The Balkan Line (2019) Movie Script

Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1995
Are everyone in positions?
Slash: yes.
Vera: yes.
Gerey: yes.
Barry: yes.
Kiriah: yes.
So, the band - we sit quietly, we're waiting for a command.
Find fire on the second point! Act according to the situation!
Well, in such silence I want to overturn everything.
Shatiya, an excellent point, to cover your asses.
Commander, they hurt me ...
Slash, is this a lighter? - No.
Throw the cigarette!
You remove both and capture Harun.
Slash, he needs us alive.
Piece of cake.
Guys, somehow, it's very quiet here. I feel this is not good.
Surah, when Slash grabs Harun, you conceal.
Open your eyes and come on without whimpering.
Listen without whining, Commander.
Slash, Slash ... The commander's command is to catch him alive.
Gerey, do you watch?
So far, there is silence. - Do not lie. I see you sing!
Now you 'll "sing, dirty!
How did this happen?
Slash, tell Sylvia ... "" Hang on! Hang on, brother!
Commander, Kiru is badly injured!
Emergency evacuation ...
Hang on, brother!
Barra, is everything ready for you? "That's right, Commander, everything is ready!"
We'll "stretch" you, darling.
Now you're going to fly, pederast!
There were already waiting for us.
Kiru lost much blood, probably will not get alive.
It's all right, brother-in-law ... It's all right.
I want home ... "" What are you talking about, my friend? "
I want home ... "" Do not get mad, can you hear me? "
Soon we will fly. - I hope I'm alive ...
Please ... give this to ...
Masha ...
Take care of Mom and Masha.
When you arrive home, you will take care of yourself, understand?
Kiriah ...
Kiriah ...
Relax him! - Slash, sir.
Tell him to stop! - He's under NATO's protection!
It was me! I'm sorry. - Ile, leave it!
Under what protection? - In short:
There was an order to let this freak, but I could not get back to you anymore.
How come we let him go? He's a war criminal! Beck, he killed Kirya!
Do not make me a traitor! There was a warrant, that's it! We have no choice!
Who in the order - NATO? - Yes! Finish!
More relaxed! All of you here are subordinate to NATO, did you understand?
This is our territory!
If you kill him, you go to a military court!
You will execute my commandments! Did you understand me, soldier?
Urgently contact the base. Exceptional situation on board.
Who's in charge here - you or he?
What is going on here? - Lost in Translation!
You will regret it! "Are you crazy?" Shatalov!
Brief: Get a command for landing! - What?
For the discretion of the officers' title, non-execution,
failure of the assignment and threat to the international relations of the RF,
to lay down the soldiers:
Andrei Shatalov, Oleg Barmin, Vera Kurbaeva,
Ilya Slashchev and Rustam Baba Gereev
of the ranks of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.
Deputy Chief of Intelligence, Lieutenant Colonel Aslanbek Ithhoev,
shall be declared incomplete official compliance.
Listen, incomplete compliance.
Beck, listen ... I'm telling you as a friend.
"Up" are rabid. The situation is very fucking.
If yours show up in Russia, even I will not be able to do anything.
By signing the Dayton Accords in 1995, the war in Bosnia ended
But peace in the Balkans did not last long.
A new conflict arose in the region in 1998 - Kosovo Albanians want independence.
For suppressing the actions of the Kosovo Liberation Army,
recognized in the UN for a terrorist organization, regular Serbian troops are in Kosovo.
In 1999, without the consent of the UN Security Council,
In order to end the conflict, NATO started bombing Yugoslavia.
Belgrade, Yugoslavia March 1999
Stefan, I'm afraid, faster, please!
What are you afraid of? There are no military objects there. Nothing to bomber.
I'm not afraid of that, stupid. I just want my child to be okay.
Everything will be fine. And the bombs are a salute. Salut for the birth of my son.
The Firstborn! In honor of the new Bukajevic, do you understand?
Bukajevic is born under the bombs! - And I did a little too.
True ... Add a little.
Come on, my love ... The cue ... It's gonna be all right.
Do not worry, slowly ... Carefully.
Come on, do not worry. Do you believe me? Everything will be great!
Come on. Bring the papers and things.
Everything is in my bag. "Yes, yes, I will."
Do not be excited, everything will be fine. "Come on, dear."
I love you!
Bring it up. We will try to save the child.
This is a mother's house, swine goddamn!
Go to the basement! Everyone in the basement!
In the basement!
Toshka, Toshka!
Do not go there. No, do not go there!
Do not- "" Toshka, Toshka!
Now, you will not help her. Do you hear me?
Come on!
... for the fact that the first air attacks killed women and children.
There has been a tragedy in Kosovo - according to various data, 20-70 people are killed.
We have joined forces with NATO partners against the Serbian Armed Forces.
Because of this, Pratakov ordered the plane to turn and return.
The most crude mistake of Americans and American diplomacy ...
and it will be taken into account.
Moscow, Russia June 1999
Health I wish, etc. General!
So, the bombings in Yugoslavia will soon be over.
The Serbs will respond to them, but once their army comes out of Kosovo, the real power in the region
will pass into the hands of Albanian rebels.
NATO troops will stop the bombing and come as peacekeepers.
What I will tell you is absolutely secret.
There is only one large airport in Kosovo - Pristina.
This will be the British responsibility sector.
