The Attorney (2013) Movie Script

The Attorney.
This stop is Bumin-dong.
In 1978, Busan.
- How have you been?
- You!
What brings you here?
I was in the neighborhood.
I see.
- Should I come back later?
- Say hello.
SONG Woo-seek.
He's a judge in Daejeon.
Is that so?
This is attorney LEE Heung-ki.
SONG Woo-seek.
LEE Heung-KL.
How do you like being a judge?
I didn't.
So I resigned.
They even put it on the news
when you were appointed.
I thought you were
serious about it.
All that media coverage
for no reason?
They were only mocking me for
being a high school graduate.
I'm looking to make money.
You don't need a degree
to make money, right'?
The founder of Hyundai
only finished grade school.
You won't get many privileges
with such a short term.
I don't care about things
like that.
I want to work down here
in Busan.
I have a brilliant plan.
What is it'?
It's absolutely brilliant.
But the thing is...
I'll need an office at least,
but I'm broke.
Lend me some money.
It's all about real estate
The profit margin is
While lawyers run around
notaries rake in the money
with just a few stamps.
Can lawyers do it?
That's the best part.
Real estate is booming
There's too much work for
notaries to handle alone,
so they changed the law and
lawyers can do it too.
Call an attorney for
real estate!
I'll be home soon.
Have to go.
Good night, sir.
Good evening!
Call an attorney for
real estate...
You bastard!
Which club are you from?
No, I'm a lawyer.
Attorney at law, SONG Woo-seek.
The law is a phone call away.
- Hey!
- Even real estate...
What's going on here?
Call an attorney!
Good night.
Who was that?
I guess lawyers aren't all
high and mighty.
- Real estate specialist...
- it's me.
Did you have lunch?
Not yet.
It'll take time for business
to get going.
- Don't worry so much.
- I've got a client.
I have to go.
Chinese delivery.
Where are the pickles?
We don't deliver single orders...
Just say that you forgot them.
- Don't forget them again.
- Yes, sir.
Goddamn pickles.
Is this...
I'll be right back with your pickles.
Thirty percent?
Do they take us for chumps?
We're the ones putting
food on their table.
But they think they put
the food on ours.
- Why so serious?
- Broker wants higher fees.
Did you hear about that
fool named SONG?
Hands out business cards
like some salesman.
I heard.
But what for?
I heard he does real estate
What an idiot!
How low can you go?
Isn't that what notaries do?
Can lawyers do it?
Lawyers can.
The law recently changed.
Someone should talk
sense into him.
Where did he get his degree?
He only finished high school.
High school?
Well, that explains it.
The poor idiot just doesn't
know any better.
Talk about a rotten apple
spoiling the barrel.
A high school graduate
signing real estate...
There you are, sir.
You're all early.
Don't get up.
You're here!
Did you all meet?
I'm the idiot that's been
handing out business cards.
High school graduate,
SONG Woo-seek.
Real estate registration isn't
too bad of a business,
since I don't send
brokers a monthly check.
Enjoy, gentlemen.
I have to get going.
What happened?
One noodle and a fried rice.
Yes, sir.
- Who ordered the coffee?
- Over there.
Excuse me.
I'm sorry, but there's a wait.
Counselor KIM sent me here.
Should I come back later?
It's nice to meet you.
I've heard a lot about you.
Business is booming,
as you can see.
Must have your hands full with
angry notaries.
They already called with complaints,
but I'm not breaking any laws.
Shall we get started, then?
Started on what?
But we just met.
I only dropped by for
Counselor KIM's sake.
I heard your salary was
three hundred.
Five hundred a month.
What will it be?
You're awfully impatient,
aren't you?
That's hot!
You two can go now.
Line up here and give me
your paperwork everyone!
That's it. Give them to me.
Don't push.
- Take mine!
- Hold on!
I'm home.
I couldn't even find the time
to take a piss!
Count up how much we made today.
You're still awake!
Let me pee first.
Don't just throw it all
into a sack.
What a mess.
That feels good.
It's not flushing again!
Just pour some water.
How many more times do we
have to tell the landlord?
It's no use.
We're on high ground.
You happy'?
About what?
I'm happy making all these
sacks of money.
Aren't you?
Of course I am.
Is there anything you
wanted to do?
We suddenly have
all this money...
I don't know what to do with it.
That's what happens to people
when they have money.
You think of countless things
to buy when you're broke.
That's true.
Those little rats.
- They're at it again.
- Sheesh!
You're making a mess!
Damn it.
They're even louder recently.
Go to sleep. It's late.
- My goodness.
- I'm sure they understood.
You try it, then.
Forget it.
It sounds nothing like it.
Let's move to an apartment.
There's no mice there!
And water gushing out!
No newspapers.
It's not newspapers.
I'm a lawyer.
Good afternoon.
SONG Woo-seek, attorney at law.
- Attorney?
- Yes, ma'am.
Real estate specialist.
- What is this about?
- Well...
May I come inside for a moment?
Your husband is home.
No, he's some lawyer.
And we're not done yet.
Have a seat.
So what is this about?
They grow these domestically now.
Oh my!
These are pineapples!
This is too much...
But what brings you here?
- I want to buy this house.
- Pardon?
But it's not for sale.
That's right.
Apartment 803 is on the market.
You came to the wrong house.
This is the tenth floor.
Isn't it nice here?
Great view of the ocean.
Lots of sunlight.
And sturdy framework.
Whoever built it did good work.
Look here!
Our house isn't for sale!
I want to buy this apartment.
I'll give you $25,000 for it.
The place downstairs costs.
You'll make $5,000 if you
move downstairs.
What will it be?
Mrs. LEE.
I'll buy the rest tomorrow.
Would you care for some
cold juice, sir?
Sounds great.
Bye now.
Say... ls there some
reason for buying
this particular house?
Why don't you finish your
makeup first?
My goodness! On my!
How em harassing!
7 years ago.
Thank you.
The baby born today.
Which room is it?
Excuse me?
The mother's name is
JANG Su-kyung.
- Room 202.
- 202?
You're here, ma'am.
There's my smart son-in-law.
You look exhausted from
all that studying.
Don't mind the fees.
I took care of it.
You shouldn't have.
I can pay it.
Just go on in.
You must've been startled.
He's impatient like his father.
Why do you look all miserable?
- Want some more?
- I'm fine.
I almost forgot.
Pay me for last month
if you can.
