The Auschwitz Report (2021) Movie Script

This is what happens to those
who try to escape from my camp!
Hooray! I am back!
Get up! Get up! Get up!
Come on, everyone! Get up quick!
Judging by your number,
you've been here about a week?
Sorry, I don't understand.
How long have you
been here, a week? Where's your bowl?
- Stolen.
- How long since you last ate?
Three days. The block inspector
won't give me food unless I have a bowl.
Wash with tea.
You'll get typhus from the water.
And shave daily. Get something sharp.
You'll look healthier with red cheeks.
Our father who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name;
thy kingdom come,
thy will be done...
- There are two more inside.
- Let me note down their numbers first.
Are all the jobs filled?
I have 300 volunteers
and only 150 available spots.
Let's go!
Name. Name!
- Slovak? Name.
- Alfred wetzler.
- Occupation?
- I used to be a woodworker.
Shalom, Jews! First order of business:
Forget your names.
Names are ballast.
Numbers are exact. Unmistakable.
You Jews know a little something
about numbers, don't you?
The German reich
is built on rules and order.
And so it will remain
for the next thousand years.
You have come here to serve the reich...
Welcome to Auschwitz!
Prisoner 44070, sir!
Prisoner 20962. Barrack 9.
I'm reporting in for work.
Down on the ground!
Up! Down! Up! Down...
- What was that?
- He was messing with me. Here, grab it.
What took you so long?
- Hang in there.
- Don't worry about us. We're dead already.
You just worry about the living.
Good luck!
Here goes the usual farce.
- Valer, what took you so long?
- I came as soon as I could.
Everyone's got the cold sweats
because of the inspection.
Got some gold from the girls at Canada.
I'll swap it for the watches.
- These are the numbers for January.
- Yesterday's transport is missing.
I haven't got to the sonderkommando.
They're still sleeping.
They must've blown that whole transport
through the chimneys.
This is from the canisters they throw in.
It wouldn't peel off completely,
so I drew the rest of it.
Valer, what number is this?
- Where did you leave off?
- Here.
January 28:3000 French,
600 Dutch, 2000 Polish.
Got it? January so far: 93400.
- Got it?
- Yeah.
That's 3012 every day.
125 every hour. 2 every minute.
You must get this evidence
to important people back in Slovakia.
The important people will send planes.
And those planes will blast this place
into oblivion.
So that nothing remains but ash.
Ash and smoke.
What's up with barrack 9?
Do I have to count you myself?
What's the hold-up with barrack 9?!
Someone's missing!
Everything was fine
when we were leaving the barrack.
Move it!
Herr lagerfhrer, a prisoner is missing
from the quarantine block b-ii a.
What do you mean, he's missing?!
He's lying somewhere
face down in the dirt. Keep searching.
Keep searching! Quarantine block!
Move it!
Herr lagerfhrer,
a prisoner is missing from barrack 9.
Two scribes are missing.
29162 and 44070. Slovaks.
Who has seen the barrack scribe today?
Who saw him run off?!
Block inspector!
- Prisoner number 2043...
- Huh?!
Prisoner number 20432!
I know nothing.
Please, believe me!
I last saw him this morning.
He got up early, as usual.
He took his death book
and went to the washroom.
That's all I know, I swear.
Please, believe me.
I swear...
The best way to find truffles
is to starve the pig.
Until I see those two Jews sitting here
with the signs around their necks,
you'll be sitting here yourselves.
Do you understand?
Search all the barracks in this block.
If you don't find them, send back
all the barracks except for 9. Get going!
We'll start with 25 lashes.
Then we will see
what else he remembers.
No, please...
I know nothing.
Please, believe me!
I know nothing. Please!
No, please. No...
Damn eastern front.
'For the fatherland!'
What horseshit!
He fell yesterday.
My only son.
21 years old.
This whole affair
is making my stomach turn.
You, the camp,
this whole damn country!
Here. See?
How handsome he was! Look.
Look at him!
My poor wife...
God damn it!
Fucking mess...
How long have the prisoners been here?
Since summer 1942.
They've seen more than you, kaduk.
Do you understand?
They must not pass.
Do you understand?!
Swap with me.
Got it from the kitchen
before the roundup.
Pass it around.
Come here.
Sit down.
Ten times I thought
about killing you last night. Ten times.
I was keeping track.
Because you helped someone
back on his feet...
Because you were passing
around the bread of life...
Stuffing your guts...
It was my fault alone.
In German we would call
it service.Verdienst.
You're a good person, right?
- You used to be a franciscan.
- I still am.
When you were feeding your friends,
I had to think of my dead boy.
I felt like sending three bullets
through your stomach.
Do you know why I didn't?
How did those two escape?
You think they're going to make it,
but you're wrong.
They're already dead,
they just don't know it yet.
I'll have them on the chairs
by this evening.
The locals will give them up,
and if they don't,
they'll just keep running
until they drop face first in shit.
Death comes first
for those who stand in place.
I know they had help.
And you enjoy helping people.
That's why two people
are going to die today.
