The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez (1982) Movie Script

No. No, no. You can't help him.
Just take care of the baby.
Think about her to mince the sadness.
I'm about sick of this senseless killing.
What are we gonna do about it?
Hold it right there, feller.
- What you got in your mouth?
- No s.
Aw, hell. He don't even understand English.
All right.
I'll talk to him in Mexican, goddamn it.
Dnde fue Cortez?
- There's no one in the house.
- No lo s, no lo conozco.
Te voy a preguntar una vez ms.
- Habla!
- He ain't gonna tell us nothin'.
Hey. Listen to this.
Governor says he offers reward.
Been doing pretty good this season.
What kind of reward is it up to?
Looks like it's up to a thousand dollars.
Back from Baltimore.
Here I lost 27.50 and won 25.
But for the season, I'm about 225 up.
Listen to this right here.
The Mexicans makin' a break
for the Rio Grande.
The man supposed to have fired the shots,
terminating the lives
of Sheriffs Morris and Glover,
is evidently making bold efforts
to reach the border.
Many determined men are in the saddle
following tracks of murder suspects.
Ya clmate.
Quieta, mi hijita, te necesito ahorita.
Arriba. Vmonos!
Come on. Get.
Hey, he jumped the fence.
Get the wire cutters.
Skin, give me your horse.
- Hey, hey, Billy.
- Excuse me. Sir?
Can you tell me where I can...
find Ranger Rogers?
- Huh?
- Ranger Rogers.
- Huh?
- Ranger Rogers?
Oh, I think he's up there in the cook car.
Thank you very much. Excuse me.
I'm looking for Ranger Rogers.
- You mean Captain Rogers.
- I mean Captain Rogers.
- You're looking at him.
- Well, how do you do?
Bill Blakely. San Antonio Express.
What can I do for you, Mr. Blakely?
I'm doing a story on the gang of Mexicans
that killed Sheriffs Morris and Glover.
- Come on in.
- Thank you.
How do you do?
- Cookie, get Mr. Blakely a cup of coffee.
- Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Ooh. Ooh.
I was wondering how the Texas Rangers
are being used in this chase.
Well, with God's help, the Rangers
will be the ones who bring him in.
How 'bout the train?
How does that fit in the picture?
Well, the Mexicans
have to head south to the border.
And the rail line runs in the same direction.
And we're in touch with the posses by wire.
So when they're sighted,
we ride the rail to the nearest point,
cut 'em off.
It's a mighty big country.
All right, men, dismount.
We'll make camp here.
- Let's get some fires set up.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Get the horses watered.
- Hello.
- Bill Blakely, San Antonio Express.
- What's your name?
- Anthony Meyer.
Where are you from?
Oh, a little town right north,
San Angelo, Texas.
I don't think you'd know where it is.
It doesn't matter. Got anything you
want me to tell the folks back home?
No, I don't guess.
They don't even know where I am.
- Thanks for talking with me.
- You bet.
Hey, thanks a lot.
Come on, Barton. Let's go to the water.
Excuse me. Howdy. Bill Blakely.
- Oh, Jones is the name.
- Jones?
- Yeah.
- How you doin'?
Pretty good, I guess. I tell you,
I sure could use a drink of whiskey.
Yes, I know what you mean.
Te hablo. Clmate.
No fue mi culpa.
What in the hell happened to you?
He take your horse?
Took my horse and my gun.
This is some picnic, ain't it?
You should be dead.
Come on, get up.
Esprate, mi hijita.
Esprate otra vez.
Excuse me.
You're Boone Choate, aren't you?
- Depends on who's asking.
- Oh, sorry. Bill Blakely.
You were with Sheriff Morris
the day he was killed, right?
That's right.
Well, I'm a reporter
wit h the San Antonio Express.
I wonder if I could trouble you
for your story about what happened.
I don't know.
I mean, uh, I was unarmed.
It'd have been a whole different story
if I have had a gun.
You were Morris's interpreter,
isn't that right?
Yeah, I was.
I talk Mexican.
I've been around 'em most of my life.
You were the only one with Morris,
except for the Mexicans that day, is that right?
Well, at the shooting I was.
But before that, Mike Trimmell was with us.
- Huh?
- He's a deputy.
Sheriff Morris's nephew.
We dropped him off
just before we got up to the Cortez place
so he could check some brands
on the livestock.
'Cause you suspected they were stolen?
Hell of a lot more than suspected.
We talked to a Mexican who had traded
a horse with him a few weeks earlier.
We were just going to find out.
- Buenas tardes.
- Buenas tardes.
Ask him what his name is.
Cmo te. ...? Cmos te llamas?
Ask ol' Romaldo if he knows
a Gregorio Cortez.
El sheriff quiere hablar
con Gregorio Cortez.
Te quieren.
Gregorio Cortez a sus rdenes.
En qu les puedo ayudar?
He didn't tell him
that you wanted to talk to him.
He told him you wanted him.
Ask him if he's traded him a horse lately.
El sheriff quiere saber
si has cambiado un caballo ahora.
No. Un caballo? No.
He says he hasn't traded a horse.
I understand no, Boone.
Uh, tell him another fellow said he did.
