The Bad Guardian (2024) Movie Script

- You've reached Jason
Davis. Leave me a message.
- Dad, it's Leigh.
Why are you not
picking up your phone?
You're making me worry.
Just call me back, please.
Kids, pack up, we're leavin'.
- What, why?
- Papa still isn't
answering his phone
and he hasn't returned
any of my messages.
- Look, it's probably nothing
but we just gotta make sure.
- Hustle. We're gonna get
there after dark as it is.
- All right.
- Buckle up.
- You've reached Jason
Davis. Leave me a message.
- Dad, it's Leigh. I
haven't heard from you
in four days.
We're all worried.
- You've reached Jason
Davis. Leave me a message.
Dad, it's me.
What's goin' on?
I still haven't
heard back from you.
You gotta call me back.
- You've reached Jason
Davis. Leave me a message.
- Dad, it's Leigh.
We've decided to
cut the trip short.
We're on our way back.
Hey, Robert, give
your mom a hand.
- Hey, you too,
kid. Drive safely!
Bye, Papa! Bye!
- Hey, stay in the car.
Dad? Dad!
Dad! Jason!
- Dad!
- Storm must have
knocked the power out.
- Jason!
I'm gonna check upstairs.
- Dad!
- Yeah?
- I found Dad's phone.
He didn't get any
of my voicemails.
- Oh.
Babe... look.
- Is that blood?
- Hey, my...
my guys combed the
area. No sign of him.
- But his car's still here.
So were his keys. Yeah.
- Is there a safe
upstairs? Any valuables?
- He worked for the post
office for 40 years.
This house was my grandfather's.
- And that, I checked. I
mean, it doesn't look like
anybody stole anything.
- Well, we called
all the hospitals
and there's no record
of a Jason Davis
being admitted in the last week.
- Oh... Well, where'd
the blood come from?
- I understand your
concern, ma'am.
We're gonna keep
looking for him.
Papa, look what I
got for Christmas!
- I hope you thanked Santa.
- I'm filming you!
Allie, honey...
It's so late.
I see that, mija.
Where's your mom?
- Hey, Robert, give
your mom a hand.
- Oh.
- Get up.
- It's okay. It's
all right. I'm fine.
Hey, you too, kid.
She said she's fine.
- Well, in case you haven't
noticed, your mom is not
real good at standing
up for herself.
- Ugh!
- Drive safely!
- Love you, Dad!
- Bye, Papa!
Bye, Papa! Bye!
- Where the hell is he?
Detective Haywood. Hello, hi.
Good news, we found him.
He's doing just fine.
- Okay.
Oh, that is such a relief.
- You got a pen?
- Yeah.
- Dad? Dad!
- Angeleigh?
- Oh, mmm.
Oh, it's good to
see you, sweetheart.
- I was so worried about you.
- Yeah. Still a little
dizzy from the concussion.
- Yeah.
What the hell happened?
- Yeah, well it was, uh...
well, I don't know
what day it was.
I slipped, hit my head.
And you were on that trip
and well, it was bleeding,
so I called 911.
- The hospital had
no record of you.
- The hospital put
me in as Davies.
- Oh.
- I tried to tell them,
but they said, well, that's
the way it was called in, so...
- Hmm. 911 screwed up.
- I wanted to call you, but...
I didn't know your
number by heart
and didn't have my damn phone.
- Oh, well, speaking of which.
- Yeah.
- Hey.
It's like a party in here, huh?
What, did you get sick of us?
How'd you wind up in here?
- Well, I'm still a little
fuzzy on that, but...
There was this woman
at the hospital.
Janet, uh, Timms.
- Excuse me, uh, ma'am, sir,
you need to sign
in at reception.
- Oh. Um, does Janet
Timms work here?
- She does not.
But she is here today,
so I can show you
where you can find her.
- Oh, great.
- After you sign in.
- Yeah, okay.
- Hmm.
- Bill, I refer you over
20 patients a month.
You will get Alison Wong in
to get fitted for her dentures.
Yes, you can pick
the time. Okay.
- Excuse me, are
you Janet Timms?
I-I'm Jason Davis' daughter.
- Oh, it's nice to meet you. Hi.
- I'm Luis, her husband.
- Hi.
- Dave Timms. Pleasure.
- Hi. Um, so I'm sorry,
what exactly do you do?
- Why don't we have a
seat? Let's talk inside.
The probate court, they
appoint a guardian,
like a helper for vulnerable
people who are in need.
- Oh, my dad doesn't
need any help.
- Well, the doctors who treated
him thought differently.
Your dad suffered a serious
concussion, Ms. Delgado.
And you weren't there.
No one could get
in touch with you.
- Well, I was...
- We was...
- We were on vacation.
- Totally understand.
You guys have your own life.
- So, the-the doctors told
the courts to call you?
- Someone like me. And
then the judge granted me
temporary guardianship
over Jason.
- Oh.
- Your dad is in
very, very good hands.
- This is my brother.
He had to say that.
I pay him a lot.
- Okay, well, thank you so much.
Of course.
- But I think we'll
take him home now.
- Jason can't go home now.
Your dad needs rest and care.
But don't worry, I'm gonna
make sure that he gets that.
- Well, we'll take care of him.
- Yeah, absolutely. I mean...