Only transport planes can land there.
We have the task of taking the airport under control before the arrival of the English.
For this purpose, military equipment will be sent from Bosnia to our peacekeepers.
Your task is to borrow the airport and keep it until the dealers arrive.
Do you have people?
Andrew Shalalov's band. All of them remained in Yugoslavia.
Shatalov? Was Bosna a bit you?
I do not trust Shatalov, but I need his band.
Victor Ivanovich, without them I can not master the airport.
Glogovac, Yugoslavia June 1999
Military warlords from NATO are thirsty for blood
Clinton is a pedal
Hello, Uncle Rade! Boyan has a birthday today.
Pick up the phone!
You are standing well. Okay ... - Hi! Where's Dad?
Oh, Rade, hello. Here somewhere...
Pick up the damn phone!
Goran, Rade came!
Pick up the phone, de!
Mom! Please reduce the TV! It's like a disco.
Just try closing the door!
Do you want to bury me in this warehouse? - Come on ... it started!
A shrewd sham!
Rade, you did not find it - I can not with one hand.
Elohus, then you will eat. Go to play in the yard.
Come on, kids - there is better, and I have to work.
It was very difficult for me to do it. I got 10,000.
What are you kidding? Am I totally stupid?
He took your family out of the bombs! Better offer him a job!
A shrewd sham! "Enough, Mom!
The passport is fake.
Hello? - Goran?
Why did not you pick up the phone? Haika! The police are in you!
What ?!
Oh, Goran, life does not teach you anything!
Ah, Commander Milic! What a joy in Bulgaria!
Woman, make coffee to our dear guests!
What are you doing in the territory of Yugoslavia?
Leave us alone.
Me too?
We found it in your backpack.
People, people, there is nothing. Old TVs, trinkets ...
Smuggling of cigarettes - five to seven years.
This is not smuggling, I have prepared it as a gift for you.
I wanted to surprise you; did not happen...
An attempt to bribe an official - three to five ...
Everything together - at least eight years.
And here what do you hold?
Fifteen years?
I am a hunter and help our people - is it war?
We play with the boys.
Do you know what coats I have for your girls? Fantastic are!
Genuine leather with hair! - Skin?
Are you a fool? - Why?
Do you know that this crazy Albanian loves the animals?
The wound will open now! He will kill us all!
Better run for brandy, and I'll try to calm him down.
Do I love animals? The other way you play the psychopath.
I will offer you two options: Option A:
Now I, without much talk, get my coffee,
then we go to the plot. From there, we deport you to Russia.
Option B: You tell me everything ...
and if I like your story, I can give you a job.
I hope I said everything right and you understood me.
Belgrade, Yugoslavia June 1999
Doctor ...
Sister, X-ray. - Thanks.
Clear, well, you're here.
I wanted to talk; in our ward in Kosovo urgently needed medics.
I suggested you. The department heads Dr. Stern.
Excellent doctor from Switzerland.
What is this?
I can not any more.
Do you want to leave when doctors need it?
It's hard for me- "" It's a war, it's hard for everyone.
I constantly hear their cries ...
I saved one, but I could save more. I had to do it.
Excuse me. Mariana Ilic - 25 years old; Week 32. Bloody bleeding.
In the emergency operation!
It is better to save a life than nothing to do!
Live Serbia!
Go, go ... What is this language, I do not understand anything.
But he broke!
Hello bro!
When you call me, I did not believe in my ears!
Salam ... (peace, hello) - Salam!
How did you find me?
For four years it was issued 7 times, unlike the rest.
But you have chosen a place- "" I had to get some information.
Yeah, I saw what you were getting out there.
Interesting is their form of protest.
Yes, such a nation is they - bombard them, and they sing!
Shaitan will not participate.
What is the job - in short? - Take the airport.
And wait for the BTRs with the landing. - BTR? What BTRs?
Location of Russian peacekeepers Bosnia and Herzegovina, June 1999
Crew 249 is ready to perform the training task!
Crew 341 is ready to train 249th!
Run, get ready for a start!
Attention, ahead!
You fell asleep at the start, fucking Schumacher! - We'll cut them off at the "speed"!
We will see who will pass the distance according to the normative time.
Catch us, reduce! - We'll do it now.
Go left!
Now someone will swallow dust ...
Give gas, friend!
Come on, a fat ass - just give gas, pedal to the floor!
They are already swallowing ...
Overtake them to the left!
Reduce, reduce!
Ah, what happened to me, huh?
We pass through the 21st stretch!
Happy bath! - Oh, beautiful; come on, give gas!
They jumped, damn it! "How are you, Ichthyandri?"
Normally, gentlemen - we wet our asses, we roam - as much as we can.
Good running ...
Give gas, give gas!
Gas, gas ...
Get gas! "Where are we going now?"
Go! - The turbine will be fucked!
Shut up, there is a swamp! We are at the border.
Press him!
We fixed them!
That bastard! Go back!
Dr. Colonel! General Somov looks for you on the satellite connection.
Polotorotsky! You better prepare the fighters.
To prepare them better ...
Nicholas ... my condolences.
Fuck you!
Colonel LADOV. Health I wish, etc. General!
Ladov, the decision to jump in Pristina is well established.
Do you understand? - Aye!
The task is to get the airport ahead of the Allies
and to prevent leakage of information to NATO.
