The Attack (2012) Movie Script

The Attack
Amin, I love you so much.
Why are you crying, my love?
Because every time I leave you,
a part of me dies.
You'll be back tomorrow.
I'll be waiting for you
no matter what.
You think I'm silly?
Yes, very.
But don't change.
I don't want anything to change.
I have the honor
of having been given the opportunity
to present the award
not only for his work,
but also for his old-fashioned care.
On behalf
of the Israeli Society of Surgeons...
- Hello.
- Amin...
Siham, sweetheart,
I can't talk right now.
I'll call you later.
The winner
of the Bar Eliezer medical award,
Dr. Amin Jaafari.
Thank you very much.
It's a great honor to be selected
as this year's recipient
for the Bar Eliezer award
and to be part of its wonderful work
and to be associated
with the great previous winners.
I just learned that in the 41 years
since its inception,
this is the first time an Arab
has won this award.
Not that it matters,
since every Jew is a bit of an Arab
and no Arab
can deny he's a bit Jewish.
People often ask me how it is
to be in this country.
I won't lie to you.
There were moments
I felt anger and hostility.
Then, one day, you receive a letter
saying you've been granted
a scholarship,
and you're offered a position
at one of the best
medical institutions,
a home.
And someone you once considered
your enemy
is now lying
on your operating table.
Isn't it the right time
to reexamine your own certitudes?
So, when I'm asked how it is
to live in this country,
I say, "I look forward
to the next 20 years."
Thank you.
Sorry I missed your ceremony
It's okay.
- What's new?
- A fucked-up case.
A Palestinian wanted to pray
at the Zuheir Mosque.
One of our cops told him
if he wanted to go in,
he had to smoke a cigarette.
The guy refused... Ramadan.
They fought.
The guy stabbed the cop.
Now he's in jail.
This thing will never end.
Amin, it's from Orit.
It's for both of you.
Siham will be delighted.
Thank you for taking care
of my mother.
No problem.
Take care.
Great speech yesterday.
Thank you.
Always coming up
with the right words
at the right time.
I should learn from you.
You're a fine doctor.
That's all that matters.
Still looking
for a vacation house?
Depends where.
A pretty villa with all that you need
to tune out completely.
Or Qatar.
I hear it's the next big thing
in the Arab world.
Really? I didn't think about it.
With all the investments you've made,
you can afford it.
Did you hear anything? Over.
I'm up here. I heard it.
What was that?
I don't know.
It sounded like an explosion
from the direction of Ibn Gvirol.
Faster. Faster.
Where is he?
Doctor! Doctor!
Cardiac arrest!
It's beating.
Slowly, and go.
I am connecting it.
Quickly to the operating room.
We have to verify.
Heart failure! Heart failure!
- Is there a pulse?
- Yes.
- No.
- There is no pulse.
I've got a pulse!
Liat, wake up, please.
I need you here.
Where is my son?
Sir, you can't come in here.
Please leave.
- My son!
- Call security. Hurry.
Okay, close it up.
I'm going to see what's going on.
Come with me, Alexandra.
In the afternoon.
Currently there are
no additional details,
and no one
has taken responsibility.
Police reported that it is unclear
whether the terrorist blew himself up.
Don't touch me!
I want another doctor!
- Take it easy.
- I want another doctor!
- One second.
- I want another doctor, I told you!
You want another doctor?
Okay, okay,
I'll get you another doctor.
No, no, I won't touch you.
It's all right.
ID, please.
There you go.
Adel, how are you?
- Good evening, Uncle.
- Welcome.
Where have you been?
I only hear your news from Siham.
I've been busy.
Come in.
What can I get you?
Siham cooked stuffed zucchini.
I know you like it.
Thanks. I can't stay too long.
You've lost weight.
Yeah, I guess. Work.
Remember the guy who sells
collectible cars in Herzliya?
Are you still interested?
I'm not doing that anymore.
What do you do?
Cell phones.
Not bad.
Uncle, the last time I slept here,
I think I left some stuff.
Can I look in the room?
Of course.
Did you find it?
Just some clothes.
It doesn't make any sense.
Did you hear about the attack?
Yes, I did.
What's wrong with those people?
They brought 17 dead to the hospital,
including 11 kids.
Well, I must head back to Nablus.
No, no, you just got here.
- Sleep here.
- I can't.
You can't leave.
There's a military curfew.
I'll be fine.
Adel, is everything all right?
Yes. Why?
Do you need money?
No, I'm fine.
This is your home.
Come anytime.
It's Raveed.
I'm calling from the hospital.
Is something wrong
with your mother?
