The Bacchus Lady (2016) Movie Script

Why are you here alone?
Where's your mom?
When did the symptoms start?
A few days ago.
It itches and aches when I pee.
And yellow discharge
on your panties?
When was your last intercourse?
It's gonorrhea, isn't it?
Yes, very likely.
We should run a urine test first.
Damn fucker.
Should've used a condom.
I don't have time for this.
Cure me fast, Doctor.
Yes, but the test first.
You know where
the pharmacy is, right?
- Call the security!
- Yes, sir.
Come quickly!
Are you okay, Doctor?
Are you crazy?
Stop right there!
Don't move!
Call the police!
Don't come, Min-ho!
Run away!
- Mommy!
- Don't come!
- You! Come here!
- Stay still!
Run away!
Watch out, kid!
My goodness...
Are you okay?
You're not hurt?
Stay still.
Let's go this way.
What's with you?
Calm down.
Why are you home so early?
No business today.
Product is out of order.
You're sick again?
Don't ask.
I'm not in the mood.
Who's that?
I picked it up on the street.
Don't be mean.
Time to go to work.
She ate it up.
Don't you ever say hello?
I said hello.
Ah... hello to you, too.
Get in. Get in there.
That's right.
Take off your shoes.
Your shoes.
That's right.
Come in. In here.
You're not talking?
English okay?
What you name?
Where you from?
Are you hurt?
Gosh, you're hurt.
Hold on.
It's almost done.
I must be crazy,
bringing you home.
If you don't eat,
it's your loss.
Eat, eat.
Hurry up.
Good boy.
Yes, eat up.
Are you in there?
Who is it?
It's me.
What do you want?
The sun is up high and
you're still in bed?
Damn headache.
I went to bed in the morning.
You drank all night again.
Babysit him today.
What? Hell no.
I'm bad with kids.
Oh, excuse me.
You have a guest.
Never mind, then.
I'll ask Do-hoon.
- Sorry, sis.
- It's okay.
I'll come home early.
Tina is with someone.
The bald guy?
Shit, that Korean-Japanese yakuza.
Why do you care?
It's none of your business.
So you'll watch him today?
Hey buddy, how are you?
What's your name?
He probably doesn't speak Korean.
Then what should I do?
Just watch him,
and feed him on time.
I don't even keep
my own meal times.
Don't be difficult.
Help me out.
All right.
Hey, let's go in.
- Go on.
- Come with me.
- See you later.
- Okay, see you.
What's your name?
You don't speak English?
First time around here?
Would you like a bottle of Bacchus?
I'll show you a good time.
Are you that famous...
You better be good.
My expectations are high.
Why don't we try
something new today?
I'm having some issues.
I can't have intercourse today.
Why not?
I'm having... my period.
Are you?
Damn it.
I should've told you.
I am sorry.
- But I won't disappoint you.
- All right.
You'd better be worth it.
Of course.
Do you need this?
- No.
- I see.
Let me have that.
Waiting for someone?
Yes, well...
How about a date with me?
A date?
Don't you know what I mean?
A good time for a good price.
Let's go.
How much is it?
Forty dollars,
but thirty for you, handsome.
Room charge is included.
Let's go.
Come on.
Take a shower if you want.
Make yourself at home.
No thanks.
I already showered.
Then wait a second.
All right.
Have you done this for long?
Why do you ask?
I just...
Not that long.
How did you get into this?
To send my son in the U.S.
Tuition money.
I'll quit when he gets
his master's degree.
I see.
How much do you earn a day?
Why do you keep calling?
I'm busy now.
Calm him down then.
I'll call you later.
Wait, wait!
I have something to say.
I'm sorry.
It must've been annoying.
I will focus now.
The truth is...
Does conversation help
give you a hard-on?
No, it's not like that...
I'm interviewing for a documentary
about "Bacchus Ladies".
Old women prostituting in the
Jongno area.
