The Babe (1992) Movie Script

All right,Jack! Here we go!
Come on, boy!
Here we go! Swing, batter!
Left field, left field!
What's this place?
Brother Paul!
Mr! Roth!
How old?
- He's-- How old are you?
- I'm seven!
He's the size of an ox!
He must be 10 or 11!
- I'm seven!
- I can't control him, Brother!
Are you a priest?
He's never in school, always at
the docks! He's like an animal!
And I got
a business to tend to!
And my wife, she's poorly!
How long do you think-- He'll
be reviewed every six months.
If he continues to be
incorrigible, he stays!
Until the legal age,
of course.
What's in-cor-rig-ible?
Now, you're goin'
with Brother Paul!
You got no one to blame
but yourself!
Goin' where, Da'?
Da', help me!
Where're you goin'?
Hey, Da'! Da'!
Never mind, ""Hey, Da'''!
I want my mother!
If you do well, your mother
can come on holidays!
Now, inside!
Stop right there!
Hey, Dad!
Don't leave me here!
""Excuse me!''
""Excuse me!''
Excuse me!
- ""Brother Matthias!''
- Brother Matthias!
Get up!
Hey, fat chops!
Look at fat chops!
He's doin' it
all wrong!
How come your mother and father
didn't come on visiting day?
'Cause you're
too fat and ugly?
They own a saloon, lop ears!
They gotta work!
They're takin' me home
No, they ain't!
Satan finds work
for idle hands.
Satan finds work
for idle hands.
Satan finds work
for idle hands!
Satan finds work
for idle hands!
Satan finds work
for idle hands!
Strike three, batsman!
Back of the line!
Your turn, fat chops!
Let's see if you can
even hit the ball.
I said, next!
Hurry up, large ass!
Hey, son,
pick up the stick!
He hasn't held
a bat in his life.
He doesn't need a bat!
He can use his stomach!
Nice miss!
Try it again!
He can't even
foul the ball!
Are you tryin'
to kill it?
You're tryin' to hit the long
ball off the great Matthias!
Strike one!
Hey, see if you can
even hit the ball.
He probably can't even
make it go one inch!
Son of a bitch!
- Whoa!
Look at that!
- Whoa!
- Holy smoke!
Did you see that?
Sorry, Brother!
I'm not!
I've been waitin' 30 years for St!
Francis of Xavier to show me a miracle!
I think it's just arrived!
Lord Almighty! Three
home runs in one game?
Have patience, Mr! Dunn!
It's only the 7 th inning!
He's the size of Mt! Vesuvius!
What's he doing here?
Good morning,
Who are you, Mr! Dunn?
What do you mean when you say you
have an interest in one of our boys?
I'm the
Baltimore Orioles!
My business is to turn around a team
that's lost its first six games...
and is goin'down
theJohnny flusher real quick.
Your man, Ruth,
is a real slugger!
Yes, he is!
He slugged me once!
He's listed in our register
as incorrigible.
Do you know what that
word means, Mr! Dunn?
It means, strictly speaking!!!
bad beyond reform!
Good day, Mr. Dunn.
What if I were to,
I don't know--
If I were to adopt him, say!
What if I were to become
his legal guardian?
What if the Baltimore professional
baseball franchise were to adopt him?
- Take him in?
- Into where?
- Orioles Park, Father!
- Brother!
He pitched nine
perfect blanks yesterday!
And you should have seen
the ball he hit!
326 feet!
We measured it!
Landed past--
You're not listening!
We're speaking about a lad who didn't
have a smoke until he was six!!!
didn't touch a drink
until he was seven!
Didn't see
his parents...
from the day he was dumped off
here 12 years ago!
He was abandoned, unwanted!
These words you won't find
stamped there in your register!
His mother is deceased now.
His father wants no part ofhim.
And to be wanted is the greatest thing
that could ever happen to a boy likeJidge!
Mr. Dunn...
if we were to parole him, and you
were to sign as his legal guardian--
On what grounds,
Brother Matthias?
On the grounds that the "Orioles have lost
their first six games and are headed right down--
What was it,
theJohnny flusher?
Open them!
Brother, I'd like to
thank you for everything!
We'll take good care of him! Mr! Dunn!
It's okay,Jidge!
Go on!
God bless!
All right,Jack!
Here we go!
Smoke it by him,
Hey, batter,
batter, batter!
Where did he come from?
The Orioles!
He was there a few weeks! Harry
paid Dunnie $30,000 for him!
If you ask me, he fell out of
a tree like some kind of baboon!
No hitter
up there!
- Where'd you come from, rook?
- We got a ruby out here!
Let's go!
One down!
He don't look like no rookie! He looks
like a veteran! Three or four veterans!
No batter up there!
Come on!
Come on!
Strike two!
He's swinging from
the heels like a greenhorn!
Warhop struck him out twice! Send him back
to Baltimore! Give him time, Mr! Frazee!
Time to pack his bags and
get the hell outta here!
Foul ball!
He's out,Jack!
Here come the Bostons
Here come the Bostons
Here come the Bostons
to win the game for sure
Here come the Bostons
Here come the Bostons
Here come the Bostons
to win the game for sure
We've got a homer
We've got a homer
We've got a homer
What'd I tell ya?
Atta baby!
Atta baby!
Atta baby!
Go on!
Go on!
Hot dog!
Hip-hip hooray
There you go, sir! Keep the change!
Thank you!
You boys want some red hots? Yeah!
Come on down here!
Big Jidge Ruth is treatin'.
The dogs are on me.
Pass some out to all
the fellas! Sure thing!
Thanks, mister!
You're a luckyJoe, dad,
bein'able to ride this all day.
This is some gadget, dad!
How about one more time?
Jidge, we got a press
meetin'! You sure love to ride!
I'm goin' up once more! You're
just a babe in the woods!
Come on,
get outta there!
You used my toothbrush
last night, Ruth!
That's okay! You can use mine
anytime you want to,Jim!
If we're gonna be roommates,
don't use my toothbrush!
And you don't use
my razor eith--
So what do you do, jump
a lot? Yeah, contracts!
Wherever the money is, I jump!
Team to team like a rabbit!
So, that's my name!
That was a hell of a
long ball you hit today!
You caught a lucky piece of wood!
Tomorrow I'm gonna hit another!!!
maybe two!
I'm feelin' ""hitterish!''
What was that?
I like to hit home runs!
