The Balloon (1958) Movie Script

Based on the Novel by
Screenplay by YUZO KAWASHIMA
Cinematography by
Production Design by
You should've worn
mourning attire.
A suit is just fine.
It's not impolite.
I beg to differ.
Times have changed.
We needn't get hung up on appearances.
Tsuzuki is here.
Masataka Tsuzuki?
He always was well dressed.
Please excuse me.
Mr. Murakami.
- Madam.
- It's been too long.
It must be 6 or 7 years
since we last met.
Forgive my long absence.
I had just been repatriated from Manila
and was having a hard time,
then I caused you all that trouble
and left.
I meant to pay you a visit,
but I had cold feet.
You look well.
You too.
You haven't changed a bit.
My father's death is a great loss.
Of the disciples he left behind,
you're the only one remaining.
Actually, I stopped painting
a long time ago.
That's right.
Your camera company has been
a big success.
Everyone tells me so.
And what about you?
It's only meant to be temporary.
This is what I do.
A nightclub?
A bit seedy, I know.
Are the children well?
Keikichi has graduated?
He's the sales manager
at my husband's company.
A young executive.
You must be pleased.
It's cold.
I smell gas.
What about the beer?
- You're staying?
- No.
Sorry, I won't need it.
I'll leave the paper here then.
Thank you.
I got that beer just for you.
I have to be back at work
by 4:30.
Stop that, it tickles.
I'll be late.
Just stay like this
a little longer.
Come, I'll be late.
That's not nice.
- You like fragile things.
- Don't worry, just leave it.
- This month's money.
- Thank you.
Will you take me out tonight?
I'll wait for you at work.
I have a meeting.
You don't take me
anywhere these days.
I'll come by your bar,
as soon as I can.
Keikichi, what are you doing?
Here it is.
I couldn't find the "SL" print.
Sort the rest.
You need to have that ready
before the meeting.
You're leaving for Kansai tonight?
Yes, another trip.
You need this too.
Why not have someone else go
for a change?
It's just my nature.
I prefer to do it myself,
while I still can.
This plan you're putting forward...
I think it will meet stiff resistance.
The wage hike?
What are you playing at?
5% more than the union demanded.
Some of us don't like it.
I suppose our competitors will object.
Of course they will.
They're not the opponent.
We have ourselves to overcome.
I try to do
what I believe is right.
Miss Kumiko?
You have a customer.
I'll win this time.
How many cards?
Over there.
So, you're Kumiko!
Do you know who I am?
They say I don't look like him.
Like who?
My brother, Keikichi Murakami.
Well, yes...
I wanted to see how pretty
this Kumiko was.
I've heard a bit about you
from my brother.
- Did he come today?
- No, not yet.
Will you have something?
Maybe I will try some beer.
Do you drink?
No, but I think you have to
order alcohol in this sort of bar.
No, you don't have to.
How about a soft drink?
A soft drink, please.
Do you often come to
this sort of place?
No. It's my first time.
You really don't look like
your brother at all.
Yes, everyone says so.
I was a sickly child
and I'm a little slow.
But Keikichi is an honors student
and an athlete.
I love him.
Your name is Tamako?
Yes, with the character for "pearl."
It's Mr. Murakami.

Good evening, sir.
Is Mr. Tsuzuki here?
It's Murakami.
I will check.

It's full of foreigners.
If that sister of mine comes to
your bar again, send her away.
Are you angry?
She had polio when she was a kid.
She's a little weak in the head.
She said so herself.
She's sweet.

That singer is Japanese, isn't she?
I thought it was a foreigner.
Are you still doing nagauta?
I've neglected it.
You think I should continue?
You've been doing it
since you were a kid.
I was raised in Shitamachi -
it was only fitting.
I had the idea it was
your husband's favorite style.
Don't say that.
I don't want to think about it.
He died in the war -
in some unthinkably
far away place.
Please, let's not ruin
such a nice evening.
I won't mention it again.
He'd like you to
come to his room.
Mr. Tsuzuki?
Your companion as well.
Good to see you.
Thanks for coming.
Have a seat.
There's a man in the hall
that I'm looking to avoid.
Let me introduce you.
This is Keikichi Murakami -
he makes cameras.
And this is his friend.
This is Mikiko Mikihara,
our lady of the chanson.
"Our lady" is a bit much.
I'm not famous yet.
I'm getting Mr. Tsuzuki
to promote me.
We saw your performance.
I'm honored.
Well, let's toast.
Please sit down.
My father was a painter,
and Keikichi's father was
one of his pupils.
When he was young
many hailed him as a prodigy.
He was what
we might call "avant-garde."
He would put out new works
for each exhibition.
They set the art world on fire.
By the time my memories start,
he didn't paint anymore.
Why did he stop?
He's strange like that.
Anyway, I'm glad he stopped.
You must take after your mother.
What's this?
You came all the way here
to see me off?
Where's your mother?
She probably
went to see Mr. Shinjo.
Is Keikichi out late again?
Would it be bad
if I quit school?
Why do you want to do that?
There's no point.
It just makes me miserable,
and I don't learn a thing.