El sheriff dice
que ya hablamos con el otro,
que no hay que mentir.
Dice que vinieron por el cambio
que hice con los rinches.
Te dije.
No estamos mintiendo.
No cambiamos un caballo, era una yegua.
Pero hace dos das.
He ain't gonna tell you nothing.
Well, you habla him
that he's under arrest.
El sheriff dice que te va a arrestar.
Por qu? No hemos hecho nada.
No nos puede arrestar por nada.
He says, No man can arrest him.
Boy, get back in that surrey.
I thought he might shoot me,
so I got out of the surrey
and I run like hell.
And I run into Mike,
who was riding up towards the house.
- What happened?
- They got him. They shot the sheriff, Mike.
- They what?
- They got him!
What do you mean, they got him?
We gotta get some help, Mike. He's dead.
- What do you mean, he's dead?
- He's dead! They got him!
We lost him, Mike.
They shot him three times.
We went off to get some help.
The rest of us didn't get back
to Cortez's place till about dusk.
That's where he got it, Mike.
Shot him right there.
They either took him with 'em,
or buried him.
- Hyah! Let's go!
- I'm surprised they didn't take his watch.
Let's go.
Curly, get into town and call up
Sheriff Glover over in Gonzales.
We're gonna be trackin' 'em.
Come on!
We followed the wagon tracks.
They led us right into Mexican Town.
So that's how you caught Romaldo.
But how did you know where to look for Gregorio?
Well, let's just say that we persuaded him
to tell us where he'd gone.
He headed north to hide out
with a friend by the name of Martin Robledo.
So Glover and Mike and me
and a half a dozen other boys
took the train for Belmont the next morning.
That's a little station near where
the Cortez gang was hiding out.
It's your deal, Tim.
All right, listen here, boys.
We're gonna be coming into Belmont soon.
I want every damn Mexican
on the train arrested,
and we're gonna do the same
when we get into town.
- This is the last hand.
- Two?
Yup. Whatever you want. You're betting.
I don't want nobody warning them
that we're coming.
I'm light.
- That's right.
- Gonna scare you out.
Glover was close to Morris,
and I could tell it was really eatin' him up.
You owe me one dollar - two dollars.
What's the latest word on Mrs. McKinley?
Remember about a week ago,
they said she was just hanging on.
Now they say she's,
uh, like a spring chicken.
Goddamn it.
It still doesn't make any sense to me.
- Boone?
- Hmm?
You say that Mexican drew his pistol
before Morris?
- Yep.
- Had it behind him, you say?
I didn't see it in front of him.
Pair of tens.
I mean, Morris was fast.
One of the fastest.
He didn't have it in front of him
when he came off the porch,
so he had to have it behind his back,
probably in his belt.
Pullin' a gun from the hip is a hell
of a lot faster than from behind your back.
Damn, I still don't understand
how Morris got plugged.
What you got?
Why the hell didn't you look for him that night?
Because we thought he was dead.
A dead man doesn't go crawling off
into the bushes.
It wasn't a question
of lookin' or not lookin'.
You couldn't see two feet in front of you.
Just haunts me to think of him laying
out there all by himself, Trimmell.
Well, you know how it is in this business.
One slipup, adios.
Well, they'll pay.
From Belmont
we rode on out to Henry Schnabel's place.
That's where we figured
that the Cortez gang was hiding out.
Hey, Henry.
Hello, Sheriff.
What brings you by here this evening?
Sheriff Morris got shot down in Karnes.
- We got word they headed this way.
- Scheie.
You've got some Mexicans living here,
haven't you?
Yeah. Yeah, the Robledo family.
But, uh, what do you want with them?
They've been working for me now
for five years.
Don't want anything with them, Henry.
It's them Mexicans they know from Karnes.
Name's Cortez. He's the ringleader.
Well, come on, Henry.
Let's go talk to 'em.
- I haven't eaten yet my supper.
- Goddamn it, Henry!
We're gonna have you back here
in five minutes. Now, come on!
All right.
By the time we got
to the Robledo house, it was dark.
We rode up like nothin' was wrong.
Howdy, Martin.
Then Glover tore around
the side of the house,
and all hell broke loose.
Is he there?
Get him! Get him!
Then I saw Glover's horse.
And just a few feet away was Glover,
lying there, dead.
They had a hell of an advantage on us,
being in the house
and seeing us come up on 'em.
Later we found out there was a whole house
full of guns and ammunition.
Glover got shot in the heart, you know.
Schnabel got hit in the head.
Couple of the Mexicans were wounded,
but the worst ones got away.
I read something about a hanging.
What about that?
Well, we had a little necktie party,
all right, but we didn't croak 'em.
We just let them dangle for a while,
then tried to get some truth out of 'em.
Yeah, we could've killed 'em.
Wasn't nothin' wrong with the rope.
- Well, did they talk?
- No, they wouldn't say nothin'.
Next morning we took Glover
and Schnabel into town.
It was real sad.
Mrs. Glover was there. Real sad.
Take care of the baby.
Think about that to mince the sadness.
That's three loved ones we lost
in the last couple of days.
I don't know what it takes
to get you folks riled up.
- Get on with it.
- Hyah!
