The Banker (1989) Movie Script

You know what to do.
Mr. Smith, I presume?
I was just looking!
I've never seen somebody...
Good morning, Maggie.
Hi, Lloyd.
How are the kids?
For sale.
Where is he?
Darryl, go wake up your Uncle Dan.
No, no, it's all right Maggie, I got it.
I'll do it, Darryl.
Get that rugrat of
yours back in the house!
All right, that's it!
Maggie, that Kid of yours is driving me...
Sergeant Daniel Jefferson,
I'd like you to meet your new partner.
Deputy Eduardo Garcia.
Two days out of uniform,
and he's all yours.
My friends call me Eddie, sir.
Are you having fun?
And which sandcastle did you build?
I built that one.
Did you help?
Well, thank you.
You're welcome.
If you want to see the
architects of tomorrow,
swim, surf, run down to the 19th annual
Santa Monica Sandcastle Jamboree.
Where young and old alike
vie for first prize.
This is Sharon Maxwell, for
Channel Three, Eye On Us.
Maid service.
L.A. 23-11.
L.A. 23-11.
Respond to a 10-55 at
Beverley Regency Hotel.
Handle code three.
L.A. 23-11, yeah, 10-4, thanks.
You drive.
L.A. medical examiner.
Respond to a 10-55 at
Beverley Regency Hotel.
Dead body.
Come on, we can be
there in three minutes.
Fred says we don't do hard news, remember?
You coming or not?
I am really sorry, oh God.
- You...
- You!
What are you doing, Sharon?
Payback, right?
Sir, Dan?
What about this...
Forget it.
How's my dog?
He's fallen in love with my mom,
so don't even think of getting him back.
No, I'm sure Jasper has a real home now.
My regards to Donna.
I never touched her.
Are you getting this?
Afraid so.
Come on, let's get
these people out of here.
Come on, move back.
Back up.
Come on, Sharon, now.
Do it now.
Mike, keep these people out of here.
Yes, sir.
Get us a good diagram of this.
Jane Marie Mallott.
2215 Franklin Terrace, Hollywood.
Correct address?
Take it in.
What a life, Vac?
Jesus, in my 18 years,
I've never seen a slice up job like that.
Nah, nah, she wasn't
sliced, she was dissected.
All right, thanks Mike.
Our pal knew precisely
what he wanted to do.
What do you mean?
This isn't just a murder, Kid,
this is a work of art.
Give me the key, I want to check out
who that room was registered to,
though it's likely to be a dead end.
Then use some of that Latin
charm you got on the maid,
see what she's got to say.
We get back to the office,
we do a rundown on all murders
over the last 15 years.
All murders?
Make sure you
cross-reference this guy's M.O.
Excuse me, Sergeant Jefferson,
could you tell us
something about the murder?
It wasn't me.
Thanks, appreciate it.
Next time that cocksucker
calls, let me know.
News 41, after this,
this channel continues now
with the latest market information.
The first new look at
the numbers at this hour.
Good morning, Demetrius.
Good morning, sir.
One minute to air,
everybody, one minute!
What's the verdict, Bruce?
The front office thinks your
murder piece was terrific,
but Terry's gonna do the story.
Listen, Frank, I know I can do this.
- 30 seconds, Sharon.
- No.
Fred, I was there,
just give me the chance.
Terry's the star of the show.
Lead with the murder case.
15 seconds, people.
And in five, four, three...
I'm Terry Moss, and
this is KLA New News.
The oasis of calm in Beverly Hills
was shattered this morning,
when the slashed body
of a Hollywood woman,
Jaynie Marie Mallott, 23,
was found at the Beverly Regency Hotel
early this morning.
What is she doing to my story?
She can't even read it right.
Later, Sharon, later!
No, Fred, wait!
I saw what was done to that woman.
Was sentenced today to
spend one month living
in his own rat infested
apartment building.
On a lighter note, bringing us up to date
on the latest KLA, Eye On Us Minute,
is our own Sharon Maxwell.
Looking for something special?
Something different?
Well, I've got just the place for you.
