The Aryan Couple (2004) Movie Script

No. My daughter!
No, my daughter, no!
Keep going!
Keep going!
Come on!
Come on!
Keep going!
Keep going!
Keep going!
Remove the ramps!
Remove the ramps!
Close the doors!
Hungary, 1944
Good morning, Ingrid!
Good morning, Gerhard.
Did you find what you were looking for?
Yes, thank you.
Can I get one?
Of course!
They will see you later?
Do not think so!
Maybe tomorrow...
Yes maybe tomorrow!
Come on, Hans?
Gotta go.
It reminds me so much of my wife.
What are they doing there?
Work in the palace of Krauzenberg.
Properties of Krauzenberg speak Vasman.
Yes, Mr. Krauzenberg?
Good morning sir, how are you?
We are well.
Thank you sir.
In fact, she is pregnant.
In the second month, sir.
Thank you!
We will prepare everything for
tonight, sir.
Also lady you will come?
Yes, I understand.
Of course, sir.
We'll visit a little later,
will have dinner.
What time?
Dinner will be served 19:30 h.
Seems to be something important.
How many people will come?
- Six.
Including he and Ms. Krauzenberg.
It sounded strange.
Worth it?
Oh, Joseph.
With you worth?
Any time
Looking back,
our life together.
It was so nice!
Yes, dear.
So, we keep our heads straight.
We remain proud of.
And give them everything
we have,
to save our family.
Good morning!
- Morning, Reichsfuhrer!
Industry "Krauzenberg.
The biggest group companies in Europe.
Steel... Textile... Banks...
and a large collection of
located in a magnificent palace.
And all this will be yours,
after tonight, Reichsfuhrer.
Let me congratulate you, sir.
Thank Becker
Hauptsturmfhrer Dressler,
You will liaise with Eichmann,
in my name.
While it with my surprise visit.
Tell him to be
ready for an important meeting.
Nothing more.
We will inform you immediately Reichsfuhrer.
Becker, Eichmann arrest you
Krauzenberg whole family?
I realized that I undertook with the case.
Are transported to headquarters
the Gestapo and locked,
until you are satisfied with everything.
Excellent. You must tell Krauzenberg
I asked Eichmann in
their palace tonight.
For dinner there, sir?
No, no, no, to prepare
report after dinner.
Krauzenberg not trust him.
You have to relax.
For how many hours is governed dinner?
Dinner is about 19:30 h, Reichsfuhrer.
And everything is kept secret from Berlin?
Of course, Reichsfuhrer.
Edelhayn, how is security?
Members of the security detachment,
were selected by myself, Reichsfuhrer.
They will go to prechecked everything
and everyone in the village.
And dinner?
I hope that is not Jewish food.
No way!
We chose to chef Jerry
and food of your taste Reichsfuhrer.
Your own staff will
attend the service.
Of course!
Well Krauzenberg staff?
Others are only two
servant, Reichsfuhrer.
A young man...
... and a young woman.
Are the list of those
who went to Palestine?
Our records show that they actually...
... are not Jews!
They are Aryan.
Aryan couple still working for the Jews?
Are you sure?
I realized that they were
previously studied in Berlin.
Take care not to
any traces.
They must disappear
Krauzenberg when you leave.
And this is a personal order!
So it will be.
Check after 15 minutes Reichsfuhrer.
Mr. Krauzenberg?
Mr. Krauzenberg?
Oh, Yolanda...
- Sorry...
Sir, I called by phone
you must be
present headquarters of the Gestapo.
I said why?
No. Only need to attend today.
No! Oh, Yolanda...
We must be brave!
We must be strong!
I'll try, sir.
Should never give up, Yolanda
My father remembers when
your family came here.
They built everything.
Gives life, hope
and operation of the whole city.
I will return someday?
Not after all...
We just want to go
home after 2 thousand years.
Now it's time!
Goodbye Yolanda,
will never forget you!
Goodbye, Mr. Krauzenberg.
Very sorry, sir.
Thank you, Alfred.
I would like to thank all of you
for your loyalty and kindness.
Goodbye and God bless
you and your families.
Goodbye, Mr. Krauzenberg.
Take him to obershturmbanfyurer Eichmann.
You must wait here!
Do you know how long will it take?
As needed.
Come on!
Goldshmit, come!
Take your luggage!
Krauzenberg, come!
