The Avenue (2017) Movie Script

-What's the matter?
- Why are you not
eating anything?
- I've never been crazy
about the food here.
You know that.
- I would have taken you
to my uncle peaches' place.
I told you that on the way here.
- This is the only place
you ever take me,
and every time you tell me
about how you used to come here
with your mother
and your grandmother
when you were a kid,
back when you were a shoobie
and the seat cushions were blue.
Okay, so you're not as excited
about the remodel as I am.
You don't have to get nasty.
- I'm not excited
about anything anymore, Eddie.
What are we doing?
-What's your problem?
- This town, the w-way
we live, everything.
- This is where
you're from, Sandra.
This is your home.
- I've been thinking a lot about
when we first got together.
- We had a lot of good times.
- It was more than that for me.
You were larger
than life, Eddie.
You're better than this.
I'm sitting here waiting
for that guy to show back up.
Somewhere along the line,
something changed.
I know that things
have been rough
since we lost the apartment,
and we both know
that was my fault.
You don't think I want things
to be better for us?
- Then why won't you call
your cousin Dominick?
- Why!
- Because he could get you back
in the carpenter's union
in, like, two minutes.
- And then I could be
like my cousin?
Carry a lunch pail to work,
punch a clock?
He's a Strunz, my cousin.
- Good luck, gentlemen,
this hand.
- I ain't complaining.
- Look at this shit.
- Sixteen... split 'em?
- Split 'em, split.
- 3,000, sir.
- 3,000. Look at this.
- Ooh, big shot, look at him.
-Playing for another 3,000.
Good luck this round.
- All right, all right.
- Like that?
- That's... that's a tough one,
-Hey. Can't win them all, man.
Only rocky Marciano.
- How about that answer?
- Hey, how about that?
- Yeah, very funny.
-I am.
-My apologies.
- It's the second time
in two weeks.
Last week same shit.
He's cheating me. He's cheating.
- Nobody's trying to
cheat you, relax.
- I'm a dues-paying member
in this joint.
- We all are.
- We all pay the dues,
and you know what, you just paid
some more dues just then.
- Ease back, Eddie.
- No shame. You got
to split eights.
- Come on, calm down.
- "Split eights"...
-It's a friendly game.
- Looks like you're out now.
- Yeah, you see that?
Yeah, I am out.
Give me a marker.
- What's your pleasure Mr. m.?
- Ten.
- 10,000?
- No, ten dollars.
Yes, 10,000.
- He's a wise guy.
Would you relax?
- Sir, you're good for
$5,000 tonight.
- 5,000?
- Sir, that's your balance.
- Angelo, are you nuts? It's bad
enough this motherfucker
is robbing me all night!
- Oh! Relax.
- Are you fucking nuts?!
Are you fucking nuts?!
- Get him out of here!
- What the fuck?!
- Hey! Get your fucking hands
off me.
- See you next week, Eddie.
- Yeah, I'll see all
you motherfuckers next week.
- Tell a friend!
- Fuck all of you.
I'll see you next week.
I'll see you next week!
-You're slipping, Giancarlo.
I could have capped you
right here.
-Tony, Jesus. You scared me.
-Rough night?
- Rough month.
- How many times I've got
to tell you to take it easy
with that booze?
It's going to kill you,
but you don't want
to hear that, do you?
- I'll take it under advisement.
- Come on. Let's walk.
Let's talk.
- Hey, thanks for coming again.
- That's what friends are for.
-Too many ears.
You know about the poker game
in my house on Wednesday nights?
- This guy had a really
bad night last week.
He's in to me for 100 grand.
I graciously gave him
a couple extra days.
Now the prick won't even return
my phone calls.
-Okay, what guy?
- Your pop's buddy from
the gang from Philly.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on.
Hold on.
You want me to go back home?
Ton, you know
you have my loyalty,
but I can't go home,
and you know that.
- Still?
- Yeah, still.
- You worried about those
knuckleheads from way back when?
-Let me ask you a question,
what does never set foot here
again mean to you?
To me, it means don't go back,
so I haven't.
- I've got your back
going there.
Don't even think that thing
ever happened.
Look, this guy has known you
since you were a kid.
Maybe you can get him
to understand
the seriousness
of the situation.
- All right,
I'll take care of it.
- You know where his bar
is at, right?
- Yeah, I know where he's at.
- He probably closed it down
a few times
back in the day, right?
- A few.
- I want you to go there,
wait for him,
when he's closing tomorrow
night, you follow?
