The Battery (2012) Movie Script

Go! Go! Go!
Hey. Hey.
A thousand bucks.
I won a thousand bucks.
Heads up.
A thousand bucks, man.
Did you keep that?
I saw you keep that.
That lottery ticket's about as useful
as your fuckin' hair gel Mickey.
Hey man, let's have a catch.
- Nah. I don't feel like it.
- Aw, come on.
Let's work on that curveball, huh?
Yeah and what's a
curveball useful for?
Uh, it's fun man.
It's baseball. We love
baseball, remember?
Okay no uh...
no shorties, I'm not wearing a cup.
None of this 57-foot
slider bullshit.
You know, in Latin America, they
don't let kids throw curveballs.
They teach them the changeup.
It's a lot easier on the
shoulder, but just as effective.
Was that your changeup?
You don't have a changeup either.
You're a one pitch bitch, Mickey.
'One Pitch Bitch Mickey!'
Hell of a pitch, though.
Hey Mick.
Wanna fish for a while?
Do you wanna fish for a while?
Might be a nice trick to learn.
Think I could figure it out.
Oh you do?
You know, it's not so easy Mickey.
There's a subtlety to it.
A finesse.
Yeah, you're subtle.
You're Mr. Finesse.
You're about as subtle as
a fucking sledgehammer.
Anyway, look.
Fish, fish, fish, more fish.
Point taken.
Why don't you start a fire.
What are they doing out here?
You said they wouldn't
come in the woods.
No, I never said that.
- Yes! You said that...
- What I said, Mickey...
was that there would be
less of them in the woods.
Same as there will be
less of them on the moon.
It's done.
Why don't you go put some
coffee on or something?
Oh my God!
Hey Benny, look,
there's a sun roof.
Yeah well it's a fucking
rain roof right now!
Close the thing, Jesus Christ.
Well, it's better than the
shit that used to be on.
You remember that girl I was
seeing up in Pittsfield?
Ummm, no...
Check this out.
Look at this.
It's huge!
We could lay some pillows
down, blankets...
it's like a bachelor pad.
Alright, then.
Let's go steal some of your
dead girlfriend's blankets.
I know what you're thinking Mickey.
And the answer is no fucking way.
You wanna stay.
Just for a little while.
No fuckin' way.
Why not?
Do I really have to
answer that question?
But we just go and go, man.
Where are we going?
We're not goin' anywhere.
Mickey, that's the point.
We're like sharks.
Sharks are the ultimate
survivor, Mickey.
They've been around four
hundred million fucking years,
you know why?
'Cause they keep moving.
They stop, they die,
it's the same as us.
It's not the same.
That was a house, up in Pittsfield,
that we were stuck in.
For three fuckin' months,
- Remember?
- I remember.
Your mother, your brother
- They were in a house.
- I know.
We ate dog food.
- I know, Benny!
- And then we ate the dog!
We ate the fuckin' dog, Mickey!
I had to kill the dog so
we could eat the dog.
I'm not gonna have this discussion.
I'm not gonna trap myself
in a big dumb-ass stupid
fuckin' house again!
No thank you.
No we came, we checked it
out, you're girl's not here.
I'm sorry about that.
But we got some cool shit!
And as of now we're not
completely surrounded
by fucking monsters.
So I don't think we
should press our luck.
Can't we just stay...
Pile's hot.
Wanna throw me some?
Jesus! What the fuck, man?!
Don't do that shit!
Those things are gonna
get you killed, man.
And maybe me too.
Turn 'em down, will ya?
- Alright.
- I'm serious
I heard you, alright.
- Here.
- Come pitch me some...
Check this out.
Come on, get out there.
Testing, testing,
What do you think the
range is on these things?
I don't know, five,
ten miles maybe.
Well, they work.
They do work.
Alright, you can come back in.
Nah, actually I think I'm
gonna go take a shit.
Annie, this is Orchard.
Come back.