No, but we need you here.
I'll explain when you get here.
Isn't the second team on duty?
It's not about that.
I'm sorry, Amin,
but you have to come in.
If you don't feel up to it,
I'll send someone to get you.
No, that's all right.
Don't drive too fast.
We've got lots of time.
I don't get it.
If it's not urgent...
I'm waiting for you.
Who called?
I'll go change.
It's not necessary.
Why? Has the patient died?
There's no patient, Amin.
What's going on?
Is Siham home?
Just tell me, is she home or not?
She's still in Nazareth.
Are you sure?
She's still at her grandfather's.
Raveed, what's going on?
We have a body on our hands,
Dr. Jaafari,
and we've got to identify it.
I think it's Siham.
We need you to make
a positive identification.
Open it.
Amin, can you hear me?
It's me.
Take this. It's Dormicum.
They said not to give you anything.
I had an awful nightmare.
Please drink this quickly.
Tell me I'm dreaming,
that it will be over soon.
Don't let them do this to you.
Be strong.
You are not alone,
and I will not leave you.
I will not leave you.
Moshe, no one knows him like I do.
Let me help you.
We have a search warrant,
Dr. Jaafari.
We're going to your house.
WW my house'?
Our investigations indicate
that your wife's injuries
are typical of those found
on suicide bombers.
It wasn't a planted bomb, Amin.
It was a suicide attack.
Raveed, what's this?
What is this, Raveed?
The terrorist that blew herself up
in the restaurant was your wife.
Let's go.
This is insane.
Raveed, say something.
Was there no way of stopping her?
You knew all about it, didn't you?
What are you talking about?
About your wife, Doctor.
About the crime she committed
yesterday afternoon.
It wasn't her.
It couldn't have been her.
Are you a practicing Muslim, Doctor?
Did your wife observe Ramadan?
Fake seculars.
The perfect facade.
You can cover your tracks
and work for the cause in hiding.
My wife is Christian.
A true convert!
She really had to prove herself,
didn't she?
You're an idiot.
What kind of charity
was she involved in?
The perfect alibi.
But behind all the volunteer work,
a high-profit business is going on.
The clever ones make some dough,
the idiots get promised 72 virgins
in paradise.
What do women get in paradise?
I know nothing about those people.
But I do! It's my job!
She was friendly
with Al Aqsa Brigades, wasn't she?
For me, all these assholes
are the same.
Al-Aqsa, Hamas, Islamic Jihad...
all a bunch of fuckups ready to do
anything for a little publicity.
My wife had nothing to do
with those people.
She never met any of them,
never spoke to any of them.
- Do you know what's strange?
- This is a huge mistake!
Do you know what's strange?
All the relatives of those assholes
say exactly the same thing
with the same stupefied look.
You're making a mistake.
Tell me something.
How was she yesterday morning
when you left for work?
She left two days ago
to visit her grandfather in Nazareth.
- So you haven't seen her for two days?
- No.
But you talked to her on the phone?
She forgot her mobile at home.
Why didn't you try her
at her grandfather's?
It was too late to call.
What's his name?
Mounir Sheddad.
Mounir Sheddad.
Did you drive her to Nazareth?
I dropped her off
at the bus station on Friday.
Did you see her get on the bus?
Yes, she got on the 8:15 bus.
Why did she go to that restaurant?
To grab a bite like everyone else.
Siham doesn't like to cook
after a trip.
I'm telling you, my wife had nothing
to do with any of this.
How can you be so sure?
I've shared her life for 15 years.
If she was hiding something,
I would have known about it.
I also was married
to a beautiful woman, Dr. Jaafari.
It took me five years
to find out she was cheating on me.
My wife was not having an affair.
You think she would have
told you about it?
We had no secrets between us.
It's not the kind of secret
one would share.
She had no reason to deceive me.
You know what, Dr. Jaafari?
Life is filled with booby traps
and dog shit.
There's only one way
to deal with it...
be ready to face the worst.
Your wife didn't go to that restaurant
to have a snack.
She went there to have a blast.
Get out of my house!
- By the way...
- I said get out of my house!
Do you know what those bastards did
before they blew up the Twin Towers?
They fucked like rabbits.
I'm telling you, my wife went to eat
like everyone else,
and she died like everyone else!
- Take your hands off!
- Where is the backup? Hurry in!
Get out of my house!
Don't hurt him.
My wife's wounds are the worst
because she was the most exposed.
The bomb was probably
under her table.
Wait for the video.
The perpetrators always
claim responsibility after an attack.
It's true.
Your wife got on the bus
for Nazareth,
the 8:15 bus.
