The Axiom (2018) Movie Script

[water trickling]
[distant panting]
[distant sobbing]
[continues whimpering]
Please. Please, I'm sorry.
[girl #1] Please!
I don't wanna go in.
Please don't make me go in.
[gun cocks]
[girl pants, whimpers]
[ominous music]
[girl screams]
[foreboding music]
[blood splatters]
[rock music playing]
[man #1] "A doorway
leading to another world.
A place where nature behaves
A beautiful...
- osis."
- No, oasis.
Thank you. You know,
your sister's handwriting
just sucks, probably why
she tore out all these pages,
she couldn't read it herself.
Uh, drive's taking
a little longer
than we thought, huh?
We should probably leave
early Sunday morning.
Sunday? I mean, is that even
gonna be enough time?
It's five days.
I mean, how long did you plan
on staying out there?
I don't know. I mean...
But Marylyn is obviously
my priority.
So, what if we don't find her?
Jesus, we will.
Okay? But I have
to be back to work
- by Monday morning.
- Yeah. Me, too.
Yeah, that Days Inn
is really understaffed
this time of year, huh, Gerrik?
Fuck off. It's just temporary.
They'd ship me away if I didn't
fulfill my work visa.
- Oh, you are the cutest bellboy.
- [chuckles]
Kenz, don't worry.
Five days is plenty of time.
We'll find her long before then.
[upbeat music]
[Martin] How do we know Marylyn
is in trouble,
and not just being Marylyn
and, you know, kicking it out
some hippie commune
or something?
Yeah, I wouldn't put it
past Marylyn.
Okay, well, you guys
don't really understand.
'Cause even if she was
in a hippie commune,
Marylyn would let me know.
I mean, Jesus,
when she went camping
in that glacier last summer,
at Logan's Pass,
she still wrote to me.
And she was
in a fucking glacier.
She wrote to you
from Logan's Pass?
Several times.
Which is more
than I even hear from you.
And you guys
live down the street.
Okay, that's enough of that.
Uh, I definitely didn't expect
the car ride to be so long.
The sun's supposed
to set tonight at 8:45,
so as long as we get there
before then,
and set up our tents,
we'll be fine.
Jesus, we better get there
before then.
I am dying of boredom.
[Darcy] Oh, my god, Gerrik,
you knew how long
this was going to be.
Why did you even come?
Because McKenzie invited me.
No, no, no, I didn't.
I asked Martin to come
and he insisted
that you guys go.
Well, the more the merrier,
But seriously,
how long do we have left?
At least another three hours.
[McKenzie] Okay, shut up.
I'm the one driving,
so just take a fucking nap.
Well, I was excited
for the car ride.
I really expected it
to be a bit more fun, you know?
[Gerrik] Drinking beers.
Stopping off at old gas stations
where some old man works
and is creepy to you girls,
and Edgar would, like,
spit in his face.
And he would follow us because
he'd know where we're going.
- [Gerrik mumbling]
- Oh, my god, Gerrik.
Do you hear yourself talk?
[Darcy] And just so you know,
we are having fun, okay?
Think about it this way,
we're going on a manhunt.
I've never been on a manhunt,
so I'm really excited,
because we are going
on a manhunt.
Me, neither.
It's like, uh,
the most dangerous game.
- [Gerrik] Mm.
- You know?
Except for the fact that
we are trying to find Marylyn,
and not kill her.
Yeah, that's a big
difference there.
Hey, do we know anything else
about this guy
that we're supposed
to be meeting?
Besides the fact
that this asshole
is trying to ask for money
before he tells us what he knows
about our missing sister?
Yeah, fuck that guy.
Okay, he's not asking for money.
Well, then,
what is he asking for?
I mean, I guess
we're gonna find out.
He's the only one that responded
to the post. So...
"Looking for sister,
Marylyn Cody,
last seen headed
for Cinder Park,
any information, please call."
You posted this on Craigslist?
Without any sexual
favors attached,
and somebody actually responded?
Yeah, I mean people always
respond to stuff on Craigslist
if they know something.
It's true.
It's how that guy in Germany
found someone who would
let him eat him.
Oh, god.
I forgot about that guy.
Mm-mm. Armin Meiwes.
His friends were probably like,
"No one's gonna respond
to that."
Well, he probably didn't have
any friends.
But he did have faith.
[Edgar] And so he posted
his cannibal ad on Craigslist.
And then a week later,
he met that Danish guy...
- Yep.
- he let him eat him.
Sometimes you have
to have a little bit of hope.
- Is that real?
- Real as shit, look it up.
Oh, my god.
People are so fucked up.
I gotta pee.
- [Edgar] Seconded.
- And third.
[Gerrik] Fuck it.
Anyone else want one?
[Edgar] Oh, my god. Yes.
Thank you.
Uh, uh, uh!
Are bipolar people
allowed to drink?
Come on, man.
Yes, I can have a beer,
you dick.
Just don't feed me
after midnight, though.
That's the one thing.
- I'm sorry, man.
- That's fine.
[Gerrik] It's just...
you know, with the hospital stay
and all.
Okay, guys, I'm fine.
All right? The manic episode,
as the doctors are calling it,
was due to stress.
So all I have to do
is just take...
Just take the shit they gave me
and take it easy.
And honestly, this is like
the best thing for me.
It's been way too long
since I've been camping.
I, mean, shit I need this.
[Martin] Edgar's the best person
to have out here.
It wasn't that long ago,
he was guiding raft trips
in Colorado.
Marylyn would always talk
about the shit you did.
Said it was really dangerous.
So, by her standard,
it must mean it was impressive.
[Martin chuckles]
[Gerrik] Marylyn
really said that about Edgar?
[Martin] Yes. She did.
Fuck, man.
- I'm impressed.
- Eh.
Your older sister is one fine...
independent woman.
She must be found.
[Edgar laughs]
- On that note, shall we?
- [Edgar] Yes.
[Gerrik clears throat]
Come on, McKenzie.
[foreboding music]
[Gerrik] Okay.
We must be close.
Actually, I think we're here.
Oh, shit.
That place looks fucked.
Okay, no.
You just know
some old creepy guy
with like half his teeth,
works in there.
Yeah. Some like,
retired serial killer?
Praying for a group of city folk
to travel through
and fall into his web.
You think there are
retired serial killers?
