The Baker (2022) Movie Script

-[groaning, panting]
-[heart beating]
[announcer] Ladies and
gentlemen, flight 492 to New
York is delayed.
Please report to gate 11.
Thank you.
[cashier] Early bird gets
the worm.
Well, if the worm is delayed
by two hours,
then the early bird
gets to sneak in a nap.
-[scanner beeping]
-[cashier] Anything else?
Hmm. Look at this.
Anything unicorn.
[music playing on stereo]
[airplane passing overhead]
-[music stops]
-[keys jangling]
[grunting, shouting]
[both grunting]
-[breathing heavily]
[survivor coughing]
[breathing heavily]
[cell phone beeping]
[line ringing]
[dispatcher] 911. What's your
Hello? 911. Is anyone there?
[child 1] "They are rusted so
badly that I cannot move
them at all.
If I am well oiled,
I shall soon be right again.
You will find an oil-can
on a shelf in my cottage."
[teacher] Next.
[child 2] "Dorothy at once ran
back to the cottage and
found the oil-can,
and then she returned and asked
'Where are your joints?'
'Oil my neck, first,'
replied the Tin Woodman."
[teacher] Next.
-[children giggling] -[child 3]
She never, ever talks.
[teacher] Class, that's enough.
[child 4] "Dorothy at once ran
back to the cottage"--
-[door opens]
-[teacher] Mr. Stanton?
-I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
-We're in the middle of class.
-I know.
-Pack your stuff up. We gotta
go. -[teacher] Mr. Stanton.
-One second. I'm so sorry.
-[teacher sighs]
Come on. You gotta go.
You can't just take her
out of the
Next time, I'll call.
-Mr. Stanton, please.
-Oh, sorry. Sorry about that.
-It's okay, class. Mr. Stanton.
-All right. All right.
I was thinking, we
never take trips.
Why don't we leave the city, you
Get out there,
get some fresh air in our lungs.
Little father-daughter trip.
Hop in. Come on. Come on.
[hip-hop playing on stereo]
Milky, I need you to call me
back,bro. What the fuck?
All right? Call, text, whatever.
I'm on the road for
a little while.
[music playing]
[pop music playing on stereo]
Ugh. What?
Do people in this
town hate music?
Ah. Here we go.
Here's some of your dad's music
from when he was a kid.
["The Passenger" playing]
And everything was made
for you
and me
It all was made
for you and me
It just belongs to
you and me
[Iggy Pop] So let's take a
ride And see what's mine
Singin' la la la la la la
la la
La la la la la la la la
La la la la la la la la
la la
Oh, the passenger
He rides and he rides
[music ends]
[panting, whimpering]
[horn honking]
Looks like you.
Meet your grandfather.
I'm starving.
-What's he got in here?
-[door opens, chimes]
It's delicious.
Isn't that delicious? That good?
Ooh. You can't find food
like this in the city.
Probably got this
from a chicken down the
road, yeah?
He probably knows the
chicken's name.
You're a limo driver?
Am I driving a limo? Yes.
Am I a limo driver?
No. No.
No, I was actually starting a
driving limos,
and I bought four at auction,
and when I went to pick 'em up,
they were these '90s pieces
of shit
you saw, right?
You know, worn-out leather, no
TV. It's like, "How am
I gonna rent these?
I can't rent 'em out."
And I couldn't, right?
So, I call the guy,
and I'm like,
"Listen, this is not what I
ordered from-- from the
And he just takes the bill
of sale and he's like,
"You can just go kiss
your own ass."
Anyway, long story
long. [slurping]
This world is full of
lowlifes, man.
Everybody is just out there
trying to stab that knife in
your back.
So, what do I say?
If you want something in life,
you gotta go take it.
Right, baby girl?
So... I did.
I got this business opportunity
came my way,
and soon, someone's gonna be
driving us around, huh?
-[cell phone buzzing]
-[chuckles, slurps] Hmm.
Speaking of...
Milky, hey.
Hold on for a second.
Mil-- Milky, that's-- that's--
Yes. No, tell him he can
have the whole thing.
I don't give a shit.
I wanna unload it all.
No, I don't wanna keep it.