The driver formally identified her.
But when they left Tel Aviv,
she asked to be let off,
saying it was an emergency.
Then he saw her get in a car...
a Mercedes, old model, cream-colored.
Do you know about it?
My wife had no reason to get off.
Your driver's talking nonsense.
She often visited the Territories.
She was doing a comparative study
on media coverage of the conflict.
A comparative study?
A project financed
by Tel Aviv University.
Three days before the attack,
40,000 shekels were withdrawn
from your account.
Were you aware of this?
Did she tell you about it?
My wife doesn't need my permission
to withdraw money.
Why all that cash? Shopping?
You said your wife
went to Nazareth, right?
Well, we sent someone there.
Guess what her grandfather said.
He hasn't seen her
for the past nine months.
That's impossible.
Her cousin Jeryes
said the same thing.
So, if she wasn't in Nazareth,
where was she?
Answer me!
There must be an explanation,
but it's not what you think.
All evidence leads us to believe
that your wife never left Tel Aviv...
not on Friday,
not on any other day.
That's not enough
to make her guilty.
Tell me something, Doctor.
Your wife tells you
she was going to Nazareth,
and as soon as your back is turned,
she returns to Tel Aviv.
Isn't it a lie?
You're the one who's lying,
but this isn't going to work.
The night before,
you received a call.
I receive many calls.
At 8:27 p.m.
You were at your award ceremony.
You were sitting in the third row,
seat 16A.
You were about to give your speech
when your phone rang.
You answered.
It lasted eight seconds.
Who was it?
You did answer.
Was it your wife?
I couldn't talk. She called to say
she was happy for me.
From a 280-bit encrypted phone?
Pretty sophisticated stuff
just to congratulate you.
Who does the phone belong to?
You figure it out.
I'm telling you, my wife didn't do it!
She didn't!
Why wasn't she with you
at the ceremony, Doctor?
You waited for this moment
all your life, your medical Oscar,
and she wasn't with you?
Strange, isn't it?
You know, I don't think
she was having an affair,
because if she was, she would have
certainly come with you.
That's what normal people do.
So, what was she doing
that was so much more important
than being with you
on the most important day
of your career?
Strange, Doctor.
Really strange.
It must have hurt.
A witness saw a pregnant woman
enter the restaurant.
He recognized her in a photo
as your wife.
Was your wife pregnant?
So, what made her belly so big?
Did she have gas problems?
What did she have under her dress
if not the damned bomb
that killed 17 people,
including a bunch of kids
who were celebrating a birthday?
Wait for the video.
I don't give a shit about your video!
Fuck you and your video!
Tell me, Dr. Jaafari,
how a beautiful, intelligent woman,
pampered by her husband
and her friends,
most of whom are Jews,
could get up one day
and blow herself up in a restaurant
and kill 17 people
who still had food in their mouths?
Please, I haven't slept in three days.
Your wife didn't just commit
mass murder,
she also destroyed all the trust
Israel has placed
in its Arab citizens.
So, no, I won't let you go
until I find out how and why,
even if I have to lock you in
for the rest of your life!
If you need a lawyer,
the state of Israel
is civilized enough to provide one
even to its worst enemies.
Grab him.
I fell off a horse.
Where are you from?
From the triangle.
I like your place.
You see the spines?
If you get stung by one,
it releases a substance
in your blood
and you become an addict.
To what?
To whatever you wish.
Why did you do that?
You said it yourself.
You're crazy. I was joking.
What was your wish?
It hasn't stopped raining.
How many days have we been here?
I stopped counting.
Mold will grow on us.
Mold is good.
Some types are therapeutic.
Did you know that?
I wanted to be a Navajo warrior,
but all I did
was circle in a merry-go-round
with a bunch of spoiled kids.
What are your dreams?
Simple things.
A street address,
a stamp, an ID card,
a passport.
I believe we'll live to see it.
I have hope.
Will you marry me?
I went by your house three times.
How did you find me?
I called Raveed.
He tracked you down
with your credit card.
I'm sorry, we were worried.
Do you want something to drink?
Yes, water.
It's okay.
It doesn't matter anymore.
I'll fix the bed for you.
There isn't much privacy
since Sergei left.
I took all the walls down.
Do you need something?
It's okay.
There's a common belief that people
who commit suicide bombings
have some form
of psychopathologic behavior.
But studies show
it's not necessarily the case.
For example, Wafa Idriss...
Wafa Idriss was the first woman
to commit a suicide attack in 2002.
That's right.
Her husband divorced her
because she was sterile.
She couldn't get remarried
because in their culture it's taboo.