That's why...
Hear me out, Granny.
South Korea ranks 11th on the
economic scale,
but has the worst senior poverty rate
among OECD countries.
It's ridiculous how so many
senior citizens are
still suffering in the shadows
of society today.
It's not right.
You son of a bitch.
- Pay up.
- Excuse me?
Ten dollars for the room.
I paid for the room.
Oh, right...
And don't call me granny,
my vagina is still young!
Open your mouth.
All right, all right.
I will.
- See you, sis.
- See you.
Why don't you answer?
Where did they go?
It's me.
Where are you now?
What happened?
He disappeared while I was
making ramen.
I told you to take care of him.
I did!
I couldn't even work all day.
How long has he been missing?
About half an hour?
I searched around here.
He must be on the move.
He's got feet, after all.
- Shall we call the police?
- No, let's search again.
I'll look this way again.
You go search that alley.
Call me.
Excuse me, sir.
Did you see a little boy with
dark skin pass by here?
There's plenty around here.
You found him?
Where are you?
Why did you go out
without telling me?
I was scared shitless.
Thank god we found him.
He was standing out front.
I see.
Thank god we found you.
He told me he lost his mom.
- He spoke?
- Yes.
- Are you Filipino?
- Yes.
I see.
I am trying to find him his mom.
Are you his relative?
No, I am not.
His mom is in a
complicated situation.
So I'm keeping him for a while.
Wait a minute...
I read about the Filipino woman
stabbing that doctor with a knife.
- It was on the news?
- Yes.
It was scissors, not a knife.
So that was his mom?
What a coincidence!
You can take care of him
as you're a Filipino, too.
I can't. I have my situation too.
I'm sorry.
But he's from your home country!
No, it's fine.
He can stay with me.
I am sorry.
Wait a minute, please.
This granny will find your mom.
So stay with her for now
and be a good boy, okay?
You should call this number.
What does it say?
Emergency Support Center
for Migrant Women?
I see.
Ketchup or mayonnaise?
Eat up.
The kitty must be hungry, too.
Wait till we finish!
What are you looking at?
Eat that.
Do-hoon, are you in there?
He went out a while ago.
That's why no one answered.
Good morning.
Hello, Adindu.
'Hello. What is your name? '
'My name is Kang Min-ho.'
Your name is Min-ho?
Ms. Youn.
Hello, sweetie.
- It's been a while.
- Yes, indeed.
My daughter sent me on
a trip to Thailand.
- Give me a Bacchus drink.
- Only the drink?
- Is he with you?
- Yes.
What is this about?
Don't worry.
He can wait downstairs.
I'll be back soon.
He'll behave.
Wait here.
I come back, okay?
Go inside.
Sit over there.
How romantic!
I got it.
Sweetie, cops are here.
What should we do?
There's no proof that you paid me.
You stay and watch TV.
I can't afford to be in trouble.
I really have to go.
I've been caught too many times.
What is this about?
Stay still.
You were paid, right?
No, I wasn't!
- What about these twenty dollars?
- That's mine!
I told you we are lovers.
Don't bullshit us.
How about Room 205?
Let's go home.
Check that room!
I'm screwed today.
No work, no money.
Adindu, do you have Pongpong?
Hallo, hallo.
Do you have Pongpong?
Don't you know?
It's soap for dishes.
I see. One moment.
You want?
Gosh, you work out hard.
I don't have anything else
to spend my energy for.
How often do you do it?
Do what?
Have sex.
Can't do it enough at your age.
Tell me about it.
It's killing me.
I owe a lot to Miss H.
Your girlfriend?
Oh, Miss Handy...
But there's plenty of fish
in the sea.
Holy shit.
Put it away.
Plenty of fish,
but none for me.
How can it scare you
every time?
I don't know.
Itjust does.
I can't get used to it.
Maybe since you had something
chopped off too?
That makes sense.
Shut up!
