The Assassin's Code (2018) Movie Script

[sirens wailing]
[dramatic music]
- Wait what? What's this?
- You gotta be fuckin' kidding me.
- Oh, my God.
- Oh, God.
- What the hell is this?
- I don't know what the fuck this is.
Hey asshole, P.D. Come on.
- [siren whooping]
- Hello?
[sirens whoops]
- [bangs]
- What the fuck?!
- Get the fuck outta the car!
- Get the fuck out!
[all yelling]
- Let's go, bitch.
- Come on, let's go.
Hey, bitch! Handcuff
your boy here.
- Let's go!
- Move it, sunshine.
Careful! Careful!
Come on!
Looks like we're
working overtime tonight, huh?
You're not walking
from this, asshole!
- [cocking gun]
- Wanna fuckin' bet?
That's it! Move out!
Hey! It's not worth it.
Let's get the fuck outta here.
Let's get the fuck
out of here.
[all chuckle]
[birds singing]
[Woman] That's when the bank
called to tell me
I didn't write all those checks.
I'm on Social Security.
Yes, ma'am, there's a fraud
ring operating in this area.
Well, they must've taken my
new checks outta my mailbox.
Are you writing that down?
Yes, ma'am.
Out. Of. Your. Mailbox.
You should get your checks
sent to a P.O. box
or pick 'em up in person.
It isn't easy for me
to get around, officer.
I take the bus.
- It's "Detective."
- Really?
You seem too young.
Well, I've aged some
since this conversation.
we've got your information,
here's my card,
don't hesitate to call
if anything
else comes up.
[Woman] Scout,
where are you going?
[dog barks]
[car alarm chirps]
[dramatic music]
- [chattering]
- [phones ringing]
I'm not at liberty to say.
Surely you people know
I can't make a comment
on a goddamn investigation
that's ongoing!
Oh, you want a sound bite?
How about "Go fuck yourself"?
- [clears throat]
- Thank you, Michael.
Okay, next.
- Drug holdup.
- Oh yeah.
Fuckin' press is having
a field day with that one.
These two stupid
fuckin' coconuts,
they go get themselves
ripped off,
upstairs is breathing down
my neck.
I want on the case.
It's handled, kid.
- Steve Kitchen.
- Kitchen?!
Come on, Cap, that guy
couldn't find a clue
if you FedEx'ed him one.
He's got 15 years on you,
Plus he came up in the rotation,
and, correct me if I'm
wrong, you're on a case?
Paper pushing doesn't count.
Lookit, that wasn't
some random score...
someone knew to hit that van.
That's what we call conjecture,
Yeah, well, let me on with
Kitchen, I'll find out.
Michael, you haven't exactly
made what I would call
a good case for team player
around here.
I can work this one.
I'm not my dad.
Don't diss your old man, son.
Try living in his shadow.
Look, I know you can do the job.
I'm the one that
put in for your promotion.
But you are low man on
the totem pole here.
You will get your shot.
- No.
- No what?
No, I do not want your
assistance on this case.
Come on, Kitchen, I can
check some leads for you,
- handle some legwork.
- I got this.
I don't need a sous chef
just 'cause O'Brian
handed you a toy detective
badge to play with.
- What do you got there?
- We all done here?
- What?
- I'm gonna go hit the head,
wring it out.
Let me know if you find it.
[Man] You're late.
I know, Carmen,
it won't happen again.
You got something for me?
I'm a little short this week,
David, that is two strikes
in one day.
Carmen, hear me out.
Did you catch what
went down last night?
Oh, don't make me guess.
The police van holdup.
What, you?
Yeah. Well, I helped.
I didn't know you had it
in ya, kid.
Well, you know, first they
gotta transact the stuff,
but then I could catch up
with you, plus interest.
Yeah, what's the stuff?
- Uh, Psidonader.
- Ha! What?
I don't know,
that's what it said
on the side of the barrels.
Spell it.
Uh, P-S-E-U...
Yeah, yeah,
that's it, that's it.
That's the shit
they make meth with.
You could steal it,
you just can't pronounce it.
[David] Yeah, okay.
So Ray's looking for a buyer.
- Ray?
- Yeah, Blaine.
Ray Blaine?
Works for Connolly?
- What's it worth?
- Ray didn't say.
I just know what it makes,
so I figured
it's gotta be worth a lot.
Blaine's too small-time
to move that much product
on his own.
It's Colton's show, he had
Ray put together the team
and we just get a cut.
- Did he?
- Mm-hmm.
Tell ya what,
we'll buy it from you,
deal us in, I'll get your debt
forgiven as a finder's fee.
I don't know, Carmen.
It's not my call.
Hmm. Well, I'll tell ya what.
Here's your options.
You and Blaine, you bring
me the goods,
I up your cut 20 percent,
you get your loan forgiven.
If ya don't, well,
what with
our insistence on protocol...
it could prove injurious
to our friendship.
My shop tonight.
10 o'clock.
Oh, and David.
Don't be fuckin' late.
Get the fuck outta here.
Brandt, DNA results
back from the lab?
The DNA on the vault
doesn't match
that on the broken door glass.
Get your fuckin' feet
off my desk.
Shit! Asshole.
[clears throat]
You know, Connolly, you need
to stick with that little
bad check case.
Maybe when you're out
of diapers you can tag along.
Kinda hypocritical when
you're wearing Depends.
- Fuck you!
- Only if you're on the bottom, you fat fuck.
You know,
losing that mouth may actually
help you make some friends
around here.
You know what?
I'm good flying solo.
Yeah, how's that working out?
Rotten tree, rotten apple.
[phone ringing]
Fuckin' Connolly.
What you think, Kitchen?
He bit.
His shop, ten tonight.
Now get the fuck outta here.