That's true.
Another woman got pregnant
out of wedlock.
A third one had a brother executed
because he was an informant.
So, for these women,
the only way to clean their family's
honor was to die as a martyr.
But this is not the case
of Siham Jaafari.
She came from a wealthy
and open-minded background
and was married
to a prominent surgeon.
The question is,
why are terrorist organizations
deliberately targeting women?
Because female suicide bombers receive
more media attention.
Besides, there is an issue of...
What are you trying to prove?
And what does he have to do with it?
They want to strip you
of your citizenship.
I'm not surprised.
They can't dissociate you
from what Siham did.
Right now they are totally paranoid.
Maybe you should sign it, too,
for your own good.
They'll come down on you
because of our friendship.
Guilty by association.
The traitor from within.
What are you talking about?
I'm sure everyone knows
you're putting me up.
Yes, I told them.
You shouldn't have.
Is this what you think of me?
I don't know what I think of you.
In fact, I don't know why
you're doing all of this.
In the end, we're all alone.
That's what my father used to say.
I was driving nearby.
I saw Kim's car and I stopped.
Why not?
It's not against the law.
Have I done something
or are you just being mean?
He saw your car by accident?
It happens sometimes.
It's a small town.
I don't buy it.
He was on duty.
Why don't you tell him to his face?
Because I don't care.
Amin, he's on your side.
Believe me.
I don't need anyone's sympathy.
The nice Jew
defending the poor little Arab.
You can't imagine
how much it pisses me off.
I can't stand it.
Don't let your grief
spoil your perspective.
We ask for comfort
for the spirit of Siham
and forgiveness for all her sins,
voluntary and involuntary.
In the name of the Father,
the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
May her soul rest in peace.
Trying to be creative lately.
Thank you.
Amin, do you want some more?
No, thank you.
You're welcome
to stay with us anytime.
We have a place for you, too.
I think Amin is fine for the moment.
Some more wine, anyone?
Tell me something, Raveed.
Yes, Amin.
Did you find the video?
What video?
Of the attack.
Did you find out who did it?
I want to know, that's all.
There's no video.
If they released me, it means
they know my wife is innocent.
Let's talk about something else.
No, I don't want to.
What did they find out?
That you had nothing to do
with the bomb.
- Only me?
- That's right.
What about Siham?
The forensic tests
were conclusive, Amin.
And you believe that crap?
I don't see any other explanation.
Plus, why would they fabricate
such an allegation?
Why? Why do you think?
Shabak is not exactly the bastion
of ethical conduct, that's why.
If this is what you think,
I have nothing to tell you.
Siham isn't a suicide bomber
or a child-killer
or whatever they're accusing her of.
Remember that very well
because it's the most important thing
in the world for me.
I want you to give me a daughter.
I want her to have your eyes
so when I look at her
she'll remind me of you.
Don't believe what they say.
No, of course not.
They lie. They all lie.
Do you still love me, Amin?
I waited for you.
"Of what use is happiness
when it's not shared,
Amin, my love?
My joys faded away
every time yours didn't follow.
You wanted children.
I wanted to deserve them.
No child is completely safe
if he has no country.
Don't hate me. Siham"
Are you okay?
I can't read Arabic.
It was her.
It was she who did it.
How did I fail to notice anything?
Perhaps she didn't want you to.
How do you know
she wasn't somebody else
when you weren't together?
You think she was putting on an act?
I always felt Siham
was very difficult to read.
She told me how you two met,
that she came to the hospital
because she injured herself.
She fell.
That's not what she told me.
That's right.
She told me she didn't fall
by accident.
She bruised herself on purpose.
She was dying to meet you.
How could she do this to me?
I gave her everything! Everything!
Not once... Not once did I fall short
of her expectations!
She deserved to die.
Whiskey, no ice.
Whiskey with ice.
Do you have Taybeh?
You're smoking?
Yes, and I like it.
- How's Orit?
- She's fine.
Still want to marry your daughter
to that mechanic?
It's her choice.
You think he's a good match for her?
In such matters,
you don't think, you pray.
You're right.
Marriage is a deceitful institution.
So, how's the investigation going?
Let's not argue.
I'm not arguing.
I know it's her.
You know what was her?
She did the attack.
Really? Since when?
- Is this an interrogation?
- No.
In that case, tell me
how the investigation is going.
We're at a standstill.
What about the Mercedes?
My father-in-law has the same one.
With all your technology,
you still have no clue?
Siham did a good job.
She left no trace.
We keep running
into the same impasse.
All we need is a single clue.
Do you have such a clue?