Run! - Listen!
End the link!
At last!
Nadia ...
Come here...
It's me ... your uncle.
Death of the Sons
Commander ... Commander Milic!
I checked everything ... Nobody survived.
Let's go to work. - Right at the feast - freak out!
Slatina Airport, Pristina, Yugoslavia June 1999
They're not even an army.
Bandits in uniform. Their commander is called Smuk.
Real animals ...
The village of Vuk is fifth in line.
They come, they kill, someone takes them in captivity ...
and two days ago they took over that airport.
Now here is their base.
We know where the beast is, and we can not kill him.
When our troops withdraw, there will be full lawlessness.
What do you want from me?
We're not going to deal with four.
Do you know how many people I lost in half a year?
But we can get volunteers. "Your volunteers do not know anything.
You know!
Volunteer soldiers made me.
Milic, once again: This problem is unsolvable without outside help.
Kosovo and Metohija, Yugoslavia
Hell, that's a real airbob, is not it?
Better wear the protective suit. - Is he helping?
Do you have children? - No...
Well then.
Lord, save and save!
Hi, Barmin!
Chakak, Yugoslavia
Hi sweety! Will we have some fun? - No. I'm not here for that.
Are you a Russian? Are you looking for something special?
You could say so.
... blast his machine gun into his ass - just see him liked.
Kragujevac, Yugoslavia
Are we silent? To wipe our legs with us? Fuck them!
What do you think - when will this end?
It's me ...
I'm not going there.
Better pushing instead of pouring in here every day.
And I narrow myself down to ask - what are you doing here?
Do not worry. I work as a guard. And what are you doing here?
By the way ... a good question. "Well, here you are not locked.
Look, you're having fun ... "" I'm consulting the Yugoslavs.
A "gift" by the French. - Well done!
Will not you win, by chance?
I'm old for such things.
Give me a cigarette.
Here they bombard us every day. We hope for you.
The Russians will not ditch us. The Russians are brothers ...
And the Russians are silent.
Have you leaned?
What is the job? - Secret.
In short: I'm collecting Sha'tai's team. There is a task.
If you do it ... they'll let you go back to Russia.
You bent, you bastard!
Quiet, honey ... Hello Helios!
Relax, guys, it's all right!
We need to talk.
Weapon has ...
And where is the guarantee that the power will not reflect and imprison us?
I am the guarantee!
I'm glad to see you.
Well, did it bring you life? To beat brothers Serbs?
Psychic is everywhere. Nationality is irrelevant.
It's so ... "" Go on, Beck.
Vera ... There's a drunken client ... beating Vishnya.
Until recently ... "" Stay!
If you think suddenly ...
Glory to Normandy Neman!
They did not want the French to really bomber -
they threw a school ...
Oh, shit!
You will go home, with all the orders and medals ...
Here's how things are.
I remembered you, an abnormal!
Beck ...
I come with you!
You tell these about the orders and your home to Gerey, is not it?
$ 10,000
What is this?
If you want me with you, there is no problem. And that's the amount I'm going to go for.
Yes ... psychics are everywhere.
Here are the keys.
We there, everything ...
Do you want brandy?
Hang on, brother!
What kind of brother are you, Albanian ?! - Vuk, do not ...
Yes, our faith is different. But I've proven to be your brother many times!
Listen to me, hey!
Piss, cry, hit me if you need to ...
just do not keep that in yourself.
Hello guys! Three families left the village today.
They have nothing to pay the Smoke tax gang, "goodbye."
Their Albanian neighbors were called and said they would be robbed by the road.
When did they leave? - About an hour ago.
Time is short. We will not be able to warn them.
Let's go!
The bus is for you!
Excellent opportunity to catch Smoke at the crime scene.
We start when he appears. Hardly his men will go to the column.
We'll wait for them on the road.
Here is the easiest way to get the transport - before the fork.
If we hurry, we'll be there before them.
On the way, I see three; The smoke is gone.
Where did he go, Vuk? Milic told us to wait in the car.
Vuk, stay! - Leave me, Fadil!
This is an order!
Vuk went ...
Yes, he is ... shit!
There's a target ... Chuck until you're done with the sniper.
Come on, get up ... Get up!
I will kill her! Do not shoot!
I will kill her!
Come on!
Come on, finish me. - Vuk, no ...
Fadil, Fadil ... for the traitors like you, we are cutting a separate knife!
Keep silent, Bashkin, otherwise I'll shoot you.
Vuk ...
Stay! Put down the gun!
This is an order! We are not bandits.
There is a law in Bulgaria! - And they're bombing us ...
And they kill us by the law.
What law are you talking about? "He's a criminal,
but you do not decide whether to live or not.
Stay! - Do not...
Let's go.
Bravo, I'm good. I will give you a passport. Here is the address.
I hope to see you again.
Dr. Lieutenant, let me ask, not the statutes.
Ask, etc. Corporal! Then - your ass is cool!
How much more? We'll wipe this bumper into a hole!
Behold, the eggs are already shining like a cat!
Fighters! Today, you ... have stood up!
You beat the squad ... and what's worse - the whole battalion!
And our kind troops, and along with this -
all the armed forces of the Russian Federation!
What if tomorrow is war? A?
I answer my own question, Comrade Guards Corporal!
If war is going on, you will fight, sunk in your own shit!