You like to hit
home runs, huh?
You say that like I say,
""I like to eat peanuts!''
Better hold your tongue!
Home run's a rare commodity!
We play inside ball!
Hit 'em where they ain't,
that's the rule!
They ain't over the fences,
so that's where I hit 'em!
Don't talk like that, boy!
Put your money away!
She's got more curves
than a scenic railway!
Some dame, huh?
Jumpin'Joe, I want
a new pair of shoes!!!
and I want me a motorcycle,
and I want a dame!
- Wow, look at that!
- I want one of those!
Look out!
One hot chocolate
with lots of cream!
And one tea
with lots of cream.
Can I get you
anything else?
- Pecan pie, maybe?
- Pecan pie would be good!
- Coffee?
- Yeah!
Bring me another bottle
of beer too, will ya?
Looks like you've been
doin' some shoppin'! Yeah!
Look at this!
I can't believe how much jack they're
givin' me just to play baseball!
Who's paying you to play
baseball? Boston Red Sox!
Hey, you got more curves
than the train tracks!
You're some dame.
Wanna go for a fly
on my motor scooter?
Hey, this is some castle!
What is this place?
What's goin' on here? Social affair!
People from the theater,
investors in my shows, friends!
Wow, some mob!
Harry, my dear! Babe,
easy on the champagne!
Ah, Mrs! Ballister!
Allow me to introduce the
grande dame to the grand slam!
Hiya, grand-dam!
Pleasure to meet you,
young man!
Harry's so proud of you,
for once he's speaking!!!
more fervently of
baseball than musicals!
Everyone wants to meet your
discovery, Harry! Don't I know it!
Everyone's trying
to steal him!
Babe, you're about
to be introduced!
Brevity is the soul of wit! Huh?
Something succinct!!!
like you're happy to play
in Boston for Mr! Frazee!
Ladies and gentlemen.
Make it light!
Make a little joke!
A little joke?
Good evening, everyone!
It is being prophesied
that our own!!!
Harry Frazee's
Red Sox of Boston!!!
may very well win
the pennant race this year!
Allow me to introduce to you
the reason why!
The young man
they call...
the ""Baby Ruth!''
Well, this is
a nice place!!!
and I smell some
real good eats!
looks real nice!
My owner there,
he's a good fella!
He gave me some
words to say, but!!!
he talks so fast,
I can't remember what they were!
Okay, okay.
Here's one.
Okay, grand-dam!
When I count three,
pull the finger!
One!!! two--
""Pull it,'' did you say?
Give it a tug, sis!
Oh, my God!
absolutely gauche!
That was not becoming of
a professional baseball athlete!!!
let alone
a civilized human being!
Hell's bells, dad,
you told me to make a joke!
You go back to the hotel
and sober up!
You have a baseball game
to perform for me tomorrow!
And don't you ever
address me as ""dad'' again!
Now, go!
I saw a fella in Paris could flatulate
to the tune of""Molly, My Dear!''
But I bet you he wouldn't
have the tripes to do it!!!
at one of Mrs! Ballister's
social affairs!
Say, you're
a good-lookin' dame!
And you're
quite the slugger!
I saw you hit a home run last
week off of WalterJohnson!
It went through the plate
glass at the Ukrainian diner!
I used to get arrested for that!
Now they give me a check!
I've never seen
a lady smoke before!
Don't tell Mr! Frazee!
Oh, yeah, right,
that guy!
I'm trying out for his next
musical! I'm an actress!
He wants to tell me
what to do all the time!
I don't like people
tellin' me what to do!
Do you?
Where have you been
all my life, Baby Ruth?
St! Mary's Industrial
School for Boys!
Ready! Go!
Set! Go!
No, thank you!
Why do you have dinner rolls
in your pocket?
That lady's
got a ton of'em!
At the home, you gotta
grab 'em when you can!
Why were you in there,
in that home?
I was bad! Here!
What do Mom and Dad think
about their bad boy now?
I don't know!
My mom passed
when I was inside!!!
and my dad, I ain't
never heard from him!
You want to get out of this
church and go raise some hell?
Read about the Babe.
Get your programs here!
Read the story about Babe.
- Did Ruth show yet?
- Not yet!
I got two down, Tris on third!
I need the Baby!
check the clubhouse!
- Hey, Slick!
- Oh, my God!
I had a time last night!
We drank a case of champagne!
We were drinkin' the grape right
out of the bottle! Look at you!
You're shellacked!
Pull yourself together! You can't
let Carrigan see ya like this!
Let's get outta here!
Leave me alone! Let me
play baseball! Jidge!
There we go!
Here we come!
There he is,
Babe Ruth!
Shore, sit down!
Babe's here!
Is Ruth swacked?
Go get 'em,
Was that big ape out on
a rampage last night?
He's standin' up there like
a drunken moocher! He's fined!
That damn thing went over
the center field wall!
No one's ever done that at
Fenway! He likes to hit home runs!
What are you gonna do with
a son of a bitch like that?
Get that bugger
tighter every day!
Boston Red Sox!
we gonna play some ball?
You played ball
all day, Babe!
It's free time now!
Besides, we got company!
Hon, this is the Babe
I've been tellin' you about!
- This is my wife, Ida.
- Hi.
This is little Caroline!
She's six months!
This little yannigan here
is Joey, LittleJump!
They're here for the
weekend! Wanna go for a ride?
You want somethin' to eat?
We got an icebox now!
No, we're late for
dinner as it is.
Hey, Babe!
How many times do I have to ask ya
not to hang your clothes in my closet?
That ain't mine, that's
yours! No, they ain't!
I bought it for you
at the shop!
What do you mean? I bought it for ya!
In Detroit, remember that singer
with a jacket like that?
And you said,
""There's a snappy fella!''
I saw the hat in the store
so I bought it for ya!
And the jacket's different,
but it's snappy, ain't it?
It's very snappy!
Gee, Babe!
Let's see how
she looks, huh?
this is somethin'!
Here we go!
Ah, this is very snappy!
You big gorilla!
You shouldn't be spendin'
your jack like that!
It'll be great for dinner!
Where we goin', the bistro?
Uh, Babe, come here!
Come here!
I ain't seen the wife
and kids for three weeks!
We are goin' to dinner,
you know what I mean?
Yeah, you'll understand
someday, huh?
You will!
You'll have a family!
Hang on, fellas!
I'll show you a shortcut!
