The Baby-Sitters Club (1995) Movie Script

Baby-sitters Club.
This is Mrs. Rodowsky.
Hi. Were going out for dinner on Tuesday
with the whole family.
l was wondering, would any of you mind
baby-sitting the dog?
l mean, he just hates to be left alone.
Baby-sitters Club.
lm on a car phone. l need a sitter
for tonight. lts an emergency.
Hi, this is Mrs. Wilder.
lm having a birthday party for Rosie...
and do any of you dress up as clowns?
Hi, l need a sitter tonight.
My sister was gonna watch the kids,
but she flaked out.
lts me again. My wifes going
into the hospital any minute.
Were pregnant. No, l mean, shes pregnant.
Anyway, weve got a toddler at home and....
Baby-sitters Club.
Were gonna need a baby-sitter
Saturday night.
We need a baby-sitter on Friday night.
l know its only August,
but could l book for New Years Eve?
Yeah. lts me again. Listen.
ls anyone, like, immediately....
My name is Kristy. lm the founding member
of the Baby-sitters Club.
My name is Kristy. lm the founding member
of the Baby-sitters Club.
l dont mean to brag,
but were famous here in Stoneybrook.
Hey, Kristy!
Everybody knows us.
Thats because everybody uses us.
You call one number...
and get connected
to seven incredible baby-sitters.
This is Stacey. Shes our club treasurer.
Shes good at keeping track of money.
Shes also good at spending it.
Stace was raised in New York City.
Sometimes she thinks she still lives there.
358 Bradford Court.
Thats Mary Anne.
When we were little,
we used to live next door to each other.
Shes kind of quiet, kind of serious.
Why are we friends?
They say opposites attract.
Dawn is Mary Annes stepsister.
She grew up in California.
Dawn really cares about the environment.
Her biggest regret is that
she wasnt born on Earth Day.
Claudias an amazing artist.
Shes really talented.
Do you know anybody who could take a fork
and a hammer and turn it into that?
And, of course, Mallory.
Shes a junior member of the club.
She wants to be a writer.
She started her novel when she turned 11...
and is determined to finish it
by the time shes eleven-and-a-half.
Jessi is Mallorys best friend.
Shes 11, too, and our other junior member.
Jessis motto is.:
Why walk when you can dance?
You know, were more than just a club.
Were friends. Best friends.
Nothing could ever change that.
Dawn, l heard that Alan Gray likes you.
Likes her, or like likes her?
That dweeb? Spare me.
lt doesnt matter anyway...
because l dont like him or like like him.
Somethings wrong here, you guys.
Schools out, and l miss it.
l know. lts not that l love it. lts just....
-We dont see each other every day?
-We end up baby-sitting at different houses.
-We might as well be on separate planets.
The first Baby-sitters Club meeting
of the summer is now called to order.
We have our meetings in Claudias room.
lts the best part of the week.
We started there
because shes the only one with a phone...
but now its home.
-Soy-meal chips? Forget it.
-Theyre good for sugar addiction.
l know lm late,
but there was this really big--
Whatd you get this time?
-Youre too much.
-Baby-sitters Club.
Hi, Mrs. Rodowsky.
Wednesday night, 6:00 to 9:30. Sure.
-Got it. Hold on. Whos free Wednesday?
-Not me.
According to the schedule...
you and me, but count me out.
Last time it took me two hours
to get that dog clean.
Okay, Mrs. Rodowsky, youre all set.
lll be there at 6:00 sharp. Okay, bye.
l know Jackie Rodowskys
a walking disaster, but l like him, okay?
-New business.
-We have a tragedy here.
l flunked science
and l have to go to summer school.
-Are your parents gonna kill you?
Dont sweat it, Claud.
l got straight As in science this year.
-lll coach you.
-Claud, youre an artist.
-You dont have to be a scientist.
-Shes right.
Tell that to my mom. lf l dont get a C plus,
l have to drop out of the club.
-Dont worry. Well help you.
-Youll pass. Promise.
What if l dont?
Baby-sitters Club.
Okay, lll tell her.
Stace, that was Ms. Wilder. She says that
her little nephews coming in tonight.
-Hes from Switzerland.
-Great. l love little kids with accents.
-Hi, Stacey.
-Hi, Rosie. Youre getting so good.
Thank you.
l have a treat for you in the Kid Kit:
extra stickers and puzzles.
And l brought something
for your little cousin. Where is he?
Hi, lm Luca...
the little cousin.
You brought me a gift?
lts just a small, little...
American flag thing.
Cool. Very nationalistic.
And youre....
Stacey. Your sitter, l guess.
l thought you were going to the movies.
l have my whole life to go to the movies.
Have you seen Karen and Andrew?
Werent they
with David Michael and Emily Michelle?
-This house is too big.
-Can l have my own phone?
-But l need it for business.
-When youre 16.
-Kristy, have you seen Karen and Andrew?
-But this doesnt make any sense.
lt doesnt have to.
You wont let me have BSC meetings here.
At least give me a phone.
We live too far away to have them here,
and l dont want you to have a phone.
Theyre not upstairs or in the garage.
-You cant just say no.
A good parent would give their child
a logical reason.
-l dont want you to be spoiled.
-lm already spoiled.
They have to be somewhere.
Where? Theyre not upstairs.
Theyre not under the beds.
l looked under the beds. l looked under--
l know.
Theyre with Colonel Mustard in the library
with the wrench.
lm Pirate Esmeralda, and this is my slave.
What would you guys do without me?
Thanks for helping me baby-sit.
Heres half of what l made tonight.
No, keep your money.
You know,
l baby-sit Rosie every Wednesday.
From 7:30 to 9:30.
What about every other night of your life?
-Do you like the movies?
-Mary Poppins is her favorite.
Weve seen that video 100,000 times.
Well, l baby-sit her a lot.
Why dont you go out with me Saturday?
We could go to the movies.
lf nothing is playing,
you could show me around Stoneybrook.
This is kinda it.
lts not like New York City or anything.
Thats where l grew up.
Have you ever been there?
-No, not yet.
-lts the best.
You mean, like you?
Are you gonna kiss her?
Whatever gave you that idea, Rosalind?
Come on, lets go.
-Dont let them burn.
-Do you think l should have told him?
-What? Who?
He doesnt know l have diabetes.
lts not like you have the flu or something.
He cant catch it.
Yeah, l mean, if hes any kind of guy,
he wont care.
l dont want him to know.