Like the ones
who never get caught
then get too old and give it up?
Yeah. Yeah, just like
living normal lives now.
Guaranteed our landlord
might be one.
All right, who's coming in?
[Gerrik] I'm good.
No, I think you guys got this.
Why did we even bring
these pussies?
- [scoffs]
- [Edgar chuckles]
Come on, I gotta pee.
[Edgar] You got this, sis.
Oh, this place
is fucking creepy.
[foreboding music]
- [door opens]
- [bell rings]
[ominous music]
Maybe this guy really is
a retired serial killer.
Ha. Shut the fuck up.
Don't say that.
Cooks his victims into the food.
Gross, Darcy.
I'm just saying. Brace yourself
for something fucking weird.
[Darcy] Hello?
[McKenzie] Jesus.
- [man #1] Hi, there.
- [girls shriek]
- Jesus Christ.
- Holy hell.
Holy Hell. You girls,
you scared the living shit
out of me.
Oh, yeah?
We scared the hell out of you?
You were the one that just
crept up behind us, and...
- Who does that?
- [man #1] I said...
I said hello.
Yeah, but can you do it
before you're like,
two feet behind us?
I'm so sorry,
I was out in the back
fixing the dishwasher.
Didn't hear you come in
till the bell rang.
Yeah, well the guys
are probably freaking out now.
Tell me about it.
Well, I have to use
the bathroom,
so could you please tell me
where that is?
But I don't want
to leave you here, though.
[McKenzie] It's fine.
Are you sure?
Yeah, Darcy it's fine.
The bathroom is out,
on the side.
[Darcy] Thank you.
Sorry for freaking you out.
Hi, I'm looking for a man
named Leonard.
Is he here?
Yeah, that's me. Leon.
Oh, okay. Well, I'm McKenzie.
- We spoke online...
- You're Marylyn's sister.
[McKenzie] Do you know...
Do you know where she is?
- [retreating footsteps]
- [sighs]
Now these,
these are heart rate monitors.
[Leon] They go on your wrist,
Uh, this cell phone,
it's tweaked to work in there.
Now, I usually get
a deposit for this stuff,
most of it's expensive.
Especially these.
[Leon] Each of you, you drink
one of these before you go in.
Not after.
Now, it doesn't taste great.
But it keeps them
from talking to you.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Just slow down.
I don't know
if I need any of this,
whatever this shit is.
All I wanna do
is find my sister.
Okay, so I know
that she is in, um...
Cinder Park.
If she is in Cinder...
Cinder Park.
I just don't know whether
she's in the rolling hills,
or the falls,
or if there's another place
- that I don't even...
- [map crumples]
- What the fuck?
- That map's
not going to do you any good.
You're gonna need this.
Okay, but she's in Cinder Park.
That's, that's where we need
to go.
The signs might say Cinder Park,
but that's not where
you're going.
Okay, I'm sorry.
I don't understand.
You don't know?
What exactly did your sister
tell you
about what she was looking for
out here?
She didn't tell me shit,
but, um...
...this did.
You stole her journal?
It's a sisters thing.
You wouldn't understand.
Yeah. Yeah, sure.
Okay, so she keeps mentioning
this secret passageway
in the forest,
but she never says
where it goes or anything else,
and it really doesn't make
any sense.
She also keeps mentioning
this place
which I can't find
on any of the maps.
Um, I think it's called...
The Axiom.
Wow. Your sister's
truly amazing.
How she learned all this,
I'll never know.
Well, in these pages...
She talks a lot about
how the forest is dangerous.
And how a lot of people
are known to have disappeared.
It's dangerous if you're stupid.
[Leon] It's dangerous
if you don't listen to people
who are trying to help you.
Cinder Park.
[Leon] You follow this path.
The passageway,
the door that your sister
writes about in here.
It's real.
It's right here.
And what's so special about
this passageway, this path?
Where does it go?
I thought you'd never ask.
Please, just promise me
you won't say anything.
I can't believe you told Edgar
and not me.
Oh, my god.
Come on, as her brother
and his best friend,
I need to know these things.
You're not his best friend.
We're all best friends, equally.
Who the hell's gonna be
your best man?
Just both of you,
shut up, please?
She doesn't want
to tell anybody yet.
Oh, here she comes.
[Edgar] Shut up, shut up.
[Gerrik whistles]
[Edgar laughs]
And that's your future wife.
Goddamn right, it is.
McKenzie's still in there?
Yeah, she is.
She's been in there for a while.
You should go check on her.
Can't you?
We talked about this.
Uh-oh, is there some trouble
in the Cody family
we aren't aware of?
- Sibling quarrels?
- No.
No, we're fine.
They're definitely not fine.
I told McKenzie about Darcy
and I moving to Clayton
just before we left.
So, what, it's like 20 miles
out from town?
Exactly, but, I mean,
you know McKenzie.
She, she wants the family
to be around like, all the time.
It's like... It's a bit much.
She just loves you.
She wants to be around you.
- It's not nuts.
- Oh, now, we know
why you're hunting
so hard for Marylyn.
She's cutting her losses
with you.
I'm perfectly okay with that.
You're her big brother.
That means something.
[Martin] Huh.
Uh, come on, please? For me?
I'll do really naughty things
- to you later.
- Hey, I'll be right back.
Goddamn it.
- Winner.
- [chuckles]
[foreboding music]
[indistinct chatter]
[chatter continues]
[Leon] That's what I thought.
You're a fucking liar.
- I'm not lying.
- It's not possible.
[Leon] Look, I know it's hard
to take at first.
You've just gotta try
and keep an open mind.
I just don't get why you're
fucking with me right now.
Oh, look, sweetheart,
I don't give a damn
if you don't believe me.
You'll see.
You go there, you'll feel it.
It's warm.
The closer you get,
you can feel it vibrating.
Like there's loud music
coming from the other side.
[Leon] That's how you'll know
where it is.
So you listen to me.
You take this stuff
and you put it
into your little backpack here.
- [door opens]
- [bell rings]
[Leon] Hello, there.
- You okay?
- [McKenzie] Yeah.
I'm Martin.
Martin. I'm Leon.
Nice to meet you.
You know where our sister is?
[Leon] I surely do.
I've was just telling
your McKenzie here.
See, you follow the path.
In the center of the forest,
there's a group
of traveler outposts.
She should be
around there somewhere.
