The Ballad of Lefty Brown (2017) Movie Script

What the...
which one of you took a chip,
shot that fella in the back?
Reckon that's enough.
Lefty, ain't you a little gray
to be making these mistakes?
There you go.
Never can please
you, now, can I?
Hard of hearing, son?
I give up.
You ain't gonna shoot?
All's I'm saying
is that you can't
just go and throw a rope
around a man's neck
whenever the hell
it pleases you.
It don't ever please me.
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One hell of a way to start
your career, Mr. senator.
I still can't believe
he'd shoot a man
over a $2.00 hand of poker.
Don't you say nothing to Laura.
You know how she feels about
me still acting the lawman.
Edward, she don't
listen to me, anyway.
Mr. Johnson.
Heh. Don't you worry none.
I'll tend to the horses for you.
"Can carry the coffin, but
the corpse will walk."
Oak, I raise you.
Be the day when i don't have to
bunk with the like of you boys.
Mr. Johnson already said he's
not taking you to Washington.
Washington? Who said
anything about Washington?
I'm talking about the two-story.
What on god's green earth are you
gonna do with a family house?
What the hell do you think?
Everybody's gotta have a dream.
It ain't up for debate.
You leave lefty in
charge of our ranch,
the place won't be
here when we return.
All right. I'll
bring him with us.
You will do no such thing.
A senator needs a good aide.
Edward Johnson, don't
even joke on this.
I need my peace and quiet.
I surrender. I surrender.
My goodness.
Arms down.
Now, lefty'll run
this ranch just fine.
You know he's ridden with
me 40 years now, and...
so has your horse.
We talk on everything else.
Don't know why you're being
so stubborn about this.
Nobody here is gonna
listen to him.
A more loyal man than lefty
brown hasn't walked this earth.
Loyal isn't the same as capable.
We need someone like tom harrah.
Well, if'n I'm gonna take
on all of Washington,
I need a fella I can trust
back here at the home front...
And a fine woman by my side.
You flatter all you want, Mr.
Don't change the fact that I
have a needle and you don't.
That's not fair.
Come on.
Damn post, what'd
i ever do to you?
Who won?
Well, seeing as
it's standing firm,
but I'm still lying in the dirt,
I guess I'd call it a draw.
You'll whip it yet. Come on.
Of course I will. I ain't
ever let you down.
I'm too old to
change my ways now.
I know that.
Do know that? Yep.
I also know that roundup's
approaching fast.
You, able to get
everything ready?
And it ain't gonna be just me.
No, it's gonna be oak
and Billy kitchen
and that fella that come...
Mr. Johnson!
Mr. Johnson!
The herd!
We've got three horses missing.
How many head?
Three horses off
the north ranch.
You ought to take oak or some of
the other boys along with you.
Don't you worry about
that, miss Laura.
That fella don't know what he's got
coming at him. Ain't that right...
lefty, hush.
These are good boys.
There's no reason not
to take them along.
With a look like that,
you're gonna scare
half of Washington.
Let's go.
You see? There's two shod
hooves and three unshod.
Have you ever...
now come on. Spit it out.
I was thinking on the
right words, is all.
You haven't changed
your mind, have you,
about putting me in charge?
What kind of a fool
question is that?
You know me. I ain't got the
sense to keep my mouth shut,
but still, the way your
Laura's looking at me
and what you was saying
earlier about am I ready,
it's got me thinking.
Maybe somebody else
ought to be in charge?
Now, don't you go
starting on me, too.
I ain't starting nothing.
Just saying, is all.
Well, I reckon you're
gonna stand tall,
or you ain't.
I'll wager on the first.
I won't be needing
this in Washington.
I want you to have it. No.
I can't take that.
That blond fella...
He gonna pay for this.
You were supposed
to watch his back.
I'm sorry about it.
Sorry don't get it done.
No, it don't.
I know that.
Do you?
I've seen you...
Chasing after him from
one job to the next,
doing nothing...
Living off his dime.
I was his partner.
Of course I had...
I'm his wife.
And now...
He's gone, and you're here.
I ain't trying to get...
lefty, let me be
with my husband.
It wasn't my fault.