- He can't leave
without my permission.
Says who?
- The court.
When they granted
me guardianship,
he became my full
- What if he doesn't want that?
- Well, then, you just
gotta talk to the court.
See if they'll end
the guardianship.
I'm sure they'll know what's
in your father's best interest.
- Oh.
- All right, so we...
- Okay, thank you.
- Nice to meet you.
- You have reached the
Clark County Probate Court.
All operators are busy.
Please stay on the line.
- The Sex Jackals?
- It's just some guys at
school putting together a band.
- Well, you're a good guitarist.
- Not in front of
people and stuff.
- You know, you can do
anything you wanna do...
If you work hard for it.
- Okay, Mom.
- I mean, Sex Jackals
is a terrible name.
- Uh-huh.
- You have reached the
Clark County Probate Court.
- Hello?
- You have reached the
Clark County Probate Court.
- Damn it!
I'd get me a cougar claw..
- Do you know what
you're having?
- What's good?
- Well, um,
everyone loves our
grilled cheese,
but if you're looking
for breakfast,
we've got the
biscuits and gravy.
- What are your
specials, darlin'?
- That's not on the menu, sir.
I'll give you all a minute.
- Hey, hey, come here.
Am I paying you to
be on the phone?
- Oh, Mack, I'm sorry.
My father is stuck
in this nursing home
and I just, I-I...
I haven't been able
to sort it out.
Get anybody, a human being.
- And how come you
gotta be rude to people?
- Well, I don't mean
to be rude, Mack!
- Be nice.
Give 'em that sexy
smile of yours
once in a while.
Probate Court. Hello?
- Oh, I'm here! I'm here!
- Hello?
- Don't hang up! Don't hang
up! Hello? Hello, I'm here.
Yeah, I-I-I've been
calling all week
about my father's
guardianship case.
Yeah, you keep transferring me
from one department
to the other,
and then hanging
up. Like, a lot.
- Well, you know,
we're very busy here.
- Yeah, it's just, it's such
a simple mistake to fix.
If you could just look
up my father's case.
It's um, it's Davis,
Jason L. Davis.
- Okay, there's a hearing
for permanent guardianship
January 31st at 11.
- Today?
That's in less than an hour.
Ugh, okay. Okay,
okay, I'll be there.
I'll be there.
Mack, I'm sorry. I gotta go.
I-I'll make it up
to you, I promise.
- Not even gonna clock out?
Okay, next up is
in re Jason Davis,
motion for permanent
Janet, what you got?
Thank you, Your Honor.
I'm here today to discuss
Mr. Jason Davis,
who I'm requesting
for permanent guardianship.
He suffered a
concussion recently.
We tried to get in
touch his family.
- Sir, Judge.
- Relatives, his daughter to...
- Judge. Uh, sorry, I'm...
I'm Leigh Davis Delgado.
I'm Jason's daughter.
There's been a mistake.
- There has not
been, Your Honor.
I have met with the daughter,
and it is still my
professional opinion
that Mr. Davis will benefit
from permanent guardianship.
Mr. Davis is unable
to care for himself.
- No, that's a lie!
- Mr. Davis has been deemed
mentally incapacitated
by the ER doctor,
Melinda McGreevy.
And two other medical
I'd like to submit
their sworn statements.
- Incapacitated.
- Ms. Timms, what are you doing?
- I also have credit
card receipts.
Thousands of dollars
that Mr. Davis
charged to fly-by-night
animal charities.
- H-He likes animals.
Is that so wrong?
I mean, Dad, tell
him your story.
- I'm afraid that's not
possible at this hearing,
Mr. Davis, given your status
in the eyes of the court.
- Wait, he can't even testify
to why what you're
doing is wrong?
- Ms. Delgado, you may approach.
So, do you have any
evidence to refute
Ms. Timms' affidavit
supporting guardianship?
- I'll be his guardian,
if that's what it takes.
- Unfortunately, Your
Honor, that's not possible.
Ms. Delgado has a
criminal record,
grand theft auto.
- What? No.
Okay, that's a misunderstanding.
I borrowed a friend's car,
her dad didn't know about
it and called the police.
I was 18. It was 25 years ago.
- Guilty plea,
suspended sentence.
- But they said I
had to plead guilty,
otherwise I would
face jail time.
- Ms. Delgado.
Ms. Delgado, it is the
opinion of this court
that you're not
qualified to become
your father's guardian.
- But that's not fair!
- Janet Timms is the
best in the business.
Your father's in good hands.
Ms. Timms' motion for
permanent guardianship
is granted.
- Thank you, Your Honor.
Next case.
- It all happened so fast,
and I spent weeks
now fighting it.
Adult protective services,
division of aging services,
the office of the
court services.
All these services
that don't serve us.
- Ms. Delgado,
it's very difficult
to reverse a guardianship
once it's permanent.
- My father is desperate
to get out of that home.
He's willing to pay
whatever it takes.
- Your father doesn't
have any money.
- I mean, not much, but
his pension is good.
- I mean, it's not
his money anymore.
Under guardianship,
your father can't make
healthcare decisions, he
can't choose where to live,
and he can't handle
his own money.
Legally, his
guardian controls it.
He or... she?
- She.
- is unlikely to authorize
an expenditure to
remove herself.