Go on, get the fuck outta here.
Jesus fuckin' Christ.
[starts car]
- [water sloshing]
- [crickets]
[dog panting]
Klaus, come.
Alright, come on,
we're good.
Come on, get in.
[dramatic music]
You must be Ray.
Paris here says you're buying.
Follow me.
It's alright man, come on.
Hey, Ray, let me ask you
a question.
Mind telling me
what you're doing
stealing another man's property?
We're not stealing it
from Cohen,
we're selling it for him.
Wasn't talking about Cohen.
Took it from the cops, man,
what are you talking about?
What's Cohen want for it?
Half a mil a barrel.
Two mil all in.
- What's with the plastic?
- Paintin'.
[door bell jingling]
Oh, shit!
- [dog barking]
- [dramatic music]
Jesus Christ,
you didn't have to
kill the kid too.
Clean up.
Klaus, come.
[dog whimpers]
[phone ringing]
[starts car]
[Kitchen] This is Detective
Steven Kitchen, Cleveland P.D.
Leave a message.
Kitchen, Michael Connolly.
Call me back, man.
[crickets chirping]
[lighter flicks]
Carmen... those things
will kill ya.
[chuckles] You gotta
die of something.
Nice night.
[Schlychter] Yeah,
a lot of stars.
You see up there?
That's the Hunter. Orion.
And those three bright
stars in perfect alignment,
that's his belt.
To the left you have
Canis Major and Canis Minor.
So you see,
even up in the cosmos
the Hunter has
his faithful dogs.
So that's the Hunter,
and those are his dogs?
- [gravel crunches]
- [growling]
Klaus. Klaus, seek!
- [dog barks]
- [dramatic music]
[dog barking in distance]
- [growling]
- [Kitchen] No.
- [snarling]
- [crying out]
Klaus! Klaus, come!
[dramatic music]
You're way out of your jurisdiction
here, Detective Kitchen.
Call off your fuckin' dog,
and I'll tell you why I'm here.
I know why you're here.
You pissed off the wrong guy.
[dog barking]
For crying out loud,
Schlychter, how many corpses
are you gonna make tonight?
Is it weighing
on your conscience?
It's weighing on my back.
I gotta haul this stiff
back to the lake.
[cello music]
[finishes piece]
Conductor make you
stay late again?
It was either this or write,
"I will not tap
my foot to the music"
on the blackboard 100 times.
Did you catch all the bad guys?
Not all of them.
Mmm, good.
Then they need to keep you
on the payroll.
Aren't the hall's new acoustics
Yeah tell me in the car.
I'm hungry.
Alright, well...
how was it today?
Oh, you know, same shit,
different day.
Well, Connolly,
from where I stand,
in your line of work,
boredom is a good thing.
Well. it's the boredom
I can handle.
What, are we not
playing well with others?
- Who, me?
- Yeah.
Jesus, come on,
let's go feed you.
[Jia] Any idea where we
packed our wedding photos?
Ah, I was on remote duty. So...
[TV playing]
- Hey, look.
- Hmm.
- Where should we put it?
- I guess, ah, mothballs.
- Make yourself useful.
- [turns up TV]
[turns off TV]
Closet shelf or storage.
Come on.
Come on, let's go.
Aye, me.
You should put that one out.
[dramatic music]
You look like him there.
Yeah, it's the pot
calling the kettle black.
Don't say that.
You're not like him,
and you need to find a way
to forgive him.
Jia, can I just please
watch some TV?
Can you stop trying to fix it?
Yeah. Uh, just maybe one day
you could try to let it go.
You know, for me?
It'd be nice to live with
just one Connolly man.
The dead one sucks up
a lot of oxygen around here.
The storage.
[Woman] Our patron donor
behind this landmark
concert hall renovation
is a third generation
and a self-made shipping magnate
who has made his family's name
synonymous with
community service.
His generous donations
over the years has enabled
the Philharmonic not only
to survive but to flourish.
On behalf of
the Philharmonic board,
I ask you to join me
in welcoming
three-time Cleveland
Chamber of Commerce
Businessman of the Year
Angelo Leonetti.
Thank you, Madam President.
Well it seems that our
fair city has headed
on an exciting road
to a bright future,
and this magnificently
renovated concert hall
is for all of us,
generations to come.
Frankly, I can't wait to hear
these talented musicians
perform in it.
I am grateful to have
been able to contribute.
Thank you very much.
Enjoy the festivities.
Refreshments are
in the lounge.
[phone ringing]
[line out ringing]
[ringing continues]
[Kitchen] This is Detective
Steven Kitchen, Cleveland P.D.
Leave a message.
Oh, what the fuck?
Cars come to us
with the plates pulled.
We were about to mash it
when we saw it still had one.
I contacted the DMV, they said
the plates were state-issued,
so I called you guys.
Did you check the trunk first?
Yeah, empty.
Forensics is on the way.
What the fuck
are you doing here, Connolly?
Relax, Brent, I called him.
I brought some coffees.
You hurt my feelings.
Asshole can't even show up
on time.
Would you two shut up?
When was Kitchen last seen?
Don't know.
Day before yesterday.
Yeah, he wouldn't
return my calls.
So, it looks like you
got a missing drug case
and no detective.
Jesus, I can't believe
this guy.
He's right, though.
I'm swamped,
and nobody else is free.
Come here, Michael.
Look, until we know where
Kitchen is,
I want you to loop me in.
Do you understand me?
I don't want you
disappearing like Kitchen.
You got it, Cap.
I'm on it.
Michael, Michael, Michael.
Please don't make me
regret this decision.
No, I got this, Cap.
Oh, God.
[Man] They questioned us
on the night,
they questioned us the next day.
Detective Kitchen
did a third pass.
Why are we at this again?