Babe! Babe!
Hey, Babe!
Hey, kids!
How're ya doin'?
Come on!
Yeah, this is it!
Lander's Cafe'!
Hop in, fellas!
Is that the bird?
Yeah, that's her!
That's the bird,
and right on time.
Hi there, Babe!
Hey, kid!
How come you're so shy?
I ain't shy! Well, come on for a ride!
We're havin' one heck of a
wingding! These are my friends!
I don't even know ya!
Ah, banana oil!
I think you do know me!
I drive around this street,
everybody calls my name!
- Babe Ruth!
- See?
Every fella that walks into
the coffee shop talks about ya!!!
but that don't mean
I know you!
Well, I know you,
and I like you!
Ah, banana oil!
Fellas, go buy somethin'.
Babe, you're the best! That's great!
Here! Here!
This is for you!
Wanna go for a ride to the park?
We can drive around inside the
stadium and all over the field!
They let me do
whatever I want.
It's late!
I should get home!
Thank you!
What do you do
for fun?
Wait tables?
Well, then what?
What do you like, kid?
I like animals!
F-Farm animals!
Cows and horses
and ducks!
I even like mice,
the white ones, that is!
I should get going!
Did you ever go
to the ball game?
Come on out to Fenway
and watch me throw some!
I'll hit you a home run,
just for you!
Hey, wanna go
catch some ducks?
You're funny!
All right,
I'll go to a game!
- Mary, right?
- Helen!
Helen Woodford!
Babe Ruth!
Yeah, I know!
Hop in, fellas.
Let's go to the park.
All right! He's got an arm...
but he's too good a slugger
to be a pitcher!
We need his bat
every day.
Put him somewhere else,
infield or outfield.
Oh, what a Babe!
That's a good pitch!
Whip it in there, Babe!
Strike three!
You damn
bean eater!
He struck out
Ty Cobb twice!
He's gettin'better every time.
Wangdoodle, I don't believe it!
This ain't no monkey
comin' up here!
This Babe,
he's got an arm!
Lookee here, hog-gut!
Watch your mouth
or I'll pop you!
You couldn't pitch hay,
You ol'whore-dog!
- Ball!
- What?
You heard me!
Better get your eyes
checked, dad! What'd you say?
- Get your ears checked too!
- Who do you think you are?
This is a
gentleman's game!
You speak to an official
like that, I'll throw you out!
You can't tell me what to do,
dad! You're outta the game!
Excuse me,
is that a home run?
No, that's a left cross!
My father says you're the
best ballplayer he's ever seen!
He says that if they
let you back in!!!
you're gonna get us to the
World Series! You betcha, Ella!
Helen. My name
is Helen, George!
You smell good, Helen!
Thank you!
You smell like bacon and eggs!
Bacon and eggs?
I do?
No, it's nice! It suits ya!
Hey, Babe!
My father says
that, um!!!
you're too good
a hitter!
What say we have us a kiss
under this tree here?
No, George!
Not yet!
I'm savin' it, George,
for the man I marry!
You like all kinds
of funny animals, Ella!
How 'bout bugs?
You like little bugs?
No, silly!
Bugs ain't animals!
Well, don't move, kid!!!
'cause you got a great big,
scary-lookin' kind of bug!!!
hangin'right over your head,
off of that tree there.
George, get it!
Please, just get it.
Okay,just sit still!
Big Babe'll get it.
Ella-- Esther, don't!
You're my girl!
I am not one of those girls who
waits outside the locker room for you!
Esther, don't get sore! I am
not one of those girls who smoke!
Esther, come on!
Hey, come back,
No, you big anchovy!
Big what?
I can't swim!
Gosh! Look at them!
Do you know what
those are, George?
What do you mean,
Oh, look!
What a beautiful place!
That must be the owner!
Maybe he'll let you
ride a cow!
Hey, ducks!
Tons of'em! Chickens, George!
See if dad there will
let you take one home!
Hi! Can I
feed them?
Thank you!
George, they'll eat
right out of your hand!
Come on over.
How big is this place, fella? 200 acres!
Greenest grass in Sudbury.
And apple orchards
and a goodjersey herd.
You have a beautiful
place here, sir!
Oh, now, these
first three keys!!!
are for up to
the main house.
And four and five are for up to
the coops and the sugar house.
Don't give 'em
to me, fella!
Give 'em to that pretty
little girl right there!
It's her farm.
You said you
liked animals!
I was maybe gonna
buy you a white mouse!!!
but a girl like you, you need 200
acres and a whole flock of newjerseys.
Uh, you really gave it
to Brooklyn, Babe!
You just keep killin'
the Yankees and the Dodgers!!!
and I'll do the chores.
Kill the Yankees!
Make 'em suffer!
Make 'em suffer!
You're joshin' me!
You're makin'
one of your funny fibs!
What about it, hon?
Let's say you and me
get married!
George! George!
What's the matter?
What is it?
I feel giddy!
Sounds serious!
Sit down, right here!
Give me the duck!
Get out of here!
All right, here!
You okay?
Want some water, honey?
Hey, pop!
Isn't that the prettiest
thing you ever heard?
I'm gonna hang 'em
out by the barn!
Do you think that's
a good place for them?
- What's that?
- The chimes!
Out by the barn,
in that willow!
Yeah, yeah,
that old willow!
Babe, what do you think
about ""Georgiana!!!''
if our baby's a girl?
Gee, I don't know!
I always liked ""Dorothy!''
Dorothy-- Dorothy.
Honey, can you stop
them bells for a minute?
I hear people talkin'!
Those are spring peepers!
- What?
- Frogs!
I gotta have the old man
set some traps for 'em!
Jesus, a man could go crazy
with the voices they make!
Traps? For frogs?
Yeah, traps for frogs!
You never heard of that?
I bet they got traps for frogs!
They got traps for mice!
Why don't you sit down
and relax, hon?
You bought all this furniture
and you never even sit in it!
Wanna go upstairs?
We were just upstairs!
but we need a baby!
I think three times in one day
gives us a pretty fair chance!
Let's go outside!
What for?
- Catch fireflies!
- What?
Let's go outside
and catch fireflies!
Those are the woods! There's
things out there at night!
You don't go out there
chasin' flies!
What's to eat?
Ace is bringin' groceries
in the mornin'!
Can't keep anything
in the icebox the way you eat!
Hon, me and you are
goin' out on the town!
