The Bad Son (2007) Movie Script

Where are we? Over here?
Victim is female,
approximately17 to 20 years of age,
fair skin, freckles, red hair--
how longhas she been dead?
Decompositionis early stage.
Estimated time of deathis seven to 10 days ago.
Cause of death?
Do you mind?I'm filing my report.
File it later.
I'm getting old.
What was the cause of death?
Victim was severely beaten,strangled,
and burned on boththe hands and face.
It's not apparentat this time
which of these wasthe cause of death.
A complete autopsywill fully disclose...
Do you know somethingthat I don't, detective?
You don't brutally beat,strangle,
and burn the faceoff a teenage girl with acid
just to kill her.
Murder wasn't enough.
Rage, holt.
Cause of death was rage.
Bad plan, christy.
I don't like this littleplan of yours at all.
You didn't careif I liked your plan.
My plan?
And I don't careif you like mine.
No, that wasyour father's plan.
Okay, that is so patheticyou blame him.
I'm not blaming him,
but I wasn't the onethat ran off to arizona
with a 24-year-oldbartender.
Oh, christy, come on,life is hard.
It doesn't always work outthe way we want it to.
Oh, you think?
That doesn't meanthat we don't love you.
That I don't love you.
Can I go, please?
Divorce is hard on everyone,you know.
I know that you'reupset and confused--
I'm not confused.You are--
but you have gotto finish high school.
No, I don't!
I'm getting a job.
I want my own money.I want my own life.
You'll have all that,i promise you.
You will have all of it,but 16 is just not old enough.
It's my life.
I'm notgoing to let you do this.
Try and stop me,I'm in phoenix the next day.
[Door closes]
Oh, god...
How long'sshe been missing?
Five days.
Is it unusual for younot to hear from her
for five days?
Well, yes and no.
She quit schooland ran away from home
when she was 14.
Hadn't spoken to her for years,
and then,a couple months ago,
she got in touch.
Her relationshipwas bad news.
She wanted to come backto ohio, start again.
After that,we spoke most every day.
Planned the whole thing.
Mr. Brennan, I don't want youto take this the wrong way,
but if colleen has a historyof running away,
how do you knowthat she hasn't done it again?
She has a kid.
She'd neverleave that boy.
All she talked about
was bringing him back to ohio,
getting him away from finn.
Finn, is that her husband?
John david finn.
You know that feeling you getwhen something's wrong?
That's how I felt.
When's the last timeyou were in contact with her?
Well, I called hercell phone yesterday.
Somebody picked up,but didn't say nothing.
I got that same feeling,you know?
Like it was him.
Then I heard a childcalling out for his mommy.
It sounded like kevin,
but they hung up real quick.
Do you have a local addressfor her?
She sent a cardafter they got engaged.
She was livingthere with finn,
but that was three,four years ago.
I think something badhappened to her,
detective mcadams.
I can't stop thinkingit's something bad.
I'm not buying anything.
I'm not sellinganything.
Look, I already toldyou people.
The sprinklerson the second floor
of that building
will be fixed as soon asthe parts come in.
What else do you want from me?
Are you john david finn?
Does he live here?
Do you know where he lives?
I'm detective ronnie mcadams.
You are?
Gerry o'connor.
That's better, gerry.
Look,i got an appointment to go to.
Do you thinkmaybe we could--
finish the conversation inside?
That's fine with me.
No, no, no, we can, uh...
I'll talk here.
Do you own this house?
Yeah, I own this house.
A michael brennanreported
his daughter colleenmissing for five days.
And she was engagedto john david finn,
and they gave thisas their last permanent address.
Do you know him?
Yeah.I'm his uncle.
Did he live with you?
Uh, no.
I mean, uh, yeah.
Well, it was a while ago.
He was, uh...
He was applyingfor a security job,
and he neededa permanent address,
so I let them use mine.
Do they have one now?
I don't...
I don't think so.
Well, they move around a lot,you know?
Who was he applying with?What company?
I don't remember.
But you remember colleen,right?
Yeah, I know her.
[Clears throat]
You saw her?
Well, we allwent out for dinner
last w
last week sometime.
I don't rememberwhat day it was.
Where did you eat?
Uh... it was...
Pizza, maybe.
Yeah, yeah, it was pizza,i think.
Um, I don't rememberthe place too well.
It had, uh...
It had pictures of italyon the wall.
Yeah, that's it.
Were john and colleen arguing?
Did they have a fight?
Not that I know of.
Everything was fine.
We had pizza.
Everybody was happy.
Look, you know, I, uh...
I really got to go.
People aremoving in.
I got to deliverthese keys here.
So, uh...
I'm sureeverything will be all right,
and I wish I could beof more help.
[Cell phone rings]
Okay, go.
Wait one second.
Polaris security.
Spell that?
And a john finn,not a john david finn?
Do they have a home address?
Okay, fantastic.
Gotcha. Bye.
Who are you?
Oh, good afternoon.I'm detective ronnie mcadams.
I was given this addressby polaris security.
I'm looking fora john david finn.
Does he live here?
I live here.
Could I have your name, please?
There's no law tha
look, ma'am, I've beena detective for 12 years.
You don't want to bethe first person
that I have to haul downtownto get their name, do you?
Frances reynolds.
Thank you, mrs. Reynolds.
Do you know a john finn?
I'm his mother.Of course I do.
Do you mind if I step inside?
We can have a little chat.
Yes, I do mind.
Mrs. Reynolds,
your son's fiancee has beenreported missing for five days.
Fine, if you don't wantto cooperate,
I can go downtownand get a warrant.
[Man]: Who are youtalking to, mother?
Detective mcadams.
She says that colleen
has been reportedmissing for five days.
Well, we were saving
for a place to buy,
but then the littlerugrat came along,
and we burned through that moneyin, like, two months.
Oh, kids are so expensiv
so we keptrenting,
and we moved arounda fair bit,
trying to find
but, uh...
Polaris neededa permanent address,
so we gave them my mother's.
So you weren't livingdownstairs yet,
you and colleen?
No, no, we moved in last year,
and we'll probably move again.
You never know.
So when's the wedding?
Well, when we getaround to it,
I guess.
I mean,I'm so busy,
and so's colleen, so...
So tell me again,
when is the last timeyou saw her?
Well, we all went for dinneron the night that she left
to visit relativesin ohio.