Because I need to hear it.
So you cut down a back alley.
It was a detour, roadwork.
There was a guy
filling potholes.
So one guy, a detour sign,
late at night,
down a back alley.
You didn't find this suspicious?
Are you saying we didn't
do our job, Detective?
I'm saying answer
the fuckin' question.
Alright, after the fact,
yeah, maybe.
In the moment, I saw a detour
and I detoured.
You get a good look at him?
He had a respirator
over his mouth.
I did see the guy had
a tattoo on his neck.
Black, jaggy, punk-ass
tribal-looking thing.
So, why were they even moving
the pseudoephedrine anyway?
To get it to a more
secure locker downtown.
But the merch,
was from a bust two months ago.
I mean, why move it now?
Well don't ask us.
We're just the messengers.
Did you mention the transfer
to anyone beforehand?
No... sir.
Is there anything else... sir?
That'll be all.
[Michael] So Miss Consolo, where
does your case stand now?
Well, with my evidence
it gets buried in
the Indiana Jones warehouse.
You know, every time
I think I've got a lead,
it disappears... my witnesses,
my only evidence, poof, gone.
All I'm left with are
hunches and theories.
Like what?
Okay, there's too many
and witnesses recanting
and suspects moving away
through too many separate cases.
I believe there is
an organized crime network
behind this drug bust
and half the unsolved crimes
in this town.
I'll buy that.
Who's behind it?
Either off the grid...
or high-profile
and hiding in plain sight.
A name?
Someone like Angelo Leonetti.
Leonetti, shipping
Leonetti, who donates to every
Cleveland civic anything,
including the police fund.
Bingo. Hey,
nobody goes after the goose
laying the golden eggs, right?
Why doesn't that feel
as strange as it sounds?
My wife would kill me going
after the guy that rebuilt
the concert hall, she's a
cellist from the Philharmonic.
Gimme a breadcrumb.
Back your way
down the food chain.
If he's got a business front,
so do his associates.
- Such as?
- Check out Cohen Construction.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
Mr. Cohen,
can I get you anything?
Oh, everybody's here.
Mr. Leonetti,
how was the ceremony?
Very nice, very nice.
They had cake.
- Angelo.
- How ya doin', Kenny?
Loretta, hold my calls,
would ya?
- Yes sir.
- Yeah.
Albert, give us a minute,
would ya? Thanks.
Sit down.
- Thanks for coming, Kenny.
- Sure, sure.
So what can I do for you,
Well, look, I understand that
you're conducting business
outside of channels,
and I wanted to hear it
from the horse's mouth.
I'm not sure
what you're talking about.
Yes, you are.
You've overstepped your bounds.
The pseudoephedrine.
Look, I was gonna bring it
around to you.
But you didn't.
Have a fig, yeah?
Come on, come on, come on.
- Have a fig, Kenny, come on.
- I don't want a fig.
Come on, I grow 'em myself.
They're good for ya.
Look, we have this
gentleman's agreement.
There's the hierarchy.
You have not honored
that protocol.
I apologize, Angelo.
You know I would never do anything
to hurt our relationship.
I'd appreciate the situation
not repeating itself.
No, no, it won't,
I promise you, it won't.
- Then we're good.
- We're good?
- Yeah.
- We're good.
That's it, we're good.
No, I'm fine.
You ever tried that?
Looks like a geriatric
Bruce Lee movie
in slow motion.
You should try it.
Why ruin this body
with muscles?
It's like lethal force slowed
down into a meditative pace.
Perfect control.
We gotta clean things up
before questions
start getting asked.
So, when?
The sooner the better.
He works late most nights.
[dramatic music]
[knocking on door]
Mr. Cohen?
Michael Connolly,
Cleveland P.D.
Just wonder if I could
have a moment of your time.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, sure,
come on, have a seat.
Great. I'm looking into last
week's police van holdup.
Oh yeah, yeah, I heard
about that on the news.
What's that got to do with me?
Well, we're checking out
businesses that employ ex-cons.
You got a program, right?
Yeah. Yeah, you know,
I give 'em a second chance,
give something back.
And the tax incentives
don't hurt.
I'm a pragmatist, you know?
Two birds with one stone.
Do you have any idea of anyone
that might have been involved?
What can I say?
They're all ex-cons.
I'm gonna have to ask to
look at your employee records.
- Just see who's working for you.
- You are, huh?
The department would
appreciate your cooperation.
I'll bet it would.
[starts car]
What the...
Damn kids.
[checking radio stations]
- [dog barking]
- Jesus Christ!
Evening, Mr. Cohen.
The man that came to see you
and just left.
Was that a cop?
Aren't you smart?
What's his name?
None of your business
what his name...
[gun clicks]
Connolly. Michael Connolly.
Thank you.
He had a folder with him.
What was in that folder?
He asked me for
some employee records.
It looks better
if I cooperate, okay?
You know, I value integrity.
Something you seem
to be lacking.
Hey, you wanna tell
your poodle
to stop scratching up my car,
you fuckin' Kraut?
Do you know who I work with,
If you touch me,
he'll have your head.
Who do you think sent me?
[gun fires]
[somber music]
[camera clicking]
Oh, God.
[Captain] What time
did you leave him?
About 7:30.
I must have been
the last person
to see him alive.
[Man] Well, next to last,
Wasn't a robbery.
Somebody didn't like me
talking to him.
So far no prints, Captain,
but we're still checking.
Wait, I got something.
We got blood and broken glass.
Type this against the victim,
run it through the database
and make sure I see the report.
Right away, sir.
Well, Connolly,
you needed a lead,
looks like you got you one.
[Laura] Okay, so what
are we looking at?
Cohen used Leonetti's
company here, here, and here.
Yup... for shipping.