Hell think lm pathetic.
We all know. We dont think youre pathetic.
A little psycho maybe.
He also doesnt know lm only 13.
-Hes 1 7.
-Thats ancient.
-Hes a poet.
-He drives.
-Hes a musical genius.
-Hes been to Europe.
-Hes from Europe.
-Cough it up.
-Heres mine.
-Count me in.
-l forgot mine.
Stace, treasurers report.
After dues, well have $58.
But after the phone bill
and Kid Kit supplies...
well have $1 1 .47.
-Thats all?
-Were loaded.
Okay, new business.
l have a brilliant idea.
Stoneybrook Summer Camp for Seniors?
No! A day camp for our clients.
ltll give us a new service to offer.
ltll be a total gold mine...
and most important, its a way for us
to stay together the whole summer.
ls this not the most brilliant idea yet?
Last time she was like this,
she wanted us to open a dude ranch.
No, seriously, you guys.
ltll be so easy, and the kidsll love it.
We can go from 10:00 to 4:00,
Monday through Friday or something.
We can start after the Fourth of July,
give us time to set up.
l dont know what well charge,
but we can figure that out.
lve put together some start-up budgets
and schedules to check out.
Here, you guys.
-lt looks good, Kristy.
-You guys share.
Kristy, this brilliant idea
might really be brilliant.
My dad said we could use the yard,
but there are a few rules.
The first, in bold print and underlined:
-The house is off-limits to children.
-At all times.
-How many pages are there?
-Dont ask.
Just our luck
your dads a lawyer, Mary Anne.
Okay, lets start marking it off.
-Lets put the sports area....
-Lets put it over there.
-The dance area over there.
-First-aid tent back there.
-What about arts and crafts?
-We can line up Porta-Potties by the fence.
Perfect. Well put the garbage cans
next to them.
-Will the neighbors be a problem?
-Theyre cool.
-What about the new one?
-What about her?
You guys, my dad needs us
to sign this contract...
and initial all the pages hes marked.
-Put your John Hancock right there.
-This will be great.
Shouldnt we read this before we sign it?
Jackie Rodowskys one of my best clients
and the first camper to sign up.
His dream is to hit a home run.
Problem is, he cant even hit a ball.
Too bad he doesnt want to be a jockey,
because he can stay on a horse.
Cokie Masons hated us
since the third grade.
Everyones forgotten why.
Her number-one mission in life
is to put the BSC out of business.
Your helmets on backwards.
Hurts my ears the other way.
Thats Logan Bruno, Mary Annes boyfriend.
Hes an associate member of the BSC.
Mary Annes been in love with Logan
since he moved here from Kentucky.
Unfortunately, so has Cokie Mason.
Look at Kristy
and her band of goody two-shoes.
What do they think they are?
One big, happy family?
-Kristy, this horse wont let me down.
-Hey, you all. Hows the ride?
lll grab Logans arm
and you go distract Mary Anne, okay?
What if she doesnt leave him alone?
Mary Anne and Logan
never let each other out of their sight.
What are they afraid of? Moi?
Logan, lm so glad youre here.
-l wanted to call you.
-Oh, yeah?
-Get lost, Cokie.
-Hello, Kristin.
You have a date...
and l can see his age is the same as your lQ.
Who let you out
of that bat cave, Marguerite?
She hates to be called that.
Thats your real name?
No. lts the mumbling of an idiot.
Stall her.
Go do what l said.
l have to talk to you.
Mary Anne?
What classes are you taking next year?
l dont really know yet. Why?
Can l try on your riding pants?
-Fifth row? Center? Howd you get them?
l knew youd say yes. Just think.
You, me, and Smashing Pumpkins.
-What are you doing?
-Cokie, l....
-Dont you have somewhere else to be?
-Dont waste my time.
Logan, call me tomorrow.
Logan, l dont believe you.
Come on, lets go.
Shes eating seeds again.
lsnt it great how every time we come here
the burgers taste the same?
l like that. Something you can count on.
Dawn, have you watered yourself lately?
Kristy, you got a birthday coming up.
What should we do?
l dont know. Just as long as
its the best day of my life. But no pressure.
Guys, $250 per camper.
lf 30 campers sign up, thats $7,500.
Were rich.
-We can almost buy a car.
-ln five years, we can drive it.
lf we get enough money,
we can open our own office.
-Thats a great idea.
-We could get a fax machine.
-Go international.
-Thatll sure let me off the hook if l flunk.
-Youre not gonna flunk.
-Claud, lll help you.
l say we start looking.
How many people have we signed up?
On our last count, we had...
We passed out a million fliers.
-My brother David Michael will come.
-Hows your little day camp going?
-Great. Couldnt be better.
l happened to find a few of these...
flying around Main Street.
Mary Anne...
l got the most outrageous outfit
for the concert.
lm not going to cry.
lll be right back.
Listen, you guys, weve been fighting
each other since the third grade...
and now that were getting older,
dont you think its time we stop?
Were having our annual BSC party...
-tomorrow night at Millers Park at 8:00.
-What party?
lf you could come,
it would be great, 8:00 sharp.
Right, lm sure.
-l dont know.
-We dont have anything to do tomorrow.
-Of course we do.
lts Friday night.
Well be hanging out at Pizza Express.
l think we should go.
Besides, theyre kind of cool.
Theyre not cool.
Were cool, and dont you ever forget that.
-Whats up?
-Youll find out.
Lets see how cheese-ball
this baby-sitters party is gonna be.
-Theyre such girl scouts.
-Why are we here then?
Logan Bruno will be here.
What does he see in Mary Anne, anyway?
Shes pretty, shes nice,
and shes really sweet.
Where is everybody?
Welcome to the official opening
of the first day...
Welcome to the official opening
of the first day...
of the Baby-sitters Club Summer Day Camp.
Getting even with Cokie was easy.
Then we had to get the camp off the ground.
Every day had a plan,
every plan had a backup...
and every backup had a fallback.
Lots of our regulars signed up,
and some new kids, too.
Boy, were they enthusiastic.
And us, we were ready for anything.
At least, thats what we thought.
0n behalf of every one of our baby-sitters,
we have a souvenir for you...
which also serves a very important purpose.:
lt connects you with your counselor
and is very handy in the kitchen.
Dont hesitate to use this
with your friends, family, and favorite foods.
Please note the color of your potholder.
Go directly to the counselor
wearing the same color potholder as you.
