The Barber (2014) Movie Script

Help me. Let me out.
please let me go.
You don't have to do this.
I won't tell anybody. Just...
No. Let me out!
Let me go! Let me out.
Let me out!
Our top story tonight,
Chicago police continue to search
for a missing schoolteacher.
Debra Ann Skokie, last seen on Tuesday
leaving her Ashburn residence to meet friends
and has not been seen since.
Police request that anyone...
A police department spokeswoman announced
the formation of a special unit task force
in conjunction with the FBI
to investigate the recent disappearances
of four young in the Chicago area...
I'm standing outside the Chicago Police
Department, where, moments ago,
detectives announced they've taken
Francis Allen Visser into custody.
Visser has been a person of interest in
the murder of Irene Burge and Katie Pallick.
Whose bodies were found buried
not far from a popular...
In a shocking development today
Francis Allen Visser,
a suspect in the terrifying burial murders
of several young women in the Chicago area,
was released from custody this morning.
There is speculation that lead investigator
Detective Thomas McCormack
may be facing disciplinary action
for the possible tampering of evidence
found at the scene of the crime.
A spokesperson
for Internal Affairs has stated,
"We are no longer pursuing Mr. Visser
at this point in the investigation."
When asked if he would file suit
against the Chicago Police Department,
his attorneys stated, "No.
He just wants his old life back."
Detective McCormack declined to comment.
A press conference
is scheduled for later today.
Luis. Luis, how many times do I have
to tell you to clean out your station?
I'm gone, Eugene.
- Use your head tonight, son.
- Come on, Gene, baby.
It's Friday night, ladies are waiting,
and I already got my shit worked up.
Please don't use that kind of language.
You might impress your friends
with talk like that, but...
Man's legacy is all he has.
when you gonna let me have that razor?
Well, I said I would, Luis,
when I see you're careful
with what you leave behind.
Hey, you ain't my dad, Eugene.
Know what, man?
You need to get out, something.
I mean, would it kill you to come
hang out, man? Drink a beer.
Have yourself a little mamacita.
Get your little dance on.
- Well, you know how I feel about that.
- Come on.
Alcohol says something about a man
before he gets a chance
to say anything about himself.
I know. It says he's having fun.
On that note, peace out.
- Hoyt.
- How you doing?
- Hey, Eugene, come here once.
- Hey, Davey.
Davey over here right now was just saying
that with a haircut, I would look younger.
Well, you know, it's a barbershop, Chief,
not a time machine.
Hey, Gene, you know,
I really appreciate what you're doing,
you know, taking an interest
in Luis like that.
Train a child up in the way of the Lord,
and he won't depart from Him.
Yeah. And when he does,
he'll get my helping hand.
- You come by anytime, Chief.
- Right.
- Get those ears lowered.
- Yeah.
Hey, guys, how you doing?
- Howdy, Mr. V-Dub.
- How are things?
Working nights this week. You know,
I got that long drive back to Brule.
Should have went to college, you know.
Like I don't know what you want.
Okay, then. Good enough.
- Hi.
- Snuck in on me.
Can I get you some coffee?
You know, I never really liked coffee.
What else you got?
Some good things on that menu.
Have you taken a look?
- I haven't.
- What are you in the mood for?
- Something sweet.
- Stay here. I'll surprise you.
You know, you're taller than I thought.
Older, too, but I bet you can still handle
your shit if you had to, right?
- Do I know you?
- Eugene Van Wingerdt, the barber.
It's not your real name, though,
is it, Mr. Visser?
You're mistaken.
Damn, the poise on you.
Look, I know they had to kick you loose.
Lack of evidence, no witnesses,
no fingerprints, nothing.
17 bodies, that's a lot
to walk away from.
- Excuse me.
- Oh, come on, Mr. V-Dub.
Chicago P.D. wouldn't let live it down,
had you pegged a murderer.
I bet it was tough trying to buy groceries
after your face had been plastered...
I'll give you whatever you want.
Please, please, don't kill me.
Kill you? I don't want to kill you.
I'm trying to impress you.
- You impressed?
- Gene!
Are you okay?!
You got no I.D., and...
this name you gave me,
John D. LaRue,
well, you know, that just doesn't
show up anywhere. Nowhere.
I mean, it's not in the DMV, not in
Social Security, not in the library system.
I look like I got
a fucking library card?
Oh, no. Looks like
you're giving me a false name.
when'd you get into town?
Okay. Okay. You know...