Polotorotsky! - Dr. Major!
The staff of the first platoon conducts ...
I see your work! Finish this circus!
By the morning, check the technical condition of all machines!
Finish! Fuck those!
Finish, Schumacher!
But they have chosen!
Hello guys!
Hello, bandit! "Just jerk, Barja!
I thought you were a retiree now? Is not it yet?
Do not say that! - Do you have cigarettes?
Are you still smoking, asshole? You must refuse them!
Hello, girls! - Shit old!
Gerey, do not start! - I'm also glad to see you.
Hello! - Vera, give a cigarette.
I denied them.
Immediately I pass by essence: the time is small.
Since the 95th, many things have changed. Now we make the decisions on our own - without NATO.
It's a task ... and if you do it with me,
will restore you to the army; awards, but most importantly: you come back home ...
and they will meet you as heroes.
And where is Shaitan?
The operation is leading me.
Excuse me. - No, excuse me.
You have wonderful reactions. "I was always a goalkeeper in childhood.
Clear ... - Rade.
Let's go!
Help God ... Is the Bus for Prizren? Come on, Misho, faster!
Let's go!
Sit, your mom!
Pray, son ...
You entered the territory of the Republic of Kosovo.
All arrivals undergo a screening procedure.
Prepare your documents and personal belongings.
Any resistance of the lawful authorities will be punished mercilessly!
Hey ... Who are you?
Rade Tonic. - What is this accent?
Are you a Serb? "Yes ... but I grew up in Russia.
My mother is Russian. I came to a relative - he has diabetes.
Lord, please!
Son, please ... let us. "I'm not a" son, "a Serb bitch!
Hey, what are you doing?
Did he say something, pop? Answer!
These are liturgical things they do not need.
It is not good to touch that.
Jasna Blagoevich. I'm traveling to the hospital in Glogowice.
Here are my papers.
Pop, pop, you're a smuggler?
What is that?
See ... Yeah!
Please stop. These are sacred things, understand.
Abe, people ... you too are believers!
You believe in Allah; we - in Christ ...
Let's at least respect each other.
Do we respect?
Then say, "There is no God but Allah!"
Come on, tell him!
Can you hear me, come on!
Honor me, pop.
Come on ... talk!
I can not, I'm a Christian.
Dad ...
Come on.
Come on!
Tell him, de!
Christ is Bo ...
What are you doing?!
Tell them to throw the weapons or go to your Allah!
Throw the guns!
Throw them away.
In the bus.
Everyone in the bus!
Run on the bus!
I will touch you, Russian!
Come on ... Come on, fast!
I'm going for doctors.
Faster ... that way.
I am Dr. Stern. What happened? Do you speak English?
Yes. We were attacked by bandits and terrorized us.
If it were not this young man, we would not have been there anymore.
What's wrong with the boy? - Severe head trauma.
They told me they were traveling to the monastery near Prizren.
The boy in the intense; the rest - in the reception room.
They and the boy went to the monastery near Prizren, with Father John.
Where can we find a car? - Where to find a car, the body?
Do not worry, I'll help you with the car.
Where can I wash? - Come on, I'll show you.
Here, take it. These are the things of the account; take them.
Thanks. "No ... thank you, son.
I will take the priest's body.
Wait, wait ...
May I come with you?
Accept our condolences.
And with Misho what's going on? "He's in the hospital in Glogowice.
The trauma of his head is serious, but his condition is stable.
I'll take care of Misho.
Oh, brother, how did it happen ...
Take it away.
Father ... they asked me to tell you ...
Give this to Misho. This is his heavenly patron.
We will go. - I'm gonna pray for your family.
Do you have children?
God bless you!
Only now do I begin to realize what happened in the morning.
We're in town now. Where do I get you?
In the hospital. They allowed me to stay there.
You can stay in my home. Anyway, I do not appear there.
I do not want to hurt you ... "" How will you stop me?
In the morning I'll go to the hospital.
End - come on, go home. Greet my mom.
And can it be with you? - Come on, sleep!
You have to watch overnight. Go, wicked!
C'mon, c'mon. Come on!
Well, Grandpa? Do you want to live yet?
Not necessarily.
A Russian Serb is serving in your area.
Tell me where he is and you can go home.
Where is the Russian Serb? - Yes.
Option A:
I do not know.
Option B:
I do not want to tell you. Choose.
Do you know what I can do with you? "I know what you can not do.
You can not buy me, you can not break me;
you can only kill me ...
In fact, you can ...
and my ass to kiss!
Stay, please, do not! Do not, do not ...
Is it scary, garbage? - Please, my mother is sick ...
She is waiting for me, worried ...
I also had a mother ...
I will not kill you, Milic ...
I'll execute you ...
Listen to everyone! In the name of Greater Albania,
for cooperation with Serbian occupiers,
this Serb is sentenced to death!
And so it will be with everyone who stands up against my power!
Are you the legal authority ?! You are an ordinary bandit!
And Kosovo is Serbia! It has always been and will be!
Do you want to kill Albanian?
Do you want?
Come on ...
Pick it up.
Bravo, Grandpa!
Well done...
Vuk ... who did you become?
At the feast ...
At the feast!
Vuk ...
Yes? - Rade, here is Fadil.
Listen, we do not have much time. Now I'm with Vuk.
