The Bandit (1946) Movie Script

- Carlo! Sorry. Carlo! Carlo!
- What? - Bruneri!
- Cannella... - We're in Italy.
- Where, Torino? - Yes.
- It's early yet.
- It's great!
- What now, you're begining to cry?
- No, to laugh.
- Come, come, come!
- We've arrived. - Come on!
Wait for me here, I'll be right back.
Didn't you sear to sing if you'd make
it back home?
Alright, but n ow...
Wait a moment.
Ernesto, wait, damn it!
- Courage, boys.
- A priest. Isn't there a priest here?
- I am.
- Thank you. - Come.
I don't know what houses are still standing,
the fact is many have been destroyed.
- Have you been there? - Yes.
- How is it? - A lot of empty places.
- Put the sick there. - Number 9 on
Barbarossa st. - I couldn't tell you.
Don't push!
- Do you know this one? - I don't
know him. - And this sone? - I don't know.
Hey, take! There's everything: cigarettes,
fodder, and there even is the paper.
- There's Il Popolo and Avanti.
- Did you see what's outside?
- Where's this training going?
- Verona.
- Come, up! - One sec, let me take
the armchair! - It's not your train!
It's empty, let me go!
I thought I ws already home!
Calm down! The 666, all means.
I'd like to be home too.
Don't leave me, please.
Calm down, austrian, you look like an
old witch. I'm tired!
He's my husband and he wants to go back in
Italy alone, but he married me.
Married you?
Can't be, he has a wife and two children
at home!
- Is it good like this? Too tight?
- No, it's alright.
- Is this car leaving or what?
- In 8 days or right now, who could say it?
- Eight days?! Damn!
- Give me that armchair.
Give it to me, we're leaving.
- Give it. - Throw that away. What good
is it? - Are you mad?
I'll take this home,
deven if I have to put wheels on it!
Damn it, swe're in Italy
and we can't go home!
What goos is getting angry?
- I settle, you settle, we'd settle.
- Yes, already.
- Aouch... - How is it?
- It's begining to hurt.
Always canned meat...
It tastes like eating my foot.
They're not right saying Italy is not
the most democratic country on Earth.
Show me another country
where you can do whatever you like?
Ah, what a country!
At last! Hearing all speak italian...
It might be an obsession, but there's
a different sun here, different air...
Don't you think?
You're right, I feel like a boy again!
It's a special air, it makes you hungry,
damn it!
Imagine a nice beafsteak alla
fiorentina... With bone!
I've been dreaming it for 35 months!
With a bottle of red wine, the kind
that goes down like water.
- We'd need a girl! - No.
- A girl!
Those times are gone for ever!
BUt girls, there still are girls!
A pity the landscape is so
monotonous, no?
- There's work until the year 3000.
- There's enough of that.
Who works eats,
and who eats is fine.
Everything figured out,
a problem solved.
Who knows, Torino...
We'll spending Christmas at home,
this year. At home, imagine it.
With my Rosetta.
Who knows if she'll recognise me.
Who knows because they haven't
written to me.
You know it very well, on 1,000 letters,
only one arrives, by mistake...
.. and a year late.
My Rosettina...
You know, I put her up since she
was one year old.
Who knows what she did at school...
Will you tell her she has a new uncle?
What grade is she in?
- Passes into the fourth.
- What? - Passes into the fourth! - Ah.
I'll make again the Christmas tree.
- Do you make the Christmas tree?
- Maybe this year, now that war's over.
- "Speed Limit". What does it mean?
- Kind of "Polizei verboten".
- Ay! Easy!
- Sorry, sorry.
We've arrived.
- Easy, eh? - Give me the foot.
- Thank you. - Thank you!
- But the armchair is worth more.
- Alright. Bye. - Bye.
He robbed me, I wanted to take it home...
- Don't you stay with me tonight?
- I'll leave even if on the locomotive.
- There's tram here.
- But we'll see each other again?
What? - Bruneri! - Cannella!
- We'll see eachother soon, yes?
- Yes. - You, see...
A lot of misfortunes happen
in this shitty world,...
.. but sometimes it's not so bad, when
you find a true friend, like you.
AAnd like you. Don't start crying!
- You must come and meet Rosetta,
you've promised. - Yes, yes.
Yes, bye. Ah, here's the tram. Say hello
to everyone, even if I don't know them yet.