The Santa Monica Sandcastle Expo.
There's sun, there's fun, there's...
On a lighter note?
This story just doesn't
seem important right now.
A young woman lost her life this morning.
She was savagely murdered in a hotel room,
doesn't anybody care?
Who was she?
And who couldn't done such a thing to her?
On a lighter note?
Damn it, she deserves more than 30 seconds
on the noon day news.
Have we all become so callous and detached
that we can just dismiss her like that?
We are to blame!
We trivialize what's...
Commercial, now.
And promote what's not,
and it doesn't have to be that way!
We all better wake up and
do something about it.
We can make a difference!
At American Airlines, we do this
over 2,000 times a day.
And we do it in over 200
cities throughout the U.S.,
Mexico, Europe, Canada, Hawaii,
the Caribbean, and Japan.
What did you do?
Tomorrow, 7:30 a.m., my office.
You are out, finished.
All right.
Thank you.
Yes, we're moving into
media in a very big way,
and I want you to be apart of it.
Yes, all right.
No, the papers will be drawn up
and delivered to you by tomorrow.
Thank you.
All right, my friend.
Yeah, the next time I'm in
New York, let's have dinner.
Buy him out.
I want that television
station by closet marker G.
Yes, sir.
Mr. Osbourne.
Three o'clock, the executive conference.
Oh, yeah.
Thank you.
Do you mind me asking what happened
with Ms. Maxwell back there?
Well, listen, you were right.
Room 313 at the Beverly Regency
was registered to a Mr. Smith
and he paid in cash and
by mail ahead of time.
So, can I get you anything, Dan?
Maybe some coffee?
Some coffee?
Yeah, sure Kid.
Cream, sugar?
All right.
Let's see what we have here.
We got a big joint, the Beverly Regency.
We got Jaynie, who,
according to her rap sheet,
ran it out at 500 an hour,
and we've got some seriously
weird Indian graffiti.
I think it's South America, Dan.
I don't know.
Anyway, my little voice tells me
this guy is not just
about doing call girls.
All right, Kid.
We start with a check of the hotel staff,
then we move onto that
South American angle,
see what happens.
Here's your coffee, Dan.
Your coffee.
I never touch the stuff.
Hello, babies.
Dan Jefferson, L.A. Sheriff.
Don't move.
You've no doubt heard through your manager
that there's one sick
son of a bitch out there.
If any of the boys start taking it in
to some real serious events,
won't you give me a call.
Here, either one of those numbers.
Day or night.
You mean, you're not gonna bust me?
Sharon, are you ready for this?
After you left yesterday,
the switchboard lit up
like a Christmas tree.
Over a thousand calls
came in, all backing you.
Good morning, Sharon.
Listen, I was a little too
hasty in my estimation.
I'm not fired?
Sharon, don't be silly.
Think of the ratings.
Hey, wasn't that Dan
"I'll never speak to him
"as long as I live"
Jefferson that I just saw
on the head of the tape?
You did well, Sharon Maxwell.
Keep up the good work.
Nice, Fred.
Oh, yeah.
One last time, Ira.
Oh shit.
All right.
Say hello to your mother for me, Ira, bye.
West Hollywood, Kid.
Who was that, Dan?
My snitch.
If I wasn't so lazy, I'd
go kill the son of a bitch.
They got back to me
with that computer check
on all murders going back 15 years
with the same M.O., and...
You got zip.
How'd you know?
This guy's an original.
Who lives here?
Jaynie's love broker.
Man, look at you.
You got cop written all over your face.
Loosen up a little bit.
Starting tomorrow, get
yourself some real clothes.
Hi guys.
I'll take that as an invite.
How old are you, sweetie?
16, 17, now you're 18.
Hi, guy.
Who the fuck are you?
I'm her father.
Nah, I'm only kidding, I'm a cop.
And you, sweetie, are under arrest.
Get outta here!
Now drop the God damn gun.
Go get it.
I got a much better idea.
I got a fish for you.
Can you get me the hell outta here man?
I need you to get me out.
Well, we got a Cowboy.
Must be Christmas.