I have to pay the butcher later.
Thank you, ma'am.
It was delicious.
Thank you.
- Come again.
- Good night.
I need my books back.
You like it? It's our new home.
My goodness gracious.
Someone scribbled on here.
We should replaster it.
Oh my.
You're old enough to read now.
What does that say?
Never give up.
I wrote it the day you were born.
You did?
I built this house. Isn't it nice?
Isn't it nice?
You really built it, Dad?
Of course.
I built it so we could all
live here together.
One brick after another.
Should we eat out?
- Thank you, ma'am.
- Is it good?
Good night.
- What is it, honey?
- Huh?
I have a debt to settle.
A debt?
Nothing. Eat up.
Can I get you anything?
Do you remember me?
You don't remember me?
My memory isn't what it
used to be.
I ran out without paying the bill
seven years ago.
You were studying to
become a lawyer.
Remember, Mom'?
You called him a crook,
perfect for being a lawyer.
Are you really that twit?
Did you pass?
I did.
I'm an attorney now.
I was a judge in Daejeon.
Now an attorney here.
Say hello.
This is my wife.
Nice to meet you.
You too.
My goodness.
A wife and two children.
The poor flimsy thing
came back as a man.
Please forgive me.
I should've come sooner,
but I've finally come to
pay my dues.
Put that away.
I've long forgotten about that.
Don't make me into
a real crook now.
I said to put that away.
Seeing you this successful
is payment enough.
But ma'am... Come now!
This isn't enough for seven years.
Old debts are settled by face,
not money.
It means you better
come back often!
To heck with it.
Your meal is free today, too!
Gosh, ma'am.
Would you let me hug you?
Thank you so much.
Why let a good meal sit bad
all these years?
My goodness.
Thank you.
Number 28 is next.
Who didn't get coffee?
Here you go.
You should add more chives.
That's good.
Dongrae district.
Yangjeong. Central Busan.
Let's take a break.
I told you it needs more chives.
What's wrong?
- Not feeling well?
- I'm fine.
- I'll be back.
- Take care.
- Excuse me.
- How old are you?
I bet you're excited to move.
Like a cat pissing in the sky!
It's chilly.
- Where are you going?
- Not this again.
It's perfect weather
for some good stew.
Let's get you a balanced diet.
How about some seafood?
With a little soju.
What? You'll drink yourself silly
like last time.
- Come on!
- That smell!
You like rice wine so much,
but did you know this?
They use blowfish to wipe...
I put in extra meat today.
What about mine?
Anyway, blowfish skin is
so toxic...
When will we say goodbye,
little piggie?
Come on, SONG.
Why are you so picky about food?
You need a balanced diet.
It's time we changed our menu.
Let's set up a better office
and a secretary.
It doesn't look good...
Call girls serving coffee?
Then let's do it right.
We'll renovate the office.
Get us a nice secretary.
As for the menu,
we'll keep eating here.
Watch the sides!
This way.
Put it where people can see it.
Have a cold drink.
Here you go.
Nice and cold.
What about me?
You're hardly working.
I have a bad back.
And SONG is overdoing it.
We didn't pay good money to
haul things ourselves.
SONG! You can speak English?
It's all in English!
What is this, sir?
Those orchids could use
some water, Miss MOON.
They're dry as a bone!
Would you read these if
they were in Korean?
It's purely for show.
May as well be in English.
There you go.
Put these right in the middle.
I know you love me...
- Hurry and get dressed!
- Who is it?
Our neighbor is coming
to ask about taxes.
- Goodness.
- Is that so?
Wipe your face a little.
I'm letting her in.
The penalties are higher than
the original deduction.
It's a bit much.
Let's try this.
- Thank you, Mr. SONG.
- It's nothing.
- Take care.
- You too.
Good night.
Damn it. It's over.
- What?
- I'm impressed.
That's hardly impressive.
- Are the kids asleep?
- Come now.
It was impressive,
but earnings are short
these clays.
Are you hiding it from me?
Of course not.
All those badmouthing lawyers are
doing real estate too now.
Less work means less money.
Why hire a secretary if there's
less work?
I hear she's awfully pretty.
I guess she's not too
hard on the eyes...
I really wasn't keen on
hiring anyone,
but Mr. PARK insisted so much,
with all those call girls...
What are call girls doing
in your office?
I don't...
Why were they?
We had to serve out coffee.
We were short of hands...
All those times you
told me not to come.
And that was why.
Come on.
Forget it.
Are the kids asleep?
Forget it.
Stop it.
- I said, stop it.
- I thought you were impressed.
Stop it.
I've been thinking.
Why don't we change our
range of practice?
I'd say it's about time.
All the lawyers are doing
registration these days.
Look how empty it is.
Did you have something in mind?
Why don't we do taxes?
Taxes are good.
But you need to know about
accounting as much as law.
I learned it all back in
high school.
No lawyer around does books
like I can.
I can bring in all the tax cases.
I even thought of a
great slogan.
We take care of you and
your interests.
Tax law specialist,
SONG Woo-seek.
That's perfect!
This is why I love you, SONG.
- Sound good?
- Absolutely.
Mr. SONG! Mr. PARK! Come quick!
What's all the ruckus?
Come quick!
What are all those people?
Down with SONG Woo-seek!
Down with lawyers!
I'm SONG Woo-seok.
What is this about?
You call that a question?
All the lawyers are in real estate
because of you!
Say we're switching to taxes
and they'll go.
They shouldn't come here
making a scene.
Stop blocking my office!
Sue me if I'm at fault!
Or I'll sue for interference!
- What did he just say?
- He's impossible.
Down with SONG Woo-seek!
Down with lawyers!
Down with SONG Woo-seek!
What do we do?
What's going on?
Are you all right?
What's happening?
In 1981.
Inspector CHA Dong-young.
This medal is for your achievements
in national security.
President CHUN Doo-hwan.
You played a big role
in this case.
You did well.
Thank you, sir.
- Superintendent General.
- Yes.
I need a favor.
Inspector CHA.
I need him to do a case in Busan.
If the country needs his services,
who am I to say no?
- Which prosecutor do you have in mind?
- Right.
We put KANG Hyung-chul
on the case already.
He's studying the files
as we speak.
- Inspector.
- Yes, sir.
We can't have an incident like.
Kwangju again.
That's how you serve
your country.
I'll keep that in mind, sir.
- Good night.
- Take care.
Wait. I almost forgot.
