's not the
only thing you'll be waiting for.
The fishing boat's finished.
I'll deliver it tomorrow.
Good. I'll do you a shopping list.
I thought I'd take Kenan.
Well, it's time he saw the world
with his own eyes, isn't it?
We've told him what it's like.
Isn't that enough?
- Well, the others have been.
- I think they were older.
You can't protect him forever, Emmie.
He's a man now. He has to make up
his own mind about these things...
...just as his brothers have done.
And to do that,
he needs to see it for himself, first.
He's still a baby.
Not to you maybe...
God wants us to see everything
that's open to us, good or bad.
Yeah, well, sometimes I wish God
wasn't quite so needy.
How can someone be a good man...
...when he only knows
one path, nothing else?
But he's so young.
He's 18.
He's 17 and three quarters.
Do not let him out of your sight.
I won't.
And don't be arguing with everyone.
I don't argue with everyone.
Just deliver the boat,
get the money and come home.
Unless they're wrong.
(Woman begs)
- I don't have anything.
Hey, hey, hey, get away from him.
Come on.
I don't have anything.
Aren't there any laws here?
What laws there are are made by those
who crave power and wealth above all else.
How can laws made by men like that
have any meaning?
But what about God's law?
People don't believe God exists.
And that's wrong?
What do you think?
Well, you teach us to make up
our own minds about things,
so it can't be wrong for someone to
make up their mind that God doesn't exist.
No. It just makes them foolish.
Look, you can say 'l don't know.'
At least that's honest.
Not everyone has faith.
But only an idiot would
say 'There is no God'
because to say that,
he must first, surely,
understand everything...
...and only an idiot
would think that he did.
The simple truth is that man would rather
live in a world of his own design...
...and this is what it looks like.
Come on, son.
- Where's your money?
- I don't have any.
If you haven't got money,
what have you got?
I don't have anything.
- Liar.
- Dad. Dad.
- I'm sorry, Dad. I didn't, I didn't...
- It's all right.
There's nothing to be sorry about.
Just don't tell your mother.
Come on.
- Noah.
- Oh, Paul.
(Both laugh).
Oh, Paul.
This is Kenan.
You were this high the last time I saw you.
Get Kenan here something to eat and drink.
So what brings you to the city?
Delivering a fishing boat.
One of these days...'re going to have
to make up your mind...
...if you're a boat builder who farms
or a farmer who builds boats?
Whatever puts food on the table.
I have a list.
Only a married man brings a list.
How's Emmie?
She's well.
Wine first,
then we'll get you everything you need.
Can I ask you something?
As long as it doesn't involve me
doing any more work.
It's er... about you and Nahlab.
What about us?
Have you thought about starting a family?
Nahlab wants five boys and three girls.
So, then...
- How do you...?
- You don't know how to do it?
Of course I know how to do it.
It's just, it's more a question of where.
It's impossible in this house
with everyone so close.
We don't do it in the house,
we do it in the barn.
That's what I said, but
Salit won't do that.
So when do you...?
We don't.
Jaff. Jaff.
Salit won't let Shem get romantic.
It's not that 'She won't let me.'
She doesn't like the idea of doing anything
in the house where everyone can hear.
- So when do you...?
- They don't.
All right.
I wish I hadn't said anything now.
These are the best of times.
The money-lender lends people money
to spend, which they're happy to do.
Business thrives.
The money-lenders get
rich and lend people...
...even more money to
spend and so it goes on.
So the rich get richer
and everyone else gets more into debt?
As long as I get richer, who cares?
The strong get fat.
It's the same all through nature.
So as long as you have money,
you're happy to be no
better than the animals?
Why not?
As long as I'm the lion.
It's the same the world over.
Well, it's not my world.
Ah, so you're still trusting
in this God of yours?
It's your God too.
An old man with a white beard sitting on...
...a cloud, looking down
on me disapprovingly?
It's nothing but a story
that my parents used... tell me to frighten
me into doing my chores.
Well, maybe you should have listened.
We don't need to invent a God
to explain who we are any more.
We have science.
And what can science do exactly? Except
marvel at God's work and document it.
My brother-in-law is a scientist.
He says the universe created itself,
that man himself is God.
Well, in that case...
Have him make me one of these.
Enough now.
You shouldn't preach at a man
when you're drinking his wine.
'Have him make me one of these.'
(Both laugh).
So you live out in the country.
Don't you get bored?
