The Assent (2019) Movie Script

[ominous music]
[tv static]
[narrator] Every possession by
a demon occurs during three stages.
The first is called
the Presence.
This is when a demon or entity begins
to make its presence known to the host.
The second stage
is called the Affliction,
when the entity begins to possess
and inhabit the body of its host.
Taking over all control of their physical,
mental and spiritual ability.
The infected begins to feel dirty,
like a pungent force taking over.
But the demon cannot fully infect and
take over a person until the third stage.
It's when the person has finally
surrendered and consents to the demon
as being a part of their soul.
Which is known as the Assent.
[woman crying]
[distorted voice]
Now, go, go! Do it, do it!
Two hundred miles of interstate
and not a goddamn car in sight.
Why do they build roads
if no one's gonna use 'em?
Hi, Rhonda.
And don't you be
paintin' on my time!
I'm not.
It's a sculpture.
Painting, sculpture...
same damn thing.
Still my dime!
Here. Forty bucks.
Now scoot!
For the whole day?
You see any goddamn
customers here?
Thanks, Rhonda.
So, tomorrow?
Ten o'clock! I'm gonna sleep in.
I should, uh, probably get home.
Mason's with a babysitter.
And clean up your
shit before you go!
Hey, pal.
Daddy, Daddy! Look, I can fly!
Yeah, I can see! Be careful, though.
We don't want you flyin' away.
Aww! [giggling]
Did you get me anything?
From work? Uh, no. But I can make you
somethin', if you want. What do you want?
What do you want?
Tell me what you want.
[Mason laughing]
Cassie! I'm home!
Hey, Mr. Clarke. How was work?
Yeah, well, it was good.
Now, play with your toys
while I talk to Cassie. Okay?
Alright, listen. What did I tell you about
lettin' him play outside on his own?
Oh, he's fine!
He's a big boy now.
He's a smart kid, and he's
perfectly fine being left alone.
I'm his dad. I just don't...
I think I know what's best for him.
Uh, okay, how much do I...
Uh, $40 for the sitting
and $8 for the groceries.
Groceries are $8?
Single portion for
Mason, like always.
But it was spaghetti and
meatballs tonight, so...
Look, I've probably got
some more money upstairs.
Uh, Mr. Clarke,
don't. It's fine.
- Don't worry about it.
- No, no-no-no-no. I can't let you do that.
Consider it my treat, okay?
- Thank you, Cassie.
- Of course.
Before you go, uh, I
need you to, um, do the...
- Need you to...
- Oh, yeah.
- Thank you.
- Okay. Of course, Mr. Clarke.
Don't let the food
get cold. Okay?
Bye, Mason. I'll see
you next time. Okay?
Alright, pal, let's
get washed up.
Now your girlfriend's gone...
Thank you, Lord, for this
meal we're about to eat.
Bless this food through
Christ our Lord.
What was that?
It's a prayer!
Cassie taught me how
to pray before you eat.
She said, God gave us food
and we must thank him.
I'm the one who puts
the food on the table, pal.
- So do I have to pray to you?
- No.
I'm your dad.
I take care of you.
That's what I do.
Daddy, what are you making?
I don't know.
That's the thing about art, pal.
Sometimes it comes to you much later,
and you just keep tinkering 'til it does.
Can I be an artist one day?
If you want. You can be
whatever you want to be.
But you have to eat
your dinner first.
- Aren't you going to eat?
- Yes. After you.
But you need to eat if you're
gonna grow up all big and strong.
Well, you have to eat your dinner
if you are gonna be big and strong.
I'm already big and strong.
Yes, I am already
big and strong!
If you want to be strong like me,
you have to eat that dinner.
So, eat your meatballs!
Where are those muscles?! Where
are those muscles? Come on!
Aah-aah! No, not Mason! The
meanest man in town! Ow...
He's so big!
Good night, pal. I love you.
- I love you too, Dad.
- Hmm.
Whooo! My name is Camper.
And I love you too, Camper.
Camper loves you too.
And I miss you.