- Thanks for lending them.
- No problem.
Mrs. PARK!
- Thank you for the meal.
- Come back soon.
Good night.
See you tomorrow.
That's it for tonight.
Hurry UP!
We were about to close.
But it's so early.
Say hello, Jin-woo.
These are my classmates.
I became alumni president.
That's great.
But we were closing.
I brought them all this way...
isn't she pretty?
She sure is!
I dragged them all here
to show you off.
Bring us some soju.
Pork stews all around.
Sit down, boys.
- This is good.
- Thank you.
I meant to go to reunions,
but it wasn't easy getting
my practice going.
They're all from big-name
All high and mighty.
Won't make room for a
high school graduate like me.
But I'm still kicking because
I'm just that good.
Right you are.
Now I'm at the top.
I've got a hotshot lawyer friend,
thanks to you.
- Let's drink to that!
- Cheers!
Look. You boys come to me if you
ever have legal problems.
- It's on the house.
- You mean it?
Alumni president's honors.
I'll make some trouble, then.
Don't say that.
Let's drink.
Crowds cheered on as the President
and the First Lady waved.
Celebrating the birth of a great nation
under a great leader.
The Central Distric Court sentenced
the group of socialist radicals...
Turn that down!
Students from Seoul
National University...
What kind of corrupt law is that?
A flawed government and its
absurd law enforcement...
What's wrong with sentencing
criminals for violating the law?
Their parents didn't send them
to college to do protests.
What's wrong with putting
those idiots away?
You believe this rubbish?
The media is the last thing
you can trust now.
What should we believe,
if not the media?
The gossip of old women
in hair parlors?
It's been long since all the
honest reporters were fired.
Making money is fine and all,
but pay some attention
to the world.
Goddamn lawyers.
Then why are you still
a high and mighty reporter?
According to what you're saying,
you weren't fired because
you kept feeding lies.
Like a coward!
I kept my damn mouth shut
like a coward!
That's why I wasn't fired.
At least I'm not running blind
with my eyes wide open!
Where are you going?
We were just getting started.
Don't get upset over a
stupid argument!
- Sit back down.
- Come on.
You're one heck of a smart man,
but much too biased.
Why do you find fault
in everything?
The real problem is these smart kids
protesting all the time!
Instead of studying to find a
logical solution to things.
They're doing that bullshit to
get out of studying!
Have you ever stopped to think
why they're protesting?
What are all those smart kids
doing that for?
Because they're sick of studying?
Snap out of it, you idiot!
You think it's fine and dandy,
since you're successful?
Look here.
I never went to college,
but those spoiled idiots
don't seem too smart to me.
They think they can change
the world with a few protests?
That's not the world I live in!
Change the world?
Grab him!
You know something?
That's lack of pride.
Are you that ashamed of
You bastard!
- Cut it out!
- Stop it!
Just drop it!
Ow... Gibbering fool.
A high and mighty lawyer
fighting like children.
Hang on.
That needs an ointment.
I'm all right.
To hell you are.
You don't protest, right'?
You'll be damned if you do,
when your mother works this hard.
Pay attention when an adult
is talking to you.
This corrupt system should be damned.
What did you say?
Come over here.
I have to clean up this mess.
If protesting could change
the world,
I would've clone it ages ago.
You think the world
is that soft?
You can throw dozens of eggs,
but it can't hurt a boulder.
As weak as eggs are,
they're still living things.
Boulders will break into dust,
but eggs will hatch with life.
Ever hear that saying?
What about eggs now?
Are you giving me lip
for the mess I made?
Is that what it is?
I'll pay for it all.
That's for the food and drinks.
That's for the broken table.
That's for the broken plates.
And that's for you to take
a girl out on a date.
That's enough.
Say thank you when an adult
gives you money.
People will call you a bastard
with that kind of attitude!
What did you say?
This isn't nearly enough!
Go get the salt.
- I didn't mean...
- Mom.
You learn these manners
from your father?
You think money solves everything,
you drunken nitwit?
Get me the salt!
I didn't mean it, ma'am.
Come on, sir.
- I'm sorry, ma'am.
- Just go home.
Hold on a minute.
- Get out of my sight!
- Calm down, Mom.
You drunken fool!
He's just drunk.
I didn't mean to...
Good afternoon.
I'm CHA Dong-young.
I'm KANG Hyung-chul.
Your reputation precedes you,
Inspector CHA.
- You're too kind.
- Here.
I did some digging around
to cook something up,
but I couldn't find much.
It's up to you now to
wrap things up.
Our country would be damned
if they were real commies.
My father was a high grade detective,
and he used to say...
If I have to chase after criminals,
it's already over.
Detectives like me don't arrest.
We prevent.
Sounds like a fine man.
How is he?
He was slaughtered in
the Korean War.
Lieutenant YOON Sung-du!
Come here.
Why are you in uniform?
I didn't receive orders otherwise.
I was only told to report here.
Wear civilian clothing
from now on.
You'll be known as
Manager YOON here.
What are my duties here, sir?
Aren't you a medic'?
You'll save lives.
L asked Asako where to
put the shoes.
She gazed at me with
eyes of wonder,
then told me I needn't
take my shoes off.
Then sudden...
Then suddenly, she brought me
the umbrella I had left behind.
- I still recall the umbrella...
- Hey!
Tell us about your first love.
I haven't had one yet.
Then you want me to be
your Asako?
L sometimes thought of Asako.
If she had married...
Can we help you?
PARK Jin-woo.
Pusan Engineering College.
Your mother sells pork stew?
Run for it!
Get over here.
You heard me!
Run away, Jin-woo! Hurry!
Shut your trap, communist bitch!
There's one out the window.
Run, Jin-woo!
Why are you doing this?
Manager YOON!
Hurry UP!
Come on!
Let's get dinner.
Anything but seafood.
Just stay down.
How about mill noodles?
What's that?
A type of cold noodles.
- Is it any good?
- Not bad.
The IV takes time to finish.
Let him sleep for the day.
Let's order in.
What for?
Let's try some mill noodles.
National Security Law
and martial law?
That's how they got those
book clubs in Seoul.
Now they're using the same
strategy on these kids.
We'll talk when you get back.
How have you been, sir?
Not too great.
But I hear you're doing well.
The most successful lawyer.
I'm just working hard.
Heard you bought a fancy yacht.
Is that what they say?
The country hick made money
and lost his mind, eh?