Okay. Thanks, man.
If there is anything we can do
for your help...
Why, thank you, Martin.
Actually, there is.
You see,
last time I was at Cinder,
my wife, well,
she lost something.
A necklace that I'd, well,
she'd really like it back, and,
here, you take this.
Pretty, isn't she?
Now, you see that necklace?
Now, that should be around
that traveler's outpost.
You know, lost items
usually end up there.
Why haven't you just gone in
and gotten it?
You kidding?
Got a business to run.
As you can see, it's in
a desperate need of attention.
Yeah. Yeah, okay.
Well, we'll keep an eye out
for it.
You know, I would truly
appreciate that.
Oh, the park is technically
closed this time of year,
but I know the ranger.
Yeah, you pop that
on your windshield,
no one will bother you.
Cool. Thanks, man.
I appreciate it.
You know,
I greatly admire Marylyn.
I do hope she's okay.
Hey, you watch out
for that sister, huh?
[tense music]
Good luck.
Is everything okay?
What'd they say?
McKenzie, you all right?
[Martin] That was weird.
Why would Marylyn
ever go see that guy?
Because the park's closed.
And now we can get in.
All right.
Let's go find Marylyn.
[foreboding music]
[Darcy sighs]
Ugh, I just lost service.
Aw, what are your
12 followers gonna do?
Oh, I just lost service, too.
If the park was closed,
why would Marylyn ever go
to this traveler's outpost?
What do you think
she was looking for out there?
I don't know.
Definitely have to camp there.
The sun is going down.
Guys, I'm afraid we are setting
these tents up in the dark.
[ominous music]
[Martin] Gerrik, I'm gonna
fuck you in your tent tonight.
Welcome to Cinder Park.
[Gerrik] We're here, baby.
I can't wait to get out
of this fucking car.
[all groan, sigh]
[foreboding music]
- [Darcy] You gotta pee?
- [Martin] Mm-hm.
[Darcy] Oh, I gotta pee.
[Gerrik] We're not gonna
get in trouble for this, are we?
I'm really scared
of the law services out here.
[Martin] Gerrik, calm down.
You're not that important.
[Edgar] Did you know
there's, uh,
there's a new species of frogs
in this area?
- [Gerrik] Frog?
- [Edgar] Yeah.
[Edgar mumbles]
[indistinct chatter]
[foreboding music]
[indistinct chatter]
[chatter continues]
[Martin] "Cinder Creek
Traveler's Outpost."
To the right.
[Martin whistles]
[ominous music]
[Gerrik] What the fuck
is she doing?
McKenzie, the trail
is right here.
[Martin] Kenz, what's up?
Hey, Gerrik.
Come here.
- [McKenzie] You wanna help me?
- Yeah.
[McKenzie] Okay, come here.
I need you to walk
in that direction...
for 20 feet.
Can you do that?
Yeah, but why can't we...
- Can you?
- Yeah, obviously.
[Gerrik clears throat]
[Gerrik] All right, McKenzie.
I'm walking.
I'm walking.
Is this far enough?
[eerie music]
[Gerrik] Good one, guys.
The old leave
while my back's turned trick.
You guys are hilarious.
[branch snaps]
[distant growl]
[leaves rustling]
[twig snaps]
Are you really that high, still?
Dude, such a fucker.
All right, let's go.
[Darcy] I definitely think
he's had sex with a girl before,
it's just been
a really long time.
- [McKenzie] Gerrik?
- [Darcy] Yeah.
There's no way.
What the fuck?
It's too warm out,
I'm not walking another step.
[Darcy] I think
they're stopping.
- Come on, man.
- No, fuck you, Martin.
You never said this had
so much hiking involved.
Come on man, let's just
set him down for a minute.
Have you got any more weed left?
Uh-uh. No, we'll play
a little game.
It's called you get to the tent
and we can smoke this joint.
Fucking wanker.
So, I just had a great idea on
how I can just get my green card
and my days at Days Inn will be
a thing of the past.
[Edgar] Oh, my god. Really?
[Gerrik] What?
You saw the way she was touching
my arm back there.
Come on, man. What do you say?
Dual wedding?
We'll be each other's best man.
I'm gonna pretend
like I didn't hear this.
[McKenzie] We don't have
all day, come on.
You gonna let
a bunch of girls beat you?
I'll beat you up the mountain.
All right, go on.
Just saying, this is why
you're not getting laid.
[Gerrik] Whoa.
I'm sweating.
And the sun's still out.
How is that possible?
It's almost nine.
Sun might set a little later
this far north.
it's really bright out.
Uh, so...
[clears throat]
Darcy and McKenzie.
Do they ever hang out?
No, not really.
Darcy's got her friends
from work.
And McKenzie, she's got...
- You.
- [laughs]
Does McKenzie have a boyfriend?
I don't think so. I don't know.
Dude, you don't know if your
own sister has a boyfriend?
Don't worry, we can fix that.
[Gerrik] She is definitely
more high strung than usual,
- and, honestly...
- [distant growl]
...I'm into it.
I love your sister, man.
I love her shorts.
[Gerrik] She's clearly wanting
a bit of British penis.
[Martin] Come on!
[eerie music]
What's going on, man?
You don't see her?
See who?
The girl she's...
she's right here.
You're freaking G out, man.
You okay, man?
[branch snapping]
[ominous music]
You all right, man?
Yeah, I'm fine.
What did you say?
I didn't say anything.
What the fuck did you say?
Are you sure
you should take that many?
Yeah, I'm fine.
I'm okay.
[Edgar] Guys, I'm fine.
All right, man.
I'm fine. Come on. Let's...
Let's just go.
Come on, bitch.
- [Gerrik] I'm coming.
- [chuckles]
The sun's still out.
Yeah, it is pretty strange.
It's getting late.
This is nice.
You know, the city can get so...
I don't know.
But this is...
Peaceful, you know?
Clayton's not going
to be much better, you know?
[Darcy scoffs]
I'm just saying.
[Darcy] Yeah.
Martin said
you were pretty upset
when he told you
we were leaving.
I'm not upset, I just know him.
We won't ever see him around.
[McKenzie] It's fine, though.
I mean, once we get Marylyn
back at home,
he can do whatever he wants.
You two moving in together,
Seems pretty serious.
Yeah, it is.
Well, which is why
I'd really like it
if you and I
could maybe spend some...