[woman screaming]
[Camper] Who are you?
Who are you? My name is Camper.
Will you be my friend?
[thunder rumbling]
Here, kitty-kitty.
[calling cat with kisses]
Good cat.
[man on radio] We're talking
about schizophrenia here, folks.
Seeing things, hallucinations!
That's what the
prison records say.
But yet Father Lambert
Bowman is released today,
only three years from the death
of five-year-old Edward Martin.
It's not just a case of a failed
exorcism, it's negligence.
Freedom of religion.
Where are we,
in the Dark Ages?
I say persecute him
like everybody else.
[crowd screaming]
Father Lambert!
Father Lambert, are you
taking any interviews?
[man on radio]
Freedom of religion.
Where are we,
in the Dark Ages?
I say persecute him
like everybody else.
Like in prison. Just because you're a priest,
it doesn't give you a free pass
- to kill someone and ruin the lives of the Martin family.
- Drive.
Am I right? Let's open up and rise.
What do you think of this whole debacle?
[woman] Well, I think Father
Lambert should be persecuted,
just like any other
citizen would.
- If he was doing his job, he would've called...
- Turn that thing off!
Are we all set?
Down to the last detail.
The Congregation for
the Doctrine of the Faith
issued an indefinite suspension
of your clerical duties.
With the public uproar,
distancing yourself is probably the wisest?
Have you heard
from the Martin family?
Involuntary restraining order
against you from the State.
I got everything you asked for.
But this is dangerous
if the Diocese finds out.
Even though it
is not your fault.
It's not fault.
I feel.
[Dr. Maya] Have you still
been seeing these things?
The figures you were
telling me about last time?
Still have them sometimes.
It's been better since the medication.
Plus, see I uh... I
found a new way...
- New way?
- Yeah. This is, uh...
it's my boss's old camera.
I've been borrowing
it, and when I...
see something I'm
not sure is real, I...
Picture helps me
tell the difference.
That's a creative way
to combat schizophrenia.
It's important we learn to identify
what is real and what isn't.
This'll look good on
your custody report.
Now... do you have
something for me?
I have receipts.
Days she worked,
proof of payment.
Very good.
This is our proof to the A.S.F.A. of
your ability to take care of your son.
Plus, your cooperation
with the medication.
And how's the job
hunting coming along?
I'm still at Rhonda's.
Rhonda's isn't a job.
You're not getting benefits,
and you're paid below minimum wage.
I'm managing fine.
The house is paid for by Mason's
mum before she died. I'm...
You're living day-to-day.
You need to start planning and
thinking more about the future.
Longer terms.
- We talked about this.
- I know, I know.
This is how people
take advantage of you.
You need to learn to start making
better choices for yourself.
Uh, please, uh, come in.
Uh... make yourself at home.
[Father Lambert] Did
you bring the tapes?
Oh! Yeah.
Um, I haven't had a chance
to organize them all, bu...
Let's get started.
It's gonna be a long night.
Mason! Time for dinner!
[Mason whispering] My daddy
will be here any minute.
He's waiting downstairs.
I'm going to sleep soon.
No, I can't play.
No, I can't play.
Why don't you come back later?
He won't be angry.
Shhh! Don't make him angry.
[thunder rumbling lightly]
He's waiting there.
Who's waiting there, buddy?
The man that looks like a
goat and walks like a dog.
Your money's on the table.
Finish up in the front, and uh, don't
forget to lock the door on your way out!
Thanks, Rhonda.
[slamming door]
[phone calling]
[Dr. Maya] Hello?
Doctor Maya, I uh, I
have a question for you.
- Joel?
- Yeah, is schizophrenia hereditary?
- Please make an appointment if you have any questions.
- I know, I know.
It's just, um,
just one question.
It's, it's important.
It's hard to say, Joel.
Schizophrenia does have a genetic compound.
Is this about Mason?
- Daddy, Daddy!
- Hey! Ahhh, there he is! Hey, look at me.
Look at me.
- I just wanna see...
- Daddy, stop!
- Okay.