Is something wrong, sir?
Seems so.
I'm rather busy today.
Let's make it quick.
You know those Seoul law firms?
Law firm?
I thought I'd start one myself.
Building a sturdy system,
if you will.
But no one will sign on
just for me.
So I thought I could ask you
to join me.
Didn't you hear about my
license suspension?
Of course I heard.
I'll bring in the money until
the suspension is lifted.
I appreciate the offer,
but we're on two different paths.
We breathe different air.
See different worlds.
Don't be disappointed.
You'll find someone better.
There you are.
I'm preoccupied today,
but we'll talk.
All right, sir.
Oh! Come by the pier sometime.
We'll do a few laps and
get some food.
They busted the night school?
How many were arrested?
Nine in total.
She's been running around town
looking for her son.
It's been over a month now.
They want us to take the case,
so they can lock us up.
We need a lawyer they
won't suspect.
Someone we can get through to.
One they won't suspect...
You can't tax them on all these
dishonored bills and bonds.
It's nothing but a deliberate
attempt to bankrupt them.
Shall we go to court, then?
That's more like it.
They'll send you a new bill.
- You saved us again.
- It's our pleasure.
Thank you.
You'll have the papers tomorrow.
Have a nice day.
Thank you.
Take care!
Gosh. Get me something to drink.
Wait a second. Excuse me.
I'm LEE Chang-jun.
Haedong Constructions.
Have a nice day.
This is it!
You'll be going national
with a case like this!
Don't get your hopes up.
Too late for that.
Haedong Constructions
is top class.
One of the best ten companies
in the country.
And he's the son that inherits it.
I thought they'd go to a big
law firm in Seoul.
But it means they think
you're even better.
Have I told you that I love you?
You have connections
with the police.
Then see if there are any cases
concerning PARK Jin-woo.
PARK Jin-woo?
The pork stew lady's son'?
He's been missing for over
a month.
I think something happened.
I'll look into it.
Where are you going?
We should celebrate.
I'm feeling all anxious...
I'll just go for a lap.
They called it a luxury yacht
that sailed the Pacific.
Counselor KIM.
You sound disappointed.
It's a dinghy used for racing.
I'm looking to enter the Olympics.
They're announcing the host city of
the '88 Olympics soon.
If it turns out to be Seoul,
the yacht races will be held here.
An athlete needs to own a yacht
in order to compete.
So I thought I'd try it.
There aren't any Korean athletes
who own a yacht.
Is that so?
I know what these Busan lawyers
are saying about me.
A money-hungry idiot
with no education.
But I've made enough money.
Now I want to serve my country.
Olympic athlete, SONG Woo-seek!
Sailing is my only joy these days.
Can you take on a case for me?
I've got a big case coming up,
but anything for you.
What case is it?
National Security Law.
National security?
How many lawyers did you
meet before me?
Quite a few.
I'm just a greedy tax attorney, sir.
I'll see you around.
Sorry for the hassle.
Don't say that, sir.
Why don't you stay for a beer?
You know the kid?
Son of a local restaurant.
Counselor eats there every clay.
Then just forget about it
and move on.
But he's not the kind to
get in trouble.
It's a communist case.
Stay out of it, no matter what.
It's being handled directly by
the boys upstairs.
That's not good.
Just one moment.
Honey, it's Mr. PARK.
It's me.
I know. I'll be there soon.
Is that you?
What are you doing out here?
You're a lawyer, right'?
What happened to Jin-woo?
That came last night.
It's a notice of trial.
He's in prison and his trial is...
In two days?
I went to the prison to see him,
but they wouldn't let me.
They said it's against the law.
That's absurd!
Guardians have full visitation rights.
Can I see him if I go with you?
How are you, ma'am?
Counselor SONG.
The chairman sent a car for you
I need your help.
You know that Jin-woo isn't
a communist.
Please go and tell them that
he's not a communist.
Help me this once.
I'll serve you for the rest of
my life if you help me.
The car is waiting, Counselor.
Can't you see me talking
with the counselor?
I have this important meeting,
but we can go afterwards.
Iran around like a lunatic
looking for my son.
I even looked through
the morgue.
Please. I need your help.
I have no one else to turn to.
I'm begging you.
I'm so sorry about what
I said before.
I was out of line.
Please forgive me.
I promise to go with you later,
but I can't cancel this.
Come help her, Miss MOON.
My Jin-woo...
Jin-woo isn't a communist.
He's not...
I'm sorry, ma'am.
Counselor! Sir!
Jin-woo isn't a communist!
Did you see today's paper'?
It's the Budokryun case.
Jin-woo got mixed up in it.
- The Budokryun case?
- Yes.
You knew about it?
I didn't want you
to worry about it.
Now you tell me?
I was going to...
Get up. He's here.
This way, Father.
Excuse me, ma'am.
Do you know where this is?
Street number 16-3.
Mrs. PARK!
Is anyone home?
It's really you!
Please forgive me for earlier.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
There's no need.
She has her visitation rights!
Is this prison somehow above
the Constitution?
The Constitution?
The public visiting room is in repairs.
Then we'll use the private visiting room.
Is that under repair too?
Because I'll sue you if it isn't!
He's throwing a fit and threatened
to sue us!
Just him and the mother.
The mother?
He wasn't sent by Counselor KIM.
Seems the mother brought him.
What's his name?
Tax law specialist,
SONG Woo-seek.
We take care of you and
your interests.
Right away, sir.
Down the hall to the left.
Let's go.
Jin-woo! What happened?
It's me, Jin-woo.
Your mother and me!
Look at me! Jin-woo!
They treat me well.
I confessed my crimes.
I'm guilty.
I'll be good now.
I'll be good...
What's wrong?
Are you hurt?
What's this?
- Why are you hurt?
- Who did this to you?
This is unauthorized...
Get your hands off!
- Jin-woo!
- What are these bruises?
You filthy crook!
You did this!
You did this to my son,
goddamn bastards!
It was you!
You filthy bastards!
Did they beat you, Jin-woo?
How dare you!
You crooks!
Filthy bastard!
What's this?
Just grab her!
Let go of my son!
- Mom!
- Jin-woo!
- Jin-woo!
- Mom!
- Mom!
- Jin-woo!
Mrs. PARK!
Call an ambulance!
Wake up! Ma'am!
They're scared it'll look suspicious
if they appoint counsel.
They dropped a name.
PARK Byung-ho.
PARK Byung-ho?
