The Ballerina (2017) Movie Script

[eerie music]
[faint whispering]
[slow paced music]
[loud barking]
[Woman] Can you
not ignore me?!
[Man] Why didn't I...
We can never
have a conversation...
[Man] Who cares about
the fucking conversation,
it's her recital!
[slow paced music]
Do you mind if I clean first!?
It's a little bit
more important!
[slow paced music]
[Man] The fucking deer...
[Woman] Stop swearing!
[slow paced music]
[Man] Let me enjoy
my daughter's recital!?
[Man] My fucking head explode!
[slow paced music]
[Woman] Right now!
What you say you and
me get out of here
and get down there
a little early?
[Woman] Really Glen?!
[Woman] You're just gonna take off
and leave me here with this...
[slow paced music]
You look beautiful honey.
And then Angela said,
"I don't have to bend
"all the way down to the
ground if I don't want to."
And Ms. Wattley said,
"Okay girls you can just."
[slow paced music]
They're just lazy daddy.
- [loud screaming]
- Shit!
[Narrator] Shit head!
[slow paced music]
Sorry about that baby.
You okay baby?
Well that was kind of fun huh?
Hey listen, what do
you say we stop off
at that hunt spot of mine.
See if old Sasquatch
is back in there?
Daddy we'll be late.
No, no, no, we got,
we got lots of time.
We got almost an hour.
I promise it'll just be five
super duper quick minutes.
In and out and then
we'll get going.
[slow paced music]
I'll take you to ice
cream after the recital.
Extra fudge?
Yeah extra fudge.
That's my girl.
Wake up baby.
I'm so cold.
I know, I know baby.
Why don't you move around,
that'll help warm you up.
You hungry?
[faint whispers]
[Narrator] Die, die, die!
Hey sweetheart.
There's nothing there baby.
There's nothing there.
Don't be scared.
Look at me.
Don't be scared.
- [loud squawking]
- [loud rooster]
That's it.
How many you got?
That's good, two
for you two for me.
[loud barking]
[slow paced music]
How'd you sleep baby?
[faint laughter]
Alright right there.
That's good that's good.
Thanks baby.
[Dad] Now listen sugar.
Can I come with you today?
Come on baby, you
know you gotta keep
up with your schoolwork.
And me, I gotta get
us out of this dump.
Stay focused alright?
That's my girl.
Hold up Glen, I gotta
ask you something.
She had another one of
them nights didn't she?
Damn it Glen, what the
hell's the matter with you?
Why won't you let me
get my priest out here
like I asked you.
Don't Marjorie me.
He ain't gonna call CPS
or none of that shit.
Think any of us
out here want that?
And he could really help her.
Look, she's gonna be okay.
She ain't okay.
I'll see ya this afternoon.
[solemn music]
[loud bird chirping]
[solemn music]
[children laughing]
Sugar, oh!
There's my little butterfly.
Glen, wait up a sec.
Got someone I wanna
introduce to you.
This here is Doe Peterson.
She just arrived here
today with her two sons.
Son of a bitch Sheriff kicked
them out of their apartment.
They've been living in
their car ever since.
I was kinda hoping
that maybe tomorrow
you could help them
set up their site?
I really appreciate it.
I am such a city girl.
Doe here is a nurses aid.
She worked up at the Children's
Hospital in Pittsburgh
until the economy took a dump.
Psych ward.
And who is this lovely
little ballerina?
This is Sophia.
Sophia, what a beautiful name.
And I just love your tutu.
Okay, she's shy.
Well listen, it was
nice meeting you.
Come on sweetheart.
[loud insects chirping]
- [light instrumental music]
- [guitar solo]
What's the matter baby?
I miss mommy and the boys.
Me too honey.
I miss them too.
I really do.
I know.
I just thank God
I still have you.
What would I do if
I ever lost you?
You wouldn't have anyone
to scratch your beard.
That's right, that's right.
Go to sleep now okay?
Give me a kiss.
Night night baby,
Night daddy.
[solemn music]
[faint whispers]
[ominous music]
[faint whispers]
[ominous music]
[Narrator] Die, die, die!
[loud sobbing]
[Sophia] Daddy!
Sophie, Sophia honey,
I'm right here.
I'm right here baby.
I'm right here,
it's okay it's okay.
[loud sobbing]
It's okay.
It's okay, it's okay, it's okay.
Daddy's here.
Yeah it's okay.
It's okay, daddy's here baby.
It's okay, it's okay my
baby it was just a dream.
It was just a dream,
it was just a dream.
It was just a dream.
It was just a bad dream.
[slow paced music]
[loud tapping]
[ominous music]
[loud clanking]
Get back!