Is that it?
Yeah, looks like it.
Looks like we found it.
- Where's Gerrik?
- Um, he's coming.
[foreboding music]
[McKenzie] Marylyn!
[knocking on door]
You see anybody in there?
Nah, man. This place looks like
it hasn't been used in years.
- [McKenzie groans]
- [door knob rattling]
I don't know,
McKenzie, this is your thing.
What do you want to do?
Well, there's
two other buildings,
one there and one there.
Martin, check one.
Edgar, check the other.
And we'll try to get in here.
Okay, how do we do this?
[ominous music]
[Martin] Marylyn!
I'll check this one down here.
[Edgar] It's locked.
[Edgar knocking on door]
[foreboding music]
[Edgar] Huh.
Look who made it.
That is the last time
I'm going anywhere
with you or your sister.
How's that cigarette
treating you at this altitude?
[Gerrik] It's delicious.
[Edgar] Come on, let's go see
if the girls found anything.
Have you guys noticed
that the sun is not going down?
It's just kind of moving around?
[McKenzie grunts]
Everything's locked up tight.
Now what?
You know what?
We should look around
while it's still light out.
Search for clues.
Scooby Doo style.
All right, Daphne.
You go search for clues.
I'm gonna set up my tent.
All right, I'll check
the surrounding area.
You know, maybe Marylyn
set up her camp somewhere.
Wait somebody's stuff
is in here.
You know what,
I got some eyeglass tools
in my pack,
that we could use
to get the lock open.
[Darcy] Or maybe there's like,
a side window
or something that has a screen
we can pop out.
Maybe we should try a back door?
I feel like this place
have a back door, right?
- [gasps]
- Fuck, Kenz!
[Darcy] Oh, my god!
I am so attracted
to you right now.
Martin's totally gonna want
to see this.
- [bag rasping]
- [McKenzie sighs]
[McKenzie] Damn it! It's empty.
I mean, but it could be
her's, though, I don't know.
[Edgar] Look at this.
[McKenzie] What is it?
[Edgar] It's a ledger for
everybody who's ever been here.
A clue.
Okay, well, do you see
Marylyn's name?
[Martin] Marylyn!
All right, if you don't come out
in the next minute,
I'm gonna be forced
to tell McKenzie
about the time you had sex
with Aaron Dorsey on her bed.
Yeah, you're not out here,
are you?
I'm the only one out here,
talking to myself.
Yeah, this is great.
[ominous music]
- Boo!
- Jesus!
- [Darcy laughs]
- [Martin shushes]
Where is everybody?
Oh! We got into the outpost.
You should have seen McKenzie,
she broke down the door,
she's like, like Jack Nicholson
when he swings that axe
in The Shining.
Caretaker's chest. Aah!
Oh, it was so badass.
- You are a dork.
- [laughs]
- Yeah, and?
- Come on we should head back.
No, I think that Scooby Doo
and the rest of the gang
will be okay without Fred
and Daphne for a while.
Oh, we're Fred and Daphne now?
Duh! Daphne was fucking hot.
Goddamn, she was.
But Fred, he was...
he was kind of a tool, though?
No, he wasn't.
He had that cute ascot.
Come on, we should head back.
I mean, we could keep looking
out here
for a little lot longer.
Yeah. Yeah, maybe.
[both laugh]
Maybe we should keep searching.
I mean, there's so much ground
to cover.
[Darcy] Mm.
Jesus. There's a lot
of people here.
Check to see who was the last
to sign it.
Gregory and Allison Scott.
This place is weird.
I mean this box,
all these papers.
Everything's dated back to 1957.
These photos.
Where did you get that?
The guy from the restaurant
gave it to me.
He said his wife lost
a necklace here or something.
[McKenzie sighs]
I saw her.
[Martin exhales sharply]
[Darcy moans]
[Darcy] I love you, baby.
[Darcy moaning]
[Martin] God,
you are so beautiful.
[ominous music]
What's wrong? What's wrong?
- What's wrong?
- [panting]
I'm okay.
You know,
we've been gone a long time.
We should get back.
What do you mean you think
you saw her?
I saw...
I don't know what I saw.
Never mind.
Hey, Edgar?
Do you still have your tools?
Because I want to open
that box over there.
Look, I'm just very aware
of all the breaking and entering
that we're doing.
I mean, somebody owns
this place.
Yeah, and that somebody
will understand.
Or do I have to go get
the axe again?
In case you're wondering,
the sun is still out,
and it's almost 11.
[foreboding music]
[foreboding music continues]
- [Edgar] Hey.
- Hey.
Did you guys find anything?
Were you even looking?
Yes, dick.
We were doing something,
other than
just fucking sitting there.
Cut off their heads.
I told them
to cut off their heads.
[man #1] But they didn't listen.
And now, look what happened!
Is anyone worried about the sun?
It's almost midnight.
What the fuck is going on?
Where's McKenzie?
She's, uh,
up there in the outpost.
[distant clatter]
[McKenzie gagging]
[gasps, gags]
[Martin] What happened?
- Huh?
- [Edgar] You okay?
I thought I saw a rat
or something.
I don't get it.
Why did Marylyn would
ever come in here?
I mean, look at this place.
Well, she might, if there was
a storm or something.
I guess.
Edgar, did you bring your tools,
'cause I really want
to open this box.
Because, Gerrik,
it's the last place
I haven't checked
and I want to look.
All right, Lizzy Borden,
want to open up another one?
No, it's just a simple lock.
Here. Look, we don't need
to tear anything up.
Grab that one.
No, the other one.
[Martin] All right.
- What?
- Uh...
It just, uh...
[Martin] It reminds me
of that one Christmas
when we were kids.
When we broke into Mom
and Dad's closet
and saw all
our Christmas presents?
Yeah, fuck.
It's less gratifying
when find all your presents
unwrapped like that at once.
Yup, had to fake surprise
the entire next morning.
Oh, my god. And we had to act
like we didn't find
Mom's vibrator.
[McKenzie snickers]
[McKenzie] Uh, do you...
All right, um, hold your steady.
There's no way this works.
- two, three.
- [clicks]
It worked. You did it.
[Darcy] Where the hell
did you learn how to do that?
- That?
- [Darcy] Hm.
[Martin] Wouldn't you like
to know?
[suspenseful music]
Is that...