So, you are... Joseph Krauzenberg.
Yes, Joseph Krauzenberg.
And a Jew, right?
Wife and the whole family?
Yeah, right.
Today is not good to be Jewish, right?
Maybe not.
But tomorrow, maybe...
Tomorrow may be worse.
I see from your file,
you have many houses.
I have two...
House in town...
... and a palace in the countryside, where
keep my artwork.
I see that you have a large
collection, tell me...
You donate your
Reichsfuhrer collection?
Heinrich Himmler?
- Exactly, Heinrich Himmler.
- Of what?
Outcome of the talks...
Oh yes, "Europe Plan"!
Yes, "Europe Plan".
You know my Reichsfuhrer
commanded to arrest your family?
What? You...
No matter when, just a fact.
And you arrest them?
May I ask where are they?
- They're here!
germanskoto hospitality.
Can I see them.
- Do not advise.
Can be very emotional.
But I must see them!
Himmler promised me that there
to injure any of them.
Actually... yet no one was hurt.
I will fulfill my
Part of the agreement.
Then, what they so worried?
Take this Jew to the east tower.
Thanks, I will tell you later bye.
Of course, you will
look for coffee that evening.
Let your family to stop whining.
This does not help!
Please listen to me carefully.
I came to tell you to stay calm.
and do exactly what
Germans have commanded you.
Do not ask questions.
Joseph, they will kill you?
Not if I can help you succeed.
Please, trust me
and you will be safe.
You must be willing to
go at any time.
To travel where?
- Uncle Joseph, where will we go?
Tell us the truth, leave us here.
All I can tell you is..
Our lives depend on
meeting, which will have to Himmler.
I can not say more, but...
Please trust me.
I do not know when I'll see you again.
Could be tonight or tomorrow.
But I'll see you again, I promise you!
Trust me.
Do everything in his power
to save us all.
Joseph luck, good luck!
Thank you, Max.
I will do whatever I can.
Take care of them.
Check those emergency f.
I need the information immediately.
- Yes, sir.
Good morning!
Good morning, Gerhard!
- Good morning, Ingrid!
Sorry for being late!
Are you okay?
- Yes, I'm fine.
- Yes?
Did you by Himmler?
- No.
No, I was at the police...
I was at the headquarters of the Gestapo.
At headquarters of the Gestapo?
Yes, it had to be met with Eichmann.
- Yes!
Where is your family?
They will not come.
- Why?
All are closed there!
At headquarters of the Gestapo?
- Gathered them there like cattle!
But they are not hurt!
Children there?
- They are good!
Go see them!
- No, do not go there.
Not hurt!
I talked to them, reassured them.
What can we do?
- I give them anything you want!
You already gave them.
- Maybe not enough.
Now, when we negotiate with Eichmann.
What more can I ask?
I do not know!
But we need
something that is in them...
Something that is irreplaceable...
Our family!
Reichsfuhrer is here!
Here! Wonderful!
Why did not you say?
Like you, I execute commands...
Heil Hitler!
Heil Hitler!
- Heil Hitler!
Reichsfuhrer very pleasant surprise!
Should discuss the important
Eichmann matter with you.
This is a matter of life or death.
I am at your disposal!
Heil Hitler!
It is my pleasure to you
show progress.
Yes, yes, obershturmbanfyurer.
I informed the good work...
But we need to talk privately.
As you wish.
Krauzenberg Know?
In fact, I know everything you need
Krauzenberg for Joseph and his family.
And Hauptsturmfuhrer Dressler tells you to
perception of the Jews in the palace tonight?
Right at 9:50!
Yeah, you know that his
family is here under guard?
Yeah, I was informed.
Eichmann, probably wondering why
your presence is required.
Curious to me f.
It's like a guarantee of Krauzenberg,
they will be safe.
- Can I ask why?
They are mostly Jews.
Yes... safe.
And tonight will refrain
to use the word "Jew".
or talking about your work.
Instead, you must
to be patient...
polite... polite.
I guess this is an order Reichsfuhrer?
Eichmann Yes, this is a commandment.
Maybe a change of
policy towards the Jews?
No, no, no change of policy.
But when I command
to kill Jews
will kill Jews!
And when I command you to protected
Jews, you will be protected Jews!
Of course!
The reason for my
personal presence here
is because the industry "Krauzenberg"
controlled and funded
from international banks.