At least you know
she was the terrorist.
That's a step forward.
Tell me, Raveed,
you've known lots of psychopaths.
So, how could she strap on
a load of explosives
and blow herself up in a restaurant?
What can I tell you, Amin?
I don't think terrorists
fully understand
what happens to them.
Something snaps in their brain,
and they are off.
It can happen to anyone.
It can fall on you like a tile
or grow inside of you like a worm.
Then you don't see the world
the same way.
You're just waiting for the moment
to cross the threshold.
She seemed so happy.
Why didn't you tell him
about the letter?
I have no idea.
See you tomorrow.
I'm going to Nablus.
What's in Nablus?
Siham's letter was posted
from there.
I have to know
what she was doing there
all of last year.
I don't understand you.
There's no reason for you to go.
My sister lives there.
She must know something.
Maybe Siham had a whole network
behind her.
So, I want to meet those people.
Do you hear yourself?
We're talking about terrorists.
They're not the nicest people
in the world.
If you want to know what happened,
give the letter to Raveed.
This is a personal matter.
17 people were killed.
There's nothing personal about this.
This letter might be the very clue
the police are waiting for.
I want to go to Nablus.
I want to know
who brainwashed my wife,
who strapped explosives on her
and sent her on her mission.
And if you find those people,
what's next?
Pull their ears?
Demand damages and interest?
They don't care about you.
They killed my wife.
She killed herself.
She knew what she was doing.
You. Yes, you.
Get out of the car.
Come on, come on.
Stay in the car.
Move. Go over there.
Keep an eye on him.
I told you, stay in the car!
What are you doing here?
Stay by the Jeep and don't move.
- Are you his brother?
- Yes.
What are you doing here?
Go home! Get out!
Get out of here!
Move, move!
You don't look
like you're from around here.
Visiting relatives or on business?
You come from far away?
You don't like to talk.
Not today.
Me, if I don't talk, I explode.
Have you listened to Sheik Marwan?
You're missing something, brother.
To all who believed in our cause...
Muslims, Arabs, and Palestinians
in Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa...
we affirm once again
that non-Muslims
have no rights whatsoever,
not even to a rock of Jerusalem
and Al-Aqsa,
especially the Jews.
You have no right,
not even to a grain of sand.
I missed you.
I don't remember when
the last time was that I saw you.
In '91, when our father passed away.
That's right.
It's been a long time.
How's Yasser?
He comes home in the evening.
One sugar, as usual?
Amin, how are you?
What do you think?
I thought about you a lot
since the attack.
What can I say?
It must be difficult for you.
Leila, I want to tell you
why I am here.
I had no idea of Siham's plans.
I came to find out.
Why did she come here?
I have no idea, Amin.
The day before the attack,
she was in Nablus.
I know, but I didn't see her.
I was with your cousin Zeina.
Remember her?
It was her grandson's circumcision.
I learned of the attack
the next day on the radio.
Do you have any idea
who she was working with?
Not a thing.
She didn't come here that often.
- How about we eat something?
- No, I'm fine.
- Mulukhiah and rice.
- No, thank you.
A few weeks before she died,
she went to Jenin.
I remember. Adel drove her there,
but I didn't see her that day.
Did anyone else from the family
see her?
My father did.
How are you, Uncle Amin?
I am going to my father's.
I can take you if you'd like.
Who owns the Mercedes?
- Adel.
- Where is he?
In Beirut or Amman.
How long are you staying in Nablus?
As long as it takes.
I wish it was
under different circumstances,
but I'm happy you came.
Adel always talks about you.
I feel like I've known you
for a long time.
I graduate this year.
Then I'm out of here.
Where do you want to go?
To hell for all I care.
But not here.
Stupid permits.
You die waiting to get one,
and for what?
To go to Amman!
It must be strange for you
to live among them.
How are you?
Are you okay?
I don't see you.
I got something.
Take care of yourself.
Our beloved doctor.
What a surprise.
Drop these off at Salim's.
I'll send the rest tomorrow.
So, when did you arrive?
Just now.
Why didn't you tell us?
I would have sent someone
to get you.
It wasn't planned.
Seems like ages.
Let's go home.
Leila will be glad to see you.
So, I understand Siham was with you
the night before the attack.
Who told you?
Siham did.
Yes, she did come.
She came to say hello.
But she didn't even want
a cup of tea.
- How did she look?
- Normal.
What do you mean, "normal"?
Normal like normal.
Calm and natural.
Was Adel with her?
No, she was alone.
- You're sure?
- Sure of what?
Siham told me
that Adel drove her everywhere.