Could've canceled your ticket
right there on the spot.
You all right, Dan?
What's the charge, Dan?
Contempt of cop.
I'll be out of here before
you can kiss your mama, boy.
Put him where you want him, Dave.
Be creative.
Turn around.
Keep your legs out.
I don't know what happened,
he just barged into the house.
I'm in the bar, next thing I know,
he's shooting at me, for crying out loud.
Just make the call, and get me out.
Do what I tell you to
do, you get paid for it.
You understand?
Yeah, you got the 20 grand.
Get the same again.
Just have her meet me at Gibbons,
one hour, and at the bar.
The Dow crashed down this morning
A hundred points today
Most didn't heed the warning
Hey, Slick.
The lady's with us.
And you're leaving.
My buddy's talking to you, asshole.
Hey, anybody home...
All right, pal.
Come on!
Come on, you motherfucker!
Come on.
Careful, old buddy.
You could take your eye out
with one of these things.
You all right, Louis?
Watch the big board rise and fall
This is a great car.
Well, thanks for getting
those creeps off my back.
So, is this a big party?
You know, I looked at this part
in "A Midsummer Night's Dream".
Yeah, I really hope I get it.
I mean, this job is like, you know,
just sort of temporary.
So where's this monster party?
Looks like it's just
you and me, doesn't it?
Wait here.
Story of my life.
I am the hunter.
I drink the blood of the fallen,
and gain strength.
The sacrifices is mine, for I am strong.
The sacrifice is mine, for I am immortal.
The sacrifice is mine, for I am Nacook.
Why is it always the
weirdos who have money?
Homicide Deputy Garcia.
Yes, Sergeant Jefferson please.
Yeah, hold on.
Hi, Dan, it's Melanie.
What's wrong?
Hi, well you told me to call
if anything strange happened.
Anyway, I'm at this place downtown,
and there's this weird guy,
he's got all these objects ar...
Trace it.
Speak to me!
They only got the prefix, Dan.
It's somewhere downtown.
Damn it!
Well, hi there.
Did you have a good sleep?
You feeling all right?
Who were you talking to
on the telephone there before?
That's all right, you
don't have to tell me,
I already know.
His name is Dan Jefferson.
Now then.
Let's get down to business, shall we?
I don't know what you're talk...
Beneath your pillow is a knife.
It is yours.
If you make it out of
the building, you live.
Why are you doing this to me?
Off to work we go, Melanie.
Help me!
Somebody help me!
Help me!
Will somebody help me!
Why are you doing this to me?
You shouldn't have given me this knife.
I know how to use it!
There's $10,000.
It's only a game, Melanie.
Part of the ritual.
A game?
And you are its most honored participant.
Sergeant Jefferson, can you tell us
anything about the murder?
Jesus, Sharon, give me a break, will ya?
Get your work done as quick as you can,
I don't want these vultures
getting what they came for.
Well, well, guess who's here?
Yeah, I noticed.
Another cutie?
I knew her.
Guess it's your day.
How's that?
That Cowboy shaman.
Must've had one hell of a Christmas club.
Just made bail about an hour ago.
What kind
of animal could do that?
Is my call to Johannesburg ready yet?
Here, sir.
I'll put it through right now.
Very dangerous animal, I should think.
Well, there's been a second murder.
Apparently by the same killer,
and from all your calls and letters,
I know you want to get involved,
and I need your help.
There you go.
The victim's
name is Melanie Van Dorne.
Hey, turn that up.
Los Angeles.
A young woman, 23 years of age.
And like Jane Marie Mallott,
also a call girl.
Watch this.
We need to hear from
anybody who knew her
or possibly last saw her.
I don't need this shit.
The only clue we have is
some type of primitive symbol
found etched in blood
near both victims bodies.
The only evidence the Sheriff's Department
would make available to us was,
"No comment at this time."
All right, we know that
there is some evidence
the Sheriff's Department should not reveal
to the public, and we respect that.
But I am sure there is
something, anything,
that they could give us that would help us
to help them apprehend this asshole.
Did she say asshole?
As long as she doesn't
say fuck, we're fine.