I'll talk to him.
He'll only cut down the sentence.
They convict people with no crime.
What good is a trial?
PARK might be our solution.
What is this Budokryun case?
What are the charges?
Reading subversive literature
with seditious content.
Praising anti-governmental groups.
These are what they call
subversive literature.
That's their excuse at first.
Then they design a specific crime
through interrogation.
Why does the news mention.
North Korea and communist orders?
His name is Jin-woo?
Does he seem like a communist?
How is this possible?
This isn't supposed to happen!
No, it's not.
I'll do it.
I'll take this case.
You've been up all night.
Go get some sleep. We'll talk.
You shouldn't decide such things
on sudden impulse.
Then why did you suddenly
come looking for me?
I was in a hurry.
I needed to postpone the trial while
I found the proper lawyer.
I am a proper lawyer.
Look, SONG.
- I'm not putting you down.
- I told you.
I'm representing Jin-woo.
If you give up midway...
I will never give up.
Here for a trial?
What brings you here?
Some fixed case called
Sent here to play puppet.
Let me know if you need
For what?
I'm representing that case.
- You?
- Yes.
Tired of making money now?
Don't tell me.
You're going into politics?
That's not it.
You go write the article.
Yes, sir.
I'm sick of playing puppet.
All right.
Jesus. I need a drink.
Let's go get drunk.
Let's go.
Counselor PARK!
How have you been?
I'll be fine if you don't
cause me trouble.
What are your plans
for this case?
I don't have any plans.
I'm just an anvil.
You're the hammer.
If you don't slam me,
we'll all be fine.
Let's cut the talk and head inside.
We haven't met.
Don't you see these?
There you are.
- Good morning, sir.
- It's been a while.
- I spoke with the chief prosecutor.
- I see.
Let's keep it simple, gentlemen.
I never expected to see you in
these courts, SONG.
What a surprise.
I thought we'd say hello.
Lots of reporters have come to
cover this high-profile case.
Be discreet with your statements.
I'll see you all in court.
Counselor SONG.
I hear you got an offer from
Haedong Constructions.
Why are you defending commies
at such a critical time?
Excuse me?
Is there a relative involved?
Tell me who it is.
I'll go easy on him.
- Goodness...
- Ki-woong'.!
Honorable Judge PARK presiding.
All rise!
Be seated!
Court is now in session for
criminal case 1-81 violation of...
The trial hasn't even begun.
Precisely why I'm objecting.
If it fails to be appropriate,
you'll be held accountable for
obstruction of justice.
Article 280 of the penal code prohibits
the physical restraint of defendants.
I ask for the immediate removal
of the ropes and handcuffs.
It also states that defendants must be
seated at the head of the court.
This is how trials are held in...
Article 26, clause 4 of
the Constitution states
innocent until proven guilty.
This trial has not yet begun!
I will not tolerate customs treating
the defendants as criminals.
The abuse of public authority!
Isn't that what we're here
to determine?
Your Honor.
Prosecution may state the charges.
Since March 8th of 1981,
these defendants including PARK Jin-woo
held thirteen illegal gatherings
disguised as a book club.
Contrary to the pretense of
a book club,
the defendants studied works of
subversive literature.
They praised Communist beliefs
and antinational propaganda.
They organized a secret revolt to do
the biddings of the North.
These are their signed confessions
revealing all of these atrocities.
I will now quote part of
PARK Jin-woo's confession.
Vietnam has not collapsed,
but reunited under a Socialist system.
South Korea must follow in suit.
The goal for now is to overthrow
the current fascist regime,
but we must liberate the peninsula
through a socialist revolution.
We present these statements as
evidence before the court.
Defendant! Did you personally write
these statements?
They are the result of torture...
I didn't ask you!
I'm asking the defendant!
Answer with a yes or no.
Yes, you wrote it.
No, you didn't.
And you signed it yourself?
Yes or no.
The court accepts it as evidence.
This is your first
National Security Law case?
I was forced to prosecute
public safety cases back in the day.
National Security cases are about
one thing.
- What?
- Negotiation of penalties!
Not guilty or innocent!
And you meddled with the judge!
Do you believe these kids did
anything wrong?
- That's...
- He has bruises all over him.
What good is a confession if they
forced it from him through torture?
According to the law?
They'd all be innocent for
insufficient evidence.
Our very President would be convicted,
according to the law.
For military insurrection!
Aren't we here to
uphold the law?
I'm not here to teach you
about justice!
If you want to finish this,
just do as I tell you.
I'll take care of it.
Your duty is to assist me!
I don't think so.
I may not have much experience,
but I know Jin-woo is innocent.
I just have to prove it,
and that's my duty.
He's out of his damn mind!
Attorney SONG Woo-seok's office.
It's the British Consulate.
The embassy sent a reply.
- What should I say'?
- I'll go right now.
He'll be heading over now.
All right.
You should go home.
Counselor SONG!
Where have you been all clay?
- You drank again?
- Sure did.
I met the Haedong people
to seal our deal!
I got us a nice...
Going somewhere?
- I'm representing Jin-woo.
- Jin-woo?
PARK Jin-woo?
Absolutely not. Never!
I already went to trial.
Just forget about it.
I promise.
I'll find a better pork stew place.
And we'll go every day.
It won't interfere with Haedong.
Life is all about timing,
and there's a superhighway
in front of you.
Why are you hitting the brakes,
when you should be speeding?
For my kids.
So they can live in a world
free of this nonsense.
It'll be a better world for
your son, too.
Don't worry about him.
I'm sending him abroad.
I'm not done talking.
I'm doing Jin-woo's trial.
Counselor SONG!
Your name and affiliation.
UM Tae-nam.
Domestic and Foreign Policy Institute.
What are you duties?
Evaluating subversive literature.
What is History? Was written by E.H. Carr,
a historian and a communist.
This book justifies communist beliefs
and serves as a threat to readers.
It may inseminate such views
in a reader.
Should any person study
this text,
they are showing interest in
learning communist theory.
Is this the evaluation issued
by your institute?
- That is correct.
- Prosecution rests.
Begin the cross-examination.
Where is this institute?
Where is it located?
Yongsan, Seoul.
What's the address?
I'm not sure.
You don't know the address?
Is that illegal?
I don't know the court
address either.
Don't delay this trial with
irrelevant questions.
Do a proper cross-examination.
I can tell you the address.
32-16 Yejang-dong, Seoul.