[Sophia] Daddy.
It's okay baby.
Thank you.
So you're the
resident mountain man?
Yeah, I used to hunt a little.
Sorry baby.
I just came out to
see about your offer
to help me set up my camp.
If the offer still stands.
[slow paced music]
Means a lot to me so, if
I can return the favor...
Don't worry about it.
Well I better get back.
Thanks for the coffee.
I know you didn't ask.
Marjorie told me
about what's been
going on with Sophia.
Marjorie's got a big mouth.
The point is,
I think that I could help.
I mean maybe.
And most likely she's
having night terrors.
Which is not uncommon
for kids who've
suffered some kind
of emotional trauma.
Think about it.
I mean my offer to help.
I'd like to think
I could be of some
value to somebody you know?
Sophia, bye!
Bye Glen.
Yeah baby.
What is it?
Daddy I don't wanna
go to school today.
Do I have to?
No baby.
What do you wanna do?
[Sophia] Can we go
see our old house?
[Glen] Oh sweetheart,
you know that's
not our house anymore.
Another family lives there now.
[Sophia] I know, I just
wanna see it again.
[Glen] Honey, the
last time we went
you complained the whole way.
It's a three hour
walk and I had to
carry you all the way home.
[Sophia] This time
I won't complain.
[Glen] You said that last time.
[Sophia] I won't even ask
to ride on your shoulders.
[Glen] You said that too.
[Sophia] This time I promise,
cross my heart and hope to...
[Glen] Hey, no,
no, no, no, no, no.
[Sophia] Sorry daddy.
[Glen] It's okay.
[Sophia] So can we go?
[Glen] You really wanna go?
No complaining?
[Sophia] No complaining.
[Glen] No shoulder rides?
[Sophia] No shoulder rides.
[Glen] Alright, let's go.
Daddy I don't wanna
come here anymore.
Okay baby.
Okay baby.
I don't see why we can't
just go back to grandpa's.
This is so lame out here.
They don't even
have electricity.
Or toilets.
We're not welcome at grandpa's.
You're not welcome you mean.
Well we stick together.
I don't see why.
You wanna play
campfire girl, fine.
But do you have to
drag us along too?
Knock it off.
We're a family.
No we're not.
We're two innocent kids
caught in the middle
and you're a fucking boozer.
Okay look, I can do
this for real okay?
And what better place to do it
than surrounded by all this
beautiful fucking nature right?!
Glen hi!
You made it just in time.
I was going all WWF on
this tent and losing.
Let's get to work.
You have got to be kidding me!
So you're gonna start with
dried leaves and pine needles.
And then a bigger branch.
So that as the fire builds...
Why are you doing this?
Come on really?
You don't know us right?
So why all the good
Samaritan shit?
Are you trying to get in
my mom's panties or what?
Just trying to help.
Well, just so you know
in the three years
since my dad left she's
had like 100 boyfriends.
She probably has like
chlamydia or something.
I'll keep that in mind.
Now go get some more firewood.
Four seasons it ain't.
[Little Boy] Uh oh.
Mom I got a joke.
Okay, everybody shh.
Jack has a joke.
Why didn't the
lion eat the clown?
I don't know honey, why
didn't the lion eat the clown?
Because he tasted funny.
What did Jupiter say to Saturn?
Oh Brian.
[Brian] Turn around
so I can see Uranus.
Whoa whoa whoa, blow
it out blow it out.
Quick, quick,
quick, blow it out.
[Sophia] Daddy.
[Glen] Perfect, perfect.
Here baby.
Sophia, Sophia, look
at daddy sweetheart.
Look at daddy, look at daddy.
Sophia, Sophia, look
at daddy sweetheart.
[Sophia] Daddy.
[Glen] What is it baby?
There's a girl.
[ominous music]
[Glen] What girl, what girl?
She's next to that
tree over there.
No sweetheart, there's
no girl by tree.
There's no girl.
She's not by the tree anymore.
Where is she sweetheart?
Where is she?
She's right behind you daddy.
[eerie music]
[Glen] Baby.
[loud screaming]
I got you baby.
I got you.
Look at me, look at me.
Glen don't, let her sleep.
I gotta get her home.
Boys, get to Marjorie's.
I got you, I got you baby.
She needs professional help.
These are level four
psychosomatic hallucinations.
Clearly sparked by
an emotional trauma.
It's always happened
in her sleep before.
This is the first time it's
happened when she was awake.
How long has it been going on?
A year.
Since the accident.
What accident?
Glen, what accident?
Glen I might be able to help.
I need to know what
this is all about.
For god sakes Glen.
How am I supposed to help
if you don't trust me?!
They died okay?!