- Even the druggist.
- Yes. - And the doctor.
And give Rosetta a big kiss from uncle
Ernesto. You'll remember that?
Yes. Say hello to mother and Maria.
- Bye.
- Bye. - Bye.
Please, allow me!
- Bye! Bye, Ernesto!
- Bye!
Good evening, Tecla.
- Don't you recognize me?
- No...
- I'm Ernesto.
- Ernesto! My Franco's friend.
Let me look at you.
When have you come back?
- Where's mother? - Poor son...
She has waited you so much, your mother.
Poor lady...
I saw her afterwards,
I and your sister dressed her up.
- Where's Maria?
- I don't know.
They've bombarded the factory where she
was working and she didn't come back.
- At all?
- No.
Oh, what a night! It was horrible!
Have you seen the house?
Yes, it's her. Take it. Please take it.
She made it last spring.
She wanted to send you a copy.
Don't you want to stay?
- I'll give you a Fernet, a little warm
milk, two eggs... - No, thank you.
You know, it's hard to find a room.
- There's my poor's Franco bed.
- Franco?!
He was with the ones on Matteotti.
They've shot him in January.
He was your age.
Ernesto, wouldn't you spend the night?
No, no, thnak you.
- Are there a lot of people ahead?
- Yes, a lot, it'll take more than an hour.
Six years of queueing: taxes queue,
aid queue, rations queue...
Have a little patience!
Back! Back!
Here. Room 7, right hand courtyard,
staircase B, 3rd floor.
Documents in your hand.
You lack domicile, permit from the
interrogatory commission,...
.. identity card, form in trplicate...
Everythig's missing, my dear, everything!
How come missing?
Write the payment voucher.
Write the payment voucher!
Documents are missing, I can't make the
Write the payment voucher,
this is my document.
- Next one. - Here, officer
all the documents are here.
- Couldn't you give him an advance?
- Why are you butting in?
We can't pay everyone that tries to
pass for a survivor.
In the begining it went well for all,
true and false one alike.
I come from Germany. They shove me
around, from one place to another.
- I can't walk. - Pay him, make that
voucher. It costs you nothing.
He must come back at least with his identity
card and the form in triplicate.
He's eaten potatoes for two years,
don't you get it?
Don't you see he can't walk?
Don't you? Don't you? Look at him!
Stay at your places! Out!
Out! Everybody out!
Here's the triplicate, here's the
application form! Application for shit!
Eat the form!
Eat it!
"And that's how the 5000 lire subsidy
were gone. "
"No work. Everyone's friendly, but you
can feel they don't care at all. "
"Good thing mother and Maria
haven't seen in this state. "
"Excuse me if I dwell too much on my
sorrows, but you're my only friend. "
"Kiss sweet Rosetta. "
"It's a pity for those cursed 5000
lire, I'd have sent her a little gift. "
"But I still am her uncle, as we've
decided last Easter. "
"We still love each other a lot. Warm
greetings and let's hope for the best. "
"Yours, Ernesto.
Write to me general delivery. "
This is a true friend.
If it weren't for him...
- Daddy...
- Pour the wine.
- What is it? What isit, Rosetta?
- I want to write to uncle Ernesto.
Yes, but sleep now, it's late.
Tomorrow, yes?
- Will you get the paper with lines?
- Of course.
- Daddy, leave the door a little opened.
- Is it enough like this?
- Sleep now. - Yes, daddy.
- Night, my love. - Night.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
If it weren't for him,
my Rosetta would have been left alone.
Everyday, during captivity,
she's been my obsessive thought.
- Have you tied the dog?
- Yes.
Horrible day that one.
Exactly one year ago.
They were transfering us from one camp to
another by foot. What a cold! What a cold!
My moustache had frozen and I had
noting to eat.
A lot had wooden clogs and a blanket over
their jacket.
My sick foot was wrapped in shreds.
I remember a plain all white, and snow
as hard as rocks.
And woe to stopped, he was dead.
You'd only get to sit on the snow,
and there it was a burst.
"Have mercy", they said.
They were killing us so we didn't freeze to
death or be eaten by wolves.
I saw one who was begining to be left,
behind crying like a baby.
He was saluting his mates inthe files before
throwing himself on the ground and dying.
Then, twenty steps further, there was like
a black bundle of rags calling his mother.
He didn't have the force to get up.