It's all legit. Michael, we've
got nothing with any teeth here.
Cohen's murders got enough
teeth to question him.
Neutral stuff... did he have any
We need hard evidence.
Look, you can't go in
at that level,
- you'd just be poking the bear.
- Copy that, no bear fucking.
I'm serious, Michael.
Look, the bee stings the bear...
guess who wins?
Back your way
down the food chain.
[Female cop] No.
None of 'em.
Yeah, that's the little fucker.
- You sure?
- Yeah, I'm sure.
[loud music throbbing]
That was fuckin' lit.
What are you doin' tonight?
That's a good question.
What are you doing tonight?
- You.
- Oh-ho-ho!
So I hear you're the guy
to know.
Depends on what
you're looking for.
A little something
to party on?
What else
you got down there, huh?
- There's enough.
- Oh, yeah?
Yeah it's plenty, come on,
we're gonna have a good time,
- Freeze, asshole!
- Hold still.
[Woman] You're under arrest,
anything you say
can and will be used against
you in a court of law.
But you already got
that memorized, don't ya?
Fuck. Son of a bitch.
- [door opens]
- Keller Abrams,
let's skip right to the part
of who was on the holdup team.
- What holdup?
- Points for trying.
You were ID'ed at
the scene of the crime.
In your line of work, you should
learn how to blend in more.
Look, it's late, I want
to get home for dinner.
So, as an unarmed accessory,
I can reduce your sentence
by you cooperating with me.
And if I don't?
Then I've got you
selling illegal narcotics
to my undercover cop...
it's win-win for me.
So what's in it for me?
Well, that says you've got
two priors,
so sentencing-wise this wouldn't
work out too well for you.
Let's just say I'll keep you
out of three-strike city.
Guy I work with
brought me in.
Ray Blaine.
Does he work for Cohen
Construction too?
Yeah, he's not shown up
all week.
Tell me about him.
What do you want to know?
Is he Pisces?
Does he have brown hair?
Take a fuckin' guess.
Okay, Ray, and me met up
before with one of the gunmen.
Guy bragged about having
a line in with a bigwig.
Can you put me
in touch with him?
- [cheesy music]
- [man moaning]
Uhh! Ohh!
Fuck, yeah. Ahh!
- Damn.
- [girl chuckles]
- You are good at that.
- My turn.
Let me catch my breath first,
Yeah. [laughs]
Did you paint in here?
Like I'd bother with this dump.
We're gonna get a place
of our own, aren't we?
Yeah, baby. Yeah,
once this money comes in,
we'll get a great place.
Maybe a new town?
Ray's gotta find the buyer
for the 'phedrine first.
Did that last bit of info
- Yup.
- Yeah?
Yeah, it earned me a leg up
with the big man.
- It's gonna pay off big-time.
- Good.
Speaking of, have you heard
anything else?
- First things first.
- What?
Catch your breath yet?
- Oh.
- My turn.
Keller's gotta get
Jimmy Marco to say
he was there,
and who else was a part of it.
And that Cohen hired them.
Laura, breathe.
I got it.
- When's he meeting him?
- Ten o'clock.
Okay. Well, let me know
what Marco says.
- Yeah.
- Okay?
Sarah, I told you
you didn't have to stay,
go get some lunch, honey.
I will, thanks.
Hey, Jimmy.
So what's so important
that we gotta meet?
Wondering what we're doing.
I haven't heard from Ray,
have you?
Who do you sell the stuff to?
I don't know.
Are you okay?
- [radio transmits conversation]
- You seem a little off.
I'm fine.
What about that bigwig
you had a line in with?
What'd you say his name was?
Why are you asking
so many questions?
I need to get paid.
I did a job,
I want to get paid.
I've got bills.
I didn't say his name.
Do me a favor, why don't
you lift your shirt?
What the fuck?
I fuckin' knew it,
- Freeze!
- Jimmy, police!
- Shit!
- Jimmy, everybody relax.
- Hold it, Jimmy.
- Hey! Hey hey hey hey!
Relax, relax...
Gun! He's got a gun!
- Gun!
- [dramatic music]
Jimmy! Drop...
Drop the gun!
- [gun firing]
- [cries out]
- Freeze, motherfucker!
- [groaning]
Cuffs, give me the cuffs.
Shots fired,
one subject down...
Don't you fuckin' move.
Requesting an ambulance
What do we got?
You're quiet tonight.
Yeah, I just got a lot
on my mind.
What, work?
Oh, I got that big
holdup case.
why didn't you say so?
I mean, I thought they
gave it to somebody else.
What happened?
Cap asked if I wanted
the case. I said yeah.
Well, aren't you excited?
No, it's just a lot of work.
He teamed you up
with the other guy?
Yeah, I'm on the same case.
[Jia] What time are
you going in tomorrow?
Eight o'clock,
organizing task force.
- [phone buzzes]
- Hey, your phones in here,
you just got a text.
What does it say?
"Internal Affairs meeting
in a.m.
about involvement
in tonight's shooting."
- I...
- You were in a shooting?
- Why didn't you tell me?
- I didn't want you to worry.
You didn't want me to know.
I'm your partner, Michael...
not your backdrop.
There are two of us here.
You married a cop.
Right, I knew what I was
signing up for,
I knew the dangers.
I just thought that we
were a team, you know,
that you wouldn't hide things
from me.
It's my job.
This is our life.
It affects me too.
[door closes]
[shower running]
So the perp pulls a piece
just like this
on your dad, point blank,
twitchy as shit.
You're dad was as cool
as a Buddha.
- Do you know what he did?
- Hmm.
He asks the perp had he ever
killed a guy.
The perp says no,
and your dad said,
"It changes you, man.
Like, I take a bullet,
I'm done in a second.
My face will haunt you
in your nightmares.
