The Battle of Jangsari (2019) Movie Script

You see anything?
Visibility is too low.
You had to pick the worst day
for this, huh?
You should've waited
until after the typhoon.
We should've landed before the 15th,
but we wasted a day on the port.
Do our enemies know
we're coming?
There are so many spies
in daegu and busan.
I heard that too.
According to our informant,
the stationed army
is only about a company big.
Our battalion can handle them.
The kids downstairs?
If you feel nauseated,
shove your heads in those tins!
Don't throw up on the floor!
Buddy! That's for your food!
Are you not going to eat?
Jeez, medic!
So disgusting...
Damn it!
Seasickness will get us
before the commies do.
I heard your old man is a hunter.
You must be used to firing a gun.
I shot plenty of animals.
But never
What's the difference?
They're all animals anyway.
Buddy, check this out.
They say it was embroidered
by high school girls.
The girl who put it on for me
had such white hands and fair skin,
she turned rosy when I looked at...
Are you puking again?
Daegu boys never rode a boat,
so they're getting seasick.
Where are you from?
- Jinampo?
- North Korea, sir.
You don't have a commie accent.
We moved down to the south
a year after liberation.
I lost the accent going to school here.
Why did you come to the south?
Some hooligans
who hung out with Soviet soldiers
took over our family mill.
So my father led my family
over the border one night.
Could I ask you something, sir?
What is it?
Will only the first company land by boat?
There aren't many boats.
Hq said that's all they got.
Don't worry,
once we get off the boat...
I'll wipe out all the commies.
Just stay beside me.
You know me.
The greatest sharpshooter,
gook man-deuk!
Warships and fighter planes
were supposed to attack first,
then we'd land 200m from the beach.
the waves are extremely high,
and we only have
four landing boats.
And if the support artillery
is called off due to the typhoon,
we just have one plan.
Even if this ship was requisitioned,
I'm still its owner.
Think of how I'd feel, will you?
I'm begging you.
If the sun rises before we land,
the battle's over before it begins.
How could they send these kids
when they are this unprepared?
Tie your rations properly,
and put them on top of your bags.
If they get wet during landing,
you can't eat them.
Hey, Seoul kid!
Pack it yourself, punk.
- What?
- I'm stealing north Korean ration tonight,
so you can go pack
your precious bean powder yourself.
If you don't like it, come fight me then.
Save the fighting for the commies.
I'll save this for you,
so tell me when you get hungry.
Tell me when you get hungry.
He talks like a wimp, yakety yak... idiot.
Salute the captain!
As you were!
In an hour, at 0400 hours,
we'll be landing on jangsari beach.
Our strike team will reclaim
the highland position, 200m away!
Un fighter planes will provide
air strike prior to our landing,
and U.S. battleship will fire
artilleries at enemy position!
Even though we'll receive
support from them,
you lads will be the ones
to put our flag on the highland!
Four days after the takeover,
we'll head back to busan!
With the first win under you,
you'll be returning home
as a proud member of myeong unit!
Let me ask you!
Can you exist
without a country?
- No, sir!
- No, sir!
Can your family exist
without a country?
- No, sir!
- No, sir!
Good, we are fighting for
our country and families!
The victory we will achieve,
and all your passion you will devote,
will be remembered by our citizens
Endicott, endicott, this is moonsan.
We'll arrive at our mission area
in 30 minutes, over.
If there's no artillery support,
what'll happen to us?
Moonsan, moonsan, this is endicott!
This is moonsan, are air strike
and artillery ready? Over!
Moonsan, this is endicott,
can you hear us? Over!
We hear you. Do you hear us? Over!
Moonsan, this is endicott,
can you hear us? Over!
I don't believe this...
We're almost there, we need to slow down.
Let's just stick to the plan.
What plan?
Maintain this speed.
What if we crash on shore?
So be it.
Endicott, this is moonsan.
Prepare artillery asap.
Let's bring them as close
to the beach as possible.
Are you nuts?
There're only a few landing boats!
You wanna toss the kids
into the middle of the ocean?
Turn port, now!
It's okay! Don't be afraid!
It's just some rocks!
Don't move!
Endicott, this is moonsan.
Sun will rise in an hour.
We cannot wait any longer, we request...
Endicott! Requesting
immediate artillery support!
Lower your head! Keep them down!
It's okay!
Initiate landing!
Full landing at once!