The SS turns, stops amoment...
My heart was in my throat,...
.. my left foot was frozen stiff
and was begining to hurt me.
I touched the ground with it and
fell right away on the other one.
Ernesto couldn't see,...
.. he was walking head down like a
dead-tired horse.
The SS was watching me and his
gun was lowered.
I was thinking at Rosetta and went forward,
but I was at the end of my tether.
I fancied seeing Rosetta in that white maze,
calling for me.
The child was calling, and I didn't have
the strength to repair with her.
And I was dropping further
and further behind...
For one moment, I saw the column,
tiny, far away...
.. and Ernesto getting out of the line and
saying something in german.
Comes runing, takes me on his back,
gets back among our mates and says:...
.. "Carlo, you must see again your
Daddy, my little daddy!
My little daddy!
Littgle daddy!
Hello? Hello, commendatore?
Yes, it's me, Ernesto.
Yes, yes. mrs. Tecla
knows me well.
I've got a driver's licence and I can type.
I can begin right away
Well, you could try me,
commendatore. Yes, sorry.
- Got a pen? - Yes, here.
- Thanks. Tell me.
24 Carlo Alberto st.
Thank you. Yes. I'm quite near.
Alright, thank you, commendatore.
- Found something? - Who knows?
- Remeber what I've told you.
Thanks, but as long as I can, I prefer
a legit job. Bye.
"Legit"?! That's a good one.
Who knows what's in his mind.
I've never seen such shamelss
luck: 5 milion.
Who could you blow such a deal?
Five million...
Werent I a lady I'd say:
"Waste him!".
Come, give me the dog.
It's true, rednecks have an
incredible luck.
Hey, ma'am! Hey!
Nothing inside, nothing outside!
Then it isn't. Alright!
Look at the bog, under the table. Don't give
me that, I'll pay you well if you find it.
See? I knew it, you're a moron
and I'm stupid for trusting you.
- Call the banks tomorrow. - Sure,
it's for the bearer, can cash it anywhere.
One takes a car, goes to Genova,
Pinerolo and cashes it: we're ruined.
Couldn't you have put it, like when you were
a beginner, in the garter?
- Where did you put the money?
- Easy with the hands.
It's not in your interest taking it on
me like this. Don't force it!
- Who could it be?
- How should I know?
Wait here, it's better I go.
- Who are you? - Good evening, ma'am,
I have to speak to you. - What do you want?
- Maybe it's better we go in.
- No, I don't know you, I'm sorry.
- One moment, haven't you lost anything
tonight? - Lost?!
- Ah, of course! And you... - Yes.
- Please, come in. I'm sorry.
Step in.
Sit down, please. You've found my
make-up bag?
- Outside the restaurant; you dropped it.
- Getting into the car; really smart...
- And you come to bring it back on the spot.
- Yes. - It's awfully nice of you.
- Please...
- Come.
- Please, sit down.
- Thank you.
I confess I had given up. You understand,
these days...
- This is it, isn't it?
- Yes, this is, this is.
- Do you care for a drinl? - Yes. - Grappa?
I bet you like grappa.
A young man like you needs
strong stuff.
- I wanted to tell you something's missing.
- We'll see to that.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
There's nothing missing.
Really nothing.
- Excuse me, I'll be right back. - Please.
- Help yourself.
- Well? - He brought back the make-up bag.
- And he? - I don't know, here's the cheque.
- How much does he want?
- Hasn't said yet. - Really stupid.
- Let me do it, if I'll talk with him, it'll
cost less. Don't movr. - Yes, yes.
- You know you really are something.
- Why?
You said there was something missing,
but everything's there.
- Yes it is, the photo...
- Eh?!
- Why, you like it? - Yes. - Then it's
yours... it's true to nature.
- Another glass?
- Thank you.
- I must confess that hadn't you been
so... - "So" how?
Like you are... Maybe you'd have
never found it.
- I wanted to see you again.
- So romantic.
I really wanted.
I haven't spoken with a lady like
you in three years.
- Three years... This is a lot.
- Yes... too many.
- Where do you come from?
- Germany. - And before, what did you?
I'm a vetern. I know how to kill.
With a rifle, a machine-gun, with bombs.
- They've taught me for 10 years.
- And what do you do now? - Nothing.
I should kill a couple of guys,
but they say it's forbidden.
What a guy...
I like... your character.