Listen, Amin, I don't know.
Could be, yes.
But I haven't seen my son in a while.
What did she want?
All I know is she came
as I was going to Friday prayer.
She sat and wrote a letter.
Then she asked me
to mail it for her.
When I returned, she was gone.
The next day, when we saw her photos
in the newspapers,
we understood.
We're very proud of her.
Proud she threw herself away?
Or blew herself up, if you prefer.
I don't like those phrases.
Let's go home
and talk about this calmly.
Yasser, I came here
to know one thing...
why did she come to your house
before the attack?
I don't think she came to Nablus
to see us.
Sheik Marwan was expected
to preach on Friday
at the Grand Mosque.
- Your wife came to see him.
- How do you know this?
Everyone knows it.
She became an icon in Nablus.
Some people say
they kissed her forehead.
Others say that Sheik Marwan
blessed her that day.
I had no idea you didn't know.
If I did, do you think
I would have encouraged her?
Amin, I assure you,
I swear to God,
I didn't know of her intentions,
and it never occurred to me
that she was capable of such an act.
You just said you were proud of her.
Well, I did.
What else could I say?
I have nothing to do
with any of this!
Two shekels! Two shekels!
Sir, two shekels.
Two shekels, please.
That's enough, my dear.
Look! Sheik Yassin, Sheik Marwan,
Hassan Nasrallah, Arafat?
- Do you want Arafat?
- I said no.
Look, three for one shekel.
Come on, please.
I don't want it.
Thank you.
Buy one,
and I'll give you this for free.
Where did you get that photo?
I don't know.
Where did you get it?
I don't know. It's everywhere.
There, you see?
Over there is another one.
So, you want one?
Excuse me,
where can I find Sheik Marwan?
I don't know.
Hello, is Sheik Marwan here?
Excuse me, brother,
can I help you?
I'm Dr. Amin Jaafari.
Thank you.
I'm listening.
My name means nothing to you?
I don't believe so.
I'm the husband of Siham Jaafari.
Brother Amin, forgive me.
I didn't recognize you.
It's fine.
I'd like to meet Sheik Marwan.
Of course.
He'll be happy to meet you.
Please wait here.
I'll let him know.
Brother Amin, I'm sorry,
but Sheik Marwan is not here.
- I don't know where he is.
- Will he be back for the prayer?
It could take time.
It's not a problem.
I'll wait.
I'm not sure he'll be back
before nightfall.
I'll wait for him here.
Salaam Alaikum.
Sorry, you're not welcome.
I'm waiting for the Sheik.
He's sick.
He won't be back for a few days.
Tell him I'm Amin Jaafari.
Good. Now go home.
Not before I see him.
We'll tell you when he gets better.
Allahu Akbar...
- What are you doing here?
- You know very well.
You don't know
what you're stepping into.
Come on, get up.
We told you, go home.
What's the problem?
You're bringing havoc to this town!
Who are you?
Doctor, you have no idea
what your presence in Nablus
can cause.
The Israelis could be using you
to track us down,
and you're playing
right into their hands.
We have nothing to do
with your wife.
My wife met Sheik Marwan here.
It's not true. It's a rumor.
Your wife is a martyr.
We'll be eternally grateful to her.
But that doesn't give you the right
to put anyone in danger.
Please get in a car
and go back to Tel Aviv.
We're not afraid of their Merkavas
or their Apaches,
or whatever they attack us with!
We'll liberate this land,
every inch of it!
They don't scare us!
We will free the land!
We will free the land!
You don't answer?
I'm listening.
You know how much
this day means to me,
and it's important that you come.
I've waited for this moment
all my life.
Do you not care
that I've been awarded?
I can't.
Why not?
What am I asking?
I explained it to you.
I can't.
- It's not enough for me.
- I won't be able to.
What am I asking for?
That you be with me, next to me.
On the most important day
of my life.
Calm down.
I don't want to calm down!
I don't want to!
But what did I ask?
You're crazy.
I really can't.
Everything's for you,
every time it's for you,
and I'm always here for you.
I won't go with you.
This time I can't.
Are you going to resent me
for this?
What did you want to tell me
that night?
Why didn't you answer?
Come in.
I haven't heard from Adel.
Does he always disappear like that?
It happens.
Sometime he goes away on a job,
then he shows up just like that.
Remember these?
Where did you find them?
Mom gave them to us.
She told us they were yours.
She was very protective of them.
Adel and I read them
at least 100 times.
We kept looking for the sequels,
but no bookstore had them.
What's funny is how they translated
Bruce Wayne to Arabic.
Nabeel Fawzi.