There was nothing
nobody could do.
40 years, we rode together,
and you didn't deserve
to die this way.
That son of a bitch...
I'm gonna get that
son of a bitch,
or I'm gonna die trying.
My word, it ain't worth much...
But on this, it is.
On this, it is.
Jimmy, this place
ain't changed a bit.
No, it hasn't.
Where's Laura?
Mr. governor, sir, the corral.
Yeah, sh-she's by the corral.
You boys don't let
her go or nothing.
Billy, this has
to be done right.
Here. You hold her.
You hurry back
with the next one.
Sun's not long for the day.
That can't be.
I'm so sorry.
Ain't right for him
to go this way.
Mr. Johnson would
be mighty proud.
I been marshaling the
last couple years,
thanks to Jimmy here.
I'm so glad you came.
Nowhere else I'd be.
Well, where's my manners?
You're hungry?
There's biscuits
up by the house.
Your mama's recipe? Heh.
Most folks call
it my recipe now.
You have any idea who
might have done this?
Lefty was there.
He said he saw the rustler.
He's a tall man with
blond, long hair.
You're sure?
Lefty's sure.
By week's end, I'll
have half the army
chasing down Eddie's killer.
And lefty?
They'll find him as well...
I think.
Well, we've lost one friend,
and I don't plan
on losing another.
Just leave the hunting
to the soldiers
who captured John wilkes booth.
This is lefty brown.
The man couldn't find
his ass with two hands.
He's likely wandering
that desert,
praying to god for some water.
I'm going after him.
Bet he'd find it, too.
You ever wish...
It was the same as it was,
just the four of us,
and we had the world
shaking in its boots?
Just find him, and
bring him back.
You ain't getting away
from me this time.
Where you at, you sum-bitch?
Come out where I could see you.
Who the hell are you?
Where's blondie?
There ain't no one
else here, mister.
But you're right out of
your mama's belly, boy.
There ain't no way
you're here alone.
God's honest truth.
Where's your horse?
He got snakebit.
Had to put it down.
Snake won't kill no horse.
Damn sight too big.
His leg swelled up like a melon.
Well, he was
snakebit, wasn't he?
Look, i... i ain't gonna be
taking advice from no thief.
Yeah, you ain't got nothing
nobody'd damn want.
You ain't seen another fella
pass through, have you?
He's blond, and
he's mean-looking,
like he'd piss in...
you hunting an outlaw?
Did you see anyone or not?
Sir! Sir!
Sir, I'd be obliged
if you can give me a ride
to the nearest town,
if it wouldn't be much trouble.
I can also help you catch
that fella you're after.
This son of a bitch
killed my partner.
I ain't got time to baby-sit
some boy, thinks he's wild bill.
I can shoot.
Well, ain't that something?
I can.
There's a difference between
shooting and drawing.
All right?
Just walk that way.
If you ain't dragging
all that gear,
you ought to reach
bannack in a day.
Maybe two.
What do you call
yourself, wild bill?
Jeremiah, Jeremiah Perkins.
Jeremiah Perkins.
Well, most folks
call me lefty brown.
Mr. Johnson went without a will.
The law says that this ranch
will be entailed to his
closest male heir.
This is correct.
This is my ranch,
my sweat and my blood
as much as his.
The law is what it is.
The law is wrong.
Be that as it may, there's
nothing I can do.
You could write a will.
All you'd have to do is... is
date it a few months back.
Nobody's gonna question the... the
integrity... Laura. Laura.
Of a will that's been
witnessed by the governor.
The people elected me as their
champion of law and order.
Well, if you believe that,
then you're a bigger
fool than Eddie thought.
18 years ago,
Alameda, i was there.
Cyrus applegate was an
outlaw and a murderer,
but I did not want to kill him.
I wanted to put him in jail.
You did what was right.
I'd wager that depends
on who you'd ask.
This is my ranch.
Eddie wanted me to
have this ranch,
not some cousin he
hasn't seen in 30 years!
I'm gonna fight who I have to!
Still acting the
damn fool, i see.
It's like Christmas!
Get over here.
Christmas in July, seeing you!
Good to see you, lefty.
Who's the kid?