If you really feel that way...
you can quit.
what would Mom say?
Let's think it over.
If you hate it, you can quit.
So you really came here
to say that?
I just suddenly wanted
to see you off.
I go to Osaka and Kobe
every month.
If I went home
I'd be there all alone.
That's why I suddenly
wanted to see you.
Would those not traveling
please step behind the white line.
Go home. It would be bad
if you catch cold.
Let's shake hands.
Take care!
Go on home.
Take care! Bye bye!
In spite of it all,
we never forgot to sing.
Aren't there any other places
where I can sing?
I'll think about it.
I have to earn a living.
It's not enough.
You could marry.
How about the young man
we met earlier?
How dare you!
He's got money.
- Are you for real?
- I'm being generous.
We can't go on as we are.
We need money to promote you,
don't we?
The world we inhabit
isn't the easygoing world of yesteryear.
When you see an opportunity,
you seize it.
Can't we talk about dreams,
at least tonight?
It's enough to dream at night.
Waking dreams had better
add up on a calculator.
Shall we bet on which way
the balloon is going to move?
That's no fun.
That's odd, it's coming this way.
Stop looking at the balloon.
Look at me!
You look positively radiant tonight,
Is that what you want me to say?
Don't you like me anymore?
Just the opposite.
That's why I'm helping you.
Thank you so much.
But I don't think that guy
will be my chance.
He's young and good looking,
is he not?
A bit.
You'd not be unhappy
walking down the street with him.
What about the girl he was with?
Not his wife.
I don't want to do anything sinful.
Sinful? The act of living
is a sin in itself.
Are you such a weak woman?
- You're making fun of me.
- Shall I stop?
I believe you said his name was
Keikichi Murakami.
So you remembered, after all.
You're bad, dear.
And, what would you have me do?
What would the balloon do?
Well thank you for your custom.
I will see you tonight, in Gion.
Please take care.
Your S3 model has been selling fast,
Mr. Murakami.
We had them out on display.
Now there's only one left.
How about that!
That's good to hear. Thank you.
Have a seat.
By the way, this question
may sound a bit odd.
That woman in the photo you
have in your window...
Oh, that. I took it.
I took some nude shots
of the same model.
- Would you like to see?
- Nudes?
What do you think?
She's got a lovely body.
She came looking for work.
The model, do you know
where she's from?
I'm not really sure.
What was it
that model said to you?
She said she was helping out
at a bar called Osome.
She did?
Shall we stop by
on the way back from the party?
How about it?
Lovely to see you again. It's been a while!
You've got a girl who does
modeling work here I think.
- You mean Rui?
- Is she here tonight?
Ruiko, you say? So it is her.
From Nishijin?
Yes, that's right. She's taken the night
off. Something about her brother she said.
Why do you want to know?
It's not important.
Anyway, please enjoy yourselves.
Do you know the model then?
Not exactly...
She's the daughter of a family who were
very kind to me 8 years or so back.
You lived in Kyoto?
Yes, it was immediately after the war.
I had a factory which made
parts for submarines.
I was removed (probably by occupation
forces) and I was sent off.
I came to Kyoto alone.
I see.
I left my family in Tokyo and advised
my factory start make frying pans!
It was almost like being in exile.
Her family rented me a room.
It was near Ogawagashira in Nishijin.
An old weaving house at the end of an alley
with a tiny shrine and a statue of Jizo.
I was going to Daitokuji
Temple to meditate every day.
Not really trying to getting
anything out of it...
I was deep in despair but
the discipline helped.
Looking back on it now, it
was probably good for me.
Mr Aso. Are you at home?
Please come this way.
- Thank you.
- This way.
It's nasty weather!
Please come in and get out of the rain.
You're very kind.
You had some business with Mr Aso?
Yes, I used to rent the upstairs
room - quite a while ago.
The second floor just opposite here.
Yes, I remember. But you
have really changed!
So you remember me?
- You used to go to Daitokuji Temple.
- Many years ago.
Speaking of old we've been here
doing gold leaf work 50 years!
Now I'm just an old guy and
if I laugh I drop stuff!
But this job has fed and
clothed us right through.
I sometimes think it's
too good for us though!
I think she's back.
It's me. From Tokyo.
Mr. Murakami!
You haven't changed a bit.
- Here you are.
- Thank you.
You're alone? Where are your parents?
Both dead.
Dead? Really?
Mother 4 years ago. Dad just recently.
I see. I didn't know.
So it's just you and your little brother.
We were always poor.
It would've been the same
even if they were still here.
If I'd known,
I would have brought flowers
or some incense to offer.
Mr. Murakami, you've become
quite distinguished!
How so?
Ah, my hair's gone all white you mean!
Let's call it 'romantic gray'!
You were still in school when I was here.
How old are you now?
24. They call me 'obachan' now.
What happened to the upper
room I used to rent?
Tatsujiro uses it.
- I'd like to see it.
- It's pretty messy, though.
Is He still at School?
Yes, he's working part time
and at Gakugei University.
Good for him.
He was demonstrating
yesterday and got detained.
- Any problem?