This is Annie, go head.
Yeah, listen. I got an addition
to your shopping list here,
courtesy of Miss Carter.
Go head.
Well, apparently
she told Jason uh,
he could pick the movie this week,
on account of the birthday thing.
What do we do?
She told him,
"Any movie you want. "
What'd he pick?
Say again?
It's the giant killer worm movie
with uh... Kevin Bacon.
I'm familiar with "Tremors" over.
Well, she promised the
kid we'd find it.
Been on my ass all day about it,
like I got time for this shit.
What kind of a goddammed movie
is that to pick anyway?
Well if they got it,
I'll get it, Frank.
Yeah, well don't bust
your ass over it.
We got more pressing concerns.
Go head, man.
Hello, over.
The Orchard.
Anyone, over.
Who is this?
Uh, hi. This is uh, Mickey.
I'm here with Ben.
Benjamin McBride. We're...
We're uh, ballplayers.
We were playing baseball
up in Pittsfield, when...
Anyway, we've been
walking forever, and...
We just found a car.
We're in Connecticut. Over.
You stay off this channel.
Wait, what? Hello.
Please, we're...
we'e just looking for
a place to stay.
We're really hard workers.
We can...
fish, and cook...
and I think that we could
help each other out, over.
We got hard workers, kid.
What we ain't got is room.
We got no vacancy.
You understand?
Now that's that.
And don't try to find us.
You're not welcome.
Annie, come back.
Go head.
I don't want you
talking to these kids,
you understand?
You know the rules.
Just stay off the waves and
get back in, you copy?
10-4 and out.
No. No, no, no, no. Hello!
Hello, please!
We're gonna die out here.
Annie, please.
You believe that?
I don't know.
What do we do?
I don't know.
You don't know?
You don't know?
What don't you know?
I know.
You know, I know that these
are the first people
that we've heard from in months.
They've got their
shit together, man.
fucking movies!
Fucking "Tremors"!
Yeah, and we're clearly not
invited to the party, Mick.
I don't care.
I don't wanna live out here
like this anymore, man.
Sleeping on rooftops.
Living out of a car.
With you.
You're like a fucking caveman.
And you stink.
And you don't seem to care.
You know, you like living this
lifestyle, but I don't!
You know, I don't like waking
up every day wondering if
today's the day I'm gonna die.
Wondering if today's the day that a
fucking walking dead person eats my head!
It's not funny man!
- No it's not funny
- It's not fucking funny!
- It's the way you said...
- I'm serious!
Okay, I know, okay, you're
fucking serious, man.
I get it.
You wanna find 'em, go find 'em.
They don't wanna be found, man.
How you gonna find 'em?
Annie, come back, over.
They're not gonna
answer you, Mickey.
It's been days, man.
That shit was just a
whisper in the wind.
Come back, please.
Wait a minute, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait...
You got a thing for her, don't ya?
Oh my God!
Oh my God! You're so
fucking funny, man.
You're so weird!
You're not asking for, for Frank.
You're not asking for The Orchard.
Shut up.
Just... Annie.
Annie, come back!
Annie, please come back!
Save me!
- Shut up.
- Please, Annie!
You know what?
You wanna know the difference
between you and me?
What, I'm not an asshole?
It's that...
we both know...
that there's a girl
out there, right?
Driving around...
doing some highly
organized scavenging...
some recon missions...
who knows, it could be a couple
fuckin' weirdos on the radio but...
let's say she's out there.
She's probably coming from
someplace fortified...
big walls, like you said.
But these are logical
deductions, yes?
- What's your point?
- Well...
My point is...
in your mind,
she's like this
post-apocalyptic pixie girl.
With like, a gun on her hip.
And like, a garter.
And maybe like, a scar
that's so well placed that
it shows how tough she is
but doesn't fuck up her
pretty face, right?
And in my mind?
She's like a 46-year-old
softball coach.
With a mullet.
And fuckin' calves
like canned hams, man.