And tonight we will
obtain these industries
in exchange for safe travel
Krauzenberg family to Palestine.
I understand...
If you give everything
will allow them to go to Palestine.
And if I do that?
Go to Auschwitz!
Small bread.
Did you get the money?
Mr. Krauzenberg, sorry!
More coming soon
than you expected.
Hi Ingrid.
Congratulations Vasman,
I knew it would become a mother!
Yes, thank you sir,
so excited.
This is great.
With your permission, you
to do a lot of things.
They will remove and destroy
everything is germansko.
Who, sir?
Your Reichsfuhrer, Heinrich Himmler.
"Reichsfuhrer Himmler" you say sir?
Vasman Yes, it will be
Our guest tonight.
He sends his personal chef and
assistants to prepare dinner.
You can imagine
How important is tonight.
Of course, sir.
You and Ingrid will serve us at the table
and if necessary will serve Himmler.
Must serve Himmler you, sir?
I should warn you,
that nothing...
Nothing of what I will discuss this
evening should not leave this house.
Mr. Krauzenberg, never
since you serve...
Yes, yes, I told them that
Both are reliable.
However, only you
suspect that it will reveal that
you see and hear, SS will
taken away and executed immediately.
Certainly sir, perhaps
would be better not to have it here.
We are scared.
- Too late!
But I gave them copies of your documents
I explained to them that both are Aryan.
So there is nothing to fear.
Thank you sir!
Himmler decided that the meeting
here will be more secluded.
Also wants to see better my
collection of works of art.
Certainly, sir.
To get you all covered?
Yes, yes, I have nothing to hide.
everything will be theirs,
after tonight.
Very generous, sir.
- Yes, Vasman
Very generous.
Better to go...
Thank Vasman.
Mr. Krauzenberg, go now?
Yes, dear, I have explained
All of your husband.
So I'll see you for dinner, then?
Later, for dinner.
We have orders to be vigilant
this evening. You know why?
No, but my orders are orders.
Anything is better than
they send to the Russian front.
Yes, anything is better than that.
It seems no one returned alive from there.
This is the last place of
I would like to send me.
There is no way to send me.
I told you that my wife is pregnant?
No, that first child you know?
- Yes.
She says it would be a girl.
Here I am.
Tell you who will be coming for dinner?
Himmler and Eichmann!
Himmler and Eichmann?
What do we do?
- Will it poison!
We have a chance to eliminate two of
the biggest monsters of the earth.
Our duty is to kill them!
Are you crazy?
No, Hans, no!
We must do something.
- Have to travel.
We can not...
- We need to leave immediately!
SS will do security checks.
- What?
Mr. Krauzenberg told me
probably already on their way.
Then let go!
- Please do not panic!
Do not panic!
Remove all equipment, immediately!
We can do it!
- Why?
Mr. and Krauzenberg
his family will be killed!
There will be retaliation, Hans.
Will there be retaliation
against innocent people!
And I will come to us.
Things have changed, we will have a baby!
I know Mr. Krauzenberg said
that probably go tomorrow.
Really? So you say?
She said if everything
goes according to plan
he and his family will be
free to go to Palestine!
He said he wants to give us
some money before leaving.
Why not go to Palestine?
We can ask,
Mr Krauzenberg to take us with him.
Why is it impossible?
For we to him
tell the truth, dear.
And he will undoubtedly bring
two Aryan for Palestine.
We tell him the truth.
If you tell him
he will explain everything
and we understand.
If you tell him
that work for the Resistance.
If you tell him
that we Jews like him.
Too dangerous!
We can do it!
Are not you ready to try it?
For me, Hans?
Because baby, Hans?
- Not what we have to try.
We have two cyanide pills.
Or for us, look at me...
Or Himmler and Eichmann.
That is what we need to solve.
Heil Hitler!
Heil Hitler!
You must be Hans and Ingrid Vasman.
The two Germans
working for the Jews, right?
Yes, sir.
Hans and Ingrid Vasman.
Obersturmfhrer Edelhayn.
Sir, my wife is pregnant
and not feeling well
can you retire?
First, we will open kitchen closet
To display all of the cook. Right?
Yes, of course.
With your permission, sir.
Do not look pregnant yet.
Someone else came to
check the security here?
No, you first.
I live here Jews
without being registered?