Tie the rope anywhere!
Only then, others can land!
- Understand?
- Yes, sir!
Unit one, deploy!
- Raise!
- Go!
Units two, three, deploy!
Provide cover fire! Cover fire!
They'll all die at this rate!
Come up!
Sir! The rope mission
is too much for them!
We'd lose all of them.
I'll go myself,
I can't rely on you at all.
I know the current better than anyone!
2nd squad leader, choi sung-pil!
I was a swimmer at school,
let me go with them!
Let's go.
- Let's go!
- Go!
Hurry up!
Are you okay?
I'll do it!
- Watch out for the mines!
- Yes, sir!
It's done, let's move!
- Charge!
- Charge!
Strip and reassemble arms,
prepare for fire!
Fall back!
Regroup by company!
Let's go!
gather the special ops team
and flank right.
Get the machine gunner on top of the hill.
Right away, sir.
Third and fourth companies,
rest of my men
will provide cover fire from here,
so move to 10 o'clock position,
40m out for diversion
until the special ops team
takes over tochka.
Yes, sir.
I'll take the left tochka.
By yourself?
I managed to grab one.
But not by yourself.
I'm better off alone.
Ryu tae-seok.
Yes, sir.
- Gae-tae.
- Sir?
You're coming with me.
Yes, sir.
I'll come too!
I was the best shooter
and fastest runner at boot camp.
Okay, come with us.
Yes, sir.
First and second companies,
begin cover fire!
Let's go!
Over there.
Move out!
Can you
hit the machine gunner from here?
I can't see him, soldiers are in the way.
We'll lure them away,
so get him when you can.
Get out!
Battalion! Full assault!
- You scum!
- Fire in the hole!
Highland secured!
Keep moving!
Mother, it's sang-ho.
When I went to school
on an emergency assembly,
north Korean army barged in,
and forced us into their uniforms,
and took us to the frontline.
It bothered me that I left
without saying good bye to you.
I already shot
hundreds of bullets at our men.
How many of them must have
suffered from my bullets?
I'm wearing my school uniform
under the north Korean uniform.
If I ever meet our soldiers,
I'll tell them I'm a student
at kyunggi high.
Then maybe they'll let me live.
I hope this war ends soon.
I miss my family so much.
Other seamen?
All dead, sir.
139 enemies deceased, 14 pows,
three tochkas destroyed,
two canons, one mortar seized,
and two jeeps and a truck
are in decent condition.
The radio is busted
and all radiomen are dead.
Currently, there's no way to contact hq.
We got no ration left.
May I send a few boys
to a nearby village on a ration run?
Go ahead.
Find anything that we can eat.
Round them up.
She asks why we sent his unit to jangsari.
He volunteered.
He heard some stuff from commie pows
and wanted to put together a commando unit
so I told him to go ahead.
She asks if the students completed
their training prior to deployment?
What exactly is she writing about?
She's asking if you'll
support myeong unit.
What is the matter with this woman?
If tomorrow's incheon landing fails,
everything's finished.
I agreed to this interview
for the sake of colonel Steven,
and I appreciate that you're
compassionate towards my men,
but you need to maintain
composure as a reporter.
If the mission fails,
it's all on captain Lee.
Get her out of my sight.
What did she say?
What did that yankee woman say to me?
I did all I could.
Endicott, respond.
This is myeong unit on jangsari.
Endicott, respond.
I overheard their radioman's
message before retreat,
two of their regiments will deploy
from pohang tomorrow.
Four t-34 tanks are included.
How long will it take?
At the latest,
tomorrow at sunset.
Okay, this way.
- Did you guys get some?
- Someone, bring me that.
- Help him out with that.
- Careful.
Leave it to me, go take a break.
Come on now.
It's better than corpses, isn't it?
- Kid.
- Yes, sir?
Have a drink.
Thank you, sir.
Don't spit it out, it's precious.
Just swallow it.
I'm sure you had soju before.
You're a smart looking kid.
It's from the village.
That's for our squad.
Very good!
Where's my bowl?
Easy, easy!
Don't spill it, moron!
W ater?
They didn't give any water...
You expect us to eat raw rice?
There's seawater.
It'll be super salty.
Who cares, we got nothing else
to eat it with anyway.
I'll get some.
This is beyond salty, my mouth is numb!
This will kill us before hunger does!
What're we doing...