Thank you.
The preparation phase was a nightmare...
but we had to stick it out
cause we were gonna make a fortune.
Can l have one for Jimmy-Tony?
How old is Jimmy-Tony?
Jimmy-Tony, they want to know
how old you are.
Hes the same age as me.
Well, then he gets a red one, too.
Come on.
-Okay, hes paid.
-Kristy, look.
Green. Same as you.
-What do we got?
-Can l have one?
She said she wants a potholder.
See you.
My mom was wondering,
well, theres two of us...
and l was wondering, too.
My mom and dad talked, and they
dont think me and my sister should come...
because itll be too much money,
so l was wondering:
Since my sisters so small,
could we both get in for the price of one?
lve been to the moon.
Over there!
On your mark! Get set! Go!
Come on, you guys! Come on!
Come on, guys! Go!
-lve got to go to the bathroom!
-Me, too!
Got to go to the bathroom?
Okay, hold on. Give me one second.
Stacey, where are the Porta-Potties?
The guy said they were coming
at 8:00 this morning.
lve got to go now!
-Get me out of here!
-We have to use your house.
No way. My mom will kill us.
They have to go to the bathroom!
Suzi, what are you doing in there?
Oh, no. The neb.
-Alan Gray.
-Hide me.
Get back. Back.
-Okay, turn. Good.
-You sure you dont need any help?
-l think you all should think about it.
-Cause this is my last offer.
Sounds like your first offer.
ld snap him up if l was you all,
cause hes really great with the kids.
-How much would you want?
-Not much.
Like how much?
Like nothing.
-When can you start?
-You got a deal.
-Hes a dweeb.
-Hes a free dweeb.
Yeah, lm a free dweeb.
l said get her a flower,
not squirt her with one.
Logan said he wouldnt have gone
with Cokie.
But what if he did?
What would you have done?
-You couldnt do nothing!
lf he wants to do something,
l cant stop him.
Yes, you can. You can tell somebody
when youre ticked off.
We cant let men get away with everything.
Kristy, hi.
-How you doing?
You grew a beard.
-A while ago. You must be Kristys friend.
-Mary Anne.
Sure, youre Richard Spiers little girl.
ld better go.
lt was nice seeing you again, Mr. Thomas.
-Call me, or lll call you.
-Call me.
Sorry, l didnt mean to surprise you
like this.
What are you doing here?
Didnt you get my postcard?
l said ld be coming.
Dad, you always say youll be coming.
You look great.
l mean, what, its been....
l mean, you were....
So how was school this year?
-Did you like it?
-Did you get good grades?
Guess so.
So you hungry? Wanna go get a pizza?
Why are you here?
Look, l know its weird just showing up...
but theres...
really no other way l could figure to do it.
Do what?
-lm moving back.
-You are?
Yeah, l have a shot at a sports column
with The News.
l didnt want to say anything
till it was a sure thing, but l....
You know, l couldnt resist seeing you.
Have you seen Mom?
Not yet.
Shes probably in the house.
l dont want her to really know lm here yet.
Not till l hear about the job, okay?
Think we could keep it a secret
for a couple of days?
l guess.
l like your hair long. lt looks really cool.
lll be staying at the Strathmore lnn
if you want to reach me.
And dont forget, l owe you a pizza.
Still like anchovies best?
0ne, two, three, four, five!
Howdy, partners!
Just remember, its Cowboy Day!
l mean Cowgirl!
lts Cowpeople Day!
Sit tall on your saddles.
Walk like you mean it.
And remember, one person
in the Porta-Potty at a time.
-Thank you, Kristy.
The Earth can do anything
if you treat it right.
Howdy, Dawn!
What did you do that for?
Alan, why do you act like such a bonehead?
No good reason.
Look alive over here!
Lets hear some chatter!
Why? Hes not gonna hit it.
Yeah! No way is he gonna hit that ball!
You got to strike out a couple times
before you hit a home run.
Hes never gonna hit the ball!
This is it. l can feel it.
l can see it in your elbow.
He stinks! Hes the worst!
Hes not gonna hit it!
Mary here is on a time out
for sticking gum in Charlottes hair.
-Margie, how old are you?
-Youre on a four-and-a-half minute time out.
-No, lm two.
-What do you think?
-l dont really belong here.
Please, youve got to come with me.
Kristy, it isnt like youre six or something.
l mean, youre almost 13.
lts not like you need a chaperone.
l dont wanna go alone.
Kristy, youre gonna love this.
You too, Mary Anne, l hope.
Thats okay. l dont have to eat.
l could even leave.
No. Shell eat anything.
Good, because my hotel
didnt have a kitchen...
and l wanted to make you
something really special.
-So guess what it is.
-l dont know.
You dont know?
Mouse pancakes.
Yeah, mouse pancakes.
Wow, Dad. l mean Patrick.
Whats in this?
-Pancake mix.
-Youre a little rusty.
When Kristy was little...
the only way l could get her to eat
was to make her mouse pancakes.
So we did every Sunday morning.
Right, pal?
So when are you gonna call Mom?
Soon. lve been really busy.
Dad, a phone call
doesnt take that much time.
lm gonna go to the bathroom.
Where is it?
Rest rooms. See that maple down there?
You take a left at the maple.
Dont worry, theyre clean.
Your mom thinks lm a loser.
All right? So before l walk
into that mansion you live in...
l gotta have a job, l gotta have a home...
and a few things put together,
you know what l mean?
Plus Chris Almond at the paper says
a couple days, a week tops.
Think you can give me that?
l guess so.
l got you something.
-What? You dont like it? l can take it back.
-No, dont do that.
lts really nice...
for a dress.
Do you really like the dress?
Yeah. lts great.
Forgot why l got up.
-Kristy, you have to tell your mom.
-l cant. l promised.
And you cannot tell anyone.
But l tell Dawn everything,
and l tell Logan even more.
You cant, Mary Anne. Not this time. Swear.
All right.
-But who cares if he has a job yet or not?
-Him, l guess.
Can you believe he gave me a dress?
What was l supposed to say?
Sorry, l only wear dresses
at weddings and funerals?
-Hed think l was crazy.
-You are.
l win.
Your mom looks just like Jo
in Little Women.
-You think so?
-Yeah. You look like him.
-l do?
-A little.
-What if l talk about him in my sleep?
-lm sleeping over, remember?
lf you talk, lll stuff a pillow in your face.
You okay?
Kind of freaked out.