- No, it was fine.
I had to take time off work to go to
the police station to collect him!
You work in a bar in Kiyamachi, don't you?
Yes but how do you know...
I went there last night.
The camera shop guy in
Shijou showed me your photo.
That's not nice...
Mr. Murakami I... I modeled nude.
Do you think that's wrong?
I don't think a girl
like you should do that.
I don't agree.
It's embarrassing as a woman maybe...
But taking my clothes off...
I only show the outer me.
That's different to the me that's inside!
In any case, that's finished.
I managed to pay off Tatsujiro's
university fee arrears.
I'm going to stop modeling now.
You're really going to stop?
I can't keep doing it.
I'll rent this room out...
We can probably make it through
until my brother graduates.
I'd like to rent it
and meditate at Daitokuji again.
If I could only find the time.
I'm home.
Welcome back.
On the way back I dropped in to
Iwakura's (he was arrested with me)
I brought some of those potatoes you like.
I see! Thank you.
Tatsujiro, here's an unusual sight...
A very rare visitor.
OK hang on. I just want to take a few
of these over to the people opposite.
I've got something for you.
Keikichi, I'm going out.
Have fun.
- What are you doing today?
- Probably going out.
I see. Don't be too late.
Tamako, you mustn't go out
You must take your temperature
again at lunchtime.
Special delivery.
Who is Mikki?
Rika, tidy these away for me.
Make sure you wipe the gloves.
It's a woman's handwriting.
It says "Music and Fashion".
Looks like a fashion show and
a singing show combined.
Some modern idea?
It's today!
Will you go?
I don't think so.
It's been a while since we last
stayed home on a Sunday like this.
Silly! That's the teacup lid.
I did that flower arrangement.
Do you like it?
It's called "Fantasia."
There's one in your room, too.
Smells good, doesn't it?
- Will you play cards?
- With you?
I'll get them from my room.
Hello? Yes, Yes, that's right.
Hello Kumiko.
Tamako, about the other day...
You want my brother, right? Just a moment.
- Keikichi.
- Is it for me?
It seems you have been waiting for a call.
Hello? Yes, it's me.
I don't like you calling me at home.
What can I do?
You never come to the bar.
Will you come today?
No. I'm going out in just a moment.
You promised not to be a burden.
Well, come afterwards,
even if it's just for a bit.
I don't know if I can.
In any case, don't call me here. Goodbye.

Have you been here before?
You know some odd little places.
It's good for a date.
Why did you call me?
Don't you know?
To seduce you.
Seduce me?
The woman you were with was really pretty.
I believe her name was... Kumiko?
Is she a waitress?
Is it bad to her for you
to be here with me?
You're cold.
When we leave here where
are you going to take me?
To Kumiko's bar maybe?
Shall we go to Yokohama or something?
Is that where you and she always go?
Then it's OK.
What do you mean?
I like it near the harbor.
I was born in Kobe and
brought up in Shanghai.
How old are you?
I was still a child when
I went to Shanghai.
I studied singing. I didn't
worry about the war.
What about your parents?
They're alive.
But when the hydrogen bomb falls on Tokyo,
those in Nagoya will die too, won't they?
When the next war comes,
everything will be done for.
Do you think about that much?
I don't like to think about it.
No tomorrow... only today.
And I've been hired for a fashion show.
I wear a beautiful kimono.
One so beautiful
I could even fall for myself.
That's just how I am. What can I say?
I'm going to make a quick phone call.
Yes, it's me. Where are you?
In "Tom." It's quiet, hardly any customers.
Are you telling me to come?
There's someone sitting
in your usual seat.
Can you guess who?
No? It's the one you
pointed out to me.
Which way will
the balloon move tonight?
If you don't approve,
be here within 20 minutes.
If you are even one minute late,
I'll be gone.
Where are we?
We're already at the Tamagawa Bridge.
It feels like when we're running
away together. Far away.
Is Kumiko's bar in Ginza?
This must mean goodbye to her.
Mustn't it? Say so.
Is that an order?
Yes, an order.
That probably
won't be necessary.
I'm sleepy. I'm going to sleep a bit.
Come in.
Oh, it's you.
Are you on your way out,
or just coming back home?
I must thank you.
We've just been to promote
me to the 'Cornet' bar.
- Was it a success?
- I'd say so.
I'm glad.
You're so kind.
And the other thing -
was that a success, too?
Are you thinking of
trying to marry him?
Who knows
what tomorrow will bring?
Did you say anything about me?
I just said you told me
to seduce him.
And that was what seduced him,
I suppose?
Can you spare me an hour?
I got some money from a record company.
Not a bad idea.
Where are we going?
A bar called "Minotaur."
I don't know exactly where it is.
- Don't you know it?
- No, I don't.
Somewhere in Nishi-Ginza.
Do you know who will be there?
How could I?
Kumiko. His lover.
- Welcome!
- Is someone named Kumiko here?
Good evening.
Ah yes, I remember.
Please come this way.
What will you have?
- Cognac.
- I'll have the same.
Two cognacs.
- Who's that?
- Someone I know slightly.