- Don't get out of the city much, do you?
- Not recently.
But I covered Teddy Roosevelt
and the Rough Riders in the Cuban campaign.
- That a fact?
- Yes, sir.
Well, out here if it crawls it'll bite you,
if it ies it'll sting you.
If it grows, it'll stick you.
- Mexicans!
- Ho! Hey!
They got them horses.
Yeah, we got 'em now. We got 'em.
You got a dead one over there?
All right. Load him up on his horse.
These two men over there.
Round up those loose horses.
Bring him over here.
Bring him over here.
Jones! Get over here and tend to this man.
- All right.
- Get me Boone Choate over here!
Coming in.
- Boone?
- Yeah.
All right. Let's see.
Dnde agarraste esos caballos ?
En dnde est Gregorio Cortez?
Lo conoces a Gregorio Cortez?
Neither one of these two are Cortez.
I can vouch for that.
But they could be part of the gang,
and those horses they got are probably stolen.
Hell with it.
Two less Mexicans we gotta chase down.
Anyway, uh,
after that we hunted around
for a couple of days,
and we tracked them all the way down
to Guadalupe River.
That's where we lost 'em.
The posse broke up after that.
I joined up with the Rangers.
I'm in it to the end now.
Thank you very much for talking to me.
I'm gonna go in here and file this story.
I'd like to ask you some more questions
later, if that's all right.
Good enough.
What did you say?
A man don't disappear. Well, you're right.
That's what I was saying.
I know that that's what you were saying.
I'm just saying it too.
He's right ahead of us.
Yeah, that's right. We're right behind him.
I want to send a wire
to the San Antonio Express.
I'll be with you in just a moment, sir.
Yeah! I'm still here.
Judge, this is not easy.
We have to follow the tracks.
I - I said -
You said -
The whole country is following?
Oh! Oh, the whole country
is following what is happening.
All right.
Damn it, Judge. I know it.
I know that you need the results.
I need the results.
Well, hell, yes, I'm doing the best I can.
Um... reward?
Did you say a reward?
Thousand dollar reward.
Good. Yeah.
Let everybody know. Mm-hmm.
Let the Mexicans know. Yeah, right.
Maybe that'll smoke 'em out.
I said -
Never mind.
All right. Good-bye.
Great invention.
Excuse me. You must be Frank Fly,
the fellow took Glover's place.
You hit the y right on the head.
Bill Blakely, San Antonio Express.
Must be the fellow reporting the chase.
That's right.
I've just been riding with the Rangers.
I was with them
when they caught two of the gang.
Excuse me. it'll just take me a minute
to file this story.
- I'd like to talk to you if I could.
- Well, you're gonna have to hurry.
- I gotta get back on the train.
- Yes, sir.
We're ready for your story, Mr. Blakely.
All right.
Uh... San Diego, Texas.
A posse of Rangers...
the men who are supposed
to have killed Sheriffs Morris
and Glover.
Maybe they were horse thieves,
but I can't say.
They sure as hell aren't part of the Cortez gang
because there isn't any.
What do you mean?
Just what I'm saying. There isn't any gang.
- It's, uh - it's just one man.
- How do you know?
Been trailing him for over a week.
Tracks don't lie.
It's, uh - it's one man, that's for sure.
If you'd like to see for yourself,
why don't you come along?
- I'd like that.
- Fine.
Es agua.
Tienes sed.
Tengo una idea. Vente, mi hijita.
Hep. A-hep.
Ah, hey-oh.
Hep, a-hep.
Hep, a-hey-oh.
Hola. Cmo estn?
Buenas tardes.
Think that's one of 'em?
Nah, not watering cattle.
More'n likely one of the local pcaros.
We'll just sit tight and wait.
Well, boys, I hate to disturb your reverie,
but it's time to get back on the trail.
This here is Mr. Blakely,
a newspaperman from San Antonio.
- How you doing? Mike Trimmell.
- Mike.
- That's Zach T. Porter.
- Howdy.
Mr. Porter.
Manuel Tom. Call him Skin.
Oh. How do you do?
You were a good friend
of Glover's. Is that right?
- Glover and I were close.
- How did you get involved?
On that particular night, I was in the jail
playing dominoes with Judge Kennon.
And suddenly this fellow comes busting in.
He says, Glover's been shot.
Schnabel too.
Then the judge swore me in as the sheriff.
I got together a bunch of boys.
Then I got myself a good tracker.
Got out there as quick as we could.
Quieres hacer esto?
- Let that kid down!
- Stay out of it, Frank!
Goddamn you, let that kid down!
Let that kid down.
I'll let him down, but you get
that goddamn pistol out of my face.
All right.
Turn those women and children loose.
Jim, get down here and look at that boy.
This is the bunch of greasers
that killed Morris, Glover, and Schnabel!
We're trying to find out
where the hell the rest of them went.
Looks like you're doing a damn good job!
We're doing our best.
- Who are you?
- Mike Trimmell.
You're Morris's nephew, aren't you?
That's right.
- You responsible for this mess?
- Yep.
My name's Frank Fly.
I've been appointed chief deputy
in charge of this operation.
Boone, I'm gonna hold you responsible
for getting those people back to town.