You guys, when we were at the
restaurant, that guy, Leon...
he showed us this picture
of his wife.
Said he... She's missing
a necklace.
That's the necklace.
[Edgar] You all should see this.
What the fuck?
What is that red line?
Look, I'm no expert,
but that looks a lot like...
I'm gonna go get some water.
[Darcy] Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine. I'm dehydrated.
Maybe we shouldn't have
brought him on this trip.
This is a little too much.
[chains clank]
[foreboding music]
Yeah, I'll go get him.
We'll build a fire.
Do you have any matches?
Yeah, they're in my bag.
Hey, have you guys, um...
Have you guys seen
anything weird?
Besides this creepy outpost
with a backyard full of chains
and blood, no.
This is all normal.
[eerie music]
[distant disembodied voice]
[disembodied voice continues]
Martin, what the fuck
are you doing?
He's grabbing
the matches from my....
- What is this?
- What do you mean?
What the fuck is this, McKenzie?
The guy at the restaurant.
He gave you this shit?
It's nothing, Martin.
It's just stupid...
[McKenzie] No!
- [plops]
- No! Martin!
You don't understand.
We need those!
Martin, what's wrong?
She tore out the pages
to Marylyn's journal.
She didn't want us to see this.
There's something dangerous
in these woods.
Uh, what do you mean?
[ominous music]
Marylyn said that a ton
of people
have gone missing
in this forest.
Why didn't you tell us this,
I didn't believe any of it.
I didn't...
I mean, the shit the guy
at the restaurant was saying,
it sounded ridiculous.
But I don't think it is.
I think it's all real, and...
This place is dangerous.
I don't think we are
where we think we are.
Where are we?
Another world.
[disembodied screech]
Pack the stuff, we're leaving.
[McKenzie] Martin,
please don't...
Don't you fucking touch me.
You believe this shit?
I don't know, man, do you?
I think I'd rather be the guy
who believes it
and nothing happens
than the other way around.
Pack up the stuff,
we're leaving in ten.
- [Martin] Come on.
- Darcy, please.
No, wait, wait, wait.
Okay, okay.
I know, I know,
I know I fucked up.
I should have just told you
from the start.
But it's Marylyn.
Marylyn's out there
and she's in danger.
All of us are in danger now,
Take a look outside.
There is something strange
about this place.
Now we will find Marylyn.
But first, we need
to get out of here,
and we need to figure out
what to do.
Martin, please!
Fine, if you guys wanna just go
ahead and leave that's fine!
Okay. But you are not going
to be able
to find the door without me.
Leave? Why would we leave?
We just got here.
I'm about to cook up some food.
You hungry?
You know what,
I'll get another one.
Here you go, McKenzie.
Where's Edgar?
He's at home recovering.
With my mom.
No. What are you guys
talking about?
His bag is right there.
- No, that's my bag.
- That's not his bag.
Where's Edgar?
Does McKenzie have
a little thing for Edgar?
You know what? Next time,
I'll bring him just for you.
[all laugh]
What's wrong with you, sis?
Sit down. Come on.
- [all laughing]
- [McKenzie gasps]
Hey, grab some firewood
while you're down there,
I don't have too much.
[Gerrik] I swear to god
she's stoned.
I knew that she had
a thing for him.
- [phone beeping]
- [panting]
[owl hooting]
Come on, come on, come on.
[phone beeps]
Uh, hello?
You believe me now, don't you?
- Yes.
- [Leon] That's good.
Now we can get to work.
[Leon] Did you find
the necklace?
Yes, I found it.
I got it.
That's good.
Have you seen her?
No, Marylyn's not even here.
And my friends, there's
something wrong with them.
They're all confused.
They don't even...
They don't even know
where we are.
Well, they're coming for you.
You've been in there too long.
Who's coming?
[Leon] The pale ones.
The one's messing
with your friend's minds.
Where the fuck is my sister?
You said that she was here.
[Leon] She must have left.
I can help you find her.
But you need
to get your friends.
You need to give them the vial.
You need to get out of there.
You're running out of time.
They're coming.
My friend Edgar, he's missing.
[Leon] Find him.
Then call me back.
[foreboding music]
[McKenzie] Martin. Martin.
Where's Darcy?
Darcy, she's, uh...
Here, drink this.
Where's Darcy?
Oh, thank, god.
I don't know.
I couldn't find Edgar, either.
What happened to us?
[distant shriek]
- You hear that?
- What is that?
- It sounds like screaming.
- [distant screams]
- Oh, my god.
- [Darcy] Help!
[suspenseful music]
[sobbing, screams]
[Gerrik screams]
Go! Fucking go with Martin!
[Darcy whimpers]
Please, stop!
We know what you are.
We know what you are!
You fucked him didn't you?
You fucked him.
[Martin] Let her go!
I can smell it on you!
You fucked him.
I can smell it on you.
You fucking disgust me!
- [Darcy sobbing]
- [Edgar] I can smell it on you.
[Darcy] No, please don't.
Please don't.
[Darcy weeping]
Edgar, stop!
Help! Help!
Help! Help!
Please, this man's gone crazy!
- Please!
- Edgar.
- Stop.
- Please!
Please, stop!
Distract him.
[Edgar] You have the devil
inside you.
- [McKenzie] Edgar!
- On three.
Edgar, no, no, no.
[Edgar] They're gonna hunt you
all down.
[McKenzie] Look at me.
- They're gonna rip you open.
- [sobbing]
No! Martin!
Edgar! Two.
- And devour you...
- [Darcy] Edgar, please.
...from the inside.
- Three!
- [Darcy screams]
[Martin grunting]
[Martin] No! No! No!
[Gerrik] Go help him.
I'm fine.
I'm fine. Help him
with the door.
I'm fine. Help him
with the fucking door!
[Gerrik panting]
[Gerrik grunts]
[grunts, pants]
[Martin] You gotta put
pressure on it.
Try to be still.
It'll bleed more if you move.
- [Darcy groaning]
- [Martin shushes]
Try not to move, baby.
[Darcy panting, grunting]
I don't know what to do.
We have to get her
to a hospital.
Right now.
Who are you? Who are you people?
Who are you people?
Do you have any more
of those vials?
I only have one more.
- Get it!
- [McKenzie] Okay. Okay.
- [Darcy gasps]
- [Martin shushes]
[Gerrik grunts]
Breathe. Just breathe.
