The Atoning (2017) Movie Script

Okay, it's time to go to bed.
When is dad coming home?
I want to show him what I learned today.
No, I already let you stay up
too late, I lost track of time.
Plus, I don't know when
your dad's gonna be home.
So, come on, I want you
to be asleep by the time
uncle Danny gets here.
We've got a long drive ahead of us.
How did you sleep?
Not great.
I hate this brand.
I'm sorry.
I'll learn to like it.
Sam, honey, it's time to wake up.
Did you sleep well?
What day is it?
Can I go swimming? / I don't know.
Let's wait and see
what the weather's gonna do,
why don't you come down in a bit?
I'll have breakfast ready soon.
Vera, I'll fix it.
Uh, maybe uncle Danny could fix it?
He is a plumber, isn't he?
Hey, dad, I think you need
to teach me how to shave.
You're not gonna have to worry
about that for a long time.
Oh, it fell.
You're gonna be all sticky.
There's still some in your nose.
What are you doing?
Where did you get this?
I found it.
Hey, you can cut
yourself with this thing.
I'm sorry, Mom.
It's... it's OK, I just...
I don't want you getting hurt.
Give me this.
Where did this come from?
Sam was just playing with it.
He can get hurt.
Where did he get it?
You tell me.
Well, it isn't mine.
It's probably...
We can't have things
like this in the house,
it's not safe.
Let him be a kid.
Ray, don't.
Did uncle Danny come by today?
No, why?
I thought I saw him.
Didn't know if he came by
to fix the faucet.
Oh, no.
It was probably your imagination.
It was in full swing today.
Okay, sleep well.
If you need me,
I'll be in the other room.
I'm fine, Mom. / Mm-hmm.
I love you. / Love you, too.
Hey, Mom, I'm making breakfast.
Pancakes! / Oh.
Um, Sam...
You have lost your mind.
Can I help?
I think I got it. / Okay.
Well, we're gonna take this.
Just be careful.
It's great.
I'm trying, I really am.
There's nothing we can do.
I'm going to fix this.
How? / I don't know yet.
There's really nothing to fix
once he knows.
He doesn't need to know. /
He's smart. He already knows.
What are you guys talking about?
Now go play.
Well, is today Sunday?
Um, yes, honey.
Why aren't we going to church?
We... we'd be late.
We'll go next week.
Can I go to uncle Danny's and swim?
Not today. / Why not?
It's sunny.
Sam, listen to your mother.
Honey, the pool is too deep.
You... you haven't been
swimming that well.
That's not true, I've been fine before.
Go play, and I'll be
downstairs in a bit, okay?
Dad, do you wanna
build another spaceship?
Not right now, buddy,
I've got some work to do.
Mom? / Yes, honey?
Are you and dad getting a divorce?
I don't want you to worry
about something like that.
Oh. Are you?
Things are just
a little tough right now.
But don't worry, please?
We're gonna be all right.
I'll make sure of it.
Trust me.
You do trust me, don't you?
Well, yeah, of course, mom.
You can go work on your puzzle.
I'm gonna finish the dishes.
Hey, mom? / Hmm?
Did you do that section?
I didn't.
Your dad must have done it.
This painting is ugly.
I can't stand looking at it.
Any progress?
Not really.
I don't know how much longer
I can keep lying to Sam.
I'm gonna try to take a nap.
Sam! Sam!
Mom! Mom! / What?
Look, the girl!
Honey, there's nothing.
It's okay. / She was there.
Shh. / Mom! Mom!
Who are you? / Mom!
Shh. No, it's okay.
The man! / No, it's okay.
It's okay.
He was just a dream.
You had some really bad
nightmares last night.
But... no.
Yeah, you had us up worried.
You have to give
your imagination a break
before you go to bed.
Do I have to go to school?
It's summer, remember?
Okay, yeah.
You come on down
whenever you're ready, okay?
Will you tell your dad
breakfast is getting cold?
Dad? Da... are you okay?
Yes, Sam, I'm fine.
Uh, mom wanted me to make sure you knew
breakfast was getting cold.
All right, I'll head down.
Oh, I'm tired of this house!
Just a minute.
I'm sorry I scared you earlier.
I didn't mean to.
It's okay.
It's just a glass.
I tried to fix the faucet.
I... I couldn't get
the dripping to stop.
It's just a sink.
Sam and I can't continue like this.
I can fix it.
It's not worth fixing.
Not tonight, John.
Get out.
Get out!
Mom! Dad! Help!
Sam! / Help!
Sam! / Mom!
Get out!
Get out!
What day is it?
Do I have band practice today?