They died.
They were on their way to
Sophia's ballet recital
and they were in an accident
and they were killed.
After that I fucking drank
myself into oblivion.
Lost my job, house, my truck.
And fucking CPS was
on the verge of taking
Sophia from me and
there's no way in hell
I'm gonna let that happen!
So I loaded up and
then disappeared.
That's it.
That's what happened.
I'm so sorry.
Look don't, don't please.
Look, you asked, I told you.
Because you said
you could help her
if you knew what happened.
Now you know.
So please, please, help me.
Okay, but I don't
think you're gonna
like what I suggest.
Glen, she,
she needs to see a doctor.
No I can't do that.
Why not?
I just told you, they'll
take her from me.
No, it's not an option!
It's not an option.
Look you said if you
knew what happened
you could help her.
You Doe, not some doctor.
Look you said you
picked up a few things
along the way right?
I mean what would they
do if she was a patient
in that hospital
you used to work at?
I don't know.
Hypnosis probably.
Good, good, okay.
Your hair is so beautiful.
Did your mom used to braid it?
I bet you miss her
so much don't you?
And my brothers.
I know honey.
It is so hard when we
lose people we love.
So hard.
Sometimes I think about
the way they died you know?
All smashed and bleeding.
I try not to but
I can't help it.
I think about how much
it must of hurt them.
Oh honey, it all
happened so fast
I'm sure they didn't
feel anything.
That's what my daddy says.
Can you tell me
about these shadows?
My daddy thinks they're
just bad dreams.
What do you think?
They're not dreams,
they're real.
Do you see them all the time?
Only at night.
That must be so frightening.
They try to take me.
Take you where?
I don't know, away.
Nobody's gonna take
you anywhere okay?
I won't let them.
Alright, are you ready to start?
Me too.
Close your eyes.
Now imagine that
you are in the most
beautiful meadows
you've ever seen.
The sun is shining
and it is so warm.
Butterflies are fluttering
from flower to flower.
So beautiful.
When you wake up, you'll feel
happier than you
ever have before.
You won't remember anything
about the shadow people.
They'll be gone for good.
And they will never come back.
All you'll remember are sweet
memories of your family
and how happy you feel when
you're with your daddy.
You'll feel yourself
slipping into a
deeper and deeper sleep.
Deeper and deeper.
I need a drink.
I think she's gonna be okay.
How about you?
Me, yeah I'm fine.
Yeah, I can see that Glen.
Hell, you're a better
liar than I am.
Can I be blunt?
Kids are pretty
resilient you know?
And they can bounce
back pretty quick.
Even from big stuff like...
So you're saying
that she should be
over this by now.
I'm saying that it's
a little strange
that she's so strongly
effected by it yeah.
It was her mother and her
three brothers for god sake.
I know that.
Yes, I know.
Look, I'm just going
off of what I've seen
for the past 15 years.
Alright, I get your point.
So what's the, I
mean why is she not...
Because of you Glen.
I'm sorry but yeah.
Kids are so sensitive to
their parents feelings.
And as long as you
have this stranglehold
on your guilt and your grief,
then she's gonna struggle.
My guilt?
Yeah about the accident.
I mean it was your fault right?
I mean if you would of
done this differently
or that differently then,
they'd all still be here right?
I mean that's how it
plays our in your head.
[slow paced music]
[Sophia] Do you know who it was?
[Glen] Who?
You mean like our Flopsy?
Uh huh, and he
gives me a big hug
and said, "You got any carrots?"
And then I woke up.
So, hang on a second.
You didn't have any
bad dreams or anything?
I never have bad dreams daddy.
[slow paced music]
- Knock knock anybody home?
- [loud scream]
[Doe] Shit Glen!
You scared me to death!
[Glen] Sorry.
I'm almost done.
There's coffee on the table.
[Glen] Morning.
How is everything,
is Sophia okay?
I don't know what you
did, but it worked.
She doesn't even remember
having bad dreams.
You sound surprised.
No, it's just that,
I'm glad.
Anyway, I wanted to
stop by this morning
and you know, say thank you.
You're welcome.
[slow paced music]
Maybe we shouldn't.
Well maybe we should.
So you must be thinking like,
oh my god, everything
her smartest kid
said about her is true.
You got two good boys.
They love you.
Jack loves me.
Brian would just
as soon see me get
run over by a semi.
Don't say that.
Isn't it funny how we
become our parents?
My mother would start
our daily ramp up
with a Brandy Alexander
right at 2 pm sharp.
By dinner she was
completely smashed.
When I was Brian's
age, I hated her guts.
And now I'm her age
and Brian hates mine.
The circle of life.
God I hope that's not true.
