The Art of War II: Betrayal (2008) Movie Script

Can I help you?
(OPERATOR): You have
one new message.
My name is Jasmine.
I've been contacting
Mother's friends
and past students
and family.
Mother was killed two days ago
in a robbery.
We're having a service at
Rocky Point Beach,
8 a.m., on Sunday.
I hope you'll be
able to make it.
INSTRUCTOR: All stand.
Going this way. Turn.
Shoulder position...
It's good to see you,
man. It's been a long
-It's been a long time.
-You look good.
-So do you.
Sorry about Mother.
I know he meant a
lot to you.
-Yep. He meant a whole
lot to all of us.
SHAW: Wouldn't be here today
if I wasn't for the things
he taught me.
This should be
an interesting crowd.
Well, it's what you'd expect
from a super-agent,
cross-dressing, martial
arts instructor.
SHAW: Amen, Father. Amen.
REVEREND: Well, let's get
Thanks for coming,
everybody. Thanks
for being here.
Mother and I shared a lot
of early-morning walks
along this beach.
Today, we're placing
Mother's remains where
he'd want them to be.
If there's anybody that
would like to share a
few words
in honor of his memory,
now is the time to
do it.
Thank you.
Mother had a lot of
I was one of them.
Mother was my father.
Unfortunately, I didn't
get to meet my father's
But I know that all
of you
will miss his laughter
and his spirit,
and his fashion sense,
as much as I will.
Thank you.
Into thy hands, my Lord,
we place the spirit,
the body and the soul
of Daniel Maurice Clements.
Affectionately known as
Mother by his
In order to be a
martial science, it
needs principles.
-What are those
-Principle objective,
principle surprise,
principle calculation,
principle offensive.
Momma, momma,
Excuse me, Miss
Actually, it's Cruz.
My name is Nigel
I was a friend of your
You know, that's
I thought your name
was Neil Shaw.
I'm sorry.
Excuse me?
My father told me
about you.
Here's my number.
And if you need anything,
anything at all,
just give me a call.
You know you are the
reason why my father is
You really think my father
died in some random
robbery attempt?
He died because
somebody thought he
was a security risk.
Because he knew every
face and every name...
I'm not in that business
Good day, Mr. Shaw.
GARRET: How'd I ever let you
talk me into coming to
GARRET: Anne, not a good idea.
Put the camera away,
SOLDIER: Sir, this is a
hot zone.
Hi, hello I'm Anne, I'm
a journalist.
Your commanding
officer, Captain...
Captain Mitchell has
given me permission
to take photos.
He's approved the
Look, I have an idea. How
about next time try and
report on
Las Vegas show girls,
You'd like that,
wouldn't you?
Hell yeah!
Fancy hotels,
little chocolates on the
pillows. No landmines.
GARRET: Go, go!
Get down!
Out! Get out! Come on, now,
Come on. Go!
ANNE: Behind you!
GARRET: Don't get up.
Stay still.
Now, let's go!
Quick. Come on!
Go. Let's go!
Get in there!
Alright, we got two
options: we can stay
here and die,
or we can get to that
You with me?
GARRET: What do you think?
You don't like the way
it's cut?
-What, man? What'd I do?
-SHAW: Anne is your VIP.
You will stay very close
to her side. If
shield her from sight
with your body.
I mean, you wouldn't
be a cowboy and protector
at the same time,
you know?
You always got my
back, man.
Oh, hey. I got a
great idea for the
next scene.
Excuse me.
-It's Melina. I have
something for you.
Can you come to the
MOTHER: Right horse
Going to your left.
Shoulder position turn.
Shoulder position,
back fist.
Center, turn.
Watch your shoulder
Back fist.
Center, up.
-Knock knock.
I didn't think you
would come.
I'm really sorry about
what I said the other day.
I was upset and...
You said you had something you
wanted to give to me?
Yes, the picture. Just wait.
I was packing up my father's
things and I found this.
And I thought you might
like to have it.
That was a long time ago.
Rest in peace, sir.
Thank you.
Do you mind if I look around a
little more?
Yes, please.
Wow, wow, wow.
MOTHER: Rule number one:
work hard.
Rule number two: work harder.