Don't visualize it!
I never should've rented to a
one-legged idiot.
You're 4 months late on rent.
I won't wait more than a month.
Good god, I'm so grateful.
I have the best landlady ever.
Yes, you do.
All these good deeds should
buy my place in Heaven.
But you went and messed
with God's creation...
You think he'll let you in?
My pastor says people like me
go to Heaven too.
He said the judgment is up to God.
- Hey, sis.
- Hello.
You took the kid to work?
Are you crazy?
No choice, I had to work.
Do-hoon can't take him every day.
He's no good influence,
that's for sure.
What do you mean?
Who knows what you're up to
in that awful room all day?
I am not exactly a role model, either.
Can't deny that.
I can babysit him next time.
- Like you're any different?
- Me? Why?
The kid must be confused.
He knows I'm a woman.
Right, kiddo?
See? He already knows.
He knows something's weird.
For Christ's sake.
Sis, do I look like a man?
You're all woman.
As long as you don't speak.
I won't extend your contract!
Both of you!
It's your lucky day again.
Tina has a guest again.
But seriously, why did you
bring him home?
I've been asking myself
the same thing.
I just felt like I had to.
You're one bizarre lady.
His mom was on the news again.
What happened?
She's having problems with the
paternity suit,
because the kid disappeared.
Did you call the center?
I should.
See you later.
The cigarettes.
- Here.
- Thank you.
Keep a good eye on him!
Yes. Let's go in.
How are you? Fine?
- Hello.
- Sorry for the late payment
I know you work hard to
pay me back.
How is the doctor doing?
His injury is not critical
so he'll be back next week.
Good for him.
How about the woman?
I heard she's in jail.
I'm giving you an antibiotic.
It'll hurt a bit.
Is he single?
No way. He has three kids.
Married into a rich family.
I'm really curious
how it'll turn out.
Rub it, please.
He went to the Philippines to study
but got a girl pregnant.
All these irresponsible bastards
should be damned.
Men are helpless.
- I'll see you outside.
- Yes.
Something wrong with you?
- Mono... doxy...
- Give it back!
I knew it!
I really hate that bitch.
I saw her at the pharmacy.
She was buying medicine
for gonorrhea.
- So she can't do it?
- Of course not.
- Hey!
- What?
Seems you can't run with legs
but with your mouth.
You chatty slut.
You bony old bitch!
You think you're better than us?
You're just another old pussy.
Shut up, bitch!
No use being a good fuck
if you've got a dirty disease.
Serves you right!
Fuck you bitch!
You son of a bitch slut.
We all know you spread your legs
for yankee soldiers.
Don't show off with broken English,
you whore.
Admit that you're jealous.
How could I be jealous of
a bitch with no husband?
What's the use of having one
that can't even get it up?
You're ruining it for all of us
by selling out for pennies!
Shut your trap.
Hello. It's me.
How are you?
Long time, no see.
Right. You're doing well?
- I have a job as you can see.
- I see.
Lovely flowers.
This is my stop.
I'll go to Jongno to see you.
- I won't work there anymore.
- Really?
- Well, I'll come see you.
- Okay.
Take this.
You've got a nice body.
I try to work out
as often as I can.
Can I feel it?
You want to?
You're so hard.
It's not easy to stay this fit
at my age.
I'm impressed.
How about a date with me?
A date?
I'd like that.
Can I open a Bacchus for you?
I'm good.
A damn hooker!
The weather is so nice.
Wonder how many more autumns
are left for us now.
You don't talk much.
Your hands are so soft.
Wow, you'll have great luck
in the future, too.
Excuse me.
Are you... Mi-sook?
Yang Mi-sook, right?
Oh my god, sis!
It's me!
Bok-hee, Jeon Bok-hee!
From Lena House
near Camp Casey.
We worked there together.
It was a long time ago.
It's been ages!
I never thought I'd see you again.
How have you been?