Welcome to Punch and Judy Day!
Look, Mary Anne. l didnt say yes.
-But you didnt say no.
-But l didnt say yes.
l wasnt gonna go with Cokie.
Cross your heart and hope to die?
Welcome to Sports Day.
Remember, only do sports
in your sports group.
Okay, you know
what youre supposed to do.
lll distract him.
Logan, l like your jeans. Nice fit.
Hi, Cokie.
Cokie, how are you?
Your skin looks a little dry.
Youre trying to insult me. How hilarious.
Nice muscle.
Loved your little party in Millers Park.
-We did it.
-Great! Did you pull the tab?
We didnt pull anything.
You were supposed to pull, you freak!
Look what we got!
You brats!
-Jackie, l gotta go, okay?
-What do you mean? We gotta practice.
-Sorry, Jackie. How about tomorrow?
-l guess.
-Mallory, cover for me, okay? l gotta go.
l gotta leave early. So see you.
l wont miss the next one, Jackie.
Okay? Promise.
l dont believe this.
-What in the--
-Whos that man?
This is too weird.
Kristy has a boyfriend?
-The world must be flat.
-Whos the guy?
-No one.
-No one?
Who is he, Mary Anne?
l cant tell you. l promised.
Since when did we start
keeping secrets, Mary Anne?
lm Emily Haberman.
lm your neighbor. l live next door.
Hi, Mrs. Haberman.
Sometimes l see you in your garden.
A little while ago, l was nearly asphyxiated...
by a smelly, stinking, disgusting projectile...
and l, frankly, have had enough!
-lt wasnt us.
-We didnt know.
Would you happen to know...
what little buzzy insects and small children
have in common?
They both have the ability
to drive a human being...
who is both larger and smarter...
completely out of her mind.
Now, you look like decent, sensible girls...
so lets just call this a warning, shall we?
-But if theres any more trouble--
-There wont be.
You make sure there isnt,
because if there is...
l shall be forced to call the city...
and speak to them
about revoking your permit.
-Yes. Permit.
-Shes a hermit?
-lsnt that some kind of animal?
Permit, you idiots!
Claudia, are you studying?
l was so caught up with my dad,
l wasnt being much of a club president...
and Claud was going through it, too.
Besides camp, she had summer school
and l hated to admit it...
but she was doing
some of my camp work, too.
But somehow, and l dont know how...
she managed to come up
with a really great plan for the BSC.
l think lm having my first brilliant idea.
So what do you think?
lsnt this a cool place?
lt was built in 1 767.
Then later, in the 1800s,
someone turned it into a greenhouse.
Did we even have a country back then?
No, but we had a lot of diphtheria.
lm writing a novel
about the first nurse in America.
Lets go in, you guys.
We checked into it.
This place used to be an old gatehouse
before someone turned it into a greenhouse.
lts owned by the town,
but the civic committee said if we fix it...
and they approve it, we can use it.
-lts awfully dirty.
-lts really cool.
-l dont know. lt seems like a lot of work.
-lts really hot in here.
Weve got the nebs for the grunt work.
We can put the meeting table over there,
and the phone banks over there.
Dont you think this would make
an absolutely amazing office?
Yeah, l do. Thats why l suggested it.
No! Put that down!
Anyone caught throwing food
will be sent to the time-out booth.
Mallory, have you seen Dawn around?
Yeah, shes around.
l repeat.: Anyone caught throwing food...
will definitely be sent to the time-out booth.
l didnt do anything.
All right! Thats it!
Everyone to the time-out booth!
Cut it out! Thats it!
Come on! Thats enough!
-lm wiped.
-Stace, how was your date with Luca?
Smashing? Did he hit you over the head
with his charm?
My parents said we could use
my aunts cabin for Kristys birthday party.
-Thats perfect.
Kristy, Watson told my stepdad he had some
info on the greenhouse. Did you bring it?
-No, l forgot.
-Kristy, that was important.
lt was all kinds of rules and stuff
we need to get it fixed up so we can use it.
-How could you forget?
-Thats not like you, Kristy.
-l have nothing to wear.
-What about what youre wearing?
-l hate what lm wearing.
-You have too much to wear.
-l hate the way l look.
-You look great.
-Should l change my socks?
-You have to calm down.
-Why is he here?
-Stacey, listen to you.
-l know.
-Did you eat?
l will before l go.
lf you eat on schedule and give yourself
your insulin shots on time...
your diabetes will not be a problem.
-lf you dont--
-l know, Mom.
-lm a little nervous about Luca, thats all.
-Yeah. So am l.
Come on in.
-You look smashing.
So do you.
-l thought wed go for a hike.
-A hike?
You do hike?
Hike? Sure, l do it all the time.
Let me just tell my mom.
-Tell me what?
-Mom, were going on a hike, okay? Bye.
A hike? You? ln that?
You must be Luca.
lm Staceys mother, Maureen.
Pleasure to meet you.
-Okay, later, Mom.
-Wait. Did you eat something?
-l grabbed a muffin.
-When did you grab a muffin?
-l put it in my bag. lll eat in the car.
-Are you sure, Stace?
Yeah, bye.
-Tschss, Mom.
Wait. What does tschss mean?
l dont know.
lf we keep going, well find it.
Find what?
-You doing all right?
The bands called The Dogs.
Were pretty good, if l do say so myself.
ld love to see you play.
Have you ever performed here?
Of course not. Youve never been here.
Stoneybrook will be our first stop.
Come on.
l heard theres a fantastic view at the top.
Luca, l need something to eat.
Sorry, Claud. Can we do it tomorrow?
You promised to help me study, Kristy.
Whats up with you?
Sorry, Claud. lm doing the best l can.
Whats so important?
lts David Michaels birthday today...
and l have to be with my family.
lll make it up to you, Claudia. l promise.
Kristy, lm going to the nursery
to pick up the rosebush. Come with me.
l have to go to Claudias and help her study.
Well, thats on the way. lll drop you.
l was....
l dont have to be there yet,
so l was gonna make myself a sandwich.
lll put Emily with Nannie and lll join you.
l was just gonna take it with me.
So lll see you later?
-Bye, Mom.
-Bye, sweetie. Love you.
Love you, too. Bye, sis.
l didnt eat. Thats why l fainted.
Sorry. lts just when my blood sugar
gets low l get kind of psycho.
l wish you had told me you were diabetic.
lts no big deal.