She's quite something.
Is Keikichi here?
I've not seen him recently.
Won't you sit with us?
Do you come to bars like
this sometimes then?
Not often.
Keikichi can be cold-hearted.
Hadn't you noticed?
Even to our faces he's very up front.
He's like you Mikki. You don't
keep much love in stock!
Of course I do. I'm young.
When I realize I have been cheated
I know I've deceived myself.
- I wonder if that's affection.
- It's the same thing.
The bill is rather high tonight.
I thought you already knew the price.
You're a shrewd guy.
Come back to my place with me.
I'll run you a bath.
Give me another.
We're probably going to fight,
you and I.
What do you mean?
You can't not know.
I just want you to know.
Who can see the wind?
Neither you nor I can see it.
But it makes the leaves
of this tree tremble.
And then moves on.
Miss Kumiko!
Did you come to visit?
Nice to see you.
Did you come to see us?
No, I just happened to be nearby.
I see. So you have Sundays off.
Won't you come and visit?
I bought these
so I can sketch them.
I see.
Thank you. My left arm is bad.
Come to the house.
I can't.
Your brother will be angry.
He's been in Hakone
since yesterday.
With someone from work?
Probably playing Mah Jong again.
I don't like it.
What about your parents?
Are they home?
They won't mind.
They have have a visitor.
Come up to my room.
But I...
Don't worry.
I'm always on my own up there.
It's like a hospital.
When they get too much,
I close the door and forbid visitors.
This is my den. It's only for
me but I like it that way.
Nobody tells me off,
and nothing sad happens here.
Do you always do this?
Yes, painting pictures, looking at the garden.
Sitting and thinking pleasant thoughts.
What is that?
That cross.
It's the grave of a baby bird.
They come to that nest box every year.
So you like birds?
Yes, they don't talk and
they're quite quiet.
Aren't you lonely?
No. They all think I'm strange,
and they say my illness
has made me a bit simple,
but I don't think I am or it has.
When I'm alone in my room,
I understand my brother and my mother...
Perhaps I'm a bad girl .. a bit sly!
I'm not in very good health,
so I don't do anything bad.
But I can still think bad
thoughts - and I do!
Of course I do. I'm 20.
Is it strange for me to say it?
No, not at all.
Really? Help yourself.
Will you show me your drawings?
They're not very good.
And then there are these...
You have a visitor?
Don't forget your medicine again.
I won't.
Very well. You mustn't neglect it.
You're both here, I see.
- Here on business?
- Not anymore.
They're drinking by themselves.
As am I.
When it's something between Japanese it
tends to drag on endlessly though...
Waiter! Cognac!
I'm in the way I see. But
I'm going to leave shortly.
You look very pretty tonight.
You too (also means "your
covering up is nicely done")
You shouldn't tease the oldies like me!
That lady is an American
of German descent.
She says there's no "geist"
in the things Japanese make.
- What's "geist"?
- It means "spirit" or "soul."
For example,
Japanese cameras are well made,
but there's something missing and
you can't feel sure about them.
That's an opinion I'd
like your dad to hear!
Even without this "geist" though...
It seems you can get by
with just money these days.
There are many ways to cover
up a lack of content.
Such as films, music, books, women,
booze and new ways of thinking.
It's a paradise for fools.
All you need is money.
But there is such a thing
as love, isn't there?
Thank you! (I enjoyed it)
I would like to hear
your opinion, Keikichi.
I don't really have one.
But love can sometimes kill an older man.
You'd better be careful too, Keikichi.
They certainly know all about having fun.
I hope you two are successful.
Your visitor today - how is
she a friend of Keikichi'?
I have no idea but she's really nice.
'Nice' covers a broad category of people.
You may not be able to
understand that though.
But she really is nice.
That much I do know.
Did you invite her?
Of course.
She's not allowed to come again.
It's just not allowed.
Why not?
Is she bad for not having money and
working in that sort of place?
Ask your father.
I want to let her do what she wants.
It's not such a big deal.
I disagree. It's not something
a good family should allow.
It's not something to set in stone.
But what kind of home is it where some morally
dubious woman is allowed into our daughter's room?
That's too much. There are lots of people
who live in difficult circumstances.
Judging people just from their
circumstances is cruel.
There have been times when we've been
deep in debt and unable to pay it.
Not in front of the children.
It's fine.
I'd like to tell her more about it.
Tamako, go upstairs.
I'd like to hear
what Papa has to say.
Are you interested
in what I was saying?
Please don't.
I'm not asking you.
I'm asking Tamako.
But let's leave it for today.
By the way, I'm going to the Kansai region
at the start of next month.
I thought I might take Tamako with me.
I'm so pleased! And Mother, too?
If it works out.
Anyway, go to bed now.
Good night.
Keikichi's late.
When he comes back,
talk to him about that woman.
I don't know what you're all coming to!
I thought Keikichi's was such a good son.
What Mikiko said, is it true?
Didn't you think so?
Look at me properly.
Is it really true?
I won't lie to you.
I did meet her.
I'm not hiding it.
It's in the past - I can forget it.