That's the only bread
you'll be giving out from now on.
But you can save them.
Give me one thing
and you can go back in the barrack.
You're willing to put yourselves
through all this for two slovak Jews?
Your daughter is
over in the women's section, right?
You thought I didn't know?
You think I don't know
what goes on in your chicken brains?
Ester! Let me go. Let me go!
You're not going to help her like this.
Please, no!
She spoke slovak, not Polish!
Didn't you hear her scream?
It doesn't matter.
That girl was slovak!
She couldn't have been your daughter!
If they brought the other girl here,
his daughter's already dead.
Send barrack 9 back to work!
- Go, go! Move it!
- Get in line! Get going!
Move it! Move it!
Move it, move it!
What are we waiting for?
We'll go out one by one
or all at once, what's the difference?
There's more of us.
We'll take out three of those bastards,
if we spare the dogs.
Hold on.
When he lights up.
Hold on.
Piece of shit!
Be quick about it!
You owe me ten cigarettes.
Withdraw the outer guard belt!
Columns of five!
What are you doing this for?
You think you're proving
something here?
To whom? Me?
Even an ape can stand on its two feet!
Did I say something funny?
Funny? Absolutely not.
- No?
- No.
- You having a laugh?
- No. No. No...
- Do you find me funny?
- He was castrated by dr thilo.
Was I talking to you?!
I see that morale
is going down the shitter.
You need to be reminded
where the dog kennels are.
Come here.
Los! Move it! Round the barrack.
Turn around.
I said turn around!
Are you going to beg?
I will mention this in my memoirs,
which I'm going to write after the war
at my farm somewhere
by the black sea.
What about you, funny guy?
Where do you think you're going to be?
Behind every corner,
in every shadow,
always near.
Go back!
Get in the barrack!
Send for the driver.
I need a lighter!
Push! Push!
Does it look like I'm holding back?
It won't budge.
It won't budge...
I'm not going to die here!
I'm not going to fucking die here!
They've pulled the guards. Come.
No more fences.
Potatoes with Sauerkraut.
Must've been the berries.
We're about two, three days away
from the border. If we go straight.
If we go around,
it'll be two or three more.
Thanks for the shoe.
- What's wrong?
- The other tube. I must've dropped it.
I lost it.
You're going to the border, right?
It's not far.
But it's quite a hike
even with healthy feet.
That's them.
Our guys got them off some Germans.
They had no use for them anymore.
My brother-in-law.
He knows his way around these parts.
He can take you across.
That won't do.
Don't limp.
Your body needs to get used to the pain.
Straighten up.
Keep up.
Do you want to go now
or after sundown?
They'll have processed three transports
before sundown.
Freddy! Freddy, get up!
- Good morning.
- Easy, boy.
Come get some breakfast.
Thank you.
Here, have some.
- Praise the lord.
- Amen.
He's one of us.
You couldn't ask for better cover.
Take care.
And good luck in ilina.
Welcome, gentlemen.
Alas, mr Warren from the red cross
couldn't make it today.
Hopefully tomorrow. In the meantime,
we'll question you ourselves.
A lot has been said about the camps.
I'm glad you'll finally be able
to shed some light on all the 'rumours'.
Thank you.
Well, was it hard
to get out of Auschwitz?
I don't know...
What do you expect us to do?
I thought you were the resistance.
If you're asking us what to do,
then we've come to the wrong place.
You need to understand,
we don't have that kind of clout.
- We're just...
- Wait until tomorrow.
If you want to get this to someone
important, you need to convince Warren.
There is one way we can help you.
You're late!
Do you realise the trouble
we had to go through...
Right, left, right, left...
Well, well! The man of faith.
I've heard a lot about you.
Herr lausmann sends his cordial
regards from Berlin. Left!
- Left, left, left...
- No, please. I'm fine, please...
Los! Move it, you swine!
Move it, quick!
We are becoming a colony of zionism,
where we, the local people,
play the role of mere spectators.
We won't be fooled
by Jewish and zionist lies
about the 'evil' wartime slovak state
and about the 'democracy' we have today.
Your neighbourhood, your village,
your children's school, your life, salary
will be irreversibly impacted
by immigration.
As president, I will restore the borders
on my first day in office.
When I take office, the gypsy question
will be resolved in a year and a day.
The term itself will vanish
from the preov region.
The gypsy question will be no more.
I wish all of you here in ilina
a pleasant, white day.
Thankfully, the red pestilence
no longer treads our lands.
That, however, does not mean
that it was not replaced by a new plague,
which now tries to subdue
our hearts, minds, and souls.
It is not red, but the colour of rainbow.
Who would love homosexuals?
No one, okay? No one.
Once I succeed,
I will stop the financing of ngos.
These useless people
will have to start working...
The leaders of the European left
are all talk.
Blah, blah, blah!
Generosity, solidarity, hospitality...
And the Italians are evil, racist,
ignorant, egotistical fascists, Nazis...
We cannot allow that Germans
become the minority in Germany.
That is the essential thing!