Trust me. You don't want it."
Do you know what happened?
The perp freezes,
your dad whip-grabs the pistol,
kung-fu's him
to the ground,
cuffs him
while I'm pissing my pants.
[both laugh]
Your dad was one
stone-cold cop.
Yeah, he was one
stone-cold father, too.
Oh, Mikey.
He did the best he could.
Whatever happened
that night he...
You read the report.
That was paper.
I wanna hear you tell it.
You were there.
Drugs went missing
from evidence.
I got word that
Stevie was setting up a deal
with the Italians.
So I go down there, maybe talk
some sense into your dad,
the Wop pulls a piece.
Everything went to shit.
He shot him before I
could take him out.
It was over in a second.
I'd like to feel that maybe your
dad was setting him up somehow.
Yeah, well, that's not how
Internal Affairs saw it.
I fought them to pay
out his benefits, but...
Your mom didn't deserve
to lose 'em.
I have always felt responsible.
No, don't,
he did it to himself.
Mikey, you dad was a good man,
not a perfect one.
Anybody could have been tempted.
I mean, he had a wife and a kid
to take care of
on a cop's salary.
He always had
this wall of approval
that I can never quite
climb my ass over.
You know, I used to hate dinner
cause he'd grill me...
"Was that up to code, Mikey?"
And I spent my entire childhood
trying to get my ass up to code.
It was like running
through the desert,
chasing a...
- What are those things called?
- Mirage.
Mirage, yeah.
Turns out it was all
a bunch of bullshit.
I can say this
because I knew your dad.
Your father had a vision...
the man that
he wanted you to be,
and that wasn't a lie.
[Michael] Jimmy.
- Have a seat. How'd you sleep?
- Fuck you.
Well, let's see how
our date goes first.
How'd you get involved
in a police holdup?
Yeah, I wasn't.
Well, Keller Abram
said otherwise.
Keller Abram is dead.
Well, you say that like
that's all I got on you,
but your parking lot adventure
the other night is enough
to cost ya ten years.
Listen, your only
bargaining chip
is to tell me about the holdup.
This guy that brought you in,
Ray Blaine...
What's his plan?
Where is he now?
Haven't seen him
in a few days.
So either he took off
with your cut
or something happened to him.
I mean, either way...
He said he got a better offer
on the stuff,
- Paris had hooked him up.
- Paris?
David Paris.
- Who's your buyer?
- He didn't say,
he just said he was going
downtown to a fish store.
Dinner fish or hobby fish?
Ya got me,
all I heard was fish.
Hmm. Well, I mean,
it sounds like
an awfully big score
for little Ray to mastermind.
Well, he didn't.
He put together the crew,
his boss is behind it.
Kenny Cohen,
how'd you know him?
I don't really know him.
Keller said you were bragging about
having some in with some bigwig.
Now listen, Jimmy, I can make
this whole thing dependent
on you telling me what
you're not telling me.
- Bullshit.
- If you're withholding information
that can tie together my case,
you bet your ass I can.
Sometimes I pass info on
to this guy,
he pays me,
what he does with it
is none of my business,
but sometimes...
sometimes after, the somebody
that's tied to it...
Look, any blowback lands
on me, it's over, you know?
No, I don't.
It's like a rumor around town,
you mess up, you disappear.
Jimmy, you're in police
custody, we can protect you.
No, you can't.
Alright, you know what,
the only other option
is to put out the word
you spilled the beans
and we release ya
onto the street
and then we see if your bigwig
and his bogeymen
decide that you messed up.
- I got him.
- [Captain] Him who?
- Angelo Leonetti?
- That's the one.
Wait, is this based on
the testimony of that kid?
Leonetti pays him for
information, people go missing.
How do we play this?
Wait, Michael,
there's no "play this.
You're talking about one
of our city's patrons.
Marco's testimony is enough
to launch an investigation.
You're aware that
you're talking about
the guy who bankrolls
the police fund every year,
he plays poker with the mayor,
So I can't request
a warrant...
There are people
that you go after
on the word of some scumbag
punk, and there's...
Michael, listen to me...
there's ones that you don't.
Cap, we can't let this guy
walk if he's responsible
for half the crimes
in the city
just because of all the commas
and zeroes
he has in his tax return.
Michael, you need to find
to back up the kid's testimony.
Otherwise, it's mitts off.
Here ya go, missy.
Don't forget to water him.
- Thanks.
- Have a nice day.
Everybody goes for
the lionfish.
You gotta watch those fin rays,
though, they're poisonous.
Personally, I like this
little guy over here,
come check this out.
- [Michael] Ohh... Wow.
- Stonefish.
Nobody ever sees
them coming.
You looking for anything
in particular today?
Ah, wife wanted a baby,
I said let's start with a fish.
Well, if you have any questions,
let me know.
I just love these little shops.
Little ma-and-pa's.
Been here long?
25 years.
You haven't been bought out
by the box stores,
Fishes R Us?
Not yet. It's tough
to stay afloat, though.
Take a whole lotta guppies.
Mind if I grab one of these?
Puccinaldi. Is that Italian?
Born and raised
in Little Italy.
Oh, old-school.
Yeah, my dad, too.
Oh yeah?
What'd he do?
A fisherman, actually.
You know, I think we need to
set you up with a starter fish.
We had an arrangement, Angelo.
I pocket the 'phedrine,
your case gets buried.
But then you got greedy.
You took it back.
And that upset the balance.
This wasn't my hand, Jack.
You stole what was mine.
I don't give a fuck
which minion did it.
That problem has been
And it's your fuckin' job
to cold-case it.
Your sloppy elimination job
is the problem, Angelo,
you left a fuckin' body
in a parking lot.
Tell me, how do I sweep
that under the rug?