You can just forget it too, can't you.
What do you mean?
Just tell me you'll never do it again.
So I have to promise you?
And just that will reassure you?
I probably can't feel reassured...
but I'll try really hard to believe you.
That's impossible to keep up for long.
This old thing's still here?
What should I do then?
Whatever I try to think about...
it's always you and only you I think about.
Waking and sleeping both.
You're my reason for living.
And if that makes me feel suffocated?
I need to cool off and think.
Let's not see each other for a while.
I can't, I can't.
Being apart from you .. I... I'll die.
Then I'll tell you to try dying.
People who've really
decided to end it all...
they tend to get on with it.
They don't wait for permission.
Here's this month's money.
I'm not staying over.
Think it over calmly.
I don't think you're that sort of a fool.
- Here you are.
- Thank you.
Sorry it's nothing special
but I hope you like it.
- Do you like the sweets?
- Yes, they're delicious.
Mr. Murakami told me to get
you anything you wanted.
He gave me money - so much too!
So it's just you and Tacchan?
But we manage to get by OK.
I know I just have to get on with it
by myself so I can't moan about it.
Hey, why don't you come to my home?
Go to your house?
I'd like that.
Your father said he'd be back
from Osaka late, didn't he?
Stay at my place. We can
telephone your hotel.
- Go on!
- That sounds great!
Good morning.
- See you soon.
- Yes?
- Take care.
- Yes?
I said take care of yourself.
I will, thank you.
Good morning, Rui.
Thank you for everything. Where's Tamako?
My brother went to buy
something for dinner...
She went with him.
She's funny...
Just a moment.
Tamako is very much like you.
You think so?
She's very sweet - a well brought up girl.
You paint pictures, don't you. Have
you done anything here in Kyoto?
No, not yet,. That's not
what I came here for.
What's your part-time job?
I'm a photographer's assistant.
I do the developing and copies.
I also work as a tutor at 3 houses.
- And also...
- There's more?
No, just those at the moment.
I used to work part time helping
at the Gion Festival etc.
Doing what?
I wear a white kimono and an
eboshi, and parade around.
- Oh, my!
- I wasn't bothered by that.
I used to meet friends and teachers but
it's OK - mental preparation is the key!
We're back!
Welcome back.
Tamako said she wanted Tofu-skin
so we went and bought some.
It's delicious.
I must buy some to take back to Tokyo.
What are you going to do, Tamako?
There's somewhere I want to go.
Where's that?
I heard there's a place
that produces fans...
I want to see how they split
the production process.
- Do you make fans?
- No, that's not why.
Anyway if I ask across the way I
think they'll know where it is.
I know the place you mean.
- It's just NEGI to the museum.
- "Negi?!?" (spring onions)
Not "negi"! It's "neki".
It means 'next to'.
Oh, I see.
Why not eat with us first.
Yes please. I don't normally
eat breakfast but why not.
Let's eat then.
You boys go upstairs while I get ready.
You're in the way!
So you're going to be a teacher?
Yes, I'm at Gakugei University
so that's all I can do.
- You like teaching?
- Yes, I like kids.
That's good. I'm a bit envious.
There's no need. You are
a very successful man.
I'm not so sure about that.
When you get to be my age,
everything you've done somehow seems
a bit futile and empty.
Thinking like that is a luxury!
You're such a capitalist!
Our day to day life is precarious
and even if I become a teacher...
it's not easy to be successful
and do what you want.
Having money doesn't mean you've
done something worthwhile.
Being able to look back and say you dealt
honestly with what you were faced with...
Being able to think that is
what makes people happy I think.
Rui said she was going
to rent this space out.
- Have you found a tenant?
- No.
Then I'd like to rent it. Like I used to!
Wouldn't that be a waste of money?
I never waste money. As you
said, I'm a capitalist!
When I think of what I pay for a
couple of nights at a hotel...
It would cover the monthly
rental for this place.
You have strange tastes though!
This dirty old place ...!!
- Please come again.
- Thank you.
You're very popular!
When I come here they all call me sensei.
I'm really embarrassed.
Anyway, did you find the
fan-maker interesting?
Yes, but it must be a hard job in winter.
Yes, but there's no point
making fans in summer.
Anyway it's people making them.
Not machines.
Fan making seems very peaceful. Very Kyoto!
Here's my classroom. I'll say goodbye.
Thank you so much. Goodbye.
Let's sit down.
Did you enjoy staying at Rui's place?
Yes, very much.
Rui and her brother quarrel
so much -and so loudly.
Do they?
But then they laugh and play
around as if it's nothing.
They get on so well. I'm envious.
Could you live there?
Live together with them?
Why do you ask?
No particular reason. But
they're poorer than us.
But they're good people. I
think I could live with them.
It might be tough... but it would be
more interesting than life at home.
I'm sorry to say it but nobody
treated me like an idiot there.
You're sorry?
Who treats you like an idiot? Your mother?
Your brother?
Nobody. It's just me thinking that way.
Ignore me.
I'm afraid he's not in the office today.
It's me, Mrs Murakami.
I don't suppose Keikichi is there, is he?
