The Ark and the Darkness (2024) Movie Script

Holmes Hoots
The Lance
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I think people don't believe in the flood today because they don't have access to the
accurate information and evidences that are there. They are simply captive to entertainment,
social media. There you have movies like Noah that in a very fictional and nonsensical way
distorts the Bible totally and for many people that's the only source they have for something
they think is a biblical account. We have of course the whole embedded presupposition of
evolution and the geologic column and all of these things which tell students as they come
along that the earth has existed for millions, if not millions of years, that man is a product
simply of natural succession. A flood is a supernatural event. A flood is a divine judgment.
A flood destroyed mankind and they're not told that there are evidences of these things. They
aren't shown. The historicity of Genesis to say that this holds up very well in terms of our
scientific age. So it's simply on the one hand a lack of information and then on the other hand
the fear of man for the same reason that they don't believe in a lot of the things that the Bible
says are literally true, literally history and literally science, the fear of looking silly
and the intimidation by people who host science television shows and wear white lab coats. I think
it's really that they're afraid of appearing silly in any way. But when you actually go past the
surface and look at the feasibility of it and the historicity of it, it's almost inescapably
plausible. Conventional scientists, the secular scientists think that the present is the key to
the past. The Bible in fact tells us that the past is the key to the present and the flood is key
to understanding why the world is the way it is today, not just the geology but even the
humanity. Understanding the arc and the flood is very relevant to understanding why the world is
the way it is today, how we got to be here. Everyone is interested in their history and the flood
is key to understanding our roots. In the early 19th century when the idea of millions of years
was developed, it developed as a result of a conscious rejection of the flood and the biblical
chronology. Most of the church came to the conclusion that the flood wasn't global, it wasn't
really geologically significant, the age of the earth doesn't matter, and so over the next 100,
150 years the flood was just kind of forgotten and it still in large measure today is ignored by
most Christians. They just never think of it and its relationship to the question of the age of
the earth but it's critically important. We can go back and we can see in the fossil record for
example what happened. When we look at the world around us, when we look at all of those hundreds
and hundreds of rock layers, they're sedimentary layers, I mean they were laid down by water.
The flood is a reminder that God judges sin and God said he's going to judge the world again.
He sent the flood to punish evil at that time and that's why God sent the flood. It's important to
punish evil. That's justice. What is just? The reason the arc is so amazingly relevant in the
flood is because man's sin deserves judgment. The Bible clearly reveals that we are now approaching
the time when the second global judgment will come. If we don't understand or believe in the
first global judgment, then we will not be ready for this final global judgment. So the consequences
of the next judgment could not possibly be more relevant. What is at stake is heaven or hell.
The Holy Bible. A book inspired and architected by God. A written by his people. Dating back to
the beginning of real human history. From the time of man's true origins. A book that teaches us that
the earth is not millions of years old as we've been brought up to believe. A book teaching us
that we did not come from monkeys or apes or primordial soup. But a book that instead shows us
our Creator is a loving, merciful and just God. A God who created a beautiful world in which the
entire planet was once a paradise. A paradise that he gave to us to fill up and multiply across.
In Genesis we're shown that God had finished all of creation in six literal days.
And that indeed everything he had created was very, very good.
In the span of four days, God was finished with the heavens and the earth.
And it was on the fifth day that he began making the sea creatures both great and small.
And on that very same day, he also made all of the exotic flying creatures
which flew through the open firmament of the beautiful heaven.
On the sixth day, he made all of the majestic land creatures.
Which included all of the dinosaurs along with mankind.
He also planted a garden and in the midst of it, the tree of life.
But there was another tree God had also placed in the garden,
one that God commanded man not to eat from.
Sadly, mankind used their free will to stand against their holy and righteous God.
With free will comes consequences. And in this case, the consequences of sin would plunge mankind
into darkness.
Before the fall, God saw everything that he had made and it was very good.
Toe from the old. It was just the way it should have been. It came forth exactly as he intended.
At the end of Genesis one, it says it was very good. God looked at everything he had made
and it was very good. And we get some idea of how good it was in the last three verses when
God says that both man and the animals and birds were vegetarian. They didn't eat each other.
They ate the plants and the fruit of the plants. That's telling us a lot about how very good the world was.
Creation was a state of innocence. This affirms a fundamental element of God's character. He is good.
God is not the author of evil or death. God came into the garden. He had fellowship with man and
they could actually communicate with him and see him. According to the way you understand the pre-fall
condition. They would have lived forever. God warned him beforehand, if you eat from this, you're going to
to die while Adam did eat. God told Adam you're going to die.
God said, from dust you came and to dust you shall return. So that's physical death.
Through one man sin entered the world and death through sin. Adam and Eve began to die physically.
The fall of man affected the whole creation. The ground was cursed. The whole creation is groaning
in bondage to corruption. Sadly the reality of the fall is now easily seen wherever we look.
In this broken world we see pervasive death, violence, corruption, lies, hate and sin.
Man is exiled from the place of God's own presence and that fellowship is not restored as it was.
Man is going to have to labor by the sweat of his brow and then he will return to the dust from
which he was made. That is what has happened to the world. So it describes entropy. The whole idea
that things are subject to decay, dissolution, finally death. The whole world is like this.
It has a limited shelf life so to speak. It changed the world profoundly. Pretty much everything was
corrupted. The human soul, even the creatures were suddenly carnivorous or poisonous.
Diseases and viruses emerged that were otherwise benign. It just radically changed everything.
It even changed plants. Plants suddenly became weeds and choked out the crops.
The ground was cursed. Thorns and thistles began to grow. We don't live in the original very good
creation. We live in a fallen creation, a cursed creation. The fall was a massive catastrophic
world-changing event. So everything was corrupted. It was a tragedy on the highest possible level.
Evil had to mature before God unleashed the first judgment.
The Lord God had made a beautiful world in which everything was once very good.
But when the first man broke God's command, man's domain was plunged into sin and death,
which only grew worse with the progression of time. And it was not just man who had been corrupted,
but all under man's dominion. Animals became carnivores and turned on each other and man.
Where once the earth had been filled with God's goodness, now was filled with the celebration
of evil and endless violence. Paradise, along with man's innocence, was now gone.
The Lord Jesus would tell us later that just as in the days of Noah,
so too would the world become again just before his return.
Most flood geologists point out that the world, the earth, had a more global, warm, mild climate.
And the evolutionists believe that too. It's not just because a continental drift
that we find pine tree, forest, and dinosaur fossils on Antarctica. Not just because those
continents were once in different places, but because the earth had a warmer, milder, global
climate, heavier, lusher vegetation, greener, thicker forest that stretched further towards
the poles and away from the equatorial zones. Right now we just don't have the kinds of forest
that could generate the coal deposits that we have or provided the vast source for the
carbon that would have been necessary for the coal seams that we have today. We would have had to
a lusher, warmer, more forested, more vegetated earth. Clearly the amount of vegetation in the
pre-flood world was far superior, far more luxuriant. Today's world is a desert by comparison
to what the pre-flood world would have been like. A much gentler topography, a much easier climate,
much more prolific vegetation and animal life. We have many creatures in the fossil record that
are just like today, but they were much larger. So, giantism in the fossil record, that indicates
that the pre-flood world was much more suitable for biological life. Originally at least it wouldn't
have had impassable mountain ranges, it wouldn't have had huge desert areas. God created the world
to be inhabited. Prior to the flood, mankind had wrecked their environment to a large degree. The
Bible talks about the wickedness of man. In Genesis 6, it speaks of every thought of man's
heart was only evil continually and that the whole world was filled with violence because of man.