What do we do? - What are you talking about?
Do not you know? Smuk killed Milic.
You searched for, Rade.
Doctor Stern wants to see you.
Two failures on the track. Do you have fun, Smoke?
Why did you kill the Chief of Police - now we will have problems.
What problems? - They stopped working with drugs.
Your political future is questionable.
That's right. get rid of the hostages and clean the airport from your shit.
Until the coming of NATO troops, you do not have to be here!
You command me? Do not you just forget, Doctor?
My dear, it seems to me you have forgotten that I represent the interests of those,
who convinced the whole world to help you get home!
Do whatever I say!
Do not let go!
Devil savages! No, did you see? Did you see?
This is totally unmanageable ... But they will put it in its place.
What is this beret he has invaded? Have not he imagined that Che Guevara?
What are they waiting for, why do not they open?
Open now, hurry!
Amir, park the Doctor's car.
Come on!
Come on, get out of here!
Our first date was short.
We did not get to know each other.
Your friend...
prevented us.
I'm not a killer!
I only clean up my territory ...
of all of you.
C'mon, c'mon...
Russians, Americans, Serbs ...
You do not need me here; this is my home!
And I'll bell you to the last one!
Where is that Russian who was traveling with you on the bus?
I do not know.
He does not know...
Do I really look like an animal?
Daughter ... come on, come on.
Please dont...
Really I do not know.
Together you left the hospital.
Where is the Russian?
Where is?
Where is he?
Well, here it is ...
You see, proud Serbian, is not that complicated!
Hide! - You could say right away ...
and the girl would not die.
Though ... one more serpent, or one less ...
Naise ...
And so...
I am listening to you.
Do not touch the nurse!
Smoke attacked one of ours.
He was Vuk, a man of Milic.
I know where she lives. - Collect yours and him!
What about you?
And I'm going to visit Rade Tonic.
Our task is to take over the airport in Slatina.
We take it and hold positions until the peacekeepers come!
And the most important; we have to take the airport so that no one understands this ...
and who did it. Gerey ...
There are 10-15 fighters on the site. They are all armed.
They have a machine gun. The diagram shows everything.
To negotiate; Barry and I - the dispatcher is for us ...
Gerey and Slash - the hangars ... The checkpoint is also for you.
Vera takes the terminal ...
Terminal is available.
Vera: everything is clean!
So you're the commander?
Yes, I am the commander. And I answer for everything!
Are there any questions? "Is our column coming from Bosnia?"
Aye. - From Bosnia to here is 600 km.
612, if we have to be accurate ...
Will they succeed?
Plato will succeed.
President Slobodan Milosevic has signed an agreement
to withdraw the Allied troops of Yugoslavia from Kosovo.
Thus, the management of this end is going to NATO.
Our division has a task:
In the shortest time we reach the outskirts of Pristina ...
and take control of a strategically important site -
Slatina Airport, before the arrival of the NATO Armored Brigade.
We will go there as KFOR - International Peacekeeping Forces.
We must be ready for any development of events.
This includes a full-scale battle with a potential enemy.
By machines! - The machines!
In places! - In places!
If you are scary, just squat in the bushes!
What's going on?
It's very quiet ... It's bad.
Is there another way?
There is ... through the gorge.
They are well equipped here.
Only my heart stopped beating ...
Beck, do you know ...
I think they did not tell you everything about this airport.
We hide ... We hide!
We hide!
Amir! - I accept.
The airport is not responsible. Go back and check what's going on there.
What about Vuk?
He'll wait.
Within two or three hours they will die.
Gerey ... - Yes?
Need help, go to the dispatcher. - Understood...
Slash, is it clear? "Yes, Beck, everything is clean.
Once the checkpoint has passed, go.
Shati ?!
They are with me.
They were lying!
Leave it!
How did you get here? - I have the same question.
Gerey, what did you get for? - I wanted to welcome the commander.
Why is my team here? "Now this is not your team!
Then in Bosnia you misleaded everyone! Yourself, me and the boys!
Once again, what are you doing here?
This is the base of an Albanian terrorist. We came for him.
How many people does he have? More than a hundred.
And these guerrillas what are they? - Local policemen.
Let's get to know it right away: "Break off the beach!"
Hey, man, I do not move from here until we've done what we've come to.
I do not care what you're talking about. - I did not understand anything.
Why are you standing, Geree, translate! - If we miss out on the monks ...
He will not leave. - So, her ...
Gerey, Slash, put them in the hangar! - Excuse me, Chatha.
Beck ...
Hey Hey! Enough! - Commander - a pickup machine with a machine gun.
Is it far? - I can work.
How many?
Ettly Ramush, I accept!
Get them down! Quiet!
Ramush, can you hear me? - It will not be quiet.
I accept!
The solution?
Commander, the solution?
Terminal Sniper! - Get them off!
300, hang me!
Hell, Vera.
End, we got out.
In short - come on, Shatalov, get involved!
Why do we stand? Keep working.
"Clean up" the hangars!
Stay ...
Do not shoot.
Where are we? - At Slatina Airport.
How did you get here?
Dr. Stern and the one who killed the father work together.
I told him where you lived.
Forgive me...
In our situation, it is no longer the same.
What kind of situation?
Smoke ... - Yes?
They took the airport.
I do not know.
They attacked us.
Fucking coward!
