The Battle: Roar to Victory (2019) Movie Script

A child who passed away
Do not say about the cold weather to stay at home
Where they come straight and then they are eager to get around
Two people gladly brought it
Now come and go eat meat
my brother
Long time no more than one post ...
This little damned Japanese land if to others is not too ashamed
Older brother
Ignore the people who pass by immediately
As the General has said
Be sure to draw fire from the places where Wangbagaozi
Why would the General give a special order
Means the battle is near
That must be interesting ah
We really have to do it to light a fire
Our life is not what we create
Older brother
The Chase Team doesn't know when it will kill the current delay
By listening to you talk to me
Come on you
Bastard goes to hell
Althea children, open it
This is read out
That can't be reconciled cheating
You like to eat their own lies
Don't look at me bastard
I have followed closely until the last dog is watching your eyes
Looks good
The Independence Army base is in the Feng Wu hole after Ansan area and the village
The amount is one hundred
Jiang heard the news about the search for the attacking team
Russia is ready to draw the border
Ready to hunt
The amount is small but the flexibility must be very strong
If you have already started moving it may be too late
Tiger is faster and more vicious than a fox
The Imperial Army was not even able to seize the tiger army
Fox district ...
Sen's squadron Sen God Valley team division directly under the heavy firearms squad
And the military police car team has joined the chase of the cross river team
Even if only a few people have to be cruel
Do you want to go
I want to personally cramp Flayer to let them see themselves
Ready to attack
Your sister even fart is fragrant ah
You put it in a foul mouth
Other location bar
This location is great
Korean (Japanese)
Independence Army
Is an independent army of the Independence Army
Is the Independence Army
The Independence Army ... The Independence Army
- Is the Independence Army - blind noise does not crash
Say this is the Independence Army
You really were beaten obediently
Oh, scary individual
Almost fighting okay
Maybe kill people
There are also jokes about that
Take this
Men where we are buried alive do not stop
Bring the burden you have for what
What river because more and more teams
Also don't be in a hurry
Not moving like a dog caught poking Koreans and Chinese
This makes a decision for
Other people can survive
See you dress like this, like a horse thief
Come from ah
Is it possible ...
Is an independent soldier on village leaders born and Training Institute for training
Oh ah
A Horse Thief is heard in Manchuria
There is a ten thousand yuan prize
Ten thousand can buy ten houses
This is a small Japanese-made to catch the Big Brother rumors
The gift to kill a lot is small but also because Japan was added
Don't find small traces of Japan
Gives me a good hideout
Must get it alive
Let's go
Let's go
Poking an eyeball
The fingers are the perfect shot
This child is very strong
It is said to be back before the wheat harvest in the village lives Training
Jiliguala snores the Sahara
What did you say
Do not understand it and I do not understand
Please say that you understand what that means
You are a genuine Jeju person
That one
Before he lived in the village and the Training Institute
Before going to their hometown to collect wheat
Ah later to say
I understand understand
Catch your own way
Already gone the same way
We leave together
You bring this bar
Such a big burden
This is to protect the gun
That's also Jingui rather than life
From northern Manchuria took more than a month
Wow guys even private videos without faces
Take a walk first
Guys who don't run even put out fires
Hi this place is guarding
Is under the command of a General who is good at firing voluntary young lieutenants
The captain's name is Li Changhe
Li Changhe
Can't these people be a little disciplined to ambush
What is finally engaged
Son of a bitch
Hey guy recently how is the river
Recently a lot of good moods
A sister acts as a matchmaker to North Korea
Hi sister
He has not been released
Oh, this child
This is of course bad music
Ah eh
Japanese troops to three rural villages
Was arrested
All dragged out
Rahma ah
Eat the grenade properly
Come out, come out
What is this
Good to have children
I first took it
I have a child
Who is the village headman
- Lizhen Cheng, you know - we are looking for Lizhen Cheng
You know Lizhen Cheng
Received information that this person is raising funds independently in North Korea
After today, there is a demonstration in Ansan
Received information that this person is raising funds independently in North Korea
After today, there is a demonstration in Ansan
That's what happened
How not after Ansan
This is what must be done
Why did he ask to come here
Someone who steps into the next generation will feel comfortable
The Across the River team will catch up here soon
Although the results are the same
Lizhen Cheng hasn't passed yet
Nobody passed here
Who said something like that in the end
He asked who exactly
Korean intelligence
Of course, listen to people say North Korea
Korean intelligence is listening to people say North Korea
Someone will die
Try hard to avoid it
Kill everyone
Girl for me to fight
I say to fight
Unfortunately he died greatly
Lieutenant knife for myself what it is
Invisible enemy
In the end is a place to unlock weapons
Dead mouse
A quick retreat
Chase there
Hai Zhege's marksmanship is still the same bar
Ah the old way
Wangbagaozi really doesn't get along well
That is stupid
Was arrested
Yes, ah, or as a good point
That is the same old knife
Ah the old way
Go to your Wangbagaozi
Seeing you do good
My god my god
This is what ah
My god
Older brother
It is said to be chasing a team that has reached forty miles away
Many Koreans have informed the Empire's cooperation
Enjoy extraordinary wealth
What are you
It's not too late now to obediently help the Empire ...