How can you even swallow that?
The boat is ready.
I wish you luck.
You are the only one
who can tell the world about us.
We'll get it done, sir!
- Salute!
- Salute!
Four tanks, huh?
If we just get hit,
how many more will die?
We're sending your boys to jangsari.
Just over 700, right?
Yes, but...
They're just student recruits.
They're not ready at all, sir.
A new commander will take your place.
I made this decision with you in mind.
I'd rather go, sir!
You don't have battle experience.
If the mission fails,
how will you handle the backlash?
Let's attack them.
Rather than wait here
for them to attack us,
we're better off ambushing them.
We're a strike team, after all.
We can't just sit and take it.
They know we don't have any transport,
they'll think that we're dug in here
on a defensive position.
But we have
their truck and jeeps.
A vanguard unit will use them,
and launch a guerrilla attack
on their route here.
You mean to surprise them.
If we manage to seal this
tunnel, we could buy some time
until our evac ships arrive.
How many hours do we have
to rig this tunnel up?
They left pohang early this morning.
It'll take about five to six hours
for them to reach the tunnel,
which means we have
about two-three hours at the most.
We seized some of their explosives, right?
Yes, two boxes, Soviet made.
The special ops team will change
into north Korean uniforms,
gather the explosives and join me.
And you.
Gather up some boys, gutsy ones.
Lieutenant Lee, we got a telegram.
We have a telegram.
U.S. army occupied wolmido at 0800.
17 U.S. soldiers injured,
108 enemies deceased, 137 injured.
It appears that incheon landing
was a success!
An overwhelming success!
We did it!
Excuse me! Two regiments...
From north Korean fifth division army
just left for jangsari.
Did you step on a mine?
First sergeant!
I think he stepped on a mine!
Hold still, don't move.
Looks like it moved here
with the landslide.
Everyone, get back.
take your foot off
and I'll step on it at the same time.
But sir...
It either blows or it doesn't.
- First sergeant!
- It's an order!
Where'd he go?
You scumbag.
You have to wait until I say three.
You cowards.
Look! This tank mine won't blow
even if ten of you step on it.
- Ki ha-ryun.
- Sir?
Good job. You found it, you carry it.
Move out!
Where are we going in these uniforms?
Everyone else is staying back.
It's all thanks to me, buddy.
We fight better than anyone,
so we got the special mission.
Maybe we'll get medals.
I thought you were going to
pass out on that mine.
That's a whole different matter!
Aren't you all hungry?
I think my stomach shriveled up.
Are you okay?
How come you never say anything?
No way, he and I talked all night.
You snored like a pig all night!
It looks like he lost some weight...
If they enter from that end,
the tank won't have space to maneuver.
Is there a plan?
If we rig the explosives towards
the exit from the Southern tunnel,
we could seal about 10m of this section.
Help first sergeant with the rigging,
and put a patrol
on the Southern tunnel entrance.
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
Get the explosives and
move to the Southern tunnel!
And you.
Student soldier, Lee gae-tae!
Find a spot with a view
and be the lookout,
if you spot them, report right away.
Yes, captain!
And this?
Bring it.
Be careful.
They're here.
Wrap it up and fall back!
We need to move! Everyone out!
You guys go ahead!
Get out of here, the truck too!
Wrap it up here.
There are so many, with tanks too.
How long do we have?
Maybe ten minutes? Five?
- Hurry up! Get out now!
- We have to go, sir!
First sergeant, we have to go!
They're coming!
We have to get out!
- Clear out!
- Go!
What are you doing?
The detonator came loose!
Hold up!
Get in!
Get going, moron!
Get out, please...
What's that?
- Check it out.
- Yes, sir!
What's the hold up?
Comrade, which unit do you belong to?
Follow me!
Push it.
Push it!
Get down!
To the ground!
I proposed to the headquater
that we also need a strike team,
but all I got was a flat rejection.
So tae-suk and I built the strike team
with the student soldiers.
But we didn't know we'd be
deployed so soon.
We've run out of ammo,
we can't fight anymore.
Do you think the message arrived?
I certainly
hope so.
Let me see.
What is it?
We'll do it.
Extract the shrapnel,
disinfect and gauze it, right?
Go check on more serious injuries.
We'll do it.
Her real name is jong-nyu,
moon jong-nyu.
is their family's first son
in seven generations.
They changed clothes in the restroom
at boot camp the night before we left.