Remember these moves
if you are challenged.
Ha. A lot of pain in here.
MELINA: I always wished he was
around when I was a
So, where were you?
Um, my mother left the
country when I was a
She didn't even tell
his name until she was
on her deathbed.
I tracked him down.
That was three years ago.
He was a great man.
A great man.
We became very close
in those three years.
Close enough to reveal
secrets that should've
remained secret.
What, are you talking
about yourself?
-Is there more?
-He taught me to dance.
-He taught you the dance?
-He taught me the dance.
Maybe you wouldn't mind
giving me some...
-What, right now?
I mean if you're
scared, I can
But I have to warn you,
I'm a little bit rusty.
Well, you don't look
rusty to me.
I might need a partner.
Will I do?
Oh, I guess you're
leading, huh?
Where I come from,
men usually lead.
Is that so?
-It's Garret. Can you
meet me at the boat?
-I'll be there. Give me 30.
-Alright. Half hour.
-Will you call me?
Yes. I'll call you.
You need more practice.
So, you heard I was
running for Senate?
I did. I saw that.
When I was in the
grocery store waiting
in line.
-It's true.
Seriously bro, I am
getting into politics.
Why would you want
to do that?
GARRET: Politics are where you
can make a difference,
And that is exactly
what I want to do.
I just got one little
And that is what I
believe they call
Who are they?
And why are they
doing it?
I don't know. Maybe
someone who doesn't
want to see me campaign.
Look, take my advice,
-stick to making movies.
-Come on. I'm just...
I'm asking you to maybe
just do a little snooping
I'm not a detective.
Yeah. But you once told me
you worked at one of
those agencies, right?
Can't you make a few
phone calls?
Come on, man.
I'll look into it.
-Thank you.
-Look, Garret,
keep it clean.
You're in politics now.
Got the order form,
right here.
Mr. Garret.
There's a delivery here.
-Hey, where would you like
-Hold on a sec.
-Just throw in there is fine.
Michael, listen to me.
You got 'em by the balls.
Just give 'em a squeeze for
Christ's sake.
It's a hundred grand a
day or I don't show up.
Check on the girls.
Okay, fine.
Well, aren't you going
after him?
Don't have to.
-I like your office.
-Yeah, it's uh, you know.
The crashing of the pins,
it calms me down.
-Uh-huh. I see.
ALEX: Thank you.
GEENA: Shaw.
-What do you got for me?
-I got good stuff. Come on.
Just join us on the other
side, please.
Your FBI buddy Becker
is involved in this.
-GEENA: Yeah, we knew you
wouldn't be happy.
SHAW: Well, that's not good.
Dinner is served.
Check it out.
-ALEX: Cell phone was FBI
-SHAW: Not surprised.
Who's he protecting?
GEENA: You'll love this.
ALEX: Senator Carlson.
And today's Thursday.
SHAW: Carlson, Thursday.
Seems like she's on the same
hit list as Garret.
-Do you know who sent
It's gonna take a bit
There is some
sort of crazy encryption
on the other end.
Where'd you get it?
-Uninvited guest.
-An uninvited guest, huh?
-Cool. An assassin.
-Nope. Not cool.
-Everything cool?
-Yeah. He's back in.
I told you.
SALLAS: Did you know the
Romans, if you hadn't
paid your debts,
would tie you to a stake
and let the lions eat you?
GENERAL: No I can't say
that I do, Sallas.
But I'm sure there
is some relevance.
General, let me introduce
you to the L900 Battle
This uses high-velocity,
uranium-depleted bullets
that are perfectly effective
quarter-inch steel.
Half-inch steel.
The crankcase of a
diesel engine.
Let's go have a
look-see, General.
Five years,
$60 million.
Everything on the line
and we finally have it
figured out.
Take a close look,
His debt's been paid.
Now, can you imagine what I
do to people who don't
take my product seriously?
The L900 Battle Rifle
has my full support.
I knew you'd be
Let me escort you to
your car.
REPORTER: Here we go.
AGENT: She's here.
Getting a satellite
image of the building.
Seconds away.
REPORTER: Senator Carlson,
can you tell us how your
senatorial race is
CARLSON: Shouldn't
you be telling me?