- [doing dishes]
Where's your girlfriend?
That smells amazing.
What is it?
Uh, roast chicken.
I decided today that we're going
to actually eat a proper meal.
All of us.
Cassie, I told you
single portions.
This one's on me.
Just give me the
$40 for the day.
Mr. Clarke, I have something
I need to talk to you about.
I, I got accepted
into a university.
On, on full scholarship.
That's great! Which one?
In Philadelphia.
I'm gonna get my degree
for, for teaching.
That means...
I can't babysit anymore.
- Cassie!
- I'm sorry, Mr. Clarke.
I'm... you knew that I was waiting on an acceptance,
and that I took this job in the meantime.
I can't find another babysitter.
I-I-I don't make enough.
I figured we'd keep doing this,
until I-I find a better job.
I-I can't keep doing
this forever, too.
I mean, you know I've always
wanted to go to college.
If I don't have a babysitter, or a real
income, the state's gonna take Mason away.
When do you leave?
In a few days.
It's a new town and all, so even though school
doesn't start for a couple of months, I need time
to settle in and...
So, your last day?
It's the weekend, so you'll
be with him anyway. Right?
This is so sudden.
I'm so sorry.
No, you're not!
You don't get to say that!
You're just like everybody else. You leave as
soon as soon as something better comes along.
You act like you care,
but you don't care.
- You don't...
- Yeah, you don't care!
Never should have trusted you.
Why don't you go upstairs to
play, and I'll come and get you.
[turning tap off]
[thunder rumbling]
Kitty? [whistling]
[door closing]
Last one.
Let me see it.
[demon speaking Latin]
In manuum figuli?
Are you familiar
with those words?
Not in any, uh, religious text.
You think it means something?
I think it's the lead
to our next victim.
You know demons leave
traces of their hunger.
Do we have any
grammar resources?
In the next room, top shelf.
Daddy! Can you come
play with me tonight?
Yeah, give me a minute.
[stumbling and hitting]
Did you do this?
He keeps moving it.
Who does?
The man with ugly faces.
There's nothing there, pal.
He's in there.
Mason, do you know what this is?
This is a camera.
And what it does is it shows
us what's really there.
So, we're gonna take a
picture of your cupboard.
And then it's gonna show us there's
nothing to be afraid of. Okay?
So point the camera.
And then press the button.
There we go.
You see?
No? You wanna do another one?
Go on.
There we go. Do you see?
Nothing to be scared of.
Can I sleep with you tonight?
Yeah, pal. Of course you can.
Do people who are schizophrenic
see the same things?
Like what?
Dark figures.
Black figures.
Shadows are a thing
that many people see.
Now, if we're talking about hearing
the same words or voices, then it's
a different story.
But highly unlikely.
But if you see these figures,
it means you're schizophrenic, right?
Not necessarily.
Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, dementia,
Charles Bonnet syndrome...
Or even just the
trick of the eye.
Am I missing something? Where are the
babysitter's receipts for yesterday?
She left.
Going to university.
- Still looking for a new one.
- Joel.
Mason needs a babysitter.
You cannot leave him by himself.
I don't.
I'm staying at home with him.
He needs someone who has
a proper tutoring certification.
Or get him into a day
care before kindergarten.
You know I can't afford that.
Look, I will find a new
babysitter. Okay?
She just... she dropped
it on me so suddenly.
I'm sure it won't take long. I
just, I just can't do it today.
You know? I can't do it now.
But Mason's fine. I don't, I
don't take my eyes off him.
Is that why he's waiting
outside in the reception area?
We're going to the
library after this.
He's, uh.
He's already
read all his books.
He's a very smart boy.
You're gonna need to find a babysitter
and tutor as fast as possible.
I'm trying.
All I want is what's
best for you.
You have one week.
I'm gonna go by to your house next
week and check up on you over there,
instead of having
our sessions here.
- Daddy!
- Hey, pal! Hey.
Who are you talking to?
Someone who thinks
they can help us.
Dad, could you help me read?
I don't feel like it today.
In a minute, pal.