There's just so many holes
in the boat I can plug up.
Why don't you just pull off
your bloodhound puppy, huh?
Cause he's nipping at heels.
It's a little late for that,
Your jailbird?
He's flapping his jaw.
Give me a fuckin' break.
That's hearsay from
a goddamn lowlife.
It's enough to kick-start
the kid's case,
and I've tugged his collar all
I can without raising eyebrows.
Take him off the case, Jack.
It's in your best interest.
That sounds a lot
like a threat to me.
Nah, that's just a little
friendly advice.
A threat would be more like
your extracurricular
entrepreneurships public.
That goes both ways,
old friend.
No honor among thieves huh?
Killing you, it just
might be worth it.
You know what
we got in common?
We got enough common sense
to curb
our baser instincts for
the benefit of mutual gain.
And we can hate each other
as much as we want,
but we need each other.
Right the ship, Jack.
- [sirens]
- [dramatic music]
[phone ringing]
[Michael] Yeah?
Marco's dead?
Yeah, no, thanks.
[Carmen, voiceover]
Born and raised in Little Italy.
[dramatic music]
Larceny, B and E, petty theft,
I mean, he was a real
little Al Capone.
From the last one, May '77,
he did a year in Juvie.
[Laura] So what, after
that he just went straight?
[Michael] Or he got smart.
Check out the police report.
Look who is listed at the last
B and E, and walked away,
while Carmen did a year
in Juvie.
Oh, my God.
That was us once.
The hood didn't have
nice parks.
We were knocking over
liquor stores.
- Could have been different.
- Nah, it's in the blood.
I gotta tell you something,
I'm sick of all this drug shit.
I wanna be done with it.
This is not how
I wanna be remembered.
Kidding me? You're gonna be
remembered as a patron saint.
Ah, bullshit. It's all
built on a house of cards.
I guess I opened up
a can of worms
bringing the ephedrine back
from Cohen.
I should have asked you first.
I'm sorry, Ange.
You didn't know.
- Carmen.
- Yeah?
About the pseudoephedrine...
you should handle it.
- Yeah, right.
- No, right.
Take it.
Just move the stuff.
- You're serious?
- Yeah, yeah.
You know my contacts.
Just move the stuff.
You can have my cut.
- Huh?
- Hey, Ange,
you got a brain tumor
or something?
I don't have
a fuckin' brain tumor.
I don't trust anybody but you.
Thank you.
Detective Connolly,
I have the DNA results
from the blood on that
glass shard at Cohen's car.
- Canis lupus familiaris.
- What is that?
Thank you.
[elevator dings]
- [barking]
- [Laura cries out]
- [beeping]
- Shit!
[cries out]
[phone ringing]
Hey, I was just about
to call you.
[Laura] A dog
just attacked me.
A dog just attacked you.
- In my office.
- In your office?
- In my fucking office.
- Jesus, you okay?
Wait, what kinda dog?
A big scary-as-shit kind,
with teeth.
Where is it now?
I don't know.
Okay listen, the blood match
on Cohen's car was a Doberman.
Yeah, yeah,
that was it, a Doberman.
I mean, we gotta be
getting close
if they're trying to scare you.
Wait. Who else knows
about this case?
[phone ringing]
You have one new message.
First new message sent today.
- [Schlychter] Evening, Sarah.
- [gasps]
Who are you?
I'm a friend of Jimmy's.
You knew Jimmy?
I'm really sorry
what happened to him.
You know, Jimmy used to
provide us with information
that you got from that female
attorney you're working with.
What did she and this young
detective talk about this morning?
They talked about getting
a search warrant
for Carmen Puccinaldi.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
[both chuckle]
You know, I can get a lot
of information for you.
I can do whatever you want.
I have connections in
the District Attorneys office,
I'm really good at this,
- I've been doing for a while.
- Yeah, yeah. [shushing]
That's very good.
I like that idea.
May I have a glass of water?
Yeah, sure.
[silenced gun fires]
[distant sirens]
[Waitress] Carmen,
want another one?
- Yeah babe, hit me again.
- You got it.
- Carmen.
- Hey, man.
Can I get you something?
No, I'm fine, thank you.
- [Carmen laughs]
- Hey, listen.
The cops are obtaining
a search warrant on you.
It's no problem.
Angelo will get me outta that.
One phone call to the mayor.
No, it's past that point.
Says who?
He wants me to
take the fall again.
Fuckin' Angelo.
He's not untouchable, you know.
So what's this, a warning?
No, my friend,
it's a head start.
Take it easy.
[Carmen] Goddamn it, I knew it.
Fuckin' cop.
Hey, what's up?
Open the door,
you little ravioli.
We open in 20.
Open the door.
What happened,
your goldfish die?
Yeah. I got the key in the back.
I just gotta...
Alright boys. Now, back alley.
Door. Right now. Get him.
Let's go. Move, move, move.
Fuck! Where are the keys?!
- Fuck me.
- [sirens approach]
- Hi.
- Fuck you!
- [yelling]
- Carmen, drop the gun.
You drop it.
Dude, seriously?
Four against one, you think
you're gonna get very far?
Awright, fuck it,
I'll tell ya everything
you wanna know about
Angelo Leonetti.
- Okay.
- I'm not letting
that motherfucker
throw me under the bus again.
You cut me a deal, I'll tell
you who the real Angelo...
- [gun fires]
- Who shot?
Down, down, down, down,
down, get down!
[cop] Guys, check the roofs!
Check the roofs!
Check the roofs!
Man down, we got a man down!
Someone check the roof.
[police radio chatter]
[sirens blaring]
[Captain, voiceover] You are low
man on the totem pole here.
[Laura, voiceover]
I believe there is
an organized crime network.