You tell Judge Kennon
we started tracking that trail.
Mike, you're going with us.
Where's Glover?
Glover's on the porch.
Sorry about your uncle.
Heard he was more like a father.
You want to talk about what happened,
that's fine.
You want to talk about my private life,
that's where your job ends.
All right, Mike.
When Boone came back to you
after your uncle was killed,
why didn't you go back?
You had a gun, didn't you?
I'd rather not talk about that,
if you don't mind.
I can understand that, Mike,
but when things like this happen,
people have a right to know what happened,
and I have a right to find out.
Huh? You had a gun, didn't you?
Well, it was not really that simple.
I was about a quarter mile away
from the house
when I saw Boone come running down
through the sage.
- They got him, Mike. They got the sheriff.
- They what?
They got him.
There's a whole bunch of 'em.
What are you talking about, they shot him?
- They shot him three times, Mike!
- Let's go get 'em!
- No, he's gone!
- Stay here, Boone.
- He's gone, Mike!
- Let go of the goddamn horse!
- We can't just leave him there!
- There's too many of 'em. We'll get him back.
Gotta get some help.
Come on. We lost him, Mike.
Ruby, come.
Well, what about the Robledo place
where Glover and Schnabel were shot?
- How'd that happen?
- That was a mess.
What do you mean, a mess?
- There was a lot of confusion that night.
- Confusion?
Was there drinking?
Look, Mike, if I write about it,
I won't use any names,
but I know Glover was a heavy drinker
and Boone isn't exactly a teetotaler.
I want to know what happened.
Yeah, there was some drinking.
There you go, boys. Pass it around.
Goes better on the inside
than it does the bottle.
Don't give none to Billy Bob here.
Well, we stopped to make plans
just before we got to the Robledo place.
We'd been goin' for a couple of days
with little to eat and not much sleep.
By then, Glover was pretty worked up.
Hey, hey. Pass that down.
Come on. Don't keep that there.
That's for old Morris.
All right. Here's to Morris.
All right, let's go.
Let's go get those sons of bitches.
Come on!
Hyah! Hyah!
Move. Move, you son of a bitch,
and I'll blow your goddamn head off.
- Mike, is that you?
- Yeah, I got one of 'em.
- Shit, I think it's Schnabel.
- What?
Holy shit.
Son of a bitch.
Somebody shot him right up close.
He's got powder burns on his face, Mike.
Oh, my God.
Could it have been one of your own men?
It could have been Mrs. Robledo,
as far as we know.
- Could it have been one of your own men?
- It's possible.
You ain't the ones looking
for them Mexicans, are you?
How's that?
I saw y'all follow the tracks in.
Made me start thinking about a Mexican
who come in here yesterday to water some cattle.
Get to thinking,
after watching you follow 'em in,
we may have made a hell of a mistake.
Well, I can't argue with you there.
Buenas tardes.
Buenas tardes.
Cmo est, seor?
Gracias. Gracias.
No gusta poquito ?
Thank you.
Enjoy it.
- Coffee?
- Por favor.
I make good coffee too.
Do you speak English?
I don't speak Mexican.
I ain't that good a cook,
but I've been doing it all my life.
I had a woman cook for me
about three months one time.
Oh, she sure was a good cook.
Good to have somebody to talk to.
Even if you don't understand me.
You wouldn't think a person would tire
of his own company, would you?
After riding these fences
for two months though,
a person gets tired of his own company.
Slow down.
Slow down.
You'll make yourself sick
if you eat that fast.
You don't understand
a damn word I'm saying.
Yeah, that Barbara was the best.
She's something.
I wonder where she is.
Hey, I don't mean to talk your ear off.
Just good to have somebody
to talk to, you know.
Y gracias.
No, de veras. Por favor.
Y gracias por todo.
You're gonna need that.
A usted, seor.
Por todo.
A usted.
What you got, Skin?
Cortez was here last night.
He spent the night there.
By the feel of the rocks,
it's a little warm in there.
Which way did he go?
- South, this morning, top of this ridge.
- South.
- How long?
- Two hours.
Two hours.
Okay. Let's get him.
Qu pas, mi hijita?
Djame ver la pierna.
Est malita.
Ya s que tambin tienes sed.
Abre la boca. breme la boca.
Ahora s, levntate.
Ojal que me hagas bien, mi hijita.
Tu hermana...
me hizo muy bien.
Ah te vas.
Alguien te ha tratado bien?
Quieta, mi hijita. Clmate.
Adis, mi hijita.
Gracias por todo.
- There he is!
- Come on.
Ha! Come on!
Hyah! Hyah!
ndale, mi hijita.
We got him in a box canyon.
Clmate, mi hijita.
I want to see a dozen men
up on the rim of the canyon.
I want fires lit at 20-foot intervals,
burning all night long.
We're going after him
at first light in the morning.
Come on, move it!
Come on. Let's move out.
Aqu nos quedamos.
Well, Frank, looks like we got him.
Yeah, yeah, looks like we got him.
Con permiso.
Shh. Shh. Shh.
Might be one way to look at it.
Maybe so.
Right there, that's being a good neighbor.
Man, this ol' mare's rode to death.
- What's the story, Skin?
