The Bastard Sons (2023) Movie Script

Vincent, hey. It's me.
Wish you would pick up
the phone more often.
It's been four weeks, baby.
Okay, we all loved him.
Just-- just let me know
you're okay.
Come home.
Please, we need you.
I love you. I love you.
I'm not a good man.
Everything I learned in life
was from my father,
Enzo Damiano.
He was a self-made man.
He was ruthless.
Heartless. Brutal.
He needed to be.
I didn't play soccer and shit
growing up.
Never had swimming lessons
and never went camping.
I was taught how to spot
the guy who was bluffing.
How to hit someone so it hurt,
handle cash, hustle.
He trained me like a soldier.
To be like him.
My father began this business
30 years ago
with his partner, Frank Rome.
He brought me in when I was 18.
I had to earn my own respect,
same way everyone else did.
So I got my own crew together,
my brothers.
We really didn't have a choice.
Enzo said he always wanted me
to take over the business.
I knew Rome would have
an issue with that.
And when the old man told me
he was getting ready
to step down and bump me up,
he ended up dead
two weeks later.
Eye for an eye,
tooth for a tooth.
First lesson
my father ever taught me.
Second lesson:
Take what's yours.
Five minutes.
-More like 20 minutes, man.
Hey, how are you?
- How you doing?
- I'm all right.
Good to see you.
You good?
-Yeah, I'm good.
Okay, I'll get the bag.
Come on.
How's the guys?
They're ready.
How you guys
doing for money?
- We're good.
- You sure?
-Yeah, we're good.
-Liv is doing all right?
Yeah, yeah.
We kept an eye on her for you.
-I appreciate it.
She's a toughie.
- Yeah. My fireball.
- Yeah.
-Must have heard from Rome,
Oh, yeah.
We jammed him up big.
You know, with your father
not around,
still trying to put together
the pieces.
-Yeah, there he is.
So, when you back?
Yeah, later on. I got
to handle something real quick,
and then I'm gonna shoot up.
You coming over later?
-I hear all the boys
are getting back together.
Just tying up some ends
in Asbury with Ray-Boy
and then I'm shooting up.
-All right,
I'll see you later on.
-All right. See you later.
Let's hit the diner.
-You sure
your cousin's good to go?
-Yeah, he's ready when we are.
There's a piece
in the glove box.
-Nah, I'm all right.
-Vincent, take the piece.
-He's not stupid, yo.
- I'd feel
a hell of a lot better
if you just took it.
-Dobs, he does something stupid,
he's getting off tonight, right?
-Sooner than that.
-Okay. He needs me.
He needs money.
We jammed him up good.
-All right.
Big's inside.
Just in case.
You got this.
-Stay focused.
-All right.
- Yup.
- Hey. Eyes on you.
Car to my right.
All right.
-Stay cool, Vin.
Pick a card now.
Pick a card now.
You have ten points left. Turn.
You're going down.
Let's see what you have.
Let me see if you know
what you're doing.
I'll tell you right now.
-Good to fuckin' see ya, Vin.
-You too.
-Sorry to hear 'bout your dad.
-Oh. Thanks. Thanks.
Yeah. Did Dobs call you?
-Yeah, couple hours ago.
I shot right over.
-All right. Uh--
'Preciate it.
You'll be here for a while?
-Yeah, I'll be here, man.
Do your thing.
Let me know.
Want me to come up?
-Nah, I'm good. Thanks.
-Just say the word, Vin.
- All right.
- Hurry up.
Fifty on Frankie--
oh, shit!
Oh, shit! Vin!
What's up, bro?
Good to see you, man.
Huh? Yo!
Wait-- what the--
what day is it?
-It's Tue-- it's Wednesday.
-Fuck, man. All right.
I-- I put the GPS on
the other night,
you're good to go.
-Yeah. Uh, go square up
with Dobs,
he's in the car.
-Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
-Sorry to hear
about your father, Vin.
-Thanks, Joe. I appreciate it.
What's up, buddy?
Yeah, man.
You need anything, let us know.
All right.
You got it. You got it.
Where's, uh, Rome? Upstairs?
He's waiting for you.
All right. Cool.
Boy, what's up, man?
-Come in.
- Hey. Hey.
-Hey. Hey.
There he is.
What's going on?
Good to see you, buddy.
- Thank you.
-Good. How you doin'?
Good to see you.
Oh, it's good to see you.
- You, too.
- Hey.
What's going on?
You good?
-Yeah, yeah. Thanks, man.
-You good?
-Guys, take off.
Obviously, we have a little
catching up to do.