Well, then,
I guess my husband and I
will have to pay for your help.
- Sure.
I'll need a $5,000
retainer to start working.
- $5,000? That's...
That's gonna be tough.
- Are there assets
you can liquidate?
Stocks? Bonds?
- No, nothing like that.
- That's okay.
Many clients find
it more convenient
to take out a second
mortgage on their home.
- We rent.
- How can a perfect stranger
take control of your life?
I'm gonna give that woman
a what for when I see her.
I'm a Marine, damn it!
- I know, Dad. I know.
- How you doing, Jay?
- Uh, not bad, yourself?
- I am great. Thank
you for asking.
I have that book
that you asked for.
- Teresa, you are a godsend.
- Ah, it's true, it's true.
- No, I mean it.
You know, you really
do make a difference.
- Well, thanks.
It's been so crazy here.
We've been understaffed
for months.
I never know if anything
makes a difference.
I'll see ya.
- She told me that...
if I didn't do what she said,
she'd call the police.
- Janet?
- Mm-hmm.
I didn't know how to stop it.
I should have fought.
- Dad, you had a concussion.
- I just want to
be at my own house.
Sleep in my own bed.
- I know. Dad, I tried. I did,
All the lawyers
say the same thing.
We just can't
afford it right now.
- I'm sure you did
the best you could.
- You should have seen
the look on his face.
- Hey, can you stop being
so hard on yourself?
You're doing everything you can.
- He was just so upset.
- We'll figure it
out. I promise.
- Hey.
You're not going upstairs
in these clothes, mister.
- Take it off?
- I think that'd be a good idea.
- Oh, yeah?
- Mm-hmm.
- Why can't I see
my medical file?
Doesn't make any damn sense.
- Because they're a bunch
of fascists. It's your turn.
- Ah...
- You sure you don't
want to keep that ace?
- What I want is to go home.
- Hmm.
- Time for meds. Let's go.
- Oh, you kept us waiting an
hour. Now you're in a hurry.
They're just trying to
drug us into submission.
I uh, think I'll
take mine with juice.
Power to the people.
- Hippie.
- You wanted to see
your medical report?
- Power to the people.
- Right on.
- That sounds nice.
- Thanks.
I joined that band.
- The Sexy Jackals?
- Los Chacalos de sexo.
- Oh.
Well, I'm proud of
you, Robert. Excuse me.
Hey, Mel.
- Leigh, there's something
going on at your dad's.
- Whoa, whoa, what?
- There's furniture on the lawn.
- Wait, slow down. What's
going on at dad's house?
- I think you should
get over here.
- Ooh, that's fun.
- You can't have that.
- Hey!
You can bid on it
like everyone else.
- Ladies, ladies, ladies.
- It's my father's!
- Ladies, ladies, this item
has already been reserved.
Sorry about that.
- How dare you?
- I know it's hard,
but it's standard practice
to auction household items.
- But you didn't ask him.
You didn't even ask me.
- This is not about
you, Ms. Delgado.
This is about what's
best for your father.
- Well, I mean, you think
selling off a lifetime
of memories is what's best?
- $40,000.
That's the average yearly
nursing home cost in the area.
- He shouldn't even
be in a nursing home.
- Would you rather he
save his money for you?
- No, I... no. I
don't want his money.
- Didn't he just give you
$3,000 not too long ago?
- That was a loan
and we've almost paid
it all back by now.
- Maybe I missed that.
Is there a price?
- Oh. Right here.
This one is 45. It's a nice one.
My mom was 86 and blind
and dying of cancer.
My sister Denise
talked such a good game
about taking care of everything.
She stole everything Mom had.
My mom died in squalor.
After that, I told myself
I would never let something
like that happen to anyone
again, you understand?
I'm just the neutral party here.
I promise you,
Jason's best interest
is my priority.
Excuse me.
- Hmm.
Anything bothering you?
- Yeah, plenty.
And I got pins and
needles on this foot
from not exercising enough.
- Let's see.
Just a little hot is all.
See you later, Jay.
- Later.
All right...
:Patient exhibits
"aggressive and
antisocial behavior."
Oh, come on, that's ridiculous.
- Hey, are you enjoying
your dinner? Great job.
Hey. Sorry you haven't been
able to see your dad yet.
I'm not sure what the holdup is.
- That's okay.
I don't really wanna tell
him that his guardian
sold everything he had
to pay for this place.
- Well, not just for this place.
- Wha...
What do you mean?
What else is she
using his money for?
- Look, um...
It's none of my business...
but I... I got a
friend in accounting.
Janet charges for
every phone call.
- Who's he calling?
- No, no, I mean all her calls,
including with you.
- My dad's the one paying.
Is she the guardian for
any other residents here?
- You didn't hear it from me.
A drink.
I was in surgery at
6:00 this morning.
- Mmm. This drink is amazing.
- You probably need
it more than me.
- So sorry. I got
held up at a showing.
- Hey, Dave, I want you to
meet Dr. Belinda McGreevy.
- Oh, the ER doctor.
- Mm-hmm.
- Sure. Hey, thanks about
the tip about Jason Davis.
- You sure? I hear his
daughter's a handful.
- You know, most
of these families
have a hard time adjusting.
- Always.
- But where were they when
their relatives needed them?