To me, I think it would be a very frightful place to live. The intense and thoughts of the human heart
were only evil continually. The earth was filled with violence and all flesh had corrupted its
way on the earth. So, it was excessive sin and violence and wickedness and God said, I'm going to
destroy the earth. The remnant Noah and his family, they found grace in God's sight. Apparently,
they were not of those that were corrupted. God took that remnant of mankind, was able to preserve
it. But one of the things people find interesting is the lifespans of humans before the flood.
And Noah was 600 years old and after he got off the ark, he lived 350 more years. He was 950 years
old when he died. Now, his sons, they got off the ark, didn't live that long themselves, but they
lived into their 500s. And then the next generation, the next generation, the 400s, the 300s, we are
getting to Tara, Abraham's father, living into his 200s. Abraham lived in 175 and it was an exponential
decay in the lifespans. Adam and Eve had no mutations. The first 10 patriarchs before the flood
had very low mutation rates and so they were all living to be about the same age. Something
happened at the time of the flood and that's when this incredible degeneration of humanity happened.
There was this incredible decline in longevity. When you plot the data, it's astounding because the
data, which is straight out of the Bible and you wouldn't expect scientific data in the Bible,
but the data follows a strict decay curve and it's stunning.
In the Bible, we are told that before the flood, men lived to be nearly a thousand years old.
The average age of men at the time was so staggeringly high compared to today that some have a
difficult time comprehending how such longevity was even possible. Yet, a major clue lies within
the ages given to us in the Book of Genesis. In almost computer-like fashion, the Book of Genesis
reveals that the post-flood lifespans of the genealogical line of Adam follow a mathematical
concept known as exponential decay, meaning that if you were to graph the lifespans of all the men
after the flood, you don't see a linear line gradually sloping down, as you would likely see
if the ages were made up. But instead, what you see is an exponentially decaying curve
with minor variations since no two people are alike. With the men who recorded these ages through
history really have conspired together to create data that follows an exponential decay curve?
Instead, what we see resembles exactly the type of data we would expect in the aftermath of a
worldwide flood, revealing a state-initial drop-off of lifespans just after the flood due to the
catastrophic environmental changes. No more access to nutrient-dense foods from the world that was
lost, and genetic mutations that were not before present. The truth is that no one at the time
of recording these metrics would even think to plot them in an exponential decay curve if they
were made in fiction. This sophisticated decay curve is actually the result of a real and easily
provable flood event. The objections to NOAA's flood are mostly ridicule and laugh out loud.
The only serious things are maybe trying to say, well, where did the water go? Where did the water
come from? And then lampooning NOAA's arc. There was a Discover Channel special called NOAA's arc,
the true story, where they showed actors portraying the traditional biblical version of the story of
NOAA's arc, and then they showed you the true story. That NOAA was dressed in a tunic, was bare
chested, had a shaved head and looked like an Egyptian, and NOAA's arc was a beer barge. I'm not
kidding. Look it up, Discover Channel, NOAA's arc, the true story? How do they know that? Asserting
that that's what the real story was, and then watched it fall apart into pieces as it of course was
structurally not sound, ridiculing the structure of the arc. When I was a master student at a high
university, I looked at the geometry of the cross section and of the length of just the
straightforward reading of the Bible, and I found out that it's dynamically stable 90 degrees in pitch
mode and 90 degrees in yaw mode. I mean, it'll go all the way up to 90 degrees and it'll come back.
It's stable. Not that that wouldn't have caused problems for the people and the animals in the
arc if it had been tilted that much, but that does show the stability. Certainly whatever they could
have taken in the turbulence, the arc could have taken structurally. This is a 200 scale arc,
and I put it in my swimming pool, and we put a measurement device on here that was one inch,
and so we were able to scale the waves. And do you know that it's scaled to 500 foot waves,
and it was still stable? Never turned over. 500 foot. A tsunami, by the way, is about 100 feet,
so it lets you know about the dynamic stability of this. Most of biology didn't need to be on the
arc. Most plants didn't need to be on the arc. Most insects didn't need to be on the arc. Only the
creatures that have breath in their lungs. Most of the species live in the ocean, which do just
fine in a flood. So the Bible doesn't say that Noah was to take two of every species onto the arc.
He was to take two of every kind, the same word that's used in Genesis 1 that talks about God
creating different kinds of plants and animals to reproduce after their kind. And so we think
there were maybe only about 1400 kinds and about 7,000 animals on the arc. Average size may be a
large sheep or a small cow, but most creatures much smaller than that. We're not talking about,
for example, two great Danes, two German shepherds, two wolves, two coyotes. He took two of the dog
kind on the arc. And we know from modern genetics that there's tremendous genetic variation built
into the DNA for each kind of creature. And so creation scientists have been studying, well,
what was the created kind in comparison to our modern classification system? And they think
that in most cases it was equivalent to approximately the family level. The evolutionists just
exaggerate because they focus on species. Evolutionists often claim that it would not be possible to
fit all of the species of life on earth onto a ship the size of the arc, even when factoring just
how humongous Noah's arc actually was. At roughly 50 feet high, 85 feet wide, and more than 500 feet
long, the arc is the largest wooden vessel known to have been built by man. With the USS Wyoming,
a gigantic wooden schooner built in 1909, coming in at second at 450 feet long. Yet, regardless of
size, imagining how the arc could fit 18 million species of all life on earth is a rather elementary
level way of understanding the excellent efficiency of the arc's economy. The reality
is that the sea creatures, insects, and vertebrates, and plant species, did not need to be included on
the arc. You see, God instructed Noah to only bring the vertebrae land animals, and when you
simplify those animals to their genealogical class structure found in Genesis, which is known as a
kind, you can further significantly reduce the number of animal kinds needed down to around
roughly 1400 kinds, or approximately 6,750 animals in total. Of those animals, you also don't need
to bring fully mature adults when smaller juveniles would fit better, eat less, waste less, and live
longer while reproducing in the post-flood world. With roughly 6,750 animals on board the arc, we
can now also estimate that approximately 1,400 cages were needed. And when considering that only
20% of the arc's volume was needed for food storage, you can see that we have plenty of room left over
for cages and infrastructure, with the remaining area able to fit the equivalent of 483 semi-travers
within its volume. It's also no surprise that the dimensions God gave for the arc turned out to be
optimal for stability. In fact, if we were to scale the arc up, it appears that modern cruise ships
have taken notes from the arc's dimensions, as you can see striking similarities in shapes and
proportions that they share. As you can observe, the influences of the arc are alive and well today,
and have long-reaching implications in virtually every field of science, including baromenology,
botany, hydrob dynamics, anthropology, and more. But as compelling as the science behind the arc is,
we must not forget that it is God who orchestrated the events. It was God who decided the time to
judge the world had come. And it was God who was ultimately responsible for the
deliverance of all who were aboard the arc.