- [Martin] Give me that!
- What about Edgar?
[Martin] Drink this.
- It'll help you.
- [McKenzie] God.
Hey. Hey.
- [Martin] You okay?
- My ankle is broken.
Don't worry about me. Fix Darcy.
[Gerrik groans]
Where's Edgar?
He went crazy.
We had to lock him up, okay?
He's having a manic episode.
He's... He's not crazy.
It's just...
We need to help him.
No, that's not what this is.
Fucking, it's something else.
Somebody, help me!
- Breathe.
- [Darcy whimpering]
Hey, don't get too close to him.
[Martin] Shh, look at me.
[Edgar] Please!
[Edgar panting]
you're freaking me out.
Please tell me what is going on.
Why am I chained up?
There's blood all over my hands.
[Edgar] Okay, please. Please.
McKenzie, just talk to me.
Tell me what's going on. Please.
You don't remember?
No, I don't.
Remember what?
Did something happen? Did I...
Did I do something?
McKenzie, what happened?
You're freaking me out!
There's a fucking bite
on my hand!
Where's Martin?
McKenzie, where's Darcy?
Please, help. Where's Darcy?
[Edgar] No. No, don't go.
Please. I don't remember.
I don't remember.
Please, just talk to me!
McKenzie, just talk to me,
I don't remember.
I don't remember.
What the fuck is going on?
[Edgar] Oh, fuck!
How is he?
I mean, he doesn't remember
a thing.
[Edgar] Please! Help me!
He seems completely fine,
Yeah, well, he's not!
And neither is she.
He is chained up, he can't hurt
anyone else or himself.
Now we need to get her
to a hospital.
Fuck it! Help me!
All right, baby, listen to me.
We're gonna lift you up
really slow, okay?
I'm gonna get you out of here.
- Three.
- [Darcy screams]
[Darcy grunting]
We can't be moving her.
You have to run for help.
You know where the portal is.
I'll keep after these three.
You get to that car,
and you drive
as fast as you can,
and you call for help.
- [Martin] Okay?
- Okay.
[McKenzie] Okay.
[McKenzie sighs]
- [Darcy shrieks]
- [Martin shushes]
Shut it!
Check that window!
[Martin] Check that window!
Please don't jump out.
Please don't jump out.
Nope. There's nothing there.
What the fuck was that thing?
It was his wife.
From the picture?
What the fuck is wrong with her?
I don't know.
What do we do?
[Martin] Does that work here?
Call 911.
Have them pin our location
and send an ambulance.
Oh, fuck that. Tell them
send a goddamn helicopter.
- Get us off this mountain!
- Okay!
Uh, 911? Yes, we're
in Cinder National Park.
Two of my friends
are very badly injured.
We need medical assistance,
[Leon] Hey, kid.
[Leon] Did you find Edgar?
Something's wrong with him.
He went crazy.
He attacked one of us.
Put it on speaker.
[Leon] Have you seen my wife?
She's out there.
[McKenzie] Somewhere.
I thought you said
that they wouldn't be able
to make us see things,
if we drank the vials.
[Leon] The drink will keep
the visions out.
She's not a vision, she's real.
A demon's inside her,
like your friend.
Well, how do we get it
out of him?
[Leon] You can't.
You need to leave.
Go to the portal.
Where is Marylyn?
Where the fuck is our sister?
She was never here, was she?
[Leon] No.
But I can show you where she is,
if you bring me the necklace.
Go to the portal,
I'll have someone
meet you there.
Go now.
He lied to me.
She was never here.
What does he mean by portal?
It's the way that we came in.
The path that we turned off on.
It's like a door.
Is that how
you had me walk first?
Oh, you fucking bitch.
- [McKenzie] Shut up!
- Enough!
Enough! Both of you.
Now, we need to focus
on what we do now.
I'll make a run for it.
Just take this.
Keep trying, and tell him
to send help.
[foreboding music]
[Martin] Hey.
[Martin] McKenzie went
to get help, okay?
[Darcy moans]
That hurts.
I know.
I know, but yeah,
you're gonna be fine.
- Okay?
- [Darcy panting]
Look at me.
I promise you.
You're good.
Where's Edgar? Is he okay?
Yeah. Uh...
We had to lock him up,
but he can't hurt anyone. Okay?
- [whimpers]
- [Martin] Shh.
It wasn't him.
He didn't mean to do it.
- He's sick. He's sick.
- Oh, I know. I know.
It's not him.
[Darcy panting]
[foreboding music]
McKenzie went to get help.
Martin, please.
[chains rattle]
Please take me out
of these chains, man.
What's in you, man?
Huh? Is it...
[ominous music]
Oh, fuck! It burns!
Oh, god, Martin, it burns.
It burns on the inside!
[Edgar groans]
[in demonic language]
They're coming for you.
[in demonic language]
They're coming for you.
[in English]
They're coming for you!
They're coming for you!
Goddamn it, Darcy,
what are you doing?
I want to see him.
He didn't mean to do it, please.
[grunts, pants]
Where the fuck is Gerrik?
Listen to me.
I need you to stay here.
You promised me.
You said you loved me.
I never loved you.
You left me.
You disgusted me.
I couldn't look at you
any longer.
You're worthless.
Who would love someone like you?
You said you loved me.
I lied.
No one loves you.
No one loves you.
My friends do.
Where are they?
Helping Darcy.
They're not helping you.
Come with me.
I'll show you.
I'll show you.
[foreboding music]
[keypad beeping]
Hello? Listen, man,
I know you're there.
Fuck. Listen to me.
I need you to stay here.
I'll be right back.
Oh, Marylyn.
Are you okay?
[Edgar] Darcy!
- [panting]
- [Edgar moaning]
[Edgar] Darcy, please!
Darcy, help me!
Help me, please.
- [panting]
- [Edgar whimpers]
[Edgar] Darcy.
Please help me.
[phone buzzing]
Look, man.
I know that whatever
is happening out here,
is way bigger than all of us.
My fiance, she is hurt
really bad.
She needs help, man,
or she's not gonna make it.
[Darcy grunts]
Darcy, what happened?
Darcy, are you okay?
What happened?
I'm so sorry...
Oh, god, what is wrong with me?
Just fucking kill me now.
I can't take this.
I can't take it.
- It's okay. Shh.