I'm not some rube
from the sticks, asshole.
I'm Kenosha P.D., 12 years.
Holy shit, Kenosha.
- Yeah.
- Yeah. Is this a promotion?
So tell me a story. Tell me the one
about the guy outside of Heidebreicht's,
- the guy you poked with that.
- I thought I knew him.
And who is that,
the guy you thought you knew?
My old man.
Fucker up and left when I was a kid.
Guy in the diner, spitting fucking image.
Followed him out, asked him his name.
The guy freaks his shit.
And so you thought you'd get some blood
for a paternity test?
The guy you poked with that,
he's a real good friend of mine,
so I need to know why his blood's
on your fucking knife.
Daddy likes it rough.
Chief, Eugene's out front.
Gene, are you okay?
I mean, we've been calling.
I'm fine. Man, oh, man.
I must have made a spectacle of myself
- running away like that.
- Yeah. Yeah, we were worried about you.
- You get anyone to look at that for you?
- Nah, I'm... You know, it's nothing.
That fellow you brought in,
did he say anything?
Oh, he... he spouted some bunk story.
- What story?
- He thought you were his father.
And it's bullshit.
This kid, he'll say anything.
I want you to let him go.
I mean, he didn't hurt me. He...
Well, he stuck a knife in you, Gene.
No, no more charity cases.
Is he yours?
I'm not gonna press charges.
You don't have to press charges.
Gary, we've been friends a long time.
I never asked for a favor.
I'm asking for one now.
Please let the kid go. Please.
You got a problem, man?
Get in the truck.
- Am I gonna be number 18?
- Get in the truck.
Hey, this is a great dump site.
Isolated, off the highway. This yours?
Bring me out here to show me?
You told the Chief of Police you thought
I was your father. What's wrong with you?
- That loyal prick thinks you're a saint.
- Why would you say that?
Cops liked you for a bunch
of those missing girls, right?
But they couldn't make it stick.
My favorites were the ones
you put in the ground.
I've never been involved
in any kind of violence.
Come on. Scratch marks
in those pine lids.
I want to know how you picked them.
What's the trigger?
What's the thing, goes click in your head,
this one, not that one?
- Debbie Ann Skokie, your first, why...
- If I am who you think I am,
why wouldn't I just kill you right now
and bury you up here
where nobody would ever find you?
I'm not who you think I am.
I'm not, so please stop this, please.
Mr. Visser, I know who you are,
because I'm your biggest fan.
I get it. You're laying low.
You're... You're taking a break.
But I know that that itch doesn't die.
I know. I live with it.
And if I'm gonna learn anything
about who I am and what I am,
it's gonna be from you,
a man with your experience,
because you and me, we are the same.
I looked for you everywhere for so long.
What happened in Chicago
was a horrible mistake.
- They let me go.
- They let you go because you're the best.
They let me go
because they had the wrong man.
It's cold. Go downhill to the highway,
Highway 2. Someone will pick you up.
- You leave me alone!
- You brought me here to leave me?
What the fuck are you doing?
Get the fuck out of the car.
Visser! Visser.
What the fuck?
Monday morning...
Shit, man, you okay?
Kelli, right?
Yeah. I saw you get arrested back there.
- That sucks.
- Yeah, right?
Do you want to use my phone?
Do you need to call somebody?
- Take a ride into town if you could.
- Yeah, come on.
I been trying to leave this spank-ass town
for, like, two years now. Place like this,
they notice everything.
They stare at me like I'm a freak.
I just want to move to the city,
you know, be anonymous.
Guess I just need somebody
to kick me in my big old butt.
- Do you always take this highway home?
- Yep. There's no cops. I speed.
Hey, it's me again.
Where the hell are you?
Just call me back, okay?
Hey, baby.
You working the phones or the corner?
Sorry, tiger.
My mind must be wandering tonight.
Your... mind gonna be wandering
during the middle of my session?
40 bucks, and we'll find out.
- Come on.
- Hey.
- We have a strict touch-and-go policy.
- You touch. I go. That's the point.
I got something special
for a special fella like you.
C.P.D., motherfucker.
You're under arrest.
- Where'd you get those?
- Your little bag of tricks, you perv.
- Going through my shit?
- I didn't go through your shit.
They were sitting right on top.
I grabbed them.
Sit down with me.
Relax. This is supposed to be fun.
So this is gonna be fun?
You have no idea who I am, do you?
That's the fun part.