Satellite video,
coming up on the screen.
REPORTER: The polls put you
way out in front.
Can you tell us how
you feel about that?
I'm here to talk about
our booming economy and our
need for more tax cuts.
It's all about the vote.
And that's always held in
Right now, I'm
concentrating on winning my
Senate seat.
They say you can't have
tax cuts and a strong
I say they're wrong.
-And your business plan?
-My five point reduction
MICHELLE: Save it for the
speech, Senator. This way.
CARLSON: I have a lot
more to say.
Good afternoon, Senator. Do
you know what you're missing?
-A vote-for-Carlson pin.
-Thank you.
-It's an honor to meet
you, Senator.
PROGRAMMER: We have audio.
We have a situation.
Suitcase, unattended.
Hold it. Ma'am, we have a
security threat.
-What kind?
-It's an unattended bag.
-Possible code 996. We should
head back to the limo.
SHAW: Senator, we need
to talk.
-How did you get in here?
-It's okay, Michelle.
He's a friend.
Ma'am, I don't think you
should do this.
-Just see to it that we
have privacy. Thank you.
-Yes, ma'am.
Senator Carlson, we have
reasons to believe
that there is going to
be an attempt on your life.
Based on what
A message was taken off
the assassin's cell phone,
targeting you.
We believe it's credible.
CARLSON: There have been
blackmail attempts, smear
campaigns, the usual crap.
But now you're telling
me that someone
wants to kill me?
Yes. That's exactly
what I'm saying.
Do you have any idea as
to who?
No, but I have an idea who
would know. Congressman Grant
I voted against his last
six arms bills. I'm
sure he would know.
Or someone close
to him.
Phillips, Phillips...
Armed Services Committee.
Chairman of.
If I was seen to go
after Phillips directly,
I could kiss my
Senate re-election goodbye.
Congressman Phillips is having
a party tonight.
For friends and wealthy
If you're half as good
as I hear,
you'll manage to poke
around his private office
while everyone is sipping
Champagne and kissing ass.
So you know who
I am?
Why else do you think
I'm sitting here
talking to you?
-Are you going to be
-Of course.
I keep my friends close
but my enemies closer.
Sun Tzu: The Art
of War.
His teachings also
apply to the art of politics.
True that is.
MICHELLE: Ma'am, the bomb
threat's over. We have
to begin.
-Cancel the speech.
Just do it.
Now I see why they
have a problem with you.
Smart lady.
-It's Graham. Got
to talk to you.
Excuse me.
-Neil Shaw is alive.
Last I heard, he was
a corpse on the streets
of New York.
He's been talking to
Senator Carlson.
Senator Carlson?
What the hell is he doing
talking to her?
I don't know. But she
didn't make her speech.
This conversation never
took place.
-Hey, it's Garret.
How's it coming?
Tell me what you know
about Carlson and Phillips.
I can vouch for
Carlson. She's got a
clean reputation.
Congressman Phillips, I know
him personally.
He doesn't seem the type.
What do you mean,
the type?
That would blackmail and try
to assassinate a colleague?
No, Phillips and I
have a business arrangement.
I actually support his
policies. Why would
they come after me?
SHAW: That's what I'm hoping
to find out at the
Congressman's house tonight.
Look, once I start digging,
things are going to get messy.
GARRET: Believe me, I love
Keeps things interesting.
Look, I'll see you at the
party, right?
SHAW: Hopefully not.
Good evening. John, there is
someone I'd like you to meet.
Thank you.
It's a wonderful party,
as usual.
Have you met our local
-Hi, I'm John Garret.
-CARLSON: It's a pleasure.
-Pleasure's all mine.
-Sorry. I'll be back in
a moment.
I understand you're the new
fair-haired boy that's
being groomed
to step out of Phillips'
shadow at the convention.
I think Congressman Phillips
knows what this country needs,
-I didn't think you were
-It's a great party.
And I heard you were a little
uncomfortable with our latest
consultation fee so, I
figured I talk to you face
to face.
It wasn't about the fee.
Then it's about your support.
Mark, I don't support
the bill.
I'm not discussing it
again. Enjoy the party.
I'll be right back.
SALLAS: Senator Carlson,
-we haven't officially
-Mr. Sallas.