It was sort ofa bon voyage celebration.
You know, pizza, beer.
With your uncle gerry?
Gerry was there, yes.
And then we came home,
and one ofthose airport taxi vans
picked her up,
and that was it.
So you haven't heard from her
since she left?
She's very independent.
What about her cell phone?
She forgot it here.
Did she take kevin with her?
No, no, no, no,
because we couldn't affordthe two plane tickets.
So he's asleep downstairs
right now.
So when's she coming back?
We're not sure.
I mean,she left the return open.
It doesn't bother you
that you haven't heardfrom your fiancee in five days?
She hasn't calledto speak to her son?
I mean, you don't knowwhere she is,
when she's coming back,how to reach her?
I'm sure she's fine, detective.
There's nothing to worry about.
[Ronnie]: Uncle ge
that the night thatthey had dinner together,
same nightthe girl disappears.
Supposedlyit was some sort
of going-awayb
you don't thinkit was?
I don't know yet.
It just doesn'tfeel right.
My husband disappearsfor five days--
I mean, if I hada husband--
and I don't knowwhere he is,
I think I'd bea little freaked.
They weren't?
Ice cold.
Right out ofthe freezer.
The girl's fathertold me
this guy finngave him the creeps.
I feel it, too.
Okay, I want youto work with someone on this.
Come here.
Uh, captain...
Wait a minute, captain.I don't want a partner on this.
I work better alone.I'm faster.
You've been out thereby yourself
for three months, ronnie--that's too long.
Yeah, but there's no onei can think of
that I want to work with.
When I think of somebody,I'll let you know--
hold it. Come here.
Six years ago,
we found a bodyin greenhill park.
Teenage girl.
She was beaten, strangled,burned with acid.
No I.D.
Rick petrocellicaught the case.
You know him?
Rico. Yeah, I've heard of him.
He's got a reputation.
He never had to workwith a partner,
not never.
He had one for six weekswhen he first started.
Threw the guy in a dumpsterone day
and left him there.
Never after that.
Anyway, this casefell through the cracks
a dozen different waysover the years,
but he wouldn't let go,like a pitbull with a bone.
So, last month
he came up with dental records.
I.d. Was a clean match.
Girl's name was patricia reilly.
High school drop-out,
And I need to knowthis information because...
Because miss reilly's fianceat the time of death
was john david finn.
Unpack those thingsright now.
You're not
you're notgoing anywhere.
Okay, mom, eitheri live with trey
20 minutes from here,
or I live with dada thousand miles away.
Stop threatening me.
It's not a threat.
[Doorbell chimes]
He is this closeto criminal.
Why can't youeven see that?
Why can't youjust let me
live my lifethe way I want to?
[Door bell chiming]
Because you're 16!
Hi, um, look,this isn't--
gaines saidhe spoke to you
about patricia reilly.
He did.
It's just thatthis isn't a good time.
I'm having a situationwith my daughter--
that wassix years ago.
Three years after that,
I investigated the murderof amanda kelly.
17-year-old drop-out runaway.
We found her in a park.
Beaten, strangled,and burned with acid.
Sound familiar?
Finn wasmy primary suspect
in that case, too.
Kelly wasengaged to him
when she
when she waskilled.
So was reilly.
What, you couldn'tmake it stick?
Finn's smart.
So's his mother.
She's a civilianpolice employee.
A supervisorin central communications.
Been there 20 years.
She has access to all files,calls, complaints,
emails, personal records,reports, everything.
Well, she didn't tell methat part.
She nevertells you anything,
but if it'simportant,
if it's sensitive,if it's classified, private,
it goes through her department.
Her and I have been going at itfor years.
What, so you thinkshe helped him?
I mean, if h
paperwork, evidence...
Everything involved got tainted,lost, or tossed out.
Now, what do you think?
Excuse me.
Young lady,get back upstairs right now.
You are notgoing anywhere.
Mom, I'm leaving.
Trey's picking me up.
I'll call youin a couple days.
The girl you're looking for,
colleen brennan...
She's not missing.
She's dead.
Patricia reilly.
Family history,personal information.
What are you doing?
If you're going to catch him,
you've got to getinside his head.
You want to get inside his head,you have to know his victims.
No, I mean,what the hell are you doing?
Reilly was first.
You have to know her
before you can knowamanda kelly.
And when wefind brennan,
she's going to be beaten,strangled, burned,
and dumped in a parklike a bag of garbage.
Look, just so you know,i wanted to work alone, okay?
This is my case.
Mi casa, su casa.
Grand jury report.
There was a grand jury?
Dissolved. Read it.Find out why.
Coroner's report.
It's not about murder.
Off the charts.
Now, these are girls, mcadams.
Teenage girls.
Red hair, freckles,
fair skin, slight build.
Could be cousins.
Remind you of anyone?
You're a piece of work, rico.
It's not the same.
Your kid already hasa boyfriend.
Thanks for reminding me.
You got to watch themlike a hawk, is all I'm saying.
You got to stay close,
no matter how muchthey kick and scream.
Do the words"mind your own business"
mean anything?
So why do you thinkhe goes for the same type?
Don't know yet.
Where does he find them?
You need
you need any help?
Can I get you a cabor something?
Um, no, thanks.I'm okay.
Are you waiting for somebody,or...
My cousin's coming to get me.
Oh, okay.
And your cousinknows
that your bus comes inat 3:35 in the morning,
not here to meet you?
Nobody's coming, huh?
It's okay.
I'm not going to turn you inor anything.
You mind if I sit down?
What's your name?
I'm john.
Nice to meet you.
So, uh...
Why seattle?
I mean,if you don't mind my asking.
It was as far from ohioas I could get.
And could afford.
You got any money left?
A little.
Not really.
You hungry?
[Laughing]:I swear it's true.
He's having a bath.
He's got soap, he's got shampoohe's got a back scrubber.
The whole bit.But in the fountain?
In the fountain.
I'm telling you,this place is nuts.
It took me a whileto get used to it,
but now,I'll tell you,
I love the night shift,
but, you know,
I'm not going to bea security guard forever.
What are you going to be?
They already told methat they'd take me.
I'm going to be a spy.
Yeah, I'm stillsaving for it,
you know, and moving to d.C.And all that,
but yeah,international espionage.
I mean,that's what I'm shooting for.
Listen, um...