Just some tenderfoot that
needed looking after.
But now that you're here,
we've got ourselves a
real goddamn posse.
I'll get my gear here.
Army's gonna take care
of Eddie's killers.
I'm just here to bring you home.
Well, i ain't exactly got
a home for you to bring me to.
Lefty, Laura can't run
that ranch without you.
Well, seeing as you ain't
exactly been around...
and I think you
understand my meaning...
I don't figure how
you would know that.
I know one thing.
You ain't changed a damn bit.
Well, listen here.
I'm gonna bring back
Edward's killer,
and there ain't nothing
that you can do about it.
I can knock you cold, old man.
How's that for a draw, Mr.
Is that child
pointing a gun at me?
You really are a damn
fool, lefty brown.
Why are you tying him up?
Well, you don't think i
ought to shoot him, do you?
But he's a lawman.
Yeah, he buried his badge
in the bottle years ago.
Then, what's that?
Well, I'll be.
Last time, i seen this fella,
the folks was calling him
whiskey tom harrah,
the spittoon diver.
Sheriff Thomas harrah?
No. According to this,
it's marshal Thomas harrah.
I ain't touched a drop,
not since Eddie smacked me in
the head with that old Henry.
The Thomas harrah?
What is it?!
Well, this one here...
this one here is you.
And the other one...
Is Edward.
Edward Johnson.
This is not bad, that likeness.
It looks like him when
he smiles like that.
Is it true what they say?
You went alone against
the whole Bradford gang?
Hey. And then you...
what the hell are you doing?!
The man's my hero.
Yeah? What kind of hero
turns his back on his friends
when they need him most?
What's he talking about?
The governor called in the army,
and he don't need us.
Now, that's Jimmy talk.
Ever occur to you that
maybe he's right?
The railroad, the soldiers...
get some law and order.
That can't be a bad thing.
Lord, lord, lord.
You gotten good and greasy
with your words, ain't you?
What would Edward do...
If you was the one that was
buried six feet in the dirt?
Damn it, lefty.
Cut me loose.
Cut me loose quick, before
I change my damn mind.
Ha ha! Cut him loose.
Now, tom, he doesn't like
me to say it, but...
you mind if I tell Jeremiah about
the time you took off with...
yeah, I do. Shut up.
Well, I thought... i thought...
I won't tell him, then. I won't.
Lefty, just ride.
We got a long ways.
My pa, he taught me to
read with these two,
"the seminole chief"
and "the road agents."
"the road agents"?
They were nothing
but a bunch of
modern vigilantes.
Isn't that right, lefty?
Kid, ain't i in one of them?
No, you're not in any of
these, not that I've seen.
Well, might be you ought to
take a closer look at that.
I've never seen him
mentioned in them,
and I've read more than most.
Lefty, he ain't ever happy
unless he's got something
to complain about.
Me? You ain't happy
unless you're making my life and
other people's lives miserable.
You do a fine job on
your own, old man.
"Old man"? Don't you
start with that.
You calling me an old man?
I ain't born but just a
year or two before you.
At least I was conscious
half the time,
like you was unconscious
most of that time.
It's a story. I
don't even think...
what are you saying?!
What I'm saying is...
It's a yarn, a children's story.
So? What?
There's better men not
made it in than did,
yourself included.
You feel better now?
I don't even understand
you half the time,
but I think you're actually
trying to be nice.
Get off of me, or
I'll shoot you.
I'll shoot you,
shoot your other leg.
How's your coffee? You
want a little more?
I'll take a sip, yeah.
All right. I'll get you it.
Read me another one
of them stories, kid.
It's "the blackfeet trail."
This is the story of
a tribe of blackfeet
that kidnap Mr. Johnson's wife.
and then you and him
spent two years
tracking them across mont...
what did I say?
Well, that weren't
Edward's wife.
That was tom's,
and we looked for her
longer than two years.
But they rescued her.
They fought off the blackfeet
by the old cave, and
they rescued her.
Why do you reckon that tom
crawled into a bottle
in the first place, then?
Did you find something?
Hey. No, kid,
you get on back up here.
You're only gonna get
in the way down there.