How did you recognize me?
I knew when I saw that big nose.
No one calls me
that name anymore.
Right, you changed your name.
What was it?
Right... So-young.
So young!
You remember.
And yours was Happy.
Yes, I was Happy.
Honey, I met an old friend.
We were really close.
Old friend.
This is my hubby.
What happened to James?
Oh, sorry.
It's okay.
He knows all about me.
And he can't hear anyway.
I see.
James died.
More than 20 years ago.
What about Steve?
That son of a bitch...
I don't know
if he's dead or alive.
Must be getting drunk and
beating up girls somewhere.
Your son must be all grown up.
He's doing well in the U.S.
Good to hear.
I'm sorry,
but I have to go now.
- Do you come here often?
- Yes, very often.
Then we'll get to see
each other again.
- I'll call you.
- Yes...
Freeze and stop!
You were waiting for me?
- Here.
- 'Thank you.'
Let's go in.
Why haven't I seen you
in Jongno for so long?
No use going there.
I can't make love anymore.
I'm not a man anymore.
Tell me if you need my help.
You're not the only one
hard to see around these days.
We're all in queue for
the last train of life.
You're either sick or dead.
You remember Jong-soo?
Sure I do.
Your friend who enjoyed dirty jokes.
That's right.
He's in terrible condition now.
He's locked himself in.
Won't step out of the house.
He's gotten really strange.
I see.
Any news of that man?
The gentleman who always
wore custom-made suits.
He was real nice to me.
And very generous.
Who is it...
"Savile Row Song"?
That dandy fellow?
Yes, that's right.
Mr. Savile Row Song!
He always had stacks of new bills
because of his big pension.
He's in a geriatric hospital
after having a stroke.
Been more than a year.
A stroke?
Oh my god...
Poor thing.
Do you remember me?
Youn So-young.
I... am... sorry.
Why are you saying that?
To meet you... Like this...
Don't I... stink?
No, you don't.
It's okay.
I... can... not... eat alone.
Can't... do...
any... thing... alone.
Must be nice to have others
do things for you.
I... can't even...
Even die... without help.
Don't be so fussy.
Let's go.
They won't ignore me if I
go with a man.
I have a deadline for this.
It's urgent.
Will two packs do it?
Damn... All right.
But I don't need the cigs.
I'm not that inconsiderate.
Let's go. Come on.
- Get us something to drink, please.
- Yes.
You shouldn't have taken
the child, ma'am.
His mom was heartbroken.
I am sorry.
That's called abduction.
You can go to jail for this.
She gets it, please.
She was taking care of the kid
who was running away.
And the boy is fine,
as you see.
How are things with his mom?
The man accused her of injury
so now she's in jail.
We appointed a lawyer and translator
to file the paternity suit.
But we were at a dead end
with the child gone missing.
I am terribly sorry.
This picture might help.
You had this?
Of course this helps.
A lot.
We can speed up the process.
We also need the boy's hair
for the DNA test.
Yes, but can I keep him
while you're preparing the suit?
Ah... that's not...
We are not bad people.
Min-ho! Min-ho!
Are you all right, Son?
You're not ill?
Are you eating well?
It won't be long...
Mom will be out soon.
Are you really okay?
I was so worried about you.
I really want to be with you.
I see you in my dreams
every night.
I've missed you so much.
Mom... when do you come out?
Be patient for a little more...
I'll come for you as soon as
I'm out of here.
So be a good boy, all right?
Don't worry. He's with me.
I take care him.
'Thank you.
Thank you so much.'
How about a date?
You won't be disappointed.
Come on.
We'll only be able to come
see you next summer.
Take care until then.
I'm sorry
we can't come often, Dad.
Business is down these days.
Come here and
say good-bye to Grandpa.
See you later.
Give him a hug.
Yes, come in.
Can I help you?
It's... Ms... Youn.
I see.
How do you do?
Could you give us a minute?