I mean, if they're gonna send a
woman, that's who they're gonna send.
A trucker. A bull dyke.
Not fuckin' Frank's
barely legal niece.
you're a romantic.
And I'm a realist, that's okay.
Probably gonna get
you killed, though.
Just like those fuckin' headphones.
You know, you're the
only person I know
that could walk all the way across
New England and gain weight.
I'm the only person
you know, Mickey.
I'm a catcher,
I'm allowed to be fat.
Well then you pull it off.
Fuck you, sir.
Fuck you to death.
I think you're over
thinking this one, Mickey.
- Yeah?
- Yep.
I think you're
grasping a little bit.
Who says that? "No Vacancy"?
Uh, people say it man.
It's a saying, it means...
No room, no space, don't uh...
don't come here.
We cannot accommodate you.
- Please don't come to...
- Oh shit!
God dammit.
I told you this was gonna happen.
Get in the car. Get
in the god damn car.
Can we go now, are we done?
Can we cross this
place off the list?
You know, I don't know why
you feel like you have to
kill every fucking one of them.
Because I do! Because
we do, it's our duty.
No you don't!
You're gonna get yourself killed because
you have to confront every single one.
Pay attention! Watch out!
If you'll just stop
fucking distracting me
while I'm trying to do this!
Just do it and get back in the car!
You know, why don't you
get out here and do it?
- Really?
- Yeah.
- Are we gonna do this again?
- Yeah, no, I think it's time.
Get out here and fucking do it.
I mean, aren't you just
a little bit angry?
Aren't you just a little
bit angry, Mickey?
Shut up.
This one over here?
She killed your brother.
- Fuck you.
- This motherfucker here?
- He ate your mom!
- You're an asshole!
- He ate her right up!
You're gonna have to
do it sometime, man.
But I don't have to do it today.
And neither do you.
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
Here hold this for me, will ya?
Get that outta my fucking face.
Aya whoohooo!
Ah ha haaa!
Haaaa! ho hoooo
No! No, no, no!
No, no, no, no!
Ah, shit!
Ah, sh-shit!
Shut up!
Oh, God!
The fuck!?
Oh my fucking...
I'm sorry, Mickey!
I'm sorry, man!
Oh shit, are you finished?
I can't even fucking,
I can't breathe!
I can't breathe!
Fuck, I gotta go.
I'll come back, you finish up!
Aw, Jesus!
We're fucking staying the night.
We're in the middle of nowhere!
There's nothing around for
miles and the only reason
we got stuck in that
house in Massachusetts,
is because we didn't know
what the fuck was going on!
I want to sleep in a house.
In a bed!
Like a real human.
So we're fucking staying the night!
Guess we're staying the night.
Hey Ben? Have you seen my...
What's up?
What are you doing?
I'm trying to put this...
fucking bow together.
I can see that.
So you wanna borrow those...?
Oh yeah. Yeah, yeah, these?
- You can have 'em back tomorrow.
- Tomorrow?
Yeah. I'll give them
back when we leave.
You'll give them back?
They're my headphones.
You're the one who wants
to stay the night.
So that's what this is about?
Yeah, it is.
You wanna have a
fuckin' sleepover...
in a big box with no wheels.
And I don't want you
to be distracted.
I want you to be able to hear a fucking
squirrel take a shit out there.
That's the only way I'm gonna feel
remotely safe sleeping in this house.
You think I don't like music?
I fuckin' love music, man.
But I always have to
be present and aware,
because you don't
wanna deal with shit.
You're always hiding in
these things, Mickey.
You're burning through batteries,
you're blowing out your eardrums,
and you're putting my life at risk.
How am I putting your life at risk?
Because we're a fucking team, man!
A battery!
Whether you like it or not
and you know what,
maybe I'm just tired of
watching both of our fucking
backs all the time.
It's for your own good man.
You need to wake up and realize
that this is how it
is out here now.