Can't learn if you
don't try, lefty.
Lord almighty.
That kid is getting uppish as
Jimmy was back in the day.
We can't track in these rocks.
Sun's fading fast.
Let's make camp.
Now, hold on there.
Of course he didn't
go up them rocks.
They went up that crevice, 'cause
there's nothing but desert that way.
We're gonna get this done, tom.
We gotta get it done.
Should we go after him?
We'll catch up to
him in the morning.
Even he ain't dumb enough
to ride through that at night.
Best speak up.
Where you at?
Horses have got the
brand j on them.
It might be.
Hey, listen.
You done a damn good job
finding these bastards.
Eddie'd be might' proud of you.
They're awful ornery-looking.
Stupid kid.
Ain't you supposed to be
back with the horses?
Is the killer in there?
He don't listen to me.
You're outnumbered three to one.
You know, might be the
kid's right, tom.
You know, might be
we ought to get
some help from Jimmy on
this one, thinking, maybe.
That right there...
Is why nobody's
written about you.
Why don't you...
hey. Get your head on.
Shut up.
Listen. What you're
gonna do, Jeremiah,
you're gonna go back to the
horses and keep them calm.
I ain't going back
to the horses, tom.
Listen to me. I need you back
there keeping them calm.
There's gonna be a
lot of gunfire,
and I don't want the
horses spooked,
so you go back there, okay?
You go in the back way.
I'll go in the front.
You figure on going in there?
It's what we do.
And remember...
Brown hat, so you
don't shoot me.
How long we have to
wait around here?
I ain't leaving this
chair 'til I win one.
I wasn't talking to you.
Shit, we ain't got
nowhere else to be.
Let me take one card.
What you got?
The boy's talking to you.
All right. I'm all in.
Go. Now.
Marshal harrah?
Mr. crobley.
No one said nothing about
you being here, marshal.
Kid, don't.
St-stay back there.
Kid, don't.
Don't do that.
Blondie, you in there?!
You best step out right now.
Jesus. Jesus.
Please don't let him kill me.
How is it you know this fella?
Your name crobley?
Now that's far
enough right there.
Be careful now.
Old man there's jumpy
on the trigger.
Please, don't shoot.
Just shut up.
Is that kid still alive?
All right.
I'm asking you for a fair trade,
one for one.
Well, shit, that depends
on who this feller is.
You... answer him.
But... I'm Mr. Thaddeus
William crobley.
Shut up.
That the money?
There any more?
Th-that's it. That's all of it.
Let's split it up!
Don't be greedy.
What about the boy?
He's bleeding out.
We're leaving.
Where the hell you going?
One in front and one behind,
ain't that the way
it's supposed to be?
You best get off
of that Colt slow.
I'm feeling a tad bit jumpy.
All right.
Yep. Hey, kid!
You seen the kid?
Tom, did it even occur
to you to look?
God damn.
No, tom's a mite bit busy.
Reckon you're gonna
have to put up with me.
I should have stayed
with the horses.
Now listen here.
You got a bullet in you.
It's gonna have to come out,
so I want you to
bite down onto that.
All right.
Think about that.
Lord, I can't find it. Dang.
Hang on.
I can't get at it.
I can't...
got to get it out.
Kid, I gotta get it out.
I got it. I...
I got it.
I got that sum-bitch.
I got it.
You can just rest now.
Frank bains.
Been looking for you.
While I was looking for you,
found your brothers...
Andy and Dan.
Left them hanging in a tree.
Now you're gonna get hung,
either by lefty or a judge.
Don't doubt that.
So why don't you tell me
about your acquaintance with Mr.
If i recollect correctly,
I became acquainted with Mr.
'bout a couple hours back,
while you were cowering behind
that dirt pile out there.
He bring you this?
That's a lot of money.
What happens when the
rest of your gang
find out that you
ran off with it?
I ain't too worried.
They ain't the smartest lot.
Crobley was the governor's man.
So that's why he don't
look like no outlaw?
Whose money's this?
Why you kill Edward Johnson?
Aw, come on, marshal.
You know a man's gotta
make his name somehow.
Tell me!
Tell me!
Was it the governor?