- [Edgar sobs]
It's okay, I'm okay.
I know it's not you.
I would never hurt you, Darcy,
I'm so sorry.
I would never.
You're just sick.
I'm so...
What's wrong with me?
They put me
in fucking chains, Darcy!
What is wrong with me?
You just scared...
You scared them.
But I'm fine now.
I'm fine. I'm fine.
I know.
Please, let me out.
I can't stay in these
fucking chains anymore.
They're driving me,
they're driving me crazy.
Please, Darcy. If I don't
get out, I'm gonna die.
How? I don't...
I don't have the key.
The axe.
Darcy, get the axe.
Man, you got what you wanted.
And I am sorry about your wife.
But our friend...
Man, there's something in him,
and I don't know how
to help him.
[Leon] You can't help him.
You can do it.
[axe rattling]
- You can do it.
- [Leon] A demon is eating him
from the inside.
Come on, man. There's got
to be something I can do.
[Leon] You can cut off his head.
Or you can burn him.
Otherwise, he won't stop coming
for you.
I don't think I could do it.
You got it.
- [grunts]
- [thuds]
Okay, okay. Stop, stop, stop!
Stop! Don't.
I can't. It hurts so bad.
This is all my fault.
Everything is my fault.
[Edgar] I'm so sorry.
It's gonna be okay. Shh.
[Edgar sobbing]
You're gonna be okay. Shh.
Will you hold me?
- [Edgar] I got you.
- [Darcy grunts]
Come here.
I got you.
Come here.
I got you.
[Edgar] Do you remember
when we were younger?
And mom and dad would fight,
and they would yell.
And you'd get so scared.
And you'd come into my room
and, uh...
And I would hold you
just like this.
I remember.
[Edgar] You remember that?
- It's gonna be okay.
- Mm-hm.
- You're gonna be okay.
- [both sob]
They're getting us out.
[Darcy] You gotta believe me.
They will.
They went to get us out.
No, they're not.
It won't let you go.
[chains rattle]
[Darcy gasping]
[tense music]
- [bone cracks]
- [grunts]
Please, man.
[Leon] You must try to get out
of there.
I'd love to know all
that you've seen.
[ominous music]
No. No.
[knife piercing flesh]
[Edgar grunts]
Oh, my god.
We can't leave.
[ominous music]
- [smacks]
- [McKenzie grunts]
You fucking cunt!
[sobs, grunts]
[both panting]
Why did you kick me?
Darcy, stay away from him.
- Darcy?
- That's not Darcy.
- [axe pierces flesh]
- [grunts]
Go, go, go. Go!
What? No. Don't stop.
We can't stop.
This is it!
This is where we turned off.
Where's Darcy? What was that?
That was not Darcy.
I don't know what that was,
but it was not her.
She's dead.
Edgar killed her.
- I'm sorry, Martin.
- [Martin] Oh, god, Darcy.
[McKenzie whimpers]
I'm so sorry, Martin.
This is all my fault.
I'm so sorry.
It is not your fault.
Look at me.
- He lied to you.
- [sobbing]
But Marylyn.
She's gotta be...
She's gotta be in here.
We'll find her.
We're gonna find Marylyn.
And we're gonna make
that motherfucker pay
for putting us in here.
No, he's the only one
who can help us.
He's the only one
who can get us out.
We have to call him.
I left it.
- I need to go get it.
- [McKenzie] No, no, no.
I can figure it out.
I can find it, okay?
I can find it.
Just give me a minute
- to think about it first.
- Just shut up.
Shut up.
[pants, whimpers]
What do we do?
- You stay here.
- No.
I'm faster.
I can get to the phone
by myself. Okay?
Don't go back.
I love you sis.
I'm sorry.
- Please.
- Just stay here.
Martin, I'm sorry.
- Please.
- I'm gonna be right back.
No, Martin, don't leave me.
[twig snaps]
[soil rasping]
Martin! She's in there!
- McKenzie!
- I'm here!
[McKenzie] I'm right here!
- McKenzie?
- I'm here!
Where did you go Kenz? Come on.
[hunter #1] He can't see you.
- Why not?
- Well, he's in there.
You can't see the real world
in there.
Martin, I'm right here!
Here, let me help you.
Ow, no.
What did you do?
Still can't hear you.
[McKenzie] Stop!
- [thuds]
- [McKenzie groans]
Feisty one.
Jesus Christ, man.
We don't have all fucking day.
- No!
- I might hold on to her.
[McKenzie whimpers]
[hunter #2] Oh, god.
Don't make me.
[hunter #1] Well, then help!
This is fucking pathetic.
- [thuds]
- [McKenzie whimpers]
[hunter #1] Try the cross again.
[hunter #3] I think she's clean.
[hunter #1] Did I ask
what you think?
[hunter #2] Uh...
I think I'm gonna burn her.
[hunter #3] No, we're waiting
for Leon for that.
[grunts, pants]
[hunter #3] Hm. She's awake.
Here. Have a sip.
You know those tranqs
can really dry you out.
There you go.
[hunter #1 clears throat]
Now this is gonna hurt a bit.
No! No, no, no!
Please! Please! Please!
- [screams]
- [sizzles]
[yells, sobs]
[McKenzie sobbing]
Goddamn it,
I thought I told you to wait.
And I told you not to use
Andrew's boys anymore.
How are you feeling, sweetheart?
- [spits]
- Oh.
- [thwacks]
- [panting]
You do that again,
you're gonna be
spitting up blood and teeth.
It's fine. It's fine.
I guess I deserved that.
Where are we?
Those things in the forest...
Don't worry.
We're far outside Cinder Park.
We're safe here,
we're outside the portal.
- What were they?
- We call them Drogyr.
- What do you call them boys?
- Pale fuckers.
See, everybody's got
their names for 'em.
They're body possessors.
That's why we needed
to do all this.
We needed to make sure
that you were you,
and not something else. Hm?
If my brother's dead
because of you...
I'm gonna kill you.
I'm gonna kill all of you.
I like this girl.
Now you hold your horses.
Your brother's alive.
He called me just as I was
on the way over here.
[hunter #2] Okay, Leon.
This has been fun and all,
but you know.
The Carousel's starting soon
and we got to go.
Untie her, Charl.
And you keep an eye
on her, okay?
[Leon] So, which Axiom
is it this year, boys?