What became the Independence Army
Independence Army
There is no village-based village rookie group
There is no country country bumpkin
- Damn little Japanese - Hello
Think about this from another angle
Your family ...
Break a group of robbers who carry machetes that shine
Tight in your head
Have dinner with you
Take your children when their children are snatched away
Bring your wife too ...
Also dragged to bed
Then they told you
Together take over
if that's the problem
You are also difficult not difficult
It looked like a sight that could remain indifferent as a living Buddha
You say ah Wangbagaozi
Rise up
Which man can stand up and hand him over to his wife and children
So there is no way to live animals
Let the traitors even animals do not like it so alive
I take eggs
Ansan gathering team after the crusade
This is your job
Your task is to destroy the Ansan collection team afterwards
I heard that collecting independent funds in Korea Lizhen Cheng
Will arrive here today
Lizhen Cheng determined
That shouldn't be a man
Intelligence reports say that Lizhen Cheng
Rescued when a woman was arrested in the last 31 riots
And he was released after a joint event
That woman doesn't bother you
It is said that peace crosses borders but is not sure ...
Say safe things
The sister of the river from his sister ...
It seems to be one with gay Lizhen Cheng
That can be done together today
Others bring Heights
After the war the sniper became Ansan
Who is your captain
This is the border
You can't come in Japanese
Captain of the border garrison yet
Men like that actually dare not obey army orders
When the New US Lieutenant riots broke out in Korea last year, 3.1
Because the repression of the masses has reached no small credit
Now with a separate levy on a special task team raid fund
Ansan returned inside
Only a rabbit man kills a fox opponent
Now with sophisticated guards to detect immediately and after Ansan Korea Ridge
Seeing the new US ordered its troops together
Down two small Japanese
You see it
All with the sound of bullets on it
River river river
But for you and me early death
These people are all useless
This waste
Wow you're still the same ah
His smile is definitely handsome
But after saying that
I heard that the enemy must go to the village
Do you know the team is chasing the river for how many people
Take them to the village, no problem
I said
Better forget it
Or how many troops
Just killed innocent poor people
That is one thing
We put this weapon in Ansan Heights
Independent has collected funds sent by Lizhen Cheng to Shanghai
That is our job
Although we also want to help you but there are also funds that are used up
Every day in danger
To continue again
No money can not fight the war is waiting for us
That said, how are you
Now comes the enemy
Nanyang garrison with that bastard taste is not the same
This is suicide
You just want to be reunited with my sister
It cannot die in vain
Listen to your words
North Korea knows
Japan also knows something that you don't know why Brother
This is the last from Korea
If robbed
All is over
Even financial support will be cut off
We were all ordered to go to war to exclude time
There will be fools to see a Horse Thief stealing one point two points to collect it for you
You said who was the Horse Thief who stole money
Hey, hey, river
Hey Yeah Yeah
It was once used to be a Horrific Thief Horse Thief
Yes this is not a way to deny that right
How long can now be converted
Besides giving us the name of the General of the Independence Army as well
You know you are still talking
This little boy colors to color the workshop was also opened
Oh it will fall sick fall sick
Team unity is too good
After saying that Big Brother
You got shot
Aiqiang is important to you now
Dead Horse Thief Bait
Because it seems that his sister is quite sensitive
He was charged with this problem is now less likely to bring it
Obviously you provoke
Whenever you feel very comfortable
Gusts of wind from the land of North Korea
During crossing the border is Mt.