But until he does, I think
maybe the Sheriff's Department
should rethink their policies
of how much evidence they
withhold from their public.
What do you think?
We'll be right back.
Turn yourself in, buddy, just like that.
How you doing, Harry?
What do you got?
Well, your victim
died of a massive trauma
to the left ventricle, caused by this.
It's South American, Indian.
Yeah, Kid got that already.
Yeah, we don't know what tribe yet.
The markings on this and
the other arrow shaft
match the symbols found
scrawled on the walls
at the scene of the crime.
And this was found at the base
of that very same ventricle.
See the eyes, nose, mouth.
Holy moly.
Grover Cleveland.
Grover Cleveland?
Who's on the one dollar bill?
George Washington.
You bet.
And who's on the thousand dollar bill?
Grover Cleveland?
No shit, Kid.
You oughta run for governor.
You know how touch it is
to get a thousand dollar bill?
99% of the banks haven't got one.
Our boy has big money.
Big money.
Sharon, there's a call for you.
Thanks, Shirley.
Sharon Maxwell.
You know, you're amazing, Sharon.
Well, thank you, I think.
Is there something I can do for you?
I was just thinking that
in life as in business,
only the strong survive.
I beg your pardon?
Is there something you need?
Just a thought.
I guess I'm your biggest fan.
Thank you.
Look, I've gotta go now.
You betcha.
No rest for the weary?
By the way, did you get the roses?
Yeah, Ira, that sounds very bad.
Why don't you gargle with aloe Vera juice?
Works for me.
Let's get back to this, Ira.
Look, considering what I got on you...
I know you don't like that tone of voice.
You know who I'm looking for.
Yes, not with a suit.
Fowler, that's right.
That's the guy I'm looking for.
Give me a location.
Okay, thanks ag...
Say hello to your mother, Ira.
You coming, Kid?
You bet.
Sorry gentlemen, the line forms outside.
Me too.
Hey, no, you can't go back there!
I don't want your sex
And I don't want your kiss
But I would like to
know just who you are
No pressure here
Relax now, my dear
Not gonna go very far
I know you.
Fuck you.
This looks very good.
I'd like to do with you
Let's talk
Send it back!
Excuse me, but this is a private party.
So it is.
Come with me.
Watch our pal back there.
The long term, slow burn love
You're wasting your time.
I know people downtown, you understand?
So come on, what is it
exactly that you do want?
A confession would be nice.
Fowler, let me tell you
where I'm coming from.
Basically, I'm a lazy son of a bitch.
Consequently, I got this snitch.
He tells me everything I need to know.
He tells me you knew Melanie Van Dorne.
I never heard of the
girl, now goodnight.
You crazy son of a bitch!
All right, maybe I've
met her at a party once.
She had nice legs.
Now will you please let go?
This is a little embarrassing.
I don't know.
Now will you please let go of me?
I know you know something,
you worthless piece of shit.
One of these days you're gonna
trip over your own dick,
and I'm gonna be there.
I'm his tailor, I'm giving him a fitting.
Slow burn love
I can do this just for fun
So if there's a collision
Andiamo, Kid.
Well I'm looking for the bad one
What'd you tell that pig?
I didn't tell him jack.
Look me in the eyes, Fowler.
Now you'll tell me if
our cocksucker friend
calls again, won't ya?
Of course.
Of course.
Your service forwarded
this call to you, Mr. Fowler.
They said it was quite urgent.
Thank you.
Hey there old buddy, it's me.
Club Z in 30 minutes?
This is gonna be the last time.
Things are getting sticky around here.
That's too bad.
I'll require double.
Is that so?
Stephy, darling.
Do you mind breaking away
for me for a little while?
Anything to get me out of this party.
Trying to find the meaning
I was without you here
Pictures take me way back
And it's suddenly clear
Is that him?
To me,
I can't see me without you, baby
I don't know what to do
You saved my life getting
me out of that party.
Forget it.
No, really.
I figure, I owe you.
Get ready for a night you'll never forget.
You really love that
hunt, don't you, pal?
So, Dan, what is it?