Where did you meet her?
Is she a decent person?
You should
be careful of strange ladies.
Old gold-diggers are tricking
lonely gentlemen these days...
Why would she visit an old man
in a hospital?
She must be planning something...
You can see him today.
But don't come back.
He has an excellent caregiver.
And be aware that
my father-in-law has no money.
Let's hurry.
We'll be late for dinner.
Th... thanks.
You've been so nice to me.
My kids... they're cold...
Such Americans now.
That's how people these days are.
Why? Something wrong?
C... call the nurse.
Ah... Yes.
There you go.
It... is... humiliating.
I... want to... die.
I understand.
You were such a dandy man.
This is... not... living.
Please... help me.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Looking for something?
The bugs on my persimmon tree
are driving me crazy.
I need to kill the bugs...
Then this will do.
It's the strongest one.
It's all right...
Do you remember me?
I told you not to
call me that.
I'm sorry.
Please hear me out.
Screw you.
You just want a good story.
Go find someone else.
Ma'am, I'm begging you.
I came here to see you.
I'm not ashamed of
making a living.
But I don't want to
let the whole world know.
You'll look pretty on camera.
Help me, please.
Damn, stop bothering me.
What if I blur out your face?
And autotune your voice?
Please, ma'am!
What do you want to hear?
Your story, ma'am.
A truthful story.
Fuck the truth.
People don't give a damn.
They only listen to
what they want to hear.
And don't call me ma'am.
I hate that.
What should I call you then?
Just don't call me.
Then I ended up in Jongno
about 5 years ago.
I had to make a living.
It's easy to judge,
but there aren't many options
for an old woman like me.
And my vanity didn't allow me
to pick up the waste on the street.
I must've sinned
a lot in a previous life.
I had to earn my own living
all my life.
I worked as a house maid
when I was little.
Worked at a factory, too.
Then even a U.S. Army base...
Since I heard they paid a lot.
So you became a prostitute
for the American soldiers?
Who else then?
The Japs?
- I'm old, but not that old.
- Right...
I have to stop.
I've talked too much.
Or we can just take a break.
Have some more beer.
You've wasted my day.
But why are you making this?
Make a film about love.
People like that.
Like 'Love Story' or
'Roman Holiday'.
Will you tell me your love story
when I come again next time?
Screw you.
In your wildest dreams.
Do something that pays the bills.
Or you'll end up old
and miserable like me.
It's not much.
Thank you.
I'll make this
a good film for you.
I'll come again.
Can I take your order, please?
I want some chicken.
Yes, chicken to go.
- What size would you like?
- It's for me and a child.
- How about a half bucket?
- Okay.
- Any drinks?
- No, it's okay.
That'll be $11.99.
- Excuse me.
- Yes?
- I'd like the bigger one.
- You mean the jumbo bucket?
- Yes, that one.
- Sure.
One jumbo bucket.
That's $19.99.
I can help you pay now.
I don't need your help.
Unless you'll pay for me.
- Excuse me?
- Will it take long?
Three to four minutes.
Here's your change.
One jumbo bucket to go!
'American soldier.'
'I'm a half-breed.'
Jumbo bucket is ready!
Your order is ready!
Thank you.
Come again.
Good evening.
I bought some chicken.
Come join.
I needed some protein.
I don't have work today.
My head got all cloudy
being at home alone.
- So you're doing fine?
- Yes.
Did you hear the news?
About "Savile Row Song"?
That old fellow is dead.
Must've eaten something bad.
Threw up all over.
Blocked his airway
and choked to death.
It's a bit strange though.
The family handled it in secrecy.
They didn't even do the autopsy.
I think he died well.
As he was able to leave
in peace while sleeping.
Is he better off up there?
Who knows?
It's all over when you're dead.
No one's ever returned.
It's a big question.
What is the best way to die...
I really hope he's in
a better place now.
Let's believe it.