Come on.
Nod your head if you think
this was fucking stupid.
Man, I just gave you a ride.
We're cool, right?
Stranger, motel,
middle of the night.
What the fuck did you think
was gonna happen?
What? Who is this?
What? You would have
done it better, right?
I mean, of course...
of course you would.
I know. I kinda... I know.
I made a mess. It's...
You know, it got a little sloppy, but,
I mean, I passed your test, right?
- What test?
- You told me go down the highway.
"Someone will pick you up."
You said take Highway 2.
You said that, right? You said that.
You were trying to tell me that... Look.
You knew she'd be out there,
and you knew that I would find her,
and you put me in the perfect
fucking spot. Right? Right?
I'm sorry. Look, I get it. Okay?
You can't trust me.
Why would you? I just showed up
out of the blue. Threatened you.
Yeah, why would you tell me
your deepest and darkest, unless...
unless I got a rope around my neck,
too, right? Well, now I do.
I mean, bringing me in the woods
like that, that was fucking brilliant.
You wanted to see if I wanted it, right?
What do you want from me?
I just... I know there's more,
like there's something else,
there's something that I can't
come up with on my own.
I know you know what I'm talking about.
Who saw you come in?
What? Nobody.
- Grace, the manager.
- Nobody fucking saw me.
Never use that kind of language.
I don't want to hear it out of your mouth.
Can you take care of this?
- You mean, like, to get rid of the body?
- Can you get it squared away?
Yes, sir. No problem.
Come by the shop tomorrow.
Hey, I'm at your place.
Where are you? What's going on?
It's a good look for you.
What the...
Oh, my God.
Fuck. Shit.
Captain, it's Detective Bennett.
Can we meet? It's about McCormack.
- The best haircut I never paid for.
- It's always a pleasure, sir.
Well, next time, I'm getting a Mohawk.
I don't think I remember
how to do one of those things.
- Be careful out there.
- Yeah, you be good.
So he pay you this time?
Chief risks his life every day.
Haircut's the least I can do.
- Cheap-ass fucker.
- There you go again.
Yo, yo.
What's up, man? Welcome. You need a cut?
Yours, Eugene?
Come on, man.
'Cause if he's a walk-in, I gotta get paid.
- What's up, baby? I got you right here, bro.
- Nah, I'm here for Eugene.
He's mine.
Man, this is bullshit. Come on.
Hey, Luis, do me a favor.
Go over to Heidebreicht's.
- Get me a cup of coffee.
- Excuse me?
- And get one for my client, too.
- Black.
Yeah. Why don't I go wash
your goddamn truck while I'm at it?
- What did you just say?
- Come on, Gene.
I mean, who died and made me
a fucking slave, man?
- Shut your filthy mouth.
- Jeez, calm down, man. Whatever.
No, no, not whatever. Not whatever.
The answer is, "Yes, sir, Mr. Van Wingerdt."
I am your boss,
your boss in this place of business.
- Maybe you should just get the coffee.
- Maybe you should shut the fuck up.
- That's it. Get out of here.
- No, no, no. Hold on, man.
You got a foul mouth.
I'm tired of hearing it.
Eugene, look, I'm sorry.
Mr. Van Wingerdt, I'm sorry.
You had your chance. No sorry.
No. No. You had your chance. No.
- Seriously?
- Yeah.
- Why do you let yourself look like that?
- What? What do you mean?
You look like a bum.
I'm not saying dress
to the nines either.
A man's appearance
should always show self-respect,
never self-importance.
That's how you stayed under the radar.
I'm trying to tell you...
how a man should live his life.
Be clean. Don't rush.
That leads to mistakes.
pay attention to the details.
Gene Van Wingerdt, pleasure.
- John LaRue.
- School starts tomorrow, son.
Hey, Cap!
Shit, Bennett. I'm late
for my grandkid's birthday party.
John's gone looking for a man
named Francis A. Visser.
He's going by Eugene Van Wingerdt now.
He's working as a barber
out in Moraine, the same guy...
- ...that you and his father arrested.
- I know who Visser is.
And Thomas McCormack?
Tom was a great detective
and the best man I ever knew.
But he got obsessed with this Visser case.
He worked 24/7 and drank himself sick,
and this... this McCormack, Jr.,
I'm pretty sure he's in that same brain lack.
Well, maybe John found something new.
He's convinced the man is guilty.
So was his Paps.
Tom's cop gut had him convinced
he always brought in the right guy.