I've heard a lot about
Lycar Industries.
Most people have. Our stock
prices doubled over the
past year
and we're looking at
a 25 percent increase over
the next three months.
CARLSON: That's very
Can I help you?
CARLSON: I understand you have
a very successful export
Exports are one thing,
but we have been
actively trying to go after
the domestic military
-ALEX: Yo!
-SHAW: I'm in. Alex, no
footprints on this.
Me and my posse
have never been caught.
-SHAW: Done.
-ALEX: We're in.
I am scanning as we go.
I'm looking.
Okay. Here we go.
We got a backup file.
Everything. Offshore accounts
from a Mark Sallas.
And all of Phillips'
transaction histories.
Encrypt it and forward it to
CARLSON: Everybody's
open for change.
SALLAS: Open yes, but, you
see, not to newcomers.
As you know, I alone don't
have any input into
military procurement.
-No, but if you were to vote
and favor the bill...
Sorry. Excuse me.
I got you, Phillips.
GUARD: Congressman, are you
MAN: The Senator's been shot.
GUARD 1: Check inside.
GUARD 2: I got two men down.
Senator, Phillips is dead.
Please explain to me how this
operation suddenly became a
complete shit-storm.
We underestimated Shaw's
So now he's alive and
Senator Carlson can't shut up.
Wonderful work.
We can attach Carlson to
Phillips' murder anytime.
Not until we know what intel
Carlson can counter with.
For now, Sallas wants
Shaw eliminated.
I'll authorize any support
the bureau can muster.
Isn't that a little risky?
I'm senior officer.
No one will question it.
Search every contact,
every ho he's banged,
every number he's dialed.
Station agents at all his
known locations.
If Shaw so much as
glances at a surveillance
swipes a credit card
or calls someone he knows...
He's dead.
Remind me, we're going to need
more buns.
We're running low...
Thought you didn't
do this shit anymore?
So did I.
Let me tell you a story.
Look, I don't have the time.
-Is it one of those
long ones?
I'll give you the short
But I was in the same
situation, one time.
I was on my last operation.
I was in Cambodia.
I was fighting with some
when one of the rebel
factions decided that
ethnic cleansing would
be in order.
So, they hit the village I
was staying at.
-What did you do?
-I did the same thing
you would have done.
I used every trick I'd
ever been taught and I fought
for those villagers.
I took out 12 killers
that day and I ended
up becoming a target.
But those people,
they kept me hidden for
They gave me food.
They gave me shelter.
They gave me love.
And I was alive
because of them.
And the grace of God.
-And so will you.
-SHAW: Hello.
-Look, I know this is crazy,
but I think someone is
watching me.
-There is a man in a car
-Where are you?
I'm at the aca...
-He's coming toward the
I need some wheels.
You got it.
-Look, you know you don't
have to do this.
-You know I do.
And anything else you
need, you let me know.
We have to call the
Let's go.
I killed that man.
I killed him.
You saved my life.
I don't understand.
Who was he?
I don't think he was
after you.
-I think they were after me.
It's a long story. Just don't
worry about it, okay?
You're going to
be okay.
Melina? It's okay.
How can you keep
saying that?
It's not okay.
I'm going to be
wanted for murder!
You were in a life and death
And you reacted.
You did what you
had to do.
I think it would be safer if
you flew back home.
I'll see what I can find
on the first flight out
and I'll take you to
the airport.
Could you please stop the car?
I think I'm going to be sick.
-Oh yeah, your alias.
Hey. Wow, I thought I was
having a crazy night.
Half the world is looking
for you.
You can't believe everything
you read on the Internet.
Well what the hell is
going on?
Somebody tried to set me
up for a big fall.
what are the chances our
signal is being traced?
You haven't ditched
your phone yet?
-Not yet.
-You're lucky I'm secure, man,
'cause you're holding a
hot potato.
-Look, I'll call you in a
couple hours.
Yeah, give me some of
those too, man.
Oh, damn.
You got any spots?
-MAN 1: Yo.
-MAN 2: What up?
-MAN 1: You got any spots?
-You kidding me, right?
MAN 1: I'm a little light.
I'll call you back.