Say hello.
-Man, it's uh, nice to see you.
- Then say goodbye.
- You, too.
This what you do?
- Hey, what up?
-You disappear
and then you just pop up?
How you been, brother?
- How are you?
-I'm all right.
You tell me how you been.
It's been a long time.
- Yeah.
-Yeah. I'm sorry
to hear about your dad.
-Thanks, man.
-You got some talking to do.
-Yes, we do. Yeah.
-Well, you want to
get through that.
-We'll talk. All right?
I'll give you a call
tomorrow or somethin'.
-You sure about that?
Slow it down. Okay?
-Okay. Okay. I will.
Say hi to the kids, huh?
-Close the door.
Thank you.
-How you doing, bro?
-Where's your crew been?
-Why don't you
ask your mother?
-Flip, Flip,
Would you give us a few, please?
You want a drink?
Let me get you a drink.
-Yeah, I'll take a drink.
We were worried
about you, Vincent.
Salute, to your,
uh, to your dad.
Please, sit down.
Sit down. Relax.
-So, uh... so how are you?
-I know you're probably worried
a little bit, but I'm fine.
I owe you an apology, Rome.
I just couldn't be here.
-Well, you lost your dad.
And I lost a brother.
And I dealt with it my way,
behind closed doors.
And, um... yes,
it is going to be hard
for us to move forward,
but we've got to do it.
-Yeah, I know.
I just appreciate
you giving me that time.
Thank you.
-I didn't have a choice, did I?
We took a big hit, Vincent.
-Yeah, I just found out
about that.
-You're telling me
you didn't know
that your own brothers
were telling everybody
that they would
cut off their dicks
if they worked
while you were gone?
You didn't know that?
-They got their own minds, Rome.
-We've been completely
shut down for a month, okay?
We've dug
a really deep hole here.
-I'm gonna handle it.
-That's a lot of
cleaning up, Vincent.
-I'll handle it.
All right?
-Okay, okay,
it is what it is now.
You-- you're ready to
come back to work?
-That's why I'm here.
-And you're ready
to give the okay
for all our operations now?
-You don't need my okay, Rome.
-Well, apparently we do.
I mean, these guys
are family men.
They don't want
their dicks cut off.
-Yeah, it's all clear. Yeah.
-Okay. Okay.
Business first?
- All right.
Your-- your brothers,
they around?
They're around. Yeah.
-Good. And is--
is tomorrow too soon?
No, it's
good. -Good. Because, uh--
we got a big delivery
from Butchie.
You want to do security?
-He was asking for you,
told to send you regards.
So you-- you want to
do this yourself?
-Yeah, I'll bring Dobs with me.
- Good. Good.
All right, Flip will
give you all the details.
We'll have the cash
ready when you leave.
Right now, okay?
-And, uh-- our friends
in North Jersey, you know,
our movers, they're like
two months behind.
I couldn't even send anyone.
So my idea is I'll send
the guys to do that.
Is that all right with you?
-Yeah, they can do it tomorrow.
Don't you want to be there?
-They're good.
Okay, give me a minute.
Hey, Flip. Um, listen,
bring the, uh, the cookies
for Vincent
to give to Butchie, all right?
And everybody else, listen up.
We're back to work.
Everything's on schedule, okay?
Back to work.
-And Barca, call everyone
who isn't here.
You know what to tell them.
All right.
Okay, we got that done.
Yeah, so...
on to other business.
I think I know who did this.
-I'm listening.
-I don't know if
I should tell you, Vincent.
I mean, not right now.
It's way too soon
for us to make a move.
-Rome, tell me.
-Vincent, listen to me.
If we make a move,
we will start a war.
We haven't made a dime
in over a month.
We have a lot of
catching up to do.
Now, if it was your father--
and God rest his soul,
I respect him--
he would have rolled already,
all right?
You know, if anything
happened to you or me,
he would have rolled,
because he's got
the mind of a warrior.
And I say this with complete
respect and love for him.
But you? You're smarter
in a lot of ways.
So I'm asking you,
and I'm telling you
that I need you to just
keep your emotions tight,
just for a little bit,
all right?
It's good for business.
We rebuild,
and then we take out every one
of those motherfuckers.
Trust me.
Vince, I need to know
you're with me on this, okay?
I need to know
you can keep your head.
Can you do that?
I feel if I tell you,
you'll lose control.
I mean, I'm having trouble
keeping fucking control, okay?
-Do I know him?
-No, no, but I do.
And he and your father
went way, way, way back.
I know this motherfucker,
and I know that this strategy
is the right one
to deal with him.