Maybe not for you...
but it makes people treat me
like lm a little kid.
My mother is so overprotective.
lt makes me crazy
to worry about her worrying about me.
lts okay. lm just glad you feel better.
l didnt want you to think
l was sick or something, or weird.
l dont think youre weird.
l think youre beautiful.
Mom and l are so close, l hated lying to her.
But l knew if l left the house in a dress,
shed know something was up.
Still, l wanted Dad to see me
in the dress he bought me...
and the greenhouse
seemed the perfect place to change.
lts 1978, Yankees versus Red Sox.
-One game playoff.
-Goose Gossage pitching.
Carl Yastrzemski batting.
lts a stare-down
between Yastrzemski and Gossage.
l didnt remember
my dad being this much fun...
and l wanted to see him as much as l could.
We had a lot of lost time to make up for.
-The Yaz hits it out of the park!
-Man! Wait a minute!
-You cant obstruct the base runner!
-ls that right? l forgot.
-The Yaz hits it out of the park!
-Thats not the way it happened!
-lt is this time!
-ls that right?
-The Yaz hits it out of the park!
-No way.
You look so grown up.
l feel like a pencil.
You dont look like one.
Peanut butter and banana!
My favorite.
l love it.
You said you were gonna be hearing
about your job in a couple days.
-lts been a few weeks. When will you know?
-Soon. Real soon.
Personally, l like grapes with my meal.
-Youre so silly.
-Thank you.
lm glad youre back.
Me, too.
l cant believe this.
Kristys never missed a meeting.
-She did once.
-Her dog died.
Weve been waiting half an hour.
l know lm the alternate,
but my potassiums down.
Okay, lll do it.
This meeting of the Baby-sitters Club
is now called to order.
-Hi, guys. Sorry lm late.
-Kristy, youre wearing a dress.
-Who died?
-Should we start?
-We already have.
-New business. The Mrs. Haberman problem.
Whos Mrs. Haberman?
Our neighbor wholl report us to the city
and take away our permit for the camp.
We dont need a permit. l checked it out.
lt wouldve been nice
if you were there to tell her that.
-l had an appointment.
-Since when is a date an appointment?
lt wasnt a date.
l said l was sorry. lll talk to her.
lts no big deal.
-lt is a big deal, Kristy.
-We could lose the camp.
l said ld handle it, okay?
-l gotta meet Luca.
-l gotta sit for Becca.
Come on, Mary Anne,
the Newtons are coming over for dinner.
l have to finish my novel.
Dawn, watch this.
-ls that cool?
-Howd you do that?
lll show you sometime.
They found a new home.
What do you say we give them
a housewarming party?
-A party?
-Why would we want to give them a party?
-lm trading you guys in.
-A party?
Last night at dinner l practically
told my mom and Watson twice.
l dont know how long l can do this.
How long is he gonna be not here?
l dont know.
Want some tahini?
lll pass, thanks.
-Whats up with you and Kristy?
Doesnt look like nothing.
Youre always whispering.
-Thats not true.
-lt is true.
-Should l get my ears pierced?
-Dont change the subject.
Please dont be mad at me, okay?
Look, ld tell you if l could. l swear.
But l promised Kristy.
Go be her sister then.
Okay, so oxygens kind of white.
So, itd be in the white blood cells.
Right, Kristy?
What did you say?
Kristy, you know,
youre not helping me here.
l know. l just....
Can we do this tomorrow?
Wake up, Kristy. lf l fail,
lm gonna have to quit the club.
Maybe thats what you want.
-lm sorry, okay?
-Thats not good enough.
-She said she was sorry.
-Mary Anne, stay out of this.
-l cant do your work and my work, too.
-She said she was sorry.
-l never asked you to.
-Yes, you did.
Are we fighting?
We never fight.
-Jessi, l gotta go.
Could you just pack up
my equipment for me?
l am so tired.
lf l fail my final, my life is ruined.
You wont fail.
Pass the yellow paint, please.
-She wants the yellow paint.
Jessi, wheres Kristy?
She had to leave, but can l help?
Jessi, Nina Marshall cant find Jimmy-Tony.
She said you know where he is.
Hi, Nina. Hi, Jimmy-Tony.
Jimmy-Tonys not there.
Hold on, David Michael. lll be right back.
-Nice dress.
-Thanks. l know an apartment you can get.
-lts got a fireplace and l can make you chili.
-Just what l want.
-Thats the only thing l know to make.
-You like chili?
-l love chili.
Good. And you can come watch me coach.
Theres this kid Jackie Rodowsky.
Hes on my team.
-Jackie Rodowsky?
-Hes a total klutz, but hes special.
-Hows that rocket arm of yours?
Not bad. Hows yours?
Kristy, would you please come in here
for a minute?
Where were you?
l had to pick up some stuff for the camp.
You forgot to pick up
something pretty important.
Like what?
Like your brother.
ls he okay?
He tried to come home by himself.
l dont want to think
about what wouldve happened...
if Mr. Kishi hadnt found him
and brought him home.
Mom, lm really sorry.
l cant believe you let this happen.
What were you thinking?
David Michaels only seven.
What if something had happened to him?
He knows his way.
Nothing wouldve happened.
-How do you know?
-lt was a mistake, okay?
You cant make mistakes like that,
not with children.
-Especially with your younger brother.
-But David Michaels fine.
-He might not have been fine.
-l get the point, okay?
lts not like you to be so irresponsible.
l dont understand.
What has gotten into you lately?
Yeah, you dont understand.
You wouldnt understand!
Understand what? What dont l understand?
-Leave me alone!
-What dont l understand?
lm not gonna leave you alone.
l am your father.
-l want to know whats going on.
-Youre not my father!
l felt horrible about David Michael
and what l said to Watson.
And l knew if Claud didnt pass
itd be mostly my fault.
l saw a tree eat a dog.
-What kind of dog?
-A green one.
-Excuse me.
-l once ate an anthill.
Did you get bad breath?
You look very pretty today.
And l love what youre doing
for the environment.
Thank you, Alan.
Yeah. lt makes me wanna fly.
lts cool your folks are letting us
use the cabin.
My moms gonna drive us out,
and she promised...
shed keep my brothers out of our way.
Kristy is gonna have the best birthday.
-l dont know if she deserves it.
-Believe me, she deserves it.
Shes coming.
Guys, Luca asked me
to go to New York with him.
-No way!
-Are you gonna go?
l dont know. lf my mom says
its okay with my dad, she might let me...
if Claudia comes.