No, sir.
I understand that you two are Aryan.
Yes, sir. We are Germans.
Tell me...
How is it?
To work for Jews?
Relate well with us.
What fun for you!
Probably quite know secrets?
No, sir.
Just doing my job.
And we, too!
Chef in the kitchen closet.
Are you aware of
Our guests tonight?
Yes, sir.
It must remain
strictly confidential.
Of course.
You have our word.
How generous!
Surely you are familiar with our SS.
And their separation
attention to every detail.
Hitler requires submission of
absolutely all Germans!
You'll see that we are good Aryan,
know how to fulfill orders.
How interesting!
We are lucky that all
we are such good Aryan!
- Yes, sir.
Your rooms upstairs are you?
Yes, sir.
Mrs. Vasman,
you will bring me there?
Of course.
Please let me
clean them before.
Not necessary.
Arrived at our security service.
Mrs. Vasman?
Will thoroughly check each room.
This here first.
Mrs. Vasman!
Mrs. Vasman!
Excuse me.
Sir. Let me show you the other rooms
which will be used tonight?
You'll stay down here with my people.
Mrs. Vasman!
Mrs. Vasman!
Mrs. Vasman!
You look beautiful in your bedroom!
Yes, this is our bedroom.
Would you like to search everywhere?
Yes. Everywhere.
How old are you, Ingrid?
- At 23, sir.
And I will sleep here?
Yes, I will sleep here tonight.
What we have here?
Is this yours?
I always wanted to marry.
I believe you will find
what you want, sir.
Perhaps I have found him.
This is your first child you will be?
Germany, will need many children.
Will need to.
You can be a volunteer and to have a child
with some of the best
our young officers.
Marriage does not disqualify
perfect Aryan woman.
Personally, I...
contributed to several
Children Program.
Young volunteers from
League of Germanic women.
Some were young widows
and some even married...
I can imagine you with me, Ingrid.
I can imagine you naked.
Come on...
With that pretty face.
As far as I remember
program is not
compulsory and voluntary.
I'm not going to be a volunteer.
Maybe we can convince them.
I do not think so.
Vasman What do you think?
For this your wife to join Our program
"Lebensborn" (Source of Life)?
Great idea!
Something you would think
in the future, maybe.
Tell me Vasman
I have called them
serve your country?
So what?
I was rejected.
I suffer from epilepsy.
Do not they adopted?
You're unfit to serve.
And your wife must have Aryan baby!
This is its debt.
I have a lot of work below!
Vasman, stop!
Know that Aryan women
encouraged to procreate
our best men for
to create a superior race.
Right, Vasman?
I know.
Do you approve it?
Will you permit me a beautiful woman
can be attributed to Hitler?
I am ready to do anything about Hitler.
I'll try to withhold
the word, Vasman!
In Reichsfuhrer you?
- No.
Take me to
obershturmbanfyurer Eichmann.
Yes, Obersturmfhrer.
Some are beautiful.
Too bad they are Jews.
Orders are orders.
Maid in the palace of Krauzenberg.
Ingrid Vasman.
Do you know anything about it?
Not everything, why?
Tomorrow, when do the job.
I would be grateful...
If this young woman be raised here
and retained in a separate room for me.
A room...
which is well Soundproofed.
Is it beautiful?
Very beautiful.
And ariyka.
I do not know why not rethink
talking with Mr. Krauzenberg.
I told you, very dangerous f.
Once you give us some money and maybe we
we can buy transit documents.
Do not panic.
Ms. Krauzenberg!
What a pleasant surprise!
Mr. Krauzenberg told me you were pregnant.
- Congratulations.
Vasman how are you, my little Nazi?
Very good, madam.
Just wanted to see whether
everything is okay for dinner nowadays.
Mr. Krauzenberg was here
and informed us of your guests.
- Just check.
I know that Germans love everything clean.
And so...
You two are certainly glad
that your Reichsfuhrer
personally came to dinner.
Yes, madam, very exciting.
I am very nervous, ma'am.
Himmler's staff.
Butchers More...
Staff Reichsfuhrer
will serve meat tonight.
They told me that Himmler loves food
but not Jews, actually...
Do not know how to drive the Jews suffer.
We know some things, ma'am.
I'm sure you know.
But Himmler and Eichmann were not
Germans threaten you.
No, not for us, ma'am.