Just let me finish this.
Why are you painting
the eye blue?
It's a talisman.
Or an even eye!
Ancient Mesopotamians thought
it protected us from bad luck.
Why are you putting
it in Camper?
So that Camper can protect you.
But you protect me.
Mummy too.
Mason, mummy isn't here.
But I see her.
Mummy's in a much
more special place now.
She's right here.
With me.
And I'll never leave you.
'Cause in the end, it's
us against the world.
He gets to sleep
with me tonight.
Yes, he does! Like every night.
Oi! Haven't finished
your nuggets.
- Oi.
- [Mason laughing]
I'm coming to get you!
I'm coming to get you!
And here we gooooo!
And go to bed!
Go to bed, go to bed.
Daddy, can you come
sleep with me tonight?
Where'd you get this?
Wasn't me, Daddy.
You know you're not supposed
to touch things in Daddy's room.
But I didn't do it.
[knocking on door]
Hi, Father.
Hey, Cassie! What
are you doing here?
Uh, I stopped by your parish, but Susan says
you haven't been around for a few days, and...
I wanted to talk to
you about something.
Come in.
- Would you, uh, like some coffee?
- Please.
something weird happened.
Last night, with...
Joel, the guy whose son I've been
babysitting for almost two years now.
The mechanic.
I told him I was going to college,
and that I couldn't look after Mason anymore.
And I... I knew he wasn't gonna be happy
about it, but he sort of blew up at me.
Mason did too.
It was like they
were growling at me.
It was dark.
It wasn't...
Normal. I mean, I... I don't even, I don't
even know if I was just hearing things
in the heat of the
moment. Or-or people...
people blow up and... and get angry, right?
But this was different.
I felt something.
Like the room went dark.
I was just spooked out all day.
And as I was walked out,
I sensed something.
You know, in your sermon a
couple weeks ago, you were
talking about how The Devil
makes itself... you know.
This is Father Lambert.
The Diocese asked
me to look after him...
Who is this person
that you mentioned?
...for the time being.
Joel Clarke is the father,
and Mason is his son.
He's a Brit that married a
local girl, Sarah Howland.
She died in a car crash.
Joel never really moved on.
Since then, he's been socially isolated,
not active in the church...
Not active anywhere.
If he's not at the shop, then
he's at home, making his...
weird sculptures.
Look, the whole thing just sort
of threw me off, okay? It was...
it was scary, and I, I'm
scared for Mason too.
Could you maybe
go check on them...
for me?
Father Lambert and I
will go see him tomorrow.
Thanks, Father.
Do you think...
In manuum figuli.
In the hands of the potter.
He's a sculptor,
creator with his hands.
And he was
Abaddon's last words.
[thunder cracking]
[whispers grow louder]
[door moving]
[whispering] Joel.
The cosmic Lord of Death
seeks a new battleground.
Abaddon awaits.
Let me handle it
when we get there.
I sense we're getting close.
Close? Like you can feel it?
When one comes close to such
evil, part of the soul withers
from such contact with the
opposite of humanness.
The essence of evil has
attached itself within me.
No rest for the wicked.
Hey. Hey, look...
That creep.
It's that fuckin'
child killer, isn't it?
It's the house, but I
don't see an entrance.
Let's try around back.
Anybody home?
[knocking on door]
[father] Hello!
Hello? Anybody home?
Doesn't look like
anybody's here.
It's him! He's hurt.
Do it!
We found the pills
in your pocket.
Who are you? What are
you doin' in my house?
Easy now.
You fell down
a flight of stairs.
You're lucky you didn't
break your neck.
Where's my son?
He's fine. He's
upstairs sleeping.
He is still very unresponsive.
But this place is...
like a breeding ground
for negative energies.
- I have to see my son.
- Hey. We're here to help!
"Rejoice in the darkness, ye
shall appear before his horns."
Mason, come on.
Hey, hey.
Come on now.
Come on. You're okay.
Come on, pal. Mason,
look at me. Mason.
Look at me. Come on,
buddy, you're okay.