He became the worst cop possible.
He went so deep into that darkness
that he'd never see the light again.
You know what he did?
He shot himself in the fucking head.
John said he was killed in the line.
Yeah, well, I guess our boy has a distorted
view of the past, doesn't he?
No, I need to bring him back.
He's off the fucking payroll.
He's off the goddamn reservation.
He's a loose cannon.
Look, kid, I know that he had a rough time,
but he has made his choice, Audrey,
and if you go after him,
then you're off my ranks, too.
The way it is, kid.
Last bell's rung. Tardy.
How'd you get in here?
Grace, the manager,
we go to the same church.
Where'd you get that?
This? From a cop.
He gave it to you?
Yeah. He fucking gave it to me.
Grace saw you leave with Kelli,
Mr. Smart-mouth.
No more smoking.
- What, you never had a bad habit?
- Listen,
everywhere you go,
you are leaving puzzle pieces
for anyone who's looking.
Up and at 'em, slugabed.
We're going shopping for school clothes.
Have I told you I have
a keen interest in birds?
They're such delicate creatures.
See that little birdie over there?
Been watching her for quite a while.
I followed her so many times.
We've been as close as this.
- Size 16, right?
- Yep. Thanks a bunch.
She don't recognize me.
She thinks she only knows me from here
in the store. I want you to follow her.
And then I want you to kill her.
Forget it.
- Listen. Listen to me.
- No, no, no. I already passed this test.
In your mind, count how many times
you could have done it.
And don't make something up.
I know where she goes and what she does.
Show me you can be white noise.
You do that,
and I'll tell you how I got Debbie Ann
to eat out of my hand.
She's off at 2:00.
So wait. Wait. She... She still
doesn't lock that sliding door?
Test's over.
You'd be surprised
what people don't see.
I mean, they just never consider
there's somebody out there watching.
I get close and wait for that one...
unguarded moment.
Debbie Ann.
Debbie Ann was easy to notice.
I watched her for weeks,
just thinking about the whole thing,
just dreaming about doing it.
And I see...
this pretty,
yummy girl,
thin red lips,
thin line between white trash and whore.
And I think,
"Everything's easy for her."
And it just filled me with...
when I was done,
when I finished,
I left her Bible open to Hebrews 9:22.
"There can be no forgiveness
without the shedding of blood."
It's not too original, but I got better.
You never forget your first?
Or your last.
Great work with Judy Lynn today.
Tomorrow's my day off.
Got another field trip in mind.
How many truck stops
do we have in this country?
and every one of them
crawling with ungodly yummies.
This is the insider info
that you're giving up?
Nope. I'm trying to show you
the watch trick.
- The what?
- The watch trick.
See, now, looky here.
That little birdie has just come off
a long shift.
All she wants is to get home,
put on some sweats,
and watch a little reality TV
with her cat.
It's raining like crazy.
You pull up and ask her
if she'd like a ride home
or at least, you know,
somewhere out of the rain.
She knows she shouldn't.
She'll want to say, "No, thank you."
And that's when you do this.
That's the watch trick?
You're late. You got places to go.
You just stopped out of the kindness
of your heart to get her out of the rain.
- Who'd you use this on?
- No more out of me
till I see you get that girl
into this truck.
- Hi.
- Hey.
You look like you want to get out
of the rain. You want a ride somewhere dry?
No, it's cool. One of my friends
is gonna come get me.
That's kinda why I stopped.
I barely got through.
They closed the road down
because of the rain.
- Shit.
- Come on. You're getting soaked.
No, it's fine. Thank you.
Wait, are... Wait.
Are you sure you don't mind?
Yeah. No, really, I don't.
It's not a big deal.
Okay. Thanks.
- I'm not done.
- Coffee's from those fellas.
Said black, right?
That right, bro?
Bet you ain't saying anything now?
I got your "fuck you" right here, man.
Let me tell you something, bro.
You see, I've been pushing a broom
two years over there,
you know, laughing at his
fucking jokes and shit.
What, you appearing out of nowhere,
and suddenly I'm on the outside looking in.
Nah, fuck that, man.
I'm in line for that shop.
- Hey, hey, hey.
- Fuck you gonna do?
I know you got me fired, right, bitch?
You ain't doing shit, man. You ain't
doing shit. You a pussy. That's right.
Lucky these motherfuckers don't fuck
your ass up right now. What you gonna do?
- You're pretty tough with all your boys?