What was your dad like?
He was a fucking prick who
died 20 years too late.
That's what he was like.
Oh whoa!
Anger central, geeze.
God, word of advice,
you ought to just
forgive him and move on.
Oh my god, what is it
with this Duck Dynasty
beard thing?
It's some sort of backwoods
fashion statement?
Oh my god.
You don't like my Uncle Si?
- No, no, no, it's great.
- Come on.
[Doe] It's like making
out with a bearskin rug.
Oh please.
No, no, it's like
a water buffalo.
I'm a water buffalo now.
A rutting water buffalo.
A rutting water buffalo?
Mmm hmmm, yeah.
You wanna see some rut?
I thought I already had.
I'll show you some
rutting, come here.
I'll show you some rutting.
Are you kidding me?!
I ask for a little beard
trim and you give me this?!
[loud screaming]
[slow paced music]
[faint whimsical music]
[ominous music]
[faint whispers]
[Narrator] Open up, open up.
Let me in.
[dramatic music]
[heavy breathing]
There's something
I want to show you.
I don't wanna go.
Don't be afraid,
don't be scared.
Don't worry about them.
I'll protect you.
[loud gasp]
Don't be afraid, you'll be fine.
I promise.
Come on.
[eerie music]
You like to dance don't you?
I do ballet too.
Come on, let's go.
What's your name?
Annie, and yours is Sophia.
How do you know my name?
[loud wind]
[loud whispering]
Don't worry about them.
Come on.
I don't wanna go.
It's okay.
Stop no, please!
Come on Sophia, it'll be okay.
[loud growling]
[loud screaming]
Stay away from me!
Daddy, help me!
Hey hey!
[Sophia] Daddy!
[Sophia] Let go of me!
Daddy help me!
[Glen] Hey hey daddy's
here, daddy's here.
I'm here.
[Sophia] Don't let
them take me daddy,
don't let them take me!
[Glen] Hey, nobody's
gonna take you, I got you.
I'm right here, I'm right here.
It's okay, it's okay,
it was just a dream.
- It wasn't a dream daddy.
- It was just a bad dream.
[Sophia] It wasn't a dream.
It was real.
You have to believe
me, they were here!
You have to believe me!
You're not supposed to sneak
up on people like that.
Oh honey I wasn't
sneaking up on you.
I'm sorry.
I was coming to tell
that recess is over.
Can I ask you something?
Do you believe in God?
- Maybe you should?
- [ominous music]
Children who are grieving
are especially
vulnerable to demons
and other evil spirits.
The shock and sadness of death
causes a fracture in their soul
that invites the presence
from the other world.
These demons and evil spirits
we must cast out.
They say children are
susceptible to spirits
who are not here.
[loud clanking]
The spirits are simply lost.
[ominous music]
Spirits who've died don't
yet know they're dead.
For these lost souls we
must make them feel welcome.
For as only through
conversing and consoling
that we can help them move on.
Holy water will repel the demon
but welcome the lost soul.
Make it feel uneasy.
[ominous music]
This has been scary for
you hasn't it sweetheart?
I'm so sorry.
Do you mind if I put my
hands on your head like this?
[priest speaking
foreign language]
[Sophia] Daddy daddy!
[heavy breathing]
Glen, stand vigil all night.
Don't go to sleep.
Watch and pray.
Make this sacrifice for God.
And let Him see you can
overcome these spirits.
Do this and the spirits will
leave this child in peace.
[Sophia] Daddy.
Yeah baby.
I'm scared to go to sleep.
Don't be scared honey.
Don't be scared.
I'm gonna be right
outside at the fire.
I'm gonna stay up all night
long just like the priest said.
That's gonna make the
shadow people go away.
I promise I promise.
Pinky promise.
[Sophia] Daddy.
Yeah baby.
Can I ask you something?
Of course honey.
How come you and mommy were
always fighting so much?
Because daddy was not very happy
and mommy was not very happy.
Why not?
Well, at the time
I thought it was
because I thought
we didn't have enough money.
And because mommy was
always upset because
'cause daddy was always
angry at grandpa.
Why were you angry at grandpa?
So many questions.
The truth is honey.
There was no good
reason for mommy
and daddy to be
fighting so much.
No reason for us
not to be happy.
We had you right?
And the boys.
What could there possibly
be to not be happy about?
We were stupid.
I was stupid.
I'd give anything to
be able to go back.
And just be happy
instead of angry.
Instead of sad.
Love you.
I love you my angel.
I love you.
[loud hooting]
[Priest] Children
who are grieving
are especially
vulnerable to demons
and other evil spirits.
The shock and sadness of death
causes a fracture in their soul
and invites the presence
from the other world.