What's happening?
Say something!
We have much to talk about.
You've been marked
by him, my son.
We're not dealing with
any ordinary demon here.
Goes by many names,
taking on identities
from myths, fear, legends...
throughout mankind.
It goes by Abaddon,
Mephistopheles, bete noire...
Throughout the world, he's called Lucifer,
Prince of Darkness, Satan himself!
You listen to yourself, you're telling me
that my family has been marked by Satan.
There's only way
to purge this demon.
And that's for you to begin
your faith in our Lord.
To purge? Do you even...
do you even hear what you...
I need my meds.
There are illnesses known to us,
like Parkinson's or dyslexia,
that were mistaken
for possession before.
Science does play an important role, but we
have reasons to believe this is something more.
Remember this: The Devil
makes the sane insane.
And the insane, sane.
He lives so far into the
shadows of modern society,
hidden by the face of science,
that we forget that he even exists.
And in that time, he has gotten
stronger and stronger every day!
We don't see him coming,
because we don't know who he is.
His grip on our souls can be so deep
that the only way out is an exorcism!
An exorcism?
- Exorcis... isn't that just...?
- Highly legal.
First Amendment
protects exorcisms,
for the exercise of religion,
in and of itself, is legal.
Give me 18 hours.
I will banish this demon.
I just need Mason to be fine.
He will be taken care of.
Our associate, Dr. Hawkins,
is on her way now as we speak.
Take the help that is given to you here,
or forever risk damnation.
[knocking on door]
That's the doctor.
Doctor Hawkins. Please, come in.
We're all upstairs.
Doc Hawkins! So
glad you could join us.
I don't think you're supposed to be here.
Did you get a permission from the Bishop?
You're the only ordained
doctor in the Diocese.
- Hmm.
- Who was I gonna call?
No, I've told you
already, I'm fine.
Go check on my son.
Joel, you're the one that
needs attention right now.
Check on my son.
Okay. But we're gonna have
to come back and look at it.
[Joel] Follow me.
Well, the good news is that
he's breathing normally.
No broken bones, no signs
of external trauma.
Medically speaking, he's fine.
- Like in a deep sleep.
- Except that he is unresponsive.
Will he wake up?
It is too early to
tell at this point.
[faint grunting]
I'm hearing voices.
- Latin.
- That is the third sign.
The third sign of what?
Well, there are six classic
signs to possession.
There's aversion to the cross,
rolling of the eyes, what we just witnessed-
speaking in a language that
no one has a knowledge of.
And that's what it takes to
declare someone possessed, is it?
Predicting future events, uh, speaking in
voices, antipathy towards the Church...
Mason has none of these.
For goodness sakes, Lambert,
we don't know anything yet.
[whispering] Don't
listen to him, Dad.
Mason! Mason!
You guys, you need to come up.
Mason's awake.
[animal-like breathing]
- It's cold.
- Mason? Mason, hi! Hi.
Exorcizamus te, omnis immunde spiritus,
omni satanica potestas...
Omnis immunde spiritus,
omni satanica potestas...
What's he saying?
[Father Lambert]
The Roman Rites.
I know it's the Roman Rites,
but how can it speak the holy...
The Devil has to know the
scriptures in order to twist it.
Eradicare et effugare...
I believe you, but why
should I trust you?
Because I've seen the work
of Abaddon before, my son.
On a boy not much
older than your son.
Imagine you're... you're drowning!
And he couldn't breathe, just like you now,
with a thousand glass shards shooting
through his body, cutting him.
The pain was so great that he claws at
his teeth and rips off his fingernails.
We're not fighting physical
or spiritual deaths here.
They will be redeemed
in God's eyes!
It's the eternal death
that we fear.
God doesn't abandon.
But the Devil will take.
I just want things to go
back to the way they were.
I know this is a, a lot for
you to swallow at once.
I've spent my entire life with the entities,
and I still have much to learn.
But do not worry.
This is the end.
It's us against this world!
I'll trust you.
But if anything happens to Mason,
God won't save you from me.