We're usually too busy to get bored.
Doing what?
Ever been dancing?
I could take you.
No, I can't.
Why not?
- Are you not allowed?
- Yes.
Well, then?
Me and Salit have been talking.
About maybe building our own house.
Is something wrong?
No, no. We just thought it'd be nice to,
you know, have our own space.
I see.
We could still be close by,
even have meals together...
...and it wouldn't affect
any of our chores on the farm.
I'd still come to work every day
and do everything I do now.
- So everything'd be exactly the same.
- Yeah.
Then why go to the trouble
of building a house?
I'm teasing you.
Of course you should
have your own house.
Truth is, I can't believe
it's taken you this long to bring it up.
What about Dad?
Your father will be fine.
He does what I tell him.
Bit like you and Salit.
They're back.
Was everything all right?
Yeah, fine. We got everything we needed.
And Kenan?
I think he's seen enough of the city
to put him off ever going there again.
So, how was it?
Wasn't so bad.
It was only a matter of time.
Yeah, I suppose so.
I was thinking,
we should let them have the back field.
It's close enough so
they can hear us call...
...but it's just far enough away
so they can have some privacy.
You do know that once Shem and Salit go,
the rest won't be far behind.
We'll be rattling around
this place on our own.
How on earth will you manage?
Stuck here on your own with me?
You know what I mean.
I remember when you used to beg
to be left on your own with me.
Right, fine. Let them all move out then.
And what makes you think
I want to be left alone with you?
Don't, stop it.
(Squealing from behind the wall)...
...(Muffled voices)...
...(Music and chanting).
Got the eggs.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
- Hey.
- What? What?
- Dad, come on. Breakfast.
- Yeah.
How many more pieces?
What you got? Do your best.
All right, that's it, come on.
Wash your hands.
- Kenan.
- I'm coming, Mum.
He's washing his hands.
God, we thank you for the food you put
on our table and the gift of family.
Thank you.
OTHERS: Thank you.
(Overlapping voices).
It seems that Shem and Salit
want to build their own house.
Maybe it's time you all
started thinking about...
...the future and having
your own land to work.
- Our own land?
- We thought we'd split the land into four.
You each take your own section.
We'll have our own farms?
Well, and as for rent, you simply provide
for your parents in their old age.
Well, all right,
as long as you don't eat too much.
- (Mock laughter)...
- So we can all build our own houses?
- In time.
The land will be yours,
you can do what you want...
...(Overlapping voices).
Pass that.
Two, three, four, five...
Keep going.
That good?
A bit further?
You don't want it to be on a hill.
Mark it out.
Shem, how are you getting on?
Let's have a look.
Your turn will come.
You'll find a wife, build
your own house too.
It's strange to know everything.
Like your whole life
is just already mapped out for you.
- Well, you'd rather it wasn't?
- No.
Well, maybe sometimes, yeah.
Oh. A little excitement?
Step into the unknown?
Is that wrong?
Do you trust me?
Of course.
Then believe me when I tell you
there is nothing out there in the world...
...that is better than what we have here.
I know.
Don't be frightened, Noah.
I mean you no harm.
Where did you come from? Who are you?
I am just the messenger.
I don't understand.
I think you do.
Don't forget your faith,
Noah, nor question it.
It's your faith that's brought you here.
And because of it, all of mankind
will one day be in your debt.
You're from God.
There is such beauty here.
The heat of the sun to warm you,
food that springs up from the earth itself.
Man should want for nothing.
Yet he wants for everything.
But you're content.
I have my home, my family...
And as you said, I have the sun to warm me
and food springs from the ground.
God had such hopes for man.
Such love.
But there is violence.
A hatred of those who are different to you.
A world run by money-lenders
and war-mongers.
Where one man grows fat,
yet happily watches whilst another starves.
Where old men use the bodies of children
to feed their desires.
But there is still love in the world.
Not all men have turned away from God.
Then it shall be put to the test.
God is to send a great
flood to cleanse the... from the stain
that man has put upon it.
He will bring up the water of the earth
and it will engulf the world.
The flood will destroy every
living thing that God...
...has made and wipe all
trace of it from the earth.
No. My family.
Don't be afraid.
You're to be the salvation of man.
A testament to God's mercy.
A beacon to a new world.
Proof that a good man
will always be loved by his God.
You and your wife, your
sons and their wives,
will be saved.
But what about others? Good people who...
...have done no wrong.
You can't just kill them.