Missing home yet
Your bet is sure
Now planted potatoes in succession
The Japanese devil land snatched away all the pain in my mother's bed
Knowledge and ability do not get out of bed
It was said to help him return to the land that had been robbed away from home for more than two years
This task
Regret not yet picked up
What about you who volunteered to participate in this mission? Why
do not forget
To always remember my mother's words
Must not be worthy of being a person of conscience
This is the legacy left behind
Say so in the future you grow to give your wife a wife
Now you take care
For me you are mother's sister
So in the future I have a wife
You put his hand up
Watch out brother
Wow, Li Changhe
Look at the bad boy feeding
I say throw a grenade from time to time how to do
It doesn't matter who has to make you fly around running away
How about you, but
Hi bad boy
Do you think you are risking your life to save people around for a happy life?
Those who survived the same thing will live in bad boys hell
The kids remember me
Who is this
Sis do
Do not exercise
Hey, hey, go there
Quickly start running
I followed closely while
Now is my brother
Call me brother
Do you understand
Hey you kid
Which clearly plays a small abacus
Your sister is still very beautiful to you
Is that
Why did you ask for love at first sight?
Love at first sight
I love doing hobbies
Don't joke around quickly
Obviously you are open
Captain Li Changhe began crossing the Tumen River in a team chase
Lured to the village of Feng Wu toward the hole
Now this time
It must be positive in the mountains towards Ansan's cellphone
After tonight, the chasing team observed the defense trend after Ansan Heights
Tomorrow have to pass this place where Korea Ridge is
Then through this valley the team will chase a pass to Feng Wu Tung Village
The number of extra chasing teams is too much than expected
Additional troops have also received intelligence meetings
It seems not easy to lure plans
From the north of Manchuria Comrade Huang Haizhe again had to help him
To open the escape route
There is no new US lieutenant body
These are prisoners of the Independence Army
Tell me the closest way to catch Ann Village
Inside it
Hard work very hard
You are not tough
I heard that independent funds are increasing
It will be led by Comrade Huang Haizhe Manchuria who personally sent in the past
But do not see the Manchuria members who are ah
Today it should be
Too late
Do writers have to wait tomorrow?
It is said that the thieves
Those people are a disgraceful Independence Army
When it came to what was the Independence Army
Loss of shame
Although born virtue tilted
But the group never had extraordinary bad power from the people
Conversely, those with knowledge have clean financial resources for Japanese devil sandals
Someone hasn't arrived yet
Independent fund ...
Bring in the village ...
I stopped them
In front of him don't look back
You can't be robbed of tofu
Lieutenant how's that
It was very dark a difficult search
My sister did it
What is this
March 1 of last year
Cheers after being in a men's prison
Son of a bitch
Put them together burned
I have loaded into ashes brought
You also have a sister
Oh hey
I shouted for a long time living together when I was thrown into prison with Hanako
This is what I finally brought alive
He said it was a brother when marrying a wife when
Give the bride a wear
The whole body burned to death still clasped in his hand
You said they were hiding in that mountain
Want to wait for more than a few people together and then pick it up send scouts to follow
Dig me to hide it
But that will be their secret path
Captain Yasukawa
That would not be an imperial soldier, right
Beggar phase
Remnants of ordinary defeat have not sounded escaped
You don't even have pride
Although it is misleading
But enemy tactics are very well trained
On the battlefield
Even their experience on the battlefield did not judge one another for it
According to the military command involved in the battle tomorrow the raids
Actually only armed villagers to ...
Let's go
The inhabitants of this village
An honest account of the Independence Army hideout
Can survive
Where are they hiding
You want life to show
Son of a bitch
Look there
There watching bad boy
He saw it eating
I let you eat
Eating out
Don't start calling children
Do not let go
Put the gun down
Otherwise you become like them
Extinguish the fire
Or discuss the exact situation of Feng Wu's troop hole
- Let go - I let you put the gun
The kid in the fishing time chasing team too ...
Fuck you
You crazy bastard yet
That's your brother
Life ...
Look how you pay for the crime
Must live as a witness
There at that time
Even if someone listens to you
Of course to let them know that you can see it
Wow, there's really a lot of Tazi money
Wow, this is really money
May have to work hard to fight
How long the eggs will be eaten
The entrance feels really fine
Your house is actually what is called a potato jar
I Hamgyong Taoist
Listen to your hometown accents like Gangwon
Gangwon tube is called a potato for that egg
Is that egg?