Okay, so--
All right. I-- No, I'll come
back to the city right now.
Drop me a pin and I'll
come back.
All right. Okay. I'll call
you back. Bye.
Fuck yes!
So, I gotta go back to the city
to do some work,
and I figured that, you know,
I would just zip on back there
and you guys can hang
out for a while
and get to know each other
a little better, right?
-How's that sound?
Hey, kid. Hey, hey, hey.
Let's calm down, all right?
-This is very, very important
Goddamn it. Shit!
Okay, enough.
I make the rules.
I'm your father,
and if I say you're
gonna stay here,
you're gonna stay here with him.
She's fine.
[Mr. Stanton] Kids, huh?
Oh, wait.
You wouldn't know.
["Wouldn't It Be Nice" playing]
Wouldn't it be nice if we were
Then we wouldn't have to
wait so long
And wouldn't it be nice
To live together
In the kind of world where we
[Mr. Stanton] Probably
wondering how I found you.
Found a letter in Mom's
old stuff.
I've actually known
where you were for years.
She can't stay.
I-It's just gonna be,
like, for a day.
You'll barely notice her.
Jesus. What's the problem?
Find somebody else.
You think that if there was
any-- literally anybody else,
that I wouldn't have
gone to them before you?
-Okay. Listen.
I just need this one
thing from you.
Just this one thing,
a-a-and then you're never gonna
hear from us again.
It's gonna be different.
I know I said that before,
but this time, it's real.
You don't believe me, do you?
You can believe me this time.
This time, I promise,
it's gonna be different.
I'll be back before you guys
can form a lasting bond.
What's her name?
-[car door opens, shuts]
[engine starting]
[vehicle departs]
[music playing]
You don't say very much, do you?
Well, you're going to make some
man very happy one day.
[bell dings]
[grunts] Damn it!
You stay out of my
way, all right?
Stop eating all the
goddamn profits.
What's the matter with you?
You wanna be blind
as well as mute?
Put these on.
Can you see?
Get over there.
Come on, Saint Francis.
You one of those bleeding
hearts, huh?
let me be the first
to break it to you, kid.
You can't save 'em all.
Let's go.
[door rumbling]
What now?
Listen, brat, I'm a
grown man, okay?
No. No. No. No.
Fine. Fine. Jesus Christ.
Quit staring at me.
It's late.
Go to sleep.
[panting, whimpering]
-[children chattering]
-[music playing]
Morning, Pete.
Can I call you "Pete"?
Do you know why I'm here?
[breathing heavily]
And yet, here I am.
An old stranger sitting in your
Do you know who The Merchant is?
There was these guys.
Fucking Nazi tattoos.
Everybody killed each other.
I didn't-- I didn't know
who it belonged to.
Okay. The bag.
You can have it.
It's yours, okay?
I don't-- I don't want it.
Well, thanks, Pete.
I had a feeling you'd be
a reasonable bloke.
[sighs, sniffles]
It's just an honest
mistake, right?
No harm, no foul.
[Pete groaning]
Fuck! Stop, stop, stop! No!
[whimpering, sobbing]
Why the fuck would you
have to have a kid?
Why couldn't you have a cat?
I just have to go get it.
And then I'm gonna bring it
right to you.
All you gotta do is go get it
and bring it back.
-Yes! -Okay, shall we meet
back here then?
What time is good for you?
Okay, enough. Enough.
Enough. Enough.
Moment of truth, Pete.
You wanna see your little girl?
Or do you want me to see
your little girl?
I have it.
Gonna pay for this?
It's... over here.
Is this how he raised you?
[phone ringing]
Clean that up.
[Pete] Delfi ...
She likes to put grapes in her
The red ones.
Not the green ones.
- She's--
She's allergic to peanuts.
She hates getting her hair cut.
I promised her a tree house.
[screams] Fucking
shoot me! Shoot me!
-Tell me what's happened--
-[water bubbling]
[phone beeping]
Now, you tell me,
what has your father done?
Get your things. We leave
in five minutes.
[footsteps approaching]
I-It wasn't supposed
to go down that way, sir.
You-- You cocksucker!
Are you fucking crazy?
Are you fucking nuts?
How fucking dare you, you
You fucking asshole!