Is that right?
- I don't...
- Then how about this?
Isn't that where the ANSP office is?
The location of ANSP is classified!
Counsel is currently revealing
matters of national security.
Counsel thanks prosecution for
confirming the location.
If the boys upstairs tell you
it's a communist book,
do you even read it before
the evaluation?
Counsel is reaching a conclusion
based on speculation.
I wouldn't have to,
if the witness had done his job.
You wrote that E.H. Carr is
a communist living in the USSR.
He lived there for years...
So he's a Soviet commie?
I bet my life on it.
No need for that.
He did live in the Soviet Union,
but why?
Why did he live there when
he wasn't Russian?
E.H. Carr was a diplomat from Britain,
our ally in the War.
He was the British Ambassador
to the Soviet Union.
Counsel cannot prove these claims.
Can you prove it, Counselor?
This is a telegram sent by
the British Embassy.
Edward Hallett Carr was born in London
and educated at Cambridge.
A respected historian and diplomat
of the United Kingdom.
What is History? Is not a text which
advocates communist beliefs.
We encourage more readers
in Korea to study this text.
Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
This nation fought by our side...
You're saying they're communists
just to convict these students?
This morning, I bought
the subversive books
these defendants read.
These books can be found
in any bookstore.
Even recommended by
Seoul National University.
Does that make our nation's
top university a corrupt school?
Your Honor.
Prosecutor KANG.
Didn't you both graduate from
this corrupt university?
This trial is full of nonsense,
like this fake evaluation.
Their book club is nothing more
than a book club.
Students with little money
sharing their books.
They study it together
and teach others.
We should be applauding them.
These defendants are not
defendants at all!
They're victims of unjust and
cruel public authority.
Get me the Haedong files.
They said it's hopeless.
Hitting boulders with eggs.
Boulders will break into dust,
but eggs will hatch.
Didn't you tell me that?
Are you gonna sit around and
let them break you?
Can you remember where
they tortured you?
Their faces and names?
Called each other Director CHA,
Manager YOON.
Director CHA?
Where did they keep you?
It was an old building.
Some kind of motel.
You remember where?
They had my eyes covered...
- But I heard foghorns.
- Stop here.
I could hear trains nearby.
There was a van parked
outside for clays.
Just stay down!
Or we'll break you.
- Mr. LEE!
- Yes, sir.
Bring him over here.
Get up.
You little bastard.
According to what you wrote,
you deserve a medal.
You kids studied together
and taught other kids.
Look up at me.
Do we look like bad guys?
No, sir.
What do you believe in, Jin-woo?
I don't...
- I don't...
- it's an easy question.
The thoughts that you keep
close to your heart.
What are they?
Did existentialism sound right'?
Mother fucker.
Grab him.
Wait! I was wrong!
I made a mistake!
You goddamn commie!
What in the hell?
I'm a lawyer!
You thought you could
waltz in here?
Goddamn bastard.
Tax specialist attorney?
SONG Woo-seek.
I'm PARK...
PARK Jin-woo's lawyer.
A commie counsel.
The law seem like bullshit to you?
Breaking and entering,
and obstruction of justice!
You little...
Mr. Lawyer.
You think the War is over?
It's called an armistice.
This is just intermission.
But for some reason,
everyone thinks the War is over.
You know why?
Because of men like me.
We risk our lives to catch
these filthy commies,
so people like you can go to
sleep at night!
Go home and think about it.
How grateful you are to
men like me.
How you can serve your country!
Counsel may begin examination.
How much did you weigh
before they took you?
Sixty-four kilograms.
And now?
I don't know.
These prison records say
fifty-three kilograms.
You lost over ten kilos in
two months.
Didn't the police feed you?
Sometimes they did.
Sometimes they didn't.
When didn't they feed you,
and for what reason?
I threw up what I ate after
they tortured me.
Since then, they didn't feed me
on days I got tortured.
Quiet down.
I'll do anything you want.
You remember who mentioned
reunification and all that?
I remember.
I remember everything.
Ready to write down
the truth again?
But if I write those lies
that I make up...
What happens to him?
Mother fucker.
Who told you to lie?
Who told you that?
I told you to write down
the truth!
The goddamn truth!
Hold him down!
Your Honor!
These students aren't the ones
that should be on trial!
It's the detective who beat
and tortured them!
It's the corrupt prosecution and
our military regime.
Counsel is threatening
governmental authority!
I'm warning you.
Speak with discretion!
Your Honor.
The defendant's mother...
She searched the city for months
for her missing son.
She even...
She ran to the morgue
with a heavy heart.
Why did she look through
the unidentified bodies?
Because the police kidnapped
the defendants to torture them.
Prosecution may begin.
I'm not finished!
Don't create a scene,
or I'll throw you out!
What was the worst thing
you experienced there?
All those lies...
If I make up lies on a statement,
it would come back to me
with more lies on it.
March 8th! He says you did this.
Why didn't you write it?
I'm sorry, sir.
I didn't know, sir.
Do you know now?
Yes, I know.
I know very well now.
Read it.
May 15th...
Anything else?
Your memories are different.
- This is your last chance.
- Yes, sir.
Dates, times, and names.
- Get it all right.
- Yes, sir.
We took the train to Seoul
on May 15th.
Took a bus from Seoul Station.
Got off at the last stop.
We met Mr. KIM and went to
Mr. KIM called for a revolution to
overthrow the government,
and you and I nodded.
When we arrived,
the workers were gathered
to welcome us.
So you and I educated them
to raise their awareness.
We read subversive literature.
Shouted protest slogans.
Mr. KIM gave us some money
the next day,
and on the train back to Busan...
We stopped at Daejeon and
had some noodles.
Those noodles were so good.
The cherry blossoms were
in bloom...
We said they smelled
so pretty...
Ki-woong. Jin-woo.
Don't cry.
You did nothing wrong.
' Ki-Woong! " Don't cry!
It's okay!
Punish the torturer!
- Punish the torturer!
- Release the defendants!
Release them!
Banish the military regime!
Clear the courtroom!
Take the defendants!
Defense rests with this
These confessions were forced
through violence and torture.
They cannot and must not be
used as evidence!
Defense calls for CHA Dong-young
to testify before the court.
Is this really necessary?
I'll extenuate the circumstances.
Negotiate the sentences.
Then I'll negotiate with the...
Counselor PARK!
And Your Honor.