Did Jimmy bierce...
Pay you...
To kill Eddie?!
Hey, marshal, when
I get to hell,
I'm make sure i pay your
wife a little visit.
When did this come?
Fella came by an hour back,
governor's man all the
way from bannack.
Is he still here?
What is it?
Am I gonna die?
You are not gonna die.
Now looky here.
I grabbed you one of these.
I thought that you might
want to look at it
while I was getting squared up.
Would you read it to me?
Read it?
Just my eyes ain't so
good in the dark, but...
I could tell you about Edward.
Well, let's see. One time,
he was crossing the
desert, and...
were you with him?
Me? No, I was laid
up with a bullet.
I ain't walked straight since.
What happened?
Well, I was saying...
you know, just like I was
saying, he was crossing this...
no, what happened to you?
What happened was...
well, that's not gonna
be near as interesting.
Now, see, I ain't thought
on it for a while.
There was a stagecoach,
and it was heading east,
and Edward was supposed
to ride shotgun on it
on account of a bandit.
His name was small no...
no, that weren't it at all.
It was split nose Hopkins.
He was a terrible sight
to lay your eyes on.
And Edward happened to
be out of the territory.
He gave me the job.
Sure enough, half
a day travel out,
Hopkins and his gang,
they ambushed us.
Like we were?
No, it was different.
I let off a couple shots,
and we high-tailed it.
We gave 'em a hell of a chase.
We almost got away, too,
except that we found ourselves
closed up in this
hellacious box canyon.
Lord, those walls was steep,
and three days, we waited,
trapped up in there,
and they waited for us, too,
'cause they knew that we
didn't have any food.
Well, I reckon that I'm a fella
that can wait like
the best of 'em.
But then, all of a sudden,
I grit my teeth,
and I could wait no more.
And I dragged myself
up them sheer walls.
I damn near fell twice to
my death, but I made it,
heh. Hopkins, he missed it,
on account of he
never looked up.
Well, I just...
Charged around behind him,
and I surprised old split nose
with a barrel full of buckshot.
Me, i...
well, that's...
When I took one in the leg.
And, it just...
it just gave me
terrible pain and...
but them fellas, they was...
Giving some wild shots, and i...
I pulled up the growler.
It's the handiest thing i own.
Grit my teeth...
I can't wait no longer either.
All right, then, kid.
All right.
There you go, boy.
There you go. There you go.
What the hell are
you doing, tom?
I'm leaving.
No. Here, you had a bad night.
There ain't no
reason to leave us.
Lefty... don't you lefty me.
You're forgetting you got
that badge on your chest.
If Edward was here, he'd
say it means something.
You just sober up now.
I'm gonna go get that kid.
I'm gonna go get blondie here,
and you is gonna help
me load him back up
to the ranch in one piece.
Hey, tom.
Where are you going?!
Where are you going?!
I got...
what am i supposed to do now?
Is it his gang?
Could be. I ain't sure.
I am.
Why don't we get off this road,
go back the way we came?
It'd take a day longer that way,
and that's a day you ain't got.
A fool and his fool.
You still breathing
back there, wild bill?
Do you think tom might
have gone to get help?
That maybe we
should have waited?
From the way old
tom was looking,
I'd guess that he was
headed towards a drink.
That's far enough.
Now, I reckon there's two of us
and one of you.
Hand 'em over.
Yeah, yeah.
Boy, you, too.
Howdy, frank.
Take these damn
things off of me.
I figure before we
do anything else,
we ought to split up
that there money.
I ain't got no money.
Where's it at?
You dumb shit, you think
they'd let me keep it?
Where's it at?!
Where's what?
The money.
Well, how's a fella
supposed to know
what you're talking about?
The money we was paid
for killing Johnson.
I need you to tell me
this isn't yours, Jimmy.
You're drunk.
Is it yours?
No, it is not mine.
You see, I got that...
Off of this fella by the
name of frank bains,
and frank, well, frank,
he got it off of thad crobley.
Mr. crobley had a
checkered past.
I figured he deserved
a second chance.
He's dead,
killed by the man
he come to pay.
It is not pleasant being wrong.
To the tragedy of
changing times.