Me? l cant. l have to study.
lts not till after your test.
Today, using the BSC quick-study method...
youre gonna learn about the human body!
-Dont bother. lt doesnt interest me.
-Does the Baby-sitters Club interest you?
-lts my life.
-Then get interested.
Claud didnt know that we had come up
with a BSC emergency plan...
that would make it impossible for her to fail.
lf you wanna run, if you wanna jump
You gotta get your left
and right ventricles to pump
Through the heart, the center of it all
And you might just fall
Down to the ground
which will cause you pain
But thatll never happen
if you use your brain
The brain, the brain, the center of the chain
Thatll never happen if you use your brain
Neurons run through the cortex
into the frontal lobe
Past the hypothalamus, its good to go
lnto the cerebellum
its the best thing that could happen
Cause were the baby-sitters
and well always be rappin
And singing and thinking is the best
Now you better go and study
so you pass your science test
Now you better go and study
so you pass your science test
lf you do your homework
you can almost feel it
Pumping to the brain, pumping to the brain
The brain, the brain, the center of the chain
The brain, the brain, the center of the chain
The brain, the brain, the center of the chain
The brain, the brain, the center of the chain
The brain, the brain, the center of the chain
-You guys. All your lucky stuff.
-We hope they help.
Here, Claud. Theyre my lucky shoelaces.
l was wearing them
when l got my first home run.
Thanks, guys.
-l could use all the help l can get.
-Were with you, Claud.
The neurons run through the cortex
into the frontal lobe
-Past the hypothalamus its good to go
-lts good to go, into the cerebellum....
The brain, the brain, the center of the chain
-Hey, Claud.
-Hi, Kristy.
-Howd the test go?
-l think okay.
Thats great. So what are you doing?
Staceys mom is here
and we may go to New York.
So l cant talk. Bye.
-Mary Anne?
Kristy, whats up?
Nothing. l just talked to Claudia.
She sounded kind of weird.
Are you okay?
Yeah. No.
All this sneaking around,
l just feel like a rat.
So do l.
Theyre ganging up on me, too.
Dawns practically not even talking to me.
l dont know what to do.
lf l tell the truth,
lll betray my dad, lf l dont...
lm lying to my mom and all my friends.
Youve already done that.
And you got me doing it, too.
Call you later.
Kristy, look at Nannies tomatoes.
Theyre huge.
This year shes singing them show tunes.
Theyre a lot bigger than that year
she was singing them torch songs.
-Wanna try one?
-No, thanks.
You dont know what youre missing.
-Yes, sweetie.
You have a piece of tomato on your chin.
Good night, Mom.
-Do you want one?
-Why dont you keep it?
Can you pass the mustard?
-She wants the mustard.
-Kristy, l hit one yesterday.
-Jackie, thats incredible.
Well, l kind of hit it.
Hit my bat, then kind of fell off.
Probably the closest one to a home run
lm ever gonna hit in my life.
And you didnt see it.
Jackie, youre gonna hit more.
All you needed was one to break the ice.
You really let him down, Kristy.
-Give it a rest, Claud.
-No, Clauds right.
-What is up with you, Kristy?
-Youre always leaving so early.
Youre acting so weird.
-Youre always late.
-You have a responsibility here.
-You owe us.
-l cant tell you.
-But you can tell Mary Anne.
Shes my best friend.
Everythings gonna be okay, sweetie.
You just hang in there.
What are you thinking?
-lts hard.
-Yeah, l know.
Claudia flunked a quiz,
and l was supposed to help her.
That was a while ago, wasnt it?
You did everything you could do.
You talking to your boyfriend?
David Michael, leave your sister alone.
-Theres just a lot going on here.
-You want to change phones?
-lll call you later.
-You okay?
-Yeah, fine.
-You sure? Who were you talking to?
Seem a little upset.
l have an allergy, okay?
Whats wrong? Are you crying?
Cant you just leave me alone?
l have an allergy, okay?
-What are you allergic to?
Remember when l took you to Montys?
You wouldnt get off The Monster?
The only 5-year-old that
wouldnt get off the Ferris wheel.
How about for your birthday we go back
and ride The Monster till we puke?
Hi, Meggy!
How about a box seat?
Dad, whyd you come back
if youre just gonna hide?
To see you. l missed you.
But, Dad, you couldve come before.
Nothing was stopping you.
l tried.
Dad, you sent two cards
in five years or something.
l was always thinking youd come.
You never did. Ever.
ld wait for you every year.
You never even called.
You dont care about me and everyone
who does care about me is mad at me!
l cant do this anymore!
lve never lied to Mom or my friends.
And since you got here,
thats all lve been doing and l hate it!
lts all your fault!
lm gonna tell Mom youre here.
Kristy, we had a deal.
Dad, lm breaking it,
just like you broke all your promises.
lm here, arent l?
lm sorry, okay?
l know l havent been there for you.
l know theres nothing l can do
about the past.
But there is something l can do
about right now, about you and me.
Come here.
Tell you what.
On your birthday, when l take you
to Montys, lll pick you up at home...
and well tell everybody
the good news together. Okay?
-l promise.
Thats the best present
you could ever give me.
Wait a minute.
l need a real hug.
-Dawn, you okay today?
-Yeah. Why wouldnt l be?
l dont know. Why wouldnt you be?
Okay, the place has to be squeaky clean
for the civic committee on Monday.
Youre driving out with us
for your party, right?
lm gonna be a little late, but lll be there.
-l have my own ride. Okay?
l cant breathe in here.
Why arent any of the windows open?
My hair is drooping.
l need some air. l need some hairspray.
My gosh, its Claudia. l hope she passed.
-Did we flunk?
-This could be the worst day of our lives.
l got a B minus.
Can you believe it? l passed!
Look out, New York!
Stace and Claud stayed at Staceys dads...
and the next day, he took them everywhere.
He showed them Central Park...
The Plaza hotel, Rockefeller Center...
and then the Metropolitan Museum of Art,
for Claud.
That night, he dropped them off
at a teen club downtown...
to meet Luca and his friends.
That was after
he gave Luca the third degree...
about where theyd go and what theyd do.
Okay, have fun. lDs.
Damn cool place.
All right, boss.
All right.
Okay. Ladies, lDs.
l mustve left it in my other wallet.
Come on, give her a break.
Shes 16. They both are.
l cant let them in without lDs.
lts right here.