I know you don't reallyknow me yet,
but the guythat runs this place,
he owes me big time,because...
Because, well,
I broke upa robbery,
so it saved him a ton of money.
Anyway,i can get you a job here,
just to get youstarted, you know...
And I have a friendwho has an extra room
and she owes me, too.
I mean, you could stay with her.
Why are you doing this?
Well, you know...
I don't meet beautiful girlsfrom ohio
every night of the week.
Do you ever?
First time.
Detective mcadams...
I understand that you're workingwith detective petrocelli.
Is that correct?
He's helping me locateyour future daughter-in-law.
I have smelled alcoholon his breath during a shift
on numerous occasions.
He's rude.
He's inconsiderate.
He's vindictive.
He's unprofessional.
He's a poorly ratedpolice officer.
He has no friendsin the department.
And you know this
because you workin central communications.
Is that correct?
You neglected to tell me thatwhen I interviewed you.
You didn't ask mewhere I worked.
If you had asked me,i would have told you.
I have beencompletely cooperative,
which is the oppositeof what he's been doing.
And what exactly hasdetective petrocelli been doing?
He has been harassing my sonfor the past six years.
He's tryingto frame him
for two differentmurders.
Not one but two.
It's a personal vendetta.
Totally againstdepartment policy.
What he is doingis against the law.
My son has rights.
Yes, and so does colleen.
You think we're surprisedthat she's run off?
It doesn't seem like you are.
She's a troublemaker,that one.
She's been a troublemakerright from the start.
She goes outevery night of the week,
sometimes not even coming backuntil the next morning,
with a child at home.
I think she's beenhaving an affair.
John won't say so, but I will.
What other reason does she have
for being out at all hoursat night?
Any argumentsthat they might have had
I blame on her.
A very troubled
a girl, really--
not fitto be a mother.
Are you telling methat your son...
And colleenhad arguments?
I'm sayingany that they might have had.
I was very clear
about that,detective.
I don'tappreciate you
putting wordsinto my mouth.
That's what petrocelli does.
I don't like italiansfor that reason.
Italian cops are the worst.
I can see nowthat I can't trust you either.
For your information,
colleen used different names
to avoid contactwith her family.
What names?
Well, they kept changing.
I lost track.
But she might have useda different name
to book her flight to ohio.
I assume you are checkingwith the airlines.
Standard procedure.
And she might have...
Gone to florida.
She was alwayson john
about moving awayfrom seattle.
Florida, florida...
That's allshe kept talking about.
Do you know where in florida?
But she's probably therewith her secret lover right now.
Put that into your report,detective.
See if you can't find them.
[Door closes]
[Telephone ringing]
I'll be right there.
Don't youever sleep?
Not much.
I spoke with the m.E.
The victim is a young woman,
approximately 19,20 years of age,
5'2", 105 pounds soaking wet.
Red hair, fair skin,freckles.
No matter how many timesyou see it,
a dead young girl
is a shockto the system.
What's the causeof death?
She was beaten,strangled.
Look at the hands and face.
Some kind of acid.
Disfigured the faceand fingertips.
No easy I.D.
Do you thinkit's colleen brennan?
Well, it's been a weeksince she's gone missing.
Decomposition matchesthat time frame.
It's no stretch.
By the way,
finn's mother came to see me.
She told me to checkall the flights
going to florida,
that that's where colleen wentwith her secret lover,
using an alias.
She reportedto the captain,
so I'm obligatedto look into it.
Yeah, that's what she does.
Roadblocks, wrong turns,dead ends.
Years go by,
and the case can't hold upits own weight.
It falls down, breaks apart,
new cases come along,cops move on,
and finn slips away.
She did quite a characterassassination on you.
Like I said, we're old friends.
She knewyou were working
on the brennan casewith me.
Well, she watchesall my correspondence
if it goes throughthe department,
like a case request.
This one,for instance?
She tripped up, though,you know?
She said thatcolleen and john
were fighting.
Doesn't look like all thathappy a relationship to me.
She's not wearingan engagement ring.
You think finn gave her one?
What took you?I've been waiting.
Oh, I'm sorry, john.
I had to talk to my managerabout my shifts next week.
Well, it better bethe night shift.
Come here.
Thank you.
I told you, baby,flowers, chocolates.
I'll do it every day,because you deserve it.
I have great news.
No way.
Really?it's over!
It's over, baby.We broke it off.
That's so great.
I'm free.I'm free.
That's great.
No more amanda.
Now, listen,listen...
I know this iskind of crazy,
but, you know, love's crazy,
and life is crazy, and...
Six weeks ago,you got off a bus,
and you could havegone anywhere,
and you could've arrivedduring the day,
but you didn't.
I mean, you picked seattlein the middle of the night.
You picked me.
You picked me, too.
Yes, I did.
I love you, colleen,
and I don't want anyone elseto have you.
Will you marry me?
I'm so happy.
[Cell phone ringing]
[Ronnie]: Is that a joke?
What do I think?
I think you're making
the biggest mistakeof your life.
I think it can be fixed, though.
I think that trey could help youpack and come home
because underneaththat attitude,
I think there'sa fine young man.
I knew you'd like it.
We'd invite youto stay for dinner,
but I have to work tonight.
Oh, if I wouldn't havestopped by--
I wouldn't have known
that you had a job.
No, you wouldn't.
Do you want to tell mewhere you're working?
Is that the tattoo parloron jefferson?
Trey works therepart-time.
He got me in.
Is therea reason
why you can'tgo to school
and work at the same time?
Yeah.i don't want to.
Look, you should go now, mom.
I just want to talkto you boyfriend first.
If you even look sidewaysat my daughter,
I will blowyour kneecaps off.
[Door opens]
They I.D.'Dthe body.
I'll call you later.
I'm sorry, baby.
Aw, did she scare you?
Uh, mr. Brennan--
it's her, isn't it?
That body you foundin the park.
It's her.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Can I see her?
I want to see her.
I don't think
that that would bea good idea right now.
Your daughter,uh...
She was...
It's not a good idea.
Did he do it?
Did he kill her?
We don't know yet.
We're still investigating.
You can't let himget away with this.
Please, don't let him get awaywith killing my baby girl.
Finn threatened to killamanda kelly if she left him.
She filed a report.
How come nobody did anything?
Keep reading.
The dates are all off.
That reportdidn't surface
until after kelly's bodywas found.