The truth is, this country
doesn't even value our seniors.
When you get right down to it,
most of them have nobody
looking out for them.
- Well, except for you.
- I try.
Cheers to that.
- So you know, he was
very agitated earlier.
He had to be medicated.
- Dad?
Dad, can you hear me?
You're soaking wet.
Why didn't he change you?
I'm here.
Hey, I'm sorry I didn't
make it home last night.
It's all good.
- Dad complained about
his medical report
so they drugged him.
- Serious?
- His roommate said that
residents that cause trouble
tend to be more medicated.
It's easier for the staff.
- Mm-hmm.
They're all lazy bunch of
bastards, except Teresa.
- Babe, that sounds horrible.
- Luis,
it's not just the
house that's gone.
Janet closed all of Dad's
bank accounts. All of them.
- That's the kids' college fund.
- Babe, I gotta go.
Hey. Hi, I'm here.
Yeah, Teresa let
me spend the night,
but don't tell Ms. Windham.
Ms. Windham is a bitch.
- I'm glad you're feeling
better. You hungry?
Go get you something to eat?
- Guess what?
Your old man really is old.
Hand me that thing over there.
- She's selling my home?
- I'm so sorry, Dad.
- How... how can
she just sell it?
- I don't know.
I don't understand any of it.
- Mrs. Delgado,
your father should not
be eating anything.
He needs to take his
medication on an empty stomach.
Alicia Timms-Dickerson.
- Yep.
- She's the head
of the auction company?
- Yeah, and you'll
never guess who she is.
Janet Timms' cousin.
And the realtor
selling Dad's house?
Her brother Dave.
And Judge Bean seems to
know Janet very well.
- Hey, so...
- You know, it's a whole system.
Private guardians and
real estate companies
and nursing homes
and auction houses.
Everyone's benefiting somehow.
My dad can't be the only victim.
- Hey, you're just one person.
With me, two people.
It's not enough to
untangle that entire web.
- Well, what am I supposed
to do? Take it to the news?
Mack, I'm sorry,
I'm running late.
Yeah, I'll be there
soon. Okay, come on.
Just a quick stop. I promise.
I'm not in a rush.
- Mitch Young?
- Uh, yes.
- Hi.
- How did you get in here?
- Uh, my kid is super cute.
Listen, um...
My father has been basically
kidnapped by a private guardian.
- Kidnapped.
- Yeah. And forced
into a nursing home. And
I saw that piece you did
on nursing homes and
COVID. It was really good.
- Well, then you know
we already covered it.
- Yeah, but this is different.
Let me explain. So...
- Ma'am,
I'm on the air in 12 minutes.
- Look, just...
- I can't.
- hear me out.
- Financial abuse?
- Yeah, and it's happening
all over the country.
And you'll never guess how
much money is involved.
- You're gonna tell me?
- $2.9 billion
stolen every year by
people like Janet Timms.
- Guardians.
- Mom's got like, a flowchart.
- You guys rehearse this?
- She's right, I do have
a... a flowchart of sorts.
I mean, there's so many
people. Look at this,
it-it starts with Janet,
but it branches out.
It's her brother. I mean,
these are all the folks
that are making money off
one private guardianship.
And it's not just my dad.
Janet has dozens of other
wards, as they call them,
in this same home.
- Ms. Delgado, one nursing
home is not a conspiracy.
I need a bunch of homes.
Dozens of victims.
This is a lot of shoe leather.
Station's not gonna give
me the budget for it.
- Well, what if I do it? I'll
find them, other victims.
- You got investigative
Thirty seconds to air, Mitch.
- I have kids. I mean, I...
I'm used to trying to get
truthful answers out of people.
Camera, clear.
- You can try.
No promises.
Can I please go to school now?
- Yeah. Okay, thank
you. Thank you.
Mr. Waters? I understand
that Janet Timms
sent your wife to the
Happyville Nursing Home.
If we could just talk?
Janet Timms is my father's...
I would love to talk to you a
little bit about Janet Timms.
Don't call here.
- She got my dad, too.
- I don't want anything
to do with that woman.
- But if I could...
Hi. Hi there. My
name is Leigh Delgado
and I'd love to talk to
you about Janet Timms.
My grandmother was
always real independent.
You know, she just
fell that one time,
didn't even break anything.
All it took was one
visit to the hospital.
You know, a nurse or somebody
must have tipped off Ms. Timms.
- I bet that's what
happened with my father.
- Mm-hmm. You should
talk to Casey Hilder.
Her mother was in the
same home as my grandma.
- Oh. And you want
fries with that?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Do you want me
to call Dr. Maida?
See if they can fit you in?
Ms. Timms switched his doctor.
- Why?
- Different insurance.
Don't ask me why.
- Well, what did
the new doctor say?
- So, they upped the
pain meds and started him
on some anti-anxiety drugs.
He's not leaving
the room for meals
and he should probably see a
specialist about that foot.
- Okay, uh...
H-How do I do that?
- That's Janet's
department, too.
- You know, I've been
wanting to talk to you.
I'm talking to the press
about Janet's
guardianship business,
and uh, I'm not asking
you to talk to anyone.
I just, um... if you
know anyone who would.
Oh, I'm sorry. We're closed.
How do you know where I work?
- I heard you've
been looking for me.