Sorry, babe. Nice try.
-She just showed you her lD.
-Yeah, and she aint no 16.
-So beat it.
-lm almost...
Give this back to your girlfriend.
Get your lDs ready.
Damn it!
-Can you stop saying that?
-l just cant believe youre only 13!
-Stop screaming in my ear.
-Stop screaming in my ear.
-You stay out of this!
-Dont yell at her!
-My husband and l, we were engaged at 13.
-Stay out of this!
Dont yell at her!
Can you let me out of here? Please.
-Dont listen to her. Shes a child.
-Let me out of this cab!
-lm not about to let two little girls--
-Shut up!
You know, l thought
maybe you werent quite 16.
l never imagined you were only 13.
-l wanna get out now!
Forget it. l promised your father
ld take you home.
The whole thing with Luca was a disaster.
We all felt so bad for Stace.
They say things usually look better
in the morning...
which is good, because we still
had three-and-a-half weeks of camp.
which is good, because we still
had three-and-a-half weeks of camp.
Flowers and dirt never make you hurt.
Vanessa, my parents came from a bear.
-What kind of bear?
-Alligators like to fly.
Whered you get these?
-We picked them.
-From where?
-Oh, no! My Antirrhinum majus!
-Your what?
-My snapdragons!
-Mrs. Haberman, please calm down.
Calm down?
These aberrations that you call children...
have beheaded my precious flowers...
as though theyre nothing
more than cauliflower!
-Well replace them. l promise.
-Replace them?
You dont understand.
Theyre completely traumatized.
l grew these little babies from seeds.
All right, l warned you.
lm calling the city.
No! Wait!
Alan, can you look after my group
for a few minutes?
This Alan?
Mrs. Haberman!
lm really sorry, Mrs. Haberman.
lve grown these since spring.
Theyre only herbs: sage and rosemary.
They wont make up for what happened
or replace your beautiful flowers.
But theyre delicious,
and they smell so nice...
and l would really like you to have them.
Youre right. They dont.
l planted those flowers
especially for the butterflies...
and the hummingbirds.
l think hummingbirds are magical.
They look like little jewels.
-Whats your name again?
Dawn. How 60s.
l do appreciate the gesture, Dawn.
Thank you very much.
l was just gonna have some tea.
You want some?
-Sure. Thanks.
-Come on.
You know, lm really sorry about that.
ls that you in those pictures?
That ones in Vietnam. This was Berlin.
l happened to be there
the night the wall came down.
Thats Africa. l was on safari.
l had the most amazing conversation
with that water buffalo.
-ls herbal all right for you?
-Here you go.
Oat straw. l used to drink this with my dad.
Hes still in California.
Thats where l grew up.
They have some exquisite
ruby-crowned kinglets there.
That is if the pollution hasnt killed them all.
lt was still pretty nice when l was there.
l used to sit at the bottom
of this redwood tree all the time.
And do what?
Yes. Quiet can be a lovely companion.
One that lve missed lately.
Dawn, youre almost delightful.
Thank you.
But l dont know
how much more l can stand.
Please, its only for a few more days.
How many days is a few more days?
And is several more or less than a few?
l dont know.
Well, then l dont know either.
-Honey, Lucas outside.
-Tell him lm not here.
Youll feel a lot better if you go out there
and talk to him.
No, l wont.
Hes called six times. The least
you could do is hear what he has to say.
Hes pretty good on that thing.
-Youre trying too hard to impress her.
-But thats what you told me to do.
Well, dont try so hard.
But you said before,
Whatever you do, dont be yourself.
You think if you were yourself
shed like you?
l dont know.
Shut the door on your way out, okay?
Nice work, you guys.
She likes me. Yeah, she really likes me.
-Looks great.
-Almost done.
-Mary Anne. Can l put this here?
-What do you think?
-Strathmore lnn.
Yeah. Patrick Thomas, please.
0ne moment.
Hey, birthday girl.
-What time are they picking you up?
-Sorry, hes checked out.
-Wish l was going to the lake.
-Did he leave a note or....
-Theres nothing here.
Would you check again, please?
l just came on duty and l dont see anything.
He was supposed to pick me up,
but l mustve gotten it wrong.
-Maybe l was supposed to meet him.
-Okay, thanks.
-Shell be here any minute.
-Shes been late all summer.
Why is the cake melting?
Who bought an ice-cream cake?
Ladies, we can do some major damage here.
Wait until the civic committee
gets a load of this.
Okay. Theres more shaving cream
in the bag.
Hand me a can!
l cant. lm stuck.
Me, too.
Yeah, right. Like this is really wet cement.
Kind of looks that way to me.
Your attention, folks.
Due to the storm,
Montys Fun City is now closing.
Dad? Daddy?
You okay?
Montys Fun City is now closing.
We are sorry for the inconvenience.
-Good night, Mike.
-See you.
-Mallory, lm at--
-Kristy? Hello?
We got cut off.
-Where is she?
-l dont know.
-l promised.
-Something horrible couldve happened.
We have to find her.
Kristys dad came back.
Her real dad.
-We have to call her mom.
-Kristy made me swear. We cant tell anyone.
-We cant just sit here.
-When are your parents getting home?
We need a car to get there.
l think l know someone.
-Kristy, are you okay?
-Weve been looking everywhere for you!
We were so worried!
Come on, Kristy. We gotta get you warm.
lm soaked.
Luca, l know lve been a real nightmare...
and you cant wait to be with your friends.
Sometimes l dont know how to be myself.
-l never met anyone like you.
-Are you finished?
And l wanted to get to know you.
l havent told you something.
lm coming back next summer.
-You are?
-lll be 1 4.
-l know.
Lifes a joke.
l remember last year when my grandma died,
l stayed in my room and cried for two days.
l didnt think ld ever feel good again.
l felt the same way
when my mom and dad split up.
Me, too. lts the worst.
l feel so stupid.
l really believed him this time.
lts not your fault, Kristy.
But l thought l was more important to him.
Youre important to us.
l screwed up your whole summer.
Okay, so this summer was your turn.
l cant believe you guys
are still talking to me.
Are you still talking to me?
Only if l can borrow your plaid jacket
for the rest of the year.
-l wouldnt have yelled at you if ld known.
Yeah, you wouldve.
Okay, l guess l wouldve.
Make a wish.
Friends forever.
You guys.
What kind of cake is this, anyway?
You guys.
l cant believe he was here for over a month
and you never told me.