What good is living if you're only
lying for a few more years?
I hope he's in a better place.
Because I helped him go.
He... desperately...
Desperately wanted to leave...
I knew...
I shouldn't have...
What are you talking about?
I thought it'd be better...
For him to leave as soon
as possible.
So I helped him go.
For god's sake.
Why did you do that?
I know.
I must be insane.
Who is it?
It's me.
I'm coming down.
- Been working this late?
- Yes.
I came to check
if you're dead or alive.
I'm not dead yet, buddy.
How are you?
You know So-young, right?
You've seen her a few times
at Jongno before.
Have I? Maybe...
So the medicine is working?
I'm taking it,
but I don't know.
How have I ended up with
this filthy disease?
The worst of them all.
I won't be able to
recognize you soon.
Help me end things
when that day comes.
What are you talking about?
How have we become this old?
- You already took that.
- Did I?
- Look, it's empty.
- But I didn't...
You just took it, Jong-soo.
Did I?
You have a cigarette?
I quit smoking after prices
- Smoke this.
- Thank you.
Excuse me for a moment.
It's under the stairs.
What are you talking about?
Please give it a second thought.
He's got no one by his side.
Soon he won't even know who he is.
Please have sympathy for him.
All due respect,
it's your business.
Why do you do this to me?
I know it doesn't make sense.
You are right.
I don't care about his pride.
It's absurd.
How did I become this?
Are we there yet?
We are almost there.
I haven't moved much lately.
It's killing me.
- Let's take a break here.
- Sure.
Sit over there.
We're finally here.
Mom will be out in 10 nights.
Let's go home, Mommy.
Wait a little longer.
I will come out soon.
What do you want to eat?
Chicken Joy!
I'll buy you some chicken
when I get out.
This is appointed counsel
for Camilla Badua.
- Please take care of her.
- I will.
We've submitted the DNA results
from the paternity test.
The court now has evidence
that their genes match.
Min-ho will receive child support
if the court confirms the man
as the biological father.
So don't worry.
Thank you so much.
We'll get going, then.
We're having a feast,
thanks to you, Min-ho.
Hope things go well.
Eat up, sis.
There are numerous Kopinos
like Min-ho in the Philippines.
Cases like this will start
breaking out constantly.
- It goes the same for Vietnam.
- That's right.
Here, have this one.
- What is it?
- Hawaiian pizza.
- I don't like pineapple.
- Really?
- I'm late. I have to go.
- Okay, bye.
- Thanks for the pizza, Tina.
- Sure.
Min-ho, eat this.
Filipinos like pineapples, right?
That's right, good boy.
A date?
You mean a real date?
Order whatever you'd like.
You can order for me.
Yesterday was the anniversary
of my wife's death.
It's been already 5 years.
I see.
How about some beer?
I'm fine. Thank you.
This place looks expensive.
Don't worry about money today.
I can afford this.
A bottle of beer, please.
So you're still single?
Yes, I am...
Then you don't have to
go home tonight.
I've never been to such a
nice hotel.
Wow, I can see
the whole city from here.
Let's drink some more.
Let me see.
Come choose your drink.
It's definitely different
from the motels.
Do you have any family?
No, I live alone.
So you've never been...
Don't you have any children?
I had one...
who died young.
An accident.
I am sorry.
It was just fate.
My child left me behind.
So did my wife.
Truth is...
I had a son too.
I gave him up for adoption
when he was a baby.
He wasn't even a year old.
Still breast-fed...
I see...
His father was a black soldier
I once lived with.
I was a bad bitch.
Everyone has reasons and pains.
I can never be forgiven,
no matter how hard I pray.
I'll end up in hell.
Shall I shower first?
There's no need.
I told you I can't do it.
I want to ask you a favor.
What is it?
Just say you will.
During the memorial service
for my wife last night,
I realized how pathetic and
miserably alone I am.
Why do I keep on living
this hopeless life?