- Well, I'm worried
about my dad.
- Sorry to hear that.
How about a cup of coffee?
- Sure.
You know, my dad's having
problems with circulation.
In his foot. And it's gotten
a lot worse this week.
- Who told you that?
- Does it matter?
He needs to see a specialist.
- Well, specialists
are quite expensive,
but I'll certainly
see what I can do.
- When?
- It's been brought
to my attention
that you've been pestering
my other families.
Some of them are quite upset.
You know, the more
you stir them up,
the less time I'll
have for your father.
You understand.
- You know you should be in jail
for what you're doing to my dad.
What you're doing all of them.
Go to jail for what?
The law is on my
side, Ms. Delgado.
Don't be so shortsighted.
- Casey? Hi, Leigh.
- Hi, hi.
- Hi.
- Nice to meet you. Come on in.
- Thank you.
Just through here.
Janet makes you feel
like you're crazy.
Like taking your mom is normal.
Locking her in a home is normal.
I used to be a
corporate attorney.
I worked for two
years to free mom.
- And she got out.
You got her out?
- God freed her. Not me.
- Oh, I'm... I'm so sorry.
- She died in that home.
I quit my firm a month later.
I haven't practiced since.
The law's the damn problem.
Ms. Delgado,
I wish you the best of luck,
but I don't really know
what I can do at this point.
- You could talk to a reporter.
- Tostadas again?
- Baby, your mom's working late
tonight and you like tostadas.
- We like Mom's tostadas.
- Why don't you wait until
your mom gets home then, huh?
You sure you want to
refuse an ambulance?
Yeah, I'm sure.
- She says she's
okay. Thanks, guys.
- Leigh, we really
should see a doctor.
- I'm just bruised.
- Did you get a good
look at the vehicle?
- It was an SUV. Maybe black?
I didn't really get a good look.
Just felt like they
had it in for me.
- You're saying this car
ran you off the road?
- I... I'm not sure. It
just felt intentional.
- No offence, ma'am. Why
would someone do that?
They basically called
you a drama queen.
- That's offensive.
I'm a beauty queen.
- Babe... someone
tried to hurt you.
Do you really think
it was Janet Timms?
- I don't know. Uh, maybe it
was just some stupid drunk.
- Hmm.
- Your friend at the garage?
- Yeah, the whole thing
will cost two grand.
- That's the emergency
fund and then some.
- You know that emergency
fund is already gone.
- Spreadsheets, victims of
Janet and their families,
contact info, descriptions,
and here's a separate list
of people I found
under guardianship,
not just Janet's clients.
- Well, I already heard
from a handful of people.
Looks like you got a lot more.
- Yeah, 32 altogether.
I'm guessing a bunch will
talk if you go to them.
Oh, and here's a... here's a
thumb drive with all the info.
- Not bad, Leigh. We might
be able to get some traction
on this, but we've got
a lot of work to do.
- You said we.
- Are you going to work today?
- Cherise is covering for me.
- Oh.
How's the band going, buddy?
- Not bad. We should be
ready by next week, so.
- Hey. Yeah, that's good.
- What's next week?
- It's a competition at school,
kinda like a talent show.
- Oh, why didn't you
tell us about that?
- He did.
- Oh. Well, I want a seat
in the front row. All right.
Do you want an apple
or a clementine?
- Uh, clementine.
- Oh, I knew it.
- Hey Leigh, the specialist saw
Jason today. Oh, it's not good.
Complications from diabetes.
I thought you should...
I gotta go.
- Teresa.
- Yes?
- Ms. Timms made it
very clear his records
are to be kept confidential.
- Oh, I'm sorry, I just...
- Do I need to remind
you of our protocols?
- No, no.
- Okay.
- So, we're gonna do this
in stages, Ms. Hilder.
First, we get your story,
then we tape an interview.
- Thank you so much
for doing this.
Thank you so much
for doing this.
- Seems like it's working.
It's an little journal
trick, ABT, always be taping.
- Oh, I could see how
that could be useful.
- Your mother developed
numerous medical problems
at the nursing home,
is that correct?
- High blood pressure. A
heart murmur. Bed sores.
- Did the nursing home document
any of these conditions?
- Well, they did.
- And where are
they... those records?
- What does that matter now?
- Casey, I need those files.
- I threw them out, okay?
I threw them in the trash
right after the funeral.
- Well, I can't just
take your word for it.
- Hey. Can I talk to you?
Go easy.
- She's a woman with a
good story and zero proof.
- She is a human being
who just lost her mom.
And she thinks
it's all her fault.
If only she had done more.
If... if only she were
better, or smarter, or richer,
then you know, maybe
her mom would be free,
and she'd be getting
the help she needed.
- Noted.
Okay, I'm sorry about
that. Let's start over.
- Oh.
- Okay.
- Hey.
- Hey. You look nice.
- Oh yeah, my son's in
a school talent show.
I can't believe it.
Is it okay if I go in?
- I'm sorry. You
uh, you have to go.
- Well, if he's asleep,
I'll just wake him up.
- Jason's guardian has
informed us that he...
he no longer wants to see you.
- You know that's not true.
- It's a decision his
guardian has made.
- Teresa, you know
this isn't right.
You can't just let her do this.
- My mom's on disability and
I have three younger brothers.