These demons and evil spirits
we must cast out.
They say children are
susceptible to spirits
who are not here.
[ominous music]
[faint children playing]
[ominous music]
I brought you something.
[light music]
[faint children singing]
[slow paced music]
[loud screech]
It's for protection.
[loud screeching]
That's me and that's
my little brother.
You like it?
What's your brothers name?
[loud screaming]
Daddy daddy!
Hey baby.
Come here for a second
will you sweetheart.
You okay?
No bad people
tried to, you know,
take you away last night?
That's good.
That's good.
Hey, where'd you get this?
Annie gave it to me.
Who's Annie?
This is her and
her little brother.
This is who gave
you this locket?
Was she like an old
woman or something?
No daddy, she's a girl like me?
When did she give you this?
Last night she woke me up.
Wait a minute, wait wait wait.
Nobody came in or out of
that tent last night honey.
I was sitting right
here the whole time.
Well she just, sort of,
I was first scared of her but,
now I think that she's
just trying to protect me.
Protect you from what?
Shadow people.
[loud thunder]
Doe, I have never
seen this locket
before in my life.
She says that that little girl
magically appeared in
her tent last night
and gave it to her.
And the just vanished.
Maybe somebody in the
camp gave it to her.
Doe if somebody in this
camp had given her something
she would of told me,
I'd know about it.
Last night she went
to bed without it
and this morning there it was.
Glen you're scaring me.
There's something else.
This little boy,
the little brother,
I think I know him.
Who is he?
I mean I've seen his
face somewhere before.
Glen, these pictures are
like 60 or 70 years old.
I know, I'm wracking
my brain trying
to figure out where
I know this kid from.
I'm going crazy.
Okay you're gonna
think I'm crazy.
A few years ago there was
this kid in the hospital.
He was so frightened Glen.
He said he was seeing ghosts.
Of course we were
all convinced that it
was psychosomatic.
But we tried every
possible treatment
and nothing, absolutely
nothing worked.
his parents took him home,
they brought in this woman.
And she like talked to them.
Talked to who?
The ghosts or the spirits
or whatever they are.
But that's what worked.
I don't believe that this
is psychosomatic anymore.
I mean there's something
real going on here.
[loud thunder]
[Narrator] Where's the child?
[Glen] She's in the tent asleep.
[lady speaking foreign language]
She feels great love
and great fear here.
[lady speaking foreign language]
But love is always
stronger than fear.
[lady speaking foreign language]
There are spirits here.
[lady speaking foreign language]
Good spirits and evil spirits.
[lady speaking foreign language]
Sometimes it's hard
to tell them apart.
[lady speaking foreign language]
Some spirits are angry and evil
and they want to
harm and destroy.
Other spirits are sad.
They're lost.
They don't even know
that they are dead.
[lady speaking foreign language]
You need to know
that the spirits
that are haunting your daughter
are good or evil.
[faint whispers]
[lady speaking foreign language]
You hear?
[lady speaking foreign language]
[faint whispers]
[lady speaking foreign language]
They're children.
It's cold.
They're getting close.
They're closer.
[lady speaking foreign language]
[ominous music]
[lady speaking foreign language]
There are six little girls here.
They're girl scouts.
[Glen] Where are they?
[Interpreter] They're
all around you.
Do you feel that?
Yes, I feel something.
[lady speaking foreign language]
They are such pretty girls.
Why are you so sad?
[lady speaking foreign language]
What happened to you?
[lady speaking foreign language]
Why won't you tell me?
Don't be afraid you can tell me.
You can tell me.
You can tell me.
You can tell me.
Ms. Suzie had a steamboat
The steamboat had a bell
Ms. Suzie went to heaven
But the steamboat went to
Hello operator
Please give me number nine
And if we get disconnected
I'll hit you with a
[fast paced music]
Miss Belmont are you okay?
Miss Belmont, Miss Belmont!
[loud screaming]
[loud shattering]
[lady speaking foreign language]
Oh my poor babies.
Don't go!
[lady speaking foreign language]
Tell me why you're here!
[lady speaking foreign language]
What do you want with
this little girl!
Wait, don't go!
[lady speaking foreign language]
[lady speaking foreign language]
What a tragedy.
What happened to them?
[lady speaking foreign language]
A terrible car accident
a long time ago.
[lady speaking foreign language]
A car made of wood.
[lady speaking foreign language]
The spirits are sad, lost.
But you cannot trust them.
[lady speaking foreign language]
Maybe if you had your
daughter talk to them,
it could help them understand
that they are dead.
[lady speaking foreign language]
Be careful.
Don't leave her alone with them.