- Do you live alone?
- In a way, yes.
- But can you ask a lady anything?
- True.
- A lady should be asked to dance.
- Why not?
- What do you want? - I wanted to thank
the young man, he was very kind.
- Shall we settle things?
- Care for a drink? - After.
- Four.
- Come on, give him 10.000! - Seven.
Take it. Don't you want it?
- Of course he'll take it. Is it alright?
- Yes, and don't lose other cheques.
Ask the lady not to lose them.
Good night. If I may.
Pleae, I'll see you out. Please.
Good night and thank you.
You did well, he was getting
a little too hot.
Oh, what's got into you? If you don't
mind, shall we settle the accounts?
100.000 cash, 50.000 in penicilin
and you pay the tailor.
- Let's wait the others, we'll all split
it up. - Go in hell!
Attention. Look carefully. Open your eyes,
you'll miss the hands.
Loses, wrong, wins. Loses and wrong again.
Jooker wins.
Who wins, who loses? The joker wins
two times th epot.
Ready. Play. Open your eyes,
you'll miss the hands.
Loses, wrong, wins.
Loses and wrong again. Make the game.
Joker wins. Who wins, who loses?
Only the joker wins two times the pot.
Ready to play.
Jooker is the card. Here're the cards:
one, two, and three. Game is on.
Who wins, who loses: luck is blind.
Courage, gentlemen.
Next time, you'll be lucky.
Courage, gentlemen, courage.
Come, play. Open your eyes,
you'll miss the hands.
Loses, wrong, wins. Loses and wrong again.
Who lost?
Joker wins, two times the pot, gentlemen.
Jooker is the card. Here're the cards:
one, two, and three.
Open your eyes,
you'll miss the hands.
Loses, wrong, wins and loses again
and the game is on.
Who wins, who loses: luck is blind.
Courage, gentlemen.
Next time, you'll be lucky.
Courage, gentlemen, courage.
- Good evening, ma'am, can I come in?
- Do we know you, my dear?
- What do you want? - The girl that
has just enetered. - Iris? Must wait.
- Take a seat.
- Thank you.
- It's a thousand, you know?
- Mm-mm...
The errand.
- Alright. Tell him I'll be right down.
- Yes.
I'm going.
Mah... Two hammers on the head.
Want a sweet? Here.
I'm giving it to you.
Thank you.
- Good night.
- "Bye".
- To the right.
- Got it.
Go away.
Please, Ernesto, go away.
You... It's you.
But why?
- Open! Open!
- Go away, Armida.
It's nothing, go away.
Don't, Ernesto.
Please, don't cry.
- You know, when mother died, I...
- Let's leave here.
- Come in the balcony.
- No.
Go back upstairs!
Help! Help!
Maria, Maria. Maria, listen to me.
Listen to me, Maria.
Don't you hear me? Don't you hear me?
Maria... Oh, no...
Forgive me, Maria.
Forgive me.
The police.
- Police!
- It's up there, catch him!
Oh, my nephew!
Back, back!
Iris! What have they done?!
- Who can it be at this hour?
- Be careful.
- Well? - What do you want?
- Who is it? - Never seen him before!
- Look who's here? What's the matter?
- Please, allow me.
What do you want? Out, throw him out!
Only cops were missing here.
I bet it's for him, better turn him in
than have problems.
No, you'll turn nobody in.
Go away.
- Who is it?
- Police.
- Good evening. - Have yoy heard anyone
running on the stairs?
On the stairs? No. Why, it's forbidden?
- A crime happened next to here.
- A crime?!
- When? - Just now. Do you have the
number of the police station?
Of course. What question is this?
- Good evening.
- Good evening. - Good evening.
- Solved. - Thanks.
- This young man is no joker.
- Take him away.
- Come, come.
Hey, you, help me.
I'll want to know what's all this about.
Mm... You're kind of stupid, aren't you?
You never get it.
Double murder in Porta Palazzo!
Double murder!
The Torino newspaper!
Every detail!
The Torino newspaper!
Double murder!
Last edition: a policeman killed
at Porta Palazzo.
Iris'pimp murder by a stranger!
Evening edition!
Last details!
A policeman killed
at Porta Palazzo!
Last edition! A policeman killed
at Porta Palazzo!
Iris'pimp murder by a stranger!
Gazzetta della sera!
Night horrors in the suburbs!