In the second book of Peter, we are told that in the last days, before Jesus Christ returns,
people would deliberately ignore the evidence of the flood, whereas the Bible puts it,
they would be willingly ignorant of the flood. Peter tells us that in the last days,
men would mock the Bible and the second coming of Jesus Christ, and instead, they would walk
after their own lusts, just like they did in Noah's day.
You see, just as Noah had faith to carry out God's command to build the arc,
and just as Noah had faith that God would bring them through the flood,
so we too must have faith that God was perfectly capable of preserving Noah,
his family, and all of the creatures aboard the arc. Is it too difficult a thing for the God
who created the universe and everything in it to preserve the life that he chooses?
Of course not. So let us not be counted among those who Peter prophesied would ignore
the evidence of the flood, since we are indeed living near the end.
Instead, let us be named among those who believe in God and his word.
The Bible says that on the day that the reigns of the flood began,
all of the animals with the breath of life were on board the arc with Noah and his family,
and it was God himself who would shut them all in and save them from the coming judgment.
The global nature of the flood is given in the biblical text, and it's quite clear,
especially going to the original terms that are used. The term for the flood itself is Mabool.
The unique Hebrew word, Mabool, it's used only one other place in the Old Testament.
That is in Psalm 29 verse 10 where it says that God sat as king at the flood.
It's a very unique term that sets this account apart from other types of flood.
So this was a unique flood. First we could talk about the flood itself, the purpose of the flood.
Contrary to what many think, it was not simply to destroy sinful man, but also Genesis 6 tells us
to destroy all the land animals and birds, not in the arc with Noah, and to destroy the surface
of the earth. And only a global flood would accomplish that purpose. Then we can talk about
the the arc, the purpose of the arc, was not to save a few animals so Noah could start a farm
after the flood. It was, as Genesis 7 3 says, to keep offspring alive in the face of all the earth.
And then we have the repetition of universal terms. Everything that is under the whole heaven,
under the whole earth. Everything in which is the breath of life. Those words appear 60 times in
Genesis 6, all, every, under heaven. And when you have a repetition of those words, that is emphatic.
Secondly, we have the duration of the flood, 370 days. Why such an extensive flood if it was only
local? I mean, why that duration of the flood? Why it takes so long for it to recede and dry up?
There's no way a local flood could last that long. We have the depth of the flood. It covered all the
high mountains everywhere under the heavens. And since water seeks a level plane, it would have to
be a global flood. When the scripture says that the waters rose to about 24 feet above the mountains,
even if you give the idea that the mountains were not as high as they are now, they were up thrust
after the flood. You still have water only rising to its own level. If we had a local flood, then
obviously there's no need to build an ark. If the flood was local in the Middle East, the ark was
totally unnecessary. The animals didn't need to go in there. And he could have told Noah and his
family to go on a vacation to Europe or Egypt. Noah and his family could have walked to a safer place.
And then why an ark at all? Why was it such a large ark? Why all the animals? Why the birds?
And birds could fly away. There are animals in other places after all of it. It's a local flood.
Just this whole idea that everything included in the ark, two of each kind, means you were
trying to preserve all of life at that point. Only a global flood fits the purpose of the ark.
Then we could talk about the volume. It was way too big if it was just a local flood.
You also have the very theological concept that if you had men elsewhere who were not part of the
judgment of the flood, then the whole idea of a judgment on mankind for corruption of the earth would
make no sense whatsoever. God says, I've seen the wickedness of man that's great on the earth,
not just in one local place, but on the earth. When we come to the New Testament, you have a
passage like 2 Peter 3 verses 5 through 7. It compares a flood that destroyed the world that was
with a future judgment on a coming world, the world that now is. If you had a local judgment
in the past, you'd have to have a local judgment in the future. But of course,
this is the second coming of Jesus Christ to judge his world. And it has to be universal.
Well, if the flood was just a local event, then what do you think? Maybe when Jesus returns,
just a local event? No, it's going to be a worldwide judgment as well.
And I would add one last thing, and that is we can't find the Garden of Eden. People look at
the description of the geography where the Garden of Eden was in Genesis 2. The reason we can't find
the Garden of Eden is because the pre-flood world was completely destroyed. It is now
buried under thousands of feet of sedimentary deposits. So the flood was not a local flood.
The Bible tells us that God looked upon his creation
and behold, it was all corrupt.
For all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth.
Judgment day had finally come.
God said, and behold, I, even I, do bring a flood of waters upon the earth to destroy
all flesh wherein is the breath of life from under heaven. And everything that is on the earth
shall die.
Every non-flood geologist on our planet believes that the planet Mars had a global flood.
Creationists do believe like the unbelievers, like the secular geologists believe Mars did
have a flood. We think it happened the same time our flood did. Maybe an asteroid storm hitting
the inner planets, the rocky planets. Here on our planet, we're now currently covered 70% with water
two miles deep, and they can't buy that we once had a flood. It's very, very easy for them to believe
that Mars had a global flood. But for some reason they can't accept there's plenty of evidence that
we've had a flood. Where did all the water come from for the flood? I mean, where did it come from
and where did it go? Look at the globe. We're three-fourths covered with water two miles deep now.
It's all still here. The most asked questions are where did the water come from for the flood and
where did it go? And the answer is easily explained in the model of catastrophic plate tectonics.
The process of catastrophic plate tectonics is very similar to conventional plate tectonics.
The main difference is the speed or the rate at which these processes unfold. Today, the plates are
moving about a few inches per year. However, during the flood, billion times faster. When the flood
began, it began with these fountains on the bottom of the deep ocean. Where the Bible even says the
fountains of the great deep were opened up. The mid-ocean ridge is 44,000 miles long. Most of it
is underwater. It's why they call it the mid-ocean ridge. And if it all erupted at the same time,
it would have made the ocean floor do this while and then the mid-ocean ridge would have erupted
all around the world at the same time roughly. But that first phase would have caused sea level
to rise a mile, wow! Then this tidal wave coming out from that sudden rise at the ocean floor in
the middle headed towards the continents. Now that would have been the phase one of the flood.
The second phase of the flood, it says, was when the windows of heaven were open. It's no accident
that there's an order given there in the scriptures. The fountains of the deep broke open, that is the
crust breaking open, the water shooting up, the supersonic steam jets and carrying that ocean water
up, then it fell as global torrential rainfall. People all know the flood was 40 days and 40
nights of rain, but the waters prevailed upon the earth for 150 days. When the fountains of the great
deep broke open, as the Bible describes, that's the description of the fracturing of the pre-flood
crust. You've got molten material that's expanding as it solidifies, the new ocean floor expanded,
that pushed up sea level. That means that the ocean floor is actually going to rise. The ocean
waters rose up to cover the continents, the new ocean floor cooled and it shrank and therefore
sea level fell and the ocean waters drained off. The flood waters are still present on the earth's
surface today. They went into the new ocean basins that were produced as a consequence of the flood.
In fact, the earth is still 70% covered in water. Yeah, the water's still here. It's deep in those
trenches. Some of the trenches are eight. Now we find out 10 miles deep. If we had lower land
formations and a higher ocean floor, we would probably be a water planet today with no land
surface. And it's scraping the bottom of the barrel to try to say where did all the water go.
It's still here and it's very easy to explain that the same water, mostly the same water that's here,
would have been adequate to have flooded the earth at one time and that the situation has changed,
that water is now in deeper basins. Not a problem in the flood model at all.