Number four.
So we need something
that's gonna put those big
motherfuckers to sleep.
- [hunter #2] Something...
- [Leon] Nothing's gonna put
- a Leviathan to sleep.
- [handcuffs click]
Oh, you know,
I might have something.
The boys around these parts
like to hold competitions.
They go into the different
Axioms and, uh,
try to survive or see
what creatures they can kill.
Those doors,
there's more than one?
Oh, yeah. There are a few.
A couple of sprays of this,
they won't know you're there.
Like bug spray.
Just don't get stepped on.
[hunter #2] Oh.
Thank you, kindly.
Now you do know this is
considered cheating, right?
Well, we won't tell anyone
if you don't.
You people are sick.
You know what's in there,
and you just let people go in?
[Leon] Now, now.
We've all lost people
in the Axiom.
- [grunts]
- [groans]
My wife.
How could you let her go
in there?
I didn't let her go in.
I put her in there.
Well, now, McKenzie,
that is none of your business.
That's between me, and Jessica,
and a man no one's
gonna see again.
Did you put Marylyn in there?
I sure did.
[Leon grunts]
You son of a fucking bitch!
- [McKenzie yells]
- [Charl] Hey!
- [gun cocks]
- [McKenzie pants]
Take it easy now, little lady.
You put her in there?
Well, first, we started
with her friends.
But we chose a door
with a really special beast.
I mean this thing is a natural
born killer, a real hunter.
So one by one, we put
Marylyn's friends in there.
[Leon] Each time,
it takes the bait.
And then I chained
Marylyn there.
Damn it, three weeks later,
it still hasn't killed her.
I knew your sister was special.
I think we can have us some fun.
You see. Marylyn's still alive.
And your brother's still alive.
I mean, there's still time,
we could save one of them.
Question is, which one
do you wanna save?
Well, they're both still alive,
but they're in different Axioms.
Who do you want to save?
[ominous music]
I think you're making
the right choice.
Shut up.
I guess it's like
a sisters thing.
I wouldn't understand.
I said shut the fuck up!
We're going to get Martin
right after we save Marylyn.
Where did it come from?
The Axiom.
Well, the story goes,
it showed up in the '50s.
Government came up here.
They took over the land,
started doing tests.
Then one day,
they just up and left.
[Leon] Some boys
found a doorway.
Then they found another.
You know, people go missing
in national parks all the time.
Most of them are found,
but some...
Some just disappear
off the face of the Earth.
How many doors are there?
We've found six.
And what's in the other Axioms?
All kinds of beasts.
Who knows about this?
Well, us locals, you know,
keep it a secret.
If the government finds out,
they'd come up here again.
They'd take our land,
they'd take our houses.
Sometimes, secrets get out.
Cinder Falls there, there.
There's a door.
Oh, no. No, your sister's
not in there.
Those boys with the painted
faces, they're in there.
Competing in carousel.
Oh... Creatures in there.
Mighty big.
Cinder peak.
We're here.
Portal's straight through there.
You just follow the lights.
And what's in there?
We call it the Rapax.
As long as it's off hunting,
you should be okay.
You're not coming in with me?
Sorry, hun. This is as far
as my help extends.
Give me your gun.
Nice try, kid.
Here, I'll give you
this flashlight.
It gets very dark in there.
Now you listen to me.
You get in there fast,
you might just get out.
And what if I see it?
Well, like I said...
let's just hope
it's off hunting.
[flashlight clicks]
[foreboding music]
[foreboding music continues]
Marylyn? Marylyn!
- Marylyn!
- [Marylyn pants]
Okay, I'm gonna get you
out of here.
Were you bad, too?
No, no, no.
I'm here to help you, okay?
We were bad...
We're bad,
that's why we're here.
- Okay.
- [Marylyn whimpers]
[chains rattling]
- I can't get it.
- No! No!
- Shh.
- He will punish me.
- I'll be right back.
- No...
I'm going somewhere
and I'm going to get something.
- I'll be right back.
- No!
I will be right back. Shh.
[Marylyn sobs]
[door knob squeaks, clicks]
[tense music]
- [approaching footsteps]
- Okay. Okay.
[distant growl]
- Shh.
- [Marylyn] Oh, he's...
- He's coming.
- Shh! Shh!
He's coming!
- He's coming!
- Shh!
[in soft voice]
Shut up.
[Rapax growling]
- [snarls]
- [gasps]
Oh, no... Oh, no.
[McKenzie grunts]
[grunting continues]
I can't get it.
You can't leave.
- You can't leave.
- Shh.
I'm not gonna leave, okay?
I'm not gonna leave.
I just need something bigger.
- Where is it?
- No.
No. It won't let us leave.
We'll be here...
We'll be here forever.
No. Marylyn, you can't.
- [mumbles]
- No, no! Please, no!
Please, no. No!
What did you do?
What did you do?
No! No...
- [thuds]
- [gasps]
- [sobbing]
- [snarls]
[flashlight clicks]
[tense music]
[Leon] Oh, baby.
Baby, I'm sorry.
I'm so fucking sorry.
[phone chimes]
Poor girl.
- [light clicks]
- Jesus!
[gun cocks]
Oh, god. Oh, no.
Oh, fuck.
We shouldn't be in here
without drinking the vials.
- Walk!
- Oh, no. Oh, no. Fuck.
Oh, no. Oh, no, no.
No, no. Fuck!
They're fucking everywhere!
They're in my fucking head!
They're fucking everywhere!
They're fucking everywhere!
They're coming!
They're fucking everywhere!
They're fucking every,
fucking, where.
Hey. I had you fooled there
for a moment, didn't I?
Eh? I got my fucking freak on.
You know...
it's been a fun ride, kid.
But this,
this is the end
of the fucking ride.
[gun clicks]
[approaching footsteps]
Hey, Jessie.
[Leon] Hey, Jess.
Hey, babe.
It's good to see you.
Please, Martin!
I came back.
I'm back.
I'm done.
I'm done. I'm done!
Do you hear me?
Come, take me!
Take me!
Come and get me.
[sniffles, sobs]
Oh, Martin.
Oh, thank god. Let's go.
Come on.
I can't believe it.
You came back for me.
[Martin sighs]
Of course.
We thought we'd lost you.
- [knife pierces flesh]
- [groans]
[McKenzie grunts]
[eerie music]