Keikichi? No, is there any problem?
It's nothing. You don't have any idea
where he might be though, do you?
Well I might have some idea of where I
can find him but why do you need him?
It must be quite urgent
if you're calling me...
No, it's really not important. Goodbye.
Hello? Is anyone there?
Hello, this is the Minotaur club.
Mr. Murakami? No, he's not come here yet.
You want Kumiko? Didn't you know?
She tried to kill herself this morning.
How is Kumiko doing?
She's been asleep so we're not sure.
I heard that she's going to be OK.
Did Mr. Murakami come?
- Actually, just his sister.
- His sister?
Tamako, it's you.
She'll be OK. It was really
stupid of her to do that though.
- It must have caused you trouble.
- It's fine.
But people who try to kill
themselves don't do it again.
- You needn't worry about that.
- No.
Kumiko is not like other people.
Why not?
I know her well.
It's OK. You don't need to worry so much.
But how did you know her? It's surprising.
I like her very much,
She's good and honest.
By the way, why are just you here?
Why isn't your brother here?
I'm sure he will come.
When he gets back home.
- Is your father away?
- Yes, in Kyushu.
So that's why your brother is staying out.
What about your mother...
but no, of course...
she's not the kind of person
who'd come here, is she?
Tamako, I think you ought to go home.
Your mother must be worried.
I came here by myself.
Alone? Without your mother's permission?
Are you alone?
You shouldn't come in uninvited.
Has he gone already?
I had urgent business with him.
Did he go straight home? Or did he -
Go and look for him. I'm singing at 10:00.
I'd just like to know if you think
it's OK to make an enemy of me?
Is that a threat?
Don't be silly.
If you ask for money from
him I wonder how much...
What money?
The end of relationship pay off of course.
Get out!
No, I think I'll wait.
While we're doing this a woman
is lying half-asphyxiated.
She tried to kill herself.
Who are you talking about?
Someone that you and Keikichi both know...
Yes... But you're not responsible.
There are always defeated people
in the shadows of the successful.
People from rich families are even more
cold hearted than the likes of us...
Because their reactions and
reflexes are complicated.
This will probably be the
opportunity for him to dump you.
I think you need to
consider things carefully.
Aren't you going to pour one for me?
I need to use your phone.
I'm so sorry to trouble you.
But it's become a problem.
My husband's away and I
don't know what to do.
We should be thankful it
was not a bigger matter.
Thank you for your help.
I've been trying to
persuade Keikichi but...
perhaps you should go and do it.
Well if Keikichi will go it's better...
I'm his mother so if I go it's
tantamount to recognizing her!
Keikichi, you're the interested party here.
What is your view?
I don't get it. For me it
was a trade from the start.
To be frank I gave her money each time.
She can't complain.
You're not 'doing a runner on
the bill' and you have paid.
Well I certainly shall not go.
Keikichi's not a child any more.
He can decide for himself.
What are you going to do?
I'm not going. I can't
pretend to be pleasant.
I'm not exactly going to console her, am I?
Well your position's clear enough.
But if you leave it as is and she dies ..
What will you do?
Yes. What if she tries again?
She won't though, will she?
Tamako's not back yet is she?
I've sent someone for her.
She's so difficult.
Maybe, but it's better than
nobody having gone at all.
Keikichi, I'm sorry to press you but...
She's still unconscious...
It's not too much trouble to visit
her and it's probably a good idea.
She may not see you but when
she hears you were there...
You can avoid accusations of heartlessness.
You should go straight away.
No way! I'm not going.
So the sleeping princess was
enchanted by a magician...
and she slept in a castle in the forest.
And the clocks went to sleep
along with the princess...
and the fire in kitchen also slept.
Tamako! You sent away the
car which was sent for you.
Are you sure that's OK?
It's fine! I'm still in
the middle of the story.
She's getting some color back
in her cheeks, isn't she?
Yes, I think you're right.
But you must get some sleep.
(And years passed until, one day...
a valiant and gentle
prince entered the castle.
And guess what happened then...
The rusty pendulum on the clock
which had been stopped...
Clicked and started to move...
and the fire in the kitchen
awoke and the pot began to boil.
And sleeping beauty and the
people in the castle...
woke and opened their eyes.
And then... they were all happy.
Sleeping beauty married the prince...
and in the castle...
It was really nice...
Be more careful!
Hey, there's a mistake!
Take this to accounting.
You forgot something.
Yes? Yes, that's me.
Ah it's you Mikki, I can't see you today.
Why not?
I'd be sad too after that
sort of thing had happened...
I really want to see you.
My father is back from his trip.
My mother told him about the incident
so I'm going to get a sermon from him.
I'm on standby for it! Bye!
Hang on a minute. You're
pretty cool about it!
You seem almost thrilled that she
tried to kill herself over you.
It makes me love you even more than before.
It's true.
We can talk about it later.
Did you hear that?
A little injection of my passion!
I'm waiting for you!
Come in.
Wait over there a moment, would you?
I've heard about things from your mother.
I'm very sorry.
I doubt if you expected this but...
put your resignation in writing and
hand it in to the personnel department.