Nobody's gonna flip
this switch back on.
Flip the switch back on?
What's that, I'm sorry,
I can't hear you.
Can't hear you through
the beautiful...
It's so loud.
It's so loud and glorious.
I'm gonna fucking shoot you.
Did you see that?
Hey Mick!
Come and look at this
fuckin' mural, man.
It's insane.
There's like a beautiful woman.
Perky little titties.
Long legs.
She's sitting in the
middle of the woods.
Surrounded by a bunch
of animals. There's like...
a gazelle, a fucking red fox.
A huge stork. Some
kind of bird of prey.
And she's like, leaning on a lion.
It looks like... You
know what it looks like?
It looks like one of those...
Jehovah's Witness pamphlets.
You know, where all
of God's creatures...
are united and peaceful
in the Kingdom on
Heaven or some shit.
Come here. Come look at it.
What? No? Okay.
I want to go there.
Annie, you... you there?
I don't know how much
longer I can do this.
They'd put me over the fence
if they knew I was talking to you.
You've gotta let this go.
You understand?
I can't This place...
it's not what you think it is.
What is it?
That's exactly the sort of thing
they'd put me over the
fence for saying.
I bet it's not...
sleeping on a roof.
Or a tree.
Or in a car.
Like a rat in a cage. Is it?
No, it isn't.
Then don't tell me to let it go.
I don't have anything else.
What about your friend?
Ben... I...
We were ballplayers, I...
He was the starting catcher.
I was out in the bullpen.
We never hung out in
the same circles.
I hardly even know him.
Listen, I didn't push this button
to gab like schoolgirls.
For your own good, change the
fucking channel, Mickey.
They can take our
bones and bury them
Deep under the river, but
we'll still be together
And we cannot be defeated.
They can take our trombones
and pack them down
there with us.
But no matter how
long it takes us
We will not be defeated.
When we dance,
we dance together.
Under the moon,
and under the weather.
We will all rise
forever, and at night.
Good morning.
Come on. Shhh.
Shut up. Shut up, shut up.
Shut up!
Mickey wake up!
What the fuck!?!
Come on, Mick!
Come on, Mick!
- You gotta do it!
- What are you doing?!
- Come on, Mickey!
- Let me out!
I left the bat in there!
I've seen you swing it!
Swing the fucking bat, Mickey!
- Nooooo! No!
- Come on, Mick!
- Noo!
- Mickey!
God! Please!
- Come on man!
- Stop! Get off! Get off!
You made a fucking mess,
but you got the job done.
What the fuck, Mickey!
What the fuck are you...?
Get off me!
What the fuck!
You motherfuck...
Get off me!
Oh, fuck!
Aw, Mickey. Mickey!
Come back, man.
You're on the board, Mick!
We gotta celebrate!
Where you goin', Mick?
What are you doin'?
I talked to her.
She said they'd kick her
out if she talked to me.
She told me to let it go.
Aw shit man.
You know, you look like a
fuckin' lunatic right now.
Why don't you uh...
come get cleaned up.
Get some clothes on.
Get outta this fucking rain.
Come on.
Cheer up, Mickey.
Cheer up!
It was just a girl on the radio.
There's other girls
out there, brother.
We'll find you a nice one.
This is the saddest game
of catch I've ever had.
Do you want me to do a...
Do you want me to do a dance?
A funky dance?
Cheer up, Mickey!
Alright, let's get you an assist.
You want an assist?
Here we go. He's gonna
come around second.
He's gonna head for home.
You're gonna throw him out,
alright? I want a rope.
Come on, Mick.
He's comin' around!
Comin' around third!
Get it in, get it in!
He's out!
It's hot.
I think there's someone here.
Anybody there?
Just keep an eye out.
We'll be gone in a second.
- It's fucking...
- Benny!
Bone dry!
There's not a dr... hey!
Whoa, what the fuck!?
Stop right there.
Just gimme the keys,
and I'll let him go.