His motherburied it?
No way to prove that.
Know that it's true.
God, how does that womankeep her job?
She's been in this departmentlonger than her boss.
She's a fixture.
Can't get rid of her.
Yeah, I read the complaintsshe filed against you.
Harassment,drinking on the job...
Yeah, insubordination.
I spent a lot of timewith internal affairs.
Instead ofnailing her son.
That's the point.
Mcadams, petrocelli,come on in.
Come on in.
I know a psychologicalprofiler for the fbi.
I sent himthe file on finn.
Notes, photos, reports,
everything relevantpertaining to all three murders.
"Must conclude
"that john david finndemonstrates
"virtually every characteristictypically found
in a sexually sadisticserial killer."
"As consistentwith model,
"finn shows preferencefor victims
"whose affectionsand trust he gains
with offers of care,kindness, and security."
"With victimemotionally committed,
"finn dramatically changeshis behavior,
"embarks on a courseof violent domination
and humiliation."
These girls feel powerlessto get out.
Their life is a nightmare.
If they give anyindication of leaving,
finn freaks.
It's notwhether he'll kill again--
it's when.
Let me ask youa question.
It's nothing for me
to see this guyfor what he is,
but what the hell arethose girls looking at?
Why do they go fora loser like that?
I have no idea.
They think they've gotnothing else, I guess.
They've been h
and they want to believethat somebody,
anybody loves them.
He's saving them.
Yeah, that's whythey hook up with him so fast,
so that he won't go away.
Like he's the last guy on earththey're ever going to fall for.
Unfortunately,that turns out to be true.
Oh, here's my ring.
Isn't it beautiful?
He's justin the kitchen
right now.
We're really ready.
The guys from workare here, okay?
Colleen's boss.
Please don't sayanything stupid.
I won't need to.
One look at colleen says it all.
Well, that's life, okay?It happens.
You don't needto propose to them,
for god's sake.
She's the best one, mom.
You thinkyou're saying something?
They're all trash.
Colleenis no different.
You have no taste.
She's a rudeand spoiled little girl.
Well, you're an unhappyold witch.
Don't you daretalk to me like that.
Then get off her back!
She's not good enough for you.
That's all I'm saying.
She's carrying my kid.
She's the mother of my son.
I'm going to be a father.
That's whyyou need a real woman.
You deserve a real woman.
We're in love.
No, you'
no, you're not.
It's all sexwith your generation.
Love's gotnothing to do with it.
Just because you don't get any.
You see?
See what theyhave done to you?
You weren't raised to be crudeand disrespectful.
You were raised to be strong
and successful.
A soldier, like your father.
Well, I'm going to be c.I.A.
What else do you want from me?
When are you going to be c.I.A.?
Not till after my son is born.
And then?
And then we'll see.
The soonerthe better.
I want you away from that woman.
She's wrong for you,all wrong.
She'll leave you,just like all the others.
No, she won't!
You're a boy.
You're not a man.
You can't see it.
She won't leave!
Weak and stupid.
You're fat and ugly!
You deserve her!
Um, yeah, I guess...
People are wonderingwhen the food's coming.
Right this minute.
You are suchan attractive man.
Nobody loves youmore than I do...
And nobodyever will.
Come along, john.
There's an engagement partywaiting just for you.
Here we are.
Uh, ms. Reynolds?
How dare youconfront me at work.
I'm not confrontingyou at work.
I wanted to give yousome information.
I've called you,
but you won't returnmy messages.
I didn't get them.
That's funny, right?
I mean,you work in communications.
I don't see the humor,detective.
Tell what you want,
and thenleave me alone.
I wanted to let you know
that the body that we foundin the park was colleen.
I know.
She was murdered.
I read the report.
Is that remorse, ms. Reynolds?
Could've fooled me.
Finding colleen like thatwas...
Unfortunate, of course.
Well, I'm pretty sureit was more than unfortunate,
given the beatingthat her body was given.
I mean, that sort of blows
the "visiting relativesin ohio" story,
doesn't it?
Not to mention the..."Secret lover in florida" story.
Colleen was selling her body
to make money to takejohn's boy away from him.
She got involved withsomeone who killed her.
That is what you should beinvestigating.
Well, actually,I'd like to talk to john,
but I can't find him anywhere.
I mean, I've been by the house.
He's not there.
I called polaris.
He's on leave.
He won't return my messages.Do you know where he is?
Is it possible--
I think that'sall the questions.
We've beencompletely cooperative.
This is now harassment.
If you don't stop,
I'm going to file a complaintwith internal affairs.
We have rights,detective.
My son and I have rights.
Polaris said
he started backthis week.
Sick leave,they said.
Broken up abouthis dead fiancee.
Broken up to readthe serial killer angle
in the newspapers.
Nobody likespressure.
Maybe he'll getcareless.
I hope so.
We've got nothingbut alibis and--
oh, god.
She's next.
Hey, hey!
I'm going to gotalk to the girl.
You keep an eye outfor finn.
I'll be readingthe paper right there.
I get up,you walk away.
I saw you kissingthat security guard.
Is that your boyfriend?
We didn't do anything wrong.
No, I know.I don't want to hassle you.
I just need to ask youa couple of questions.
Yes, he's my boyfriend.
You from seattle?
You said you weren'tgoing to hassle me.
I'm sorry.
It's just importantthat I talk to you.
I haven't seen you around here.
What's your name?
Rebecca keenan.
I'm from michigan.
I'm detective ronnie mcadams.
Do your parentsknow you're here?
It's okayif they don't.
My parentsare getting a divorce.
They don't care that I'm gone.
So how long have you known him,your boyfriend?
Eight weeks.
He got a divorce, too.
Some girl named colleen.
She was cheating on him,so he left her.
I don't blame him.
Yeah, I know what you mean.
Did he have kids?
Rebecca, I need to tell yousomething very important.
You're not going to wantto believe
do you understand?
Your boyfriend,john david finn...
He's suspected of murderingthree young women,
including colleen.
We found her body in a parktwo weeks ago.
You could be in serious danger.
Are you okay?
Two weeks ago?
Yes, two weeks ago.
Why? Did something happen?
I can't...
I shouldn'tsay anything.
Rebecca,I'm investigating a murder.
I need you to tell mewhat happened two weeks ago.
We went for a ride.