- Gazzetta della sera!
- Good evening. - Good evening. - Gazzetta.
Last evening news.
- Lock well, eh? Careful.
- A new gang of criminals...
- Have you heard? With the criminals
roaming free... - It's something...
- But you'll, even they will party tonight.
- Better like this.
- May you have a good ending, and a good
begining. - Thank you, same to you.
Yes. Yes?
Yes, inspector.
Alright, I'll pas it along immediately.
Hello. Orders for all sections.
Increase surveillance
in sector "B".
A crew at the Milano check point.
Yes. Another in Corso Francia.
Very dangerous and well armed elements.
Yes. Who's receiving? 354. Trasmitted by 62.
Yes. Inspector,
Porta Nuova's on the line.
Yes. Porta Palazzo on the line.
San Donato on the line.
All ready. Transmitting number
456, Central Police, stop.
Orders for all sections.
Increase surveillance
in sector "B".
A crew at the Milano check point.
Yes. Another in Corso Francia.
Very dangerous and well armed
elements. Stop.
Calm down, now. Come, calm down.
Damn, uit's late and I have
to get dressed yet.
- At what hour's the hit?
- As soon as Mirko ritourns.
Ah, good, tonight I'll really
have a good time.
Can you bear it?
Come on...
Not even if I'd cheat.
By the way, do you know Mirko
doesn't give up? Eh, no!
Yesterday, while you were gone, he
came here, embraced me...
.. kissed my back,
my arms...
Yes, he wanted to kiss me properly,
but I didn't want it.
Two hens in the same hen-house. Sooner or
later, one's going to lose it's feathers.
- Who's going with you tonight?
- Don't bother, Ul go with who I like.
Here, have fun. I'm invited.
- Green Orchid.
- Luxury sewer. Don't worry.
- Whom do you know there?
- You're really stupid with your ideas.
There are well of people there
and as long as we can fool them, why not?
Better of then you.
One has made millions shipping girls to
South America.
Give me that, I need it.
Well? What's with that face now?
- Come, kiss me before I put lipstick on...
- No. Go.
Mm... Whay an evening.
And still, I'm sure I'll make a big
hit tonight. LI can feel iy.
- L'amour est un oiseau sauvage... "
- What time is it? - It's 22:00.
I'm getting fed up.
What the hell is Mirko doing?
Must have gone to the broads...
like this one.
- I like going to the broads also:
big find. - Yes.
But this evening's not the time,
we must attack at 22:30.
A good year to all of you, boys!
Working tonight, eh?
- Good luck. - Someone could
nail us.
Don't worry, a couple of shots, and your
fear's gone. Bye, killer.
You'd like ending the year with a nice
volley, wouldn't you?
Bye, brute, no broads tonight, you're
And you, nothing... Good night.
Best wishes to all of you. A good year!
Stop it, you might have problems.
We'll have to go soon.
Have one also... we need it.
Last year I've toasted with broth.
- I was with Carlo.
- Good taste, the heroes.
This year, for a change, you're making a
lot of dough, you've got what you want.
Mm... it's good.
For those you sent to the other world,
it'd have been better had you not come.
- Maybe even for me.
- Show me... - Oh!
- Where are the men?
- Everywhere. This time we'll nail them.
It will soon be 22:20 and they should be
getting here. Come on! Come on, boys!
Cut it of!
- What time is it?
- 22:30.
I'll go.
- They've got him. - Aldo?!
- They almost got me too.
- Shit! - How did it happen? - Someone
turned us in.
If I hadn't got away just in time,
they'd have got us all tonight!
The police was warned, they're all there,
waiting for us.
- It was a close call. - Who could it be?
- His life is over.
- I'm working for you, miss.
- Tonight there's nothing we can do.
- Nothing doing tonight, boys. Freedom.
- Just a second!
There's something we can do.
Oh, no, let's talk business. You're an
old fox, and I don't trust you too much.
That's bad, you should trust me completely.
You'll see that I'm an honest man, when
businessesa come about.
- A gentleman...
- Yes.
This delicate businesses are big earners,
but you need tact... and discretion.
Does the lady cares to dance?
- Can I?
- Please.
- I feel like slapping you.
- Who's the guy?
That's my business.
- Spill it out.
- I don't think we're married, are we?.
And even if we were, it'd have been just
the same: keep it in mind.