Our Gyeongsang called potatoes
The potato law calls it sound a lot
What kind of egg is not earth soil
Isn't that so
Jiliguala said
You say potatoes
What did you say to the egg?
There are two nostrils that can feed the children who are there
You have heard the real you
Real exchange
No matter how you call him, it's best to listen to Jeju too
@ # & amp; (Jeju dialect)
Jeju dialect
Potato tube
This is called ...
Called the real one
For native fruit from the ground
this is good
Gather in eight nationals
The eggs are still cute
Hey dog poop
The last time you saw a hole in the Feng Wu Independence Army was about how many people
Around one hundred
Hundreds of people do it
I heard at least two hundred people have ah
Because every time it comes and goes
Do not know the exact numbers
Even a small number of people can know the Japanese estimate
It is impossible to know how many national Independence Army
Know why
Want to know why you want to see
Yesterday, people still farmed
Today can become an Independence Army
This is the meaning of
Yes brother
Am I saying the wrong thing
Hey look
I will be in the Pyongan cattle people
and also
In the ruins of the village almost starved to death for three days
Then I saved out of that bastard
Originally a boat fisherman
In a good celebration, unarmed little Japanese are better than forty-five
I was almost desperate to save this child again
Initially the juggler clown
As Bing's long mouth rotten alley
Thank God the thieves robbed us without giving us wheat
The presence of all is not a soldier
Hello, even if there is a true soldier
Give me a hand to see the hand show
Hi hand
You do you do you do you are an army
Hi everyone see
Rank changes us to be like that here
Express sadness that precedes
Let us rise to anger
Leave the hoe to take the tofu gun
More than words that can be slept on
Quickly take money right in doing this blind excitement
I can do anything ah
Your road march
I also forced a part of it
You can live as he said on Tuesday it's not worthy of conscience
Whether dead or alive frankly have struggled side by side
As an independent financial and quickly sent, he wants to finish quickly
Weapons don't even allow you to do them to help
You see this person saying this
Hey, I'm a dignified Huanghai Zhe
See you later this child
What are you doing
Older brother
The Pursuit Team almost caught the eye of those who really wanted to do a death kiss
What are you not happy about
It's hard all the way back to things that nobody welcomed us ah
Thieves are also a part of the past
Since I met you, I have done it once looting activities
Your sister might have forgotten all about
I am a horse thief
Always think about the last time when years had the undesirable character of the Independence Army
This is an empty stomach
You might forget all about
I cry with you, but I let you come
That ... damn it
Say this one last time
We took the weapons and independent funds went down
There is no money that can't be aired
Involved in the independence movement for so long
Bonus points because it is their own foot bar
this is good
The weapons and money he wants
But are you leaving?
Do you have a foothold?
This type of crop field has a place to bury the dead do it
We must return to the edge of your own land, this rock head
Land is very important to have a hand gun ah
Steal money and then buy weapons
Not many weapons yet
Then take more money
- So what
And then steal money
Then buy a weapon
Damn, I'm counting on
The bad boy also corrected his right brain
Kill all those little Japanese ...
As if ready to move
Report it
Scouting has its action
This team must follow us
This independent fund to please you bring Feng Wu hole
In it you will find waiting for us to pick up and then be sent to Shanghai
Here they will become Korea's small ridge
In this valley again the starting point of friction
After the people here will surely survive
We finally went to Feng Wu's hole place
It is suitable to be involved in a siege siege team
I mean, just in case
General reinforcements if not
There will be our grave
If people are afraid he will leave now
Hello scared, scared
This is a general indication of tactics for that
That certainly does not need to worry
Rightly sent to him to see the generals
dog's stool
You go with the man and the hole Feng Wu Chun Xi
I also want to fight with my Independence Army
This is the main task
The road can meet the avant-garde team
Don't take a short cut down the valley in the mountains
They are fun
Their numbers have changed a lot
Troops reached forty or more
Responsible for independent fundraising Lizhen Cheng seems to have been together
Small catch him
It is said that without incident
Empire conquered the son of a pioneer of Greater East Asia
Make sure to save it before me
Let me now Pioneer
I bet on my head
That one hundred is not true
I know they will not make mistakes
Which hand are you shooting?
Right hand
Before I give the results of blood clots
Then give you a connection again
to design
Look what you see
When you drink it quickly
What is your name
Q. What's your little Japanese name?
first name
Yukio do
dog's stool
What does the name mean?
