The Armoire (2009) Movie Script

Ready or not, here I come.
You know my parents' room
is off-limits, right?
- Tony - We're sure that by
moving here, everything....
You got to get hold of yourself.
Let me give you something to sleep.
It's Tony's mother on the phone.
You know if Tony went straight to
home after choir practice?
No, no, no. I know. I'm Heather.
I know. I know. Just calm down.
Tony came home with me after school.
Well then. Where is he?
After class we did our paper outs
Tony beat me as usual.
We left the paper shack
at about 4:30.
Johnny said he was hungry, so we came
back here for bacon and cream cheese.
And then I suggest that
we play hide and seek.
Tony didn't want to play hide and seek.
Why not?
Well. He said that. No I mean...
Then I said 'please' and he said 'okay'.
Nothing was more important
to Tony than manners.
He always put his napkin on his lap.
Even for a snack.
Who did the hiding and who did the seeking?
Tony would always hide first.
So I counted to ten and
told him I was on my way.
- And then he was gone.
- Yes.
If there was one thing you
could say to Tony, Erin.
One thing.
What would it be?
I know you're in there Tony.
Did you sleep in your
armoire my last night? Yes.
Honey. We'll understand if you wanna
stay home from school today.
I'm fine.
Are you sure?
What are you singing in choir these days?
I know you know not to talk to strangers.
And I know you know if a stranger asks
you to get in his car, you say 'no'.
And if he has candy.. same thing.
I know you know all this
but I gotta say it.
Just like I did when Wendy
Chung went missing last fall
fall and Tammy stolen a few years back.
And Lisa McKay who God
thankfully returned to us.
Hi Lisa.
I've said it before and
I will say it again.
Yes Erin?
Can I be excused to go to the bathroom?
(Voice) Erin...
(Voice) Over here...
I'm in.
Erin... You know you can
come to us whenever...
You're not even my real father.
This isn't normal Glen.
He is not normal.
He is period desk.
I'm gonna ask you some questions.
And I want you to do your best to try
and to answer them as
honestly as you can. Okay?
What do you miss most about Tony?
He was my best friend.
We used to do everything together.
We both loved to sing.
He was a soloist in the school choir.
His family took me to
Disneyland in grade four.
And after grade five,
he came with my family to Disney World.
That's in Orlando.
We used to have a lot of sleepovers.
Mainly at my house,
because I had bunk beds. He had a trundle.
We always fight for the top bunk and
I always get stuck at the bottom.
There was that one time
that Tony slept over.
He woke me up in the morning and
showed me through the crack
of my parents' door.
My stepdad was naked,
and he was doing situps.
Tony thought this was funny.
Did you think it was funny?
I guess so.
Problem was
I couldn't stop picturing
Harry without his clothes.
I told Tony this.
And he said I was weird.
I didn't want to see Harry naked.
But I couldn't help it.
And then one day I just...
stopped picturing him this way.
Hold on.
That was around the time we
had the substitute teacher.
He wasn't like the other teachers.
He let us call him 'Mike'.
Excuse me while I go have
a word with your mother.
How did it go?
Well.. it seems your son is suffering from
what we call an identity crisis.
You're not gonna put him on drugs, are you?
No. Don't worry.
Thank God.
First we'll try hypnosis.
I can hear you.
Breaking news. The body of 12 year old
Breaking news. The body of 12 year
oldTony Bryant was found late this
afternoon in the woods behind
Canyon Crescent Elementary.
Police are saying nothing so
far about cause of death.
An autopsy is scheduled
for later this week.
His mother Heather Bryant has this to
say about today's shocking discovery.
It looks like we have our new soloist.
Tony would be proud.
Do you know the lyrics?
Ten, nine, eight, seven, six,
five, four, three, two, one.
Okay Erin. I want you to take me back
to the day that Tony disappeared.
What do you see?
I'm in the kitchen looking in
the cupboard below the sink.
What are you looking for?
Now what do you see?
I'm in the garage.
I can't find him anywhere
Tell me what you see.
The armoire.
What about the armoire?
Tony's not in there.
Erin. Tell me what you see.
I don't see nothing.
What did you remember, Erin?
Where is my armoire?
It's in the garage.
It's not normal to sleep in a wardrobe.
You have a very nice bed you know.
(Singing Tony) Take us to a dream.
(Singing Tony)Oh screw
I dare you to get back in the armoire.
Let me out.
Let me out. Please.
Not until you say you're sorry.
What for?
For making me play your games.
Let me out, I can't breathe.
You like it in there before, didn't you?
Please Tony.
Not until you say you're sorry.
I'm sorry.
Not until you count till hundred.
Count to one hundred.
Count till hundred and I'll let you out.
One hundred.
Your turn.
Truth or dare?
I dare you to stick your
fork in that contact.
Where have you been?
Dinner is almost ready.
I am ready Tony.
Close your eyes. Rest your head.
You are falling. Deeper.
Watch the shore getting
small as we both sail away.
Feel the breeze on your
face as we're getting... further.
Hear the waves as they crash and
we both sail away.
Sail away.