And that's guy making millions shipping
girls away, eh?
What do you want? Why haven't you gone
with the others?
It's a disaster, so I tooko the guys
out having some fun.
Good luck.
- Where have you left Mirko? - Mirko
prefers working without taking risks.
- Why are you looking around?
- Well... that's it.
I should have guessed you've come here
to ruin my evening.
And now,a surprise!
Please, gentlemen, take your seats.
Silence, please. Silence. Thank you.
Get ready for the square dance.
Doctor Calligaris, please.
Please, maestro.
Chacun a sa place.
And who's this one?
The new host?
- Let's go.
- Alright.
Les tiroirs!
Unisez les dames!
La grande chainne...
Stop! Hands up, everybody!
You also, ladies, thank you.
Don't anyone move!
Courage, madame, hands up.
Even you, darkk haired!
Lupo, watch the door.
- Come, come.
- Silenzce!
- That gentleman. Pants down.
- Who me? Me? - Yes, you.
Shall we put him to sleep?
The gentlemen will give their jewelry to
Calligaris, and their wallets to us.
Move in circles.
Who hasn't given everything by the second
lap is done for. Move.
Hey, mister, don't play absent-minded,
this wallet is full.
You surely run a pious roganization.
Move, move...
Move, swine. Move!
Wonderful ring, madame.
Family heirloom? Thank you, I'm sorry.
Come, gentleman, spill everything,
everything. You and your scoundrels.
- Done!
- Stop! Lupo keeps the bank.
One quarter of an hour everyone stays put,
the one that moves is gone, clear?
- You, come with me. - I?
- Silence. Take him! - Move.
- This is for me?
- You were good.
- A good year to everyone, gentlemen!
Let's go. - Move!
I want a drink.
I'm ready for a deal.
You are also into voyages?
I don't to compete with anyone,
we could split it.
- There are millions to be made each trip.
- Speed up.
No! No, what are you doing?
No, have mercy! Have mercy...
Open the radio.
He went away this time.
- Where are we dumping this dough?
- Where?
I know where. Drive on, turn right.
- Let's see what happens.
- This willbe quite a night!
Wake up, friends! Wake up, loafers!
Come down!
Wake up! I want this to be the best
New Year's Eve of your life.
Give it to me...
Even this one's empty.
Come down from your holes.
Quickly, there's enough for everybody!
Run, snails. Run!
Oh, Madonna, I don't see anything,
how will I get there?
There's enough for everybody! Run, take!
We're generous!
Everybody's rich tonight!
All the best! All the best to all of you!
Ernesto and his friends
wish you a happy year!
All the best to all of you!
All the best! All the best
to the entire city!
To the entire city!
Last edition, 8 million stolen!
Damn what publicity.
Do you want to take a car?
Here it is, mister, look how graceful it is,
very suitable for a little girl.
We've also got the cat, that was very
Here they are, mister,
I'm sure she'll like them.
Very well. I'll take this, the goose,
the games, the doll and that rabbit.
Give me money.
- Hiw much is it?
- 4600.
- Thank you good day. - Good day, sir
goodbye. - Let's go.
- Good day.
- Good day, sir.
How much is it miss?
- Rosetta! Rosetta!
Run down now. - I'm coming.
Look what we've reived. Sugar,
cigarettes... Oh my God, this is coffee.
Mister Carlo, look, there even is grappa
and canned peaches.
- Holy Virgin, how much stuff. - Look, dady,
how beautiful. - How beautiful.
It's wonderful!
But... just a moment.
Are you sure it's for us?
It says here: Carlo and Rosetta
Pandelli. The bus brought it.
I don't understand.
- A hat. - A hat?
"Borsalino", let's see it.
- Then it's Ernesto. - Uncle Ernesto,
daddy. - It's him for sure. - Oh, yes, yes!
He;s the only one that knew:
grey Homburg.
It was my secret...
Wait everyone.
This is a more important moment
than you think.
"Dear Carlo, things have workeed
well for me,... "
".. I ask you and Rosetta
to accept these little gifts. "
"I hope the hat is the right size,
wasn't it like this that you wanted it?"
- "At least one of us has fulfilled a dream.
- Mah?
Who's this one? I had told you to get
Claudio Mari!
- What's your name?
- Stefano Albertini, I swear.
I know the face of the one who has
turned us in: it's not this one.
No, it's not me, but why?