60 bucks for the tickets,
$40 for the restaurant. What,
you want my bank account?
MAN 1: Why you gotta be that
way? I'm a little light right
now. A little light right now.
MAN 1: I got it next time,
MAN 2: Oh, you're broke,
MAN 1:
Look, whatever, Brokeback.
I'll get you next time.
If you ever gave me the money
you owe me, I'd change
that thing for a Bentley.
MAN 2: Yo, you have my phone?
MAN 1: I ain't got your phone.
MAN 2: Don't play with me,
man, where's my phone?
I ain't got...
Hey, check my man over there.
Hey, ol' man, you got my
-Naw, man.
-Fricking immigrant!
No, he's playing you, man.
He's the only one out here.
Hey, asshole,
did you take my phone?
Hey, got my phone, man?
Hey, whoa, man.
Let's go.
Let's go.
-I'm not going.
I'm not going, I'm not
leaving, I'm not running away.
I'm my father's daughter.
I can take care of myself.
Look, I don't know what the
hell is going on here, but
clearly I'm the target.
And by association, that makes
you a target, too.
Okay, okay.
Let's find a hotel.
PROGRAMMER: Okay, we've got
him again.
Looks like he's heading north.
We have a team already in the
vicinity to intercept.
Get me Becker.
MAN: What's going on, man?
Come on, man.
-Yo, man, I want my lawyer.
-Cool it, cool it.
GRAHAM: Where is he?
What's he driving?
BECKER: He switched cell phone
cards with a couple of gang
He's traveling in some old van
from the Salvation kitchen.
He may or may not be alone.
Get the locals on it.
ALEX: Do you think that
Senator Carlson set you up?
Maybe. But I need proof.
Can you get me
her phone records?
Yeah, no problem.
And Mr. Shaw needs a new
identity, okay, Geena?
Hook him up with the works.
GEENA: Works, ID,
credit cards?
Wow, you are the Senator
are pretty chummy.
It says here that you've
called her over 150 times
in the last year and a half.
I never called
Senator Carlson.
This said that you did.
And this stands up in court.
Hey! Stone's bank account and
credit cards have all
been flagged.
What did you do?
Uh, pissed somebody off.
Okay, somebody is trying to
kill two birds with one stone.
Okay, I see.
This makes it look like
Carlson hired me to
kill Phillips.
That would cancel
both of them out.
Is Carlson under
ALEX: Not yet.
-But she will be.
-ALEX: Yup.
Who stands to benefit the most
from the latest round of
military spending votes?
Same old. L.E.B.,
G. D.
Lycar Industries is
supposed to have the biggest
experimental division.
There's a report on them,
like, every week.
-She's good.
-She is good.
Blogosphere says Lycar is
getting funding
for top secret sci-fi stuff.
Yeah, but Lycar makes most of
its profits from R and D,
licensing technology to third
parties. They're not a big
defense supplier.
But, Lycar Industries'
president is Mark Sallas.
I might have something.
Alex Hahn.
If he's teamed up with Hahn...
Hahn's a messiah
in the world of geekdom.
He founded the Eco Alliance, a
team of killer "hacktivists."
There's no system
that can lock him out.
How the hell do we get hold
of him when he works for us.
Alex just knows and shows up.
If he pays taxes, uses
electricity or has a passport,
his location must be in our
computer system somewhere,
don't you think?
-Find him.
-Yes sir.
MELINA: Any report about the
What happened at the academy
would be
professionally cleaned.
No body, no fingerprints... traces.
Can I ask you
a personal question?
Sure, go ahead.
When you were an agent,
did you kill people?
Yes...a few.
Is that why grew apart
from my father?
Mother was a big fan of the
philosopher of Sun Tzu.
"The supreme art of war
is the ability to subdue
"your opponent
without fighting."
That didn't go very well
with my day job.
My insides got all messed up.
So out of respect,
I kept my distance.
He always thought
you were a good person, Neil.
Maybe I was.
Come on, come on.
Shaw, hey, okay,
I got something.
I hacked back into
that cell phone you gave me.
SHAW: I'll be there.
AGENT: We may have a lead
to Shaw's location.
Let's go.
I'm fucking brilliant!
Who are you?
This is the friend I was
talking about. This is Melina.