The good will never die.
But any who choose to believe you,
they can also be saved.
You are to build an ark,
made of gopher wood.
Layered for strength
and covered with pitch inside and out.
It will be 300 cubits long,
50 cubits wide and 30 cubits high.
Make it three storeys,
with a single window to
withstand the deluge.
A door that can be raised to allow entry
and sealed again.
Once the flood comes,
only those who board the ark will live.
I'm not sure I can find enough wood...
...or enough people who share my faith
to fill it if I did.
God would not ask if it were not possible.
When the time comes, before the deluge.
God will also send you beast and fowl
and creatures he has chosen to join you...
...when the waters subside.
And when will this flood come?
Build your ark, think of nothing else
and let nothing come before it.
God watches.
When the ark is ready,
the flood will begin.
Above all, Noah, never doubt your faith.
But I'm just one man. How...
Well, say something.
I don't know what to say.
Well, that you believe me?
I believe that you believe it.
Oh, you think I've had too much sun?
I'm going mad?
I know what I saw.
What I heard.
Noah, you can't just tell
me something like this...
...and expect me to take it in my stride.
Until you came home,
the biggest thing on my mind
was whether I should change the beds...
...or leave them one more day.
Now it's that God's going to send a flood
and the world's going to end.
I'm sorry.
I know how it sounds...
I'm not sure you do.
All right, let's say you're not mad, for
now, and you really did see this Messenger.
How do you know it wasn't
some lunatic escaped from somewhere,
- going around trying to frighten people?
- I just know.
- How?
- Well, it's hard to explain...
...but when he spoke, Emmie, I just...
I just knew it was the truth.
I could feel it inside, a warmth, a love.
There was no doubt. I
didn't even question it.
- And he told you to build a boat?
- An ark.
- 50 times the size of the house?
- Yeah.
And God's going to send animals to fill it?
Won't they all eat each other?
Oh, I don't know how it's
all supposed to work.
But everything he said, Emmie, it's all...
...the things I've been
saying for all these years.
The world has gone wrong somewhere,
people are selfish and cruel.
No-one believes in God any more.
And that's a reason for them all to die?
Well, they don't have to.
What's going to happen isn't a secret.
I can tell them about the ark.
Anyone can change. Huh.
'Come with us.'
It hasn't rained for a year and you're
building a boat. People will laugh at you.
Oh, you're worried I'll embarrass you?
What do you want me to say?
Just accept that my husband
has been told by God to build a giant boat,
70 miles from the sea,
because it's going to rain so hard,
the world's going to be washed away?
And not to worry...
...about how it will affect
our sons? Their wives?
Everything we have.
- But God has chosen us.
- No. He's chosen you.
I don't want to be chosen.
Could you even build such a thing?
I think so, if we all do it together.
While still running the farm?
Feeding the animals, working the fields,
bringing the crops in?
We've just given the boys their own land.
And so if we left everything
to concentrate on building this boat,
this ark,
then that's it?
We just let the farm die around us?
When the flood comes,
the farm will be useless anyway.
And you're so sure
that you would gamble your home,
everything we've worked for
and the lives of your family?
- What do we tell the children?
- The truth.
A boat?
To save us and the animals from a flood?
Couldn't we just go to high ground?
It won't be that kind of flood.
It will take away everything.
Well, speak your minds.
It does sound a bit... impractical.
Whatever we all think,
your father intends to build this thing.
There is no choice. I build it or we die.
And everything else
we have to put aside until it's done.
- But you've just given us all our own land.
- I know.
What, so now you're telling us
we have to watch that land go to ruin,
- while we build some stupid boat?
- Shem.
No. Let him speak.
You said we could build our house,
you said everyone would help.
I'm sorry.
All right, let's say we do this...
We abandon all our land, let the crops die,
the animals let loose
to fend for themselves.
What if we do all that
and the flood doesn't come?
- It will.
- But what if it doesn't...
I know what I've said is
hard for you to take in...
...and I know you don't share my beliefs.
But I have to do this.
Either with my sons or on my own.
We can't lose everything
we've all worked for.
And you've no right to ask that of us.
And for what?
To build some boat
on the edge of the desert?
I love you, we all do,
and you couldn't've been a better father.
But you taught me to take care of my family
above all else and that's what I have to do.
So you build your boat
if you believe that's what you must do.
But I'll build my house as we planned
and take care of the farm.
Shem's right, Dad.