I mean, you caught that
Hollywood joker with no sweat,
now you're telling me you got nothing?
I'm getting a little pressure, you know?
Where's the old magic?
There ain't no magic, Lloyd,
and you know it.
There's good, hard cop work.
Eddie and I are out
there busting our chops.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Meanwhile, the Mayor wants magic.
And I want it stopped.
Time is up.
What's going on, Fred?
This is your lucky day, kiddo.
After what happened yesterday,
you are going on live at 6 and 11,
you'll answer calls form the great masses,
and you'll respond to each of them.
Are you kidding?
I got a door.
And an office.
Miss Maxwell's office.
They found another one.
Lady, I am gonna make
you into a household name.
This guy's pissing me off.
Hey, Danny.
No arrow.
Dan, I did some checking on this symbol,
and well, all of this, it's
from some primitive tribe.
It's the domination of women,
the return of the hunter.
It's a ritual of the blood.
All of that?
This is some weird shit, Kid.
Intruder in Mr. Osbourne's
office, hurry up.
Call security back.
Tell him to forget it,
I'll take care of him.
But Mr. Osbourne, he just barged in.
Renee, thank you.
And you have been a naughty,
naughty boy, Mr. Osbourne.
Now I admit, now I am
a criminal, a deviant,
and I do love to party, now that's a fact.
But compared to you, Mister.
I don't hold a candle
compared to you, Mister.
Can I offer you anything?
I don't believe I know your name.
Well, let's keep it that way.
I'm a businessman.
And you're a businessman.
And I got the deal of the century for you.
You give me say, 500
large, and I got amnesia,
forget we ever met.
That's both times we had the pleasure.
Now, you do realize of course,
that if I were to call security right now
and say that you threatened my life,
they'd probably shoot you on the spot.
Oh, lordy.
You know, you are breaking my heart.
Now let's not make a career of this.
Do we have a deal or does my buddy
make a phone call to the boys?
May I?
Well, of course I may.
Okie dokey, Big O.
Now we have a deal, or what?
I would be very careful
of what you ask for
in this life, my friend.
You might just get it.
Mr. Roth.
I'm sending down a gentleman
with a cash receipt for $500,000.
I'd like you to have it ready for him
in 10 minutes, please.
Thank you.
You have a nice day.
And I'm sure killing
these helpless young women
makes you feel potent and all-powerful.
Well, I want you to know what your public
really thinks of you.
I have a few letters here
addressed to the murderer
of Jane Marie Mallott, Melanie Van Dorne,
and Stephanie Jameson.
Whoever you are, you know
I've been watching you.
This broad has got some balls.
To the serial killer.
"I hope I serve on your
jury, I wanna watch you fry."
"Why waste time and money
on a trial for this animal,"
"let's just hang him and be done with it."
Dan, you really know how to pick 'em.
"I would like to get to
you before the cops do,"
"I'd cut off your..."
Well, I'm sure you get the gist of it.
Who's running the store down there?
Don't they know she's
baiting this son of a bitch?
I hope I've made your day.
This is Sharon Maxwell,
thank you and good day.
Somebody better deal with it.
Sergeant Jefferson, I told
you it's out of the question.
Thanks, honey.
Look, we've got a new owner.
And as a matter of fact,
his organization likes
her frank journalism.
They want me to encourage it.
Encourage it?
Why don't you give this guy his own show?
Let him do his killing on television.
That way your ratings go
right through the roof,
you'd like that, wouldn't you?
All I know is A, the constitution,
B, the First Amendment,
C, freedom of the press.
Anything else you can keep.
People are dead.
You're gonna dance around
it with that noise?
I want to talk to Sharon Maxwell,
I want to clue her in.
All right, let me elaborate
further for clarity.
A, she's protected by
that same First Amendment,
B, I'm the guy that signs her paychecks,
and C, she's not here.
So if that's it, just
give me a break?
I got a very important meeting.
Come on, Kid.
Let's see how just isn't
here she really is.
What a surprise.
Sharon, we have to talk.
Well, you want to talk.
That's a new approach.