- Yeah, that's right. That's right.
What the fuck you looking at?
You two are fucking adorable,
by the way.
- Where you going, bro?
- Thank you so much.
I'm gonna go take a piss. You wanna
shake it for me, you little faggot?
That's right. Walk away, baby.
Walk away.
Believe this shit?
Punk ass.
Sorry about that.
- Van Wingerdt's.
- I knew you'd be there this early.
- Yo, I ran into your boy last night.
- I swear, if you hurt him...
Look, nothing happened. Okay?
But I found something on him, man.
I don't have time for this, Luis.
Please, man.
Look, he's not who he says he is.
Look, the last thing I want is for you
to be taken advantage of, man.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I can come by and show you,
Mr. Van Wingerdt.
One hour.
What the fuck? Fuck.
Oh, shit.
Shit. Shit. Shit.
No, no!
Let's go. Come on.
Get the fuck down. Get the fuck down.
Let me see your fucking hands.
Where's it at?
- Where's what, man?
- Oh, where's what?
You don't know what the fuck
I'm talking about? Where's the badge?
- It's in my fucking pocket.
- Oh, it's in your pocket.
- I knew you were a fucking cop, man.
- Yeah, you knew I was a cop. Get the fuck up.
Right over here.
What you running from, baby?
Why didn't you say good-bye to me last night?
- Fuck you, man.
- Oh, fuck me?
You listening yet? You see this?
You're not gonna tell anybody about this,
not your homies, not Eugene, nobody.
You know what?
I don't fucking believe you.
I know your type. You say one thing
when you're playing the victim
and another thing
when you get back to the crib.
Maybe you're just forgetful. I don't know.
I don't know. But you know what?
- It makes me fucking sick.
- No.
So here's what we're gonna do.
I'm gonna leave you with something...
- ...that you won't forget about.
- Fuck. No, no. I swear, fucking swear.
- I swear to God I won't say anything.
- "I swear to god." Shut the fuck up. You ready?
You breathe a word about me,
and I will cut your tongue from your mouth,
and I will fucking feed it to you.
- You got me?
- I got you, man. I sw...
- Are you sure? Are you sure?
- I swear to God, man. I got you.
No, no, please. Please.
I got you, man. I got you.
- So you'll fucking remember?
- I promise, man. I swear.
- Have a nice fucking day.
- Fucking...
Excuse me.
Here we go.
Hey, mister. Do you know
if this is the way to the Vagabond?
I'm totally turned around.
Boy, you sure are. It's east
about a mile and a half. Want a lift?
Oh, no, it's okay.
I don't mind the walk.
Thanks, though.
Come on. I'm headed that way.
Really, it's okay.
Suit yourself.
Sure it's cool, tiger?
No trouble at all.
You should wear your seatbelt.
Can't be too careful.
Thanks for picking me up.
I don't know anyone here.
I sure don't mind
making new friends, though.
You get lonely out here?
Where we going?
Well, I know a shortcut.
You know, we don't have
to go straight to the motel.
We can go wherever you want,
and I'll make you come real fast.
Today is your lucky day, young lady.
- And why is that?
- Because I picked you up.
Well, let's get lucky then, tiger.
You listen to me.
You're a pretty girl,
and this is a nice town,
but that don't mean bad people
don't live here.
You really should be more careful.
Look like you had a fight
with a grain thresher.
Luis have anything to do with this?
Why would he?
Is there something
you should be telling me, John?
- What did he say?
- That he had something to show me.
Know what that was?
Luis is full of shit, Eugene.
If he really had something to show you,
why didn't he show up this morning?
Why would he say those things?
He thinks that I'm here trying to steal
his job. Did he tell you that?
No. Right?
See, I have been on the up-and-up
with you since day one.
How'd you do in the fight?
I held my own.
- Can you drive?
- Yeah. Yeah.
You'll come to my place tonight.
You can't take care of yourself here.
No, no, no, no. I'm good.
You don't have to do that.
No. I won't take no for an answer.
I've got a vacant room
in a big old house
with nothing but...
dandelions and dust bunnies
taking up residence.
Oh, no, no, no. Don't... Don't worry.
I'll grab my stuff. It's okay, really.
Let's go by the shop
and get you cleaned up first.
You've become like a son to me.
Have a seat.
Did your father teach you how to shave?
It's one of the few lessons in life
reserved exclusively for sons.
You never watched him?
He wasn't really around.
Preparation is very important
in shaving, son.