This trial is about revealing the
manipulation of public authority,
and CHA Dong-young is the key.
He must testify!
I will.
Prosecution accepts.
The court accepts the witness.
- Yes.
- The Budokryun case.
Leave it there.
I'll see you there.
Leave it.
We can buy the tax administration
at these prices.
But why do you think we
insist on hiring you?
I'm starting to wonder.
This may sound strange,
but I want to clean up this nation
more than anyone.
Democracy was what I envied most
while studying in the U.S.
But these people took power
through a military coup.
Do you think they'll just agree to
American democracy?
You can't get through to them.
They must be driven out.
Civil movements.
It's accomplished by bourgeoisie,
middle-class citizens.
But for a civil revolution to
happen in this country,
the national income must be
three times higher.
Our people aren't ready yet.
Counselor SONG.
My father received a call today.
He told me to fire you and
find another lawyer,
but I insisted.
If you sign this,
you'll work exclusively for us.
If you continue with that case,
we'll just have to say...
We never met you.
Thank you for your courtesy.
I mean it.
But say that you met me.
Just tell them you couldn't
work with a nut like me.
I have a trial to prepare for.
Just one thing.
I only recently realized it,
but I can't agree to the notion that
poor citizens cannot have justice.
Oh well.
But remember this.
You turned down the chance
of a lifetime today.
Don't regret it.
- That's the car!
- Where?
- Is it him?
- That's the bastard!
You communist crook!
Go back home, commie!
You filthy lawyer!
Take it off.
Your shirt, you idiot!
The court is full!
You can't do this!
Why can't we go in?
There aren't any seats left.
What's going on here?
There are no seats left.
No seats?
Don't worry.
It's half empty!
- Da-woon!
- Dae-jun!
Let us in!
I solemnly affirm,
that the evidence I shall give
shall be the truth,
the whole truth, and nothing
but the truth.
CHA Dong-young-
Defense may begin.
Your name and affiliation.
CHA Dong-young,
Busan Central Police.
Did you lawfully arrest the suspects?
I did.
Did you show them a warrant?
Counsel doesn't seem to know
much about the law.
Nation Security cases are dealt
rather differently.
We apprehend suspects first.
Warrants come afterwards.
Should I come back after you
do some studying?
Go home and study!
Were the families notified of
their arrests?
We tried, but some people
weren't home...
You illegally held them in custody
- for two months?
- Counselor!
I told you to study
National Security Law.
National Security cases allow up to
fifty days of legal detainment.
Answer the question!
And mind your tone in
this courtroom!
You only have the forged confessions?
Defense is leading the witness.
The only evidence you have
are their confessions?
Sneaky commies like them
never leave evidence.
What evidence can there be
for crimes of thought?
National Security cases
focus on confessions.
National Security again.
Confessions alone are insufficient
to convict a suspect.
Is National Security Law above
all our legal foundations?
Don't ask me.
I only do what the law says.
How do you decide that this
concerns national security?
I've done it for thirteen years.
I can spot a National Security case
just by looking at them.
Really? Then tell me...
If I root for Ali instead of Foreman,
did I violate National Security?
According to your interpretation,
I'm guilty if KIM ll-sung roots for Ali.
Defense has ridiculed the law and
idolized the North Korean leader.
A few students gathered
for a book club.
How did you decide that they
violated National Security Law?
On what grounds?
I don't decide it.
The nation does.
The nation?
What is this nation that you
speak of'?
You call yourself a lawyer,
not knowing what a nation is?
I know all too well.
Constitution Article 1, clause 2!
Sovereignty lies with the people.
All authority is granted by
the people!
The people are the nation!
A nation you oppressed with
no legal grounds,
under premises of national security!
Those soldiers who took hold of
the government by force!
They are your nation!
Shut your mouth!
Counsel is threatening the witness!
- Witness.
- Counselor!
Didn't you torture the suspects
for their confessions?
- No.
- Witness is committing perjury!
I didn't torture them!
Will you keep denying what
these pictures show?
Those were self-inflicted.
Cut this bullshit and
speak the truth.
You think you're a patriot?
Far from it.
You're nothing but a parasite
feeding off an innocent nation!
Speak the truth.
That's real patriotism!
Shut your trap, commie!
Get out of here!
This is no examination!
Defense is threatening him!
One more time and
I'll have you removed!
Remove those planted reprobates
for obstruction first!
Prosecution proceed.
I'm not finished!
I'll do this all night!
Speak the truth.
Admit that you tortured them
to confess.
Remove users of profanity!
- Remove counsel!
- Admit it!
Prosecution proceed.
Did you use torture'?
- No.
- Prosecution rests.
He's giving false testimony!
- Final trial will be in two clays.
- Your Honor!
This is perjury!
Your Honor!
Your Honor!
It's all over now!
Did you expect an apology
out of him?
Am I the only one here'?
What were you doing?
Praying through the trial?
You are the only attorney.
You've already done everything
as you please.
What can I do?
You wrecked this trial yourself.
They accused us of tax evasion...
You should both go home.
Take a few days off.
I'll clean this up.
Like hell.
It'll take you ages.
Stop crying and sweep the floors.
- Daddy!
- My troublemakers.
I got a perfect score.
Didn't I do well?
What's my reward?
A perfect score, of course.
You look upset. What's wrong?
I got a phone call.
A call?
What did they say?
Not much.
Just some things about Gun-woo.
Tell me.
They knew which class he's in,
who his teacher is.
Then they hung up.
Couldn't you quit this case?
I didn't order.
Someone else did.
Sent you this note, too.
I don't know.
Hey, kid!
Did you eat yet?
I need good reporters and foreign press
at tomorrow's trial.
Lieutenant YOON visited me.
The medic from the interrogations.
A witness that will flip this case.
They won't accept him.
I'll tell the judge that I plan to
hold a press conference.
That's why I need the foreign press.
Help me out.
Defense requests Lieutenant
YOON Sung-du as witness.
Today is the last trial.
Stop this nonsense and move.
He witnessed the entire event.
Fine! Dismissed!
You suddenly spring this on me
on the day of the trial.
And in front of my house,
to top it off?
Then I'll hold a press conference to
announce your dismissal.
Reporters from Mainichi, AP,
and ZDF are all there.
I'll state that this dismissal only proves
the manipulation of this trial.
The last trial.
Defense calls Lieutenant YOON
to the stand.
Prosecution was not consulted.
We do not accept.
The court accepts the witness.