The things you're saying on television
are way out of line.
Trust me, Sharon.
You have no idea...
Wait a minute, wait a minute Dan.
What makes you think you can walk in here
and tell me how to do my work?
Look, Sharon, I'm here...
No, no, Dan, you look.
You're missing the point.
As usual, missing what really matters.
You have to understand my point...
No, Dan, if it weren't
for people like me,
people who actually believe
that there is some good
left in us, in all of us...
Sharon, I want you
to meet the new owner.
Lucky me, I found her.
Hey, Sharon, I'd like you
to meet Spaulding Osbourne.
Sharon Maxwell.
How do you do?
This is a great pleasure for me.
I've always admired your work,
I find it most stimulating.
Well, thank you.
Sergeant Jefferson.
How do you do?
Well, would you care to see the studio?
Hit the light, Kid.
Why are we stopping her?
Attitude adjustment.
Come on, give it a rest.
Dan, please.
What are you doing?
You're under arrest.
For what?
Lack of common sense, move over.
Move over.
Follow us, kid.
Wait, Dan, this is kidnapping.
Do you realize that?
I'm not going in there.
Wanna bet?
You gotta be kidding.
Dan, why are you doing this to me?
I'm not going in there.
Dan, you're sick for this.
You are the sickest son of a bitch
I have ever met.
You know, I really think you've lost
all concept of reality.
I'm gonna show you some reality.
This is what it's all about.
Get me out of here.
Wait, wait, wait.
Dan, timeout.
Hello, young lady.
We watch you all the time.
You're big around here.
What have you got?
Well, hair samples on
all three of our victims
tell us that your pal is white male,
between the ages of 35 and 50,
and on one of the victims,
Melanie Van Dorne, we found some paint.
Its base is from a flower indigenous to
just a few places in South America.
It's my guess that he was probably
into that pagan stuff.
And he probably likes heavy metal.
Nice job.
Look here.
I'm real sorry that I dragged you there.
You are baiting this guy on television,
you gotta stop.
He's not gonna stop killing.
The last thing you want
is to get on his bad side.
I'm just doing my job.
I'm a journalist.
Besides, I'm protected
by the First Amendment.
What amendment protected them?
Still know how to
show a girl a good time.
I try.
Are you hungry?
Thank you.
Still trying to save the world, I see.
Dan, I think he's called me.
And I think he sent me
roses after each murder.
And where are these roses now?
I threw them away.
You threw them away?
Jesus Christ, Sharon...
Would you stop being
a cop for one minute
and listen to me?
Dan, I think he's followed
me and I'm really scared.
I don't doubt it.
I wish I could tell you not to worry,
but this guy's not gonna stop.
That's a big
weight off my shoulders.
Listen though.
I'm gonna get this guy,
and I'm gonna stop him.
But you, Sharon, have got to work with me.
In the meantime I'm gonna have a car
camped out in front of your house.
You won't even notice it, all right?
You know where I'm living now?
6068 Formosa.
Crosses Willaby.
I gotta keep up on those things.
I'm freezing, you want to get outta here?
Yeah, let's go.
Oh God, not that song.
Don't do this to me, Dan.
Come on.
Turn it off, please.
I thought you liked that tune.
I like feeling numb.
Boy, you're in trouble.
I hate you.
I know.
Can I kiss you?
Don't do that.
I thought you liked it.
I did.
The machine will get it.
Hi, this is Sharon.
I can't come to the phone right now.
I gotta get it.
So leave a message after the beep,
and I'll call you back.
Thanks, bye.
Hello, hello, I'm here.
I tried you at the office,
they said you left a couple hours ago.
Okay, this is just for you.
The next one's got spurs
and jingle, jangle, jingle.
Jesus, that was him.
That's right.
Spurs that jingle, jangle, Lloyd.
Gotta be Cowboy.
Get some units over there right away.
Hang on, baby.
We're gonna have a
good time tonight, baby.
Oh, yeah.
That's right.
Oh fuck.
Stay here.
Not going alone.
Oh my God.
What the...
Outside your cage,
there's a single-action,
laser sighted crossbow.