It got away from us.
But I'll take care of it.
I'll fix it. I'll fix it.
What are you, Merlin the fucking
How you gonna fix it?
We'll hit the Aryans.
I'll find his daughter.
She's only eight, so I don't
think she'll be any sort
He was protecting her.
You should have kids, Vic.
You'd do anything for family.
You should find her.
Right, then. Well--
You know I--
I depend on you, Vic.
Yeah, I know.
But you're just not family.
Find her.
[music playing]
[sirens wailing in distance]
Hang on. Hang on.
Stay here.
Stay here.
[Delfi panting]
I told you to stay
outside, didn't I?
All right.
Just pack light.
[music playing]
[keys jangling]
Excuse me?
[in French]
[in English] You know my son.
You're Pete's dad?
[in French]
[in English] I watch Delfi
sometimes when he works late.
Drive her to school.
[in French]
[in English] When?
[in French]
[in English] Her car was hit by
an old lady having aeart attack.
Delfi was in the back seat.
Her mother wasn't wearing her
eat belt and she...
She stopped talking that day.
Can I leave her with you?
I'm sorry?
I-I can pay you.
It's not about money.
I mean, she's your blood.
Let's go.
[sirens blaring]
[detective] You say you heard a
[the Baker] .38 caliber, yeah.
[detective] Was anyone shot?
[the Baker] I don't know.
Then how do you know
your son was in danger?
Because I heard a gunshot.
Was anything missing?
I doubt it.
Must be end of the month, huh?
Gotta make quota.
-Work, work, work, work. Hey.
-[shutter clicks]
[officer] Come on, let's go.
Date of birth?
Spring. April.
Well, your son
doesn't have a record.
Your son married?
I don't know.
I don't know.
Any friends? Acquaintances?
[sighs] Are you sure he's
even your son?
There's really not much to go on
Let's go.
You said it was a .38 caliber,
how'd you know that?
I told you. I heard it.
I see someone's enjoying their
And you're sure
you don't need anything else?
Just the check, please.
Go pee.
I'm not stopping later.
[server] Whenever you're ready.
Okay, you finish up.
I'm gonna get the truck.
Outside in five minutes.
Lunch is on you.
I know you're good for it.
That's my son.
Can I, uh...
Can I have a-- a moment, please?
Of course. Take your time.
Milky, I wanna unload the whole
Your father wasn't in there.
Look, kid, I'm not gonna lie.
The chances he's alive are...
You know, until we see the body,
we can't know for sure.
Don't cry. Not yet.
You can cry when we're done.
[engine starts]
[the Baker] Hello, ladies.
-[person] Hey, babe. You wanna
go out? -[the Baker] How
you doing?
Wonder if I can get
some information?
[person] Yeah, what do you want?
-Go down on the shoreline.
First left.
Then straight.
[person coughing]
[people chattering, laughing]
What's this?
Why don't you take those
dentures out and suck my dick?
[people shouting, laughing]
Oh. Oh, shit. No. Hey. Hey, man.
No, I'm-- Oh, man.
I'm so sorry I said those mean
I didn't mean it.
No. That was rude
and I apologize.
You wanna share, man?
You wanna share?
You know what it is, right?
Yeah, man, that's Nova.
Rolls-Royce of scag.
No one can get any right now.
That makes you prom king.
You know that name?
Oh, shit. Uh, you a cop?
I'm a baker.
What? A baker?
Oh, wait. No, no. Wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait.
Hey, hey. Milky the drug dealer,
Yeah, no. I know him.
I do, um...
At the park at Elm and Fifth.
That's where he slings, man.
[junkie 1] Hey! Come on.
Come on.
[thunder crashes]
[junkie 2] Hey, baker.
Where's the fucking pink shit?
[junkie 1] Stay the fuck down.
Is that your truck? Huh?
[junkie 1] That truck
over there?
Fucking check it out.
Where's the pink shit?
[Delfi breathing rapidly]
[junkie 2] Stay the fuck down.
-[glass shatters]
[gasps, whimpers]
[grunting, shouting]
[Delfi panting]
Open up.
Open the door.
It's me.
Open the door.
Some things might happen.
Some things you don't wanna see.