If he don't cooperate with you,
you rough him up
however you need to,
but don't walk out of there
without my money, you got me?
He's got a safe
on the second floor.
Blow the motherfucker up, I
don't care, but I want my money.
- I got you covered.
- Bastard's making it really
difficult for me
to make payroll this week.
- You remember that
Marina job two years ago?
-Who could forget that?
- "In and out, 10 grand apiece."
Those were Tony's
exact words to us.
- How we're both not sitting
in prison cells
right now over that deal?
- I got pneumonia
hiding in that water.
I'm still not right over it.
-Well, this job is on dry land.
Restaurant owner in Philly,
used to be good buddies
with my pop,
owes Tony 100 big ones.
He's giving Tony the runaround.
-What aren't you telling me?
-It's got to get done tonight.
- What if he doesn't have
the cash?
What if he's not there?
You know how crazy Tony gets
when things don't go right.
- Look, the time to get him
is when
he's getting ready
to close up shop.
That's our time.
You still got the,
uh, bat right?
-Yeah, what do I need it for?
Be a pal, keep your hands
where I can see them.
Both of them.
Is that you?
-I got the stairs.
Collecting for
"the one and only," Terry.
He wants his money.
-And he sent you out for it?
I'll be gobsmacked.
You know, if your father
was still alive,
he'd be smacking you around
for even coming round here.
- I don't want to be here
right now.
I'm here 'cause I got to be.
You had a bad night and you owe.
- You... you tell that
son of a bitch
that I'll bring his money round
to him first thing
tomorrow morning, swear to god.
But for tonight, I'm about to be
in the middle of something,
and for the love of Jesus,
you can't be here.
You little piss ant
piece of shit.
-What was that?
-I'll give you what I've got.
Here goes my last ever,
swear to god.
It's 50,000 or 60,000.
I don't really know.
So, all righty then.
It was good to see you there,
-not going to get it done.
-Oh, well, now...
Where am I going
to get another $50,000?
I've got an idea...
The fucking bank,
which isn't fucking open.
You know, your father
and I, we used to play
a good many years together.
I mean...
I held you in my arms
when you were a wee little lad.
You were still puking
and mewling
and shittin' your little
- You listen to me.
If I go back down there
without 100,
then your problem
becomes my problem.
Ain't going to happen.
-Be reasonable here, boyo!
For god sakes,
I took you fucking fishing!
- Yeah, and we didn't catch
shit, did we?!
- I told you back then you were
using the wrong fucking lure.
-What the hell is that?
- I don't know.
I'm not expecting anyone.
- Mr. McGann?
- Help me, for fuck's sake!
Now, boyo, now stay calm!
-You all right, man?
- Huh?
-Empty his pockets.
Go ahead, do it.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Okay, so what's
the big mystery here?
-So this.
-Are you friggin' kidding me?
- I can't even begin to figure
out how many carats this is.
Color and clarity
are good, real good.
Probably si1 or 2 when it's cut,
somewhere in there.
- So how much do you think
it's worth?
-You know what this is?
This is our road
out of this shitty life.
- Maybe, but first we've got
to fence that thing.
That ain't going
to be easy, my friend.
Whoever owned that is definitely
going to be coming for it.
They probably already are.
- Yeah.
Imagine how pissed they are.
Plus, Tony's probably got his
crews out looking for us.
-Yeah, talk to me.
He did what?
No, no, no.
Don't worry about Eddie.
You find his boy,
Christian Flynn.
Leave Eddie to me.
- You're going to have
to change motel rooms.
-Yeah, yeah, we will.
It's got to be Victor
on something like this.
-No, man, no, not Victor.
Can't we just call the guys up
in Lehigh valley,
the, uh, the Russians?
- This is way too big for them,
what are you, nuts?
Way too big.
-Fine, but not Victor.
Man, he screws us
every freakin' time.
- He's expensive,
I'll give you that,
but he's always had my back.
- No, no, I have always
had your back.
He plays that fake
father figure bullshit
to a t, and every time,
I watch him screw you over.
-He's the only one in the city
that can get a deal
like this done,
and we both know it.
- Fine, fine, whatever,
it's your call,
but I don't like it.
- Look at this thing.
What are you worried about?
This is going to be
the easiest damn money
we ever made in our life.
The easiest. Are you kidding me?
- All right, we got this.
- We got this.
I can't believe it.
- Can I ask you a question?
- Just one.