It's yours.
These are car keys.
It's parked out behind the lion cages.
What's the catch?
I imagine getting there alive.
I have one shot, you have one shot.
You're pulling my chain, right?
Interesting, isn't it?
In the jungle, as in the business world,
it always come down to this.
Two men, two weapons, one comes out alive.
I'll count to 50.
Come on, I...
I'll forget about everything.
I'll even give you back the money.
Well then, fuck you, and fuck your mother!
My turn, cocksucker.
I gotcha.
What the hell?
You wouldn't last five
seconds in the jungle.
Oh come on, please.
Just give me another chance.
Another chance?
All right.
Quick, name the Seven Dwarves.
Sleepy, Doc, Sneezy,
Snoopy, Snoopy!
DMV says the vehicle's registered
to our pal Fowler over there.
And the french fry in the car is?
Francis Mulverdale,
also known as Cowboy.
My vacation starts 5 p.m. on Friday,
and I want to leave town on a clean slate.
You're telling me the guy in the car
is our man?
You bet, Lloyd.
10-4, we got our man, case solved.
Worth a shot.
Dan, Lieutenant Hughes.
What do you got, Kid?
I think it would be better
if you came over here, sir.
Osbourne Inc.
What do you got?
We got a lead, Lloyd.
We got a solid, gold $2500 lead.
So much for my vacation.
Bag that.
Did you check both their
badges and identification?
All right!
Excuse me, gentlemen.
I'm Mr. Osbourne's executive assistant.
How may I help you gentlemen?
A smile would be nice.
I'm Sergeant Jefferson.
This is Deputy Garcia, we'd
like to ask you a few questions.
I'm sorry, Mr. Osbourne, they just...
It's all right, Renee.
I'm Spaulding Osbourne.
We've met.
That's right, the television station.
Make yourselves comfortable.
We're conducting a murder investigation,
Mr. Osbourne.
I wonder whether you can
tell me where that came from?
From me, this is mine.
Where did you find this?
Nice collection you've got here.
Thank you.
That was found next to the remains
of a charbroiled pimp.
It's simply amazing where
things turn up these days.
You know, the last time I saw that lighter
was two weeks ago, Friday,
the Metropolitan Opera intermission,
I went to light a cigar, gone.
Thank you, Renee.
Tell Donald that I'll be right there.
Thanks for your time, Mr. Osbourne.
We'll be in touch about your property.
Good day, gentlemen.
Let me ask you something, Dan.
Do you have any idea who
Spaulding Osbourne is?
No, no, let me tell you.
I kiss the Commissioner's ass,
the Commissioner kisses the Mayor's ass,
the Mayor kisses the asses
of the Osbournes of the world.
Are you following my drift?
Sounds like an awful lot of brown nosing
to me, Lloyd.
Don't wisecrack me.
Give me one good reason why I shouldn't
have you on animal detail?
'Cause he did it.
Start with the fact that the guy
spent his wonder years in
the South American jungle.
What are you cracking for?
A psycho discharge?
Are you claiming that one of the most
powerful bankers in this
country is a mass murderer?
They're all bloodsuckers, Lloyd.
This guy happens to be the real thing.
Get lost!
Come on in.
I did a records check on Osbourne
like you asked, sir, and he's clean.
Wait, then I did some
more checking on my own.
I kinda got this girlfriend
who works down at FBI records and well,
Osbourne's a financial genius.
He's made some big deals,
reaped some big profits.
No record of any military service,
but he's an expert in martial arts.
And get this.
Now, he spent a great deal of time
in South America last
year doing big game stuff.
Add that to the fact that
article you're looking at
reads like a Tarzan novel,
you've go tone strange son of a bitch.
Let me tell you something, Dan.
When you're a dealing
with a guy like Osbourne,
you gotta pay attention to
the simple rule of facts,
you know?
Like hard evidence.
This is awfully thin.
Come on, why don't you go home,
get a rest, get a grip!
What, what, what?
What are you still doing here?
Don't you have some paperwork
you could be doing?
There comes a time
when the public safety
outweighs the public need to know.