We're all familiar with the theory about Pangea, which holds that the continents were once connected
to form a supercontinent that later broke apart through a process called plate tectonics.
Catastrophic plate tectonics is essentially the same idea as conventional plate tectonics,
except that the timeline and events are all centered around the year of the flood instead of
millions of years of slow processes. You may be surprised to learn that it was a man named
Abraham Ortelius, a famous cartographer from the 1500s who first proposed the idea that the flood
of Noah may have been responsible for tearing apart the Americas from Europe and Africa.
Hundreds of years later, another Christian by the name of Antonio Snyder Pellegrini would first
theorize the modern concept of continental drift, in which he illustrated two maps
depicting the continents of the world as once joined together. This was decades before German
geologist Alfred Wegener would propose his own version of the theory, known today as Pangea,
and be erroneously dubbed the father of continental drift. Antonio was snubbed of this honorary title.
His crime was citing the book of Genesis, in which he said he made the discovery that at the
beginning of creation there is only one continent. You see, the book of Genesis laid out exactly what
happened to the earth in the past during the flood, starting with what the Bible calls the fountains
of the Great Deep Opening. It wouldn't be until the 1950s that technology initially developed to
detect submarines underwater would stumble across these gigantic scars from the fountains of the
Great Deep that had split open, exactly as the Bible had described. How did a book thousands of
years old know exactly what was at the bottom of the ocean floor? The Bible says that first
these giant subterranean rifts broke open, piercing the earth's crust, spewing magma that
created steam jets that shot up into the sky. Then the book of Genesis says that the waters
poured down as torrential rain through the windows of heaven that were opened up, and that the rain
lasted 40 days and 40 nights. The supercontinent that the book of Genesis described is now beginning
to break apart. At first, the newly partitioned continents oscillate, slamming into each other
before starting their ultimate journey of separation. This closes seaways and forms
volcanoes and mountains in the Americas and Europe, such as the Appalachian and Caldonian ranges.
The sea floor spreads, forming from molten magma, widening the separation between the new continents.
Scientists will later discover that the sea floor at the mid-Atlantic ridge is much younger than the
sea floor in other parts of the world, exactly as the Bible suggests. As this newly emerging
volcanic floor spreads, it subducts under the west coast of North America, binding and releasing,
causing massive tsunamis, carrying mud mixed with sea creatures, totally overwhelming the land.
As what's known as the Kondrigod-Shatsky Rise pushes up during the subduction, the Rocky Mountains
also began to form, along with the Independence Dyke Swarm, a 400-mile long volcanic region that
billows ash that covers half of America. As the western interior seaway emerges during this time,
the last of the dinosaurs are flooded, mixed together with sea life and are buried in mud,
sand, and ash in the middle of America. As we near the end of the flood, activity begins to cease,
as the sea floor stops spreading and begins to cool. As the new massive ocean floors cool and
retract, the waters reverse back down into the new ocean basins and recede as much as a mile.
All over the earth, trillions of fossils are left behind as incredible evidence
of the worldwide catastrophic flood.
The most compelling evidence for a global flood is the sediment record itself. All over the earth,
what's under your feet, hundreds of distinct horizontal layers, generally with smooth interfaces
between the layers. The only way that such a record could have come into existence is global
scale processes producing the whole record in a single global event. All over the world, the layers
are flat and there's no river channels in them. Think about what you see at the Grand Canyon.
You see these flat pancakes one on top of another, just flat, flat, flat, flat. They're
basically erosionless. Here's how they formed. At the beginning of the flood, there was movements
of the crust. Crustal movements actually caused earthquakes. Earthquakes in water caused tsunamis.
The tsunamis then originating from the ocean areas would then race across the continents. Once
the tsunami lost its power, the sediment would settle down out of the water and form a flat
layer at the bottom. That's the first layer. Then another earthquake in a different part of the
world sets off a tsunami, maybe a week later, maybe a day later, brings in a different sediment.
The tsunami runs out of power in this area. The sediments in the water settle to the bottom
and form another flat layer. There's no erosion. Again, you have a third tsunami bringing in these
sediments, third layer. My simulations indicate that these tsunamis were large enough for a
single tsunami to sweep all the way across a continent. These layers were formed underwater.
That's why they were so confusing to so many people. It's fascinating to see the evolution
scientists explain their dig sites. For example, at Dinosaur Provincial Park, they have 10,000
dinosaurs buried in this flat layer. You ask the site paleontologists, well, how did these
10,000 dinosaurs get in this flat layer? Well, they died in a river in flood. Oh, what was the
shape of the river bottom? It was a flat river bottom. So you're saying this river that was so
strong that could bury 10,000 dinosaurs over five miles wide, which would be a raging river,
wasn't strong enough to cause an erosion channel? Why isn't there a river cut from this river
channel? Why isn't there erosion from that river? The answers make no sense in light of this flat
problem, the erosion less problem. What we see at the Grand Canyon is that the layers got bent at
the edge of the plateau. Because the folding was smooth, when the sediments were still soft,
the whole sequence had to be formed rapidly during the flood and then bent at the end of the flood
while they were still wet. And so these folds are very strategic evidence, tying together all the
layers and it emphatically demonstrates that the millions of years never happened. Or the fact that
you have what are called polystrate fossils, they're usually trees that go through more than one layer.
These trees have three layers that are supposedly 30 million years worth of rock around them.
You know that if you start accumulating sediment around the bottom, that sediment would eat away
at the bark, the bark would rot and the tree would die even sooner, would fall over even less than
100 years. But here we have trees vertical fossilized with three layers. In the worldwide flood,
trees were swept up and they were floating on the top. Now eventually the trees became waterlogged
and sank to the bottom. Now trees normally sink horizontal, but some trees as discovered by Dr.
Steve Austin, when they sink, they sink vertically. If a tsunami wave comes, and there was a lot of
tsunami waves during the flood and brings in sediment, when the tsunami wave loses power,
the sediment in the wave settles into a flat layer at the bottom. Maybe a week later or a day later,
another tsunami wave comes in from a different direction. When the tsunami wave loses its power,
the sediment begins to fall and now it forms a second layer on top of the first amongst this
vertical tree that hasn't fossilized yet. Now if that tree could be buried with 30 feet of sediment
in just say a week, you could easily accumulate the entire Grand Canyon stack layers in a year's
time. It is the explanation that defeats the evolution time and it actually defeats the theory
of evolution. This is a single most important geological fact and nobody seems to teach us in
college or in the evolution world. Evolutionists claim that the earth is millions of years old
and one of their so-called proofs are stratified rock layers found within the geologic column.
Evolutionists teach that each layer represents millions of years of rock formation based upon
their uniformitarian view that says you can make assumptions about the past based upon processes
today. But in doing so, you're assuming that there are no catastrophic events like a global flood.