- Why are you so cranky?
- Do you guys get the paper?
You read the paper every day
or do you just read the comics?
You see what the price
of gold is?
-Who gets a newspaper anymore?
- Don't you see what
the price of gold is today?
- I don't give a shit about
gold, what gold's doing, okay?
- Look, Eddie, let's just take
this up the street, huh?
- You want to?
- Yeah.
-Maybe we should.
-Hey, hey, both you guys,
hugs and kisses,
I'll see you later.
Okay? Bye-bye.
Go ahead.
- Come on.
Stop, stop.
We'll see if we can get
this crankiness
turned around, all right?
- It all depends, go ahead.
- In this pouch... score
of your life, check it out.
- You know, you guys
are killing me here.
I don't deal dope.
Get out of my shop
with this pouch, come on.
-Victor, it's not dope.
Just open it and have a look.
-Open it? Okay, I'll open it.
Oh, my god.
- Okay, you happier now?
- Wow, wow, wow, wow, boys.
You got something here.
This can't be real, can it?
- Why don't you put it on
the scale and weigh it.
You know it's real.
- Let's see what
the scale says, gentlemen.
It says that's worth
about $15 million.
Where'd you boys find this?
This doesn't just
appear out of nowhere.
- It belongs to me
and Christian now.
That's all you need
to worry about.
- Nobody else knows
about this, huh?
- Just three people
in this room.
- You know, a fence,
if you're lucky,
will only give you 10%
on this stone.
- We're good with that,
right, Christian?
-Yeah, I'm good with that.
- I want my fee up front
on this deal,
considering I don't know
where the stone is coming from.
Don't give me that dirty look.
50 grand up front,
you've got a deal.
- Oh, my god, Sandra.
Come in, mommy, come in.
-Hey, ma, hey.
- Oh, it's cold.
What are you doing here?
It's got to be two years
since I've seen you.
-Y-yeah, yeah.
- Look at you,
you're beautiful, god bless.
Let me take your coat.
What are you doing here, mommy?
- So good to see you.
- You to, ma.
-It's a mess, I'm sorry.
- Yeah, some things
never change.
- Yeah, well, at least I know
where he is at night.
Can I get you some tea
or something, sweetie?
-Uh... Coffee is fine.
- Okay.
You okay?
-My baby.
Do you still like cream?
-Uh, yeah, yeah I do.
My baby, my little mommy.
You look beautiful.
- Thanks, mom.
Stop it.
- I can't help it,
you're my baby.
What brings you, baby?
- I've got great news, mom.
- You do?
I could use some great news.
- Me and Eddie are going
to have a baby.
Oh, my god.
-Can you believe it?
-I'm so happy for youse.
-Thanks, ma, thanks.
My baby is having a baby.
- Mm-hmm.
- My god.
That's wonderful.
- Mm. Yeah.
- I don't know what to do.
- About what, mommy?
-I, uh...
-Sandy, what?
- I can't get him
to stop drinking...
And gambling.
You still love him, right?
-Yeah, I do.
- And he loves you?
- Yeah.
-Okay, so...
You love each other...
- Mm-hmm.
- you're both young
and beautiful.
Men have a tendency to change
when a baby
comes along, sweetheart.
-Not in this family.
Hi, honey.
-How you doing?
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Come here.
- That was kind of nice,
I want another.
- Yeah?
- Come on.
You look good.
That's better.
- Mm, mm-hmm.
- You do something different?
- I don't know.
Yeah. It's a new conditioner.
-Looks nice.
You'll never guess
where I went today.
I went to go see my mother.
-What the hell for?
- Because, after two years,
I needed to talk to her.
- What did she have to say?
Wait, wait, wait, let me guess.
Let me guess.
Dump the lousy degenerate.
- No.
- Am I right?
- No, no.
In fact, it's the opposite.
-Yeah, surprised me.
- I wanted to tell her
the good news.
-Which is what?
What's behind door
number two, hmm?
-You're going to be a father.
Aren't you going
to say anything?
Eddie, you always said
you wanted a family.
You're going to be a father.
Aren't you going
to say anything?
You always said
you wanted a family.
- You already gave us
his name, Christian Flynn.
Where does he live?
- I don't know man,
he's a lowlife.
I don't know, man, I don't know.
-Where'd you meet him, Bobby?
- Right down the sands once
or twice, man.
Barely know him. He's just
some lowlife hood, man.
Fucking barely know him.
He's a nobody!
-He's somebody to us.