The lather should always be thick,
never foamy,
and always go on...
You sure you want to get into this?
I'm here, aren't I?
Yeah. Yeah. All right.
There was...
There was this detective once who...
got it in his head I was the guy
for a case he was working.
Couldn't let it go. Head back.
So one day,
he shows up out of nowhere,
hauls me in, and starts
grilling me about some phone calls.
Apparently this detective
had been getting calls from some...
phantom caller
claiming he'd abducted a woman,
buried her alive. Relax your face.
So he showed me the transcripts
of these calls, right,
see how I'd react to 'em.
And this guy would say things like,
"I took another one, Tom,
told her not to panic.
"If she stays calm,
you have at least two hours."
Every time another girl went missing,
he'd get another call and just...
go into this frenzy, trying to piece together
clues before it was too late.
This guy would ask him,
"Is that enough time?
You have all the time you need."
I never seen anyone so angry.
And there was this one thing
I'll never forget.
He says, "You lost another one, Tom.
"You never could figure out how to put
your ear to the ground and...
really listen.
And the girls,
they never really could stay calm."
I guess they went...
back and forth like that
until this cop couldn't take it anymore.
He knew there was something odd
about me, and I told him
I didn't know anything about the calls
or the girls, but he didn't believe me.
He was so sure.
'Course they had nothing hard on me
and had to release me.
By that time...
some photographer had made me famous.
And that was when I decided to...
move up here,
start over fresh.
Out with the old...
and in with the new.
Would you look at that?
There's a handsome young man
under there.
You know,
there are a few things
that a man needs in life...
and a good razor's one.
- No, I can't... I can't take that.
- Please.
- No, really.
- Please. I really want you to.
Thank you, Eugene.
Don't mention it.
it's not the Ritz.
It's home.
It's just some stuff I had
and stuff I saved.
You hungry?
No. Thank you.
Need anything? Glass of water?
Only thing I need is
what you keep not giving me.
Well, then,
maybe you should boil it down
to what it really is you're looking for.
They arrested you,
turned you upside down,
and you still walked away. That's it.
That's... That's all I'm after.
I need you to teach me
how to get away with it.
But not until you get some rest.
- No.
- Okay.
John, I'm really glad you're here.
Here for Thanksgiving.
- Eugene.
- I need to talk to the Chief.
- Everything okay, Eugene?
- I want to report an assault.
Damn it, Gene.
Are you talking about that punk again?
Yeah, we had a call last night
about a fight over at the car wash.
You know, maybe that greaseball Luis
didn't start it. You ever think about that?
Luis didn't start it. I did.
Luis was jealous as all hell.
I don't want anything
to happen to him, to Luis,
but I want it on record
Luis assaulted John first.
Okay. Okay.
We'll take care of it.
where's John now?
You're sitting there, telling me
you don't know where he is?
Yeah, that's what I'm saying, Gary.
I just got a phone call from Sheriff Pullman.
He's over in the next county.
They found the body of a female torn apart
by coyotes over at Petenwell Lake.
They're still working on a positive I.D.,
but if that turns out to be Kelli,
I'm gonna be doing a whole lot more
than talking to your friend.
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
- Oh, my God.
- I'm...
Wait, wait.
What the fuck are you doing here?
What do you think I'm doing here?
Have you lost your mind?
Do you know whose house you're in?
This is Visser's house.
Yeah, well, then I'll say hello,
because I was with him this morning.
- What?
- Yeah. I hitched a ride.
- I gave him every opportunity to kill me...
- Are you...
...or fuck me or whatever,
and he took offense, John.
He took offense because he doesn't act
on impulse like that.
He stakes them out.
He plans out every yummy detail.
Listen to me.
I've read the homicide files, okay?
They cut him loose for a reason.
Yeah, because they didn't have any idea
who they were dealing with, just like you.
They had no motives, no prints,
no DNA, nothing.
Because he's too smart for that shit.
He's too clever.
Okay. So what are you gonna get him on,
what, the candlestick in the library?
I've got him convinced that I'm a killer,
too. He's been teaching me.
- I've had to do things.
- Oh, my God.
I got him this close
to telling me everything.
He's lying to you.
Baby, he's not lying to me. I'm lying to him.
I'm playing this motherfucker.
He has a box of this shit
in his basement.
It's a front, John, okay?
He's playing a part, just like you.
You didn't hear the way that he talked to me
about everything that happened,
the way that he talked about my father.
Your father was wrong.