- He left last night.
- Left last night.
- One track here, and he didn't camp.
Looks like we sure underestimated
that man, doesn't it?
Damn, that coyote buzzard.
I don't know how he got out of here,
the way we had him surrounded.
- He's gone?
- He is gone, Mr. Blakely.
Pick up his tracks there, Skin.
You men out there, go around,
cover the other side of that thicket.
- Make sure he's not in there.
- You hear that?
- Will do.
- Right.
Should've come in after him last night,
like I told 'em.
But they didn't wanna listen to me,
so to hell with 'em.
Probably in Mexico by now.
Es un hombre que usa mucho la cabeza.
- Y adems...
- Deme un poco de cerveza.
Solo que la justicia lo persigue.
A posse of Rangers
encountered the men
who are supposed to have killed
Sheriffs Morris and Glover
about ten miles northwest of Benavides
this morning
and had a hard fight.
They killed one, captured one
who was badly wounded,
and one escaped.
- Qu gusta?
- Agua, por favor.
Quiere comer?
Con frijoles?
The clearing out
of a large gang of Mexicans
who have, for several years,
been stealing horses in this part of the state,
as well as committing
many and other crimes.
All the lower country has been
notified by wire to be on the lookout,
and strong hopes are entertained
that he will be captured.
Qu van a agarrar, es un hombre muy listo.
Yo tambin siento mucho miedo.
Es un gran hombre.
Como 400, 300 hombres estn siguindolo...
Con permiso, seor.
por todas partes y no lo han podido agarrar.
Buscan a un hombre
que se parece mucho a usted.
Yo no soy ese hombre.
Y adems tiene tambin lo mexicano de su padre.
Solo que la justicia lo persigue.
Pero, al fin y al cabo, es un buen hombre.
Ojal y que no lo vayan a agarrar.
Here's some more.
A reward of $1,000
has been offered for his capture.
A thousand dollars!
Boy, that's a lot of money.
The wife and children
of the bandit, Gregorio Cortez,
are being held in the county jail here
- during the investigation of the killing...
- Caramba, hermano. Qu tragedia.
Of Sheriff Morris of Karnes County.
- Su familia en la crcel.
- Cortez' brother died last night.
Su hermano muerto.
- Pobrecito.
- S, pobrecito.
Me da lstima con la familia.
Agarrarn a otro, pero no a l.
Si la suerte le ayuda,
pues, va a estar zafo.
- Howdy.
- Howdy.
Oye, puede venir a mi casa.
- Colorado, can I get a cup of that?
- Sure.
Morning, Captain Rogers. How are ya?
Been reading that story
you filed night before last.
Mexican supposed to be Cortez
has been surrounded
and escape is considered impossible.
Captain Rogers and Sheriff Fly
are leading the chase.
Excitement runs high here tonight,
and the prospects are very encouraging
at this hour, midnight,
that Cortez will be captured in a few hours.
Go on. I thought that was
rather a good story.
- If we'd have caught him.
- True.
You know, over 600 men are hunting him,
but if he escapes to Mexico,
you can bet the Texas Rangers'll get blamed.
Well, you know, that's politics.
That reminds me, I meant to ask you.
The word around the capital is that
the Texas Rangers are about to be disbanded,
that they've outlived their usefulness.
The future of the Rangers
is not dependent on the capture of Cortez.
However, if he has crossed the border -
Pardon me, Captain.
Mr. Meza's got a burr under his blanket
about somethin'.
Es verdad que pagan 1000 pesos
por capturar a Gregorio Cortez?
He wants to know if it's true
there's a thousand-dollar reward for Cortez.
- Yep, that's right.
- S, la verdad.
Tiene el dinero aqu?
Wants to know
if you have the money here.
No, but if you help us capture him,
you'll get your money.
No est aqu, pero si nos ayudas,
el dinero es tuyo.
You know where he is? Have you seen him?
Sabes en dnde est?
Lo has vista?
l me dio esta.
Said he gave him these. They're his guns.
You Gregorio Cortez?
You're under arrest.
There he is! There he is!
You men stand down!
Get the garbage from the tracks!
Come on! Let's string him up!
He's killed three men, Your Honor,
two of 'em very well-respected sheriffs.
His alleged confessions
have appeared in newspapers.
It's not a great case, Your Honor.
It is a difficult case, Mr. Abernathy,
but the court's gonna require your abilities.
Appealing to the county,
there might not ever be a trial.
Oh, there'll be a trial, all right.
Well, look at it this way, Bertram.
If the Mexicans ever do
get around to using the vote,
you'll be the most popular man in the state.
Come on.
No! No!
No! No!
Oh, no!
Mi familia!
No! No!
No! No!
No. No.
It's been a hard 11 days -
Ten, 11, isn't it?
- And I want to thank you.
- Whatever the expense.
- Gonzales thanks you.
- Thank you, Frank.
- Everything all right?
- By the way, it's delicious, Frank.
Put on a good spread, Frank.
Captain McDonald had been a-runnin' this,
we wouldn't have wasted
all them taxpayers' money like we did.
- You boys done good.
- Everybody's time's coming.
We'd have killed him right on the spot.