Come on, Bobby,
you're a smart guy.
You're going to tell me you get
a first name and a last name,
you don't want to know anything
else about this guy?
Huh? Just tell us
where to find him.
- I don't know. I don't know.
I said I don't know!
-Where the fuck is he?
- All right, all right,
uh, Margate.
Something about Margate.
Yeah, yeah.
Lucy the elephant.
I was... I was wasted, man.
-Where did you go?
-I'm sorry about before.
Look at me.
You know I've loved you
since the minute
I laid eyes on you, right?
- I know, Eddie, you tell me
that every day.
-Because of that, I've kept
a lot of the bad things
from you to protect you.
I ain't going to do
that anymore.
I'm in the middle
of a very dangerous deal.
- You said you weren't going
to get involved
with that stuff anymore.
- I know.
I got pull...
I lied.
When it's done
in a couple days...
I'm going to make everything
beautiful for you and the baby.
Youse ain't going to have
to worry about nothing.
And I'm going to be
the best father
in the world to that kid.
Come here.
I promise.
I promise you.
- I want to believe
you, Giancarlo.
I really do.
-This time you can.
- I want you to listen up,
okay, very carefully.
I've held it in my hands.
I've seen it with my own eyes,
57 magnificent carats
of uncut stone.
I swear to god, it's gorgeous.
- I don't know, sounds a bit of
a tall tale to me, my friend.
Nick, what do you think?
Is this bloke crazy or what?
- I've heard about these blood
diamonds coming in from Africa,
but I don't know,
it sounds fishy.
-I'm sorry, Matey.
- Listen, there's nothing
fish about this report.
The numbers are unbelievable.
You've got to take a look.
- Sorry, we're
really not interested.
- Please, what
do you have to lose?
Take a look, I worked hard.
-All right, fair enough.
You weren't
bloody kidding, were you?
- Who loves you more
than me, huh? Nobody.
-If that thing is real...
- Then the cut stones are worth
15 million easily, maybe more.
- I'm not paying more than 10%,
15% tops.
- What he means to say is 10%
is the maximum we'll pay.
-Well, 10 seems more than fair.
-What's the catch?
- I want $100,000 up
front as a finder's fee.
There is no catch.
- I don't think so.
- Listen, everything is going
to be taken care
of by me ahead of time.
You guys have nothing to lose.
The deal goes bad, you get
your money back, guaranteed.
No, I don't like
this whole up front thing.
- We're going to table
this discussion
until I've had a chance
to think about it.
-Okay, okay.
-What are you still doing here?
- I was planning
on moving us out later today.
Don't... don't...
Don't smoke that in here.
She's been complaining
the last couple of days
about how smoky it is.
-Whatever you say.
Seen the news
the last couple days?
-You know I don't watch much TV.
- Philly thing?
- Yeah?
- It's all over the place.
- You serious?
- Don't say anything about it
when she comes out of there.
- She's going to find
out soon enough anyway.
Uh-oh, here comes trouble.
What are you hooligans
getting into today?
-Babe, you remember that deal
I was telling you
about the other night?
What about it?
We had a little problem on it.
-What did you do this time?
-The end result was good.
There was some...
-Is the one and only involved?
-Damn it, you guys.
-Him, too.
- Sounds like
a winner of a deal.
What happened?
- Look, we don't want
to alarm you,
but I need you
to get this room packed up
while he and I look
for another motel.
- It's like that, Eddie?
- Yeah.
- Why do you constantly
do this stuff to me?
-There is one more thing.
-What's that?
- Once this job is through
in a day or two,
we're going to have
to get out of Atlantic city,
and we can't come back.
- You mean like
for a couple months?
A year or something?
What are you saying?
-We can't ever come back.
I was going to tell you later.
-Sure you were.
- Look, I'm going to give you
guys a couple minutes alone.
I'll be outside.
-Meet me around back.
I was going to tell you later.
Come on.
-What did you find out?
-Victor works for New York.
- Do you think that's
a problem for us?
- No, my guess is he's doing
this deal on his own.
-My thoughts exactly.
-He's not stupid.
Why would he cut them
in if he doesn't have to?
- If things go the way
I think they might,
I'll net 12 million,
you'll net 2.
- Interesting math.
You sound hesitant.
-In order to do this deal,
I have to put up
everything I have liquid.
- I'll make sure
you're insulated.
You won't get hurt.
- Something goes wrong,
we're up the creek, my friend.
-We're in the driver's seat.