[Captain, voiceover]
You need to find something
to back up the kid's testimony,
otherwise it's mitts off.
[Michael, voiceover]
Who's behind it?
[Laura, voiceover]
Someone like Angelo Leonetti.
[Bach cello music playing]
[continues playing Bach]
I didn't realize
anyone was there. Sorry.
Well, I didn't mean
to startle you. Sorry.
No, it's okay.
Embarrassed is more like it.
No, on the contrary.
Johann Sebastian Bach's Courante
requires great discipline,
tempo giusto.
Bravo. Impressive.
Your "name that tune"
is impressive.
Are you a musician?
Me, musician? No, no.
But my grandfather was.
Unfortunately, it didn't
trickle down to me.
May I?
Sure, please.
Thank you.
What did your grandfather
My grand...
Oh! Violin.
With the Berlin Philharmonics.
But unfortunately,
the Nazis came to power.
He was drafted.
You know, my grandfather,
he used to tell me stories
from the war...
horrific things, really.
But he always told me.
I'm telling you this so that you
can one day tell your children
and they in their turn
can tell theirs
and hopefully
this horrible thing
will never happen again.
My grandfather said,
"I wish they have sent me
to the front to die."
No, instead, he was sent
to a concentration camp
and he served in a unit
where they separated children
from their parents...
healthy children
to the work stations,
and... the other children...
One day the officers found
out that my grandfather
was a great violinist,
and they ordered him
to put together
some entertainment for the
officers when they had a party,
entertainment performed
by the Jewish prisoners.
Then there was this
Christmas celebration...
and there was a young girl,
12, 13 years old,
with the voice of an angel,
according to my grandfather,
and she sang for the officers.
Then one officer stood up
and said,
"No more of this Jewish shit!
I wanna hear
a German Christmas song,
I wanna hear Silent Night."
She didn't know Silent Night,
the Jewish girl.
The officer went up to her
and slapped her
and said, "You better sing
Silent Night."
Officer went up
to my grandfather and said,
"You take this piece of shit
outside and kill her."
Imagine that little girl,
performing for those killers...
the fear when she didn't know
the song,
the terror...
when she thought
she was about to be shot.
My grandfather took the little
girl outside, as ordered,
but he couldn't kill her.
Instead he found a way out
from the camp
and he told her,
"Run! Never look back."
Well, my grandfather
survived the war,
but he never touched
his violin ever again.
Would you mind...
playing the Courante for me?
[playing Bach Courante]
[orchestral accompaniment
comes in]
[piece ends]
Thank you.
[footsteps depart]
Wait, I don't even know
your name.
It's perfect that way,
isn't it?
["Flower Duet" from "Lakm"
by Leo Deilbes plays]
Mr. Leonetti, Detective
Michael Connolly, Cleveland P.D.
I was wondering if I could
ask you a few questions.
This could be done
another time.
You always attend the funerals
of people who die
on your watch,
Detective Connolly?
I'm sorry for your loss,
Mr. Leonetti,
it's just that Mr. Puccinaldi's
last words were of you.
He said he wasn't willing
to die to protect you.
Do you have any idea
what he might have meant?
Alright, that's enough.
Leave Mr. Leonetti alone!
Now, now, now, Albert,
Albert please, please.
Look, Detective Connolly,
Mr. Puccinaldi
was a childhood friend,
and I am truly devastated
over his tragic death,
as well as the revelation
that apparently he hadn't put
the habits of his juvenile
delinquent past behind him.
But if you're on
a wild goose chase
to somehow link
his criminal activities to me,
there'll be consequences.
Tell your captain.
What consequences
am I telling him, sir?
Let's go.
[dramatic music]
[starts car]
[suspenseful music]
- [dog barking, growling]
- [gasps]
- [breathing heavily]
- [keys mic]
I need an ID on
8900 Chestnut Road.
[Radio] Stand by.
Private residence,
one Angelo J. Leonetti.
Alright, copy.
[sighs deeply]
We're in the eighth inning,
and so far it's been
a very tight game.
Two outs,
with a runner on first base...
[open door alert chiming]
[Angelo] Thanks, buddy.
Have a good night.
I'll see ya in the morning.
[fire crackling]
[door shuts]
[classical piano music
playing softly]
Good evening.
A little Scotch neat?
25 Mac, yeah?
- Thanks.
- Salude.
- [glasses clinking]
- Salude.
I thought Jack did
his own wet work.
Fuckin' Mick.
I didn't know you served
two masters, Schlychter.
Well, I gotta hand it
to both of ya,
'cause not much surprises me.
But this...
this explains a little bit.
Like Cohen's body bein'
left for the cops to find.
I'll double whatever
he's paying ya.
I'm sorry.
is not the sole issue here.
Oh, integrity?
[both chuckling]
Carmen. Yeah, yeah.
Crossed my mind that
that might rankle your code.
He was a likable little fucker,
wasn't he, huh? Ha.
I loved him, though.
I did, I loved him.
You don't mind if I smoke,
do ya?
- [suspenseful music]
- Heh.
We ran a tight ship,
didn't we?
We sure did, Mr. Leonetti.
But eventually someone's
gotta pay the piper, right?
Fuck you, Schlychter,
you Kraut bastard.
- [gun clicks]
- Son of a...
Might be a Kraut,
but I'm not stupid.
- [shells clatter on floor]
- [body thuds]
[dramatic music]
[dramatic music]
- [Schlychter] Attack! Go!
- [dog barking]
- [gun firing]
- [barking]
- [dog snarling]
- [crying out]
Klaus! Enough.
[cocks pistol]
You don't work for Leonetti.
I did, but he's retired.
You better start thinking.
Your decisions affect
more than just you.
You see, I have another
assignment for tonight.
- [whacks]
- [thuds]
Klaus, you traitor.