And we'll get these pricks
when the time is right.
-Next week.
Give me
a fucking break.
You know, Rome,
I think I'm being
pretty fucking cool right now.
And I'm keeping cool for you
and everybody else.
You gotta tell me next week.
-Okay. I'll tell you next week,
but Vincent, if we
want to come out on top,
we gotta play chess here.
You understand?
-Of course I understand.
I'm a Damiano.
I know the fucking game, Rome.
-I know you do.
All right, good.
Let me know how everything
goes tomorrow, okay?
-I will.
Thanks for the drink.
I'm glad you're back.
I'm glad you're okay.
- All right.
- All right.
-I'll let you know
when it's handled, all right?
-You square up
with Darius yet?
-I'll see 'im
when I see 'im.
-Not the guy
to owe money to.
He's a big boy,
he'll be all right.
-It's your ass, motherfucker.
Switch. Who's in that car?
Uh, new guy. Gummy.
-Yeah, he's a fucking dick.
-Go inside and tell, uh,
tell Big to square up with him.
-All right.
-All right.
How'd it go?
-It went.
-Whatcha doing, man?
-She know you're coming?
-Yep. Just texted her
when we left.
All right.
I'll get your bag.
All right.
Hey, what time tonight?
-Somewhere around eight.
-All right,
make sure you're awake.
You got a lot of
catching up to do.
- Come on, man.
-Hey, Liv.
- Hey.
I missed you.
- Don't you fucking ever...
- Hey, hey, Liv.
-...fucking do that again.
-Oh, oh.
- Ever.
- I'll see you guys later then.
-Okay, come here, come here,
come here, come here. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Jesus Christ, man.
Liv, chill.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Okay? Come on.
Man, you hit hard.
You been working out?
Come on,
let's go inside.
Come here, you.
What are you
thinking about?
Don't say "nothing".
-One day at a time, baby.
I'm sorry
I had to leave you.
It wasn't fair.
I just can't believe
that day came, you know.
I never thought
it would happen. Ever.
I keep thinking
about his last moments.
-You guys have any idea who?
No, not really.
There's nothing I can do now
anyway. I just wanna...
I don't know what I wanna do.
I just wanna move on
with you.
What happened
with Rome before?
-You know, it went.
That's it.
Back to business.
-You know
you can talk to me, Vince.
I'm here, okay?
You keep everything inside.
I mean, I'm worried about you.
You know, what happened to Enzo
scares the shit out of me.
Oh, that's
never gonna happen to me.
We've got a lot of life
to live, you and me.
I'm not gonna
jeopardize that, okay?
-I know.
-Do you?
Hey. Come on.
The guys are coming over
in a little while.
Got stuff to talk about tonight.
We'll be down in the basement.
-We got a lot to go over.
All right. I'll go get a drink
with Amanda and the girls.
The other guys
keep in touch with you or what?
- Yes, almost every single day.
- Good.
-They were worried
about you too.
-What about Rome?
You hear from him?
-Yeah, he sent me
a food basket and some cash.
A few days after you left.
But I felt guilty
spending the money.
-Yeah, don't.
I'll make some coffee, you want?
- Sure thing.
- All right.
- That was quick.
- I forgot my phone.
Light and sweet?
- Yes, please.
The right hand was cocked then,
but it didn't-- didn't go.
Held it back.
He's waiting for that shot,
and he missed there
with the right hand.
He misses that hard right,
missing by a good inch.
The right hand was cocked then,
but it didn't-- didn't go.
Held it back.
He's heading for that shot
and he missed there
with the right hand.
He misses that hard right,
missing by a good inch.
And he's ready
to stab him with a left
and then to follow
with a right.
But there he missed
with the left,
and got him,
and got a good hard
right to the eye,
and then he got another slicing
left hand across the face.
Just missed him.
A little further back,
it might have done some damage.
Now over there,
in the other corner,
the other neutral corner,
they're in a tangle once again
in the center of the ring.
He's forcing him against--
- What, baby?
The boys are here!
-All right.
- very long three minutes
which dropped him in the first
minute of the round.
- Shit.
Yo, man, where's he at?
He downstairs?
Coming down these stairs
is the only family I got left.
We were raised
together like we were blood.
Brought up like soldiers.
Fucking short jokes, bro.
-Oh, my God, man.
You look good, man.
-All right. Come on.
I'm all right.
Come on, boy.
What's up, baby?
Let's get some
up in here, man.
I got a little.
Thank you, thank you.
Thank you.
His old man was my dad's
right hand for years.
Then one day he was just gone.
Dad took Marco in,
and that was that.