You ... you kid
You rhetorical bar
Although it is known cow dung and horse dung
Hey, what are you laughing at?
Boy really
What ah laugh laugh ...
Spring means.
Nice name
Long live the Japanese Empire
Long live the Japanese Empire
Kill it
The boy near the village was sent back no problem
This is none of your business
Take it home
You will be released
Who knows waiting until these years
You will be released
Oh watched do not know
He told us, though not alike
Is a natural soldier born
On time
This angle usually
Oh, dog poop
People have been captured how this happened
Big trouble for me
Not to mention all the heretics who were planned to die
Don't you know
My father and mother
Beheaded in front of me
If I can take a sickle ...
Captain your brother
Even the dead have not come so far
Why do we have to forget that battle first
Is the chaser team
Guys with tight ah too
I caught the tail
Ready for battle
Can eat with your left hand ah ...
Ishizuka went there on the back of the Korean mountain
To speed up the work as quickly as possible Ishizuka
I saved the children to the hole Feng Wu would rush Ishizuka
You pretend to be chased around a dot circle
The chase forced the men to lead him Ishizuka
The Independence Army has left
How does urine smell
After the next child will go to save the mountain slopes of Uncle Hai Zhege Korea
To please children
I want to dig into your trap
What is this person doing
Ready to catch rabbits
Do you like the right word site
This is my site
They are not allowed to skip catches
In your opinion the most needed war hero is
Is love
Tokyo first heard that you read in middle school for talented people
Why not hesitate to get out of there voluntarily too
I want to see how to use Empire weapons and knives
Like that
When you conquered a lot like the father of the Great East Asia Pioneer
Very ambitious
After reading what needs to be thought
What did you say
Japanese people do it makes me feel ashamed
Koreans don't regulate those who are uncivilized
No more than the soul of our empire
I have never heard of
According to what they say is not a civilized nation
Son of a bitch
When I was young
When listening to his father talk about war
Already a kind of feeling
Maybe Japan
That is a lower race
Take responsibility for what you say
Grenade Watch out
Captain's protection
There is a raid
Please hurry to avoid
Captain fast protection
You crazy kid
Forget what I say
I said you have to come back alive
Let everyone know that you see it
Early in the morning to start the training
What is this jar?
Where is the child
Surprise you
Many children die
One of us did it
Ah yes that
Could it be ... it's a yellow friend
Huang Haizhe, you know me
I am the large army group of Handu Li Xinmin
Han Zhelong
You often hear the river bragging
He said he had an extraordinary knife, Brother
Words engraved with Japanese swords
Gold from the critical point of life
Explain who will talk about it afterwards
I'm on a mission
Leave me go
The boy along the river's provocative chase team took them to the valley village
And you, Comrade Han ...
I'm with a group of rivers
- river escape route ... - You were arrested on purpose
Said the river escape route lured the chasing team in the past
I have become a mortal body
Go, hurry
Children are saved quickly
Hurry up
Will find another way to save you back
Bing long term separately
- spread - spread
Spread spread
They have been active outside the firing range
The battle seems alluring
How the troops act
You see there
It was playing knife maniacs
Ping for a long time
Here here
Run fast
Hey, it's fast
Okay that doesn't hurt
Ping for a long time
Quickly bring the children to leave
How about you, brother
Time is getting faster
Let's go
Hurry up
Wangbagaozi Alley
I will bring you to pieces
Launch soon
We went straight to Feng Wu-dong
To avoid experiencing even the avant-garde team also did not go far in the canyon point
As long as it will be immediately submitted to
Launch it
I want to stay and fight
Now go where you want
you are free
After returning home or bringing lunch
Go to school
Never going back here
Older brother
Enemy into the forest and run away ah
Hurry up and kill them
The enemy lieutenant is invisible because the trees are blocked
- go, go
Only thirty enemy troops
Kill me all
Japanese brothers too small first few
Is that
Then go straight to the target position
In front of
To Ishizuka
I go to all
Catch them
Older brother
Hurry behind Ishizuka
Kill me all
A quick retreat
I will get back their sad life
Older brother
Severe honeycomb nests
The team will definitely chase like crazy to follow
Let you tell me about the actual battle
Hole Feng Wu and go scout the village
Check to see if there are any ambush reports back to the team
Playing in the capital of an independent man who brought him
That person
Wan ...