I believe we've reached that.
Therefore, I shall no longer be commenting
on the murders of those unfortunate women.
We intend to fully cooperate
with the authorities
and turn over any and all information
that may aid in their investigation.
This is Sharon Maxwell, thank you.
Unofficially, I'm not saying Dan is right,
and I'm not saying he's wrong.
But unofficially, maybe you
better keep your mind open
to all possibilities.
Do you get my unofficial drift, Deputy?
Yes, sir.
Very good.
Good night, Val.
Hi, Sharon.
Who is this?
It's your friend, who else would it be?
What do you want?
I was kinda hoping
maybe we could get together sometime.
You know, we tend to think alike.
You're a reporter, it
could be part of your job.
Keep talking.
I was thinking maybe we
could do it right, you know.
A bottle of Dom Perignon, a
little beluga caviar after that,
who knows?
Who do you think you are?
Where the hell do you come off
doing these horror shows on women
who never did anything to you?
That's not very nice, Sharon.
What, mommy didn't give
you enough attention?
You're really disappointing me, Sharon.
Get used to it.
Homicide, Deputy Garcia.
This is Sharon Maxwell,
I need to speak with Sergeant Jefferson.
Sarge left just
a few moments ago, ma'am.
I'm in my car, and I'm going home.
I need to speak to him,
the killer just called me.
All right, hang on, I
can get him over the radio.
L.A. 23-11.
L.A. 23-11, come in, Dan.
L.A. 23-11, come in, Dan.
Miss Maxwell, I can't reach him.
Okay, you reside at 6048 North Formosa?
Yes, but...
Okay, hang on, the Sarge told me
he's got a patrol car parked
right down the street.
Hang on.
Roses, mister, roses.
No, thanks.
Fuck it.
Osbourne, you're mine.
Officers down, 6000 Block, Formosa.
Officers down, send help.
Geez, send help.
Oh my God.
He's in the house.
Oh geez.
All units in Sector 14,
officers down, 6048 Formosa.
Crosses Willaby.
Advise extreme caution.
Call for medical!
Hang on, Kid.
It was Osbourne, Dan.
He was too fast, I...
Save your breath, Kid.
I'm gonna get him, I swear to God
I'm gonna make him pay for this.
He's got Sharon.
He said you got to come
follow or she'll die.
We gotta go!
Come on, Kid.
Corner Spring Lex.
12 midnight, alone, or he'll kill her.
Thanks, Kid.
Don't call me Kid.
My name's Eddie.
Eddie Garcia.
All right, Eddie.
Get him there, guys.
Good luck, Kid.
Why are you doing this?
Why, for God's sakes?
You got all that money, all that power.
I do not belong to the
small world of power or money.
My domain exists beyond all of this.
Down to all that you think of is life.
Can I tell you something personal?
Eat it!
Osbourne, you there?
Corner of Jay and Harrison,
Warehouse District.
On foot, and alone.
If Sharon even has a
headache on account of you,
I'm gonna tear your fuckin' lungs out.
You have 11 minutes.
God damn it.
You're late.
No shit.
You there?
Now look behind you.
Hang up the phone and
head for the elevators.
Now that I've got you
right where you want me...
Just be quiet.
He's crazy.
I know he's crazy, Baby.
We've gotta get out of here.
I'm open to suggestions.
Life and death are two aspects
of the same thing, which is being.
Osbourne, you don't
have a fucking chance
of walking away from this one.
Come and get me.
First I'm gonna get you outta here.
Sharon, move.
Move out of the way, now.
All right, Osbourne.
If you're gonna shoot, shoot.
If you shoot, she dies.
If you don't shoot, she still dies.
Ask me if I care.
Well, do you care?
It makes no difference to me.
Is he dead?
If he ain't dead, I'll be God damned.
Am the hunter.
I have collected the souls.
I have lived in the shadows of sacrifice.
You are worthy of my
spirit, my immortality.
I am Magroc!
Well, I'm Dan, I'm a
cop, and you're fucked.
You are worthy.
What do you think the chances are
of getting Jasper back from your mother?