I don't really remember
growing up without him.
Donny Mac...
Donny's father
was my dad's best friend,
but he was a fuck-up.
A gambler.
Everyone loved him,
but he owed too many people.
A couple days before
he got whacked,
he begged my dad
to watch over his kid
in case anything
happened to him.
I got another brother
when I was 10.
Darius Jackson.
Dude's in the hurt business.
Always has been
since he was young.
He actually held my dad up
when he was 12 at gunpoint.
Dad thought
he had a pair of balls,
so he gave him a G and
offered him a job on the spot.
Been with the family
ever since.
And Dobson. He's my cousin.
When my dad's big
brother didn't
come back from the Gulf War,
Dobs became my big brother.
My bad.
-What's with the circle jerk,
-Waitin' on you, Liv!
Jumpin' in?
-Uh, no. Thank you.
Vin? I'm headed out.
You need anything?
-No, I'm good, baby.
-See you boys later.
-So, when we'd become
the circle jerk boys?
Just now, I guess.
Man, I missed you guys. Shit.
And I'm about to throw
a lot at you,
so just bear with me, all right?
Go ahead. What's up?
-Next couple days
are gonna be hot.
I know it's soon,
but tomorrow...
tomorrow we gotta do some work.
-So you're not wasting
no more fucking time, huh?
-Nah, there's no time to waste.
So just hear me out.
Okay, you might not be crazy
about what I'm about to say,
but, uh-- take my word for it.
It's the only way.
-Go ahead. What's up?
-So as you know,
a couple weeks before Dad died,
he talked to me
about bumping up.
And since him and Rome
were partners,
every single business we owned,
bakery, car wash,
the laundromat,
everything was co-owned
by the both of them on paper.
Half of that was supposed to be
transitioned over to my name.
So Dad and Rome
had a sit-down.
And Rome wasn't having it.
They had a big
disagreement, man.
He said he saw a shift
in him that night
that he never saw before.
He kept eyes on him,
and he started noticing
money getting moved around
the way it shouldn't have been.
So he checked into it,
he looked at Rome's books,
and sure enough, he was right.
There was a couple
big money transactions
that were never approved.
And that never happened
in all the years
they were working together.
So he felt it.
He knew it. He saw it.
I fucking know
that Rome saw his chance
and he made his move.
I know it.
I know it was him.
Get the fuck out of here.
-Rome's gotta go.
-I swear I had a feeling.
-I was fighting it.
So we jump too soon,
we got nothing.
All the money's
tied up with him...
in who the fuck knows what.
So wherever he goes,
the money goes too.
So right now,
it's off the table.
Damn, Vin.
I was hoping
we could work tonight.
No, we can't.
We just can't.
Fuck, man.
So I got a plan.
So to start, Sasso.
Sasso asked me
to buy into the bar.
He wants me to buy out Rome.
He just found out Rome
was skimming off the top
for the past two years
and he is not happy about it.
So I buy into the bar,
I take care of it. All right?
Not asking you guys
to dip in on that.
Then we got weekly income.
We got a place of business,
we got a start.
It's not a lot of money,
but it's something.
And there's more. Dobs.
-Couple of days
after Enzo passed...
I was thinking a lot about what
Vincent's talking about now.
Us not having revenue.
It's just not an option.
Us going on like we have been,
it's not an option either.
-D, you remember my cousin
Michael from New York?
-Yeah. Big boy with the hog.
Got a nice little crew with him.
Michael's been trying
to push with Enzo for a while.
Being that we're loyal
to our connects upstate,
we just never did it.
Now, the product's getting hot.
And they're in desperate need
for someone to push it.
What's the name?
-It's called PRYDE.
-Pride, huh?
And it's selling like
water during a drought.
- Wait a minute.
So you're saying we're
gonna be "selling Pride"?
That's kind of
a weird thing to say, no?
call it whatever the fuck
you wanna call it.
Call it Jesus Christ
for all I care.
Name doesn't matter.
What matters is that it sells...
Guys, we get our hands
on this product--
-We bust a move...
Then we in business on our own?
I'm gonna
talk to him tonight.
I'll get some details
and I'll let you guys know.
-How much we buying for?
-A mil.
-Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
A mil?
- Damn.
-That's fucking steep, no?
-We can handle it.
-How the fuck
we pulling that off?
Oh, Vin, all my shit's
tied up right now.
I don't got a fifth of that
laying around.
-And we can't get
a small load to start?
-We'll be all right.
-'Cause I sat down with Rome
this morning.
-Wait, what the fuck
did you do, man?