Just to know what you're lucky!
We want you to come to Palestine.
- Yes.
This is not just a matter of
crossing the street, my dear.
Have to risk life
during the whole trip.
Yes, I understand.
- Is it?
Because you are Germans, but I am a Jew.
But above all we are humans.
Well, at least some of us...
We do not agree with
everything they do.
Hope Ingrid.
But for now...
To hell!
Send me to the garden.
Gizi Flayshman was that
which proposed the concept
be paid to the Nazis
the lives of Jews.
The so-called "Plan Europe.
But one day her Eichmann arrest
then killed her.
It was my very close friend.
Must have been so brave.
Under this "Plan Europe 'what is the minimum
had to pay to save?
Oh, very!
In what world we live in!
Far as I am interested in
can you keep it.
We heard you tonight and
your family go.
Is this true?
But if Himmler did not think
you can earn more money
which is tonight already
we would be in the gas chambers.
How can you make this?
What we know is that we
to buy our lives,
but not the life of someone
less fortunate than us.
Enough on this topic.
Come, sit less.
I have a gift for you two.
This is something personal to me than money.
So I would like to say
"auf wiedersehen" (goodbye)
my 'Aryan couple.
This gave it to us
king family of Russia.
It gives you a reason...
To remember the Jews
miles have been with you.
Diamonds are very special.
Everyone is very rare yellow,
cost much money.
You can buy a house with one of them.
Vasman behold, my little Nazi!
Thank you!
This course is a separate
what Mr. Krauzenberg
will give birth to.
cry, cry.
Sorry, Ms. Krauzenberg.
Thank you!
Thank you very much!
I am so grateful for
Your attitude towards me.
I never felt any,
Nazi hostility or
envy you, my dear.
Just something like...
love you both.
This is my humble
way to say thanks.
If I had children I would like
they are like you.
But, of course, Jews!
I'll see you tonight.
And will keep cold and businesslike,
SS as required to be
between Jews and neevrei, right?
As you wish, ma'am.
And you will be good Aryan
and will help us
be saved by these...
Of course, you can trust us.
Is everything ready?
- Yes, Reichsfuhrer.
The car is waiting.
Do you have contracts where they are.
- Yes, sir.
Let's go.
Be brave, sweetheart.
Soon everything will be done.
Please do not make any nonsense.
Come on...
- Time f.
Oh my God! Is it dinner
or regrouping of forces?
I will try not to throw up!
At least not on Himmler, please!
Good evening, sir.
Good evening, ma'am.
Good evening, Ingrid.
You look flawless.
Thank you.
To prepare a drink, sir?
- No, thanks.
Yes, please, Ingrid.
A great drink, Ingrid.
- Heil Hitler!
Heil Hitler.
Mr. Krauzenberg.
- Mrs Krauzenberg.
It is a pleasure to meet you!
Have a magnificent house.
Thank you, will
Do you drink or...
Or dinner?
We are both very busy.
- No.
After you, ma'am.
Would you like wine?
Maybe Germany Moselle.
I'm afraid not.
But we have a good French wine.
Tell me Mr. Krauzenberg,
how long it takes to acquire
This vast collection of art?
Much more than
will cost to you.
I never interested
of art before.
But now I find it...
income statement.
Please do not be affected.
Someone asked, Are you ever wonder why?
Why what?
Why are the camps?
Why Jews?
Maybe you should ask
Eichmann, when the arrive.
He is the specialist.
But I will say this...
No other country wants you.
Palestine can not even
take all of you!
So there is no alternative.
Furthermore, to kill us?
Not all of you.
Or have forgotten.
Oh no, Reichsfuhrer will never forget.
and you'll never be forgotten.
I would like to propose
a toast to Krauzenberg
and to thank them for their generosity.
- Krauzenberg!
Let us move to the library for coffee?
Can I smoke Reichsfuhrer?
Yes, but it prevents me
breathing smoke further.
Mr. Krauzenberg.
Commanded obershturmbanfyurer Eichmann
to come here this evening and
join us for coffee.
Not invited him for dinner.
Thank God!
But while he is engaged
with the Jewish problem
it determines that your flight
will be performed tonight.
We transport aircraft
ready, Reichsfuhrer.
I suggest you to put on warm clothes.
It is cold at this altitude.
How kind of you!
Thank you.
You'll see everything written
as agreed.