Where are we goin'? Into the city
for a steak, maybe a little dance!
It's too late!
Too late?
People don't show up at
Jimmy's 'til midnight!
I don't like those people,
George! You don't like 'em?
You shouldn't say that
about people, Helen!
They're not your kind of
people anymore! You're married!
Let's sit down
and go over names!
What do you think
about ""Lucille?''
I think I need a 20-ounce steak,
is what I need!
I got a cravin', kid!
Can you understand that?
I got a cravin'!
I'll be right back!
Hey, Babe!
Dance with me!
Babe, we're next!
Hey, twins!
Come on, girlies! Hotsie-totsie!
We love you, Babe.
Would you sign this?
Sure, kid,
I think you're
the greatest!
I don't like baseball, but
I love to watch you sock 'em!
Hell yes, kid!
I swing big and I hit big,
everything I got!
I hit big
or I miss big!
Do you kiss big?
Hiya, Helen!
Do you know what these are?
Yes, they're horses, George!
They're not just any horses, they're
your horses-- 'cause you're my girl!
I'm sorry!
This was your idea.
I apologize.
- It was the worst show.
- It was terrible.
Fine show,
Say, Mr! Frazee!
Real wangdoodle!
Good evening,
30 walkouts in the first act!
We're in dutch, Harry!
Great show, Harry!
The best I've ever seen!
Me and the wife are gonna
come back and see it tomorrow!
It won't be here tomorrow, Babe! No?
Then maybe we'll go
to dinner then or somethin'!
Half of everything I own
just went down the drink!!!
with The Gladiators of Broadway.
The other half is in the pocket
of""The Sultan of Swat!''
And he wants
another raise!!!
and his own suite
during road games now!
You guaranteed us, Harry!
First of the month!!!
125,000 ducats!
You can't get blood
from a stone, gentlemen!
We don't want blood
from a stone, Harry!
We want
125,000 dollars!
Prohibition has come to New
York, but so has Babe Ruth!
Let's have a hell of
a season! Yanks!
You're gonna love
New York, Helen!
I don't know!
It's so vast--
What say we put up a little
money and have us a contest?
Come over here, sis!
This is gonna
be good.
I want you to pull
this here finger!
Pull it. Go on.
Go ahead,
give it a tug, sis!
Who's next?
Anybody can hit a louder note,
I'll give you $1,000!
is your wife all right?
She's just gonna have a piss!
Best dame in the world!
Boston, New York! The best! The best!
Over there
Over there
Send the word
Send the word over there
That the Yanks are comin'
The Yanks are comin'
They're drum, drum
drummin' everywhere
Over there, say a prayer
Send the word
Send the word to beware
We'll be over
We're coming over
You want a grape?
There are people-- There
are people in our bathtub!
In the bathtub? So what? Yes!
So what?
This is New York, Helen!
You wanna dance?
Don't humiliate me
in front of strangers!
This is family!
This is the best day
of my life, yours too!
Come on, smile, kid!
You want me to smile?
Then get back on that chair,
and instead of passing wind!!!
pass the word
that your wife!!!
is not gonna share her bathtub
with all of New York City!
There have been people in this
room for three days! Helen, please!
I want to go back to
Boston! I've been sold!
I wanna go back to the farm! I'm
not gonna stay here another day!
That's your pejorative!
Helen, Helen, Helen!
Helen, come on!
We'll be over
We're comin' over
Great to be a Yank,
huh, Bambino?
In New York, the Babe bashes
the Yankees into first place.
While in Boston...
Harry Frazee feels the wrath
of the Beantown fans.
It's too late, Harry.
The Babe is New York,
and New York is the Babe's.
Hey, kids!
How ya doin', sonny?
Come here!
How're ya doin'?
What's your name?
What size shoe you wear? I don't know!
Let me take
a look at you here!
You're a pretty big boy!
I'd say a size five!
Here you go, Eddie,
brand-spanking new!
They'll make ya run
like Rabbit Maranville!
You've hit more home runs
than an entire team--
You need a new pair of shoes? No thanks!
I'll answer questions later!
We're havin' fun right now!
Try 'em on, Eddie!
See what they look like!
Me, me!
Are you Santa Claus?
Well, no, kiddo!
I'm Babe Ruth!
But you're a nice
fat man like Santa Claus!
- It's Babe Ruth!
- It's the Babe!
Hey, Babe!
Hey, Bambino's here!
How's it goin', slugger?
Hey, it's the Babe!
What do you say, boys?
Good to see you, Babe.
You don't want to
go over there, Bam!
Hang onto this,
The guy in the
white is Torrio.
So, I'm Ruth! The hell with
him! Don't go over there!
Hello, Babe!
I know you!
Boston, your first year!
Harry Frazee's party!
Oh, yeah, yeah!
Yeah, the actress!
What are ya doin'
in New York?
You're not the only one
New York paid a nice figure for!
I'm a Ziegfeld Folly!
A Ziegfeld Folly?
And you're married now.
Are you?
Was! One kid!
Any little Bambinos yet? We're tryin'!
Claire, do we get to meet
the toast of New York or what?
Babe, these are
some friends of mine!
Jim Colosimmo!
Johnny Torrio!
- Alphonse Capone!
- Nice to know you!
Welcome to New York.
How about I buy you a cocktail?
Save your money, kid!
I just made the deal of the
century with Colonel Ruppert!
You're makin' more money than
the president! Why not, sis?
I had a better year than him!
Hard to sleep knowin'
that city's out there like that!
Sometimes I look at it
like it's one giant playground!
Always somethin' to do!
How's it feel?
To reach it, you know, your dream? Huh?
All these generals
and senators!!!
wanting to have their
picture taken with you!
That's somethin',
but that ain't my dream!
My dream's more of a--
How the hell do you put it?
A bird of a different
color, feather?
What is it?
What is your dream?
It's a secret!
Oh, come on!
Tell me!
Yes, yes, yes!
No, no, no!
Cut it out, Claire!
Ruth, are you in there? Yeah, Huggins!
Let a man sleep!
You're ruinin' my health!
Who are you talkin'to?
I'm talkin' in my sleep,
you little flea!
You go to bed, Ruth!
I'm not gonna tell you again!
That's my dream!
What, to kill the manager?
No, to be the manager!
Someday I want to be
the one in charge!
I want to be the one who knocks on
doors and makes sure people are sleepin'!
I want to take care
of the fellas.