-Somehow I don't feel that way.
-What can I do to help you?
-I want you to search the city.
Find whoever
is holding this diamond
and take it away from them.
-Kill them quietly.
- We'll probably be
an hour or two.
Got to get some things
ironed out with Victor.
- How are you getting there?
- Cab.
Wouldn't it be better
if he came here?
- Nah, it's better
if we meet him at his place.
I guess.
- Listen, while we're out, can
you do me a favor and stay put?
- I was going to say
good-bye to my parents.
-Not a good idea.
They need to know
what's going on.
-What for?
-Because they're my parents
and they're the baby's
-What baby?
-You didn't tell him?
-I'm going to be a daddy.
- That's great news.
- And you're going
to be his godfather.
-Or hers. And I'd be honored.
- Now you want explain to her,
why she can't go down Wildwood?
- Look, I don't want
to get involved...
But she's kind of got
a point, Eddie.
- Oh, what do you want to go
see those losers for now, huh?
After all the shit they put you
through, put us through?
They don't even deserve
a good-bye!
Forget them!
-Eddie, you guys just told me
I can never seen them again
after tomorrow.
Now, I'm going to go say
good-bye to them
whether you want me to or not.
I'm not even having this
conversation with you right now.
-Let's not do this, okay?
- I've got a better idea,
how about this?
I'll go down there and I'll beat
the shit out of both of them.
Him for abusing you and her
for letting it go
on all of that time!
Both of them make me sick!
- I can't believe you.
I can't fucking believe you!
-Shut up.
- Well, ladies, are you
enjoying your wine?
- You're getting
a little bit peckish?
I think we are.
- Mm. Would you like something
to munch on?
Yes, yes.
- Sounds good.
And what would you like
to munch on?
- We could leave that
to your imagination.
- Oh, let's not do imagining.
I mean, we're here.
Hello, Nicholas.
Know everybody?
Excuse me. Gordon?
- Mm-hmm.
-Can I have a moment?
- Yes, of course.
Ladies, will you excuse me?
So, you look a little
under the weather.
-I'm fine.
I ran around
all over town with no luck.
-That's a shame.
-Is the deal set for tomorrow?
-Do you have the money?
-Why not?
- Put up everything
I could liquid.
It's not enough.
So here's what we do.
We make them think
we can pay them,
we take the rock,
you kill them all,
then we go straight to Europe.
-Two dead bodies in the house.
I don't like it.
-You will do what I ask, hmm?
-I'll take first shift.
- You sure, man?
You look kind of beat.
- Yeah, I need to sit here
a while.
Look, I'm sorry about Sandy.
I know she was...
- She was too good for a loser
like me, that's for sure.
-I told you he was no good.
I told you that a long
goddamn time ago.
Why don't you ever listen
to me, huh?
Now look at you.
- Don't do it, please,
for the baby, please?
Don't do it.
- Yeah. You're right.
No, I shouldn't.
I shouldn't smoke.
Look, I didn't come here
to argue with youse.
- What did you come here for?
- I came here to say good-bye.
- Good-bye?
- No.
- Look...
- Well, good-bye.
- Look, I know that you want
to blame yourself for...
For all of this...
But it's really not your fault.
- I'm pissed at him,
but I love him.
He's the father of the baby.
I love him and I'm going
to go with him.
- You're not going
anywhere, little girl.
- Oh, you're n...
- You're not going anywhere
unless it's over my dead body.
- You're not gonna tell me!
-You know what?
I dragged youse both down
into my shitty world
that I live in,
and neither of youse
has any business here.
And now she's out there
Carrying my child
in her stomach.
A fatherless child.
Maybe that's for the best.
I'd only screw it up anyway.
Christian, wake up.
- What?
What's the matter?
- You got to take me down
to Sandy's parents in Wildwood.
-You kidding me?
I mean...
You know Tony definitely has
that entire street staked out.
- No, he never knew her
last name or where she was from.
We'll be fine.
Come on, get up.
I can't live without her.
You got to take me.
- Why do I always
let you do this?
How are you doing?
-How am I doing?
- House looks good,
place looks good.
- All right.
- Where's she at, Dean?
-My wife is out shopping.
Went shop...
It ain't none
of your business anyway.
-Sandy, where's Sandy?
- Sandy?
- Yeah.
- Haven't seen her
in a couple years.
Two years, three years.
- I know she just
came down here.
Come on, where's she at?
-You want a little?
-Nah, I'm good.