You can't accept a witness
we didn't know about.
I have my reasons.
You'll be fine.
Go on.
Your name and affiliation?
YOON Sung-flu.
Medical officer of the ROK Army.
Why did you work with
police detectives'?
I was assigned to an
anti-communism investigation.
What were your duties?
First aid and emergency treatment.
They needed treatment in
Were they tortured?
- Defense is leading the...
- Yes!
They were tortured.
Did you witness the torture?
I witnessed it.
Who tortured whom?
Inspector CHA Dong-young
and his detectives.
They tortured the victims of
this Budokryun case.
Order in the court!
Through what methods were
they tortured?
Electrical torture.
Chicken? Barring.
Days of sleep deprivation.
All possible means.
The truth is finally revealed.
We have a clear incident,
a witness, and a testimony.
This is a trial on the violation
of human rights!
Not national security.
As with defendant PARK Jin-woo,
all defendants of this case
plead not guilty.
Stop springing so many surprises.
I'm sorry, sir.
It all happened so quickly.
I meant that I failed,
and you succeeded.
I must've let you down.
Of course not.
Prosecution may cross-examine.
I said to cross-examine!
One moment, Your Honor.
Prosecution will proceed.
You're currently serving as a
medical officer?
Did you come here from the camp,
or another location?
I'm currently on leave.
They let you take vacations
without permission?
Witness left his post six days ago
and still hasn't returned.
He is currently an AWOL soldier.
That's not true!
I applied for leave!
Prosecution is threatening him
with irrelevant information!
Your Honor.
MP's are standing by outside
to arrest the witness.
This is blackmail and slander by
manipulation of his status!
Defense must have fallen for this
declaration of conscience,
but he's nothing more than a
corrupt AWOL soldier,
mocking the court with
false testimony!
Prosecution will charge
him with perjury-
Recess is due for military law.
No! You can't!
Protect the witness!
We must protect him!
Strike the testimony.
Court will adjourn for military law
and resume in two hours.
Strike the testimony?
The witness risked everything to
reveal the truth!
- Call off the recess!
- Bailiff!
- You can't adjourn!
- Remove counsel!
What is this trial for?
What happened to our
rule of law?
- You call this nonsense a trial?
- Drag him out!
Lieutenant YOON!
You can't hide the truth forever!
Are you so terrified?
You did your best.
Get some food in you,
for my sake.
I'm sorry, ma'am.
Don't apologize.
I'm truly grateful.
He's right here.
Come in.
The judge insisted on their release
on parole in two years.
Prosecution agreed on terms that
we don't file for appeal.
Jin-woo was sentenced to three,
but will be out in two years.
You are currently illegally
occupying this street.
We are all responsible for
permitting injustice!
We are obligated to fight,
because we stand alive today!
We must fight for democracy!
Citizens united!
We stand 'm memory of
PARK long-chem'.!
This is not illegal!
Stand united! Keep your ground!
Stand united! Keep your ground!
We must stand united!
Stay strong!
Stand united! Keep your ground!
Stay strong!
Stay strong!
A service could initiate disorder
as in past instances.
Memorial services are about
honoring the deceased.
Essentially calm and quiet.
If such things pose a threat,
it only shows the growing fear of
people using violence against it.
But you're an attorney.
Haven't you crossed the line by
violating positive law?
It's because I'm an attorney.
Attorneys must lead the people in
such unjust, unlawful times.
That's the true duty of
an attorney.
All rise!
Be seated.
State your charges.
The defendant has planned and lead
various illegal gatherings,
and extensively violated the law on
assembly and demonstration.
Defense. Your opening statement.
Your Honor.
Many members of counsel are
sitting in the gallery.
We cannot confirm their
In order to confirm counsel's
attendance today,
we ask that you call the names
of these members of counsel.
These are all...
The reason for our request.
I will now call out the names.
Counselor KIM Sang-pill.
Your? Honor.
Counselor LEE Heung-ki!
Counselor YOON Jae-ho!
Counselor PARK Byung-ho!
Counselor CHOI Won-jae!
I will henceforth forgo on titles.
- LEE Dong-jun!
- Present.
YOO Jung-hyuk!
- Present.
- SHIN An-jin!
- Yes.
- LEE WU-Taek'.!
- Present.
- PARK Sang-soon!
- Your Honor.
- KO Jin!
HONG Sung-ho!
(our Honor.
- MOON Yuan-sup'.!
- Here.
- CHO Sung-tae!
- Present!
- KIM Sung-guk!
- Yes.
- CHOI Jeong-ho!
- Present!
- LEE In-ki!
PARK Hwan-su!
SHIN Yong-ki!
KIM Yu-jin!
- Present!
- KIM Dae-hee!
- Here.
- LUNG Chwseong'.!
- Yes.
- CHUNG Jae-sun!
- Present!
- LEE Jae-hang!
- Yes.
- PARK Sung-hwan!
- Here.
- PARK Yong-shik!
(our Honor.
- LEE Nam-W.!
- Yes!
- YOON Yeo-shin!
- Present.
- JEON Guk-yo'.!
- Present.
- JO Woo-tae!
- Present!
- SUK Jin-go!
Your Honor.
- SONG Emu-hung'.
- Present'.!
- KWON Oh-yeob!
- Yes.
- CHOI Sun-woo!
- Yes!
- JO Sung-tae!
- Present.
- CHUNG Seok-hwan!
- Here.
- HWANG Ki-pyo!
- Present!
- NOH Kyungmk'.
- Present.
- JANG Cheol-ju!
- Yes.
- CHO Gil-jun!
- Here.
- KIM Young-deuk!
- Yes.
- KIM Dae-yong!
- Present!
KIM Yi-chil!
HAN Kwang-ho!
LEE Byung-JO!
KANG Dong-sue.!
HWANG Gi-ho!
YANG Soon-W.!
KIM Woo-song!
HAN sang-Ky!
PARK Jae-hang!
LEE Ki-dong!
KANG Young-sh'.!
DOH Byung-soon!
LEE Woo-shik!
PARK Chang-sup!
CHO Yeong-pyo!
CHANG Deuk-hwan!
LEE Sang-ho!
PARK Bum-km!
KIM lk-hyun!
LEE Jeong-dae!
SHIN Kyung-rok!
LEE Dae-gi!
YOON Jae-chem'.!
BYUN Yong-chm'.!
99 out of 142 Busan lawyears
were present on this day.