We were going to park--
you know,drink beers and have sex--
and he picked me upin a blue taurus,
which surprised me
because he drivesa mustang.
He loves that car.
He said it was in the shop,
and he borrowed the taurusfrom a friend.
I can't.
I don't want toget him in trouble.
It's too late for all of that.
You could be involved in this.
He opened the trunkto get the cooler out, and...
There was this bigrolled-up blanket,
like there was something in it,
like the mafiaor something,
like the godfather.
I asked him what it was,and he got mad.
He saidit was nothing,
and that I should neverask about it again,
so I didn't.
I was never going to sayanother word.
Anyway, I shouldn'thave told you.
It was probablynothing.
He said it wasn't.
Why do theycall you rico?
Ah, some sergeant started thatwhen I was a cadet.
When he was a kid,
rico petrocelliwas his favorite player
in red sox nation.
Hated his accent.
I like footballmyself.
Staying at homeon a sunday afternoon
with a cold beer...
You like football?
Light enoughto jab with speed,
heavy enoughto hit with power.
It's like chess,
except they...
Well, they getknocked out.
Oh, here we go.
[Engine sputtering]
Guy in the garage said
he had it in the shopthree times
for electricalproblems.
last time waswhen rebecca said
he picked her upin the taurus.
Better make thatfour times.
[Sirens wailing]
The whole family.
Wish I hada camera.
Except colleen, you mean.
The whole familyexcept her.
Right, no more colleen.
You have no right to be here.
We had nothing to dowith colleen's death.
Doesn't it justbreak your heart
to hear love like that?
I'm not answeringany more questions.
I didn't do anything.
I'm not after youtoday, john.
We're here for the car.
Who owns it?
I do.
We have to take it with us.
Why, because ofwhat rebecca said?
She didn't seeanything.
I told hershe didn't see anything.
John, shut up.
She saw enough
for us to impound the car.
Look at him,mcadams.
Pretty boy'sstarting to sweat.
First the paper and now this.
I'd be sweating, too,if I were him.
I am callingthe chief of police.
He is going to have both of yoususpended without pay!
You spend an awful lot of timewith personal calls
and complaints,ms. Reynolds.
I pulledyour phone logs.
Do you know that you spendhalf the day
on the phone with these guys?
What do youtalk about?
Why don't you tellthe chief of police that?
Mr. O'connor,
would you be so kind
as to come with medowntown, please?
So, was it threeor four weeks ago
you rolled up the blanketand tossed it in the trunk?
There was norolled-up blanket.
I don't know whatyou're talking about.
We're checking forhair and fibers.
Anythingfrom colleen,
and you'rethe prime suspect
in first degreemurder.
Yeah, well,i didn't murder anybody, okay?
Well,somebody did.
It's a bad play, gerry.
Give him up,
or you're going togo down the toilet with him.
You know what?
I'd really like to help you two,i really would,
but my memory
isn't whatit used to be.
See, my sister,she helps me out,
tells meto do stuff--
don't you get tired of this?
Don't you get tired
of being bossed aroundby your sister?
You're a self-made man.
You have power, you have...
What, how many housesdo you have?
I don't know.
Maybe, um, 23?
I mean, granted,they're all slums,
but you own them.
What is it?
Maybe your sister'sjealous of you,
Or may
or maybe her husbands were.
Well, I wouldn't knowanything about that.
Finn, her first husband,he was a soldier,
and he got killedduring some exercise
when john was a baby,
and reynolds,her second husband,
who I didn't likevery much anyway,
died of a heart attackthe same year.
And is that when you startedtaking care of john?
Yeah, that's right.
Frances was working.
She's a strong woman.
So it was just me and john.
What was he likeas a little boy?
Oh, he hada nasty little temper, he did.
I had one, too.
How bad was he?
I was in north carolina onceduring a hurricane.
It was a lot like that.
The taurus is clean.
The trunk carpet'sbeen replaced.
The liner, too.
We got nothing.
You thinkthe mother's involved?
She knows police procedurebetter than all of us.
That car was cleaned weeks ago.
Implicates the uncle, though.It's his vehicle.
They're allin on this.
Family affair.
What about the girl?
Rebecca keenan?
Runaway from michigan.
I'm hoping I scared her off.
[Tapping on window]
What is this?
Grand theft auto.
This is my daughter.
That's whatshe told me.
Saysshe didn't do it.
He picked her up from work.
She didn't knowthe car was hot.
I'm sorry, detective,I've got to book her.
No, actually, you don't.
I'll take her from here.
I'm sorry, detective.I can't do it.
It's a felony.I've got to go by the book.
You can pick her up downstairs.
Come on.
No, the grandfather,michael brennan.
Uh-huh. Ohio.
Right, full custody.
Now, can hecall you directly?
Great, thanks.
Okay, no, I'll have him
get in touchwith you today.
Thank you so much.
He'll be in contact.
Is this your idea,or his?
A custody hearing'sgoing to put pressure
on finn and his motherand his uncle.
I'm hoping...
One of themmakes a mistake.
Mr. Brennan didn'tknow his rights.
So I told him.
I guess you could say,yeah, I suggested it.
Suggested it,or put him up to it?
Kevin is his grandson.
Colleen was his daughter.
He knows what he needs to do.
How comeshe ran away?
I don't know.Her mother died.
I think itbroke her heart.
She didn't know how to fix it,
so she went lookingfor something somewhere else.
Anyplace that seemed betterthan where she was.
Finn cut her off, and...
Kept her from having contactwith any of her family...
All the peoplethat she loved,
all the peoplethat loved her
most in the world.
[Door closes]
Did you speakto the lawyers?
The grand jury for patriciais in two weeks.
Stop worrying.
It won't happen.
We've askedfor the judge
to be recused.
He's been prejudiced against us.
The process to replace himwill take a few weeks.
They'll have to seata new grand jury
and start again.
What about petrocelli?
What about him?
Petrocelli has nothing.
He's just trying to scare us.
There's no hot water.
I checked the kitchenand the bathroom,
and there's nohot water anywhere.
What the hell, man?Fix the damn water.
[Frances]:Stop complaining.
You pay no rent.You should be grateful.
For what?
There's no heat.There's no hot water.
I'd rather pay rentand live somewhere else.
You have the smartest mouthI've ever heard.
Why did we have to move againanyway?
This isn't normal.
I feel likeI'm on the run.
What did you just say?