Their father told her to go to war,
instead of her brother.
I begged to go instead of him.
I can fight better than any guys!
So don't report me.
My brother has to take care of
my entire family and ancestors.
I'm begging you, sung-pil.
Choi sung-pil,
you can do the northern accent, no?
That's right, sir.
When the sun sets,
take your squad to a nearby village
and get some food for us.
Join us at jangsari beach.
Everyone's starving.
Yes, sir.
Squad leader,
I'm counting on you.
Yes, sir.
Count on him for what?
Go ahead.
Is the house occupied?
Sounds like someone's butchering a dog.
Is the dog soup ready yet?
It'll take a bit for the water to boil.
What was that?
Are you
butchering that dog?
Could you share some?
Which company do you belong to?
What's your rank?
Why are you all here?
The squad leader
told us to take care of our own meals...
Is that you? Choi sung-pil!
That's right!
I'm sung-pil!
It's been so long!
You're still alive!
What's going on?
You two know each other?
He's my cousin!
But didn't your family move to the south?
Yeah, we did, but came back up to haejoo.
Yeah? Why didn't you contact us then?
Well, we were going to...
Hey, your cousin seems...
Don't move!
Move your finger
and I'll shoot you all dead!
No! Don't shoot.
We can't make any noise.
Don't move.
Is your family doing well?
Isn't it weird?
What is?
Why do you think
sung-pil volunteered to this
after moving down to the south?
He was just born in the north,
but was schooled in Seoul.
What's wrong?
North Koreans killed
so many of our people.
Why did he insist that
we take them prisoners?
It's because that's his cousin.
Would you kill him if you were sung-pil?
Of course!
Even if it was my brother,
I'll shoot him dead!
We're far enough,
let's tie them up here
and leave.
I knew you were fishy when you were
sucking up to the captain!
You're a spy, right?
Stop talking nonsense,
bringing in prisoners
just adds up our load.
Do me this favor,
let's tie them up here.
No way, bastard!
If you left home to seek refuge,
you should've lived quietly in busan.
Why'd you enlist in the student army?
Do you know why he volunteered
to swim with the rope?
He knew he wouldn't get shot
because they're on the same side!
Tell me, why did you enlist?
Tell me the truth,
or I'll shoot your cousin!
What's wrong
with killing another commie?
Put your gun down!
Don't order me around, you commie rat!
What the...
- Get him!
- He's running up!
- Stop!
- Get that bastard!
Don't shoot!
Don't move!
I'll kill him and die!
You scumbag!
What, dirt?
Hey! Stop!
- Stop!
- Stop, we're on the same side!
So what, you commie rat!
I'll kill you too!
They're all dead.
My father, my mother.
My sisters...
They're all dead.
We got bombed
on our way to the south.
I survived because I went to fetch water.
I wanted revenge.
I enlisted because...
I wanted justice for my family.
And now, jae-pil...
I'm so sorry...
They're here.
Did you find any food?
I'm sorry! We failed our mission!
Are my brothers well?
Choi sung-pil
Take these potatoes.
Eat these on your way.
Be well,
and send my regards to uncle.
He said the world could change
at any moment.
So we'll see each other
again soon.
Take care.
Gae-tae told me about your cousin.
What can we do?
We're in the middle of a war.
Take care.
They're just leaving?
Probably on a recon mission.
They saw us,
You shouldn't do that.
Hey! Get back! Out of the way!
U.S. battleship should be nearby,
you should go!
I'll be back!
Yes, sir!
He won't take off alone
and abandon us, right?
He'll probably ask for reinforcement.
I just hope he brings back a ton of food.
What was that?
Are you insane?
You idiot.
What a stupid...
Who misfired?
We're running short on ammo as it is.
Who was it?
Come forward.
At once!
I'm sorry, sir.
I didn't know it was loaded
while putting it down.
Bite down.
I know it wasn't him.
But he's taking responsibility.
If this happens again,
I'm putting a bullet in him.
You idiot,
you should've put it on safety,
are you dumb?
Give me your gun.
You stupid cow.
I'll give it back after the mission.
Now you just stay right behind me.
It's all your fault.
Say what?
You got me and jong-sik
to enlist in this war.
If it wasn't for you,
I'd be home with my family.
Why you little...
Why didn't you go home
when you had the chance
after the first week of training?
You stopped me from raising my hand.