Only your missing signatures.
Yes. Yes, of course.
But first you must read the documents.
Here, dear.
In addition to these contracts Reichsfuhrer
What guarantees do we have
that will now sign
and will get on the plane
for Switzerland tomorrow?
Suggests that you do not trust me, madam?
Maybe mistrust
obershturmbanfyurer Eichmann.
Once you sign, it
can we get on a freight train.
For somewhere like Auschwitz or Treblinka.
Even Hitler could not
jumping my commandments.
Sign and stay safe.
You have my word and that is enough.
I propose to begin, right?
Gizi Flayshman...
It was your personal guarantee
during discussions
"Europe Plan" Reichsfuhrer.
Yes, that was different
situation, Ms. Krauzenberg.
Other than that!
- Rachel, please!
Unfortunately I do not bother,
was a obershturmbanfyurera that...
Killed her?
Surely he knew that she
was crucial to your plans...
Live now and pay later!
That was in the past.
Today, you are under my protection.
So you say.
But I am sure
understand my concerns.
Therefore commanded to come
obershturmbanfyurera here.
To relax.
Nothing will happen in
the time between your signature
and your departure with your whole family.
Swiss banks will not
begin the process of transfer
while you and your family
you are not safe in Switzerland.
Is not it so, Mr. Krauzenberg?
Yes, we agree, Rachel.
Vasman, please serve coffee.
Yes, sir.
Everything okay?
Contract? Surname?
Mrs. Krauzenberg?
Yes, it seems fine.
Then sign.
But I have one last request.
I want your word that
all my staff...
are safe.
You have nearly 3000 employees, right?
Some Jews Are?
No longer.
Then you have my word
as i have yours.
They will not be happen.
Thank Reichsfuhrer.
Rachel will sign the documents.
Obershturmbanfyurer Eichmann
arrived, Reichsfuhrer...
Let us wait outside.
Heil Hitler!
- Heil Hitler!
Lord, may I serve you coffee?
- A glass of whiskey.
All signed and in order?
Do you have filled the orders.
Today at midnight, leaving a plane...
"Please do not make any nonsense."
... I am sure Standartenfhrer
Hauptsturmfuhrer Dressler and will receive
any assistance from your staff
to escort Krauzenberg to aerodromes.
Yes Reichsfuhrer.
- Fine.
Good f.
Let me introduce myself.
Obershturmbanfyurer Eichmann.
This is Joseph Krauzenberg.
- I met with him.
and his wife, Madame Rachel Krauzenberg.
Heil Hitler!
Come on... come on...
Where are your manners?
Kiss the hand of the lady!
Tonight is very important to
After filling my orders.
- Right.
I gave my word to Mrs. Krauzenberg!
Madam, my duty is..
I will do everything possible
to hasten the evacuation.
Very good!
Obershturmbanfyurera ensure...
the safe departure of your family.
Our part here is already accomplished!
Aerodrome will be
at midnight, but will not see me.
You have to say goodbye now.
Mr. Krauzenberg, to
shook hands on our agreement.
Now we are former business partners, right?
And you madam...
You were most kind hostess.
Goodnight and goodbye, Reichsfuhrer.
I hope that it will not meet again!
Hauptsturmfhrer Dressler.
Take up Krauzenberg
city and then to the aerodrome.
We now have another car.
Heil Hitler
- Heil Hitler
Thank you, darling.
Call you me sir?
- Yes, Vasman
Leaving tonight.
Wondering what will make you and Ingrid?
We have plans, sir.
I'm worried Mrs. Krauzenberg.
We'll be fine.
- Hans no!
We will not be...
We will not be good!
I must tell you a secret.
We are Jews!
Like you.
You're Jewish?
- Yes, ma'am!
Born and raised in Germany.
Our names are David and Layla Staynberg.
We joined the Resistance.
They changed our names
Hans and Ingrid Vasman.
Perfect Aryan couple.
Oh my God!
I had no idea!
So I hate Nazis.
Hans wanted tonight
to poison Himmler and
Eichmann cyanide pills.
To poison Himmler and Eichmann?
This is it true Vasman?
What a mess!
What do you think?
Why can not we say that you are Jews?
We wanted to tell you sir.
We wanted...
But we were not allowed.
SS now probably already knows
What is our identity.
Oh, my God!
I do not know what to do
what to say...