I'm sorry.
I want to help you...
but we can't just let everything die.
All right, someone needs to say it.
Say what?
What if it is real, what if Dad isn't mad
and he did see an angel?
What if this flood does come?
Look around you.
There isn't going to be any flood.
He's lost his mind.
But it's still Dad.
But he's ill.
And until he's better, we make sure there's
still a farm for him to come back to.
Noah, please don't do this.
We need nails, rope, more tools.
Send the boys, let them fetch them.
People have a right to know.
- They won't listen to you. You know that.
- It doesn't matter if they listen or not.
What matters is that I tell them.
Kenan, get down.
He needs someone to help load the cart.
- Leave him, I'll take care of him.
- Mum?
They're going to the city
to tell them about the ark.
Dad, don't. They'll just laugh at you.
I have to make them understand.
You must tell your families
to come to the ark.
Dad, you can't say these
things in the city.
Noah, please.
Listen to me, I'm begging you.
They'll hurt you.
- We'll go with him.
- No. No.
You will stay here.
Look after your mother and your wives.
Emmie, Emmie, don't you understand?
If I think only of myself
then I'm no better than they are.
And is that who you want me to be now?
One of them?
Then if you really love me.
Let me be the man that you love.
OK, come on, hey.
You remember how to
get to the courtyard?
Paul, who we met last time...
- Yeah.
- OK.
Now this is a list.
Listen, have him bring everything here.
Go straight there, don't stop for anything,
don't talk to anyone on the way.
- I won't.
- Go. OK.
I've got a message. I have...
Listen, everyone.
Please listen to me.
I have...
It's all right, I'll bring it back.
Listen to me...
Listen to me.
Everyone listen to me.
God has sent me a message for all of you.
He is sickened by what man has become,
what you have become.
You neglect your children, let them roam
around the streets like wild animals...
...while you concern yourselves
for your own desires.
Paul, I have a list from my father.
You deny the existence of God.
- There is no God.
- No...
God is to send a flood.
A deluge of water that
will cleanse the earth...
...of the stench of man
and what he has become.
This flood will wash away
all the possessions...
...that you hold so dear...
...and it will kill everything
that walks upon the earth.
He's asked me to build a boat.
An ark that will save
only those who still believe in him.
He still loves you and he will spare you
if you only turn back to Him.
Come to the ark.
You have to believe me.
- Agh.
- (Laughter and jeering).
Get back. Get back.
Paul, help him.
Get back.
- Please.
- (Angry jeering).
Get him home. Get him home.
Don't worry,
my dad gets a bit cranky too sometimes.
I'm glad you came, though.
Me too.
One of my friends is
having a party tonight.
Can you stay?
Another five minutes
and they'd have strung you up.
It's the truth.
No. The truth is you insult
their intelligence... telling them they've got no control
over their own destinies.
The flood will happen, I swear it.
You're a good friend, Noah.
I respect your beliefs, I really do, but...
Just not enough to share them?
At least think about sending your family
to the ark.
Oh, Emmie said this would happen.
Thanks for helping me.
Come on.
So how did it go?
Oh, exactly as you said it would.
So what now?
The world has become what it has...
...because man has lost his faith.
I will not do the same.
There's nothing wrong
with building a giant boat,
though I'm not sure the
edge of the desert...
...would have been my
first choice as its home.
I mean, any fool would know that boats
struggle to float in sand, wouldn't they?
Hasn't anyone explained to your father...
...about the rather simple relationship
between boats and water?
My father isn't a fool.
It isn't supposed to float in the sand.
He believes there's going to be a flood.
Oh, yeah,
the whole God sending a flood thing.
So not only does he not understand...
...the basic laws of science,
he's also delusional.
Can we talk about something else?
You see, the problem with
ignoring everything... has taught us...
...and believing that one person
designed the whole world... it leaves you with the rather obvious
question of who designed the designer?
No, I'm interested, really.
I mean, does anyone
really believe in God any more?
What about you, Kenan?
- Do you believe in God?
- I don't know.
You don't know?
Do you at least have an opinion?
I think...
You can say 'l don't know.'
I mean, at least that's honest.
But only an idiot would
say 'There is no God'
because to say that, surely,
he must first understand everything.
And only an idiot would think he did.
You can't blame them
for thinking the way they do.
Can't I?
No, because what he's
doing is really stupid.
- He believes in it.
- That doesn't make it right.
Have you ever believed in anything?