You think I killed her.Is that it?
I just-- I need--
you need what?
What do you need?
You need to leave me?John...
You think you can leave me?
You think I am evergoing to let you go?
[Cries out]
Don't you everthreaten me again!
You're nothing,do you hear me?
You're nothing!
Smart move, john.
Leave her alone.Leave her be.
Don't youtouch her.
Fix the damn water.
Hey there,little man.
How you doing?
[Baby crying]
What's happeningwith your daughter?
They released herinto my custody.
She's got to go to court.
It's a real mess.
You should introduce us.
Excuse me?
Your daughter and me.
You should introduce us.
No offense.
I think we'd get along,that's all.
"Get along,"you just want to be friends,
or "get along",you think you could help her?
Help.i think I can help.
You have some sort of insight
into 16-year-oldsthat drop out of school
and get arrestedfor grand theft auto?
Not particularly,
but I knowwhat it is
to feel likeyou're on the outside
and can't find your way in.
I thinkwe could relate.
Oh, yeah?What would you say to her?
I think I'd listen, mostly.
A lot of the time,that's all peo
someone to hear them out.
Believe me, I hear her out.
I'm not saying you don't.
Look, what about what I want?
The world can'trevolve around her
24 hours every day.
What do you want?
Turn back the clock 10 years,
when she was six years old.
Laughing, singing,
playing kickballin the house.
Her father and iwere still in love.
Is that too much to ask?
Turning back time?
No, it's not too much.
This just came infrom the d.A.'S office.
It's wiretaps,search warrants--
everything you needto take him down.
It's all approved.
About time.
What do you say
we go lean on this creepa little more?
Is rebecca here?
[Petrocelli]: Good,
because this isfor your ears only.
We know you lied to her
about calling it offwith colleen.
Not a break-up,
just a dead fianceehalf-buried in the park.
And you also lied to herabout kevin.
Does she knowyou have a kid?
Jesus,she doesn't even know
that he has a kid yet.
That's really weak.
[Petrocelli]: Going tobite you in the ass.
So, where do you hide him?
Sometimes withuncle gerry?
What do you want?
[Ronnie]: Colleen'sfather is suing
for full custodyof your son.
[Petrocelli]: It'sa courtesy call.
You're going tohave to go to court
if you want to keep him.
We didn'twant you
to read about itin the papers.
Not like how youfound out about colleen.
That was some article,wasn't it?
Actually, they're going toprint it again.
Yeah, this time
with your picturefront and center
as the prime suspect.[Cell phone ringing]
Excuse me.
How's thatgoing to go over
with your boss?
Or rebeccawhen she has to be subpoenaed?
I heard about your daughterand her boyfriend
getting busted for joyriding.
That is a shame.
Christy, is it,right?
Yeah, I saw a picture of her.
She's so cute.
I heard they released herinto your custody.
That's good.
But they'reholding onto him.
He must bea real loser.
Not like me.
Yeah, word on the street is
she's living all alonein that little place.
I have the address.
You know, if you don't back off,
I might justhave to look her up.
[Door closes]
Let's go.
Uh, I'll talk to you.
[Sighs heavily]
Who was that?
No one.
It was the police, wasn't it?
What didthey want?
What have you done?
It's nothing.
Babe,what is it?
You don't believe that stuff,do you?
That's total bull.
Look, they have it infor my mother and me
because she had themreprimanded at work.
It's nothing.
I don't know.They're the police.
Yeah, they're bad cops,both of them.
Look, my mom caught themmaking out
in the washroom at work,
and she toldtheir boss,
and he swept itright under the carpet.
What?i know,it's totally crazy,
and they've been harassing usever since,
especially that old fartpetrocelli.
Babe, please.
Don't let it get you down.
They can'tdo anything.
Come here.
Come here...
You know, I was thinkingmaybe we could get married.
What do you thinkof that?John!
I know.
I know that it's sudden,but I...
I love you, becky,
and I want to be with you.
John, really?
I'd love to.
You know, the judge won't carehow tough you are.
Tough equals stupid in court,
and stupid equals trouble.
Judge cares how smart you are.
Smart equals regret.
Smart equals sorry.
Smart equalswon't ever do it again.
Smart equals no trouble.
Now, you can be smartor you can be stupid.
It's your choice.
No one can make that choicefor you.
It's completely up to you.
Yeah, tellmy mother that.
Don't have to.
She knows it.
That's whyshe sticks her nose in.
She...just wants you to makethe same choice she'd make.
That's all it is.
That's all it ever is.
Do you have any kids?
Grown now.
Did you stick your nose in?
Still do.
Worse than your mother.
We can't helpourselves.
I mean, you've got togive us a break.
It's not easy watching yougo up and down like a yo-yo.
You ready?We have to go.
Did you call in?
Every five minutes.
They're sick of me.
Don't say it.
They've spoken abouta half a dozen times,
they keep talkingaround it, though.
Nothingto run with yet.
He's getting angrierwith every call.
Just don't know
when he's going toget there.
What happenswhen he gets there?
I'm afraid he might kill her.
Like colleen brennan?
And patricia reilly
and amanda kelly.
Can you stop him?
We hope so.
We're trying to.
But the problem iswe can't predict
the exact momenthe's going to snap.
How does he do it?
But you don'thave enough money
for a plane ticket.
Yes, I do.
I've been saving.
No, you can't...You can't leave.
Yes, I can.
The van is alreadyon its way here.
You love me, baby.I know you do.
John,i will call you
when I get to my dad's.
I love you... colleen!
You don'tlove me.
You treat me like dirt!
You thinkthat I don't know
when you've been sleepingwith someone else?
I know!
So you take your flowersand your chocolates
and your ring,
and you give themto your stupid girlfriend.
I hope the two of youare very happy together.
He's my son!
You don't treat himlike your son!
you're nota father to him!
Look, okay, please,give me another chance.
Baby, I...
I will try harder,i promise you.
I will do better.
No, you won't!
I will make it upto you!
You nevermake it up to me!
And it's all lies,since the first day!
All lies!
Unpack the damn suitcase.
You are not leaving!
You are notgoing anywhere.
Get out of my way, john.
We're going to ohio.
You are not going anywhere!
Get off me!
[Blows thumping]
[Turns up volume on television]
Yeah, hi.
Uh, yeah, uh, she got a lift,so...
Sorry about that.