Do you have a cassock?
[father] I know
where to get one.
All right. We're gonna need a few things.
We're gonna need a purple stole...
- Mm.
- Two surplices, some holy water from the church.
I need another copy
of the Roman Ritual.
I'll be back with everything.
I need someone
to go into that room.
- He has to be restrained.
- What?
- Okay. I can help with that.
- No, no, no, no, no.
If anyone's restraining
my own son, it's me.
"Our Father who art in heaven,
hallowed be Thy name."
[distorted voice]
Come to us, Joel.
Come to us!
Hear us, Joel!
It's just me, pal.
It's just daddy.
"Thy kingdom come, thy will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven."
"Give us this day
our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses."
Mr. Clarke. Mr. Clarke,
can you hear me?
It is us who commands you.
I have no idea what's going on.
You need to wake up.
You worship false Gods!
Do you hear that? You
will rip his heart open!
You're not Mason.
You're not Mason.
Forget them.
Come to me.
Don't you love me, Daddy?
- Come here.
- [woman] Can you see me, Joel?
Come back to me!
Joel, Joel...
Remember your greatest
weapon now is your faith.
My son, know that I will fight
with my life for your salvation.
I don't care about me, Father.
I just... can't lose Mason.
He's all I've got.
You don't have
to worry about him.
I'll be here watching.
What happens inside
someone that's possessed?
Well, it begins with something simple, like
a babel in the head disguised as knowledge.
You, you don't really the
word, but rather you feel it.
Deny the existence of God
through incomplete science,
looking for clues and proof
that God doesn't exist.
Does he know he's possessed?
They never know
until it is too late.
Demons, they work in the shadows,
hiding and becoming familiar in your life.
Many times,
you cannot differentiate between what's real
and what is under
the Devil's influence.
Sometimes you think you're in
control, and you finally realize
that the Devil has such a hold on you
that only an exorcism can save you.
[door closing]
You keep saying "demons," then you say,
"the Devil." Are they not different things?
Well, demons are just a
form that the Devil takes.
I mean, we use many
names just to confuse us.
Like Mephistopheles, Lucifer...
Whatever it is, if it's hurting
Mason, I want it gone.
You are to stay put
through this whole thing.
No, he's my son.
You've seen what
its lies can do!
We need you to stay objective
through this whole event.
I've spent more time convincing the Church
that people are possessed than that they are.
If anything happens
at this exorcism...
I will be the first
one to stop it.
I'm a woman of my word,
and a woman of science.
It's time.
This is it.
Joel, are you ready
for the exorcism?
Yes, Father.
[Joel] Does he even blink?
The longer we wait during
the Affliction, the worse it is.
There must be
something I can do.
Just your undying faith
and submission to God.
Maybe, maybe if I'm in there, if he gets
upset, I can talk him down, reason with him!
This demon is different
than any other, Joel.
You can't just reason with it.
It's got no desires, no needs.
You can't coax it
with love or negotiate.
It feeds on the darkness within.
You want to help? Keep the Lord's
Prayer close to you at all times.
"In the name of Jesus
Christ, God and Lord...
[distorted screaming]
[Father Lambert] "Through the
intercession of the Immaculate Virgin,
Mother of God, Mary and Holy
Michael the Archangel,
we are about to undertake the
expulsion of a diabolical infestation,
and all the Saints relying on the
holy authority of our office..."
We are about to undertake the expulsion
of a diabolical infestation...
[father Lambert talking]
Mmm! Ugh! Ugh!
[distorted noises]
[father Lambert
speaking in Latin]
In the name and by the power of our
Lord Jesus Christ, we cast you out!
Every unclean spirit, every satanic power,
every onslaught of the infernal adversary...
In the name and by the
power of our Lord Jesus Christ...
- It's burning!
- Come on.
[Joel] Here.
Give me your clothes.
I'll wash them.
Enough rest. We
gotta keep moving.
Doctor, I-I have a question.
I heard Father Lambert say that
exorcism's legal. Is it true?