The independent fund box is gone
Let me catch it
Bing's roots and gunmen descended this mountain to descend
My brother with a man
First here in the valley before going to the hole Wu eagle Feng Wu Valley ...
Why are you an action man?
Armbands don't see it
I am your disturbance
Obey the command bar
I didn't know the armband with the fastest blind pride would die
If only the life just like that
Carefully die in my hands
Older brother
Say don't go gorge
They quickly chased ah
That direction is a dead end that must be stopped
Ping spent a long time with me to draw the enemy's line of sight over the canyon
My brother went to the canyon below for the children to guide the way out
Then go straight to the captive eagle valley that was saved by the Independence Army
After finishing, everyone rushed to the Valley of Feng Wu Cave
Lieutenant blocked the cliff
There is a shortcut
Get down from running
In the past
This is truly extraordinary
If a rash attack
And meet when they are clear
How to do
I will be here shooting
You ambush in the forest below
The boy carrying the independent funds was arrested
Comrade Li Zhencheng
This is how the box is in your hands
Take it to the General
There is only out of the forest looking at the road
All the way back to the top and don't be
Go, hurry
Come to Eagle Valley
Very lost
Lines to see enemies
Now it is a headwind
There should only be a 400m range
Shot at that point will be less painful
How painful it will be hung
Team pursuit is the newest type of weapon
38 Arisaka rifles
Maybe it will range even further
This is not a good idea, ah
Trying to save children from the canyon is the only way
go together
Bullet points are also likely to last
Do the brave one
Stuffy plans to put a gun on the phone
The person with the fastest legs
This is me
That's wearing the armband
Start ah
The boy who will always be ready
A trap
Looking for
There was an ambush
The man let the fire out when their child pulled
The others are aiming for us
Lieutenant Protection
There is a sniper
You make me an assignment
Valley Eagles stopped
Countless heads ah
Mountain artillery guns and even swings
Bad guys bring the whole ah
That sister is a prisoner of the Independence Army
You see this all enemies in all directions
How to take it out ah
This time the river should play a strategic retreat
I said to find another way to save him again
Must save him
What's important is not ah Brother
If we save the captive Independence Squad
Ping-long spoke directly to the meeting of the Feng Wu-dong valley
Being a man will leave the river
The fool he likes
The ambush together with everyone actually sent the Feng Wu-dong Valley ah
Isn't that so
The kid thinks he's doing it
Older brother
One step late ah
Uemura Kazuotori
Just in a hurry to leave the scene without anyone being seen
From the mountains to inspect it throughout the valley
Also left a lookout
Well all scare
Before crossing the Russian border must give me caught
I can't help but try the aroma of blood
They feed him
Let go, let go
Let me go
Feng Feng Wu-dong Valley ...
There are no independent troops
What do you mean
That river
Get on the side
There are no enemy weapons
Guys like rats to hide where to go
So the river along the road to lead the chase team to the village
There is a pursuit of a team to fight with this last breath is a task
This means
Independence Army ...
If Feng Wu ambushes in a hole ...
If our ambush point is at Feng Wu-dong
Even so how to provoke a team chase
They will never enter the fence of this package
But if Li Changhe's troops are of their length
In the village stall for time until the enemy scouts check it over
Will be able to break into the pursuit of the team in the head of Death Valley
Get beaten up
I last saw one hundred independent soldiers
If the numbers are seen rising
Now it should have been done to confirm the river chaser troops and weapons
All retreated to Russia
Run it
Through this way
Whether the plan will be defeated
River boy ...
Will die
Is a smoke screen
Older brother
I miss you
Older brother
Shoot it
Human eyes how is this president
What you become
What he was doing was crooked grumbling
Ask the president how you human eyes are doing
What made you brother?