Not about Visser. There's no way he was
wrong, because he gave up everything.
He gave up his family
and his career and his life.
And you.
Yeah, and me.
I can't.
I can't watch you go down the same hole.
We can't do this right now.
You gotta get out of here, okay?
You have to go right now.
I asked you to teach me
how to get away with it,
and you never did, because you couldn't,
because you never did it.
The watch trick,
it wasn't yours. Kemper used it.
Right here,
there's a chapter
on how to kill people in your head,
the aura phase, right?
And then... And then right here,
underlined and highlighted,
the unguarded moment,
it's exactly what you said to me.
What did you do? You just learned
everything from these books,
and then you just puked it out
at me like it was yours?
I told you who I was
that night in the woods.
But you wanted me to be
this awful person, and I figured...
who better? I've lived it.
It's because they said that it was you,
and people believed it.
I believed it.
And then I believed you.
No one has listened to me
for a long time.
I'd almost make it true...
if you'd stay.
I got a bad heart, arthritis.
Life's a gift from God,
and I've wasted it,
no good works, no kids.
There was a lady I loved once
back in Chicago, Sharon.
I was gonna adopt her son Franklin.
Man, oh, man, did that kid love me.
They handcuffed me
right in front of them.
I'll never forget how scared
they were, their faces.
The man who arrested me was so cruel.
He didn't care I had a family.
He didn't care a boy
was gonna be without a dad.
When they let me go,
I went to see her.
She looked at me like I was a monster.
I never saw them again.
What I did to you,
lying all this time...
there's no excuse.
There's no excuse.
But if you'd please stay
until after dinner tomorrow...
you would surely make
an old man's Harvest Day.
- Yello.
- So you two playing house over there?
Don't have a clue
what you're talking about.
Hardaway came snooping around yesterday
wanting to know if I talked to your boy.
- What do you want, Luis?
- Well, my last check
and pain and suffering for my injuries.
How 'bout that?
Oh, okay. Come on by the shop
couple or three days, and we'll...
Nah, nah, nah. Let's do this now, Gene.
I've gotta go by the shop, see Luis.
- Eugene, I think...
- I won't be long.
Yo, Eugene.
Fucking kidding me?
What the f...
Hey, let go of my fucking hand, man.
Let go of my fucking hand, Eugene.
What's wrong with you, man?
Kidding me, man?
Give me the fucking check.
Not bad.
You still there, son?
- Yeah?
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Mr. Van Wingerdt?
We met yesterday.
You gave me a lift in your truck.
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm...
Look, I'm really, really busy right now.
I know that I... I told you
that I didn't know anyone in town.
- Actually, I'm here to see John.
- John?
- You guys know each other?
- Yeah.
Well, I, you know, knew him...
a couple times.
- And he told me to meet him here.
- Here?
Yeah. I really need to speak with him.
It's important.
Oh, okay. Sure. Come on in.
So he's here?
Yeah. He's here.
He's out back.
Hey, Visser.
You didn't think this was over,
did you, John?
You've known all along who I was, right?
That bit about you being a serial killer,
that was truly inspired.
And that thing with Kelli in the tub,
you might just be better at this
than your old man.
You may not believe me, son, but...
I never intended for him to go
and shove that gun in his mouth.
Thomas stopped answering my calls,
tried to go on living a normal life,
- whatever that is.
- Stop talking about him.
Girl came around looking for you,
pretty thing.
I told her not to panic, John.
That's the key.
She stays calm, well...
- you might find her.
- Where is she?
You have all you need,
one hour, maybe two.
That seems fair.
All right, get the fuck up. Come on.
Man, you have officially
fucked yourself for life.
- Give me your keys. Let's go. Let's go.
- Okay, okay. Okay.
Okay. Eugene is not who you think he is.
He's a serial killer
named Francis Allen Visser...
- Knock off the story.
- He murders women.
You know what? Look at this, this photo,
that picture. He ever show you that?
Look at that. He bought this photo.
He made it all up,
and he's starting again.
Chief, he takes those girls,
and he buries them alive.
Is that what you did to Kelli?
Did you bury her alive?
No, I didn't bury her alive! I left Kelli
in her car up by Highway 2 with...
When you're ready, drive out of this
shit town, and don't ever come back, okay?
Shit. Oh, God.
Kid, get me out of here!
Gary, what are you doing in there?
- Eugene. Thank God.
- There we are.
That kid you've been hanging out with,
he's gone off the rails.