Not in God.
I believe in what I see.
I answer to no-one but myself.
It doesn't matter what people think or say,
does it?
What matters is us.
...(Hammering continues).
So, let's build a boat.
I brought a hammer.
It's what you men seem to use
to fix just about everything.
Figured I might need it.
I'm sorry, it's just me.
That's the trouble with
the 'Let them make their...
...own decisions' approach
to bringing up kids.
Maybe we should just beat them instead,
make them do as they're told.
'Get in that desert
and build a giant boat with your father.'
Am I rambling?
A bit.
That's because I've just seen the outline
of your boat.
Please tell me you've made
some horrible sizing mistake.
Think I'm going to need a bigger hammer.
Why did you come?
Because although you've
clearly gone mad...
...and you've made the leap
from farmer to idiot... one fell swoop,
you're my idiot.
And I love you.
But do you believe what I told you?
I believe in you.
What have I ever done to deserve you?
I have no idea.
Come on.
Come on. Ham.
You seem to be making good progress.
- For a madman.
- I never said that.
It's not what you're thinking?
You taught us to have minds of our own,
and then when we do,
you suddenly don't seem so pleased.
That's a fair point.
You always taught me to value the things
that are important.
Our home.
The land that supports us.
And now you've abandoned
all those things.
When you were small...
...and I used to ask you to collect kindling
for the fire to make everyone warm,
you used to rush out with
your basket to fill it.
And every now and then,
when you were only half
way through doing it.
I'd call you back for another errand,
something more important.
An animal had escaped,
I needed an extra pair of hands.
You didn't question why I'd told you
to leave something that I'd sent you to do.
Do you know why?
Because I was your father.
You never questioned it,
because you had no doubt
that I loved you...
...and whatever I was asking you to do
was for the best.
God has told me to leave
the path that I was on...
...and to take another.
I can't question it, or doubt him.
I must do as he asks,
knowing that he loves me and whatever
he's asking me to do is for the best.
Just as you did for me
when you were a child.
You've grown into a good man, Shem,
and I couldn't be prouder of you.
But your heart is telling you to look after
your wife and your family,
so that's what you must do.
Emmie, Emmie.
It's all right, it's all right.
I've got you.
I'm sorry.
(Low conversation).
Thank you.
She has a fever.
She needs rest, drink water.
You'll stay with her, yeah?
She shouldn't have been out there
working in this heat.
I know.
No, he has to understand what he's doing.
Look at what he's doing to us.
It's not right.
I am still the head of this family.
Well, then, you should be taking care of it,
providing for it, looking after the farm.
Helping your sons with their homes
like you promised to.
But you're not, are you,
Dad? You're building...
...a boat, because 'God has told you to.'
Tell him.
Tell him.
Did you do as he said?
Did you tell your family?
My parents had already heard about
the madman building a boat in the desert.
I think someone should burn it
before it kills him.
- You're not serious?
- We can't.
- You'd rather see him die?
- Of course not.
Look at it.
It's insane.
There isn't a river or lake deep enough
to take that hull.
It could only float in the sea
and the coast is 70 miles away.
Even if we could get it
there, which we can't.
We still can't burn it.
I just want my dad back.
He hasn't gone anywhere.
He's never left your side
for more than a day,
since the moment you were born.
None of you.
- What are you doing?
- Going to help my husband.
No, you can't.
I won't allow it.
Which one of you is man enough
to stop me when your father couldn't?
I'm going to help him build his ark.
Not to pander to his madness,
and not because he believes
that it's God's will...
...but because I remember what love is.
And faith.
Not the kind of faith that
your father has in God,
but the faith I have in him.
Faith that's grown over
years of watching him... to take care of all of us,
with no thought for himself.
Bathing his broken and bloodied hands
every night...
...after he got back from working the fields
on his own, year after year after year.
Faith he deserves because he's only
ever taught you kindness and love.
I've watched him go without food
so his children can eat.
I've seen him work when he's so crippled
with pain that I had to help him out of bed.
So if it's his faith in God
that's got him through...
...everything he's had to endure...
...and it's that faith that brings us here,
then I'm going to help him finish his ark.
If I die in the process
then I'll die happy.
Happy and proud because I found a way
to show him how much I love him.
So don't you...
...don't you dare tell me to
leave that man on his own out there.
I'll be at his side as long
as there's breath in my body.
And shame on you that you're not.
Come on.
Unlash it now, yeah?