Evolutionists also ignore the flood evidence contained within these rock layers like sea
creatures mixed together with land creatures. Just ask any coal miner anywhere on earth they dig,
they find countless sea creatures embedded in the rock. You see the Bible refutes evolution
theory stating that it has only been roughly 6,000 years since the beginning of creation giving the
true account of how the sedimentary layers formed as sedimentary rock is rock that is formed in water
which is also incredible testimony of a worldwide flood given that the earth's surface is made up
mostly of water formed sedimentary rock layers. The fact that the layers were actually formed in
water also explains why there is no erosion found in between the layers as there would be if the
layers took millions of years to form. Then there is the issue of bended and folded rock which could
only occur if the layers were pliable and soft at the time of the bending which is exactly what a
global flood would cause. The bent layers also prove that their formation was rapid with multiple
layers forming rapidly on top of each other because the bottom layers would still have to be saturated
with water and didn't have enough time to dry out. As forces acted upon the layers they bent in unison
from top to bottom. Claiming these layers folded together over millions of years while still forming
cannot explain what geologists are observing. Only underwater rapid burial could explain these
phenomena remembering that sedimentary rock layers of which these are are formed in water in the first place.
To further prove that these rock layers were formed quickly and in the flood is the fact
that in countless places around the world we find poly straight trees. Poly meaning many and straight
referring to the multiple layers that these trees are running through. If you understand anything
about how organic matter decomposes you'll know that it's impossible for trees to remain intact
for millions of years while layers of dirt and debris slowly piled around them and rain and
moisture wrought the wood out. Instead what the evidence shows is that trees were swept up in the
flood and carried off and as they became more waterlogged they sank. Some trees would sink
uniformly while other trees contained more water saturation in what was left of their bottom roots.
These trees would be bottom heavy and float down to the floor but rest upright. Tsunami waves would
carry in sediments that would bury the trees quickly in multiple layers. In fact geologists
discovered that the same sand from the eastern side of America had been carried in tsunami waves
all the way to the west side of the continent. This explains how the rock layers contained
fossils of sea creatures mixed in with land plants and it also explains why the trees are missing
their root systems and most importantly why the trees are found running straight through multiple
rock layers that evolutionists are claiming are millions of years old. Let's also not forget that
some of these layers are the size of continents indicating that these trees and rocks were laid
down in a single and catastrophic event and not local floods at different times. Today we assume
that fossils are a normal part of the cycle of life since we see so many of them all over the
world yet fossilization is not what we observe at all when something dies today. Thankfully dead
matter does not fossilize today under normal conditions but instead God made dead matter to
break down and return to the earth. The fact that we see so many fossils indicates that there was a
worldwide event that caused mass fossilization of all life on earth at one point in time. Think about
if the earth today is covered 71% in water. Water formed sedimentary rock layers made up most of the
rock on earth. Inside those rock layers are sea creatures mixed in with land creatures. Some of
these sedimentary layers span entire continents meaning they were formed all together in one event.
Multiple layers are bent and folded together proving rapid burial events created them. We find
trees spanning through multiple layers of rock and all over the globe we find massive areas of
erosion such as great canyons carved out. It is obvious that God left all of this evidence behind
as a testimony to the biblical flood. The second most powerful evidence are the fossils that are
in these sedimentary layers. To produce a fossil requires in most cases especially for the larger
kinds of organisms requires complete burial and rapid burial and that automatically speaks of
catastrophic conditions. So the fact that we find so many fossils so well preserved many of them
with evidence that the animals were buried alive is another powerful evidence for a flood
cataclysm. There's a lot of fossils in museums in fact the museums are full that they don't want
any more fossils the basements are full museums have collected one billion fossils and scientists
suggest that in the rocks and you can find these there are trillions of fossils. If you see an animal
die along the side of the road like a possum or a deer pretty soon that deer or that possum is gone
the bones disintegrate scavengers come the mice eat the bones the pelt falls apart 10 years later
it's just dust there's nothing and yet there's these trillion fossils here's why we have a trillion
fossils there was this enormous flood it was a worldwide flood tsunamis were racing across bringing
in sediment and quickly burying these animals as the flood receded all this ocean water percolated
back through these through the sand that was covering the animals and provided the minerals to
change the bones into fossils and that's how you get trillions of fossils you have to have a worldwide
flood. The one thing we frequently observe is that the fossils have been exquisitely preserved what
do i mean by that well we find all the details preserved in place for example fish about to
swallow another fish and and it's been buried that tells you it had to be very rapid to preserve
those details another example we've got ichthyosaurs which are marine reptiles some of these up to six
feet long and they've been buried within the process of giving birth to a baby another case of
you know 10 12 foot long fish with an undigested fish in its stomach the details of of of wings of
of wasps the wings are open and the legs are in the flight position what can we think about
they were flying and those insects were trying to skate they're trying to go somewhere but they just
got trapped with all the sediments of the waters of the flood and that that's why we can study them
all these details require extremely rapid burial it fits exactly with what the bible says it's
consistent the destruction of the flood was rapid sudden catastrophic on a global scale
preserving these creatures sometimes in in in life positions caught in the in the action of doing
something and the details exquisitely preserved that's consistent with the biblical record of the flood
it may surprise you to learn that all of the rock layers of the world the name rock layers like the
cambrian the Jurassic all of the layers of the world have saltwater creatures well what greater
proof would you need that this was from a worldwide flood that there's saltwater creatures in all
the layers now this is in the middle of the continents how did these saltwater creatures get
here it would have to be a flood now the evolution scientists have to explain where these saltwater
creatures came from how they got there you're saying mr evolution scientists that they're saltwater
creatures in all these layers and you're saying the oceans rose covered the middle of the united
states and went back down went back up went back down multiple times at least a dozen times
akam's razor would say it's more simple to believe in one flood than more than a dozen worldwide
floods it was in the 1980s that the secular geologists began to move to catastrophism and
move away from uniformitarianism as soon as it suited their needs they went to catastrophism
when it served their purposes to help explain the extinction of the dinosaurs notice flood provides
a better explanation for the demise of the dinosaurs than the impact in yucatan simply
because that event is so small so localized there's no way it could have a physical effect that would
would cause the dinosaurs to be buried the way we find them and nobody in the secular world even
claims that they say well it it produced climate change that caused the dinosaurs to starve to death
if you go on wikipedia today and look up dinosaur extinction or chikzulub crater an asteroid
sunk and hit the earth caused a global cooling because all the dust in the air and the dinosaurs
died out at that time we have simulations where we've thrown the the chikzulub seismometer right on
the earth using high-performance computing and then we get the subduction event and we get the
breakup of the lithosphere and we start the earthquakes we start the volcanoes actually
meteorite impacts could have initiated that event but it has no power to explain the burial of these
huge animals in the sediment record in the 1980s secular scientists began to theorize that it was
an asteroid that crashed into the earth and wiped out nearly all of life on its surface the theory
posits that massive tsunamis and volcanic dust-filled air as a result of the impact are what destroyed
the dinosaurs and most other life in a worldwide disaster secular scientists could not escape the
fact that water and volcanism played a massive role in how life was once wiped out on earth
but the bible had already written that the earth had been catastrophically destroyed through
volcanism and water and they didn't want to validate the bible so they came up with their
own catastrophic version of events i.e. the asteroid impact theory you see the bible's book of genesis
had already made clear what happened in the past in detail describing volcanic activity bursting
open from the ocean floors chronicling when the volcanic activity began and ceased how long the
rain poured how high the waters reached as well as giving the very reason why god judged and destroyed