So what?
If I told you to kill yourself,
would you, you dumb cow?
Don't call me that.
I'm not a dumb cow.
Don't say that.
Sorry for that.
What are you doing?
I thought maybe I could find some snakes.
You must be starved.
No, I wanted to cook you some.
Do you
also think I'm stupid?
I think you're like a rock.
A rock that eats a lot?
What's wrong with eating a lot?
A man must be strong to work hard.
That's how you saved me last time.
The reason why I forced myself
to eat that salty rice was,
to protect you with everything I got.
Is that so?
Choi sung-pil!
It's from company commander.
I'm going to go to America after the war.
I'll speak english
to hook up with American girls.
Remember the helicopter pilot?
He looked so cool
with his helmet and sunglasses.
Why are you here?
I know company commander
didn't send you.
I'm the 5th of 11 siblings.
Even before I turned one,
mom got pregnant again,
so I was raised by relatives
who had no kids.
I finally came back home at seven,
but I don't think
my family ever liked me.
I wasn't raised with my siblings,
and my mom didn't breastfeed me,
so she never really cared for me.
They'd eat good food
without me,
and go somewhere nice
without me.
Whenever my elder siblings badmouthed me,
I just bashed them right away.
"Who do you think you are?" I'd say.
My mom...
Always wore a thick gold ring.
And when she hit me on the head with it!
It hurt so much, I'd tear up.
why did they take me back?"
I would think to myself,
But the weird thing was,
I didn't want to go back to my relatives.
Who knows?
When I come home
a hero,
maybe my family
will like me.
I was jealous because it looked like
you were loved growing up.
I'm so sorry...
Ki ha-ryun.
Stay alive.
And go to America.
Don't give it to anyone, eat it alone.
It's here...
It's so sweet. Can you believe this?
As you were.
The evacuation ship will arrive
at 0600 hours tomorrow.
But north Korean fifth division army
is en route to attack us again.
Either could arrive first
but we must prepare for the worst.
Second company will hold
the front and buy some time,
and the rest evacuate
with the injured men first.
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
Kill the engine!
This is it.
We can't go any further.
They arrived much earlier than expected.
Get the grenades ready,
make a barricade on the beach.
Rig the vehicles and get ready
to intercept the tanks!
- Yes, sir!
- Yes, sir!
- Coordinates?
- Transmitting it now!
Get ready to fire!
Shoot when you see them over the Ridge!
Why aren't they coming in closer?
Give me the radio.
Jochiwon, jochiwon, this is myeong unit.
Please bring the ship closer, over.
We're deploying landing boats.
Board the injured soldiers first, over.
Bring the ship closer, over!
This is the limit, prep immediate evac!
Retreat at once, over!
I'll have to go myself, let's move!
Aim for the beach near the ship!
Run! Get on the boat!
Retreat! Fall back!
Retreat to the beach!
Stop. Stop it!
Stop it! Don't close it!
Why didn't you go with the injured men?
I was waiting for you!
Let's hurry!
Why are you closing the dock?
Open it right now!
The tide is about to ebb!
We must depart at once!
Assemble at the beach!
Hurry up!
- Hurry!
- Move! Almost there.
Over here! This way!
Come over here!
Over here!
Don't let go! If you fall, you'll die!
The cadre stays. Students retreat first!
You go ahead!
Hurry! Give me the gun.
Go now!
Get going! Go!
Choi sung-pil!
Give it to my family!
Where are you going?
You go ahead!
Here, give this to ha-ryun's family!
Why are you going back?
Why did you come back?
We have to go home together.
Damn it...
Come on!
Just hold on...
Let's go home...
Jong-nyu! No!
I'll kill you all!
Gook man-deuk
Go... leave.
You think we can go home?
We can.
Good bye...
My friend.
No, guys...
Defendant, state your case.
I picked boys
with high level of justice
and good physique.
On the jangsari beach,
they'd be
living spectacular lives.
Assign them military serial numbers,
so that people could
remember them in the future.
For that,
I'll trade my life.
I beg of you.
I got too many kids!
Can't you see the line behind you?
It's not like you'll raise my kids.
Get out of my way. And stop nagging!
What are you trying to do,
use up all the water in the well?
Have you
been well?
Last month,
gae-tae headed up to you.
I'll be with you shortly.
Don't you dare
not recognize me
because I'm an old man now!