You think l liked not telling you?
lt was really hard.
Well, lm sure it was hard,
but that doesnt make it right to lie.
-He made me promise.
-He shouldnt have done that.
But he said on my birthday
we were going to tell you.
l could wring his neck for doing this to you.
Maybe if ld been different,
he wouldnt have done it.
No, youre not supposed
to be the grownup here.
Your father says hes gonna do
a lot of things that he doesnt do.
Why is he like that?
Honey, l dont know.
l believed him, too.
lm glad we got to spend time together.
He made me laugh.
l know.
Thats one of the most wonderful things
about him.
He loves you, you know.
But not the way
you and Watson love me, right?
This was in the mailbox for you.
Dear Kristy,
l want to tell you this in person...
but l dont have the heart
or the guts, l guess.
The job didnt work out.
Can you believe it? After all that.
Hope your birthdays great.
Remember, l owe you a ride on The Monster.
Love, Dad.
PS: Seeing you meant everything to me.
lm so sorry l let you down
and put you in a tough spot with your mom.
lll never do it again.
lm on my way to Colorado.
Chris Almond told me theres an opening
for a stringer on the paper there.
Great, Dad. Colorado. Whats next?
Your father is full of dreams.
Just like you.
Dont ever give them up.
What happened?
-Whats happening here?
-Whats going on?
-What did they do to this place?
-What happened, Kristy?
The civic committee is coming today.
What are we gonna do?
-Were dead meat.
-My flowers!
Whatd they do to my paints?
-Look at this mess.
-l cant believe this.
-Look at this place.
-lts disgusting.
Dont be sad.
You guys! Look!
lts like that thing in Hollywood.
She melted.
That girl is building up
some very bad karma.
The civic committee
was coming in two hours.
Cokie had really creamed us this time.
Then Claud, using a very brilliant
scientific method...
figured out that shaving cream
and toilet paper clean pretty well.
This time we did all the grunt work.
And with the help of the kids,
we got that place cleaned up in record time.
And best of all,
Claud and l were friends again.
l dont believe this.
They saw a problem,
and they worked hard to solve it.
What are you saying?
Being good gets you somewhere?
Being bad didnt.
l mean, we wasted our whole summer.
You didnt waste it. You were with me.
You got an education.
The civic committee showed up.
Just our luck, right on time.
Did they say anything?
-Youve shown a lot of civic pride.
And we would love to grant your request
to use the structure.
Weve done it!
But lm afraid its not possible.
-You charge for your services, dont you?
Then you consider yourself
more a business than a club.
-And your business makes you money?
-What good business doesnt?
l believe we have a problem.
Our charter states that any facility....
Bird Face is on the committee? Were dead.
They wanted the place for their garden club,
and give us a commemorative plaque.
Come off it, Harold.
Were not talking about
a multimillion-dollar corporation here.
How much money
could their business possibly make?
Our expenses ran a little away from us.
l mean, between start-up costs,
freebies, camp supplies...
the money to fix up this place
and miscellaneous expenses...
our total profit...
is $168.1 7.
-Thats all?
-l cant breathe. l have to go.
Theyre dropping like flies.
lf memory serves me correctly...
our committee bylaws state
that any company...
must show a profit of $1,500 a year
to qualify as a viable business.
These girls are obviously nowhere near that.
Therefore, l see no reason
why they cant use this as their office.
Fine. Do whatever you want, Emily.
l dont care.
l need some air.
l dont think theyre quite used
to this tropical environment.
Reminds me of my days in Calcutta.
ls it always gonna be this hot in here?
lt was turning into an amazing day.
We got the greenhouse.
Jackie hit his first home run.
Cokie got it so bad...
l knew it was the last time the BSC
would ever hear from Cokie Mason.
For this summer, anyway.
All right, Jackie!
Way to go, Jackie!
Will you go to the movies with me tonight?
Alan, get real.
l am.
lve been trying to ask you out all summer.
Are you lovebirds yet?
When l got home,
there was another letter from my dad.
l couldnt believe l heard from him so soon.
lt used to be years between letters.
Now its days.
$168.1 7.
We had a lot of overhead.
Most businesses
dont even survive their first year.
We had to work out all the kinks.
Are we taking the bed, Claudia?
-We cant take my furniture.
-What will we sit on?
Can we take the rug?
-lm gonna miss it here.
-Me, too.
-Where it all began. Right, Claud?
Can you get the licorice
from my nightstand?
l dont want to forget it.
We spent some of the best years
of our lives in this place.
lts so nice and cool in here.
lts almost gone.
-Hi, Mrs. Haberman!
-Hello, Dawn.
lm sorry to bother you, but....
The more we thought about it,
Clauds room really was home.
And Mrs. Haberman
had really come through for us.
So, we figured
after what wed put her through...
the least we could do
was give her the greenhouse.
lts all yours, Mrs. Haberman.
-What do you mean?
-Come on.
We thought you could use it.
Might help you grow
all your flowers and stuff.
We asked the nursery for whatever
might attract hummingbirds and butterflies.
The sunflowers were my idea.
l guess Stoneybrook could use
a nature conservancy.
You guys are gonna end up
with your names on a plaque after all.
Okay, well put those there.
All right, everybody. Come on. Group shot.
After buying Mrs. Haberman plants
and getting our answering machine...
all we were left with was $18.
So we splurged and blew the whole thing
on an extra-large pizza...
double cheese, double sauce,
double anchovies.
Dawn had a tricolore salad, whatever that is.
Mary Anne couldnt believe we worked
the whole summer and got only a pizza.
But l think we got a lot more than that.
Claudia wasnt the only one
with a test this summer.
Each of us was tested in our own way.
We really learned what it meant
to come through for each other...
and how hard that can be.
But l guess thats what it takes sometimes
to really be a friend.
Mom says, lf you can count the number
of friends you have on one hand...
thats a lot.
lve got five fingers
and more than five friends.
All right, everybody. Lean in.
Mom says lm way ahead. l think shes right.
And say, trees.
-What do you wanna do now?
-l dont know. What do you wanna do?
-l dont know. What do you wanna do?
-l dont know. What should we do?
-l dont know.
-l dont know, either!
lf you dont know, l dont know.
-Are you hungry?
-What do you wanna eat?
-l dont know.
l dont know, either.
-Where do you wanna go?
-l dont know.
l dont know, either.
-What about you?
-l dont know.
You guys are useless. lm going home.