You want to tell me
about this thing?
What about this?
- They belong to my wife.
- Yeah? 'Cause they look
a lot like Sandy's.
- I told you before, we haven't
seen Sandy in a long time.
Worse thing ever happened
to me and my family
is when my only daughter got
mixed up with a creep like you.
I don't know what the hell
she sees in you.
- I'm sure there are worse
that happened to your family.
What are you going
to do with that?
- What do you think
I'm going to do?
- Not much when this is
pointed at you.
- That don't mean shit to me.
What do you want to do?
- I'll tell you what, you put
that down, I'll put this down.
What do you think?
Go ahead, put it down.
-Yeah. Put it down.
-Ma. Mom!
- Please, please, please,
please, please, please.
Please, let them go.
Let them go.
- He's the baby's father.
I've got to go.
- I know he is,
and I respect that,
and you need to be a family.
You just can't go now.
You can't go out there now.
Please, you can't go out there.
Shh, shh, shh.
- Mom. Mom.
- No.
- I can't stand it.
- Shh, shh, shh!
Shh, just... just relax.
Shh, shh, shh.
Just relax.
Shh, shh.
- Sandy?
- Yeah.
- What the hell
are you doing in there?
- He heard you coming,
and he locked us in.
-Get back away from the door.
-What's the name of the place?
Tell me the name.
-You told me 400 times already.
-The one on Pawleys island.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
This is a burner cell.
The only number in it
is this one.
When you get down there
and you're safe,
all the number
and then ditch the phone.
-All right.
- What is that?
- Five grand in 20's.
It should be more than enough
to take care of everything.
Come on, everything
is going to be fine.
Come here. All right?
Go, come on, let's go.
Let's go.
- If something happens to you,
how am I supposed to know?
- I'll be a day or two
behind you, stop.
All right?
Sam, pop the trunk.
Make sure she gets
the next train to DC.
All right, you wait
with her, okay?
Here you go.
Get going.
Start the car.
-Whatever you say.
- You know how to get on black
horse pike towards pine barrens?
-Do that.
In the woods that way.
So you went out
looking for me last night,
only in a lot
of the wrong places.
you're not very bright.
-What were you trying to do?
- Gordon told me
to get the diamond.
-And then what?
- Well, he told me
to take care of you,
but I wasn't going to do it.
- You want to know
something pal?
I got bodies buried all around
here underneath this snow.
You're getting ready
to join them.
-There you are.
-No, no, no, no, no, wait.
Please, i...
I'll do whatever you want.
Just tell me what you want.
- Tonight, when we make
the exchange,
you're going to kill your boss
and I'm going to whack you off
a couple of hundred grand
out of that money
and I'm keeping the rest of it
and the diamond.
You follow me?
- Hey, whatever you want.
I didn't like the guy
in the first place.
- Anything other than that
happens, youse are both gone.
Now make tracks.
Hopefully you don't get shot in
the back while you're doing it.
-You're mine, Eddie.
Run little rabbit, run.
-Oh, shit.
Making me chase you
through the fucking woods,
all that snow.
You ruined my favorite pair
of shoes, you fuck.
Where are you, Marturano?!
Where are you?!
Where are you, Marturano?
Where are you, you fucking rat?
Answer me, motherfucker.
Answer me!
-To Marichel, she's so corrupt
that crooks like us
have a fighting chance.
- We didn't come here
to make conversation.
-Oh, what a shame.
You see, when I was young,
we were taught to be gentlemen.
- My friend didn't mean
any disrespect.
What did you want to talk about?
- Well, for starters,
where that stone came from.
That hack of a salesman, Victor,
was not very forthcoming.
-Interesting take on Victor.
It's a blood diamond
from Africa.
-We know that.
What he wants to know
is where you got it.
-Why do you care?
- Because I don't want to try
and sell it
to whoever you stole it from
or their associates.
That might make my time left
on this planet very short,
and it's short enough already.
- The truth is,
we were doing another job,
and it kind of fell
into our laps.
-Likely story.
- You're getting
the price of a lifetime.
Put the money on the table,
or we're going to walk.
- Tell me this, if I sell this
in Europe,
is it likely
to give me any trouble?
-Honestly, we don't know.
Not likely.
- I suppose I'm just going
to have to take a chance.
Show me the diamond.
Give them what they want.
Here the whole time.
One, two, two.
-This is truly magnificent.
Eddie, come on.
Eddie, wake up, baby.
Wake up.