Explain who took the airport, for what purpose and how many?
If you run away again today, I will personally shoot you!
Total sum!
Full combat readiness!
Will be fulfilled!
What do you think, can you really fight for the airport?
Did you see Platov's face?
Something serious. So far it is not clear what.
Maybe we know that we are traveling? "The operation is secret - it should not.
Listen, clowns!
You are scared of the chase, but you have no right to hate at the airport!
And if you grind not the task, I will put the thickest on the head of the smartest!
The airport is in the area of interest of a local rebel.
He has about a hundred people. We are eighth.
Will the task change? - The task remains the same!
Hold the airport. - Listen, hold the airport.
By the end of the operation - radio-silence mode.
The column is already gone. There is no way back.
Tomorrow morning - June 13, they will arrive in Slatina.
By this time you have to disappear.
That's what I guarantee you.
Is that your lucky hand? - Gadest ...
Do you need help? "Chatha, come on,"
How do you live, at all?
Well, it was not the lightest four years of my life ...
but I'm glad we're all together.
Everyone gathered. - Excellent!
Vera, how is the hand? - It works.
Our situation is fucking ...
The probability of living until the morning is about 10 percent ...
but we have the task of holding the airport.
So we'll hold it.
We're going all the way.
Geree? - I agree, it will get hot.
If we accomplish everything literate and clever, we will take 2-3 hours.
And further on? - Further on ...
We will further improvise.
In short, we explain to the Serbs the task and define their place in the pipeline.
Shatalov, once they remain, it is your responsibility.
Do you understand? Just tell them that they will exactly follow my orders.
Let's check the connection. We are glad to welcome guests.
What did he say? "Come on, I'll explain everything to you.
I will explain everything to the blonde.
God help you!
Well, do you have ideas, Commander?
We will prepare fireplaces throughout the territory.
We will deploy weapons from the hangar - there is as much as you want;
but with the cartridges we are bad. We will save.
Who's on the terminal? "This is Gerey.
The roof should be held in two directions. Let Fadil take it.
Well, blonde, do you want to blow up Albanians?
Cursed joker!
Is that another retirement? - Let's do this job too ...
and hard - in retirement. Come on, masquerade!
Were we able to load the whole field? "We'll load it so they're gonna get hit!"
Would it be more joyful than in Bosnia?
Hang on.
The main thing is not to overdo it. - You are insulting me.
At the checkpoint, Barmin will go. "There's a gully behind the checkpoint, we've come from there.
Probably from here will come the shitters. Only Bary is not enough.
Give him a partner Vuk. He is a former detachment.
Such, there are no "ex".
The main one - do not worry, Vuk! We have to endure until the morning.
This is what you need. I need a Smoke.
Vera is on the roof of the repair shop. From there everything is like a palm.
This is the last place to look for the sniper.
Vera, where are you?
Yes, I am in the place.
If it gets too stuffy, we retire to dispatch.
Finally, will we make them a surprise?
Around the gasoline is not smoked!
Bary, if it's enough!
When we're done here, I'll take you to a concert.
It seemed like it was ...
Can the girl stay with you in the dispatcher?
As the most distant point?
All right. - We're ready now.
How do we hold on to this beauty?
Guys ... We have guests.
They have gone to intelligence. No one to show; sit quietly!
If he came here, he would blow himself up on the straps.
No ... will go through the checkpoint.
Up to the checkpoint is, Barya.
I see ...
He is on the territory. We sit and wait.
Where the hell are you, bastard?
Turn around ... Turn the hell up!
That's bad!
Children to send to intelligence.
At war it is the worst move.
And it is happening that the mujahedin give such a pimples an automatic,
and say to him, "Go, fight!"
Every time before a fight, please ...
no children.
Otherwise, end!
Or take it like a trash ...
or a bullet in the "pumpkin."
It's working for you, Vuk ...
War always breaks people ...
What was that? - They checked.
Whether here are professionals or ordinary thugs.
And what?
The boy is alive - they are not thugs.
Listen, here's a lot of morphine. Maybe you will need it.
You will sit with my commander in the Dispatch Center. It's safest there.
Beck will take care of you.
Anyway ...
And you?
Not scary - I'm used to it.
What's your name? The real?
Andrew. Shatalov.
I like.
Watch out, Andrew.
Chatha ... Just jammed me in my throat.
Dr. Colonel! We crossed the border between Bosnia and Serbia.
We went exactly half way. - Excellent!
Our NATO colleagues still think we are in the part.
In Slatina we enter the dawn - confident, beautiful, powerful.
So, brother ... Now there will be a historic battle!
Russia and Serbia united.
Have you been to Russia? - No...
Milic was. Our commander. He sometimes told it.
Good man ... it was.
70 years old, and jumping like Chingaguch.
He said, "We, with the Russians, are 200 million."
No way. And without the Russians?
Serbs will never shut down the Russians.
Funny ... And with the Tatars? - What?
How old are you with the Tatars?
Who is it for the Tatars?
But you're my Serb ...
Eat it. Go to your position.
What is Shaitan, how are you?
Well as in the old and good (times). "Only they were not good ..."
Chatha ... I wanted to tell you then, but the situation was not right.
Thank you for protecting me and throwing away that hell of a helicopter.
You act as a true officer and commander.
I've long wanted to give it to you ...