These changing times,
where did Eddie fit in?
Eddie was too big for the law.
He was a man of
the land, though,
and a great land, it is.
Don't practice your
damn speeches on me.
It is my oration for
Eddie's memorial.
A killer speaking over
the man he killed.
This frank killed Eddie.
And you put him up to it.
I did no such thing.
Eddie was my friend.
I tried to make him understand
that this isn't the
land it once was.
Come on, tom.
We're civilized now.
Businesses thrive...
Families travel in safety...
And Indians no longer
rape our wives.
If'n he understood,
he wouldn't have gone
after that rustler.
He'd be on his way to
Washington right now.
The money...
I swear to you on
our friendship...
I did not kill Eddie.
To senator Edward Johnson...
A great hero of our people.
And more...
A loyal friend.
To Eddie.
To Eddie.
Do you hear 'em talking
about anything
or see anything or look
like they had money?
I don't remember.
Well, we should
have been looking.
We should have looked.
It ain't here.
Watch frank.
where's that money?!
Ain't you supposed
to be a talker?!
Where's the money?!
God damn it.
Son of a bitch.
Shit! Hey.
You, figure tom might
have taken the money?
Tom? No. No.
Never would have done that.
It ain't his way.
Well, maybe there wasn't
any money to begin with,
and that's why they
couldn't find it.
Now you listen here.
There ain't no point in us
talking about what you
and I don't know.
Hell, kid...
It's money.
It makes fools of men.
Eddie... you all right?
Now, hey, hold on there.
Listen here.
There ain't no way
you're gonna ride any more.
I'm gonna have to get us...
get us some help on this one.
You got everything
you need here.
I'm gonna leave the
growler with you.
All right.
Now don't you die on me.
You hear me?
Now, here,
I got...
don't you be doing that.
I got a dying kid back there.
You go get the medicines
from the bunkhouse.
Don't be rude now.
We planned a real
homecoming for you.
Quit your joshing, boys.
I got a dying kid back there.
I ain't got time for...
boys, I don't have time!
Then we'll make it quick.
Now, hey, I got that fella
what killed Edward.
He's back there with that kid.
I got him!
The fella who killed Mr.
I'm looking at him.
No, that ain't true!
And no one else thought
you'd be idiot enough
to show your face back here.
I knew, though.
Stop this, all of you!
"It is with a heavy heart
"i must inform you lefty brown
is responsible for the
death of senator Johnson."
You know that there telegram
is a load of bullcrap.
Hell, I can't believe how
low you think of me.
You're not gonna tell me why.
How 'bout you tell me?
You're the one saying i
done something I ain't.
Well, maybe you were angry.
Maybe he told you he wasn't
gonna leave you in charge.
Why would he do that?
Because I told him to.
Tom and me, we tracked
that son of a bitch
halfway across the high desert,
and we got him, like I
promised you I would.
Now, you ride with
me to that kid,
'cause that's where
I killed him.
You tell me where that kid
is, and I'll send help.
There ain't no sure
directions to give.
I have to take you to him.
That there piece of paper...
You're saying that
that's worth more
than the word of a man who's
known you over half your life?
I've known Jimmy for
a long time, too.
What's Jimmy got to
do with all this?
Jimmy wrote that paper?
Yes, he did.
Lying don't become you.
You know better than anybody
Eddie never gave me time
to learn my letters.
Look at the seal.
You'll have your say
before the judge.
Sorry, marshal.
Ain't no free drinks here.
What's going on here?
Hey, Jimmy.
Just helping out.
I get paid next week, so...
You don't ever touch
a spittoon again.
He still owes me for
another day's worth.
That runs out, you
just come and find me.
Hang in there, kid.
Hang in there.
What the...
Lefty, prisoner or no, you...
Lefty got out!
Go after him!
All right.
Get back this way.
That ought to do it.
You gonna secure that sitch?
It's tight.
Tight enough to only last about
half a mile down the road.
Ain't nowhere to run
for the likes of a
murdering coward like you.
Shotgun ain't got
the range, ma'am.
What are you waiting for?!
I didn't kill Edward...
And I ain't gonna kill you.
And this is your medicine
i been giving you.