The First Amendment
protects religious liberty,
but it doesn't sanction
intentional abuse.
But that's why I'm here, to make
sure that no abuse happens.
It's a requirement by the
Church for exorcism.
So, you believe in
demonic possession?
It's my belief that possession
stems from a psychological guilt
that religion has been
known to indoctrinate.
I mean, but it could be,
like, ergot poisoning, huh,
urticaria, epilepsy...
Uh, it's a psychosomatic
condition that's historically
been confused with
demonic possession.
Do you think he might
be schizophrenic?
I've seen your medication, Joel.
It has all gone on record
and into consideration.
But that does not explain the
voices I heard inside of him.
The poltergeist activity,
this allotriophagy. I...
The allo what?
It is a symptom of vomiting things
that should not be in our body,
eating things that
should not be eaten.
All I can tell you is that Mason is not
in any direct threat or risk right now.
Thank you, doctor.
Maya, you scared
the life out of me.
What are you doing here?
I told you I'd come by
and check up on Mason.
No-no, wait-wait-wait, uh...
What is it?
Now's probably
not the best time.
Joel, the purpose of my visit
is not at your convenience.
"Now is not a good time" is the probably
the very reason why I should be here.
Y-yeah, but I...
Uh, ha-ha...
uh, this is gonna sound insane.
Yeah, uh...
Mason's with
a priest right now. So...
- Priest?
- Yeah.
Um, something's
happened in the house.
And I think that, um... I mean, we... think
that something's happened to Mason, and...
Define "something happened."
He's unconscious,
he's unresponsive.
Joel, Mason needs
to see a doctor now!
There's a doctor in the house.
A priest or doctor?
Both! There's both of them. They're
looking after him during the exorcism.
Please, tell me you did
not just say "exorcism."
Maya, it's completely safe.
What, are you crazy?
You're subjecting your son to an exorcism?
All the signs are there.
They're there! H-h-he's
speaking in other languages,
- there's just things flying around the house, and...
- Oh, so you're Catholic now?
I've seen things that I
didn't believe in, until now.
When were you last
on your medication?
Uhhh, a few hours ago.
Where are your pills?
Um, they're upstairs.
I left them in the bathroom.
Joel, you are destroying
everything we worked for.
What choice do I have?
Mason is your choice!
If something happens to Mason, he needs
to get a proper psychiatric evaluation
and medical check-up.
There are procedures and...
Will you just trust me?
It's just...
Right now...
I don't have any other choice.
You're saying there's
a doctor in there?
[Father Lambert praying]
This is so wrong.
Hey, open up!
They won't respond.
I'm going to call the cops.
I mean, is that even a real doctor in there?
Nobody's doing
anything in my house.
I am... I am practicing my religious freedom.
This is legal.
Not in your situation!
Maya, just please.
Just give me some time.
And I'll take full responsibility
for all of it when it's over.
I want to talk to the priest.
You have 15 minutes, or I will have
the police, CPS, AHSC, you name it!
I'll have the entire cavalry
here, if I have to.
No one is leaving here until
I know what is going on.
Just speak to him,
and you will see.
Make it happen now.
I'm gonna go check
on your pills.
You better be taking them.
[glass breaking]
"I command you, unclean spirit,
whoever you are, along with all your minions
now attacking this
servant of God,
by the mysteries of the incarnation,
passion, resurrection,
and the ascension of
our Lord Jesus Christ!"
"By the descent
of the Holy Spirit!"
[distant voice] Daddy!
[whispering] There's
not much time!
I sent you them!
Come back to me.
Father, my psychiatrist is here.
She's not happy. She wants to talk to you.
Not now, my son.
Whatever it is that's
happened can wait.
What about him?
This work's not cut
out for everybody.
What... what does that mean? Where...
how's the exorcism going? How's Mason?
Now is the time for the Assent.
Whatever happens now,
whatever choices between good and evil,
will be forever.
How much longer?
[father vomiting]
It's all in God's hands.
There you are.
I've got you now.
No one can touch you.
God, this is too much.