Kiriah ...
The dispatch is my backpack. There's an address and money there.
If anything happens - you'll be right on your own.
Of course, there are no problems. "This is Kirj's address.
To his family ...
His wife and daughter are alone ...
After his death he did not even compensate them.
It's not your fault.
We will live!
Interesting is our "Russian" team.
Tatar, Ingush, Belorussian, Serb ...
Albanian, Uzbek ...
Barry could not really understand what he was ... Only Shaitan is a Russian.
Getting International!
Go ahead! Tu-tu ...
Bravo, Gereev, is on the air!
I miss the Soviet time ... Then everything was different.
Work is not in Soviet times. Just then you were young and beautiful,
so do not start ... "" We just lived peacefully.
It was - they started!
They split into two groups; Barra, four of the column come to you!
Meet them! - Vera, I accepted.
No-no ... They do not have to know who's here.
You know what Kosovo is for us? Let them see who is against them.
A real Serb!
When they see the beret, they'll shoot you first!
C'mon, c'mon!
For better times ...
Go, go!
Barya, Gerey and the Serb hold the terminal.
I, Slash and Shatiy - the field. Vera, as always, hides our asses.
With God ahead, boys, on my command!
Bara, come on!
Fadil, we finish the column! - Vuk, shoot right!
We're acting!
Gift ...
Let's pull off!
Bary ...
Do not Trouble ...
Ready! - Bare, we're on our own ...
Beck, we processed the column; we get out. Hold ...
We're downloading.
And what, was that all? - Nothing can be seen...
Gerey, report the situation!
Did the boys die very quickly? - Yeah right...
Too fast.
Is the second group ready?
It's ready. Waiting for order.
Well, warrior ... how do you feel in the fight?
Honestly? I thought there would be more.
Do not be angry!
So, guys, do not relax. Open your eyes at four!
Tell the second group to attack the terminal; remember the positions?
Yes. - We're acting on the plan!
I'm going to the terminal. Catch me!
I see movement. The car is pointing to the terminal.
You will remember, shit!
Vera, will you be able to hit it?
Impossible, Chatha. - Gere, remove the target!
This is yours; will you?
Cloak me, cover up!
He is ready!
Gerey, what's wrong with you?
Terminal, terminal take over! - Gera, hold on, come on!
Come on come on!
Vuk, the terminal!
Come on, complement ...
Attention, we have guests in 1 hour! Chathai, Vera, Slash, fire in the direction of the road!
I show ...
Piece of cake!
They killed me, Gerey ... they killed me!
Kratko, Fadil, calmly. Hold on!
You scream ... "" What? "
Pee! - For what?
Come on, fuck!
Here we are very hard pressed. They try to get me.
Is there blood in the urine? - No, no.
Inject morphine!
And bind! You will live, warrior!
Now you're going to ... pander!
Dogs ... Guys, I think there's plenty more here.
Here we can not go.
Amir, attack! Attack!
Are they all alive?
Shatiya: yes.
Slash: yes.
Barry and Vuk: yes.
Vera: yes. - Gerey and Fadil: yes.
Shaitan, wounded Vuk, Serb; but he behaves - beautifully!
Where are the BTRs?
Brazdnikov, be careful not to drop under the wheels!
Can I go out too? "Where the hell are you going to do?"
Well, look at the girls. - AHA...
Drive more carefully. - Get out of the way, please.
Thanks. Thanks. Get away, please.
We're like our grandfathers in 1945. "" How many Russian flags do you have?
They did not know we were going to arrive ...
They turned the Serbian.
Thanks, we do not. Leave it for yourself.
I'm a Voroshilski shooter! The Russians are our brothers!
Brothers, brothers ...
With confidence, one can say: We are Russian military equipment before us.
June 12, 1999, 3 o'clock in the morning.
Morning will give us all the answers, and for now just watch.
The Russian Army in Pristina!
Listen to Gerey, did the blonde hurt him a lot?
He has not damaged his beauty.
Are you angry?
Come on, move faster!
Put minometts fast!
Quiet, quiet ... Do not cry.
What is your name?
Mila ... I want to Mom.
It's quite quiet ... "" My ears are screaming!
In a quiet pool devils are born!
Guys, I can tear this silence with an excellent song!
Better army rebels than your singing!
Leave it! Squeeze the asses and do not relax!
The holes are clenched ... In a dead grip!
Guys, did you hear?
Mini !!!
Are you alive? - Let's go, go upstairs.
Attention, change positions!
Fadil, let's go missing!
Bend yourself! Down!
Where is this child from?
He says he does not know anything.
Serbs, where do you get from here alone?
Attention, we retreat to dispatching!
Chatha: I accepted.
Are you alive?
Barra, retire, I'll cover you!
We have to go, Gerey - they will start again.
Go ... Go, Fadil.
I'll just be here a bit ... - No, no, we're pulling together.
You need the boys.
Friend ... Just give me the machine.
Sorry, brother.
It's all right, brother.
Get down slowly, okay?
Gerey ...
Come on, brother, do not keep silent. - Commander ...
Gerey died.
Goodbye, Gere!
Fuck him, where are ours?
Come on, Barry.
Fadil! "Where did you go, was it?"
Where the fuck, shit ...
Vera, 11!
Well, come on ... Come on, come on!
Oh, dog damn!