-Why the fuck would you do
some dumb shit like that?
-What the fuck?
-Okay, I was with him.
Should have
fucking said something.
-Alright, he talked to the cunt.
He straightened it out.
-You should have took
all of us with you, Vin.
-How the fuck am I gonna
take you all with me?
I could barely control myself in
front of that motherfucker, man.
No, he's right though.
'Cause I would have
killed that motherfucker.
-Look, it's done.
-So you're telling me you just
sat with Rome and talked?
-First time you talked
since the funeral?
-I'm guessing you must have
talked about Enzo, right?
He said he knows who did it,
but he didn't want to tell me
in case I retaliated.
-Fucking coward.
-'Cause he know we were gonna
murder that motherfucker.
-Fellas! Fellas,
you gotta stop, all right?
It's taking every ounce
of energy in me to be cool.
Just fucking stop.
-Vin, we got it. Go ahead.
Tomorrow's a big day.
Rome gave me a suitcase
with 250K to buy powder
off our main supplier, Butchie.
The deal is to go there,
grab the powder,
and keep that fucking cash.
We're doing the deal under Rome,
so he'll have to answer for it.
And then, we have
a really big money pickup
with our dealer
from North Jersey.
We're looking at 550K.
So I scheduled both
at the same time;
we're splittin' up.
Works in our favor
because by the time
we're done ripping off Butchie,
you guys will already be done.
You see where
I'm going with this?
Now we're talking,
we got powder to push,
we got 800K in our pocket.
We match up internally
with 200K,
we're in business
with the PRYDE.
I'm gonna roll with Dobs,
we're gonna go handle Butchie.
You guys are gonna get together,
you're gonna meet with
this jerk-off named Guy.
He's a shady motherfucker.
So you need a little more
manpower there, just in case.
All this happens first.
And then we deal with Rome.
That's it? Nothing?
-I didn't know
you were done, Vin.
I figured I'd just
keep my mouth shut.
Yeah, that's it.
-That's a tall order there, Vin.
-We can handle it.
-We gotta duck out
for a minute if we do this.
-It's the only way, huh?
-Well... About time
we run this shit.
All right.
-I'm down, Vin.
-You gotta ask me?
-All right.
All right.
This time tomorrow night,
everything's gonna be changed.
We don't answer to nobody
no more. That's it.
Go pack your bags tonight.
'Cause after we do this shit,
we're gonna head
to the cabin, all right?
Lay low for a little bit.
Figure things out.
'Cause Rome's next.
Nighty-night, Rome.
-Take back what's ours.
-To that, brotha.
Take back what's ours.
-Take it all.
-Later, Vin.
-All right, buddy.
Watch out for
that black ice, man.
-See you tomorrow.
-All right.
Be good.
- We, good, mate.
- All right.
Yeah. Lemme get...
-Cold as shit, huh?
-How you holdin'?
-I'm all right.
-We miss him.
-Yeah, I know.
What's up?
-So we really doing this, huh?
-She know?
You don't think
it's gonna work, huh?
-You had time
to think about this.
-Yeah, we didn't.
-We'll be all right, dude.
-We'll be all right.
Get some sleep. Come on.
-All right.
Hey, I'll see you there.
No, that's tomorrow.
We'll figure it out, all right?
Later on, yeah?
I'm gonna go meet
this fucking bitch.
Whoa, nice mouth, man.
-What's that?
I got a lady here.
It's offensive.
-I'm on the phone,
all right?
but we still heard you.
-I offended you?
Yes, you did.
Big, hold on for one second.
Hey, I'm sorry. I didn't
mean to offend you, okay?
-You didn't. It's really
not that big of a deal.
I don't give a shit.
-I'm sorry, my name is Vincent.
What's your name, man?
It's whatever, man.
My name's Dante.
- Dante? Where you from, man?
- I'm from Los--
- I swear to fucking God,
you're such an idiot.
Every goddamn time
you open your fucking mouth!
-I'll call you later.
- What the fuck?
- No, you're a fucking idiot.
- Yo.
- Hey, hold on, Vin.
- Sasso.
- What up?
-Here, I gotta check for you.
Hold on.
-No, no, no, no. Don't worry
about that right now.
-What are you talking about?
-Don't worry about that
right now.
-Let me square up with you.
-Stop, stop, stop. Listen to me.
When a certain someone's hand
is off my neck,
that's worth like six months.
-You sure?
-Yeah, I'm sure.
You're doing me a favor.
Locks are changed, doors open
when everything's clear.
Listen to me. Be careful.
-All right. Thank you, man.
You got that?
Be careful.