I can't help you anymore.
I'll do my best for
him though, I promise.
- Please don't do this.
- Ma'am, you need to leave.
- Teresa, Mrs. Jackson's
call light's on.
Janet Timms, please.
May I ask who's calling?
- Leigh Delgado it's urgent.
- One moment.
Ms. Timms is in a meeting.
Can I take a message?
- Just forget it.
- It's called neuropathy, Dad.
That's the pain in your foot.
- Yeah, the specialist told me.
I'm not an idiot. I asked
him for a copy the...
- Peripheral neuropathy
from diabetes in both feet.
Condition in right foot
compounded by serious peripheral
artery disease. Amputation?
- Mm-hmm. Keep reading.
- Oh, good. They're recommending
the stem cell treatment.
Oh, thank God.
- I'm just so tired, sweetheart.
- You were right. She's here.
Ma'am, you have to leave.
- You don't understand.
He's my father.
- This woman is trespassing.
- Why does she have to go?
- Dad, it's okay.
- Step away from the patient.
- I want her to stay.
- Can't you see
you're upsetting him?
- That's enough.
Hey! Hey!
- Why can't I see my
dad? Get off of me!
Leave her alone!
- Come on, what are you doing?
- Where are you taking her?
- Dad!
- Leigh!
- Dad, Dad, it's gonna be okay.
- Leigh!
- I'm gonna be home late
tonight. I'm working two sites.
- Do you have to?
- Your bail was three grand,
Leigh. Yeah, I have to.
- I'm sorry.
- Hey, Rob.
- Damien's here. I gotta go.
- I won the talent show.
- Robert, I'm so sorry.
Something came up
and it became an emergency.
- You got arrested
because you trespassed.
- I did. And I'm really
sorry I missed your show.
- Did Dad tell you
that he sold his bike?
- What? Why?
- To get you out of jail, Mom.
- Mack, I'm sorry. I'm
on my way. I promise.
No, just... just give me
another chance. Mack...
I understand. Okay.
- Wilson Merrick, 82,
broken arm, and we got him
in room 907. All
right, thanks Belinda.
So, did you get her in line?
- I spoke to her. And there
won't be any more slip ups.
- You said that last time.
- Teresa has a good heart.
Our residents love her.
- Well, I think she's
careless. She likes discipline.
You wouldn't want me to have my
wards moved to another facility
on her account, now, would you?
Dave... I suppose I can
have them all moved.
- Within a week.
Tomorrow if needed.
- That's good to know.
- I'll take care of it.
- Thank you.
- No problem.
I'm sorry.
- I'm sure gonna miss
the heck outta you.
- I'm gonna miss
you too, Albert.
Hey, listen, um, they
won't let me back up,
so can you tell
Jay I said goodbye?
- Yeah, I think I found
one other woman to help us.
Mary Beth O'Connell. Mitch,
can you hold on a second?
- Dad? Hi.
- Janet's scheduled
surgery for me.
Amputation below the knee.
- What are you talking about?
You're getting the drugs.
The stem cell, whatever.
- No, Janet says
it's too expensive.
Irresponsible, she calls
it. Surgery's in two weeks.
- No, where's Teresa?
Teresa will help us.
- No, Teresa's
gone. She got fired.
- Oh.
Okay. Okay, okay,
I'll talk to Janet.
- No, you... you can't
talk to that woman.
You gotta do something, Leigh.
I'll take that, Mr. Davis.
- Oh, Dad, it's gonna
be okay. Dad? Dad?
- Your guardian has instructed
us to limit your phone calls.
She said it upsets you too much.
- You're the one upsetting me.
- This is only
temporary, Mr. Davis.
Hey, babe.
What's this?
- Early on, I found this man
online lives in Los Angeles.
His grandmother was in a
guardianship in Nevada.
Last month, he hired a couple
of ex-military to extract
his grandmother from
the nursing home.
- Extract?
That's crazy.
- Yeah, but once they got
her across state lines,
the guardian couldn't touch her.
I mean, of course, they
can never go back to Vegas.
- Wait. Are you trying
to hire some ex-military?
- No, we can't afford
ex-military. I'm gonna do it.
We could throw a
rock from our house
and hit the Kentucky border.
That's kidnapping.
- It's a rescue. My dad is
never getting out of there.
- Baby, you don't know that.
- I will not allow that
woman to hold my dad hostage
and slowly kill him.
- And what will our children
do while you're in prison?
- I won't get caught.
- That one time in
jail wasn't enough?
- He's my dad.
- And I'm your husband!
And Robert and Allie
are your children.
And for months, I've done
everything that I can for you.
I've worked double
shifts, triple shifts.
I've worked weekends.
And we're still broke.
And I thought that's
okay, that's fine,
because we don't need my money
because we've got family.
But now you want to
destroy that too.
Look, your family needs
you, Leigh. All your family.
What's it gonna take
for you to see that?
- Hey. Don't know if
I made it right but...
- That's very sweet.
- Did your dad leave
for work already?
- Yeah, a while ago.
- Yeah, well, I should
get ready for work, too.
- You got fired. Dad told me.
- He did.
- Why aren't you out
there fighting for Papa?
- It's complicated. Your father
didn't exactly love my plan.
- So, make a new one.
- I've tried.
- I'm part of a band now.