Okay. Okay, okay.
It's a bad idea, john.
She knows too much.
Yeah, but not enoughto hurt us.
Well, I need to be sure.
I think you should dowhat your mother said.
Just sit tight.
I mean,they're just making noise.
That's what she said, right?
If they hada real card,
they would haveplayed it by now--
don't give me the card crap.
This is not a game, gerry.
They want mefor multiple murders,
and I tell you what,if I go down, you go down.
Now, call my mother.
She's going to saywhat I just said--
get her on the damn phone!
All right.
Good night.
[Telephone rings]
They're watching me, gerry.
I can't talk.
Mom, it's me.
I know that you told methat we got to leave it alone,
but I can't.
I-I have to know,okay?
I have to talkto her about it.
I told himit was a bad idea.
I told you to shut up!
Both of you just shut up.
Look, i'll--I'll call you right back.
Mama, I just wantto talk to her, okay?
Nothing else.
Look, I swear to you,she knows something, okay?
She spoke to mcadams,
and they're going tosubpoena her.
She saw a rug,that's all!
No body, no blood.
She would have told them
if she saw the body.
Shut up, gerry.
Maybe she lied to me.
I mean, what ifshe's just waiting?
I mean, what ifshe's going to tell them now?
I mean, this is whyi need to speak to her.
Mama, I promise you, just talking.
I promise.
I thinkyou should let her go.
Know what? I'm going tosmack you in the mouth.
She's just a whore, john.
I know she is!
I know she is.
She's probably gone already.
Oh, no, she's at the houseright now.
She's waiting for me,
because I told herthat I would marry her.
Oh, my god.
I had...
I thought that that way,that she couldn't testify.
Okay, look,
I need to know what she knows.
Would you pleasejust go get her?
Go get herand put her in the car.
Tell heri have surprise for her, okay?
Tell her I got flowers,
tell her I got her a necklace,i don't care.
Just tell heranything.
Just get herin the car,
and get her over here,and I will do the rest.
Do it, gerry.
Do what he says.
We'll take care of it.
Let john talk to his trampand be done with it.
We'll deal with it.
Just go get the girl.
[Door closes]
He's gone.
Find out what she knows,john...
Before she leaves you.
We're a go.
[Tv blaring]
[Sirens wailing]
[Tires squeal]
[Plastic rustling]
[Man on tv]: ...Some washrooms
where the urinal, there's no barrier.
You get in there, right,
and all of a sudden,
some big guy comes up beside you,
and he's, like, "hey, little man."
Know what I mean?
What's that all about?
[Audience laughter]
Your eyes... keep looking forward.
Don't look at me...
He's inside.
Go on in.
You're notcoming in?
Uh, no.
Well, I mean,
yeah, I'm going tocome in.
I'm going tocome in, yeah,
I'm just going tohave a cigarette
for a second.
You go on in.Go on.
Yeah, go on.
Get away from the door.
[Cries out]
[Screaming and crying]
[Tv blaring]
...and they bring out this big, huge cake,
and they put it right out in front of him,
and all of a sudden...
[Sighs heavily]
This little italian midget pops out,
and he says, "ha...
[Audience laughter] long as you take a look at this!"
[Raucous audience laughter]
Come here.Come here!
It's okay...
No!no, please, john, no!
Please, please, stop.
Freeze, finn!
Do it, please.
Get on your knees now.
Move it!
[Sirens approaching]
You okay?
[Grunts angrily and kicks]
Keep your mouthshut, gerry.
You don't saya word.
Nothing to say.
You sickbastard.
I hopethey kill you.
You sick, stupidbastard!
Oh, you asked for it,little bi
you love it!
You area class act, finn.
You got nothingon me, mcadams.
It's just a littlerough sex
that got out of hand,tha
don't think rebecca's
going to back you upon that.
Yeah, well, I guessit's my word against hers,
isn't it?
Rebecca'sa runaway whore,
and I'm a bondedsecurity guard.
Oh, yeah,first-class citizen.
Mcadams,battery acid
under the sinkin the bathroom.
Hard timeexplaining that one.
Look, I geta phone call, all right?
I get a phone--
I want to talkto my mother.
I'm guessing she's busy.
How dare you?
You have no rightto search my house.
Besidesthe search warrant,
you mean?
You won't findanything in there.
Those aremy personal papers!
Backof the closet.
Top shelf,under a blanket,
take that back.
You can't go throughmy closet!
Of course we can,frances.
We have to.
Closets, dressers,dirty laundry...
You'd be surprisedwhat we find
in the dirty--
Confidentialpolice department files.
I'm pretty sureit's against regulations
to remove thesefrom the office.
Hell, I'm pretty sureit's against the law.
Well, will you look at this?
Patricia reilly, amanda kelly,
colleen brennan.
You keep filesof your son's relationships?
I love my son.
I'm involved with his life.
There's nothing wrong with that.
Except that all these girlsare dead.
Little morbid, don't you think?
I think
you're a disgustingwise-ass.
Detective mcadams.
Christine mcadams.
Oh, look,here's mine.
Can't sayI'm surprised.
I have departmentpermission
to take those home.
A note from the teacher?
Can I see it?
That's what I thought.
I've waited a long timefor this.
Where's the blanket?
Uh, what blanket?
Do you not understandwhat's going on here?
Yeah, I understandwhat's happening here.
My ex-girlfriendsays she saw something
that she didn't see
because she knew I wasabout to break it off with her
and toss her back to the street,
where I found her.
I thought you loved her.
Isn't that whyyou killed colleen?
To be with rebecca?
Now, I didn't kill colleen.
And rebecca came on to me.
She just couldn't keep up,
because I was alreadyseeing someone else.
Uh, that would be...
Cathy something or other.
I can't rememberher last name.
It's not my fault, really.
There's just so many of them.
Women like me, detective,because I can go all night.
I'm a stud.
You're a serial killer.
We already know that.
Just so you dounderstand,
we're talkingprison versus execution.
And you don't die.
Okay, you win.
I'm guilty.
I'm guilty...
Of breaking heartsin the first degree.
You got the wrong man,you morons.
I tell you what,
let's startfrom the beginning.
Where's the blanket?
What blanket?
How pathetic you both are.
How desperate.
How are we desperate?
Tell us.
You have nothing.
No hair, no fiber, no blood,no dna.
No concrete evidenceof any kind.