I won't rest until I destroy
and abolish this demon.
You promise me you
won't let him go?
Mason'll be fine.
He'll have his life back
when this is all over.
You know, you are the first person
I trust that will take care of him.
I lost one once.
I won't let this happen again.
Is this what all this is about?
So, you believe me now?
Believe you?
Dust specks, lens reflections, motion blur...
these are all just natural causes from technology.
No, no, no, no.
What about this one? What
about, what about the shadow?
Finger on the lens.
In the middle?
No, Joel. You need
to stop all this now!
You haven't seen what I've seen.
Maybe it's because you haven't
been taking your medication.
Listen to me.
Remember when I told you
about making choices?
You're gonna have
to make a choice now.
For you.
For Mason.
It's all in your head!
You can vanquish this, just say
it. You can make the choice.
What choice?
[whispering voice]
I tried to warn you!
Do you trust me?
I'm so tired!
Do you believe in me, Joel?
I can fix this.
You won't have to worry anymore.
Just surrender to me.
Can you do that, Joel?
That's all I need
from you, Joel.
We can do this together.
I need you to say
it one more time.
You gotta mean it!
It's over.
[distant voice]
Daddy, Daddy, wake up!
Father Michael!
We were trying to save you.
[Father Lambert] It begins
with something simple,
like a babel in the head
disguised as knowledge.
You not only hear the
word, but rather you feel it.
You've been marked
by him, my son.
- Joel, you're the one that needs attention right now.
- Check on my son.
[Father Lambert] Demons, they work in the shadows,
hiding and becoming familiar in your life.
Many times,
you cannot differentiate between what's real
and what is under
the Devil's influence.
Sometimes you think you're in control,
and you finally realize that the Devil
has such a hold on you that only
an exorcism can save you.
Reality blinds those who only
see what they want to see.
The eyes are useless
when the mind is blind.
[Joel] What... ahhh...
The priest believed an exorcism would save
him, but it only brought you closer to me.
He was helping Mason.
We'll see.
Joel, Joel, Joel!
Or were you so blinded by imperfection,
you believed your son was afflicted?
Mason saw the darkness in you,
the same way he sees many things.
You tricked me!
You assented.
You heard the voices calling out for you
during the exorcism, and yet you paid no heed.
You're so far into the darkness that
your soul has become part of it.
Where's Mason?
Where's my son?
Do not concern yourself
with the outside world.
You built this house and your mind
with the darkness and your sickness.
That's why I choose you, Joel.
My life is nothing
without Mason.
He's all that matters.
In time, he will make
his own choice.
And as life spirals into oblivion
from his parents abandoning him,
we shall be there waiting.
Don't you worry.
We'll get him back.
You don't touch Mason!
[Maya] It'll be his choice.
That'll always be a choice.
You are just the first, Joel.
Together, we will build our
orphanages in darkness.
For the children of filth.
[narrator] Every possession by a
demon occurs during three stages.
The first is called
the Presence.
This is when a demon or entity begins
to make its presence known to the host.
The second stage
is called the Affliction,
when the entity begins to possess
and inhibit the body of its host,
taking over all control of their physical,
mental and spiritual ability.
The infected begins to feel dirty,
like a pungent force taking over.
But the demon cannot fully infect and
take over a person until the third stage,
which is known as the Assent.
It's when a person has finally
surrendered and consents to the demon
as being a part of their soul.
Who are you talking to?
Someone who thinks
they can help us.
[narrator] Remember this: The
Devil makes the sane insane.
[Father Lambert]
And the insane, sane.
Joel, are you ready
for the exorcism?
Yes, Father.
[door opening]
[woman] Mason?
It's late.
You should be in bed now.
[Mason] Okay.
[woman] Look.
I know how hard it's been,
after all these years.
But you're making
great progress.
I just...
miss him sometimes.
Letting go doesn't mean
that you have to forget him.
It means it's time to move on.
I think I'm gonna
try to sleep now.
[door closing]
Who are you? My name is Camper.
Will you be my friend?
[demon roars]
[music ends]