Just calm down, okay?
Gimme the fucking keys!
Can we talk about this? Let's talk.
I don't have time to fucking talk.
Why not, what's the rush, man?
Where you going?
Please, we can help you.
We can take you anywhere you want.
Yeah, I need to go
to fucking Arizona.
Are you gonna take me
to fucking Arizona?!
No, I didn't think so.
Now put down the gun,
and toss over the keys.
I don't have the keys.
God dammit I am not
fucking around here!
I will open this motherfucker up!
No you won't.
What did you say?
I said you won't do it.
Then you have no leverage.
If they find me I'm
a dead man anyway.
Who finds you?
I'm done talking to you, asshole.
Hey tell me, what's
in Arizona, huh?
You got three seconds.
What do you got, a wife?
Shut your fucking mouth!
Couple of kids?
Tell me.
Are they gonna be happy
about the way you got home?
Stealing from innocent people?
Don't you think we got
enough to worry about?
Without having to worry
about each other?
Tell me your name, man.
What's your name?
Jerry, my name's Jerry.
My name's Ben.
- That's Mickey.
- Stop trying to talk me down!
- Sir please!
- Shut up!
They told me they
were gonna take me.
They said if I stuck it out,
and worked through
the winter they'd...
come spring they'd give me a truck.
And a gun, and enough food
and gas to make it home.
But they fucking lied!
Who, who lied?
If you don't put down that gun...
and give me the keys to that car...
I will take his fucking eye.
No Ben! Benny!
Give him the fucking keys!
How's that for leverage?
I told you, Jerry.
I don't have the keys.
They're in the car!
They're in the car.
In the ignition.
You know, if it was
my kid, Jerry...
I would have walked across this
whole fucking country by now.
Fuck you!
You don't know me, motherfucker!
Open the door.
Okay okay! Okay, Jerry?
You win, Jerry.
You win.
Here's what's going to happen.
I'm gonna throw the gun away.
You're gonna let Mickey go.
And you get in and
drive away, okay?
Give me the gun.
No I'm not gonna give you the gun.
This is not a negotiation.
Alright, I'd rather shoot you
both and take everything.
You're not taking the
car and the gun.
I am gonna throw the gun away,
you're gonna let Mickey go,
and be on your way.
Throw it away.
Let him go, Jerry.
You fucking motherfucker!
That was a person, Benny.
Yeah it was.
A real asshole, too.
He just wanted to see his family.
I wanna see my family too, Mickey.
But A: they're far away.
And B: they're
probably fucking dead.
And I'm not gonna take someone
else's livelihood to do it.
I mean, I don't
understand you, man.
That guy had a fucking
knife to your throat.
I don't understand people
anymore, I tell ya I'm...
starting to prefer the dead ones.
Hey, hey, hey.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
We friends or what?
I don't know, are we?
Well that's our car right there.
We come to get it and be on our
way, that alright with you?
Well it's got no gas in it.
We got gas.
we friends?
Or what?
I guess so.
Thought you said we were friends.
What about the shadow back there?
Oh that's Egghead.
Not because he's smart, either.
Because he's got a big
ol' egg for a head.
Put it away Eggs, get the can.
Who are you guys?
Survivors, same as you.
You uh, happened to see the
guy who was driving this?
Yeah, we saw him.
Where'd he go?
He was bit.
I had to finish him off, he's
in the field right there.
He uh, say anything to you before?
Bout what?
No, uh... just...
panicky, yammering on
about family back West.
He say where he got the car?
Only that it was owed to him.
And that you were probably
gonna come and get it.
Half true.
He tried to take ours, too.
Well he was a thief.
Weird dude, you did
the right thing.
You wanna see him?
We got what we came for.
Keep on keepin' on, boys.
Wait, wait a minute.
Beg your pardon?
It's you isn't it? Annie?
It's me, Mickey.
Jesus Christ! What are you doing?
I told you to let it go.