This... you just gotta
take a little...
get 'er down. Get 'er...
there you go.
Go easy. Easy there, wild bill.
You just take...
easy, easy, easy.
Look at you.
Welcome back.
This the ranch?
Don't look like no
ranch, now, do it?
How long have I been here?
Eight days.
You ought to eat.
Guess I can try.
Yes, you can.
Couldn't be bothered to
warn me, now, could you?
You ought to watch yourself.
There's buckshot in that.
You know, there's not a
dentist for a thousand miles.
Where are we, anyway?
The only place I can be.
That money, that belonged
to Jimmy bierce...
And he had Edward killed,
and now he's got me
taking the blame.
Yeah, tom, that's how he knew
that fancy-looking fella.
They's all working for Jimmy.
They were friends.
You said they were friends.
That's what you said.
I know. I was wrong.
It was... it was nothing
like I said it was,
and that's me.
That's lefty brown...
The man who never
got anything right
in over 60-odd years.
You saved my life.
Yes, I did.
What we gonna do now?
What the hell?
It's a memorial service.
The sum-bitch had Edward killed.
He can't speak on his behalf.
We can't kill the governor.
We'd get strung up.
We need some proof.
I... i know that.
I'll find some.
Kid, hey.
You said you were
holding him for trial?
It's just, seems to me if lefty were
innocent, he wouldn't have run.
He took some medicine with him.
Maybe he had no choice.
We all have a choice.
I'll look into it
after the memorial.
You're a loyal friend.
I never got a chance
to thank you properly
for helping me with the ranch.
It's what Eddie
would have wanted.
What he wouldn't have wanted
is for you to appoint
the man he beat
to take his place in the senate.
Robert Meade is the most
qualified candidate for the job.
He's a railroad man.
Hell, Laura, you
know as well as I do
Eddie was wrong to stand
against the railroad.
25 years ago, thousands of
people lived in bannack.
Now, what, less than a hundred?
This is Eddie's memorial.
It's not a political rally.
There's just no winning
with you, is there?
Well, between you and me,
I'm awful bad at checkers.
We wouldn't be standing here,
having this conversation
if it weren't for Eddie.
He's done many great
things for this territory.
Now that's a fact.
But opposing the
railroad contract
is a mistake that will
tarnish his legacy.
And if I can correct
his mistake...
I will.
Yes, sir. Looking to check in?
- Daddy.
- Last name?
Sign right here, please, sir.
Pardon me.
Sweetheart, come... come with me.
May I help you?
I'm talking to you, boy.
Jim, you're scaring the lad.
Just trying to be of assistance.
Sorry. It's just...
I've never met a
governor before.
You recognize me?
James Buckley bierce,
first governor of
this great state.
He's just a man like any other,
but he has a speech to give.
I just put my pants on
the same way as you.
What the...
Tom, Edward would be ashamed.
Give me another glass
for my friend.
I... tom, i can't drink with you.
Here's to Eddie.
I don't think you ought
to be drinking any more.
Lefty, to Eddie.
He said I didn't
need the bottle.
He said we were strong.
But he was wrong, of course.
But he believed...
Which is much more
than most folks,
so here's to you, Eddie.
No. I ain't drinking with you.
You son of a bitch.
Tom, you gotta sober up
and come on with me.
You shouldn't have
done that, lefty.
Now, tom...
Son of a bitch.
All right.
Here. You lost this.
I thought you ought to have it
so you could remember that
the man who give it to you
is the fella that killed Edward.
Give him another.
Whoever's paying
for it won't mind.
If Eddie were here today...
I'd wager he'd admonish
you all for coming.
"You've got business
to attend to,
"so get to it," he'd say.
Edward Johnson was
a man of action.
He was also a man of the land...
And a great land, it is.
Railroads crisscrossing
plains and mountain...
Connecting Atlantic to pacific.
Cattle from Montana feeding
irishmen in New York.
Iron, steel, oil...
This great land
of ours provides.
All it asks for in
return is order.
Without Eddie,
we could never have
reached these heights.
No, sir.
But this is not his world...
Not any longer.
So as we move into the future,
we shall take with us all
that Eddie has taught us.