Okay. Y'all sleep?
- A little bit.
- Yeah, me too.
Bags packed?
-Bags are packed
and ready to go.
-Marco, you got the address?
-Yep. About 30 from here.
-It's about the same for us.
-All right.
Just give me a shout
when you get out of there.
Just make sure you keep
an eye out for tails, all right?
All right,
I think that's about it.
-Gotta water the flowers, man.
Give me a minute.
-Dobs, you fueled up?
- Hey, Liv.
Wait, what?
What's going on?
-Liv, I can't tell you
right now, honey.
Just go pack a bag.
-Yeah, I'm-- I'm not
going to the cabin.
-Olivia, pack a bag.
I'm not
going to the fucking cabin.
I have a life.
You don't tell me anything.
You just got back from there.
Why are you going back, huh?
-Look, I just-- I can't tell you
right now, baby, all right?
-When can you talk about it?
-Not now!
It's time to roll.
-I got to do this, okay?
I got to keep you safe,
and this has to happen.
So please, honey,
just go pack a bag.
Take care of me?
How are you taking care of me?
Should I be scared?
-Because it's safer
this way, all right?
always comes first, right?
Fuck this.
I'm going to my mom's.
Are you there?
-Yeah, I'm here. Um--
all right, just go to your--
go to your mother's
and I'll call you when--
I'll call you later. Okay?
Olivia? Oliv--
That's why I'm single.
- Nah, it's just...
it's hard on her,
this shit, man.
It takes its toll.
All right.
D, you are right
around the corner
from the Parkway, man.
Just give me a call
when it's all clear, okay?
-Yeah, you got it.
-We good?
All right, let's do it.
Tripping, are we early?
Nah, pull around back.
I've been here before with Dobs.
Circles around back over there.
-Yeah, it's right up here.
You know, I never
really liked these guys.
-Who do you like?
-No one really.
- Ah, fuck.
- What?
I think that's Kate.
That's Darius' cousin.
Which one?
What do you think?
Well, it's a good thing, no?
No, it's not.
All right, park here.
What am I supposed to
fucking do with this?
Keep them out of fucking sight?
-All right.
-Yup. Let's do this.
No, I'm gonna kick
his fucking friend in the face.
That's what happens.
The kid's a fucking retard.
He has your fucking DNA.
- What's up, man?
Look, look, where
the fuck they fucking going?
Listen, I gotta go.
I got fucking people coming in.
-I'm good.
No, I gotta fuckin' go
because you're making
no fucking sense.
-There's our friend.
-Come on, D-Mac.
-Man, it's a big pickup
for one guy.
-Yeah. Well, let's
get in and out fast.
Yo, stay cocked and loaded.
-I got the warehouse.
What's your favorite
- Bambi .
You guys hit traffic
on the way down here?
Ah, Christ.
-Nah. It was pretty wide open.
-Parkway was a fucking bitch.
Watch your shoes
all over here, all right?
Bambi , you still watch that?
I showed that movie
to my kids, you know?
It's kind of a classic there.
You like that movie?
Ah, pardon me for asking.
Seems like you would.
It's kind of a-- kind of
a woke movie, don't you think?
You got like an artistic rabbit
friend, faggot skunk friend.
That stuff doesn't
appeal to you, no?
I'm so sorry
about your father.
He was a good man.
- Thanks, man.
-I respected him so much.
These fucking animals
these days,
I want you to know one thing.
I respect you, too.
I don't like Rome too much,
but I'm gonna work with you
because of you.
You got my word on it.
-I appreciate that, man.
-You understand?
There's just one little thing.
Don't fucking move!
Do not move!
Drop your fucking pieces.
fucking dead, bitch!
- Drop!
- I'm gonna fucking
bury you next to your father,
you motherfucker!
Don't fucking move.
-Here we go. You got kids?
-Nah, I got a nephew.
That's good enough.
Well, that's a good thing.
Ah, shit.
Fuckin' bag.
One thing after another
with that life, man.
PTA meetings...
Bedtime stories.
You know what I read to
my kids as a bedtime story?
If you care, the newspaper.
I want my kids to know what
this life is about, you know?
See some Syrian kid
wash up on the beach,
I'm like, you know, that's why
I give you swimming lessons.
You motherfucker!
Come on, motherfucker!
I see you, motherfucker!
Fuck you, motherfucker!
D, get the bag!
Get the fucking bag!
- Let's go.
- Shit! Ah!
Come on, Marco!
Come on! Come on! Let's go!
Come on!
Donny, come on!
-Come on, Donny!
Motherfucker! Huh?!