You'd make
a handsome manager!
That's my dream!
Do you still love Helen?
Helen doesn't like
bein' around people!
I love bein' around people!
I play for the Yankees!
She hates New York!
Of course I love the kid!
She's my wife!
But you're in the big city,
and she's up in the woods alone!
What kind of
marriage is that?
We took the vow, sis!
The religion says
you can't break them vows!
Don't you think you oughta go
to the farm and mend some fences?
I got some old fella
takes care of that crap!
I'm a gentleman's farmer! Babe!
Look at ya!
Ya look like some
kinda real horse rider.
I got something for ya!
What do you have
for me, George?
A dog?
Herd of cows maybe?
Drive up, throw me a cage full of turkeys
and everything's nice as pumpkin pie!
Nah, I didn't bring no turkey!
Hi, Mommy!
You wanted a baby,
I got ya a baby!
I got the contracts.
Nobody knows.
I made an adoption.
The baby's mines and yours!
Every kid needs a family.
Congratulations, Mrs! Ruth!
But, what is it?
It's a baby!
I mean, what--
It's a girl, honey!
Oh my!
Oh my God!
It is, isn't it?
Look at her!
Whose is it, really?
It belongs to
George Herman Ruth!!!
and his wife,
Helen Woodford Ruth!
Take a whiff of him, Helen!
He smells just like a new puppy!
Hey, dad!
No batter, batter.
No batter, batter.
- Come on, guy!
- Strike!
Come on, lop ears, I'll knock ya back
to the swamp, you dirty son of a bitch!
No swearing!
I called him a son of a bitch!
That ain't swearin'!
That's a fact!
You couldn't hit a bull in the
ass with a shovel, you big balloon!
Come on, Babe!
This way, Mrs. Ruth.
Thank you.
Mrs! Ruth, can I
ask you a question?
How come nobody knows you had
a baby? What's the big surprise?
I'd like to ask little
Dorothy a question!
Where did you come from?
Let me ask you a question!
When are you gonna get a real job and
stop preying on women and children?
That's Claire Hodgson, the
Ziegfeld girl! Get her picture!
Look this way! I'm
surprised to see you here!
Strike two!
What a surprise to
see you at the ball game.
Do you like ball games? You
know a lot about baseball?
Get a good picture.
Look at this face.
Here we go!
You got it, Steve?
I don't know.
I can't see the darn thing.
Where is it?
Third base, you got it. There it is!
You got it!
Keep goin', keep goin'.
Bambino has just hit
the first infield home run!!!
in the history
of professional baseball!
You hit the damn sun, you son
of a bitch! You ain't human!
Jumpin'Joe, what are you
doin' in New York? I jumped!
I'm a Yankee!
I'm a Yankee!
Jump, to tell the truth,
I thought I fouled it off!
Hiya, folks!
How ya doin'?
They still go bananas
over me, Baby! Ain't ya glad?
I know this great speak where
we can celebrate our reunion!
You lead, I'll follow! All right!
Down on the west side!
Oh, hiya, girlie!
Whoa, whoa!
Hey, Babe, can I talk to
you? Not now, gotta go!
Not now!
Let go of me, Mac!
I ain't got time!
How many times I gotta tell
you? My boy, he's dyin'!
He's dyin'!
He thinks you're the tops!
Could you sign this
for him?
I'm sorry!
You gotta stay
in the hall, please!
You can't come in!
Say, you're a good-lookin'
little fella!
I know you're sick there, kid!!!
and that you feel!!!
not good!
You can't go outside,
see the sun!!!
throw the ball around.
That's a bad thing.
But I'll tell you what
Babe's gonna do!
Babe's gonna sock you
a home run in the game tomorrow!
Would that make you
feel better,Johnny?
Two? Two?
Well, gee, Sonny,
I don't know--
Yeah! Yeah!
I'll hit two for ya!
But if I do,
you gotta get better!
That's the deal!
Get them jerks
out of here!
He promised the boy
two home runs tomorrow!
There she goes! That
ball is!!! out of here!
Babe has fulfilled
halfhis promise:
home run number one!
I got it! I got it!
I got it!
Did you get the tube?
Did he get the tube?
Babe Ruth, the Bambino--
Let's go, Babe!
You can do it!
Thanks, Eddie!
The Sultan of Swat,
the Behemoth of Biff...
is stepping to the plate.
Good luck, Babe!
- Come on!
- Go! Go!
Yeah, let's go!
Shh! Shh!
The world is waiting to see
ifhe can seal his promise...
to littleJohnny Sylvester in intensive
care at St. Vincent's Hospital.
Come on!
Come on, Babe!
Babe already smacked
one homer in the second.
But he promised two.
Strike one for Bambino
in the bottom of the 9th.
This will be the
last chance-- What?
Beat on it! Fix it! Fix it! I'm tryin'!
Bambino! Bambino!
Bambino! Bambino!
Bambino! Bambino!
look at that!
Oh, gee!
With a patented "Ruthian'"blast,
it's out ofhere!
What happened? What happened? The Babe!
Atta boy, Babe!
Way to go, Babe!
As Babe touches home plate,
listen to this crowd.
An unbelievable moment
here at the Polo Grounds!
Bambino has promised two--
That was for you,Johnny!
Now get well!
Which way, Babe?
That way, kid!
That was nice.
Come on, baby!
Yup, ladies first!
Thanks, Babe!
Forty-seven, 48, 49, 50!!!
fifty-one, 52, 53!!!
fifty-four, 55!!!
fifty-six, 57-- Send
the word over there
That the Yanks are coming
The Yanks are coming
They're drum, drum
drumming everywhere
Sixty-nine, 70, 71!!!
seventy-two, 73, 74!!!
seventy-five, 76! Holy
smokes, there he is!
Yeah, there he is
and here we are, rookie!
It's nice to be king!
Eighty-four, 85.
You're late for practice!
I had to see a man about a
picture, a movin' picture!
We play the game of baseball,
not the game of Ruth!
You're gonna start
comin' to practice on time!
You're gonna start goin' home at night
and gettin' at least five hours' sleep!
Yakety-yak, yakety-yak!
I don't want ya drinkin' the
way ya been, eatin' like a pig!
Eddie! Booze and
broads, booze and broads!
Here's your bicarb,
You can't live like that and
play baseball! No man alive can!
I can!
Last year I hit 59 home runs, never got
to sleep before 3:00, drank all night!