Look, it's necessary.
I'll tell you about it later.
It's okay, go with them.
I know, I know. It's cool.
Come on, what you got?
What do you got?
Okay, so it's possible to hack
in and change the phone log.
It's child's play.
But if someone were to look,
it wouldn't match with the
antenna's synchronized
code output.
All right, English.
Every cell call has a personal
imprint from the corresponding
So if it's on your phone bill,
it's tagged.
So if someone really wanted to
cover their tracks,
they would hack into the
antenna database and insert
the right codes.
And that's what they did.
But every hacker leaves
a trail.
And that trail leads to a
building here in LA.
Homeland Security.
Can you get in? We need a
blueprint of the building.
ALEX: It's like a mini Fort
Knox on security steroids.
Guards, guns and cameras 24-7.
Motion detectors inside
and on the roof.
SHAW: Windows.
Lexan and alarmed. Break one
Any suggestions?
Go in as a repairman.
You could ignite the
in the air-conditioner system,
which is mostly chlorine.
That way you create
a crude form of mustard gas...
No seriously, flood the vents,
and watch them hurl.
-Seriously cool.
-That's morbid, is what it is.
Only if you electronically
lock the doors so that
they suffocate
and die a hideously
painful death.
Actually, Geena, the
air-conditioner has just
been upgraded.
Ah, damn it.
What about if we bypass
the system right over there?
Okay, look,
I think I have an idea.
It's simple. And nobody
gets gassed.
But I think it'll work.
Are you sure
this is gonna work?
Inscription codes are codes
that send out seemingly
random data packets.
Actually they're in a
pre-determined sequence.
I can program the surveillance
satellites to identify code
patterns similar to the one
Alex sold the government.
If I eliminate the government
users, Alex will surface and
we've got him.
How long?
-Five minutes.
-You've got two.
Graham: What the hell!
-It's just rats, for
God's sakes.
Just rats, is that all?
Security. Yeah, this is Ben.
Communication offices.
We need pest control up here.
SHAW: Thank you very much.
PROGRAMMER: System tracking.
Get a lock on the address, God
damn it. Shaw's with that
little creep, I know he is.
-Okay, I'm in.
-Okay, it'll be your first
Locking in.
COMPUTER: Lock Building,
upper floor.
Bingo, we've got him.
He's got surveillance cameras
inside and out.
Tapping into them.
We're in.
Switching between cameras.
Wow, Alex Hahn himself.
On your screen.
Where's Shaw?
No, turn around, wrong way,
turn around.
Right, up the stairs.
Up the stairs, good.
Double doors
at the top of the stairs.
I see them.
AGENT: Just a few moments,
almost there.
Team's in the quadrant.
Five miles away.
Audio reception complete
and online.
Oh, I know you're pretty busy
but when you get a chance,
can you give me everything
you've got on Neil Shaw.
Oh, shit.
Oh, uh-uh, hey, two fingers.
Let's go.
Now the rest of you,
two fingers.
Come on, you know the routine.
Now, I want everything you got
on Senator Carlson, John
Garret and Neil Shaw
downloaded to that disk.
Don't show him anything.
That's an order.
Maybe this will
override that order.
Know what this is?
You know what this is, right?
Sarin. Sarin, sarin, sarin.
See, I'm already dead,
so I don't give a shit.
And unless you wanna
join my party
I think you better give me the
information I'm asking for.
SHAW: So, what do you think?
Good girl.
AGENT 1: Mitchell, Davis with
me. Let's go.
AGENT 2: Move it, move it!
AGENT 3: Two around back, two
around the front.
-AGENT 1: You guys take the
-AGENT 4: Got it.
AGENT 1: Somebody on the
-AGENT 2: Sanders.
-AGENT 5: Who's on point?
Oh shit, we've got
six agents coming at us.
They're totally armed.
Sanitize! Sanitize! Sanitize!
What is that?
You ordered a tactical hit
on Alex Hahn?
-You take care of these.
-We've got two, take 'em all.
Call it off.
-Call it off!
-I can't.
Call it off!
Alex, get out of there.
Move, go, go, go.
Take her down.
-AGENT 1: All clear.
-AGENT 2: Clear.