the world with the flood in the first place you are essentially given two choices today on the one
hand you have a book written thousands of years ago giving an amazingly detailed account of a
worldwide flood that wiped out virtually all life on earth on the other hand you have man-made
theories in this case one that was only first postulated about 40 years ago due to the inadequacy
of their prior non-catastrophic models that they know really didn't work both views require a
catastrophic event with global implications but only one has the power to actually explain the
stratification of the earth's surface and the trillions of fossils along with cultures around
the world citing a global flood in their historical writings and legends while the other
merely rearranges elements from the true account to concoct its own story think about it the bible
already said long ago that the entire world's surface was destroyed catastrophically they
have no choice but to make that same claim the bible said that the continents were once together
in the beginning it looks like they have to share that too nearly all animal life on earth
was wiped out during the destruction a fact that they also couldn't ignore marine life was scattered
across the world the bible says the waters went above the highest mountains secular scientists
formulated their own theories as to how to explain the marine fossils away the earth's original
environment was permanently destroyed the pre-flood paradise was gone in the secular model they
refer to this as the prehistoric world going extinct and let's not forget that the flood
set the processes into motion for much of the world to be frozen over hot oceans produce evaporations
and greater snowfall volcanoes send volumes of aerosols into the atmosphere blocking the sun
greater snowfall with cooler summers results in global ice sheets evolutionists have called
these results of the flood the ice age one of these is constantly being proven true as more
and more evidence is discovered over time while the other was only invented after the evidence was
unearthed and further still contained within the bible is also the prediction that all of this would
happen in the second book of peter we are told that in the last days which is the time fast
approaching unbelievers would be willingly ignorant of the flood meaning that secular men and women
would consciously choose to believe and create lies that allow them to push the catastrophic event
into the distant past so long ago and so far away it ceases to be scientific history and becomes
scientific fantasy the irony can only be described as a biblical the bible makes it clear that the
end times would be characterized by increasing unbelief of the biblical account of history
and the flood event itself sadly the religion of evolution is one in which its priests are constantly
updating their outdated theories while in the bible we are given the final true and unchanging
account and as the evidence is unearthed over time the biblical account is always proven to be true
if you go to a museum today and look at the dinosaur displays you'll notice that the animals
look strange and unusual with the dinosaurs have you ever seen a boa constrictor at a museum display
wrapped around a t-rex's leg no but they have found boa constrictors with dinosaurs have you
ever seen a box turtle at the feet of a stegosaurus no but they found box turtles with dinosaurs have
you ever seen a t-rex with a duck flying over him no but ducks have been found with dinosaurs all
seven groups of animals today have been found with the dinosaurs and they look the same museum
displays don't show that so if they actually put the animals they found with the dinosaurs
people would look at those displays and say well evolution hasn't occurred it's just the
dinosaurs went extinct but scientists have withheld the modern animals from their dinosaur
displays to promote the idea that evolution occurred you know the soft tissue analysis
in dinosaurs it's been recent has been a little bit of an enigma to those who believe that the
earth and universe is really old mary switzer in the 1990s and early 2000s first found this like
elastic material in arteries elastic material means you pull it and it and it and it reloads back to
its original place dinosaur soft tissue is a very recent finding they don't want it really getting
out it's not in any of the textbooks this lady cracked open or cut open one of the bones and you
could smell the putrification dinosaur bones shouldn't smell like they're dying because they've been
dead for millions of years right well a little bit later mark armitage started looking at the
horn of the triceratops but he found bone materials tissue and bone the osteocytes that actually you
pull it and it had strains strains are how much you've deformed something it had up to almost 100
percent strain muscle tissue in the santana raptor fossil and it was like dinosaur beef jerky on the
leg bone of a dinosaur it was the actual muscle this desolosaurus bone the same thing we started
looking inside of this bone and we found using scanning electron microscopy that it had elastic
material it had tissue you pull it apart and it goes back if this was mineralized or was a fossil
to became a rock you couldn't do this so it was never mineralized never petrified it was still
elastic means you was still the tissue that means this thing is not 100 million years old
the biblical account expects to find some of that stuff so like what was it bone marrow
red blood cells cartilage collagen hemoglobin and muscle fiber proteins these things shouldn't
be able to last but a hundred thousand years tops but these things were a hundred million years old
okay 68 million years old closer to a hundred million the amino acids in the protein strands
would unbuckle and fall apart into protein powder and there is no explanation to this day nothing
that makes any decent scientific sense and it's just been left as an anomaly nildegras tyson
interviewed mary schweitzer and some others and then turned the attention to the medullary
layer they tried to distract the attention away from the red blood cells the medullary
layer was there showing that uh the t-rex that this bone came from was at the time carrying eggs
that's really what we call a shell game a smoke and mirrors game a dog and pony show
meant to distract away from the elfin in the room which was there were proteins in that t-rex bone
now mark armadage work at university of california did find soft tissue inside of a triceratops
and when he published that finding they fired him so they are willingly ignorant
squelching the truth and this is actually not science this is propaganda now we're talking
about thought control and the mind police they wanted to fire him because they felt that this
was a religious position when really he had only brought forth a scientific discovery
in 1993 a film titled Jurassic Park featured a rather famous scene in which the remains of an
ancient mosquito were preserved encased in a ball of hardened ember the film goes on to explain that
the way scientists could resurrect the dinosaurs from the past was by extracting blood from the
remains inside this mosquito in which dinosaur dna could be fully sequenced by combining what was
missing with that of a modern day frog this idea came about because back in the 90s the writer
michael craigton was struggling to come up with a concept to explain how dinosaurs could somehow
be brought back to life in a feasible way in his book of the same title what the Jurassic Park
creators couldn't have imagined was the discovery of soft tissue inside of a dinosaur bone a finding
that has since been replicated by other scientists such as this stretching triceratops tissue
discovered by mark armaditch these discoveries shocked the entire paleontological community
and would likely have rewritten the original Jurassic Park film had they known this was possible
at the time in fact scientists have run into major challenges when attempting to publish these
findings because of the wholesale rejection that dinosaur soft tissue could even still exist the
consensus at the time agreed that it was completely impossible because everyone held to the widespread
belief that the bones were millions of years old which would require that all of their biomaterial
had long since fossilized there was simply no way that these dinosaur bones contained biomaterial
like blood vessels and proteins such as collagen in fact of these 16 types of bioorganic materials
that have since been discovered inside dinosaur bones collagen by itself ends the debate on
these bones being millions of years old as the maximum age of collagen is as low as 10 000 years
by some estimates and as high as 900 000 years by others with 100 000 years being the generally
agreed upon maximum age to put this into perspective if each of these tiny bars represents a period of
100 000 years then only one of these bars represents the maximum age collagen could survive over time
if we zoom out to the time span of 100 million years then we can see that the lifespan of collagen
is 1000 times shorter than the general age evolutionists claim dinosaur bones are or another way to say
it is that collagen doesn't even last 0.001 percent as long as it would have to in order for
evolution theory to work proving that it's not even remotely within the realm of possibility
that collagen could survive for so long the relatively short shelf life of collagen proves
what the bible has been saying about these bones all along that they're roughly 4 400 years old
and were buried all over the world around the time of nois flood
as the flood waters began to recede the earth was in a state of chaos dinosaur
graveyards like these would later be found all over the earth and secular paleontologists agree
that these worldwide sites share one thing in common the state the bones are found in all show
evidence of flood burial and now you understand exactly where the water came from water that