[lady speaking foreign language]
They can lead her into danger.
Make her fall off a cliff
or drown in a river.
[ominous music]
Be careful.
Don't leave her alone.
[lady speaking foreign language]
[Interpretor] And remember
what I told you about love.
Stronger than fear.
What is it?
A car made of wood.
[slow paced music]
Annie Sorenson.
You've gotta be kidding me.
Can you print one thing for me.
Just one, just one.
Annie Sorenson?
Geez Glen is she like related?
She's my aunt.
That other picture
in the locket?
That was my father.
Your father?
And you didn't recognize him?
I barely even remember seeing
a picture of my dad when
he was a little boy.
That's why I didn't
recognize him right off.
This is so weird.
You're telling me.
My aunt who was
killed 66 years ago,
before I was even
born is appearing
to my daughter and
giving her lockets.
I didn't even know
I had an aunt.
My father never
told me about this.
How could Sophia have
possibly known about her?
She couldn't of.
I don't understand.
This other picture
in your locket,
that's grandpa when
he was a little boy.
You never met him.
Well, that's him.
Baby I don't know how
to tell you this but,
Annie, she died a long time ago.
The thing is,
I don't think she realizes it.
Sometimes when people die,
they don't know
that they've died.
How is that possible?
I don't know sweetheart.
I've never died before.
But I was thinking that
maybe the next time
that you see Annie, maybe
you could try to talk to her.
Maybe you could, you know,
try to help her to realize
that she's not alive anymore.
Do you think you could do that?
But daddy I'm scared.
I know, I know baby.
But you gotta be brave.
You gotta be brave.
I think this might
be the only way
to make those shadow
people go away.
You think you could do it?
- [ominous music]
- [faint crunching]
You really got a
thing for scaring
the shit out of me don't ya?
I was worried, how is she?
That thing you said
the other day about
how we've become our parents.
I've been thinking about that.
Seeing that picture of my old
man when he was a little boy,
can't get it out of my head.
Makes me worry about
what Sophia thinks of me.
She adores you.
She does.
Sophia's gonna be okay.
So are you.
[ominous music]
Come on, there's something
I wanna show you.
Wait, first I'm supposed
to tell you something.
We gotta hurry.
You can tell me on the way.
Come on.
What about my dad?
Don't be scared.
Come on, you're gonna love this.
[Sophia] Wait,
what about my dad?
We'll be back before
he knows you're gone.
Bring your lantern, let's go.
Don't be afraid, you'll be fine.
I promise.
Did you hear that?
Hold on a second.
No, no, no, no, no!
Sophia, Sophia!
Answer me baby!
She's gone, she's gone!
Go wake everybody up.
Tell them to come help me
look for her please hurry!
Sophia, answer me
baby, where are you?!
Where are you?!
[Sophia] Where are we going?
You'll see.
[low rumbling]
Don't worry about them,
it's okay, I've got you.
[Sophia] Annie.
[Annie] It's okay, come on.
[Sophia] I'm supposed
to talk to you.
[Annie] We're almost there.
I'm scared.
Don't be scared, come on.
There's my dad.
We gotta go back.
Sophia, your dad is fast
asleep back at the tent.
We'll be right back.
Come on, let's go.
No wait.
We gotta go, this way.
Come on.
Sophia baby, Sophia
where are you?!
Where are you sweetheart!?
Answer daddy baby,
answer me honey!
Where are you sweetheart!
[ominous music]
Answer me baby answer me!
Sophia baby, Sophia!
Stop honey!
[Sophia] Daddy!
Stop honey!
[Sophia] We have to stop!
Not yet.
Don't be scared.
Sophia stop baby.
Stop baby.
Stop honey, stop!
[ominous music]
Where are you baby?!
Answer me honey!
[solemn music]
What is it?
[Annie] This is it, the place
that I wanted to show you.
[Annie] Yeah, out
there in the water.
What do you mean out
there in the water?
In there, in the water.
[Sophia] Annie, I'm scared.
[Annie] Don't be scared.
Come on, I'll show you.
No, please.
I don't wanna go.
It'll be okay.
No please, let go of me.
Let go of me please.
Annie why are you doing this?
Why are you doing this?!
[loud sobbing]
You promised we'd go right back!
You promised you promised!
Please please stop!
Annie why are you doing this?!
[loud sobbing]
What is it?
[ominous music]
What is it?
What is it?
What are you gonna do about it?!
I'll go back up to
your fucking games
right fucking here!
Stop swearing!
- [loud screaming]
- [loud honking]
Sasquatch is up to.
We'll be late.
No, no, no, we've
got lots of time.
We've got almost an hour.
Promise it'll just be five
super duper quick minutes.