BECKER: Graham, do you copy?
Graham, do you copy?
Graham, are you there?
I'm sorry,
he's not in right now.
Can take a message?
You just made it
to the top of my hit list.
Let's go, come on.
Get it, get it, get it.
Come on, come on, come on.
Eye drops.
I'm sorry about your friend.
He knew the risk.
It's too dangerous to go back
to the hotel tonight.
I'll get you some clean
sheets, couple of pillows.
You guys can stay
as long as you need.
You get any sleep last night?
About an hour.
SHAW: She's still sleeping.
You can talk to me anytime
if you want.
Becker tracked Alex Hahn
last night.
Full tactical assault.
No survivors.
You weren't there.
There's nothing you could have
done to stop it.
I promised him
I'd watch his back.
I let him down.
I think they're gonna go after
Senator Carlson.
Has Carlson got anything on
these senators taking bribes?
I gave her a file I found on
Phillips' computer.
Maybe she'll use it.
According to the morning news,
if she's going to take down
her colleagues, it's probably
gonna be tonight.
Why is that?
There's a big party tonight,
at the Roosevelt Hotel.
Carlson's gonna be
center stage.
It would be a good place
to kill her.
Unless you get her
out of harm's way.
And I'm coming with you.
Thought you said you didn't do
that shit anymore.
Thought you said you were a
man of God.
I'm always
a man of God.
REVEREND: Official business
for the Senator.
Excuse me, Senator, but
something very important
has just come up.
Shaw is waiting outside.
I'm okay.
-What the hell's going on?
-He'll tell you. Stay close
-I'm fine.
-Let's go.
If she's not back in five
minutes, go after her, okay?
-AGENT: The Senator just left.
I'll get the intel to Becker.
GRAHAM: I'm following the
soup van. I'm sure Shaw's
with them.
Get a satellite lock
on your position.
I'll call in the troops.
PROGRAMMER: They're heading
for the river.
-You get that?
-Yes, sir.
SHAW: You look good as
a blond.
Here you go, Blondie.
SHAW: Melina.
Look, I want you stay in here.
Oh no, no, no.
-Here, take this...
-No, Neil...
-Somebody comes in, shoot him.
Stay in here.
It's too big. We can't hit
this without proper recon.
There's no time. We split in
pairs, maintain radio contact.
Shoot the Senator on sight.
BECKER: You were right, Shaw
set us up with a decoy.
Carlson never left
the restaurant.
What's your situation?
Well, then, kill Shaw and
whomever's helping him.
-Copy that.
-I've got Carlson covered.
Where's the driver?
MICHELLE: There's no cell
phone reception down here.
Know what?
I'll go back upstairs,
it'll just take me a moment.
-I'll see where he's at.
-Thank you.
Make it quick.
Senator Carlson, I heard you
were planning a little speech
tonight on corporate bribery.
Very good.
It's over, Mark.
I have Phillips' account
numbers, dates, deposits,
Lycar Industries is finished.
Reaching the lower level.
Why do you have to be
so goddamn righteous?
All you had to do was take the
money and back the bill,
like everybody else.
A vote in my favor,
no big deal.
SALLAS: You've left me with
no other choice.
You threaten my reputation,
my supporters, my business.
I learned a very valuable
lesson, Samantha.
The trick to killing off
your enemies
is simplicity.
Like a heart attack.
You know, or a brain aneurism.
Almost done.
Losing your touch, there,
Where did it all go wrong,
Hiding behind a girl.
Tacky suit.
Yeah, just like old times,
hey, Stone? Nice name.
You've been a pawn too long,
I got you.
I'm fine.
It's suppertime. I've got 63
hot meals I got to deliver.
Let me up.
Stay here with my friend.
What? Neil, wait.
Where are you going?
Let me come with you.
Stay here with him.
He could use your pity.
Get this checked out as well.
Neil, I'm afraid.
It's okay.
Everything's gonna be fine.
I have a meeting with
Mark Sallas.
Your name, please.
Tell him it's Neil Shaw.
I don't see you scheduled.
What is this regarding?
It's okay. I got it.
Sir, excuse me, sir.
SALLAS: Yes, Julie.