would eventually dry up because it didn't belong there in the first place the whole earth would
undergo a massive reset as vegetation would slowly grow back and water would find its final resting
places sadly the earth that was once a perfect habitat for dinosaurs was now irrevocably ruined
and those dinosaurs that were able to survive would be hunted to extinction over time we know them
as dinosaurs but legend would remember them as dragons
and so it was that on the 17th day of the seventh month the ark rested upon the mountains of
ararat it was a little over a year after the flood began that noah his family and all on board the
ark would finally step onto dry land again this group of eight people would repopulate the earth
just as legends around the world cite in their historical literature
and science would later prove that this genetic bottleneck really did occur
exactly as the bible had told us all along
in terms of looking at the way ideas progress we know that history can become more mythical myth
as a core idea cannot become more historical it doesn't go the other way history can become more
historical myth becomes more mythical and if you start with myth you end up with myth you can never
go the other way so we can see as a genre how different they are there's been about 200 flood
traditions discovered by anthropologists and missionaries and others and many of these flood
traditions come from people groups that don't even live near the ocean there are hundreds of flood
legends from around the world but in many of these cases you have huge similarity to the
biblical account you have one righteous family that is saved and the reason for the flood is
because god was angry the gods were angry at something that humanity had done they all talk
about man and animals surviving on some kind of a boat there are lots of similarities but the true
account is in genesis some of the evidence of that is just in the description of the ark the
Babylonian Gilgamesh epic has a cube for the ark well that would just roll in the water and
everything would die the biblical account has a flood its duration is 371 days but when we come
to the Gilgamesh epic it's merely six days it's only took one week to build this huge ark where
it took no what probably 55 years or something in that range to construct his ark the biblical
account is the true account and these other stories are the result of people migrating
from the tower of babel after the flood and preserving in their memory an echo of the true
account that is recorded in genesis and the farther they moved away from the middle east and any
contact with the true account the more the the story got corrupted over time and so that explains
the differences as well as the similarities the biblical account by all a measure stands independent
from the others they certainly had a common core in history there was an event that happened
we've actually recorded about 23 different accounts that are very similar to babel where people were
trying to build this tower and the gods were angry or god was angry and forced them to scatter by
confusing their language and then from genesis 12 onward we don't see similarities anymore there's
no abraham legend there's no isek legend or david legend anything like that but genesis 1 through 11
people all around the globe seem to know about why well because what the bible is telling us is
true and up until genesis 11 at the babel event mankind had a shared history and then they took
that history with them they passed it along and it gets distorted as the years go by after the flood
god blesses noah and his sons tells them to be fruitful and multiply fill the earth the same
sort of thing that he told adam needs so in a sense man gets to start over and yet what do we
see just a few generations later the people refuse to scatter they said no we're going to stay right
here in the mesopotamian valley and uh they began to build a tower they had a one world government
genesis 11 tells us that god stopped that building project by supernaturally creating different
languages to force the people to move apart according to their families into different nations
people then who were biologically genetically very close began to marry within their language group
and from what we know of genetics that would bring out recessive genes to become dominant
and physical characteristics associated with that but the bible is very clear there's only one race
adam's race paul says that god made from one man or one blood all the nations to dwell upon the
face of the earth so there's absolutely no basis for saying that one group of people with a certain
shade of brown skin are superior or inferior to some other people who have a different shade of
brown skin we have no basis to hate people that look different from us because in reality everybody
looks different from me so if i were going to hate people that look different from me i'd have to
hate everybody so we should be loving and accepting because we're all descended from the same couple
adam and eve you know the interesting thing is that most evidence shows that humanity started
in the middle east which we expect if terra bevel was true all these languages seem to have diverged
from about that region
as what was now left of the ark rested in the mountains of errat god made a covenant with noah
promising him and all of his posterity that he would never again destroy the earth
and all life on it with a flood
and god blessed noah and his sons and commanded them to once again multiply and spread out upon
the earth but on the plains of shinor men disobeyed god's command and instead they came together
to build a city and a great tower they intended to reach to the heavens in an ultimate act of
rebellion and rejection of god but god came down and put a stop to their tower by dividing their
once unified language into many languages and out of confusion and fear they stopped building
the tower and dispersed into what would become the nations of the world
it was within a few centuries after noah and his family departed from the ark
that the people of the world were of one language but today there are over 7 000 languages in the
world which trace back to an ancestral family group that each belongs to for example italian
can be traced back to latin its root language family however when linguists attempted to trace
the root language families further upstream they encountered a serious problem the language
families would eventually lead to dead ends otherwise known as language isolates this directly
contradicts the merged root language that evolutionists were expecting to find or what some linguists
theoretically call the elusive proto-world language instead what they find are a bunch of languages
that seemed to have emerged out of nowhere unless of course you factor in the events that took place
at the tower of babel which provides an incredible explanation evolutionists refuse to accept
further still consider that when you trace known languages on a map something very telling occurs
many of the earliest languages trace back to one location on earth a place commonly referred to
as the cradle of civilization mesopotamia and what's also revealing is that the time frame of
many languages also trace back to that approximate point in time which is just after the flood and
tower of babel in the third millennium bc furthermore linguists believe that approximately 94 proto
language families should exist in theory and they also believe that this number may lower over time
as more research leads to more mergers by no coincidence there are approximately 70 people
groups in the biblical table of nations recorded in the bible around the time of the babel event
what are the odds that the estimated root language families so closely reflect the same
number of the nations the bible lists at the time of the tower of babel and what's more
is that these people groups also have myths and legends within their cultures of both an ancient
flood that destroyed the world and a time when their ancestors attempted to build a tower these
stories of course vary but the core elements tend to remain intact with the Cherokee and other
native american tribes even including that their language was once changed much earlier in history
as only one example of hundreds in like fashion human genetics also reveal a similar pattern to
the languages as the genes extracted from over 100 human remains from the so-called bronze age
error revealed that the further back in time you go the less genetic mixing there was with their
data showing relatively unmixed genetic lineages around the time of babel which of course is no
coincidence only god's supernatural intervention can explain the multifaceted bottleneck we see
across so many fields of science it was at this event that god changed the entire course of human
history once again it was also after babel that god instituted human government and at a time when
nationalism is being attacked by those wishing to establish a one-world government it is important to
remember that it was god who divided the world into nations it was god who was against the man-centered
godless society mankind was beginning to fashion and as any historian will tell you history has a way
of repeating itself
when we come to the story of Noah's ark it's more than just a story it certainly is a part of vital
history there was an ancient world and that ancient world because of corruption was destroyed by a flood
and that was the judgment that was on mankind since man has not changed there is yet a future
judgment coming it'll be just as it was in the days of Noah they'll be giving and taking in marriage
they were having families they were doing their work they were just living life as normal they
didn't believe the judgment was coming the flood did come and people were not ready before the flood
people were eating and drinking and married and giving in marriage with a total disregard to the
building of the ark to what was being preached to them to all the things around them and jesus says
just before he returns people will be in rebellion ignoring god just going on living their life as