It's gonna catch up to ya and I
don't want ya on my team when it does!
You answer to me, Ruth!
I'm the manager!
- Put this in my closet for me!
-Sure, Babe.
Over there
Over there
Don't get dressed!
I don't want you out there!
If you was 200 pounds heavier,
I'd sock you in the mush!
If I was 200 pounds heavier, I'd kick
your gazoo from here back to Boston!
200 pounds don't even make
your fightin' division!
Look at ya, Ruth!
Look at ya!
Col! Ruppert has ordered our new
uniforms with extra pinstripes!!!
to make you look thinner!
I can smell the brewery all
over ya! Get off the field!
You get off the field!
I'm goin' to play baseball!
Oh, yeah!
There goes another one!
Hey, Gehrig, why don't you
try the Babe's 52?
Watch this.
Don't touch
that 52, boy!
Put it right back
where you found her.
No, no, you don't touch
the Babe's hickory!
Sorry, Babe! Tryin' to get
somethin' to rub off, I guess!
You want something to rub off, go rub
yourself off in the locker room, rook!
There goes another one! Oh, I love it!
What the hell do ya do with
a son of a bitch like that?
Line up, boys!
Best ribs in the world!
Special Louisiana hot sauce!
Hey, Pennock! I asked for
a beer five minutes ago!
What am I,
your relief pitcher?
Real joker, are ya? Real
joker! A recipe given to me...
by a voodoo queen
down in New Or--
Hey, kid, get some back ribs!
They're goin' fast!
Dorothy has to nap! Can you fellas
please do this in another car?
Good idea! C'mon!
I got a deck of cards!
Thank you!
Yes, ma'am!
I bought these ribs and Pipp told
me he never tried my special sauce!!!
so I whipped up beer
and some sauce and--
God, the smoke!
Open a window!
Little Curly likes
a big sha-boo!
She likes people
laughin' and havin' fun!
Bambino, I hear
you got some ni--
Hi, Helen.
How are ya?
Here, honey!
Go sit down, Little Curly!
Mama's got another headache!
What's the matter with you?
I was just tryin'to show the boys a
little fun before we gotta head north.
I've had it
with your fun!
I know where
you were last night!
I know where you were Thursday
and Friday. Hey, lower your voice!
Everybody knows!
It's all over the place, George!
Swimming in the
hotel fountain!
The brothel
in the French Quarter!
Four women at one time!
What are you?
Some kind of animal?
While I sit at home,
While you sit at home?
While you sit at home,
you could be out with me!
You could be out havin' dinner with
me, dancin'! I want you with me, Helen!
I don't swim
in hotel fountains!
I keep giving you
chances, George!!!
chances to be a husband,
to at least be a father!
Father? I love my little
girl! You're my family!
Yes! And so is Ping, Wally Pipp,
Lazzeri-- Those are the boys!
And fans and scribes and
bootleggers comin' and going!
That's a big
goddamn family!
You don't have time for me!
You don't have time for us!
Are we starting
to move?
Yeah, we're goin' on
a chugga-chugga, girlie!
You ready to take a ride?
Chugga-chugga, chugga-chugga.
All these years I used to resent
your parents! I never even knew them!
I couldn't understand how they could
put you in a home and leave you there!
Chugga-chugga, chugga-chugga!
Let me tell you something.
I'm not in the dark
on that anymore!
The only thing I don't understand
is why they let you out!!!
because you are incorrigible!
That's it, it's over!
Aw, kid, c'mon,
don't say that.
Let's have ribs and forget about
it! You're right, I've been bad!
I am through, George!
Helen, give me a chance! Let waysides
be waysides! Don't leave me like this!
I am through with chances!
I'm through with us!
I'm taking Dorothy back
and I'm filing for divorce.
Good-bye! Let us off!
What's all--?
Oh, this is swell, huh?
Babe's bar and grill?
This is a beaut!
Let me be, Hug!
Misconduct, Ruth!
Not now, Huggins!
It's gonna cost ya!!!
two grand!
Dump the rest of this
down the drain or it'll be three!
Get your--
Why is everybody ridin' me?
Let me go!
I ain't hurt nobody!
I ain't hurt nobody!
Help! Help!
- Help, help, help!
- You gonna fine me now?
- He-e-e-lp!
- You still gonna fine me?
No fine!
- I can't hear you! What?
- No fine!
Miller Huggins fines Babe Ruth
$5,000 for misconduct...
and the Sultan of Swat
is suspended for two weeks.
Strike three, you're out! Bambino
strikes out for the third time today!
Babe has not reached base
in his last 20 at bats.
Good try, Babe!
Up your ass, kid!
Here's your bicarb,
Hey, thanks, Eddie!
He's got no arm, no arm.
- Pitch it in there!
- Go,Jimmy!
There you go!
Good boy, Lou.
Atta boy!
Boy got lucky with that
one! Sweet Lou, sweet Lou.
He got lucky!
That's the seventh home run
for young Lou Gehrig!!!
who thus far leads the Yanks
in round-trippers!
The Bambino's customaryjaunts
around the base paths...
have become a rarity
this summer.
Aplummeting batting average and lack
of run production plagues the Babe.
And Colonel Ruppert's
Sultan of Sulk...
has so far amassed more
suspensions than he has home runs.
The crowds of Yankee Stadium...
do not deal with their
disappointment for long...
and Babe's
most trusted fans turn.
You're all washed up,
you bum! Go sit down!
Strike two!
Strike two for the Bambino.
And here in the House
That Ruth Built...
the fans are
letting him hear it!
Hey,you bum!
Babe's been
in a long slump!
He's collected a record five
suspensions already this season!
No batter, no batter.
What is he doin'?
What are you doin'? What's it look like?
Wait, folks. He's taken
a right-hander's stance.
He's going to take a try
at hitting right-handed!
He's battin' right!
Stay at first!
- Get back on first!
- No, don't run it out!
You big bum! Why don't you go
back to where you came from!!!
you stupid bastard!
It's safe! Safe!
You're out!
- Ow!
- You crazy--
You're outta this ball
game! Kiss my Dutch ass!
Goddamn it!
You fat bastard!
You are washed up!
You're finished,
you big, dumb, stupid--
I'll have you thrown out of this
park, you bum! Shut your trap!
You're yellow!
You're yellow!
Get off of there!
Get off!!
Come on, I'll take ya,
everyone of ya!