When that happens, you put these
Turn your music all the way up,
you understand?
[clerk] I just need a credit
card to complete your booking.
I'll pay cash.
Oh, I'm sorry, sir.
We require a credit card
to complete the booking.
Well, I don't have
a credit card.
Okay. Mr. Selinsky.
Am I saying that correctly?
[cartoon playing on TV]
What are you doing?
It's okay. It's okay.
I'm all right. I'm all right.
Look at these nails.
Nails trim.
No loose hairs. No baggy pants.
No jewelry.
Don't wanna give 'em
any advantage.
-[nail scissors click]
[remote voices]
How old is he?
[dealer] Uh, I don't
know. Maybe 18.
What's his name?
I don't know what his real
name was, Vic.
Maybe Trevor or Trent.
Maybe 18.
What a waste.
[dealer breathing shakily]
[Vic] You know...
[shaky breathing continues]
...we killed this kid.
My guy pulled the trigger.
But he's my responsibility.
[dealer crying]
[Vic] That kid...
was yours.
Look, I don't know what
you want me to say, Vic.
Do you want me to say I killed
him? Fine, I killed him.
I already told you everything I
know, man.
All right?
I told you it was fucking Tarrow
and those guys.
They're the ones who hit the
airport, not me.
What about the pink?
Okay, look, this is gonna
sound kind of fucked,
but there's talk of this guy,
this old guy.
He's going around town
with some of the pink.
He calls himself "the Baker."
-The Baker?
Who is this Baker?
I don't know who the Baker is,
Vic, I swear. That's all I know.
Okay, please, please
don't kill me.
[crying] Come on. Please
don't kill me.
I need your help to
send a message.
No, no, no! Don't!
The Merchant wants what's his.
Now, if death to you
and all you know and love...
isn't motivation enough...
ten G's...
to whoever finds this Baker guy.
-Go on.
-[banging on door]
[person 1] You heard him,
get the fuck outta here. Go.
-[person 2] Go.
-[person 1] Go.
Get the fuck out.
Fuck me.
[gasping, panting]
In the truck, brat.
-[people chattering]
-[sirens whooping]
Give them the honeymoon suite.
Who tuned them up?
I don't know. Some bullshit
story about an old geezer who
straight up waxed them.
Maybe a kid in a bread truck.
[computer beeps]
[computer beeping]
Rispoli, find out who Peter
Stanton's father
-[kids chattering]
-[dogs barking]
Looking for a bag.
Get the fuck outta here.
Now we wait.
[cell phone buzzing]
[Rispoli] Peter Stanton,
born April 17th, 1983.
I need the father.
Can't do it.
[Weintrager] What do you
mean you
It's redacted.
Who the fuck is this guy?
[sirens wailing in distance]
You stay in the truck, no matter
All right? You keep the doors
locked until I get back.
Don't open them for anybody.
Promise me.
[metal music playing]
-[bong bubbles]
-[music continues]
[teenager 1] What?
-[teenager 2] Don't take me on.
-Where is it, man?
-Yo. What the fuck?
-Yo. What the fuck?
-[teenager 2] Where? Look at me.
-[teenager 1] What?
Back off, man.
[teenager 1] The fuck are you--
[teenager 2] Give it back.
[teenager 1] How many
times I gotta--
-I didn't do shit.
-[teenager 2] How many--
-[knock at door]
-Who is it?
The fuck?
-[the Baker] Shh.
I'll do all the talking.
There's $300 in
that box out there.
Tell me what I want to know,
it's all yours.
Who the fuck are you, bro?
Where is Peter Stanton?
Who? I don't know Peter, man.
He called you three days ago.
Oh, you are so fucking dead old
man. I'm gonna
fucking-- [screams]
-[teenager 1] Fuck, man.
-It's only 20 bucks.
-Pay up, man.
[teenager 2] Fuck me.
[panting, whimpering]
I don't fucking know where he
is, man.
You got a lot of piercings, son.
-And I got a lot of time.
Wait. Wait a second. Okay,
I know Pete.
Okay. He buys weed off me,
and he buys E off me, sometimes.
That's it, bro.
He called you about this, right?
I mean-- I--
Okay, listen. Listen,
he called me.