I have a girlfriend.
You wanna know why?
- You have a girlfriend?
- Because you told me I
can do anything I want,
I can be anything I want
if I worked hard for it.
You gonna tell me you lied?
- No. No, I didn't lie to you.
- Mom...
you can do anything you want
if you worked hard for it.
So, come on. Get up off
your butt and get out there.
All right?
So, you went to your
grandmother's nursing home
and Ms. Timms wouldn't
let you in to see her?
She said I was too upset.
Said she'd call the cops
if I didn't leave.
- You have to move up the piece.
- Hello, is how I
usually like to start.
- The amputation is
in less than a week.
- Well, I don't control
the network schedule.
This is human interest,
not breaking news.
Plus, the piece isn't gonna change
Janet's mind, unfortunately.
- Yeah, but it might change
a judge's mind, you know,
if it kicks up
enough bad publicity.
- You're going to court?
- I'm going to court.
But getting this piece
on the air is key.
Will you at least try?
- Well, I'll see what I can do,
but how are you
getting into court?
- No idea.
That's Teresa. Wait, turn
it up. Turn the sound up.
- 32-year-old Manning woman
Teresa Williams was struck
by a driver who fled the scene.
This is the second hit and run
reported in the last few weeks.
- She was just
here the other day.
Oh, my goodness.
- So, I was run off the
road a few weeks ago,
and then my father's health
aide dies in a hit and run?
I mean, that can't be
a coincidence, can it?
- You filled out
a police report?
- Yeah.
I think it's all connected
to my father's guardian,
Janet Timms.
- That's quite the allegation.
- I know. Just look into it.
- I heard about Teresa.
I'm sorry.
- Yeah. It's awful.
I am so sorry. You do
so much for all of us.
I don't even know
where to start.
I know I don't say it enough.
You don't.
- I love you.
- I love you.
Babe, you know it's
you and me, right?
Ride or die. You know that.
Do I wanna know?
- Well, I'm trying to figure
out the probate court rules.
To get into court you
have to file a motion.
It's like asking for
an invitation to a club
they don't want you in.
- What about one of those
people that you brought
to Mitch? Wasn't one
of them a lawyer?
Hey, Leigh.
- Hey, can I come in?
- Yeah, come on in.
- I need an emergency court
hearing to stop Janet.
- Okay, well, you can have
a lawyer write a petition.
- Well, you're a lawyer, right?
- Not anymore, Leigh. I gave
up my license a year ago.
- Well, can you get it back?
- These things don't happen
overnight. I'm sorry.
- Because I can't
afford a lawyer.
And I... I can't
afford to give up.
- You could file a motion
pro se, represent yourself.
- The last time I did that,
the judge granted Janet
permanent guardianship. I
can't argue this case myself.
- Sure you could.
With the right help.
- You've got to turn over.
You'll get bed sores.
I'm trying.
- Where's George?
- Hey, I've got good news.
I got us an emergency
hearing tomorrow at noon.
- Leigh, that's great.
Hey, I have news, too.
- Airing at tomorrow at
noon would be perfect.
You know, as much heartburn
as we can generate for
Judge Bean and you know, get
other outlets interested.
- They killed it.
The producers, they
killed the story.
I heard the station owner
got involved himself.
I'm sorry, Leigh.
- Think you're the
only ones in here?
- What's that for?
- Making sure you
get your eight hours.
You're welcome.
Help him.
Help him!
Help him.
Help him.
Help. Help.
- So, what does Casey
think about our chances?
- I mean, she won't
come out and say it,
but without Mitch's story...
- Dad? Dad, what's wrong?
Leigh, please come get me.
- What's going on?
What... what's happening?
- Nobody... nobody
came. And Albert's gone.
Since Albert it's me.
I'm next. Albert... is me.
- Dad, put someone
on the phone. Anyone.
- Get me out!
One moment. Ms. Timms
is in a meeting.
Can I take a message?
Hey, excuse me. You
can't go in there.
- I need to talk to you.
- I'm sorry, Ms. Timms.
- It's fine, Monique.
- Is it?
Ms. Delgado, this
can't wait for court?
- I'll drop everything.
I'll stop talking
to other families. I'll
stop talking to the press.
Just leave my father alone.
- That's insulting.
- I'll even stop
talking to the police.
- What are you suggesting?
- No. I'm not letting
Jason go back to the people
that abandoned him and
caused him to be injured.
- Well, he's still got
a few more dollars left
for you to take.
- We're settling this in court.
- I think you better leave.
- Judge Bean might take my
side. Why take the chance?
- Judge Bean wouldn't
dare rule against me.
He's got to get
elected in six months.
- So, Judge Bean is
in your pocket, too.
- Call it whatever you want.
Now get out my office
before I tell the judge
I need a restraining order.
- Get out.
You got this. Okay? Come on.
So, then we took a
shopping cart, fashioned it
down to a makeshift wheelchair,
and that's how we got around
Mardi Gras for the last
three days. It was crazy.
All right, y'all.
In the matter of Jason L. Davis
motion to enjoin a surgical
procedure and dissolve
his guardianship.
Ms. Timms, I'd like to
hear from you first,
since you're our expert here.
- Thank you.
- He isn't supposed to do
that. It's your motion.