What do you mean?
You cannot be here in the company.
I want you to work elsewhere.
We'll call it a voluntary
decision on your part.
Can I ask the reason?
I'd been thinking about it and this
is a good opportunity. So I acted.
Is it because my behavior
is so reprehensible?
Well that's certainly a part of the reason.
Have I done anything particularly bad?
I just did what anyone else does.
I was just unlucky, wasn't I?
So you're saying it's fine
if other people do it?
Only someone rather low would say that.
Fornication is fornication. There's
no need to try and justify it.
If the man's conduct is to be criticized,
the woman should be blamed as well.
These days the women are
more loose than the men...
I don't want to say it but it's
always the men who have to pay!
There are lots of precious
things that money can't buy.
Young people don't really put their
hopes on that sort of thing.
Aren't all women whores really?
Just because you are their
steady boyfriend it's OK...
They're all just selling
themselves in the end.
It's just chance that it was me.
Am I to be criticized?
I paid her every time.
Why should I be sacked?
Can you say that to your mother?
Of course I can't. I'd feel bad.
You mother went to try and
sort out this mess of yours.
Mr. Tsuzuki, I'll leave the rest to you.
Please take care of yourself.
Sleep. Take it easy.
Did Keikichi come?
Don't worry. I'll bring him soon.
That's okay.
Are you sure?
If so then the money here is your buy-off.
Come and see me when you're feeling better.
I can help you to be successful.
If you move on a whole
new world will open up.
Is she awake?
You're better!
Sleeping Beauty's woken up!
There's no need to cry. Don't cry.
If you're awake it's OK.
I don't like people who cry
as soon as they wake up.
I came without telling my mother
so I have to go straight back.
So please don't cry.
When you've just woken up your
face looks pretty, doesn't it?
Isn't that happiness?
That's when you feel glad to be alive.
Do you think what I'm
saying is too childish?
It's not right to your mother.
Please go home straight away.
Please go home.
What's this?
Take it home with you.
Return it to your mother.
I don't want mother to know I was here.
Kumiko, you should take
it without hesitation.
You shouldn't return it. I'll look
after it for you if you like...
Or why not give it to the lady here?
She was the person who was
most worried about you.
That's a good idea isn't it?
Sorry but I must go. I'll come again.
You stay in bed. I'm going home too.
I'll take Tamako home.
It smells like gas in here.
The story you told me...
I could hear it even in my sleep.
Really? I'm so pleased.
I was sure you were listening.
Well, good bye.
Welcome home.
He's back. I'll go and get him.
Please talk to him one more time.
I will make make him apologize.
That won't be necessary.
I've thought about it, and he needs to be
looked after by someone else, away from here.
It's best for him to do things for himself.
Isn't that a bit harsh?
Harsh? He already talks like he's an adult.
He's surely embarrassed
not to do things himself.
As a parent I want my child
to be able to be independent.
I heard the phone, didn't I? No.
I was sure I did but...
Money is good to let into
your life when you need it...
more than that and all
it does is make people rot.
I thought painting for money was no different than
anything else. That's why I started my current job
and I've been successful.
But actually...
the money has started to
make the kids rotten.
I think it's time to stop making money.
Better for me and better for the children.
You're as selfish as a little child.
The world isn't like that.
But for me it does make sense
and I will go through with it.
Surely nobody can be so stupid?
In every family it's thanks to
the money the husband earns...
That's what makes everyone happy.
- Like a worker bee?
- Don't be ridiculous.
It's the phone.
This is very bad.
She's dead?
She gassed herself.
Tell the chauffeur to get the car out.
There's no need for you to go.
Has Keikichi already packed?
- Can't you wait till morning?
- No, I'm going straight away.
What's up?
Hurry up. You're coming too.
I'm not going. It'll do no good.
Why not?
I'm so angry I'm not in the mood for this.
I don't want to be forced by my
father, at this of all times.
Like I said. Please go tomorrow.
You have no intention of going - to her?
Oh, you mean "feelings"...
How dare you!
Fine, don't go.
Even if you did, the soul of the departed
would not rejoice.
The maids are listening!
Good, let them hear.
She's dead so she won't
know anything anyway!
What did you say?
You're only going for your
own smug self-satisfaction.
I'm going in your place
and it's humiliating.
Humiliating for me as your father...
I'd like to be like the
prince in Sleeping Beauty...
and wake Kumiko.
But no matter how much I talk to her,
she's not going to wake up.
These are flowers from our garden.
Pretty, aren't they?
I'm sure they'll grow here.
I don't really know about death...
But you taught me...
you taught me about what
it means to be alive.
Farewell, Kumiko.
So Keikichi went later, did he?
By the way, which way is
your balloon drifting?
The balloon? It's still wavering.
It might be time for you to
think about settling down.
Are you 'settled'?
It's you who's always been like
that balloon, haven't you?
In Shanghai you were an imperialist...
Now you hate the bourgeoisie
and act as their enemy...
You can't really blame me.
No matter how the world
changes life is tough.
You're always trying to
manipulate people. And...
So I'm wandering aimlessly, eh?