That's just the trouble.That's why the capital
is thinking of disbanding the Rangers.
Texas is getting into the economic mainstream.
You've got to have due process of law.
What are you gonna do with that sorrel you got?
- Well, let's hear it!
- All right!
Damn sure hard
to teach an old dog new tricks.
Skillet, I don't know what you're talking about,
but this is a new century.
We gotta be a new type of
law enforcement agency right along with it.
Things are changing fast.
Y'all have everything you want.
A napkin. I-I would like a napkin.
- Give me some fresh suds, will ya?
- Damn right.
Greenhorn, you may be
an awful good reporter...
but you oughta live with us a while
and see what we'll put up with.
Indian poker.
Skin, look at this scalp you missed.
I'll bet you the big city'd scare you worse
than that prairie scares me.
- I never have saw one, so -
- That's what I'm saying.
It's a terrible thing. Terrible thing.
Mike, I wanna congratulate you
and that little star of yours there.
How about some napkins?
I propose a toast
to the new high sheriff of Karnes County.
- Thank you, William.
- Here you go, Captain.
You know what to do
if you do need something, don't you?
No, sir. I'm going to Beaumont.
There's no napkins?
He's gonna work out in the oil fields
during the day,
and I'm gonna work the poker table.
At night I'm goin' out to the oil fields,
he's comin' in to the poker table.
And I'll end up workin' a double shift,
because y'all seen how he plays cards.
You oughta fire that son of a bitch.
I hate to repeat myself,
but is there anything I can do for ya?
- Nope.
- Anything at all.
- Ask, please.
- No napkins.
- Gentlemen, I'd like to propose a toast.
- I'll drink to that.
To Gregorio Cortez,
who extended the life of the Texas Rangers.
- I'll drink to that.
- Here's how.
Let's have one for Texas,
and let's have one
for the men and women that make Texas.
All right, sir.
Seor Cortez...
yo estoy, uh, uh -
What's the word for lawyer?
I don't know.
Aw, hell, it's impossible.
You know that, uh -
that Mexican lady from downstairs?
Would you ask her if she'd
come up and interpret for me, please?
- Sure. Yeah.
- Thanks, Frank.
Good afternoon, ma'am.
Would you please step in?
Uh, my name is, uh, B.R. Abernathy.
Uh, I've been appointed
to represent, uh, Mr. Cortez in this case,
and, uh, apparently he speaks no English.
And my Spanish is, uh...
rudimentary, to say the least.
I was hoping that you might act
as interpreter for me.
I'd be happy to.
Thank you, ma'am.
Seor Cortez.
Este Seor es su abogado,
el Sr. Abernathy.
Y, este, quiere hablar con us ted
y yo le voy a traducir.
Sintense, por favor.
He wants us to sit down.
Uh, ma -
Uh, what was your name again, please, ma'am?
Carlota Muoz.
Miss Muoz, uh -
S-Seor - Seorita Muoz?
S. Yes.
Um, would you ask Mr. Cortez...
to, um, tell me in detail...
what, uh - what occurred
when Sheriff Morris, uh,
visited him at his home?
Dice su abogado
que necesita saber detalladamente
todo lo que sucedi en este caso.
Le puede preguntar cmo est mi familia
y qu les va a pasar?
He wants to know
what's going to become of his family.
Would you tell him, please,
that, uh, I've not yet seen his family,
but as soon as this interview is over
I will see them
and, uh, make certain that
their wants and needs will be taken care of.
Dice que no los ha visto,
pero que en cuanto tenga la oportunidad,
va a asegurar que estn bien.
You're very welcome, sir.
Now, would you ask him to tell me...
in detail...
about, uh, what happened
the day Sheriff Morris visited him at his home.
Quiere saber detalladamente
lo que sucedi el da que lleg
el sheriff Morris a su casa.
Acabbamos de regresar
de trabajar dos semanas.
They had just returned
from working two weeks.
Me estaba rasurando mi esposa.
Y los nios estaban jugando.
Era tarde, coma a las 4:00.
It was late in the afternoon.
The children were playing.
- Me extraaste ?
- Claro.
No llovi?
Mi hijito!
S, treme el agua.
Valeriano, cuida al nio.
No se va ya a mojar tanto.
Valeriano, treme por favor la navaja.
Gracias, mi hijito.
- Cmo ha estado el nio?
- Bien, gracias.
No ha llovido en dos semanas.
Valeriano, ven aqu, a ver si aprendiste.
Lorenzo, ests pisando las plantas.
Qutale de ah.
Lo metes por ac.
Y luego ya para adentro... y uf!
A ver quin es.
- Cuntos son?
- Dos.
Lleva a los nios adentro.
- Buenas tardes.
- Buenas tardes.
- Ask him what his name is.
- Cmo te llamas ?
Ask ol' Romaldo if he knows
a Gregorio Cortez.
El sheriff quiere hablar
con Gregorio Cortez.
Te quieren.
Gregorio Cortez a sus rdenes.
En qu les puedo ayudar?
Ask him
if he's traded him a horse lately.
El sheriff quiere saber
si has cambiado un caballo ahora.
No. Un caballo? No.
El sheriff dice
que ya hablamos con el otro,
que no hay que mentir.