You're yella, all of ya!
You're yellow!
You're all alike!
You're yellow!
You're yellow, everyone
of ya! You're all yellow!
You're all yellow!
Leave him alone!
- You're a bum!
- Leave him alone!
Leave him alone!
Jidge, you there?
Satan finds work
for idle hands.
Satan finds work
for idle hands.
Satan finds work
for idle hands.
Satan finds work
for idle hands.
Satan finds work
for idle hands!
Who is it?
It's your buddies,
just your buddies!
I'll take care of him,
Come on, sit up!
I heard her say it!
Say what, baby?
She said,
""I hate you!''
She never loved me!
She told me!
No, Matka!
My mother!
The House
That Ruth Built!
Banana oil!
Everybody pulled out
on me today, even the kids!
How come you didn't?
We're pals,
aren't we?
They called me a bum!!!
little kids, about seven!
What the hell's happened,
You got two speeds,
Fast and stop!
You're takin' in everything!!!
like you're afraid
it's gonna go away;
like some kid in a candy store eatin'
as much as he can before he gets caught!
Maybe I'm not one
to talk, but!!!
you gotta slow down!
I missed ya,
I missed ya!
I've missed you too,
Babe Ruth, the Bam...
the Bambino,
the Maharajah of Mash...
gets married in New York to former
Ziegfeld Folly, Claire Meritt Hodgson.
The foundering legend
pledges to SenatorJimmy Walker...
"I won't touch a drink
until October!'"
Ruth returns to the
deserted Home Plate Farm.
Bust 'em Babe
sheds 20 pounds.
This scribe comes up and asks me
about the psychology ofhittin'.
I says, ""What's psychology
got to do with hittin'?''
Hey, the gym's down here! I know!
We gotta stop at Macy's first!
Underwear people asked me
to endorse their stuff!
We gotta stand by the undies
for a couple hours, shake hands!
How much they payin' ya? I
told them fifty bucks an hour!
Seemed like
a good fella!
Fifty bucks! Tell him a
grand an hour or forget it!
They're usin' ya, hon!
A grand an hour? Yeah!
Another thing,
these candy bar people!!!
they can't get away naming
a chocolate bar ""Baby Ruth''!!!
and saying they've named it
after the president's daughter!
They're takin' money
out of your pocket, the bums!
Good candy bar too!
You can't let these sharks
eat you up!
You gotta make your money now! What
do you mean, ""Make my money now''?
When baseball's gotten
what they can from you--
Baseball's never gonna get all they
can 'cause I'm gonna be the manager!
I know that, but-- You've
been readin' the papers!!!
all this crap about me being
washed up! I didn't say that!
I went down to the farm
and busted the belly off me!
Yes, you did!
And how!
That was up there with the hicks in
the sticks! As soon as you come back!!!
you join up with the night
boys and drink like a duck!
As long as you do that,
you're gonna be carvin' air!!!
watchin' ""Iron Man''
break your record!
Whoa, wait a minute here!
Wait a minute, sister!
Iron Man, is that what you're
calling this Gallagher boy?
His name is Gehrig and I didn't
come up with the nickname!
He's hit 14 home runs! Thirteen!
He hit one into the right field
stands Tuesday against Cleveland!
You were late
for that game!
What's he doin' hittin'
into the right field stands?
He's disciplined! He's a
workhorse! He's a mama's boy!
His mother comes
to all the games!
He hugs and kisses
on her for hours!
He's got 14 home runs!
You have zip!
has just hit his second
long ""Tater'' today!
for the big fellow!
Go on!
That's the way, Babe!
Twenty-three, Garrison!
The name's Gehrig!
Get ready for number thirty!
Stay out of the right field
stands! Hear, mama's boy?
You wanna hit one, shoot for center
or left! Right field's the Babe's!
The veteran Ruth has just given
the Iron Horse a pep talk!!!
some encouraging words from
hard-wrought experience!
Way to go, Babe!
Whoa, what a shot! You're the best!
Gehrig belts one
long and deep.
She's gone, gone, gone
into the right field stands.
Thirty Homers
for Iron Man!
That does it, Gehrig!
You better grab
your mama's hand, Iron Man!
We're goin' to war!
We're goin' to war!
The Yankees hold on
to first place...
as the Iron Horse,
Lou Gehrig...
hits his 45th home run.
Babe Ruth hits
his 45th home run.
Forty-five for Ruth,
and, oh boy, lookee here...
the home run twins
arejoined at the hip.
But not for long.
As the season draws to a close...
the Bambino's
bat explodes...
breaking his own major league record
for home runs in a single season.
Babe cracks number 60,
60 home runs!
Gehrig finishes with 47.
Look at you, Mr! Ruth!
You're the picture
of sartorial elegance!
It's enough to
drive a girl bananas!
What say we, uh,
leave this joint!!!
and fill a bathtub
full of ginger ale?
Not 'til the
season's over!
Hiya, Colonel,
you look like a jillion!
You look fine, Ruth,
Mrs! Ruth!
Colonel! When I'm manager, I
gotta dress like this all the time!
Banquets, you know!
I'm practicin'!
You beat Chicago
in the series, Ruth!!!
you'll be the best-dressed
manager in the game!
Hear that, mama?
We're gonna take the series
and I'm gonna be the manager!
Yankees stink!
Go Cubs!
Strike the goon out!
You oughta be hitched
to a wagon, Ruth!
Hey, Ruth is a woman's name.
You're a woman, Ruth.
Strike one!
All right, all right!
Right down Broadway!!!
you big balloon!
Let's go, Charley!
Strike two!
We own ya, Ruth!
We own ya, boy!
You big balloon!
This is the World Series!
What is he doing?
Come on, Ruth,
swing at that ball!
He called his shot! He
ain't human, he's an animal!
He's a god!
Clara and me went up
to the Hawaiian guy, see--
He was Filipino! We were in
the Philippines! Right, right!
We go up and ask where we
can get a good game of golf!
He sends us over to these
other Hawaiian guys-- Filipinos!
What difference does it
make? Make 'em Eskimos!
Just a minute please.
It's time forJack Armstrong!
Could you turn
the set up?
Uncle Babe,
it's for you!
See, what'd I tell ya! It's
the colonel! Ha-ha-ha-ha!
Let me
pull your finger!
Not now, honey!
There's ladies present!
Cheater! You cheat! I'm
runnin' out of gas, Toots!