He said he had a bunch of pink
that he wanted me to move up.
I said I'd kick it up the
ladder. That's all.
-Up to who?
-Sirko. My fucking supplier.
He owns this nightclub
called Lily's.
A big guy, Ukrainian, weird
fucking teeth.
-[door opens]
-[Delfi panting]
-[Delfi whimpers]
-[glass smashing]
[Milky screaming, grunting]
[both panting]
I said stay
in the goddamn truck, didn't I?
You promised!
You could've been killed.
We need to eat.
You don't do that.
Never again.
[Pete] That's my baby girl.
[knocking at door]
[knocking continues]
[knocking continues]
[banging on door]
[loud banging on door]
Your lawn needs watering.
You have to take care of these
-Last night...
-[Merchant] I heard. I heard.
You were shaky.
Shaky isn't dependable, Vic.
I know, what you do,
it's hard.
Old men wage their little wars,
but it's the young men who fight
You used to spoil
for a fight, Vic.
But now not so much.
We change.
What do you want now?
No. I'm fine.
You look worried.
Worried about what?
What's already in the past?
What God might think?
Well, I'm pretty sure God's
made up his mind about me.
Don't worry about the God
who has already condemned you.
Worry about the
man in your kitchen...
who has yet to make up his mind.
I need you dependable, Vic.
I'm dependable.
We'll see.
Your dad, he didn't like
mushrooms either.
One time--
I guess your father was
around your age--
I took him mushroom hunting.
I used to like that.
It cleared my head.
Anyway, I gave him this bell,
you know, like the kind you
might put around a goat's neck,
and I says to him,
and I says to him,
"Look, if you get lost, you
ring the bell. I'll come find
So anyway, I set off
into the woods,
and, man, it must have
been my lucky day,
'cause I'm finding mushroom
after mushroom.
I'm filling my bag,
and all of a sudden, I realize
I don't see your father
So I started calling
out his name...
So now I start
retracing my steps.
I'm starting to imagine
having to tell your grandmother
I lost our kid in the woods.
I get back to where we started,
and there he is.
Just sitting there,
playing with some
lizard he found.
And I was so relieved,
I forgot how furious I was,
but I said to him,
"Why didn't you ring the bell?"
You know what he said?
"I wasn't lost."
he didn't like mushrooms either.
"It was fortunate the Tin
Woodman had no heart
at that moment,
for it would have beat loud
and fast from terror.
But being only tin,
the Woodman was
not at all afraid."
[motorbike engine roars]
[trance music playing]
[bartender] What do you need?
[speaks Ukrainian]
[bartender] Right away.
[bartender] Cheers.
[speaks Ukrainian]
[in Ukrainian]
- Kopyshche.
- Da.
[Sirko] Dobre.
[groaning, grunting]
[grunting continues]
[both shouting]
[in English] Who the
fuck are you?
I'm looking for my son.
And who the fuck is your son?
So you're the old man.
"The Baker."
There is ten grand bounty
on your head.
And you're the guy
that's gonna collect it, right?
I will not kill you for money.
[grunting, groaning continues]
Where's my son?
Your son is dead.
You've seen the body?
I helped to bury him.
Who killed him?
Your son killed himself.
[shouts in Ukrainian]
[gurgling, choking]
We're done here.
It's over.
Chances he's alive are...
I don't know.
It's over.
-Hey. Hey.
-Hey. Calm down.
Calm down.
Breathe. Breathe.
Breathe. Look at me.
You see this?
You see this long hand?
See how slow and
steady it moves?
-Watch it. Watch it.
-[crying continues]
Look at me. Look at me.
Look at me. Look at me.
Look at me. Look at me.
Look at me.
Look at the long hand.
Look at it.
Look at it.
You're okay.
You're okay.
You're okay.
Good girl.
We gotta leave in the morning.
Bright and early.
Yeah, no. Do you recall
-[witness 1] I didn't see any--
Just shots, like pop, pop.
-[Weintrager] You see that?
-[Rispoli] Yep.
That's Sirko. 1:14 a.m.
Four minutes later...
I ran this frame by frame a few
No clear face shot.
He knew where the cameras were.
-Let me know if you find
anything else. -Yeah.