No, that's Clark Kent.
Bruce Wayne is Sobhi.
That's right.
Silly name for Batman, no?
She also told us
that when you were a kid,
you wanted to be Batman.
You put a towel on your back
and wanted to jump from the rooftop.
Our neighbor Samiha caught me.
She yelled, "Idiot,
you're going to break your legs!"
The whole neighborhood was there.
My father screamed, "Jump!"
He was holding a blanket
with the neighbors.
I didn't want to jump,
so he brought a ladder
and forced me down.
My mother slapped me.
Leila was crying.
These were the good days.
My mother is very attached to you.
But she's hurt.
She has no one but you,
and you left her out.
I was caught up in my own things.
A bit too much, perhaps.
You're not wanted here.
Don't you get it?
You owe me some answers.
What answers?
About my wife.
She's dead.
Her martyrdom doesn't raise you a bit
in our esteem.
The bastard isn't the man
who doesn't know his father,
it's the one
who doesn't know his roots.
Now get out of Nablus.
You think you're a prophet?
I won't leave Nablus
before I get my answers.
You hear me?
I won't leave!
Who do you think you are?
- Go away.
- All right.
Go away. Go away.
Three men came to see me today.
The rumor is that you're working
for the Shabak.
How do you know
the Shabak isn't watching you?
You're their only link.
Someone might be watching
this house now.
Let them.
We understand your grief.
But when this is over,
you go back home.
It's us who have to deal
with this shit.
We don't want problems, Amin.
Not from this side,
not from that side.
Amin, please don't get us wrong.
I think I've caused enough problems.
Who covered the Mercedes?
I don't know.
The car didn't cover itself.
I don't know.
What's wrong?
When was the last time
Adel took it out?
I don't remember.
What's the problem?
Why are there no license plates?
He changes them all the time.
One for the Territories,
one for Israel.
Adel is smart with those things.
- Hello?
- Hello.
Where's Adel?
You've got the wrong number.
Listen, asshole,
tell him his uncle is here,
that I found the Mercedes,
and I won't leave Nablus
before I see him.
Adel was in my house
the night of the attack.
He came to pack his stuff.
So what?
So someone from my family knew
what was going on and didn't tell me.
Your brother Adel is involved
up to his neck.
And you're going to tell me
where he is.
- Hello.
- Dr. Amin?
Who are you?
We'll come and get you.
Stop where you are.
So, Doctor, you're out
for a little revenge?
The Shabak sent you to stir us up?
Nobody sent me.
I came to see Adel.
Well, you haven't seen
anything yet.
Brother Amin, it's an honor
to have you here.
I'm sorry about
what you've been through.
These are hard times.
I won't try to justify anything
to you.
If you haven't understood a thing
since you set foot here,
it means you probably never will.
In the end, everyone steers his ship
as he wishes.
Your loss moves me
from the bottom of my soul.
I'm suffering as much as you are.
You're suffering?
From what, if I may ask?
I lost loved ones, too.
And you brought me here
so I can console you?
I understand.
I'm not here on a courtesy call.
I know.
How can I help you?
My wife, before she blew herself up,
came here to meet her mentor.
I can't get this through my head.
What tales did you tell her?
How did you make a monster,
a fundamentalist,
out of a woman
who couldn't hurt a fly?
I understand.
You understand shit!
Watch what you're saying, Amin,
but I put that down
to the intensity of your grief.
You can put it
wherever you please!
I beg you, I won't tolerate this,
especially from the mouth
of an eminent surgeon.
I agreed to receive you
so I can tell you
that there's nothing for you here.
But I understand
why you're troubled.
At this moment, your pride
as a husband is wounded.
But when your wound heals,
you'll see more clearly.
The fact your wife told you nothing
doesn't mean she betrayed you.
She simply had nothing to tell you.
I'm asking you to turn the page.
I don't need sermons.
I want to know why.
Why what?
That's her affair.
I was her husband.
She knew that.
If she hid her secrets from you,
she had her reasons.
She had obligations toward me.
I never wronged her in any way.
And it wasn't only her life
she blew to smithereens,
but my life and the lives
of 17 other families,
and you tell me it's her affair?
I want to know why!
To know everything!
Know what, exactly?
The truth, Father.
Which truth?
Hers or yours?
The truth of a woman
who knew where her duty lay
or the truth of an Arab
who thinks he's out of the woods
because he's got
an Israeli passport?
Or the exemplary integrated Arab
who gets invited to fancy parties
and gets showered
with presents and prizes
by people who want to show
how tolerant they are?
Is that the truth you're looking for
or the one
you're running away from?