You should have gone, neither Andrea
or Togo new him.
When something risky comes up
you always sneak out.
Now it's my fault that swine has
given me a false name.
Teacher, teacher in an elementry scholl.
- Take him where you've found him.
- What?! You're kidding?
- But if it's not him.
- No, he knows toomuch now.
- Take him in the back.
- I didn't do anything, let me go home.
- I'm no butcher.
- Ah! Hear, hear...
- Are you the Ministry for Justice?
- Too much talk, take him home.
Friend... you're pushing it.
The boys don't like risking for charity
like on New Year's Eve,
.. nor for your soft heart, like now.
- It's an infamy.
- It's not the first one.
Our like is more precious than his,
and, even, than yours.
Do we have it explain it better?
You're a swine.
After all, who has seen that one?
There's no need to exagerate.
"Dear Uncle, I'm writing to you to thank
you for your gifts, and to tell you...
.. and to tell I've had my First Communion.
May the Virgin be with you!
- Look, look, the niece.
- Give me that!
Poor niece, she'll also grow up.
In a way, it's for your good.
I hope you've understood.
They ran away. They're no fools.
They won't get far. We know where to
fish them from.
Hello? Hello, inspector Moro?
Listen carefully, if you want to get
Ernesto and his gang,...
.. look for them at number 27.
Mm... at Terzari cemetary.
They want to cross the border.
Don't sleep like yesterday, or the
citizens won't love you anymore.
- Everything's. There are stamps,
megastamps... - Have a good trip.
Thank you. It shouldn't be bad.
Give me th edog. Come, let's go.
The 85th kilometer: this is it.
If the tip is correct,
they should all be there.
A roadblock here, at the 112th, another
one at the 50th. Ask if they did it.
Hello. Head quarters speaking,
everything's ready?
200 men will hide behind the hill,
the others beyond the street.
- Well, they won't get away this time.
- Yes, sir.
The roadblock at 112th has just been set
and no Fiat 2800 has passed by.
- Then, they're inside.
- And they'll remain there.
- Hands up.
- What... what's happening?
Please give me your documents,
we must search you.
- You can't travell in peace anymore.
- Maybe you'd prefer bandits.
In half an hour, everything's closed.
And remember, better dead than alive.
Take care, yes?
- What time is it?
- It's 17:00, tea-time.
Damn it, and that slut hasn't come yet.
- When did she say she'll be here?
- It's the thirs time you've asked me that.
- Of course I have, we've been waiting for
anhour. What shall we do? - Wait.
- Aa soon as Andrea's, we beat it.
- Why are you so nervous?
Are you afraid there's going to be trouble
or that the hit is a lie?
- I haven't said that. - If you'd stay
inside also, it'd be nice.
- I don't think it's the time for jokes
what shall we do? - Wait.
- But...
- Shut up.
- I'm curious what will happen.
- Boys!
- We've been trapped! - What do you mean?
- Wait. We're done for.
Police everywhere, that whore
has betrayed us,...
.. and we let her do it,
like little kids.
- Yes, she set the meeting at the cemetary.
- Are you sure?
- Damn it, classical clear-up operation...
- Come here.
The mule track takes us to the secondary
road, and there's no roadblock there.
- Let's beat it, then. - We can't use the
car, they must know it.
- Damn it! Let's go by foot!
- Wait, how far away is Rovere?
- 25 km. - We need a car. If we can make
it we're safe.
I've got a friend there, if there's no...
Come, help me get him out of here.
In the sream! Well done, Bambu,
good shooting.
- Andrea, look at the engine.
- Alright. - Come, Lupo, hurry up.
Ernesto, get in, what are you doing?
Come, let's go.
- Leave me alone.
- Ernesto, forget the girl, hurry up.
We'd better take her with us. We'd
better take her with us, wait.
- Have you gone mad?
- Let him speak.
If they catch us, they'll riddle
us with bullets.
But if the little one's with us, so they
can see her, like on the hood,...
.. going through roadblocks is like
cutting butter with a knife.
- What an idea. You're a phenomenon,
Mirko. - Ernesto! Ernesto, hurry up.
I'll go, wait.
Take her along.
Hurry, we're leaving.
- What are you doing? - Do you remember
when we've mailed those toys?
- Damn it! It's her!
- Bye. - What do you mean "bye"?
- Are you trying to slow us down?