He tried to
fucking set us up.
Huh? They get the fuck
what they deserve!
You good, Donny?-
Donny! You good?
Yo, what the fuck,
I'm gonna fucking
bury you, motherfucker!
Eat that shit!
You think I didn't know
you were takin' off the top
every fucking deal?
- Don't move.
- You're a dead man!
I'm gonna fucking bury you.
What the fuck!
Are you fucking kidding?
You're a dead man, bitch!
You mother... fucker!
That's my fucking ear!
My fucking ear!
You fuck! I thought
you were fucking dead!
This fucking hurts.
It went through
like last time.
-Jesus fucking Christ.
You wanna go
to the hospital?
-Ah, fuck it.
-Let me get you out of here.
Jesus fucking Christ.
Hold up. Hold up. Ready?
You all right? Ready?
Up. Up. Up.
Sorry. Stand still.
Hold on.
Hold on, okay.
Hold on.
Okay. You ready?
- Yeah.
-Come on.
What about him?
Fuck him.
Donny, what the fuck
did you do?
Oh, my fucking...
Come on, papi.
Let me see. Let me see.
Fuck. Oh, shit!
You gotta
put pressure on that shit.
You gotta stop the bleeding.
-Donny, it missed
your fucking throat. Oh, my God.
Fuck that.
Fuck, we gotta stop
this fucking bleeding, man.
- Whoo!
- Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.
This on there, man.
Hold this tight.
Tight, Donny, all right?
Look at me. You good?
-Shit burns, man.
-Ah. Fuck, that was close.
You fucking asshole. You...
- Quietest I ever heard you,
-Fuck man.
Fuck you, asshole.
-Stop fucking around
and hold this shit tight, Donny.
- Woo-hoo!
- Fuck!
Tell you what,
we got the fucking money!
We got
the fucking money, Donny.
-I'm gonna buy a hooker
after this.
I just wanna own one.
Geez, man, you always
talking this slave shit.
Nah, nah, white girl.
Nah, you know what?
Then you get two.
And you get one.
And you get one.
- Everybody get a white girl.
Yo, hold that shit
fucking tight, bro.
Yo, let me call Vin,
see where the fuck
he's at right now.
-My fucking teeth are loose.
-I'll trade you.
-How you holdin'?
You all right?
-Yeah, I'm holding.
-That shit'll kick in quick.
-Come on, D.
Hey, give me some good news.
-We got the fucking money.
But, you know,
shit went a little left,
you know what I'm saying?
Rome fucking tried to set us up.
-What are you-- what are you--
what are you talking about?
They got
the fucking jump on us, man.
Fucking shot Donny,
fucking Marco got hit on, man.
We fucking banged up over here.
But we making our fucking way
up to the cabin now, so--
-Oh, shit!
-What about you, huh?
-Yeah, it went south
over here too.
We got the money and the powder,
but Dobsie caught one.
It went right through.
-Fuck! These motherfuckers!
How we don't see this shit,
man, huh?
they fucking setting us up
while we setting them up?
-I should've seen it.
I should've--
I should've fucking knew.
-Dirty motherfuckers aside,
it's behind us. We good now.
We sitting
prettier than a motherfucker
with this money, baby.
Yo, how far you out?
-A little over two hours.
What about you?
Yeah, about a fucking hour.
-All right. See you there.
- Yo, D.
- Yo.
-Check that bag?
-Vin... no-go.
They got us.
-It's good, Vin.
We got the money.
We got the powder.
We'll cash in.
-How long is that gonna take?
We needed that cash.
I'll call my cousin.
It's a smaller order,
but better than nothing.
-All right, fuck it, man.
Marco, fuck it.
It is what it is.
Just get back on the road,
head back to the cabin.
Is Donny all right?
-Yeah, he's okay.
All right, we'll see you there.
-All right. Peace.
Dobs, you all right? Hey.
It's fucking dead here, huh?
Sit tight, man.
Just sit tight.
Sit tight, buddy.
-I got you. I got you.
Easy. All right?
You all right?
Easy on, sonny.
It-- it went through his back.
Hey. You all right?
You all right?
You good, Vin?
-Oh, shit. Fuck.
- I think our friends are here.
- What?
Get out of here, man.
No way.
What the fuck?
How the fuck they know we here?
I don't know, man.
Oh, this is fucked up,
yo. This is fucked up.
All right,
hold on, hold on. Relax.
Come on, man. Relax, man.
-How the fuck
do they know we here?
-Yo man, you watch
your fucking tail?
Of course,
I fucking watched my tail.
They fucking follow you?