But who was it who attached herself to me?
In Paris, In Shanghai,
Singapore, Manila, Tokyo...
It's lonely...
I wasn't lonely. There were always women.
And the women everywhere
were always the same.
But there's someone
you've indirectly killed.
What did you say?
Nothing. Even if there was
such a woman in my past,
someone who hung on and didn't leave
even if I kicked and trampled her...
If there had been a woman like that a
different world might have opened up for me.
You laugh, but...
If I'd met someone who was a bit
of a burden, a bit of a shackle...
The right one, the true one...
If I were to meet that one...
Your balloon would have stopped?
But these days there aren't
women like that any more.
It's the need to make a living
that makes them like that.
There's nothing else for it. That's
why they wander aimlessly...
Does "they" mean "balloons"?
Did you know...
Keikichi's father has said
he's going to resign.
What's that all about?
I don't know. I've no idea.
What on earth did you do that for?
I had no motivation any more.
So I resigned.
What will you do now?
Well I'm not going to end up a beggar.
This is not what sensible
and proper people do.
The president of a company
resigning is not such a big deal.
Let the technical field people
run the company as they want...
I've been thinking about it for a while
and I think I've done the right thing.
But what are you going
to do about Keikichi?
He can do things without my influence.
If he can't manage to cope like everyone
else then nothing I do can help him.
He's young and we can cast him
off to do it for himself.
You're being horrible to him
because of that business.
Actually it's the opposite.
Can't you see that?
Even Keikichi has pride, he is an adult.
What if you're damaging his self-respect?
There's been too much
of that in this house.
Master Keikichi is back, Madam.
Tell him to come here as
soon as he's changed.
Hang on...
Tell him to wait in the visitor room.
Once Keikichi has a new job... How about...
How about you, me and Tamako
getting a small house in Kyoto?
We can start to live quietly and according
to our means. What do you think?
You're serious about this, aren't you?
Yes. I am.
It doesn't have to be Kyoto.
Unlike me you've always been forced by (my
work) circumstances. It's hard in Tokyo.
Kyoto would be quieter.
I don't want to hear any
more of this sort of thing.
You say you don't want to work any more...
No, that's not quite the case...
It's more like I'm going
on strike for a while.
Going on strike is quite a
role reversal I know but...
- This is no time for jokes.
- It's almost as if I want voluntary severance.
I'm back.
Welcome back. How was that optical company?
Did you talk with their
President, Mr Yamazaki?
And they are hiring me!
I start next week.
Are you? Congratulations. That's good news.
But I'm just there in the
president's office at first...
That's fine. Anything's fine to begin with.
I'm really pleased for you.
Work hard.
Don't make your father
worry about you again.
I'm giving you the house.
If it's too large and that's not
convenient you can sell it.
And you can spend the money on
drink or whatever as you please.
What are you doing?
What do you mean? We're going to Kyoto.
What are you thinking of?
Just as Keikichi's working
so hard to start over...
This is outrageous, don't you think so?
- Don't worry about me.
- But, Keikichi...
When Dad's set on something like this,
has he ever not gone ahead?
You've been with him for 30 years.
You should know that by now.
It's certainly been my
way and it's a fault.
But I'm 60 now...
Is it wrong to finally
do what I really want?
This stubbornness won't change.
Are you sure that you won't regret this?
Nothing you say will make a difference.
I'll get by on my own.
It's for the best.
If we're here we'll be a burden on him.
We should go to Kyoto.
If you go you can go alone.
I'm attached to my children.
I have a mother's responsibilities.
Well, I'm serious about this.
But perhaps making you come with me...
Would be a little too
convenient for Keikichi.
What will you do?
I'm going.
I think Tamako will come with me.
Will she want to?
I think she will.
I will go fetch her.
Come in.
Tamako, I need to speak with you.
Yes, Mother?
Papa, is it true
about us going to live in Kyoto?
That's wonderful!
When are we going?
In the summer?
Mother's coming too, of course.
Your mother is staying here
with Keikichi.
You'll come with me, won't you?
What do you say?
I don't like this.
What a huge garden!
- Wait for me.
- Don't be long.
I wonder who made
such a beautiful garden.
Someone called Ishikawa.
Can we get down through there?
It'll be fine. Let's go.
Tamako, wait for me!
Welcome back.
Well, did you see the wholesaler?
Yes, thanks.
It looks like it will be fine.
That's a good omen!
And it's been decided
on the day of Jizo's festival.
Come and bow your head.
Shall we go
and have a drink later?
See you.
I'm back.
They've just gone out.
I see.
Are you back yet, Mr. Murakami?
Yes, I am.
You're very late.
I've got something to show you.
Come down.
What is it? I'm painting now.
You can paint tomorrow.
Come on, I want to show you.
What is it then?
Come on, quick!
It's really bustling.
Good evening.
Where are you taking me?
You'll see.
It's the dance for
the Obon Festival.
Look, over there!
Tatsuichiro is really good.
No, not that. That!
Who do you suppose that girl is?
She arrived today
on the express train.
The elderly couple across the way
lent her the yukata and sash.