The man I'm appointing
to his seat
will honor the memory
of Edward Johnson.
Some of you may already
know Robert Meade.
He and I have worked closely
these past few months...
Finalizing a contract with
the pacific railroad,
a contract that, once
ratified by the senate,
will undoubtedly revitalize
towns like ours.
All hail the mighty governor!
It will bring industry.
The great protector!
It will... he's
gonna protect you
and your baby?!
This is wonderful stuff!
Great job, Jimmy! Great job!
Eddie should have never let
you live, you son of a bitch.
Somewhere to go, son?
Put down your Remington, tom.
Let's just you and
i have a talk.
I reckon you and me's
done talking, Jimmy.
I'm gonna kill you, you bastard!
I'm going to kill you,
you son of a bitch!
No, stop! He's roostered up.
We have to help him.
I'll fucking kill you!
You will stop him before
anyone gets killed.
Go upstairs. It's not
safe here, Laura.
Jimmy! Jimmy bierce,
what is going on?
Please, now, before the
bullets start flying. Go now.
Go now. But... but, Jimmy!
First one that moves
gets a bullet.
Second one will, too!
Now you just...
No people will get hurt.
Just take it easy.
All right, now. Tom...
Get up here.
Jimmy! He's gone.
He's gone.
God damn.
Stay back. Stay back now.
Don't get stupid.
Take it easy. Put
your hands away.
Get off the street, guys!
Put your hands away
from that weapon!
Just careful now. They ain't killers.
They's just fools.
Yeah, they're killers when
they fucking shoot us!
I'm gonna go get Jimmy.
Wait, wait, wait!
Come on, you. That-a-way.
I'm going.
Come on! Get up! Come on!
In there!
Hold it.
Least it wasn't you who shot me.
Well, that is...
that's lucky, I think,
on account of the fact you... you
kept your hat on so long.
Don't you figure?
I... tom?
Now, tom...
God... god damn.
I hope you goddamn
found something.
Kind of.
It's been a long while.
Dying in a hail of bullets
seems like such a waste,
don't you think?
Tom would likely
disagree with you,
if'n he could speak.
He was safe in that saloon.
This is gonna be on your head.
He was safe in that saloon!
Just 'cause you say
it, don't make true.
I was trying to
protect this state.
Eddie screwed my deal.
It was a fine agreement.
You know it.
It would have been a
rebirth for Montana.
Here's my deal.
You put down that Schofield.
I'll take you 'fore a judge.
Hear me out now.
Killing the governor of Montana
is... is a federal offense.
It's a hanging offense.
I know that it is.
Do you remember the
first time we met?
I was lying in the woods.
You saved my life.
I-I'd wager you prob...
probably wish you left me there.
We've come quite the way
since then, you and me.
We have.
But I think we could
go even further.
We could take this
state into the future.
How about you and I right now,
we walk outside,
and I tell the world
you were set up?
But you never gave up, not
you, not lefty brown.
No, you proved to
me your innocence.
How 'bout I make you
senator in Eddie's stead?
Who better to take his place
than his partner?
You was my friend.
I am...
Your friend.
This is a changed world,
and all you have to do
is put that goddamn rifle down
and listen to me, boy.
You heard?
I heard.
I'll see him to the jail..
Eddie's way.
WwW.ZooCine.Ne Watch Movies and Series!
It's really gonna happen.
Miss Laura.
He's the governor, and we're
hanging him without no trial.
I know.
I had my head in a noose,
and it was you that saved me.
I'd rather be the
one to do this.
Years from now,
there'll be statues of me
everywhere in Montana.
It's not easy.
But I did my job.
Years from now, they'll
be thanking me for it.
Think so?
Years from now,
I reckon all these folks'll
remember seeing you hang,
but in a week,
it's me that the law
will come after.
And if'n they catch me,
I reckon I'll be looking out
at the same faces as you.
Well, I'd... I'd say we
owe you an apology.
That was fine work.
The fellas and I, well, we...
we'd ride with you again.
Well, stick with Mrs.
Johnson, kid.
She'll learn you better
than I ever could.
You'll be on your
own soon enough...
Wild bill.