Como se me hace que vinieron
por el cambio que hice con los rinches.
Te dije.
No estamos mintiendo.
No cambiamos un caballo, era una yegua.
Well, then you habla him
that he's under arrest.
El sheriff dice
que te va a arrestar.
Por qu? No nos puede arrestar por nada.
No hemos hecho nada.
Says no man can arrest him.
Well, boy, get back in that surrey.
No, no dijo!
Agarra los caballos.
Te tienes que levantar.
Shh. Shh.
Te tienes que levantar.
ndale. ndale.
Why -
Why did he tell the sheriff no
when the sheriff asked him
if he'd traded a horse?
He said, no,
he had not traded a caballo.
He had traded a yegua,
which is a mare.
I see.
In Spanish, we make the distinction
between a... male horse
and a female horse.
So it was a -
it was a matter of misunderstanding.
The, uh - The interpreter
did not understand the word, uh -
- What was that word again?
- Yegua.
So he told the sheriff,
no, he hadn't traded a horse.
This - W-Would you please tell him
that this is a very important fact?
It's - It's the most important fact
that's come out so far.
Qu es importante?
Cuando lleg el sheriff Morris a su casa
y le pregunt que si haba cambiado caballo,
usted dijo que no,
que era yegua,
y ellos no entendieron.
Por eso...?
Por eso muri mi hermano?
What did he say, please, ma'am?
He asked if that's -
if that confusion was why his brother died.
Yes. Yes, they -
they didn't understand what he said.
S, seor.
Era una confusin.
Please continue.
What - What happened, uh, next?
Qu sucedi entonces?
Llev a Romaldo a la casa de un amigo.
He took his brother
to the house of a friend.
Ya llegamos.
- He left him there.
- And where did he go?
Qu hizo entonces, seor?
Me fui andando al norte.
He started walking north.
Porque saba...
que iban a buscarme al sur.
Because he knew
they would look for him in the south.
Fui a la casa de mi compadre,
Martn Robledo.
As pas.
Acababa yo de decirle
qu haba pasado cuando vinieron.
He had just finished telling them
what had happened when they arrived.
Did he know who these people were?
Saba usted, seor, quines eran?
Hold him, Mike. Come on.
Colgaron a mi...
Colgaron a mi ahijado.
They hanged his godson.
Yo lo vi.
He saw them do it.
Mr. Abernathy,
you may address the jury.
Your Honor...
gentlemen of the jury,
let me attempt now to put in perspective
the facts that have been
brought out in testimony here.
Gentlemen, I would be dwelling
in a fool's paradise
to believe that you also
had not heard these rumors
and read these headlines
that screamed for
the lifeblood of this man.
Gentlemen, he's not a criminal.
He's a simple man of the earth.
He acted legally under the laws of Texas.
Under our laws,
a man may resist an illegal arrest,
even to the point of using deadly force,
if deadly force is, uh -
is threatened against him.
When, uh, Sheriff Morris asked Mr. Cortez
if he had traded for a horse,
Mr. Cortez said he had not
traded for a horse,
he'd traded for a mare.
The interpreter
did not know the word for mare,
so he simply told the sheriff,
no, he had not traded a horse.
So put yourself in his shoes,
ladies and gentlemen.
A man comes to your house,
a man who speaks a tongue foreign to you.
You don't understand him.
He asks questions.
You try your best to answer these questions,
and suddenly he draws a revolver
and shoots your brother...
mortally wounding him.
What would you do, gentlemen?
Would you pull your revolver and fire,
trying to, uh, protect your life,
your - your property,
your family, your brother?
Or would you stand there...
and accept the medicine
that your brother has just taken?
I believe I know the answer to that.
I believe every honest man
in this courtroom
can answer that question.
Of course you would fire.
Of course you'd fight to save your family.
And of course you'd ee.
For he knew -
had he stayed...
a posse would have come -
Not thirsting for justice -
thirsting for his blood.
He ed to the home of his friend,
Mr. Martin Robledo,
who, uh, lives in Gonzales County.
In the evening, after it was dark,
they heard a noise.
He ran out the door and he saw this, uh -
this enormous shape of a man
bearing down on him on horseback,
firing his pistols.
Well, Mr. Cortez,
not knowing who this man was -
There was no announcement made -
fired his pistols wildly
as he tried to run,
scrambling in the rocky earth.
No man could hit anything on purpose,
moving like that.
If he did kill Sheriff Glover,
it was self-defense.
Mr. Schnabel,
who my client is also accused of killing,
was on the other side of the house.
I'd like someone to explain to me how somebody
could shoot a man on the other side of the house.
Maybe shoot over it and the bullet
dropped down. I don't know.
Gentlemen, this man has suffered
untold pain and... agony.
He's lost his brother.
His family is, at this moment,
incarcerated in jail.
His children, his wife.
Gentlemen, release this family.
Let 'em be together again.
The only crime
that this man has committed is...
he's been too good a horseman.
Thank you, gentlemen.
Your Honor.
- Gracias.
- Thank you.
Your Honor...
gentlemen of the jury...
members of the court...
my worthy adversary, Mr. Abernathy...
has sought...
to paint you some pretty pictures.