- Your Honor, I got into
the field of
private guardianship
over 10 years ago to help
save lives. And I have.
Hundreds of them. Mothers,
fathers, grandmothers,
grandfathers, and now I'm here
to help save Jason Davis' life.
I'm sure Ms. Delgado
here is well-meaning,
and I'm sure she
loves her father.
But she has a high school
degree. Not a medical one.
Jason Davis needs surgery.
I'd like to enter into
evidence Exhibits 1 through 19.
These are Mr. Davis' medical
records and the recommendation
of his surgeon. Thank you.
- Uh judge, she can't enter
anything into evidence
until we've presented
our argument.
- We're pretty informal here.
Let's save some time. Just
go ahead and enter that.
Okay, Ms. Delgado,
it's your turn.
- Yes, Sir, Your Honor,
we don't have documents like
Ms. Timms. We have people.
- Judge Bean, these are family
members of other clients
of mine. This has nothing to
do with Jason Davis' case.
- Tend to agree.
Ms. Delgado, do you
have anything else?
- In that case, I'd like
to enter evidence, too.
- You need to be a little
more specific, Ms. Delgado.
- It's a recording
of Janet Timms.
May I?
Judge Bean wouldn't
dare rule against me.
He's got to get
elected in six months.
- Your Honor, this is
outrageous and illegal.
- The state has a one-party
consent statute regarding
the recording of
conversations. And I consented.
- Proceed.
So, Judge Bean is
in your pocket, too.
Call it whatever you want.
Now get out my office
before I tell the judge
I need a restraining order.
- You'd better get a
camera crew in here.
- This court is
called to recess.
- As his guardian, Janet
Timms is supposed to protect
my father.
But under her so-called
care, my father has gotten
steadily worse. And
it's not just my dad.
Janet has over 300 wards.
Many of them have had
the same experience. There's
Gabby Rivera's father,
and Kwame Reese's grandmother,
and Casey Hilder's mother.
All of them were forced
out of their homes,
robbed of their assets, and
isolated from their families.
Many of them died
within two years.
- Objection, Your Honor.
Judge Bean, she has no proof
of any of this.
- Get to your
point, Ms. Delgado.
- Because of her neglect,
my father is in a healthcare
crisis that never
should have happened.
And now she is ordering
to have his leg amputated.
Not because it's the only
option or because a doctor
recommended it. But
because it's cheaper.
- You can't be serious. That
is defamatory, Your Honor.
- Not if it's true, it's not.
Your Honor, Janet Timms
is not a guardian.
She's a predator.
- Well, in light of the
arguments that have been
presented, this court
finds in favor...
of the petitioner,
Ms. Delgado.
Court adjourned.
- Nice one.
- Actually unbelievable.
- You're incredible.
Ah, my babies.
- Did you win any money?
- Hey...
Do you know what? He's
gonna have to see me again.
He's gonna have to see me.
The audacity of him
to go against us.
Knowing that all I do is keep
people's best
interests at heart.
Ms. Timms! Do you have anything
to say about the verdict?
Ms. Timms, do you have
something to say about
the mistreatment of
wards under your care?
- You know, some families
just can't face the reality
that their loved ones
are on the decline.
- Get in closer.
- They will blame
anyone but themselves.
David Timms?
- And that's what you're
seeing here today.
- David Timms?
You're under arrest for the
murder of Teresa Williams.
- David? David, what did you do?
- She was gonna hurt you,
Jan. You don't get that?
- Come on.
You have the right
to remain silent.
Ms. Timms! If you
give up the right
to remain silent, anything
you say can and will be used
against you in a court of law.
Ms. Timms, do you
have any comment
on your brother's arrest?
Did you know Teresa Williams?
Ms. Timms, would you
like to make a statement?
Ms. Timms, did you have
something to do with the murder
of Teresa Williams?
Dad. Daddy. We won.
We won. The surgery is off.
- Oh, thank God. Thank goodness.
- Yeah. And the judge
ended the guardianship.
- I... I'm free?
- Yeah, yeah. Come on, let's
get your things together.
- Nah, forget about my
things. Let's get outta here.
The case of Delgado vs.
Timms was only the beginning
of a guardianship scandal that
has rocked the county probate
court in the last weeks.
Janet Timms is under
investigation and state police
have launched an inquiry
into patterns of abuse
by predatory guardians.
Her brother David Timms
is facing criminal charges
for the murder of health
aide Teresa Williams,
though Ms. Timms is not
a suspect at this time.
- We need to get you
some more hangers.
- Here, give me that.
- Robert must have
taken them all.
- Kid already gave up his room.
The least you can do his
let him have the hangers.
- You know, Casey said we
might be able to get some
of your things back.
- Hmm. Not the house.
- No, not the house.
You ready to get
this party started?
Let's go.
- Dad said you got a new
job. What's a pair of eagles?
- Paralegal. I'll tell
you about after the party.
All right, ready?
All right, cake time!
Come on!
Do you need help?
- No, no.
- I don't want any singing.
I just wanna make a toast.
To my daughter, Leigh. I am
so proud of you, sweetheart.
I am so proud to be your father.
And Luis, you're
one heck of a guy.
- All right. You ready?
Make a wish, Dad.
- To Jason, hmm?
- To Dad.
- To Papa.
- To Jason.