Take us with you!
Too late!
It is impossible!
If we knew before, maybe...
What we wanted to do was
to broadcast information about the camps
and what the Nazis
make our people.
Yes, yes, I know.
And what happens now?
Have a Plan?
Might flee to England.
Oh, Mr. Krauzenberg,
please... please.
Take us with you, please!
Honey, you know?
We counted all!
This is the conclusion of the debates months
and negotiating for our lives.
Short in my heart when I see
everything that happens.
Madam, please!
I beg you, madam!
Please, please!
- Oh, my child!
Joseph will come up with something.
Eh, Joseph?
Will think about what can be done.
Thank you.
These coins are very valuable.
Use them wisely and try
to buy your freedom.
Thank you.
Thank you, sir.
Sorry to trouble you, sir.
I hope that Eichmann
will not reveal.
While the need to go here.
Come on honey, gotta go.
Dressler, right?
I want to say something to you.
We'll talk in the car.
Goodbye and good luck!
Goodbye, sir.
- Bye.
Thank you, sir.
- Good luck.
Are you mad at me?
No, I'm not angry.
I love you!
Get out!
Come on! Go! Go!
Keep going!
Keep going!
Go! Go!
Faster!? Faster!
Keep going!
Will look for confirmation
your safe arrival.
And the last payment, of course.
Heil Hitler!
- Heil Hitler!
Edelhayn, Becker.
Come with me.
Obershturmbanfyurer Eichmann.
Good job.
Excuse Reichsfuhrer.
You should know something about
servants in the residence.
Edelhayn, we have many
more important things to do.
Heil Hitler!
- Heil Hitler!
Report about the couple arrived Vasman.
It is confirmed that they are Jews.
- Hebrews?
Would not be prudent to say
Reichsfuhrer of truth to them.
They should be executed.
Yeah, maybe you're right.
You'll save all this problems.
Leave it to me.
I will take care of them.
As you Dressler.
I need their
admissions to the file.
It will not be disappointed.
Properties of Krauzenberg.
Vasman speak.
Want to talk to the keeper.
There is a call for you.
Come on!
How long have you been quartered here?
3 months Hauptsturmfuhrer,
but leaving tomorrow for the Russian Front
with the rest of my regiment
On the Russian front.
What is your name?
- Vahtmayster Schmidt, Hauptsturmfuhrer.
Follow me.
Wait here.
You either move back to the barracks.
Tell my driver to go with you.
Yes, Hauptsturmfuhrer.
No! No!
I beg you.
Please do not.
Gerhard... Gerhard...
Help us!
Gerhard, please!
What is wrong?
Buck up!
Come with me.
Come on!
Come here!
Stay here and keep.
On your knees!
Flight of Krauzenberg
passed without problems.
And we must be killed!
Such is the commandment.
Will die because you are Jewish.
Do not deny it.
Shut up!
Krauzenberg and his wife gave you.
They asked me to arrange your
travel documents.
I also said Krauzenberg
Gold, which has given you.
Where is the gold?
Take it.
Take it.
Spare my wife.
Do you love to kill Jews.
- Exactly.
God help you!
Already helped me!
Already have the gold.
Let my wife.
My orders are to
telephoned Eichmann
and make you confess
real names.
Wants to hear how you executed.
This is Dressler.
Yes, both are here.
Tell your real names.
My name...
My name is David Staynberg.
My name is.. Leila Staynberg.
Yes obershturmbanfyurer
lie like pigs.
You must kill him first
and then her.
The woman is still alive.
Both are dead.
Heil Hitler.
Get up!
Get up!
Going to Switzerland.
To meet Krauzenberg.
Move quickly!
In the car.
And your wife?
Here are the transit documents
and tickets for the train.
This will come to Switzerland.
Are you sure?
These are individually stamped by Himmler.
You will not ask questions.
If we ask why go to Switzerland?
On a visit in brain
specialist in epilepsy
Dr. Heinrich Shtarman, remember the name.
And if you ask us why we carry documents
stamped by Reichsfuhrer?
Nobody will ask,
if you behave properly,
but if you ask, you are his
personal music assistant.
I will contact you with
obershturmbanfyurer Eichmann, please?
Maybe you will help me.
Can you tell me,
whether the two civilians
Hans and Ingrid Vasman
are brought in for questioning today?
Nobody has brought.