He just sits waiting for them to
call and tell him he's manager!
He's gonna be the best.
I wish I was young enough
to play third base for him.
The woman who had been living
as the common-law wife...
of Dr. Edward Kinder...
died in a fire at his Watertown
home just after midnight.
She has been identified
as Helen Woodford Ruth...
the ex-wife of
baseball great, Babe Ruth.
Strike three!
It's all right, Big Bam.
The day's young.
Put one out in the right field
stands, will ya, Dutchman?
I love ya, Babe!
There she goes!
Lou Gehrig has just slugged
number 49 for the season!
He's more than doubled
Babe Ruth so far.
We've talked about it
through the years, Colonel!!!
and now I know you
have to make a decision!
I know you promised me,
I want to know official!
Ruth, how can you
manage a team!!!
when you can't
even manage yourself?
I've changed a lot,
Yes, you have! I don't see
no more home runs!
I got a wife!
I'm raisin' two daughters!
I need a future!
I don't run around anymore,
you know that!
I know you're lookin'
for a new manager!
Give me a shot,
please, Colonel!
Ty Cobb is managin',
Tris Speaker!
Why not Babe Ruth?
Just give me a try,
that's all!
Very well, Ruth!
I'll send you down to Newark!
You can manage there.
That's minor leagues! I'm
not goin' down to the bushes!
That's your choice, Ruth!
Anything else?
I'm late
for a meeting.
Well, yeah!
If I can't have a shot at
managin', I want my release!
Okay, you are released!
Mrs! Ruth, I didn't know
we had an appointment!
I will call you back
in one moment!
- Colonel!
- I offered him Newark!
With respect, Colonel, you don't
offer a captain a waiter's job!
How can you just
throw him away like that?
I will not tolerate the lip
of that overgrown child!
I shall be damned if I
will accept it from a woman!
Your intrusion
is not appreciated!!!
your approach
is not acceptable!!!
and our conversation
is finished!
That stadium down the street is
the House That Ruth Built, Buster!
When the Black Sox threw the
series, baseball almost went under!!!
but that overgrown child
kept the people coming!
He saved baseball!
And you and every player
in a uniform!!!
should line up
and kiss his ass!
Shame on you!
No, shame on you!
After applying across
both leagues...
Babe Ruth is signed by
the last-place Boston Braves.
The one-time
Sultan of Swat...
is now player, assistant
manager and vice president...
of the struggling club.
The man, who a few years ago was making more
money than the president of the United States...
has taken
a $ 125,000 pay cut.
What do you want
to stay in it for?
To be vice president
on paper?
To have some silly taxi pick you
up at first and take you to second?
That was just a stunt!
The whole thing's a stunt!
No, it ain't!
These sharks don't give
a shit about you!
They're humiliating you! I don't
wanna talk about them no more!
I'm talking about dignity!
So am I, goddamn it!
Then get out while you
have a shred of it left!
I love the game!
The game doesn't
love you anymore!
Roll it to me!
He can't hit it!
It's through!
Second base, second base!
Let's go, it's okay.
Get your peanuts!
Red hot peanuts!
Thank you!
I seen
your daddy play!!!
when he used to knock home runs
outta the park left and right!
But he never knocked one
outta this outfield!
No one's ever
knocked one outta here!
Come on, honey.
Come on, Bobby baby. What do
ya say now? What do you say?
What are you doin'? I'm tryin'
to get our man over to second!
That catcher's got an arm like
a cannon and his eye on our man!
He'll throw him out!
I know what I'm doin'!
I've got 21 years that says
if our man steals, he's pegged!
I got a piece of paper
that says I'm the manager!
Why don't you sit down
and let me run my team?
I got paper that says
I'm assistant manager!!!
and next year I got
a shot at bein' manager!!!
so take your paper, roll it up
tight, and shove it up your ass!
I think it's time you
had a talk with Mr! Fuchs!
I'll go see Mr! Fuchs
right now!
- Strike!
- You're out!
He's out to pasture.
He dropped two balls
in the outfield already.
He's good gate!
He can't hit anymore,
but he draws a crowd!
He's a circus act,
a sideshow!
He can't even run
his own bases anymore!
What the hell can I say?
Keep him on!!!
let him think
he's going to manage.
We need attendance.
We need gate.
Ruth, you're up!
Get your ass up there.
Let's go, let's go.
Come on, Babe!
You can do it.
Left field, Babe.
You're supposed to be
a runner, not a walker!
Come on, dad!
Babe Ruth is up.
The old legend's looking heavy
and slow out there in the outfield!
On the mound,
Guy Bush!
Tough when you can't run the
bases for yourself no more!
Ain't that right, old man?
Why don't you retire?
embarrassing yourself.
I wanna knock this
down your throat!!!
so you'll stop sucking
on your mother's tit!
Watch that language! That ain't
language! That's information!
That's privileged information! So consider
yourself privileged and just call the game!
Let's play ball!
Get a wheelchair, Ruth.
Let's play ball.
Strike him out!
I seen him when he used to
knock 'em to kingdom come!
Babe, you're bleedin'!
You're spittin' blood!
Maybe you should--
Go sit down!
Let's go, Babe.
No way, Babe. No way. Let's go.
It looks like a play
on the mythical called shot!!!
Bush's Cubs of'32!
What's all the booing? He's goofy!
Open your eyes
next time!
Babe Ruth has hit one
over the wall!
Folks, no one-- no one has ever
hit the ball out of Forbes Field!
Oh, my goodness!
No way! Let's
hold them right there.
Boston's sixth
and Babe Ruth is up!
The Pittsburgh fans are
giving him a hard time.
Come on, lazybones!
Go home.
Go back to New York.
Go back!
Things are getting tense
here in the eighth inning...
as Babe Ruth
takes up the bat!
He has stunned this Pittsburgh
crowd by hitting two homers today!!!
and he has put the first balls
ever out of this massive park!
Go sit down!
Babe! Babe! Babe!
Babe! Babe! Babe!
Babe! Babe!
Mr! Ruth?
Mr! Ruth?
I want to give you this!
I'm Johnny Sylvester!
You came to see me in the
hospital years ago when I was sick!
You hit
two home runs for me!
You gave me this ball!
It's worked a lot of magic
for me!!!
and I just want to
give it back to you now!
Thank you!
I'm gone,Johnny!
I'm gone!
You're the best!
You're the best
there's ever been!