No, but we have rebecca,
and she's going to testifyagainst you and your son.
No jury will take the wordof a runaway piece of trash.
We havethe battery acid.
If that causedthe other girls' burns--
what idiotwould use the same acid
over and over again?
Well planned.
That was a good one.
But we also have the filesfrom your house.
An administrative reprimand?
Is that the bestyou can do?
You think you can scare mewith a slap on the wrist?
Oh, I'm so sorryabout the personnel files.
I took them home
to work.
It was an absent-mindedmistake.
It will never happen again.
I accept your reprimandand offer you my apology.
You're a really bad actress,ms. Reynolds.
No one's going to believe you.
So what?
I have been a civilianpolice employee
for more than 20 years.
I have rights.
I have seniority.
I have union representation.
No union is going to backan accessory to murder.
They won't have to.
You have no case.
It's allcircumstantial evidence.
You won't seethe inside of a courtroom.
For years, you have wastedthe taxpayers' money
persecutingme and my son,
and you haveno concrete evidence
to hold against us.
It's your incompetencethat should be on trial here.
I don't know who's worse.
Codependent insanity
with a shotof sexually sadistic violence
on the side.
She treats himlike a lover.
Yup, and he playsright along.
would you lookat his mother?
My god...
He marries herover and over again.
Then bashesher head in.
We're out of time.
I can't holdthe lawyers off.
Once he getsin there...
I don't know.She's right.
It's no slam dunk.
I'm going to try o'connorone more time.
Three minutes, mcadams.
That's all we got.
You surprise me, gerry.
I thought you weresmarter than that!
What are you doing?
What did you think wasgoing to happen, huh?
They were going tothrow you a rope,
pull you out ofthe quicksand?
They used you, gerry.
They lived in your houses,took your money.
They made you doall the dirty work.
I didn't do nothing, all right?Aah!
Too late, gerry.
They gav
they gave you up.
We know the whole story.
You killed those girls.
You know who gave you up first?
That guy hates your guts.
He asked for a couple of minutes with you
before I put you in jail,and I said, "sure, no problem--"
no, wait, now.
"He could use a good beating."
Ow!and your
she went all the wayback to when you were kids.
You are one sick dude, gerry.
Stop this!
You want to knowthe bad news?
The d.A.'S going to gofor the death penalty.
Slum lord murderer gets the needle.
Sister and nephew go home for the holidays.
Stop it.
I'll tell youthe truth, all right?
You can't rememberlast week.
How are you going toremember six years ago?
I knowwhat happened.
I-I know whatreally happened.
I'll...I'll tell youeverything, all right?
I'm going to give youone more chance.
[Gerry]: He'd beat them till they were unconscious,
probably brain dead...
Grabbed them by the throat, strangled them...
Just squeezed the life out of them.
What about the acid?
That wasfrances' idea.
No face, no fingerprints,no easy I.D.
She knewit would take years
to match upthe dental records,
if ever.
She said the cops...
Wouldn't be ableto stick it out.
The case would just dry upand blow away.
She'd take care of it.
Were you therewhen he killed them?
Not for the first one.
He called me and frances,
said there'd been an accident.
No accident.
There was bloodeverywhere.
Her head was just...
Oh, man...
So we got the acid,
and we burned her faceand fingers,
and I put her in the car.
The taurus?
Why didn't you stop him, gerry?
Well, he saidhe'd kill me next.
I mean, it wasn't no threat.
He'd beat the life out of mein a second.
Frances, too,if she pushed him far enough.
She never did, though, did she?
You know, she hated those girls.
None of themwere good enough for john.
Maybe not, though.
We went outto dinner.
I knewit was bad news.
I could feel it coming.
She was leaving him,
taking the kid with her.
John, he just freaked.
So we went backto the house.
I didn't go inside.I stayed outside.
I sent that airport van away,
but frances,she went inside,
and you knowwhat she did?
She turned up the
I can stillhear her screaming...
And worse than that
was whenthe screaming stopped.
Just stopped.
[Sighs heavily]
You know,it was a bunch of days
before he buried her.
I think he liked it,
driving aroundwith her in the trunk,
and nobody being ableto touch him.
Then he'd start all over again.
Well, he can't stop.
He's never going to stop.
That hole is so deep,
there ain't noclimbing out of it.
I'm going to kill you, gerry!
I'm going to kill you,you son of a--
come here!
Come here, gerry!
I will kill you!
Come on, gerry!
Come here!
Get himout of here.
Gerry, god!
If I'd done better,
maybe I could havesaved colleen.
You saved rebecca.
Who knows how manyafter that.
Ah, I could havedone more.
Rico, you could havegiven up six years ago.
Frances waswaiting for you
to walk away from it,but you didn't.
Oh, god...
I can't standthat woman.
What happenedwith your daughter?
She didn't knowit was stolen.
He picked her up,she went for a ride,
just like she said.
Good to knowshe's not a criminal, huh?
Yeah, no kidding.
She apologized to the judgeand the people whose car it was.
Smart equals sorry.
Yeah, they droppedall the charges
against her.
I'm glad that worked out.
So, what's nextfor you?
Ooh, still a lot ofnasty people out there
for me to catch.
Yeah,more every day.
I've been thinking,
I kind of like that deskacross from yours.
It suits me.
Rico petrocelli,
are you going to applyfor a transfer?
I don't thinkit'll be a problem.
Nobody likes to deal with mewhen I'm grumpy.
You're always grumpy.
Hey, I haven't had a partnerin a while.
I haven't had one in 30 years.
You going to throw mein the dumpster
if I piss you off?
No way, mcadams!
You scare the hell out of me!
[Engine turns
[engine turns over]
[Door opens]
Is that you?
Hey, mom.
What are you doing?
I'm, uh...
Moving back home.
Trey's got issues.
Yeah, grand theft auto.
Besides that.
What about your place?
Landlord was happyto let me go.
He jacked up the rentlike a hundred bucks.
Who can afford that?
Welcome to the real world.
You hungry?
Yeah,I'm starving.
So, my housemeans my rules.
I know.
My rules mean school.
I know.
Yeah?you okay with that?
Believe me,a life working at razor tattoo?
I don't think so.
Do your rules includedoing the dishes?
They sure do.
But I'll do 'em tonight.
Eat up. It's your favorite.
I'm glad to be home.
I knew you'd come home.