Bare, cover me. I'm going to Vuk ... "" Shaitay, do not show out! "
Chatha, the column I take; you can work!
It's clean, you can start.
Accepted, Vera. I work ...
Vera, 3 hours!
Hot News from Kosovo: A Difficult Situation.
I spoke with my Russian counterpart Igor Ivanov.
The Clinton Counselor for Russia has arrived there to persuade the Foreign Minister ...
Russian troops are ordered immediately to leave Kosovo.
General Somov listens. A commandment from the President came:
"Urgently stop the column in Kosovo!" Run, Somov!
I have never done cowardly orders!
The column will always be suspended. General, you buried yourself.
The column will enter the airport!
Vera ... Vera!
Vera, I accept, answer!
Are you alive? Vera!
Vera! - Guys, you need some help.
I'm stuck. - Vera, do a little.
Fire on the hangar! Remove the machine gun!
Ladow on the phone! "Arbat is on the phone.
Ataman, is ordered to stop the column and wait for further instructions.
And how do you imagine it? - Run!
Attention to everyone!
I commend:
Stop the movement.
Why did we stop? - I do not know...
We'll wait, we'll see.
End. It is time...
Seriega, why are you psychiatrist?
We have not even reached ...
We have to get ours off, okay. - Ah, I know ...
But first, we need to solve the Minomet.
What are you doing, Slash?
I resolve the matter.
Go ahead! Quick! Quick, to the hangars!
Next, hold positions.
I'm under fire. I can not disguise myself.
We need help, Beck!
They pressed us ... Vuk was 300 - seriously injured.
I know you need help, I know ...
Slash ...
Sha'tai and Barya, Slash opposed the Minomet.
God help you, they are lying!
Dr. Colonel, Slatina is beyond the pass.
We have to move, use the moment!
Dr. Colonel ...
We'll wait for the Minometts to finish.
Truck, truck!
Fire on the truck!
Hang on Illuah!
Come on!
Fire with buses!
Jump, Illuah, come on!
Come on, Illuah, jump!
Piece of cake...
See you, Slash ... I'll see you soon.
How many people do we have?
About 20.
We have to save Vera. One tape left.
The same thing - almost empty!
What are you doing with your Serb?
You must withdraw, and it immediately!
Did you understand? - Go.
I will be dead more than alive.
Shaitan, did you accept?
Chatha? - I'm pulling out.
Vuk conceals.
Accepted, withdraw to the repair workshop.
Such ... on the Serb - thank you!
A real Serb.
Boys, I will support the Serb! We're working on the last one!
Kill him, fire! Fire!
Sorry, brother.
I'm here!
Chatha, I'm empty!
Fuck him!
Is not it "broken"? - We're working.
Empty! They hit me.
There 's a fly, ready to shoot. - Excellent!
Prepare the "present".
I'll be back soon. You hide. Did you understand me?
After me!
Andrew! - Clear, stay !!!
He is mine!
Hey ...
Relax ...
Please, if you can hear me, please ...
Andrei, look at me.
Everything is OK, do you hear?
Listen to me, listen to me ...
Come on, everything will be fine.
Andrey ... look at me. Do not close your eyes, do you hear?
Please, please...
Please do not die!
Everyone is preparing to withdraw!
We are withdrawing!
I'm empty! - Hang on!
Are you ready?
Come on!
I'm empty!
What, Commander? Do you network yourself?
I'm ready!
Come on ... Hand!
In the car!
In the car!
Let's go! - Damn it!
I shot everything.
He is empty.
What did he die for?
For the family? He has no family.
For the Motherland? This is my homeland!
Gadini ...
What did he die for?
You have two minutes to leave!
Do you hear me?
Two minutes!
I brought your friend.
Get out to greet.
You'll catch us another time!
Do you have anything personal about yourself?
What will we do with the civilians?
It's a war ...
Excuse me, Shaitan.
Come on ... Get started from me.
Beck ...
To be beautiful.
Are you ready?
After me!
After me!
Attention to the column! Focus on the terminal.
Commanders ready to fight!
Our ...
Civilian. Clean!
Relax, calm ...
To the commander of the 1st Company: to provide security at the airport perimeter!
Everything is fine. All ended.
We are Russians ...
Do you understand what I am telling you?
Guys ... do what you want, but he does not have to land!
We'll do it, Kolyan! - A ward, for a fight!
Landing is impossible. Below there are some psyche on a Russian tank!
Ward, fight!
Sir, calm down. World War III will not start for you!
A small battalion from Bosnia ... But those 70 people scared the Western world!
I'm very happy to hand over the airport to the Russians. Really.
... will be here, do you understand? And everything will be fine.
Command will be united.
"... First of all, I must say that I am very pleased with this,
Russia joins KFOR. I fully support this.
I'm glad - it was a good idea ...
In 2003, Russian peacekeepers left Kosovo. A year after that
This region was flooded by waves of attacks on Serb enclaves.
In 2008, Kosovo announced the creation of an independent state.
Attacks on the Serb population continue to this day.
Belgrade, Yugoslavia May 2000
Next week we have a holiday.
The entire family will come together. Come on.
Thank you for the invitation. I will come. Goodbye.
Is that the girl she tells me about?
Yes she is...
What are you waiting for, man?
There are things you can not tell just like that.
There is nothing to tell. Go and act!
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