He's talking about you burying people.
Fuck! Audrey!
Oh, shit. What do I do? Oh, fuck.
Can anybody hear me?!
Somebody help me.
- Audrey?
- Hello?!
Hello?! I'm down here!
- John, I'm down here!
- I got you! I got you!
Baby? Baby, you hear me?
Get me out of here. Get me out of here.
This must be real exciting for you,
following in your daddy's footsteps.
Fuck you.
Shame the way that ended.
- Shit.
- Gotta give him credit,
real bulldog, never let up.
You know, I've got Hardaway
in the car right now.
He's got your fake family photos.
He knows you're a liar.
You think I'm going down
for a couple postcards? Some fairy tale?
What about Luis or Kelli?
Kelli. I had to follow the two of you
all the way out there to finish that one off.
And I gotta be honest.
With a yummy ass like that girl had...
it was fun.
You gotta know you're not walking
away from this.
Son, look at me, son. I'm an old man.
I've always walked away.
Oh, God,
- a lifetime of walking away.
- Fuck you.
As long as there's nothing
linking me to Luis,
I walk right out of that police station
just like I did with your daddy.
You, on the other hand, you really
should have been more careful.
You are leaving puzzle pieces
everywhere you go.
You've been setting me up.
And here you are, the smoking gun.
I gave John an antique straight razor.
Grace, the manager,
saw you leave with Kelli.
Careful with what you leave behind.
You came here to bring me to justice.
I'm not gonna soft-serve it for you.
You failed.
- Just let... Just let... Let her go.
- Nah. I just don't think it's in my nature.
But don't worry. It'll be over soon.
And then you'll feel everything
your daddy felt.
Fuck you.
Audrey. Audrey.
Audrey, it's me. You okay?
I thought I was dead.
I always wondered what it'd be like
to see somebody get out.
Fuck you.
Go get the Chief.
Don't bother.
He's had an unfortunate incident.
Maybe we can't pin Luis on you,
but Audrey right here
is a walking, talking piece of evidence
that didn't stay in the box,
and now we got the Chief, too.
And you know something?
- You lost, Eugene.
- Well, that's a matter of opinion.
- Oh, really? Explain that to me.
- Yeah. Girl stays in the ground,
another notch, no big deal.
But the day I'm caught is the day
everybody learns the real scary truth.
It's the guy next door,
guy who sits too close in the theater,
maybe even at church,
plain, ordinary, the everyday man.
That's the guy they should be afraid of,
'cause they never see him coming.
It'll be quite a story.
A son catches the killer
who beat his dad,
and right at the center
of it all will be...
me, Frank Visser, me.
I never lose, son,
never, ever.
What are you doing?
I'm calling it in.
Can't listen to this shit anymore.
What if we didn't?
What do you mean?
I mean...
- what if we don't call it in?
- We're cops. What are you saying?
That's what he wants.
He wants us to arrest him
and connect him to all those murders
so he gets the fame and the credit
and all that shit, so the whole world
can see how fucking brilliant he is.
But the only way that doesn't happen...
Is if we bury him. If we bury you...
and everything you've done.
- You couldn't do it.
- Oh, really?
You're right. It won't be easy.
It's all about adapting.
It's what you've been doing
this whole time, right?
Well, I'm adapting. It's just a matter
of being careful, being clean.
Trust me. We won't rush.
Hardest part's gonna be the Chief,
making that look like an accident,
but we'll figure something out.
We're gonna make sure the world
never knows
that Eugene Van Wingerdt
was once Francis Allen Visser.
You'll be the first one
the cops haul in.
I'm sure. I'm sure they'll work me
for hours, days even. It doesn't matter.
If they don't have the evidence,
they can't hold me.
Isn't that right?
Isn't that what you taught me?
You'll never get away with it.
Maybe, maybe not.
But they'll never find out about you.
They'll never know who you really were.
Maybe I'll think about you
on Thanksgiving when I'm carving
my turkey, maybe, or when I shave.
But no one else.
No one will ever think of you, Eugene...
never again. You'll be forgotten,
like it never fucking happened.
That's pretty good, isn't it?
Hey, I had a good teacher.
You know, I got something else, though,
that you never had, an alibi.
Right, baby?
What do you think?
I can't do it on my own.
You with me?
We better get started.
No. No! No! No!
- You have all you need...
- No!
- hour, maybe two.
- No, please!
- That seems fair.
- No! No!
are you okay?