Are you sure?
Thank you.
They will escape!
Servants of Krauzenberg.
- Impossible.
Were killed by Dressler.
Who told you that?
Call me from the palace.
I heard it.
Where are the bodies?
- Buried.
I was there...
I found it.
I saw the grave.
There was the corpse of
the Germanic warrior.
They lied!
I was told to be polite with them.
My job is not to ask questions.
Will find and execute them individually.
Raise the alarm of two young Jews
heading to the Swiss border.
My staff will give you
complete description of them.
She is a Jew?
When you arrive at
Austrian-Swiss border
will be your last
check before freedom.
Krauzenberg will wait for
the second station.
His name is Reynau.
Do not trust anyone.
Here is some money.
Not as good as your gold,
but enough to get.
I advise you to go.
Thanks for everything.
While passing through
personnel of the Gestapo.
Remain calm.
And if you ask us,
why we carry documents
stamped by Reichsfuhrer?
You are his personal
musical assistants.
What are you doing Edelhayn?
Where are they?
How much you paid,
to join Krauzenberg?
I suggest you to discuss
Reichsfuhrer with this.
With someone else.
Get his gun.
Now I officially arrested.
Makes a big mistake.
They have official documents.
Unless you falsified them.
Shoot him if moved.
Yes, Obersturmfhrer.
Say goodbye to your family.
Everything will be fine.
Yes, Sturmbannfhrer?
I just received information
that a young Jewish couple
trying to escape
to Switzerland with false documents.
We know their description?
- Everything.
They also wanted to
murder of a Germanic warrior.
You shouted me Reichsfuhrer?
Yes. Sit.
Eichmann woke me up to my
said about the Aryan couple.
Looks like they are actually Jews.
And Dressler was captured,
as some their accomplice.
Sorry to hear it.
We need to talk with Dressler.
He was the last man
Krauzenberg talked to.
There is no doubt that they will meet
with Krauzenberg in Switzerland.
What do you suggest?
You still need to get...
large quantity of gold.
And the signatures on bank transfers.
And of course Krauzenberg
do not want to happen is nothing wrong
of its 3000 employees.
Do not do anything at this point.
The one who cares for
Both Jews fleeing Eichmann.
And it seems Edelhayn.
Embark is to stop them.
Send order.
Germany, my Germany, we are coming!
Germany, they freed us!
Manning, Manning next stop!
Everybody get down!
Next stop Manning.
Border control!
Control of the Swiss border.
All disembarking from the train!
Whatever happened to us.
Remember that I have always loved you.
Come on.
These two meet
the description of Eichmann.
Yeah, right...
Tell the guard.
Sturmbannfhrer, there is
an urgent call for you.
Take care.
Prepare documents.
Prepare documents.
Yes, I can assure you...
... I already got this information.
We are already in motion.
Everything is under control.
In all due respect.
Information which
received came directly
from the office of
obershturmbanfyurer Eichmann
Can I ask what power
Mr. and Mrs. Vasman.
I think I will want Sturmbannfhrer
To view your personal documents.
Of course, there a problem?
Not routine practice.
Will assure that it is done.
I understand perfectly.
Mr. and Mrs. Vasman.
Sorry for the delay.
Your documents are in order.
You can go.
- Thanks.
Thank you, sir.
Good night.
Good morning, Ingrid.
Good morning, Hans.
I think we need to
answer some questions.
Have to come with me.
- No.
They'll shoot.
Come on. Fast.
Are you Edelhayn?
I am.
Who gave you authority to do this?
Obershturmbanfyurer Eichmann.
But not, Reichsfuhrer Himmler!
No, but they are Jews and
traveling with false documents.
I was so informed.
But now I understand that delays departure
personal music
Advisers Reichsfuhrer.
Personal advisers music?
They are Jews!
And try to escape!
I just talked personally with Reichsfuhrer.
Were wrongly classified as Jews.
Now let them go.
The train departs. Suggest
you do not release.
They are Jews!
Do not, repeat orders Obersturmfhrer!
Mr. and Mrs. Vasman, go.
Quick, do not miss the train.
Stop them!
They are Jews!
Stop them, Ingrid Vasman!
Is not it beautiful?
Next stop: Reynau.
Next stop: Reynau.
Next stop: Reynau.
Glad to see you, sir.
A new life?
- Yes!
Ten years later