[cell phone buzzes]
[birds chirping]
Your grandmother's
name was Delfi.
Did you know that?
You also have her...
tight way of smiling.
Let's go home.
You pack up.
I'm gonna go around the corner,
get some stuff for the road.
Maybe some real coffee.
You want some?
[phone rings]
[elevator dings]
I think I just found your baker.
Have you seen this guy?
[breathes deeply]
[elevator dings]
-[knock at door]
-[gunman 1] Anything?
-No. Clear.
Got something.
[gunman 2] Open the door!
Open the door! Hey!
Open the door! Hey!
[gunman 1] Hey. Come on.
[groaning, grunting]
[grunting, groaning continues]
Hey, brat.
Not yet.
Not yet.
[breathing heavily]
[Baker groans]
Can you-- The line and the hook,
You know, there's a...
a giant oak tree
behind the bakery.
Make a beautiful tree house.
[objects rattling]
-What? What is it?
[alarm ringing]
[nurse] Body temp 103.
BP 80 over 60 and
dropping steady.
[doctor] Right, let's get
that wound cleaned up.
Nurse Jibbs, get her
out of here.
-[Jibbs] Come with me. Come on.
-[Delfi whining]
[Jibbs] It's okay.
-It will be okay.
-[Delfi screaming]
[Rispoli] VIN number's been
chiseled off.
Yeah, registered to a
Donald Gilroy.
So what do we have
on this Gilroy?
Uh. That's just it.
Donald Gilroy died 26 years ago.
[dispatcher] All units, we got
a 911 call.
Older white male, matches the
of the double homicide,
at Palm County General,
sixth floor.
[cell phone buzzes]
[heart monitor beeping]
[person on PA] Dr. Corsey to
Proctology, please. Dr. Corsey
to Proctology.
[Baker sighs] Hey, brat.
Ow! Ow. Ow.
Take it easy, take it easy.
You're not hurt?
Good girl.
You must be pretty hungry, huh?
What'd they do with my pants?
Take some money from the pocket
and go get us both a
chocolate bar.
And no peanuts.
[person on PA] Dr. Singh, call
307. Dr. Singh, call 307.
[coin clanking]
[thug] I know you.
You're with him, right?
The Baker?
I need to see him.
It's important.
Can you help me?
Good girl.
[hammer cocks]
Looking for an old guy with
a little girl.
[person on PA] Dr. Carter to
Admitting, please. Dr. Carter
to Admitting.
Good girl.
[alarm beeping]
[heart monitor beeping]
[thug] Fuck!
[person on PA] Paging
Dr. Bechter--
[alarm blaring]
[both grunting]
[person on PA] Attention.
Code gray, sixth floor.
Old man, stab wound?
-Yeah, 607.
[person on PA] Attention.
Code gray, sixth floor.
Code gray, sixth floor.
-Down this way.
-Got it.
[sighs] Fuck.
[cell phone buzzing]
Do you know how to send a
message back?
-[alarm blaring]
[alarm continues blaring]
[car alarm chirps]
[Vic] You sure you know
how to handle that thing?
You mean the Beretta M9?
Short recoil, 15 round,
staggered mag,
semi-automatic, nine millimeter?
Pistol of choice for the US
military from Kosovo to the
Afghan mountains?
And most recently used to murder
my son?
Yeah, I do.
Take me to him.
Wouldn't it be nice
If we could wake up
In the morning
When the day is new
And after having spent
The day together...
You stay.
You promise?
[insects chirping]
Wouldn't it be nice
On your knees.
Wherever you go...
the Merchant will find you.
You know, for what it's worth...
your boy died thinking, not
about himself...
but about his little girl.
How she liked green grapes.
And how they were gonna
make a tree house together.
Do it. Please, just pull--
You can cry now.
It's okay to cry now.
[Delfi crying]
[guard] Give me that.
Arms up.
Enough of that. All right.
Bring us some tea.
The butcher becomes the Baker.
Some things change, some don't.
I thought you were dead.
I was.
What your son did,
what you have done,
has cost me.
Cost me more.
[airplane passing overhead]
["The Passenger" plays over PA]
I like this song.
[music continues]
[hammer cocks]
-[music ends]