What you become like that
What you become
Don't feel wronged
That's just a tit for tat
Older brother
On the River chase team this team will come
Shut your rotten mouth
To survive the bite
I traveled with the warm southern island
With fishing rights
- I have a mission - what assignment
You put a man in the village leading the team chase
You are doing a dead man's duty
Less bullshit
So you want to die
Your task is completed early
Last so long
The Free Army to Russia should have been sound asleep
- Down - down
They saw mountain artillery fire when the team entered
Rushing to Feng Wu Dongshan ri
Come on, quickly
Come on
Start running
stand up
This is the captain's laparotomy sword
Yamato people
Long live the great Han Duli
Can't let the things of today be recorded in their mouths
One for life is not allowed to stay
All weapons
Catch them
Shellfish ready
River cheering
Korean is now a rat in a hole
Don't threaten to shoot like a murderer
I want them to live skinning cramps
Start running
River river
There are no bullets
I do not,
I only have two bullets
stand up
Don't hit the son of a bitch
Hurry up
This is
This is the Valley of Death
Half of that number is not ah
Older brother
Brother ran away
stand up
there is no
Your brother in it
Faint again
Sis is here
Younger brother
Should I cry ah
I have to ah
Brother, how can you die earlier than your brother
My brother will not
A drop of blood is allowed to flow
Hold on tight
Older brother
Yesterday, people still farmed
Today it is possible to become an independent soldier
Then wait
Everyone cheered
Do not let the enemy see the back
Where are the mortar troop machine guns
The gun is fast minutes
- give me - I have to
Two detachments pressed
Here too surrounded
Can not separate
The weapon
Attention mountain artillery
Son of a bitch
Even the enemy can't tell you
Enemy fire
Do not hide
Now don't get involved in any war
You return and save the people properly
End the bloodshed, it's not you guys
Trampling on other people's country for so long
My words will be able to understand it
I know it
Very happy
I stopped you the right path
Come on, come on
Get up
Come on ah
Along the way, certainly not easy
Little things
Ah very reliable
Good, difficult
Blew the wind to the house
Take the good one
Don't worry about that now
Rest in peace at home
If you see my mother
Help me with a good voice
It seems that the storm will hit
Do not be afraid
Now is the beginning
Then leave
Go Chongsanri
Let's go
Starting line-up
to design
Tumen boundary
1910 DPRK 'becomes a Japanese colony
After {\ fnKaiTi \ fs11 \ bord1 \ shad1 \ 4a & amp; H00 & amp; 1919 Nian 3 March 1, nonviolently, "Long live the movement"
{\ fnKaiTi \ fs11 \ bord1 \ shad1 \ 4a & amp; H00 & amp; 1919 Nian 3 March 1, after the non-violent "Living movement" broke the brutal Japanese oppression carried out using weapons and knives.
which became the axis of the anti-Japanese armed struggle
which became the axis of the anti-Japanese armed struggle in Japan organized the victory "Across the River chases the team"
which became the axis of the anti-Japanese armed struggle in Japan organized a victory of the "River chase team" who ordered its armed forces to suppress the Feng Wu-dong Independence Army Base
5 Therefore, each class came from a variety of independent armed forces
Therefore, each class came from a different armed Independence Army that started life with Feng Wu's bet to lure enemy plans
Feng Wu Hole
Big Handu Li Jun Huang Haizhe
Tumen boundary post
Handu Li large army Mabing Long
Great Handu Li Viva
kankyo Ronan commander of the IJA 19 division
the river chases after captain Yaskawa Jiro
three rural Heights defenses
three rural Heights defenses
new field captain Nanyang US-mao
captain Handu Li Jun Li Changhe is great
Feng Wu Hole
Feng Wu dong Ansan south after
independent fundraiser Lizhen Cheng
Heights defense after Ansan
river chaser team at the camp
South Korean hole Feng Wu Ling
Feng Wu hole village
Great Handu Li Jun
National Army Will
HAN large traffic Fore
Large group Han Xinmin
total large military commander Handu Li Hongfan Fig.
Battle of Feng Wu's hole
independent press 86
86 independent news about the Independence Army in Jie Feng Wu Lien-dong
independent press 88
June 4th military hole crossing CONGJIANG male troops in touch defeating military patrol police forces
The Japanese garrison Nanyang was wiped out as a war of revenge crossing troops ambushed emergency forces at three hidden points of southwestern countryside shot to defeat enemy soldiers
Independence Army Unit in Korea a ridge north of Highland ambushed before and villages to the northeast, the hole Feng Wu pretended to lose
Enemy reaches pioneer hole Feng Wu, even more latent troops Repair other enemy teams with avants
and so team into enemy forces on three sides surrounded by hiding in commanders deployed giving urgent orders urgently shoot enemy dead and wounded fleeing escape free living immoral escape
enemy dead 157 injured more than 200, more than 100 minor injuries compared to the damage our army died and one school will be three people seriously injured two people
Taegeukgi Hole Feng Wu uses battle
- = = Independence Hall Performance -