Ha pintado un cuadro muy bonito.
He has tried to draw a picture
that Gregorio Cortez
is a victim here.
Gregorio Cortez es la vctima.
- Well, there were only three victims...
- Cuando en realidad solo hay tres vctimas.
- and they're all dead...
- Y todas estn muertas.
at the hands of Gregorio Cortez.
Now, who is Gregorio Cortez?
Quin es Gregorio Cortez?
Gregorio Cortez is a man
who kills and runs...
in the cover of darkness.
He drew a gun
and shot our beloved sheriff...
Dick Glover...
and our friend,
Henry Schnabel.
And in his diabolical, scheming ways,
he rode in circles...
he rode in figures of eight,
eluding the law,
and I'm sure laughing all the way.
Rindose todo el tiempo.
Mrs. Glover,
your trials are just beginning...
with your six young, orphaned daughters.
There'll be nights that...
you'll wake...
in a feverish nightmare of loneliness...
and reach across your bed
for the protection and the love
of your husband's arms.
But he won't be there.
Because Gregorio Cortez has taken him away.
And in the future,
when those six helpless,
young orphans...
need a father's touch...
their father's love -
When that little girl
falls and scrapes her knees
and seeks to sit on her daddy's knee,
that knee will not be there.
Because Gregorio Cortez has taken it away.
And so I ask this jury...
to bring in the only verdict...
and that is murder...
in the first degree.
Take Gregorio Cortez...
out of this free world
and lock him away...
until it is time to hang him.
Hasta que sea momenta de ahorcarlo.
A quin trajeron ahora?
No, yo no s.
- Pues es que es el Cortez.
- S.
- Seguro que dijeron?
- Ese es alto.
No, es mi abogado.
T cllate!
Is the boss in? Hello?
Oh, I definitely expect trouble.
Hell, there's trouble right now.
Yes, sir.
- String him up!
- Sit down!
Ladies and gentlemen, please be seated.
Take your seats.
Order in the court. Order in the court.
Gentlemen of the jury,
have you reached a verdict?
- We have, Your Honor.
- Will the defendant please rise.
Por favor, pngase de pie.
We, the jury, find the defendant
guilty of murder without malice.
50 years confinement
in the Texas penitentiary.
No, no mat a este hombre. Al otro
s mat, pero a este hombre no mat.
- Fifty years? No!
- No es posible.
No, a este hombre no mat.
No, no mat a este hombre!
- Yo no mat a este hombre!
- Order in the court!
- You will take charge of the prisoner!
- Yo no mat a este hombre!
No! No mat a ese hombre!
No kill man! No kill man!
No mat! No mat a ese hombre!
No mat a ese hombre!
- Que vida Gregorio!
- Que viva!
Seores. Seoras.
Muchsimas gracias
por haber venido esta noche.
Amigos, si Gregorio Cortez es culpable,
que lo castiguen.
Pero si no es, hgase la justicia.
La justicia, desgraciadamente,
cuesta dinero.
As es que, por favor, abran su corazn
y hagan su contribucin, por favor, seores.
-- Muchsimas gracas, seor.
Su cooperacin. Gracias, gracias.
Que el Seor se lo pague. Muchas gracias.
- Que el Seor se lo pague.
- Se les agradece, seor.
Deca Gregorio Cortez
Con su pistola en la mano
No corran, rinches cobardes
Soy solo un mexicano
All right.
- We want Cortez, Frank!
- You know who we want, Frank!
What in the hell
are you talking about?
You know what we're talkin' about!
He's ours, Frank!
- No, he's not yours!
- We're gonna get 'im!
He belongs to the State of Texas.
That's who he belongs to.
- No! We want him now!
- Come on, boys!
Don't do this!
Don't get yourself in trouble like this, now!
Are we gonna stand here
and let more sheriffs get killed?
Damn you! Go home, boys!
We don't wanna hear no more talk, Frank.
You're gonna hear as much talk
as I gotta talk.
I took an oath, damn you!
Break the door down!
- No!
- Carmen!
Y'all better move!
Come on, boys!
I don't wanna have to shoot anyone,
but I will.
Back off with that thing.
Now, y'all just hold it just a minute.
I was a friend of Dick Glover's,
just like the rest of ya.
We all know it.
But let me tell you
how we all feel, Frank.
And I can speak for all of us.
All we want is that damn greaser.
I'd probably be out there with you tonight.
You know that.
- Grab him.
- That's enough jabberin', Frank.
- You gonna let us in?
- That's all we want.
What in the hell's the matter with you people?
You want to avenge
the death of Dick Glover,
well, why the hell don't you
bring a friend of his up here?
Not one of his enemies.
You wouldn't dare come outside and say that.
There he is. That's Cortez.
Ese hombre, el vestido de negro, mrelo.
Ese es el Gregorio Cortez.
Va a ser un hombre ms famoso.
There's Gregorio.
That's the man.
Stand back. Stand back.
Stand back.
Deca Gregorio Cortez
Con su pistola en la mano
Ah, cunto rinche cobarde
Para un solo mexicano
Ya con esta me despido
A la sombra de un ciprs
Y aqu se acaba el corrido
De don Gregorio Cortez