-All right, relax.
Relax! Hold on.
- Easy, guys.
- Hold on.
Strap up.
Get in the foyer.
Keep your eyes out.
Watch these back windows.
Let's go get some toys.
-I don't think
we should be here, man.
I don't think we should be here.
-Shut the fuck up.
-Flip, what are we
doing here, man?
-The man said shut up.
-I see you, nigga.
No, no, no,
please, please. Vin.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Vin, what the fuck
are you doing? Let's go, Vin.
Come on, let's get
the fuck out of here.
Let's go, come on.
Shit, let's go,
let's go, let's go.
-Hear anything?
-Nah, nothing.
It's fucking dead.
All right. Made some coffee.
I'll bring some out.
-All right.
-You want a cup?
Took about a week,
but we did what was needed.
He knew it was coming.
Fuck you.
Why you doing this?
Listen to me.
I swear to you, I did not kill
your father, you understand?
Why would I do that?
It doesn't make
any fucking sense.
You're smarter
than this, Vincent.
Think, think,
why would I do that?
All of you, think.
I didn't kill your father.
You understand?
Fuck you. Fuck you,
you little fucking punk.
You're wrecking everything.
You stupid little wreck punk.
Fuck you! Fuck you, man!
Fuck you, you motherfucker.
You're a fucking,
you punk fucking idiot.
Fuck you, you're
wrecking everything.
You're signing your fucking
death certificates.
Fuck you! Fuck you too!
Fuck you!
I always knew Rome had cash
all stashed
in the walls of his house.
We banked about
half a mil off that.
Got us rolling
in a business with PRYDE.
We gave him a proper burial
to thank him.
One last thing to do.
Something I should have done
a while ago.
But it was time.
Did you climb up the wall?
An ice lake.
I'm trying to find it.
No, it's beautiful.
And then I could, you know,
I really,
what I do really want,
I want a really big,
beautiful kitchen
so it's easy to move around.
- Mm-hmm.
- Nice and wide and open.
Maybe-- maybe those like,
big garage-like doors.
You could just um--
there's windows,
where you can walk out
straight up to the patio.
-Oh, the glass doors?
-Yes, yes!
I do love it here.
Do you remember
what happened right here?
-I remember what happened
on the boat around here.
Oh my God, shut up.
I wanna talk to you.
-This might be it.
Am I a bitch if I cry?
-Nah, you still a bitch, nigga.
-We've been together
for a while now.
And you've been there
through all of it with me.
And I just want you to know
I appreciate that.
It's hard for me to talk
about my business with you.
And it's hard to talk about
my... you know, my feelings.
You know what I mean?
-Vin, how long I know you?
-No, no. I know, I know, it's...
but I gotta say some stuff,
this needs to be said, okay?
I gotta ask you
a couple things
before I ask you something.
- Okay.
-Um. You know it's not possible
for me to trust anyone
other than my brothers and you,
and there's some things
that only you know.
And I just wanna be completely
open and honest with you
from this moment on.
We're gonna move forward.
I gotta ask you,
are you okay with this life?
-With what I do?
-There are some people
that crossed my path, Liv,
that aren't around anymore.
I want you to know that.
Do you judge me for that?
-Do you resent me for anything?
-Vin, I know you.
I love you.
-You know me, huh?
-I love you too.
I can't let you get away, baby.
-I can't let you get away.
-Did you think
I wouldn't find out?
Hmm? Well, you knew me, right?
You knew me, right?
Everything good in me
dies with you.
-What the fuck, Vin?
What the fuck, Vin?
What the fuck did you do, Vin?
Back to work.
And Barca, call everyone
who isn't here.
You know what to tell them.
All right.
Onto other business.
-How'd it go with Rome before?
a piece in the glove box.
No, I'm all right.
-I put the GPS on
the other night,
you're good to go.
The other guys
keep in touch with you or what?
almost every single day.
What about Rome?
You hear from him?
How do they know we're here?
-Did they tail you?
You watch your fucking tail?
I gotta do this, okay?
I gotta keep you safe.
And this has to happen.
So please, honey,
just go pack a bag.
Yeah, I'm--
I'm not going to the cabin.
-Olivia, pack a bag.
I'm not
going to the fucking cabin.
How the fuck
they know we here?
I don't know, man.
Before he died,
my father told me
he threw the ashes
of Donny's and Marco's fathers
off this jetty...
after he killed them both.
I'm not a good man,
because I wasn't raised
by a good one.
I'm the boss now.
And to be a boss, some things
you have to take to your grave.
He always told me,
take what's yours.
So I did.