Not till after the summer.
This is the longest summer ever.
I know.
He doesn't remember anything?
He thinks it's another nightmare.
I'm sorry.
For what?
Not knowing how to fix this.
Did you get tired of the puzzle?
What's up, Sam?
Guess what? / What?
I found my trumpet.
That's great, Sam.
I forgot that I never got to show you
the song that I learned.
I've been forgetting
a lot of things lately.
I guess I'm getting old
like you and uncle Danny.
We're not that old.
Come on, you're only like 40.
Can I show you?
Not right now, son.
Hey, mom?
Do you know who Julie is?
Who? / Julie.
She... she's the girl from my dreams.
Oh, it's just a dream, honey.
Well, dad will know.
I'll just ask him.
Wait, wait, why would dad know?
Because he has a picture of her.
What are you doing?
Why do you have these?
I'm trying to figure this out.
What did I do?
Sam doesn't need to see these.
Vera. Vera.
I think she's... she's here.
Good, the others will come.
These items have a strong
connection between worlds,
and allow us to shorten the gap.
Don't be afraid.
They're mostly gentle spirits.
They won't harm you.
Vera. Ray.
We have come to help.
Why are they here?
Souls that are lost become stuck
between the living world
and the afterlife.
A purgatory.
Something is unresolved in life.
Souls can be forced
to resolve them in death.
So they're always here? /
Stop asking questions.
Can we just get this over with?
Their astral bodies are now
confined in a parallel reality,
that often connects
with the world of the living.
The connections between worlds
grows stronger,
unless we break that connection.
They're all here.
I'm here to help set
your lost souls free
from this house.
Will they be in pain?
Oh, they're dead they can not be hurt.
Really? / Shh.
Your time on earth has passed,
your physical body's returned to dust,
it's time your souls continued on.
Be cleansed.
In a moment,
your soul's atoning will begin.
You'll be set free.
And you'll no longer
be aware of their presence.
Where will they go?
What are you saying?
What are you saying?
May you find yourself
in the hands of eternity...
And be separated
from your personal hell.
Honey, everything's gonna be okay.
Those weren't ghosts. / Shh. It's okay.
Dad, mom said they were dreams.
I was just trying to protect you.
Dad, mom lied and said I was dreaming.
No, honey, you... you don't understand.
Come on.
Don't get used to this.
So, I'm dead?
Are you and dad, too?
How did I die?
In your sleep.
I don't know.
How long ago?
I really... I really don't know, no.
So, if I'm dead,
why do I still need to eat?
I don't know, but we still feel and...
And get hurt.
We get hungry.
But I'm gonna make sure
that you never hurt again.
You can't protect me from dying.
You didn't before.
So we can't leave?
You tried pulling really hard?
I've tried every window and door,
believe me.
I'm gonna give it a shot.
Maybe dad should try.
He's stronger than both of us.
Does this mean I don't
have to go to school?
No, I don't guess so,
but I should probably
start home schooling you.
So, what do we do now?
We wait.
For what?
We don't know.
I'm sure dad will figure it out.
Maybe that psychic lady did something.
I'm gonna go try the back door.
Do you really think
that woman did anything?
I don't know.
Nothing feels different.
Sam's different.
He's taking it a lot better
than I thought he would.
Well, I'm not.
Can dad tuck me in tonight?
I always tuck you in.
I want dad to do it.
Sam, what's up?
I want you to tuck me in.
Go to bed, bud.
I'm sure you're tired.
So now that we're ghosts,
do we have powers?
Not that I'm aware of.
Are you stronger?
No, I wish I were.
Dad, will you and mom
ever be like you were before?
I don't know, Sam.
Let me know if I can help.
Good night, Sam.
How's Sam?
He's a tough kid.
I couldn't do anything about it,
he should know that.
He just needs time.
I'm just so tired.
Well, maybe you can rest now.
Things can change.
Things have already changed so much.
What if... what if this is god's way
of giving us a second chance?
God doesn't exist, ray.
We'd be somewhere
other than here if he did.
Or we're here for a reason.
We can start over.
Maybe this is our way out.
I just want Sam to be happy again.
He can be.
Hey, we didn't mean to wake you.
No, I slept really well.
I didn't need to sleep any longer.
Um, I was just showing dad
what I learned.
Hope you like it.
I'm sorry, babe. I didn't...
I didn't mean to scare you.
I don't know why you fool
with the makeup anyway,
you're already so beautiful.
I'm serious.
These aren't even my colors, anyway.
It looks fine.
I'll give you some privacy.
Sam, you wanna help me
put together another puzzle?