In and out and then
we'll get going.
[slow paced music]
Okay sweetheart, now I'm
only gonna be a few minutes.
I'll be right back.
I promise baby.
Don't be scared alright.
Nobody ever comes back in here.
This is daddy's special spot.
And then we'll be right
off to the recital.
Let's go see if I
can find mama's buck.
So she won't get uptight
about the freezer.
That'd be nice huh?
Okay sugar, I want you to
keep the engine running
and the radio on
and the heater on
'cause it's cold
out here alright?
You're gonna be okay?
See you in a few minutes.
[Glen] Where are you baby?
[Sophia] Daddy!
[Glen] Sophia!
[Glen] Sophia, Sophia,
I'm here sweetheart!
I'm right here!
Daddy I can't see you!
Look at my light!
Don't move baby don't move,
don't move don't move!
[faint music]
[low rumbling]
[ominous music]
What in the hell.
Some fucking son of a
bitch took our spot!
[Narrator] What we ought to
do is take his fucking truck.
Fucking locked.
Son of a bitch.
I'm gonna hurt
somebody's feelings.
[ominous music]
Son of a bitch where are you.
Damn it.
[Narrator] I tell
you one damn thing.
I ain't never walked out of...
That son of a bitch is up here.
[Narrator] Well his
truck is still here
so he can't be...
[Narrator] Boost
his fucking truck.
[Narrator] You're gonna
boost this piece of shit?
[Narrator] Son of a bitch.
Daddy where are you.
I hear you.
Oh shit.
[Narrator] What in the
hell are you doing?
Open the damn door boy!
Take that...
[loud gunshot]
Get the fuck away from my truck!
What the fuck are you doing?!
Back it up back up!
I'm back.
You, put that gun on the ground.
Put it on the ground!
Put it on the ground!
Put the gun on the
fucking ground!
Shut the fuck up!
You, gather up these guns, put
them in the back of my truck.
Sophia baby, don't
be scared honey.
Daddy's here baby.
What the fuck are
you talking about?
You shut your fucking mouth!
You can pick up your guns
at the Sheriff's
office in the morning!
Now pick 'em up and put 'em
in the back of the truck!
Now get your asses in the truck
and get the hell out of here!
Get in the fucking
truck and drive away.
- Get in the fucking truck
- [loud gunshot]
and drive away god damn it!
Did I fucking stutter!?
Let's go!
[Narrator] This ain't over!
This ain't over!
Fucking redneck assholes!
Get out of here, drive away!
This ain't over asshole.
Drive away, go on!
It's okay baby, daddy's
here honey, daddy's here.
Open the door sweetheart.
Come on baby open the door.
[suspenseful music]
I'm here honey.
What the hell.
Sophia, hey Sophia.
No, no!
Awe shit oh fuck!
Sophia don't move,
don't move baby!
[Sophia] Daddy where are you?!
I'm right here baby.
Look at my light honey
look at my light!
Don't move I'm
coming sweetheart!
I'm coming!
Shit! Shit!
I'm coming baby, I'm coming!
I'm coming sweetheart!
Daddy where are you?!
[Glen] I'm right here baby!
Look at my light!
Daddy I can't see you!
I'm right here, I'm right here.
I'm here sweetheart,
I'm right here.
I'm right here, I'm
here baby, I'm here.
Holy Shit!
Who the fuck are you?!
Sophia, Sophia baby!
Where are you baby!
- Sophia!
- Hey!
[loud thud]
[loud whistle]
[Narrator] Give Mikey
here this little watch,
maybe he'll show up
on time from now on.
Take that off.
[engine turns]
Get the fuck out of here man!
Fuck that!
[ominous music]
Where's Sophia?!
Where is Sophia!
God damn it, where's Sophia,
what did you do with her?!
Answer me baby!
Answer daddy sweetheart,
where are you baby?!
Where are you, where
are you, where are you?!
What did you do with her?!
What did you do with her?!
Annie, Annie, Annie help me.
Help me Annie, please,
please help me.
Where is she?
What did you do with her?
She's cold!
She's cold, she'll
freeze to death Annie!
Please, please, please help me!
[loud coughing]
[ominous music]
Please god, please god,
please god, please god,
please god, please god,
please god, please god.
[solemn music]
I don't wanna look.
I don't wanna look.
Don't make me look.
Don't make me look,
please don't make me look.
[solemn music]
Daddy's here sweetheart!
Follow my light sweetheart!
Follow my light sweetheart!
[solemn music]
Oh no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no.
[loud sobbing]
Please work.
[heavy breathing]
[loud buzzing]
Where are you?!
Where are you, where is Sophia?!