- Yes, go. - We'll see about that.
Go away, all of you, get into the car! Go!
Forget that, you know me too well.
You're playing a game that's
going to cost you dearly.
- They'll kill even you, if you don't get
get out of here. - Could be... Hands up!
Run! Move Mirko.
I'd like to shoot you, but the others we'll
take care of putting some holes in you.
Go! Go!
Rosetta, wake up.
Daddy... Oh, how it hurts.
It's nothing.
You'll be alright immediately.
Who are you?
I've taken you,
the car broke down.
Where were you going? To Torino?
Come, answer. Answer.
- Yes, to boarding-school.
Where's th eowner? - He was the owner?
He went to fix the car,
I told him:...
.. "I'll take her home, I know her daddy".
His name is Carlo. Look your handbag.
And your name is Rosetta, isn't it?
Do you know I'm even acquainted with
uncle Ernesto? Yes.
- Uncle Ernesto? - Yes, yes.
Let's go now, I'm taking you home.
What is it, Rosetta?
Come, let's go.
Give me your hand.
Give me your hand.
Do you think you're so big to walk alone?
- Why don't you want?
- Because you're a bandit.
Let's go.
They'll all pay for it.
Go get a strethcer.
Send sergeant Andreani
on the mountain side,...
.. tell him to warn the adminstration
when he goes by the sawmill.
You must sleep now. We'll have to leave
as soon the moon rises.
Am I frightening you so much?
No, you mustn't be afraid, Rosetta.
I'm taking you home.
- Then uncle Ernesto really is your freind?
- And how!
I remember when the postcard came,
Ernesto was so pleased.
He said: "Look what my Rosetta has
written to me".
He has read it to me so many times
that I've learnt it by heart.
"Dear Uncle, I'm writing to you to thank
you for your gifts, and to tell you...
.. and to tell I've had my First Communion.
May the Virgin be with you!
- Do you believe me now? - How is
uncle Ernesto like? - He's a regular guy.
- Have you known him long?
- Yes.
- He's really good, uncle Ernesto.
- How do you know it? - Daddy told me.
You know, when he was a kid he stole a
marmalade jar...
.. and he went sick to the stomach,
uncle Ernesto did.
- Ah, yes? And what else did he do?
- What evryone else does.
He enjoyed catching lizards,
wanted to become a famous engineer.
He was a nice guy...
Another time he hit a policeman
with a sling,...
.. he took such a beating he wanted
to become a friar.
- He really is nice. And then?
- And then enough.
Uncle Ernesto doesn't like to have all
his secrets revealed.
Now you must sleep, or I won't tell you
anything else. Sleep, Rosetta.
Good night.
Good night, Rosetta.
- Are you Mr. Pandelli?
- Yes, why?
- They've killed commendator Spagnoli.
- Killed?!
Yes, at km 85, three hours ago.
The bandits shot the car.
- And Rosetta? Rosetta, the little girl.
- What little girl?
- Rosetta, my daughter, she was with him
in the car. - There was no one.
What do you mean no one? Yes, she was with
him, she ws going to the city!
- Tell me truth.
- Calm down. I tell you there was no girl.
They've kidnapped her, she was in the car.
Yes, she was! They left at 16:00.
There's an operation going on:
we'll catch them, you can be sure of that.
They've killed her...
We're close to my house: it's that one.
Aren't you coming with me?
No, I can't. I've got things to do.
- You could say hello to daddy.
- I really must leave, maybe another time.
They're shooting!
Hunters. It's dangerous, run into the
house, you can make it on your own.
- Yes. Aren't you coming? - I can't,
I had forgotten something important.
When I left, uncle Ernesto
told me to tell your daddy...
.. that he ha dto go far away,
he had to take a long trip.
- He won't come to see me?
- Yes, he will.
He'll always be byy your side.
Now, go. Bye, Rosetta.
What are you doing? Aren't you giving
me at least a kiss?
Bye, Rosetta.
One moment.
Your purse... and the goose.
I give it to you.
Hands up!
Hands up!
Oh, my darling! Joy of my life!
- Blessed Virgin, poor kid.
- How did you manage to come back?
A man accompanied me, a friend of yours.
He carried me into his arms until here.
- A friend of mine? Who? - I don't know,
he was friends with uncle Ernesto.
- With uncle Ernesto?
- Yes.
Wait here, I'll be right back.