(Soundtrack covers speech).
- Take it easy.
- Get the right angle.
That's it. That's it.
A bit more.
Very good.
Let's go. Let's go.
- Now...
- OK, go.
(Overlapping voices)...
Where are you going?
I'm going to see someone.
What, a girl?
- Where?
- You can't stop me.
What, the city?
No, you can't go there on your own.
That's exactly what I've
been doing for weeks.
It's not like you all say,
not once you get to know it. It's fun.
- If Dad finds out...
- He won't.
Not unless you tell him.
Why don't you come and live here?
My father would find you some work,
you could stay with us.
Did you intend to sneak
backwards and forwards forever?
Maybe you're worried
Daddy's flood might come.
Don't you want to be with me all the time?
Of course.
That's it?
That's it.
Right, come on. Let's go.
Still plenty to do inside.
A few more.
That'll do. That'll do.
Just put this on.
(urges horse on).
Now what?
Well, it's done.
Ready when you are.
We heard you talk about the ark.
We all did.
If you have room?
Yes. There's plenty of room, room for all.
Rest. Come. Welcome.
Come, come.
Welcome. Welcome.
Kenan, help.
Food, water. Go on, don't just stand there.
Maybe this is what God was waiting for.
People to come.
Well, now that they're here,
what do we do with them?
Give them food and water.
And then what?
Come. Come.
That's it. Right through. The family'll
help. Come right through. Welcome.
Come and rest.
Maybe we're all supposed to
actually get on the ark, wait there.
I mean...'s only a few yards away.
We just make a dash for it
when it starts raining.
- You think so?
- Definitely.
And it wouldn't hurt if we just
took one or two things off, would it?
Just for now.
Like what?
Clothes, pots and pans.
It's hard preparing meals
and I've been in the same dress for a week.
Just while we're waiting.
We can put them all back
as soon as it starts to rain.
(Horse neighs).
Did you hear?
What? What?
You know how dangerous it is.
That's the very reason
that I took you there in the first place,
so you could see for yourself.
- There are terrible people there, Kenan.
- Sabba's there too.
I want to be with her.
Well, then we do things properly.
I speak with her father.
We don't want to live here.
- What?
- I'm sorry, I don't.
- I want to be free to...
- To do what?
To do anything, everything.
Sabba says her father can find me work.
I can stay with them.
No. Noah, tell him.
- We won't allow it.
- You won't 'allow' it?
What happened to me being a man,
making my own decisions,
going my own way?
Not in the city.
Well, then, then I'll run away.
- Please.
- No.
You can't keep me here against my will.
I don't want to stay here,
Mum, and turn into...
What, me?
- Well, look at you.
- Kenan, don't...
Don't what?
Tell the truth?
Have a life? Make my own decisions?
What, Mum, tell me.'Don't' what?
Is this what you've
learned in your new life?
How to shout at the people who love you?
How to have no concern
for those who love you... long as you get what you want?
Is that the world
that you can't wait to get back to?
- Kenan.
- No, Mum, get off me.
Please. Kenan.
Where are you?
(Roll of thunder).
Quickly, get everything into the ark.
It's coming, it's coming.
Move. Now.
Get all your things together.
Emmie, get everyone together. Come on.
It's happening. Go. Go.
Kenan... Kenan.
Oi, careful.
Where is he?
- Kenan.
- Dad?
Mum. You have to come inside.
Not without your father.
No, Dad. No, leave me.
Sabba, help.
It's just a storm. It'll
pass, like it always does.
- I want to stay here.
- Leave him alone.
- I don't want to go home, Dad.
- Come on.
No. Dad.
It's just a storm.
Do you understand?
never once
have I put my feelings above yours...
...or imposed my will on you.
All I've ever done is... try and help you find
your way in the world,
to try and help you be a man.
From the very moment
that they put you in my arms, until now.
I have loved you
in a way you will never understand...
...until you have a child of your own.
I've never lied to you.
And I swear I am not lying now.
This flood is coming.
It won't stop. It will
take away everything.
Kenan, please.
Just once more.
Trust me, son.
I have to go back to your mother.
(Crash of thunder)...
If it's a boy, we thought
we'd call it Kenan.
The world is cleansed.
And from now on,
whenever man sees the rainbow,
he should remember what happened here.
And why.
I won't forget.
And in the future, do you think man
will learn his lesson, Noah?
I don't know.
I suppose.
Time will tell.