Aw, God!
I- I did! We did!
Oh! What the fuck!
How were we supposed to know
you were gonna be here?
You fucking bitch!
I already shot you once,
Beardy-face I will do it again.
I'm sorry, I told you.
The Orchard is not
what you think it is.
I can't have you following us.
Where are your keys?
- Ben, give her the keys.
- Aw, come on Mickey!
Ben, give her the
fucking keys, man!
Alright, alright! Here!
Here you motherfucker!
I'm sorry.
Way to go, Mick!
There she goes!
The girl that kept you up nights!
Was she worth it?!
You watching?
You wait till we're gone
before you go after 'em.
If I see you again,
I'll kill you both.
They gotta, they gotta be
right around there, Mickey.
I watched them fall.
Yeah I know, but...
I don't know.
Yeah, okay.
Alright, just come on in.
We'll find 'em in the morning.
I'll give you one thing, Mick.
She wasn't no bull dyke.
You were right about that.
What, what? What, Mickey, what?
Did you hear that?
Oh shit!
Oh shit, oh shit!
Where's the light?
Where's the flashlight?
Mickey calm down! Calm down, man.
Turn the-hit the headlights.
- Oh no!
- Oh my God!
We gotta go.
We gotta go no, come on!
Ben, come on!
I can't Mickey, my
fucking leg, man!
Just go!
Oh, they're everywhere!
Mickey turn off the lights!
See if I can get any of
these motherfuckers.
Ah, shit.
We, ugh! We have to
try to hot wire it!
What, hot wire the car?
We've only tried to do it a
dozen God damn times, Mickey.
There's gotta be a way.
It's just...
twisting wires.
Oh, yeah, in the movies.
In the fucking movies it's twisting
wires Mickey you're gonna get in there,
start stripping wires, and
you're gonna fuck everything up!
It's already fucked up!
Everything is fucked up!
- They keys are gone!
- Yeah. And why is that?
Why is that?
Why are they keys gone?
You told me to get
them tomorrow morning.
No, no why are they in the
fucking field, Mickey?
Why did I get shot?
So you're blaming this on me?
I'm saying...
they told us that
we weren't welcome
and you couldn't let it go.
I told you not to
sugarcoat this girl.
That it was gonna bite ya,
and now look where we are.
Maybe if we just lay low, and
shut up, they'll go away.
They don't go away, Mickey.
You know that.
But shut up anyway.
How much water you think a person's
supposed to have everyday.
I have no idea.
How many days you think that is?
- Hey.
- What's up? What?
What about what we did
up in Pittsfield?
What about it?
Do you think it would work?
I don't see how.
I mean, that was a two
story house, Mickey.
There was a little bit more
wiggle room, don't you think?
This sound is driving me crazy.
It's kinda nice, I think.
Like rain on a tin roof.
You done?
Can't look at their
fucking faces anymore.
Let's see, what do you
want, you want uh, tuna?
Luncheon loaf?
Chicken I think.
Umm, chicken I guess.
Okay, you wanna split
a can of peas, too?
Oh wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, don't...
don't eat that.
Lemme get that...
Oh, come on. That's disgusting.
Wait till we have to
start saving our piss.
Shut up!
Shut up! Shut up! Shut the fuck up!
"Like rain on a tin roof. "
Shut up.
I have an idea.
Let's get shitfaced.
That's not an idea.
It's a great idea.
How's that gonna help?
I think we should celebrate.
What? What are you talking about?
Celebrate what?
I don't know.
Last night on earth, maybe?
That's depressing.
It's the source of infection!
We figured it out!
We fucking figured it out!
Oh my God!
No, no! Don't do the
other one! Don't!
- This one's really bad! It's really bad!
- I'm taking the socks off too!
- Not the socks!
- Ahhhh!
Come on! No! No! No!
Oh come on!
- Ewww
- It's not that bad.
It's not that bad!
Just say it man.
- Say what?
- Say it!