Who's gonna be first to get a corner?
I'll find one first.
What's the bet?
Uh, got one.
Your bet.
I think we picked a puzzle
with way too many pieces, buddy.
Probably should have bet you.
Who's there?
You don't have to be scared.
I'm not a mean ghost.
Whoa, that's impressive, Sam.
Well, I didn't...
I didn't do a very good job.
Yeah, well, dinner
will be ready in a bit.
So, what do you want to eat?
All we have are frozen dinners.
That's fine.
Wish they had better taste in groceries.
Are there more people like us?
What do you mean?
Good ghosts.
I'm sure we're not the only ones.
Are they here, too?
I don't think so.
This is kind of our little spot...
For now at least.
I was just thinking that...
Maybe they knew the way out.
What if that's the only answer?
I'll figure it out.
Your dad and I are working on it.
Can I help?
I don't want you
having to worry about it.
I'm not worrying mom,
I just... just want to help.
Are you there?
Are you still here?
I need to ask you a question.
How do we get out of here?
Why can't I tell them about you?
I just wanna help.
I wish that family would invest
in a dishwasher that works.
Then we'd be in heaven.
I guess we're not missing much.
Do you... do you think there's a hell?
I don't know what I believe.
You don't think we're getting
out of this, do you?
I don't know, Vera.
Do you remember
when we first got married?
We were so broke.
We'd take bets on how long we could
make a bottle of shampoo last.
We'd go to every pot luck at church
to save on groceries.
I thought we'd never
get out of that rut.
But we did.
We pushed through.
Made a better life for Sam.
Maybe that's how we get out.
We have to resolve this.
Make it work.
For Sam.
For Sam.
Mom, dad.
What is it, honey?
There's someone in my room.
He said he wanted to play with me.
I thought he could help.
He said his name was...
Sam! / Sam, open up, honey!
Sam! / Sam, what's happening?
When's dad coming home?
I wanna show him what I learned today.
No, I already let you stay up too late.
I lost track of time.
Plus, I don't know when
your dad's gonna be home.
So, come on.
I want you to be asleep
by the time uncle Danny gets here.
We've got a long drive ahead of us.
Yes, Sam.
No! Please!
What are you doing?
What did you get?
Yes, Sam.
Yes, Sam.
Ray. / What the hell, Vera?
Ray. / Who did you tell?
No... no one I...
I didn't tell anyone.
That's a lie.
No, I... I told my brother,
that is it, I promise.
You're gonna make me lose everything.
No, this is not my fault.
She is 16, ray.
How could you?
So, what are you gonna do, just leave?
What do you expect me to do?
I've put up with this long enough,
and I'm not gonna put up with it anymore.
Not... not with her.
No one is gonna find out.
You're drunk.
Okay, just... we'll...
We'll just talk about it
when... when you're sober.
Oh, no, you're gonna forget
about this now.
No, I can't, I can't.
Shut your mouth.
No, ray.
You know this isn't right.
Shut up!
I'm leaving with Sam.
Does he know?
Not yet.
You can't tell him. / Let me go.
Promise me you won't tell... /
Let me go!
Yes, Sam.
Hey, ray.
What are you doing here?
I miss you.
You need to leave.
Just one more time?
No, no.
You gotta leave me alone.
Come on, ray.
I know you missed me, too.
Let's do it again.
Like that night in the rain.
Please, ray?
Let me go.
Come on! / Let me go.
Are you okay? / Mommy!
Dad did it.
Get away from us.
Sam. / Go away!
We don't deserve this.
What do you want me to do?
Get out!
Get out! / Vera.
Go away.
No, no, not any more.
It wasn't the real me.
Yes, it was.
It wasn't the me I wanted.
It doesn't matter, you did it.
I don't know why I did it.
Yes, you do.
I was scared.
I didn't... I didn't know
any other way out.
I didn't know what to do, I...
It was hell.
It was hell for us.
I'm sorry.
For what?
For everything.
You and Sam deserve more.
I'm sorry for taking
you and Sam with me.
I know it's worthless...
I just wanna fix it, I really do.
I can't do that without you and Sam.
It's our only way out.
Sam, please, look at me.
Look at me.
Vera, give him to me.
No, ray.
He's my son!
He was your son.
Sam, I'm sorry.
Stay away from us.
Let him go! / Leave us alone.
We have to stay together.
It's over, ray.
Give him to me! / Go to hell!
Vera! Vera!
Vera, let me in!
If something is unresolved in life,
souls can be forced
to resolve them in death.
Those connections
between worlds grow stronger
unless we break that connection.
He's gone?
It's just us now.