if god doesn't exist they will be surprised when jesus comes and brings judgment there was a judgment
that happened there's a judgment that is coming we need to be prepared the bible does talk about
the last days the end times biblical evil if you look at all of the different old testament
accounts would be idolatry witchcraft the occultism demon worship and things like that
and the perversions that go along with with these things public schools now are teaching against
the idea of marriage they want to corrupt the minds of innocent hearts long before they've
even thought about sex it's the earliest possible age not just sexualized but sexualized in terms of
all possible forms of deviation of course we have the plague of abortion the sins of molek
the the burning of children the plague of sex trafficking and the exploitation of the vulnerable
these things are the evils and the darknesses of our age and they're become more prevalent and even
massively institutionalized it's a very good sign not a good sign but an accurate sign that we're in
the same kind of darkness that was in the days of noah and you see that we are in that darkness now
when's the lord coming back the bible says that nobody knows but when it comes everyone's gonna
know all it wants like lightning across the sky and i tell you i want to be on the right side who
doesn't like being on the winning team at the end i know in this case it's especially vital in the
eternity sense eternity is a timeless thing we don't understand infinity but we do know it's
permanent the second coming is a wonderful wonderful image but it's also a time of judgment
it's also a time of finality it's also a time of justice just as the flood
came suddenly so the second coming of christ will be sudden just as the flood was certain
so the second coming of christ is certain and will actually happen that judgment of the flood
is a warning of the judgment to come
Jesus Christ is the most written of an influential person in all of world history
but what has made so many throughout the millennia believe that he is who he says he was
god in human flesh the savior of mankind the messiah who was prophesied of in the bible
you see the bible is the only book on earth that has repeatedly proved its inspiration of god
by virtue of telling us the future in advance for example around 626 bc jeremiah the prophet
predicted israel would be conquered jerusalem and the temple would be destroyed and the
Babylonians would rule over god's people taking them captive into exile for 70 years
and shortly after his prophecy was written that's exactly what happened around 587 bc
then there's isiah who wrote that Babylon's gates would open for syris a king who wouldn't be born
for over 150 years and in 539 bc the formidable city's gates were indeed opened to a king named syris
and his army and as foretold Babylon was destroyed which both Jeremiah and isiah prophesied would
happen and then there's the famous prophecy of daniel in which he predicted the appearance of the
messiah claiming that he would come 483 years after a decree would be made to rebuild Jerusalem
which is exactly the time in which jesus appeared and when it comes to jesus fulfilling prophecies
there are hundreds concerning him alone scripture said that the messiah would be born in Bethlehem
that the christ would live in Galilee he would teach parables be rejected by the rulers be betrayed for
30 pieces of silver and it was even prophesied that he would be crucified not stoned to death
at a time when crucifixion hadn't even yet been invented furthermore there are other prophecies
much like daniels that also tell us the timeline of the messiah his birth had to happen before the
scepter of Judah departed while the temple was still standing but before it would be destroyed
and very notably he had to come while genealogical records still existed to prove his lineage was
of the line of david those records perished when the temple was destroyed in 78 d strikingly Jesus
christ walked the earth during exactly the critical period when a multitude of prophecies about the
messiah converged you see jesus warned us that in the last days the time we are now on the threshold
of there would come a false messiah who would deceive many into believing that he is the one
prophesied about scripture refers to this false messiah as the antichrist the bible says that during
this short period of time soon to come the antichrist and his system of governance will rise to power
much like what happened at the tower of babel this singular entity will rule with nationalism
in many places being abolished as their sovereignty will collapse into a single system of total control
many who don't think and believe as the antichrist declares will not be able to buy or sell many will
be put to death today a mass global awakening is transpiring where individuals irrespective of
politics discern the burgeoning antichrists like infrastructure that is developing all around them
with many recognizing that the plagues famines wars hyperinflation lawlessness and acts of nature
prophesied of in the bible are appearing to be orchestrated by design a deliberate transition
as we are on the cusp of a satanic rise of power a time the bible calls the great tribulation
it's a time in which god will focus his attention back on israel specifically as israel is at the
center of many of the biblical prophecies which have yet to be fulfilled even now we can already see
one such prophecy found in the zakarai in which god said that in the last days he would make israel
a nation of distress to all the nations surrounding it incredible insight when considering that such
a small spot on earth will be at the center of a coming global war
and as the climactic end to god's prophetic plans draw near the lord's return and israel's
redemption lie ahead out of profound love god postponed his son's return for earthly judgment
you see mankind are all guilty of committing terrible sins before a holy god if each person
were to give an individual accounting to god on their own merit they would certainly face a terrible
judgment but here's the good news god's masterful plan as unveiled in carinthians reveals that while
humanity collectively inherited condemnation through one man's disobedience at them they can
now find forgiveness and salvation through the obedience of one man jesus christ if one man can
bring death to all through his sin then it follows that a sinless man can bring life to all through
his obedience thankfully god and his wisdom and mercy has given us a simple and easy way to be
justified in his sight and that is through his son jesus christ the bible tells us that god created a
perfect world adam sinned and because of adam sin we are all born sinners but we also choose to sin
we choose to rebel against god every one of us has broken the ten commandments in thought or word
or deed through the evil that we have done or the good that we have failed to do through ignorance
through weakness or through our own deliberate fault we're all guilty before god we all deserve
his judgment and the bible says in romans that the wages of sin or the penalty of sin is death
and so god sent his son the lord jesus christ to die on the cross to take the wrath of god for us
pay the penalty for sin and then he rose from the dead proving that he had paid that penalty
that he had conquered death and that he could give us eternal life we need to respond to what
jesus has done every one of us uh no one can respond for us we must each personally acknowledge to
god that we have sinned against him that we deserve his judgment and then put our trust in jesus christ
as our savior and our lord and when we do that we're forgiven we're restored to a right relationship
with god to a personal relationship with god and we're given the gift of eternal life we've heard
that the ark of noah was an ark constructed for the salvation of mankind it had one door in it and
that was a single entrance that was done by design god also only has one way of salvation that way of
salvation in the ark was to preserve them through god's judgment there's the flood and someone had to
trust in god and accept him and come his way which is that one way into the ark in order to be
saved the real problem for us is not the one way to god it's god it's that we're wanting to come to
someone who's now tells us what we need we need his salvation tells us who are sinners which we
don't want to hear tells us we need to depend upon him and i think ultimately all of us deep down
realize we are not what we should be that there is a god who made all these things we certainly
didn't do it all the the creation all the irreducible complexities all the things that exist simply
argue there is a creator if that's the case then we're creatures and what better place for the
creature than in a relationship with the creator the creator made that possible by himself going
through all the things that we go through but ultimately dying in our place because that's
what our sin deserve jesus himself said in john 14 6 he said i am the way i am the truth i am the
life and no one comes to the father except through me so if we come to the one who is god in the
flesh the one who came to provide redemption for us and we trust him and take him at his word he
says i will save you that's the way to god and i'm the way come to me and you have all that was
promised in the bible eternal life a relationship with god and everything that beyond what we can
even imagine in this life is a whole life yet to come that god has promised to those who love him
2000 years ago god the father sent his son to the world to usher in a new era of righteousness
and peace but they rejected the true messiah they hated the very one whom the bible says
created love joy beauty and life itself they took and crucified him in the very place he was to
establish his glorious kingdom but god the father raised him from the dead and made his sacrifice
the salvation for many for jesus christ is the light of the world and in him is no god