Come on, let's go.
- It's a beautiful night.
- [dog barks]
[Captain, voiceover]
I don't want you
disappearing like Kitchen.
[loud crash]
[Cohen, voiceover] I'll tell you everything
you wanna know about Angelo Leonetti.
- [gun firing]
- [dog barking]
[Angelo, voiceover] You always
attend the funerals of people
who die on your watch,
[pistol cocks]
- [siren whoops]
- [Jia] Who do you think has to bury you?
- [car horn wails]
- [Captain] Your father had a vision,
the man that
he wanted you to be,
and that wasn't a lie.
[Jia, voiceover] You've gotta
find a way to forgive him.
[sirens blaring]
Hey. Hey, kid.
- Wake up, kid. Hey, you dead?
- Ahh.
Jesus, hell of a place
to take a nap.
Easy now, cowboy.
We had a 911. Shots fired.
- Were some of them yours?
- [Michael exhales]
- I saw the shooter.
- Yeah, I know, we're on it.
He may still be in the area.
No, he's not.
Kid! Where the fuck you going?
[tires screech]
- [Michael] Cap, Leonetti's dead.
- [Captain] What happened?
Shot in his house.
I got there right after
and went after the perp,
but he got away.
Okay, where are you?
I'm heading back to the station
to get an APB on the shooter.
Alright, I can call that in from here.
Come on over.
Okay, we got a white male,
fifties, black Jaguar,
Ohio plates P K Y 7 2 K.
I'm five away.
- [sirens blaring]
- [engine revving]
- [dramatic music]
- [sirens wailing]
- Cap!
- [Captain] In the kitchen.
- [Michael] Fuck.
- You look like shit.
Yeah, well, I had help.
I should see the other guy,
Yeah, well,
I did see the other guy,
- I can ID this guy...
- Which, by the way,
I owe you an apology
on Leonetti.
He was in this after all...
You like this black, right?
Yeah, yeah. Listen,
this guy is tying up loose ends.
He's gonna leave town.
He knows what I look like...
Michael, I know, I know.
They filled me in when I called
in the APB on Schlychter.
[sighs deeply]
Mikey, do you remember when
your dad and I took you
to Municipal Stadium
to see the Indians play
on your seventh birthday?
It was cloudy out...
and you were concerned that
it was gonna get rained out.
Do you remember what your dad
said to you?
He said, "No way am I gonna let
it rain on my son's birthday."
And sure enough, I'll be damned
if the sun didn't come out.
I never said his name.
I know.
Guess Kitchen figured it out
too, huh?
Kitchen wanted a bigger cut
to keep from snitching
to Leonetti that
I had had him tip off Cohen
to the drug transfer
to begin with.
So Cohen took the bait
and stole your drugs,
giving you the excuse
to take Leonetti down.
And I'm the dumb rookie cop
you threw on the case.
You're not as dumb
as I thought you were.
However, you did walk in here
without your gun, Michael.
I'll give you Kitchen's 20%.
We take over Leonetti's
territory, we make a killing.
I'm sorry, Cap.
Dirty cop's not
my five-year plan.
Schlychter said he had
one more assignment.
What was it, Cap?
- Ohh!
- Unhh!
[gun fires]
- [gun fires]
- [Captain crying out]
- Unhh!
- Ahhh!
I hated having to kill
your father, Mikey.
- [Schlychter] Klaus, go!
- [dog barking, snarling]
- [dog snarling]
- [Captain groaning]
- [struggle continues]
- [cocks pistol]
- Klaus, enough.
- [dog barks]
Your fuckin' dog can't
even follow a command.
Well, he did, you asshole.
You fuckin' Kraut.
Yeah, I keep getting that. Hmm.
[labored breathing ]
I'm sorry, Mikey.
[stops breathing]
Nice shot.
He was planning to kill me
after I killed you.
You could've taken me out.
Oh, more than that.
Why didn't you?
Because we both descend
from misjudged men,
and you're an honorable one.
Oh, and Klaus likes you.
I'll give you 10 minutes
before I call it in.
Is that a warning?
It's a head start.
[door opens, closes]
[sirens wailing]
[dramatic music]
[Michael, whispering]
I got something to tell you.
I hate eggs.
You hate eggs?
But... you love my Sunday morning
I lied. I can't stand 'em.
[Jia chuckles]
Alright, it's your turn.
I like fortune cookies
that actually give you
a fortune,
like tell me I'm going
on a trip, or...
- Yeah. Yeah.
- like, I'm gonna win the lottery or something.
[Laura] The thumb drive that
you took from Jack's house
has evidence on at least
half my open cases.
Well, be careful
what you wish for.
I'll remember. Next time.
[Michael] Listen, go home,
put your feet up,
it'll still be there tomorrow.
- Hey, Connolly.
- Yeah?
You done good.
Divers are ready.
Where do you want 'em?
We gotta cover it all,
so start at the dock
and sweep your way out.
Copy that.
[camera clicking]
Hey, guys, so listen...
So you heard?
This Schlychter guy...
FBI, Interpol,
there's no record of him.
Ten-to-one they never find him.
Yeah, that's
a pretty good bet.
Internal Affairs
had a field day
with that thumb drive, though.
It's got Jack on the
phone ordering executions,
from Leonetti all the way down.
You were the last of 'em.
But you know, if Jack
would've been thinking,
he'd have called me.
I'd have killed you for free.
Well, with your aim,
I think I'd be safe.
Yeah, right.
- [camera clicking]
- [chatter]
[Michael] I'm interviewing
the witness later today.
- Okay.
- [phone beeps]
Did you know him?
He's my father.
I'm sorry for your loss.
You must be proud of him.
I am.
[dramatic music]
[gentle music]
[dramatic music]
[music ends]