Say it! Say it! Say the "Z" word!
- No way.
- Why not?
Because they're not real.
Oh they're fucking real.
They're pretty fucking real.
Come on, you know what I mean.
Let's do "Ro Shambo" you gotta
drink if you lose, alright?
- Oh! Come on!
- Fuck you.
I'm trapped in a fucking car.
And I wish I had...
air conditioning.
Okay, I wanna win one.
Let's switch it up.
Say they got fangs, and
they're sucking fucking blood
and they're burning up in the sun.
And you have a crucifix,
and they can't eat garlic...
- What do you call 'em?
- Fuck you!
Yeah, exactly. I'm just saying... if it
walks like a duck, quacks like a duck...
it's probably a fucking zombie!
Trapped in a fucking car,
I wish I had air conditioning,
balloons, cheese...
and dynamite.
I'm trapped in fucking car...
and I wish I had air
conditioning, balloons, cheese,
and every Beatles album.
- Yeeeesssssss!
- Nooooooooo!
- Drink for beating me!
- Okay.
And then you just jump over
'em and you get the keys!
But I couldn't find
the keys when...
when there weren't
fifty fucking zombies,
How am I supposed to...
- Wait a minute, wait.
- What?
What did you just say?
Say it again. Say it again.
- Ohhhh...
- Say it again.
What did you say? Say the word.
- Fifty...
- Say it.
- Zombies!
- Zombies! Ha ha haaa!
Alright. Okay, okay, okay.
I'm tired and I
wanna go to bed.
I had me a drink
about an hour ago
And it went straight
to my head.
Wherever I may roam,
by land, or sea, or foam,
you can always hear
me singing this song.
Show me the way to go home.
- Tomorrow.
- Tomorrow we die.
Mickey, you can do this, man.
You can do it.
You say low.
And go hard.
You'll be fine.
If you don't find the keys,
don't come back.
I'm not leaving you here.
I can do this.
Come on Mickey.
Come on, Mickey, man.
Fuck, fuck.
Come on, Mickey. Come on, come on.
Come on, Mickey.
Oh my God!
Mickey! Mickey!
Come on, buddy!
Come on!
Did you get 'em? Mickey!
Did you get 'em?!
Mickey, did you get the keys?
Mick, what's wrong?
Mickey, Mickey were you bit?
Oh my God!
Mickey, are you bit?!
Oh fuck! Mickey!
- Oh Jesus!
- No Ben!
- Please Ben!
- Mickey!
Oh fuck!
Oh God!
- Oh God!
- What do I do?!
What do I do?!
Ben, please!
Ben! What do I do, please!
Oh God dammit!
- Don't shut down...
- God dammit!
Please! Tell me what do I do?!
I'm scared!
Ben, please don't shut down on me!
- Mickey!
- No!
Ben, no!
Put the gun away!
- You gotta get outta the car.
- No, you can't!
You gotta get outta the car, man...
- I can't!
- Get outta the fucking car!
Mickey get out!
- You can't do this!
- I have to, Mickey!
You know it!
God dammit!
Please let me stay!
Get outta the fucking car, Mickey!
- Please!
- Oh, God!
- Ben!
- Ohh!
- Ben!
- Oh my God!
Is anybody out there?
You know, me and Mickey we
were trapped in a house
for three months
when it all started.
Had to board up the windows.
Block out the sunlight.
You ever been inside,
in one place...
for that long?
Listening to the
same sound, all day.
Every day.
It does something to you.
Are you listening?
I bet you are.
Oh I bet you are.
Mickey didn't make it.
Because of you.
You hear me?
It's funny.
How we finally got
outta that house.
We just opened the door.
They all tried to pile in
one side, and we just...
went out the other.
All that time.
And it was that easy.
let 'em in.
I think I'm gonna try it again.
If it doesn't work this time...
I'm just gonna put a
bullet in my head.
But if it does...
I'm gonna come and
put one in yours.