JULIE: Mr. Sallas, I have a
Neil Shaw coming up to see
you. I couldn't stop him.
No, that's okay.
I'll handle it.
Yes, sir.
You have a miraculous ability
of keeping yourself alive,
Mr. Shaw.
SHAW: So, did you kill
Phillips yourself?
Or you just ordered a hit?
I always deal with my business
face to face.
Phillips was an exception.
Senator Carlson,
on the other hand...
What happened to her?
Oh, didn't you hear?
She died of a brain aneurism.
Stress related, I think.
Hot damn,
what the hell was that?
SHAW: So that's what
this is all about.
Sell more guns to the army,
earn more money, huh?
SALLAS: You really don't get
it, do you? It's not about
the money.
SALLAS: We need people in
office who care about
defending this country.
How high up the ladder
does it go? The President?
SALLAS: I play golf with him.
But he knows nothing about
how we manage our business.
That game is over.
You're a dead man, Shaw.
Yeah, what's new?
Did I hit you?
Not yet. Great gun, though.
Did I hit you?
You've been a very bad boy,
Hurt a lot of good people.
People I love.
My friends.
My family.
SALLAS: That doesn't matter
now. There's nothing you can
do about it.
You're going to jail.
Oh, shit.
-You've been a pawn too long,
Phillips and I had a
business arrangement.
Why would he come after me?
GARRET: Okay, everything
looks good.
Understated yet elegant.
Guys, come on, you can't...
Let's clean these up, please.
Okay let's make sure
that most of the higher
campaign contributors
are sitting up front,
close to the podium, right?
GARRET: Do you think I look
maybe a little too pasty?
If my grandfather
could be here now.
Get Marsden up here.
You guys take five minutes.
I'll be right back.
GARRET: Mr. Stone.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Or should I say, Neil Shaw.
I must say I'm
pretty surprised
to see you.
Yeah... I bet you are.
Are you busy?
No, I'm just getting started.
You been using me as a pawn
from the beginning, huh, John?
Come on, it's politics.
I wanted in the Senate.
Sallas wanted to take out
Phillips and Carlson.
You know.
I'm just the new guy
with the friendly face.
That's how you treat
your friends?
I just chalk them up to
collateral damage.
All's fair in love
and politics, right?
So that's what Mother was?
Mother was collateral damage?
You killed him, didn't you?
Or did you just pay for it?
I'd like you to meet
Susan Marsden.
She's my protection,
and the only good thing
Sallas ever did for me.
You know, you could have used
her back in your spy days.
She's probably the best
undercover operative I know.
You played me deep.
SUSAN: Nothing personal.
Just business.
Oh come on, no hard feelings.
She profiled you.
Found out what your favorite
little cafe in Italy was.
What your favorite food is.
Even what side of the bed
you sleep on.
So why kill Mother?
He was the only one that
really meant anything to you.
So you'd clean house, Shaw.
Come on, look.
You help me take out Sallas,
and all those senators in his
deep pockets.
You know, I helped you blow
the lid off this whole thing.
The vote rigging, the slush
funds, the illegal arms deals.
Neil, I'm afraid.
Everything's gonna be fine.
I'm going to be wanted
for murder!
You did what you had to do.
Yeah, you did.
GARRET: It's all gonna break
in the papers tomorrow.
I'm gonna be voted in, because
I'm Mr. Hollywood.
Coming up the hills,
guns blazing.
And I owe that all to you.
Come on, be part of it.
Look, man, we can
work out a deal, right?
What are you gonna do now,
What are you gonna do?
WOMAN: What's going on?
MAN: He's got a gun.
MAN: Somebody call security.
GARRET: Shaw, I'm talking
to you!
GARRET: What are you looking
at? Get back to work!
In a twisted plot of
corruption and blackmail,
several senators
have resigned. At the center
of it all is the late
Lycar Industries president
Mark Sallas, reportedly
responsible for multimillion
dollar bribes
that were influencing
the Senate itself.
Sallas is currently the new
suspect in the murders of
Senator Samantha Carlson
and Congressman
Grant Phillips.
The other sensational
headline of the day
is that Hollywood superstar
and Senate hopeful,
John Garret, has been arrested
as the main suspect in the
murder of Susan Marsden.