I lost her, I lost
her I lost her.
What do you mean you lost her?!
I was in the woods
for like 20 minutes
and I swear to god 20 minutes.
And when I came back she
was gone, she was gone!
And there were these guys,
these fucking redneck fucks!
You left her in the
truck by herself!
What the hell were you thinking!
You idiot!
Oh my god!
Don't you think I know that?!
Don't you think I know
I'm a fucking idiot
for leaving her in the pickup?!
Ma'am, ma'am please, put
him on speakerphone please.
Put him on speakerphone.
What time is it?
They took my fucking watch!
What time is it?!
It's 3:30 in the morning.
What time did you lose her?!
Oh god!
Like at seven.
That means she's been
in the freezing forest
for eight and a half hours!
You bastard stupid jerk!
I know I know this doesn't help.
She's out there and
it's freezing cold.
We gotta find her
honey please please.
[loud sobbing]
Oh no, no, no, no, no!
Baby, baby, baby, baby.
[loud sobbing]
No, no, no!
[loud sirens]
Anything that you find,
anything that looks suspicious,
you let us know.
Now be looking for
any kind of signs.
[loud barking]
Where is Sophia?
Where is Sophia?!
What did you do
with our daughter!
Where is she?!
Where is she?!
Where is she?!
Where is she?!
God help me please!
Please god help me!
[Narrator] She's
gonna be fine okay?
We're gonna find her,
she's gonna be okay.
[slow paced music]
[Narrator] Sophia!
Mommy's here honey,
where are you?
[Narrator] Sophia!
[solemn music]
[Sophia] Daddy.
My baby, oh my baby, oh my baby.
Oh sweetheart, daddy's so sorry.
I'm so sorry honey,
I'm so so sorry.
I'm so sorry baby.
I'm so sorry.
[Sophia] It's okay daddy.
I forgive you.
You forgive me?
You could forgive me?
Oh my sweetheart.
Oh my baby, baby, baby, baby.
Let me look at you
let me look at you.
Oh you're so pretty,
you're so beautiful honey.
Everything's gonna
be okay now daddy.
You'll see.
I gotta go now daddy.
No no baby no.
Don't go, don't go,
don't go please.
Please baby, please don't go.
Don't go.
[Sophia] I really
gotta go now daddy.
You gotta let me go.
[solemn music]
[light footsteps]
The sun's coming up.
I always liked this time of day.
Everybody's asleep and
you know one time, you
must've been about five.
Woke you up, we went
down to the lake.
You caught your
first fish that day.
That's a morning I
never will forget.
You probably too young
to remember all that.
I remember.
I got a lot of
regrets in my life.
But the biggest regret is that
I was such a shitty dad to you.
You always a precious kid
and I missed all that.
And I miss the pleasure
of just being your dad.
All that stress, that shit,
that just bore down on me.
Bills, and lousy job.
What was important was you.
And I missed it.
I missed it.
But you, somehow
you turned out good.
You a great father.
You love your kids and
your kids love you.
And at the end of the day,
that's all that matters.
I'm proud of you for that son.
I just hope that some day you,
you'll be able to
find it in yourself to
to forgive me.
Go home Glen, go home.
Make it right with
Jennifer and the boys.
Jennifer and the boys?
Dad, they're...
No they're not
Glen, they're not.
Jennifer, Jennifer!
[slow paced music]
They can't hear you Glen.
[loud rumbling]
[Reporter] It's been
21 days since little
Sophia Sorenson
disappeared in the vast
wilderness expanse along
the Nottaway River.
[loud sirens]
Searches have exhausted
every resource
and suspect the child
was either swept
under the icy cold waters
or killed by wild animals.
I'm very sad to say
that as of today,
we're downgrading our efforts
from search and
rescue to recovery.
[solemn music]
[solemn music]
Put those hands together buddy.
Good boy.
Step into it.
That's my boy.
[solemn music]
[faint clanking]
[heavy breathing]
[loud gunshot]
- [loud thunder]
- [solemn music]
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Mostly for Sophia.
I just,
for everything.
For not being a better husband.
For all the hurtful
shitty things
I've said to you over the years.
You deserved so much better.
I love you.
Go on Joey, there ya go.
Listen dad, there's
someone I need to go see.
She's not there Glen.
Well, she is but, you
wouldn't be able to see her.
You know that camp
that you were in?
It was full of people
who were just like you.
People that didn't know
they were dead already.
So Doe is...
[slow paced music]
Look at you.
Let me just look at ya.
Let me just look at you
you're so beautiful.
Come on sweetheart.
Hey, somebody I
want you to meet.
This is grandpa.
[slow paced music]
[slow paced music]