What planet do you live on?
Our land is violated day and night,
our towns are buried by tanks,
our children can't remember
what the word "school" means.
And you, just because you're nice
and warm in Tel Aviv,
you think you can come here
and lecture us
about what's good and what's not?
Your wife died
for your redemption, Doctor.
I don't understand how a bigot
like you who preaches tolerance
can send women and children
to their death
while he hides in his hole.
How do you choose your prey,
by the way?
Do you recruit
those who are fragile
because they are easier
to manipulate?
I'm stunned
by what I just heard, Amin.
It breaks my heart.
We could debate this
for months and years.
We'll never come
to the same conclusion.
You have your life,
we have ours.
You have your views,
we have ours.
We'll never agree on anything.
This is how it is.
Anyway, I agreed to receive you
for a simple reason,
to explain to you once and for all
that there's nothing for you here.
You wanted to meet me.
It's done.
Now put this interview behind you
and go back to Tel Aviv.
But know something...
I never met your wife.
I Wish I did.
We're not Islamists
or Christian fanatics.
We're just a ravaged people
who are fighting with whatever we can
to recover our dignity.
Nothing more, nothing less.
When I stayed with you in Tel Aviv,
I told you it was for business.
But it wasn't.
I was there to supply the local cell.
Your reputation
placed us above suspicion.
One day, Siham found a briefcase
under the bed
with documents and a handgun.
I was sure she was going
to raise the alarm.
I even thought about killing her.
But Siham came in my room
with a wad of money,
and she said, "it's for you."
It took us a while to trust her.
We tested her,
and she convinced us.
Your house became
the main place
where we held our meetings
in Tel Aviv.
Siham helped us collect
and transfer funds
to Haifa, Nazareth.
She even put her bank account
at our disposal.
She became our main contact
in Tel Aviv.
Why didn't she tell me anything?
She didn't want anyone
to get in her way.
I begged her not to do it
many times...
but she didn't see
why she should let others do
what she ought to do herself.
I told her she was more useful to us
alive than dead,
but she wouldn't listen.
There was nothing I could do.
I didn't want her to blow herself up.
You're my nephew.
Why didn't you tell me?
She made me swear
not to say anything.
Especially to you.
When did she go over?
The day she got to Jenin.
Something snapped in her head.
The massacre she saw
was indescribable.
She never saw anything like it.
I think that's what pushed her
over the edge.
It's for you.
I know you were looking for it.
If Siham knew about it,
she would have asked me
not to give it to you.
But she didn't know.
I'm really sorry.
I haven't been biting my nails
for the last three weeks
just for you to tell me
that she did it.
Did your family know?
Not more than I did.
What about the terrorists?
Did you meet any of them?
It's behind me now, Kim.
What did you find out about them?
Was anyone in your family involved?
I don't understand you, Amin.
I really don't.
17 people were killed,
8 maimed for life.
Some of them
were on your operating table.
What are you asking?
If you know something,
you should inform the police.
You have a moral obligation
to the victims.
They deserve to know, too.
It's not my job.
They managed to convince you.
I won't go tell on anyone,
not to the police,
not to anyone else.
Why not?
Because I refuse to contribute
to more repressive measures.
This is bigger than us.
You're protecting those people.
I'm not.
You were welcomed amongst us.
You had a good life here.
If I got to where I am,
it's because I earned it.
And because we made it possible.
I don't know, Amin.
It seems to me everything
you used to say in the past...
Was false?
Maybe convenient.
I don't think you can live in a place,
enjoy the best
of what it has to offer,
and then refuse to defend it.
What are you talking about?
And next time, when you're
in the operating room
because someone blew himself up,
ask yourself,
"Who am I really trying to save?"
Siham, did Khalil explain
everything to you?
Yes, it's simple.
Shall we go over this
one more time?
It's not necessary.
Can you show me
how to deactivate the device?
Why would you do that?
Just in case something happens.
We've been through this.
You know where to go?
Someone will drop you off
in Tel Aviv,
then you're on your own.
We've prepared a text
for you to read.
Want to read it again?
A text? Why?
Everyone leaves a message.
It's important
that people understand.
We want you to read it on camera.
I don't want to leave a message.
I can't
Do you want to say something else?
Like What?
A final word.
Can I make a phone call?
Who do you want to call?
I'd like to speak with my husband.
It's too risky.
They can trace it back.
We have to proceed.
Please, I need to make this call.
- Hello.
- Amin...
Siham, sweetheart,
I can't talk right now.
I'll call you later.
Why are you crying, my love?
Because every time you leave,
a part of me dies.