I've thought of doing it
for quite some time now,
but I always got scared
at the last minute.
The thought of dying alone,
with no one by my side...
It frightened me.
I felt helpless.
I thought I could leave in peace
if someone were to stay there
by my side at the end.
Oh no...
What are you...
I'm only going to sleep
for a long, long time.
And you...
You're just taking a nap.
You're doing a great deed for me.
I won't forget it.
What should I do?
Dear So-young,
Thank you for keeping my side
on my last journey.
And I'm sorry.
It's for you.
Thank you.
Let's try this on.
Tina, are you home?
Honey, coffee please!
Sure, sweetie.
You don't have to hide.
God's sake, please knock!
Leave tomorrow open.
Let's go on a day trip.
- Tomorrow?
- Yes.
Good to have some fresh air
in a while.
Yes, indeed.
What are we eating today?
It's her treat.
She'll take us somewhere nice.
I see it!
Min-ho, come here.
Look at this!
- Is it North Korea over there?
- No, but it's not far.
You came from the North
during the war, right?
That's right...
I don't even remember.
I was still a baby.
Sure you were.
Let's gather for a photo!
You young ones go on
and take it.
- Leave this old woman out!
- Pictures are all that last!
- Gather around!
- Say kimchi.
One, two, three.
There it comes!
It's already cooked. Enjoy.
Help yourselves.
Let's eat until we die!
I'll pour you a drink.
This will cost a lot.
You find some rich widower?
Watch your language.
I was given some money
that I don't want to spend alone.
Then can I order some more?
- Sure.
- Great!
- Excuse me.
- Yes.
- Two orders of spicy eel, please.
- Yes.
- And a raspberry wine, too.
- Yes.
Sis, thanks for this.
Let's drink.
I'm starving.
An old man living alone
was found murdered
at a five-star hotel room in
He was intoxicated by sleeping pills.
Money seems to be the motive.
An old couple enter the hallway of
a luxurious hotel in Seoul.
The man was found dead
yesterday afternoon by the hotel staff.
Police discovered an empty plastic bottle
presumed to have contained the pills.
The female suspect was caught on camera
leaving the hotel in a hurry.
The victim had with drawn
one thousand dollars the day before...
How can a person kill
for that much of money?
Grannies are scary these days.
Sis, what is it?
What's wrong?
Are you okay?
- You suddenly seem depressed.
- She sure does.
I'm sure they have their reasons.
No one ever knows what
they're going through.
People just like to gossip
about what's on the outside.
Pour some more.
Me too.
You should stop.
You have to drive.
Three glasses is nothing.
Let me treat you
for the second round!
- Let's make toast!
- Yeah!
- You too, Min-ho.
- Yes, cheers.
I did my military service
before I had it cut off.
I was quite the stud then.
So they made me lead the chant.
Imagine me shouting out
with this voice.
It was a hell of a hoot.
So embarrassing.
I'd like to thank you all for
coming to G-spot tonight.
It's an honor to introduce
the one-and-only legend!
- The queen of Itaewon!
- Here she comes...
The performance you've all been
waiting for by our sexiest diva!
Give it up for Tina Hwang!
Over there.
Are you Ms. Yang Mi-sook?
Seoul Police.
You need to come with us.
Chouchou, please watch him.
What is it?
What's going on, sis?
What is this about?
- Step back.
- Where are you taking her?
To the police station.
It's snowing.
Do you have a cigarette?
I don't smoke.
- And you...
- I quit.
You can have mine.
Thank you.
And a light...
Damn traffic again.
Sir, could you lock me up
when spring comes?
I can't stand the cold.
I won't run away.
Maybe it's better this way.
I can't afford the nursing home.
And they feed you
three times a day.
How's the food there nowadays?
Hope it doesn't get too cold
this winter.
No friends or family.
Yang Mi-sook (Chungjoo Women's Prison)
The Bacchus Lady